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12:00 AM
and then if you allow square brackets it's obvious how to fit del in
Can't have yield from in an async function, so you can't have await
but that's a bit far
and then if you allow square brackets it's obvious how to fit del in
did that display in the right order
oh yeah
...the error message when i tried that was a bit less than helpful
Geometry Dash answers on CGCC when?
We've already got a few
12:08 AM
oh yeah you can trade import for async and def
doesn't even have to be dedented out of the function body
If you allow _, I think you should be able to get all of them :P
oh yeah definitely
although i am a bit surprised you can class _:from _ import _ as _
I think class _:def _(_):with _ as _:from _ import _ as _ (whitespace may be required) is valid :P
or even class _:def _(_):for _ in _:with _ as _:from _ import _ as _ :P
12:22 AM
It makes sense, but it's a shame you can't do nonlocal global var :P
now i'm just trying to think of what that might do if it did work
I'd expect it to make _ into a global variable, then immediately make it a nonlocal variable
i guess the most sensible thing might be for it to just work like nonlocal but without excluding global variables?
12:40 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing Apparently, you also can't do nonlocal var; global var either :/
@cairdcoinheringaahing it isn't
you can't have two colons on one line
oh whitespace required nvm
Yeah, I couldn't be bothered to make it multiline
think you can nonlocal _; global __
Yeah, you definitely can
@AaronMiller as the guy was saying "this is a stupid idea and nobody would ever be stupid enough to do this" the more he said that the more I was thinking "this guy definitely did that" :P
12:49 AM
"No one should do this very stupid thing that I totally didn't do. Under no circumstances should people do this idea, whatsoever, just like me who also didn't do this thing" :P
1 hour later…
2:13 AM
@9volt88 I'm a nobody, nobody's perfect, I'm no pro, I'm just a boi who rickroll
You claim you’re perfect?
Name every password
@user Im not claiming I'm perfect, I'm claiming to be the perfect definition of imperfections, as if I'm a paradox, I'm imperfect but I can be perfect, I'm no pro, I can be a pro, I'm just a boi who rickroll
@user every password is my password
@lyxal Is this a reference to some meme or what?
@lyxal that’s on me I set the bar too low
@user sure
@user @user when I was in the school, I was a nobody, nobody knew me, I was just, me, a boi, nobody, then I got a lot of attention, I got a lot of hate, I was just a boi,
how much gpt3
2:28 AM
@hyper-neutrino all of it :p
Oh lol
At this point I can’t even tell
One day, gpt3 will completely take over lyxals brain and no one will be the wiser
@user I'm fine with that
Is…is tgat still you?
:P bleh emojis
@user ...maybe that's why they approved my request so quickly :p
@user yes
I would like to become one with gpt3 too. All hail our bot overloads!
2:39 AM
@lyxal ngl I see no difference between you shitposting and gpt3
You sent that first message, and my thought was "Well, lyxal's awake" :P
(Then I thought, "Oh shit, lyxal's awake, I should be asleep" :P)
@cairdcoinheringaahing see now how did I know you were going to say that. Every time I gpt3 sh*tpost you always bring up that comparison
@cairdcoinheringaahing nvm the fact I was also awake and chatting 3 hours ago
Sussy baka not noticing my emoji cringe
@lyxal I'm actually a 100% deterministic Markov chain :P
Yes, I know
@lyxal I don't know if you nap or not
@cairdcoinheringaahing You're a "bot that's here to help"
2:42 AM
@lyxal Indeed I am
(or at least that's what I get feeding the recent starboard to GPT-3)
@cairdcoinheringaahing I very rarely sleep during the day
Assuming that by "help", you mean "advertise for Jelly" :P
@lyxal Oh cool ! I rarely sleep :P
Stop giving me potential material to feed the AI
Example: it's 3:45am here :P
@lyxal Wow 😍😍😍 what a fail 🙅‍♀️🙅‍♀️🙅‍♀️ How ❓❓❓did I not see 😵😵😵 that? That's hella cringe 😬😬😬🤯🤯🤯😤😤😤
@cairdcoinheringaahing that's the spirit :p
2:47 AM
@lyxal How does one gpt3?
Generally speaking, if there's 2021 memes in my messages, there's a high chance it's actually me shi*posting
@AaronMiller apply for the OpenAI waitlist
It took roughly a month for my application to be approved
Because they trained it before this decade of memes
ngl a lot of my memes come from a couple of very specific areas that I don't really share outside of a few friends, so I don't want to meme here :P
Just take a browse through stuff like r/okbuddyhetero and you'll get a taste of the crap I subject myself to :P
Why mot?
