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12:02 AM
does anyone here like tiling space with hypercube unfoldings? whuts.org
@RedwolfPrograms :-)
@Ausername Did you want to say, "Why don't y'all try Stack's CMC?"?
Oh wow that hypercube unfoldings is really cool.
@LuisMendo "I'm an HTML programmer too!"
What's annoying about that?
12:16 AM
does anyone happen to have a link to that ski combinator calculus game that was tetris-like
nice, thanks :D
chat search ftw
i didn't know what to search by :P
1 hour later…
1:35 AM
CMQ: What is your most controversial answer?
CMQ: What is the most popular language on code golf? Idk how to write SEDE queries.
@lyxal is there a good way to check
@lyxal I have one that has 1 upvote and 1 downvote :P
@hyper-neutrino measured by criticism/votes
If you count posts, this has +12/-3.
1:49 AM
well i have 712 answers and i don't exactly feel like going through all of them
I has 170ish?
More once I finish the song - thanks for continuing, it would've got boring if there was only the rickroll.
it was kind of a pain to write :p doing string stuff in jelly isn't the most fun thing
it wasn't even that cool of a submission i just kinda spammed a bunch of nilads for each part and abused smash printing to output it all together
@Ausername your linked "previous answer" is a Day 14 answer
Ik, fixed.
I just copy-and-paste a previous and paste in the correct code, links, day, song and next line.
i'm surprised this challenge is still alive lol
Why not use yuno?
2:01 AM
it's not very good right now and it's also not stable
i'm planning on changing it from a stack-based language to a tacit language
It's a bit easier for me because I can just build on my previous.
Has Jelly ever been LoTM?
i'll go check, but it doesn't need to be
the point is to get more attention on less frequently used languages and Jelly definitely does not need the extra attention :P
2:09 AM
it's more for languages that are good but have too small of a userbase to get some visibility to sort of make it known to the community, like vyxal for example
the mainstream languages like jelly and 05ab1e, not so much :D
> It should not be one of our most commonly used languages on PPCG. The point of this event is to bring attention to lesser-known languages. We don't need to bring more attention to Python or JavaScript. Suggested rule of thumb: if there are fewer than 10 PPCG users who regularly golf in this language, it's a good nomination.*
(taken from the nominations post)
so far, all LOTMs in reverse order are Vyxal, Vim, Factor, Whispers, Scala, Rust, Forth, Husk, R, SMBF, Japt, QBasic, MATL, Brain-Flak, and Brachylog
all of which I'd say are still quite uncommonly used languages (comparatively)
And the old version?
2:12 AM
i just looked at
So for June, Red or possibly plumber.
R is pretty common.
oh hey forest
@forest Proving that LoTM works.
2:14 AM
actually yeah I see R around on codegolf a good amount nowadays
Repetitive song lyric suggestion?
baby shark
2:34 AM
Suggestion: [minecraft] tag? There are at least 15 questions...
Also this week.
@Ausername nice
my rep gain this year is rather low
it was actually negative until like a month+ ago
@hyper-neutrino How? Bounties?
yep bounties do that
I have a -117 change this month for example
Oh Vyxal.
@Ausername yeah i gave out 1.5k in bounties sometime earlier this year and then didn't gain it back cuz i was kind of inactive
3:14 AM
@Razetime lol I've had a -392 change
Worth it though
@Ausername I have the data from an excruciatingly detailed search of answers for a different project, I forgot the exact order but I believe Jelly, Python, and JS were the top three
More Python 2 than Python 3 IIRC
A regular SEDE query probably wouldn't give you a very accurace count
I'll run it again in an hour or so and give you a more exact answer
3:52 AM
@RedwolfPrograms Js gang!
Python and JS are probably higher than Jelly, since all of the different versions are counted separately currently so they all appear to be lower than the actual total.
Did you search for ES6?
That was one of the top languages, with over 4k answers, so when you add it to the other high ranking JS ones it's probably the highest
I'll see if I can get some code working tonight to classify versions of the same language as subsets, so that I can get a more complete picture
You could try searching for <!-- language-all: javascript --> or similar.
4:13 AM
Doesn't work for most languages, though
5:01 AM
since when did viewing the transcript join the room?
nvm it's viewing the room info that joins????
nvm i think it's my transcript redirect userscript lol. this thing has honestly caused me way more bugs than anything it would've been worth in the first place
5:52 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

SketchySketchGenerate a Printing Program In Some Language Task Given some rules: 1: Hello 2: World 4: Code 7: Golf 9: Whatever Your program should output a program (the output), which should be a valid program in some language. When the output is run, it should Ask for some input (i), Then output the string...