Wait, are these antihuman memes made by dogs?
@cairdcoinheringaahing oh
Wait I can’t access it on my phone
If that isn't on your feed, we are very different people :P
(The sub (without the app))
@cairdcoinheringaahing clearly
My favourite humour can be found in r/comedynecrophilia and okbr
@cairdcoinheringaahing I mean, I don’t have a feed, but that’s clear already - you use jelly 🤣😄🤣😆😁🤣🙃😉🤣😂😃😊😀😀😃
@lyxal oh god
Why would you torture yourself like that?
2:53 AM
@lyxal why does okbr not surprise me? :/
Because it's funny
Even comedyheaven is better
At least it isn't pcm
? What is pcm?
I also like browsing r/amogus
2:54 AM
@user r/politicalcompassmemes
@cairdcoinheringaahing that’s a dumpster fire lol
Half of reddit is, honestly
My two other preferred subs are r/undertale and r/floweyundertale
R/starterpacks is another sub to avocado
2:55 AM
I'm only there for the memes and positivity you get on the lgbtq subreddits
Everything else is just trash burning and I like watching things burn so yeah :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing Positivity? On reddit? 🤔
@user believe it or not, yes
But only on like 15 subs
If you ever want to see a positive side of Reddit, go to any trans friendly sub
Will do
If you want the opposite, mention trans people anywhere else on Reddit :/
Subs like r/aww or wholesome or left-leaning subs are probably alright
2:59 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing Can't mention positive Reddit without mentioning r/egg_irl
(Although that last group’s still going to have toxicity)
@user idk a lot of the properly left wing subs can be bad
As soon as politics gets involved, it's too easy to be a shitshow
Any nmore non-crazy subs?
3:01 AM
That are political, or just in general?
In general, i don’t care about the political opinions of some user named fishfu*ker69
r/teenagers is fun if you want to flip a coin every post you see :P
Otherwise, any sub about a TV show is good, as is (imo) r/traaaa r/egg_irl and r/BritishSuccess
> r/BritishSuccess 🤔
Or r/britishproblems if you like reading people complaining :P
I do 😀
Wrong emoji
3:06 AM
😩 Love seeing people complain 🥵
Thank you, crappy WiFi :/
I am now happy to not be British 😂🤣😂😅😂🤣😃
3:20 AM
Honestly, if it's a non-controversial sub you want, simply visit r/youdontsurf
3:49 AM
@hyper-neutrino Sort of like the two generals problem :p
@cairdcoinheringaahing Actually a deterministic markov chain would quite often end up in infinite loops, which is something I've learned the hard way :p
Although with the whole time on drugs thing, maybe we are in an infinite loop
4:26 AM
i like to think that i avoid the lgbt community like the plague but whenever i stumble onto lgbt reddit it actually feels pretty chill
@lyxal finally someone with taste as bad as mine
what do you mean, bad taste
comedynecrophilia is the only subreddit with funny memes anymore
4:39 AM
that is true
4:58 AM
I'm quite proud of myself for knowing roughly what 8/11 of the formulas in XKCD 2492 are for :p
CMQ: How many of those do you recognize?
Actually 9, I just remembered what FAX-lim-oh FAX-uh-fox does :p
come to think of it okbr has actually been terrible lately i just mentally lump it in with the smaller subs in that style that are okay more often
@RedwolfPrograms i don't know what ha-splog-pee is
rest of em are familiar
5:14 AM
@UnrelatedString I'm stuff. I'm stuff 100 wholesome code golf 100
6:07 AM
I recognize all of them, I think
Except, shouldn't the c in the wave equation be c^2?
@lyxal we can very much tell
or at least, I can
@pxeger you say that like it is a bad thing
perhaps I do
6:22 AM
Some of my favourite subreddits contain lots of good memes but they also contain a hell of a lot of reposts, this kind of thing*, and total spam
3 hours later…
9:01 AM
@RedwolfPrograms No idea what ha-SPLOG-pee, PAV-nurt, DOOT cah-DOOX are.
I just added a golf and after the "-X bytes thanks to", my phone decided to do some auto-suggesting ("Unrelated", "Jonathan" and "hyper"), so I guess I know who golfs my answers the most :P
Mine autosuggests Aaron Miller.
Also, according to my Markov Chain, Caird is a poetical pagan harpooneers and at intervals in the strangers boats two hands the face were made so dearly purchased by any sort of our lake.
@RedwolfPrograms Thanks for that, it is poggers
@user Someone I know has the password asdfghjkl;, and constantly gets rickrolled.
9:38 AM
@RedwolfPrograms Knew 10, was pretty sure about the 11th and googled to check :P
3 hours later…
1:03 PM
1:32 PM
@Anush hi
2:22 PM
I googled last night, turns out ha-SPLOG-pee was shannon entropy. I thought those p_is were pis (as in pi) lol
Wow, chat was not very talkative last night :p
@RedwolfPrograms honestly chat has felt comparably really inactive for the past week or so - usually the weekends are pretty quite but this past monday wasn't that active either
maybe my activity was just different but it's felt like that ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
It hasn't felt too different to me, but I don't think I was as active this week since I've been designing a new language
we're down 4.2k messages this week to 6.4k last week and it's close to the end of the week I believe
2:55 PM
It's just one week though, not a real trend
@Ausername How did you see a deleted answer?
10k+ can see deleted posts
Oh, I didn't see they had that much rep
3:23 PM
Did someone say there is also a discord channel?
@Anush you're missing a verb there
Yes .."say"
Expired invitation :(
discord.gg/9ePfsSe3dz (link should never expire unless it gets cancelled)
3:30 PM
@hyper-neutrino thanks. On my phone that takes me to #general once I accept the invitation
...there's a #general? I don't see one
Found my way to #general-code-golf now
did I send you the wrong invitation or something? I don't see that channel either
are you lesshaste?
I did not invite you to that server; did you use the link from the other server to get here?
i am 100% sure i invited you to Code Golf & Coding Challenges and the server you are talking about is Code Golf which is not the same - did you use the link in #other-cool-places?
3:33 PM
Try this link maybe: discord.gg/VEEE2HmF
@hyper-neutrino yes
@user that took me to an #announcements channel that looks rekevant . I'll try later on a real computer
@hyper-neutrino no I just followed your link but discord does crazy things it seems
HN probably messed up :P
Today I am wondering about a good way to test how many bits is optimal in a pass in radix sort
I am slightly surprised there isn't code online to optimize this
Why do you always have such complex tasks to do lol
@user life is hard :)
Or at least mine is
But actually this should be easy
Just try them all and find the fastest one
If I was any good at C
I have the radix sort code
So it's just a question of writing a loop that changes the variable values and times each run I think
I would pay someone 20 dollars to do it for me to be honest
3:44 PM
*starts learning C* :P
when I click my link it brings me to the right server
@user :) 30 if you have to learn C first
@hyper-neutrino shrugs
If you have an array of 1 million integers, what do you think the fastest way is of counting how many you have of each? You can obviously sort them and then go through counting but could there be something faster?
4:03 PM
a hash map.
value => count
Or you make an array with a slot for each of them
There are 64 bit so I can't just make an array
@JohnDvorak I have no good feeling how fast that can be
@user that's a special case of a hash map
Oh lol
Not much of a hash, though, is it? :P
1 hour later…
5:19 PM
@RedwolfPrograms Chat has definitely been less active in the past few days, which has been annoying for me who's had to kill time on long car journeys :P
My laptop has shipped!
I can't remember the last time I saw a "X hours later.." thing (X > 1) before the past week or so
This is probably the first time I've not had to read the transcripts
When I open chat this morning I could see my messages from like 8 hours ago at the top of the screen
Tbh main has also been kinda slow recently
Community defeatured the blog post, which might be a sign that there should be a second soon :P
I can write one about KotHs if Razetime's one is going to take a while longer
5:26 PM
@RedwolfPrograms That could also be a good way to draw some attention to the Thud koth
since when were upcoming events below the rest of the sidebar
also reminder that I have only rewarded one bounty for LotM...
I think they swap around from the top to the bottom at times
One of my first interactions with the community here was getting into a very lengthy discussion about a proposed KotH of mine with Nathan Merrill, which taught me most of what I know about KotHs
And was also my first time using chat :p
Honestly I don't see a problem with writing multiple drafts concurrently, then sorting out when to release them
I've been meaning to write one about the history of the site
I think I'll break my KotH one into two posts, one on a brief history and tips on answering, and another which goes into much more detail on writing a good KotH.
Why do I have 70 emails in spam from someone named Aleksandr trying to sell a SEO thing...seems like they'd get the hint I'm not interested after the first fifty
5:45 PM
code jeopardy: unknown language, code is inscrutable and not reducible, guess what / 1 while$[$([ - 1 /:*)] does
language is not on TIO
is this nib?