6:16 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

A usernameMemory KoTH Memory is a game where a bunch of pairs of identical cards are laid upside down, and you try to find pairs while only looking at two at a time. In this KoTH, the way it will work is: The game will be played on a 64x64 grid, and the "cards" will be integers 0-2047. Each bot takes its t...

7:19 AM
7:36 AM
@Razetime hello
2 hours later…
9:18 AM
Q: Just Enough Ones

Delfad0rChallenge Given a positive integer \$n\$, count the number of \$n\times n\$ binary matrices (i.e. whose entries are \$0\$ or \$1\$) with exactly two \$1\$'s in each rows and two \$1\$'s in each column. Here are a few examples of valid matrices for \$n=4\$: 1100 1100 1100 110...

Ayyyyyy I won the no E challenge
10:08 AM
@hyper-neutrino thanks for continuing my half song
10:54 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing which one of your languages has the hypergeometric function?
11:24 AM
@Razetime Whispers v3
@cairdcoinheringaahing whats the command for it?
can't find it in the docs
I need to finish the docs :/
oh, it's only for 2F1?
I need 1F1
Sorry, I don't think any of mine have that :/
ah well
11:29 AM
MATL probably does
yes I tried MATL online but it doesn't seem to be working
maybe when I have some time I'll do it on the tio version
2 hours later…
1:46 PM
CMC: Given x and n, return (x)ₙ, the falling factorial. x = 5, n = 3 -> 60, x = 10, n = 5 -> 30240
2:03 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing J3lly, 4
same one as one of caird's :P
There's also 2 more where you take n on the left and x on the right :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing does this work for 3 bytes if i take them in reverse order then?
I think no, as the falling factorial is defined for negative numbers
2:13 PM
then that but _@ instead of the other atom (you know which one i'm talking about :P)
2:44 PM
yeah gotcha
this is probably 5 in husk
For those who haven't seen it, please read codegolf.meta.stackexchange.com/q/22318
Thanks for the pin; that's what I was aiming for :)
Damn, I've been played :P
3:01 PM
Hello everyone
Are we allowed to move some commands in an esolang to command line flags
well vyxal does it so, yes
@pxeger why suddenly this (the rules for post flagging)? Has something wrong happened here?
@Wasif it's just an FYI to help clean up bad submissions
You'd have to ask @hyper-neutrino, but I don't think it's in response to something wrong in particular
@rak1507 I have an idea to move all/most commands to command line flags, is it OK
@Wasif in that case, almost certainly no
3:04 PM
What if I count the flags
it probably is ok but don't expect many upvotes
@Wasif IIRC there's been a few NAA flags on invalid answers, so HN's just reiterating the flagging policy
Oh i see
yeah caird's correct. basically a couple of invalid submissions have been getting NAA flags which sends them to the VLQ review queue and doesn't show me the flag for an hour
3:08 PM
Mostly these messages come up when a bad incident has occurred in TNB, so I asked about that
and during that hour, two people cleared the review task saying it looked okay (because it does look okay), but the answer was later confirmed here by someone else to be invalid
I hadn't looked inside the link back then
Hyper-neutrino is 3x faster than me in typing :P
i am speed :p
on a good day i average around 125-130 WPM
not exceptional but reasonably fast ig
I've never bothered to time myself on w/m, but I'd say I'm a fast typer :P
How do you count your WPM?
3:10 PM
Any website which does this
I recommend this one: typing-speed-test.aoeu.eu
it only uses common words so it's less about reading weird words and remembering how to spell them and more about how fast you can actually move your fingers
I see slow network could also be the reason of my slow typing
@hyper-neutrino ಠ_ಠ My keyboard just died on me in the middle of doing that :/
3:17 PM
I'm also playing a hardcore minecraft world which I now cannot pause. Had to just dig myself into a hole :/
wpm 136 accuracy 100% :P
i'm only getting around 125 right now ;-;
i think my record was 140-ish but that was more of a fluke than anything
just got lucky with not missing any keys
CMQ: with one-handed typing, which hand are you faster with?
that was a fluke there I normally get around 100-110
oh lol
3:19 PM
@hyper-neutrino right
i just got 52 with right and 54 with left so... probably not much of a difference :P
3:33 PM
@hyper-neutrino The problem I have with a lot of these sites is that I don't type those words in that order :P I can type sentences faster than just a paragraph of disjointed words, and I can type even faster if I know what I;m about to type (from my thoughts, rather than from a list)
@cairdcoinheringaahing that's true :P play.typeracer.com is good in that case i guess; it gives text excerpts
but even then it's still like
read + type together, not type from what you're thinking
though if you mess up in this one you have to correct it
That's another thing :P If I mess up, I generally leave it (if it's readable), unless I'm typing something important. And in that case, I don't care about doing it quickly, I care about doing it correctly :P
that too. also, i find correcting myself more difficult in a typing test's UI than if i'm just typing :P
Clearly the most reliable metric is to just time yourself writing a decently sized document :P
I know that it takes me ~15 minutes to fully write a tag wiki, and they're usually half a page long :P
4:00 PM
well you still have to like
think about what to write :P
there isn't really a good metric for typing speed, tbh, and i don't think it matters that much :P because you either have to also think about what you're going to write, or read and comprehend the words that you need to type (for a typing test)
and if you remove both of these steps and just spam random letters that doesn't work either cuz hguihaseriughilserughluiasgluaehrlgui takes me much less time to type than any legit sentence of that length :P
4:30 PM
@hyper-neutrino as Tryndamere once said: "My right hand is stronger than my left"
ok that quote is hilarious tho
without typing meaningful words (just in terms of tapping) my right hand is still significantly faster than my left hand both with single and double tapping :p
@Razetime "My right arm is a lot stronger than my left arm!My right arm is a lot stronger than my left arm!My right arm is a lot stronger than my left arm!" clips sword through body
4:51 PM
@UnrelatedString I must have golfed the quote by mistake
5:30 PM
wait i just realized that if i want to make yuno tacit with the same/similar structure as jelly i can just compile it into jelly itself lol
not sure how well that'd work though. especially if i want to implement TCO
the tacit patterns aren't hard to implement unless you make them hard to implement
so better to not have to deal with jelly being jelly
if i try to do that i'll probably regret it later on :p
5:53 PM
Can someone with over 1k on meta tell me what the breakdown is on the font change announcement?
I want to calculate the controversialness :p
Also, NP seems to be working for main posts, no meta or sandbox posts yet
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

NeilAn approximation for factorials of reals One approximation for factorial function of reals is the following function: \$ F_0(x) = \lfloor x \rfloor ! { \lceil x \rceil } ^ { x - \lfloor x \rfloor } \$ The function is less inaccurate for higher values of \$ x \$, meaning that you can get better ap...

@RedwolfPrograms +278 / -126
Sandbox Posts didn't work :/
@pxeger Thanks!
Controversialness is 57.1
imagine not having the vote breakdown userscript :p
Figured out the problem with SP, it was something stupid
data.a == "answer_add" instead of data.a == "answer-add"
6:05 PM
Now I just need someone to sandbox something
I'm on it! :þ
If that works, I'll write up the proposal to move it to TNB, and that'll be the test for meta posts
While I'm at it I'll also ask about some similar topics like:
- Do we need the loophole proposal and deadlineless bounty bots?
- Should we have bots for Hello, world?
- What should the bots be called, and should NMainP and NMetaP be combined?
Almost worked :/
But it didn't onebox
@RedwolfPrograms TBH I think there should only be one bot account. It might make it difficult to discern what type the post is, but I think it's probably fine (given I never look at which feed posts with the current system; I look only at the title of the onebox)
Q: Optimal addition subtraction chain

Command MasterAn addition-subtraction chain, is a sequence \$a_1, a_2, a_3, ... ,a_n\$, such that \$a_1=1\$ and for all \$i > 1\$, there exist \$j,k<i\$ such that \$a_i = a_j \pm a_k\$. Your task, is given a number \$x\$, find the shortest addition-subtraction chain, such that \$a_n = x\$. Rules You can assum...

6:14 PM
That makes it ambiguous for users with Feed Filter or similar userscripts. I like having NSP as a separate one, but NMainP + NMetaP is fine IMO
@NewMainPosts Your days are numbered, bot
6:25 PM
Does anyone know why this didn't onebox?
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

pxegerGenerate simultaneous equations code-golf random math You've been tasked to write maths exam questions, but you're getting quite bored of coming up with simultaneous equations with integer solutions, so you decide to write a program to generate them. Because this is a school test, the questions m...