6:02 PM
Or that language that begins with a 'j'?
it's for 5,000 bytes
I have a better idea, I'll show code from an actual CGCC solution
irreducible with all those spaces? interesting, smells like an sh-like language
@user Okay, it's not jq
@Wezl I don't understand
(much better) code jeopardy: unknown language, for 1024 brownie points, language is on TIO, >>>,[>>,]<<[<<]>>[[-<+>>+<]>>]<[<<]>>[.>>]
I'd guess bf but that seems too easy
6:12 PM
@user it's the category and points, like in Jeopardy!
@user it actually has a straightforward translation to Jq
@Wezl Hmm, it seems to multiply by 11 in bf? But it does something different for non-single-digit integers
@Wezl Remove the / 1 at the start?
That doesn't look straightforward to me but I don't know jq or that language :P
6:26 PM
@RedwolfPrograms Ugh, why do you keep ignoring my emails??? :P
@user great, because I enjoy explaining weird code:
@user Hmm, I wonder what well-known case that's referring to
> It was a 5 year old, not a 6 year old
good to see this is only a 100% hypothetical question
But also, like that would matter :P
6:30 PM
Totally doesn't sound like this guy wants to shoot a 5-year old :P
@Wezl Oh, cool. Still can't figure out the language :/
> The osha limit for occupational mercury exposure is 50 micrograms per cubic meter. Vaccines are way more.
Hey y'all, should you pay taxes? You might be killing people :P
Oh wow, some of these are dark
> Just asking for a friend in South Florida.
@user I think I know which one you're referring to ._.
Florida Man checking out the law before going to burglarize an occupied dwelling, unarmed
6:38 PM
Here's a good one:
> like people who deny moon landing, or people who deny jesus?
Two things which are, of course, equally scientific and verifiable :p
@cairdcoinheringaahing It's quite sad, though. It looks like the OP went through some tough times, even if the question is ridiculous
5 mins ago, by user
Oh wow, some of these are dark
i just assume like 50% of people on law are trolling or trying to offend people because the other explanation is that 50% of people actually think like that and i'd rather pretend that's not true even though it probably is
s/on law/on most sites
@cairdcoinheringaahing The asker of that question also has some similarly questionable questions
6:43 PM
@user it's closer to 75% on politics.SE :D
@RedwolfPrograms I guess the others aren't too bad on their own, but they paint a bit of a concerning picture if you read them more like a story
@RedwolfPrograms Yeah, this makes me really concerned for them :/
Optimization problems are a slippery slope towards the dark side of mathematics :P
@RedwolfPrograms And it's a Florida Man
Oh lol
6:46 PM
"Florida man is driven insane by mathematics, starts seeing invisible walls"
I used to go read all of the highest voted questions on various sites, but I might try it with the lowest voted ones for them all now :p
I do both :P
Q: Do you guys know that there is no such thing as an amateur chef?

JacquesThey are called cooks. It's like saying there are amateur heartsurgeons.

@RedwolfPrograms lol, it's not even a real question
> There is no constitutional right to be free from facts that don't make you happy.
6:50 PM
Yes, I too salt my salt
@cairdcoinheringaahing If only everyone, including the OP, understood that
@RedwolfPrograms -1, the answer assumes that the asker isn't an immortal being
@cairdcoinheringaahing whyever not? I strongly dislike being unhappy >:|
You say that as if others like being unhappy :P
It is safe to say his mother would describe his as, "unique". — Harry David Nov 6 '16 at 1:20
I can't tell if the OP is asking about themselves, and if so, why it's on WB
6:53 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing unpin pls?
I don't know why this question exists lol...why did they think the effects of not wearing a helmet in space would be different for different sexes?
25 secs ago, by pxeger
@RedwolfPrograms Everyone knows women are from Venus and men are from Mars, so unlike men, women can't survive there /s
6:55 PM
the reason they are fighting is the entire plot of the movie.... — KutuluMike May 8 '17 at 3:14
@RedwolfPrograms Only if you don't cook them long enough
"Could my toaster decide to grow arms and stab me to death?" would be an approximately silly question
@RedwolfPrograms There was a comic about this but I can't find it now
Hmm, I don't know, are they?
Pretty sure "Frodo" is the name of the ring
> I don't know about other countries , but here in India people think white is clean and black / dark color with dirtiness .
I think CGCC has the most downvoted question I've seen so far...compared to some of these though, it's great
Go to MSE :P
6:59 PM
SO's good material too :P
MSE and SO are obviously going to have the lowest voted ones :p
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