@NewSandboxedPosts Show off
I think I know what happened actually
SP was so fast the servers didn't even know the post existed yet to onebox it
Suffering from success :/
There are a few solutions I can think of, but one of them requires slowing it down by potentially multiple seconds, and the other would involve the post potentially being in the form of a link (and not a onebox) for the duration of that time.
7:12 PM
What's wrong with slowing it down by multiple seconds? If the servers don't know it's there, how can anyone else? And why does it even matter if it's 10 seconds slow?
7:28 PM
Random thought of the day: Somebody should invent a language called Pup and implement it in Python. Then the interpreter would be pup.py
Has anyone been economy cheated by steps of requiring join?
how does one find the custom fonts userscript that was mentioned like a week ago
Q: Custom Fonts User Script: Revert or Improve the Font Updates

Redwolf ProgramsRecently, Stack Exchange decided to switch to system fonts. For those of you who prefered the old appearance, or would like a different font to appear in code blocks or across the site as a whole, Custom Fonts is a user script I wrote this morning to allow just that. Features Custom Fonts allows ...

User script download failed

    Ignoring @match pattern stackexchange.com because: Error: @match: Could not parse the pattern: stackexchange.com
(greasemonkey on firefox)
@cairdcoinheringaahing a while ago, you mentioned a proof by Ørjan Johansen that /// is turing-complete. Do you have a link to said proof?
@UnrelatedString Do you want to try my very minimal version? gist.github.com/pxeger/0c5f30d6626c0498a575b5d08621cecc
You can change Noto Sans to whatever font you want
thanks, will see if it works
@UnrelatedString thanks!
@pxeger thanks!
8:28 PM
@UnrelatedString who are these people who insist on using invalid URIs?
@NewMainPosts I have absolutely no idea what this challenge asks for
same lol. it seems like it's well-specified i just have no clue how to interpret
The entire first line defines the rest of the question, and every time I read it it just doesn't stick :/
8:51 PM
an addition-subtraction chain (ASC) is a sequence of numbers where the first number is 1
and every subsequent number is the sum or difference of two previous (not necessarily distinct) terms
find the shortest ASC ending with the target number
@cairdcoinheringaahing does that explanation help
i think i get it now; i can try rewording again if that doesn't make sense either
@hyper-neutrino Yeah, that helps
anyway, i see a polynomial (or is it exponential?) brute-force which i think is probably what most people are going for
@Neil @RedwolfPrograms :P
9:26 PM
This is dead.
No one wants to increase their score.
@Ausername It wasn't a good challenge in the first place; I regret posting it
The problem is, after a 0-score answer you can't improve.
There would've been a 6-way tie had it finished.
Yeah, I get why it wasn't a good challenge, but not until after I got some answers :/
[minecraft] tag? there are >15 applicable questions
9:46 PM
But how many are specifically about minecraft mechanics, rather than "inspired" by minecraft? E.g. this doesn't need a tag
I'd suggest opening a discussion on meta
"swat the hand" is a fun game to play with your cat, as long as you don't lose
(I lost)
@Wzl Have you ever played Slaps? It's basically that but with people :P
9:52 PM
Cats are smarter than dogs - dogs are loyal, cats aren't.
Cats are loyal, but for all the wrong reasons
They want food/water/attention
those are good reasons
So do dogs tbh
@Wzl but they really just want a taste of your blood
9:55 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing Dogs like you though.
Only because you give them food/water/attention :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing done
See I have no trouble believing one of my cats would try to eat me alive if I forgot to feed her, but the other one's more like a dog
Or dat
Actually he's just a very, very weird cat in general
9:57 PM
Cats are either 100% typical or the weirdest motherfuckers you've ever seen, and no in between
Cat: Sleep, eat, get attention, repeat.
you removed the fun parts >:/
Y'know how sometimes people in TNB ask what we're listening to? This is why I never answer.
I'm not clicking that.v
It's titled "amo gauss", and it involves a normal distribution with a crewmate face
10/10 would amogus again
9:59 PM
It's the sequel to amogoose
Q: Tag proposal: [minecraft]

A usernameI'm proposing we create a minecraft tag for challenges relating to the game Minecraft. There are currently 15 applicable questions: this, this, and this just to name a few.

Wow, NMetaP must be sensing that it is about to die soon
It is trying to do as much as possible in its final days...
@RedwolfPrograms Amo gas?
@RedwolfPrograms Plus a pebbleyeet character
10:06 PM
NP appears to work for both main and meta
Waiting for another sandbox post to see if the bug in SP is reproducible
10:22 PM
@Ausername Here you go
@cairdcoinheringaahing I dunno, my cat is pretty typical in some ways and pretty weird in others.
@RedwolfPrograms Here you go
Appears Sandbox Posts is just posting a link pretty consistently.
Ok that is insanely fast.
This means I might have to delay it by as much as multiple seconds >:|
Add a time.sleep(10), then change it to time.sleep(5) later and claim you halved the execution time :P
(Or whatever the JS version is)
10:29 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

A usernameMake a polyglot generator code-challenge polyglot A polyglot is a program that runs in several languages. Your challenge is to: Choose several languages Create a program or function that takes several integers (one for each language you chose) and returns a program that: Runs in all of those lang...

NSP is also stepping up it's game :P
3 mins late tho, SP is instant.
JS has no easy way to pause in the middle of a function, unless it's async and you use await new Promise(r => setTimeout(r, 10000))
Plus that's a very inelegant solution
@cairdcoinheringaahing It's a pain.
It'll almost always be much slower than needed, or too fast in rare cases
I'll just steal some code from New Posts (the script not the bot)
10:33 PM
@RedwolfPrograms alert :P
@Wzl I know you didn't mean to do it, but you just made me lose the game. Very sad
@JohnDvorak That function is cursed :p
why would I not mean to do it
CMQ: Worst accepted/highly-voted answer you've seen on SO?
10:36 PM
A: Fixing "Lock wait timeout exceeded; try restarting transaction" for a 'stuck" Mysql table?

TomI solved the problem by dropping the table and restoring it from backup.

That's the lowest voted accepted answer on SO
@RedwolfPrograms this one, it's horrible it has so many upvotes
I swear with browser JS answers you get to pick only one of performance, readability, or browser compatibility.
@Wzl lol all I got was an ad
IE is dead
at least
* Almost dead
Still companies and gov'ts using it :/
10:39 PM
Reaching end of support soon
@user :O you upvoted it? You added to the upvotes!?
It's still officially supported?
@RedwolfPrograms imo there are a lot more horrible highly voted questions than answers on SO
@Wzl Aye kan't spehl
CMC: make an esolang called "html with regex"
@Wzl Done. It has no instructions. Here's the interpreter _=>throw Error("HTML with regex has no instructions")
10:43 PM
Should I count the number of answers as a factor in how golfy a language is?
For example, should a language than has 7 answers and wins against 5 other languages be considered more or less golfy than one that has 700 answers and wins against 450?
More, but how much golfier it should be considered idk
@RedwolfPrograms less
Those 7 answers could be trivial 1 byte answers to trivial questions (like HW, cat, all those easy challenges)
CMQ: In curly brace languages, should braces be on the same line or the line below (or on the same line sometimes and on a separate line at other times)?
Same line
Same line
10:53 PM
I used to be of the line below way of thinking but I've now learned better.
Why? (I agree, just asking for reasons)
It looks much neater
And code folding looks better too
@user depends :)
CMQ: Curly braces, significant whitespace, or something else?
Huh, I actually find the C# way with new lines for braces nicer
10:54 PM
@RedwolfPrograms something else
@RedwolfPrograms Booth
@RedwolfPrograms bold of you to assume I have more than one line of code :p
@user go away :p
@user Sam line
@user like this:
10:55 PM
@Wzl What would you suggest (same line for control flow, separate ine for functions)?
@RedwolfPrograms I'm dead serious
@Ausername May I ask why?
separat eline
@user you're not dead serious, you're user.
@user Idk, I think it looks better.
if (condition)
{ const smt = a;
  const smtelse = b;
  return expr }
@Ausername I'm having trouble with this keyboard, okay?
10:56 PM
@user because the line is owned by sam
@Wzl Oh god
Besides, different line just takes up extra space
Jo King is lucky, they're the only one resistant to "You're not joking, you're ..." comments
@Ausername you're lucky that Sam manages your lines
@user or:
10:57 PM
@Ausername Makes sense
@lyxal Typo
@Wzl Please don't let loose any more of that formatting here
@user You're not having trouble with this keyboard, okay?, you're user.
if (condition)
{ const ...
; const ...
; return expr
Oh no
That's awful
10:57 PM
@Ausername Actually, that's my real name (I was named "Original Original Original VI" when I was born, but I changed my name yesterday)
@Ausername that's the joke :p
@Wzl I saw you do your SML that way, and man is that ugly
It's slightly more understandable with commas, but still
But actually, if people had started out doing it your way, I would've found the way I do it now repulsive
t ..
.; c
onst .
..; ret
10:58 PM
it's my protest against languages other than scheme/lisp
I hate how subjective humans are
@Wzl (Sorry, (I (couldn't (hear (you (through (the (parentheses))))))))
@Ausername I've changed my mind, Wzl's method is beautiful compared to this
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