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12:00 AM
@RedwolfPrograms definitely get rid of this (just adds syntactic bloat when var = ... -> ... is shorter anyway)
I like the look of λ, but it is harder to type unless you have a Greek keybinding.
And Haskell's \ confuses me
@user Good luck :p
With escaping? I gave up and added a space :P
I know how to do that but I can't tell you because I can't escape it
12:03 AM
Ah, the double backticks
`` `\` ``
Starting with a backtick is impossible I think, don't attempt it or you'll go insane
@RedwolfPrograms _>
@RedwolfPrograms <-
write your functions like x * 2 <- x
We're not starting this again lol
12:05 AM
@hyper-neutrino Nah, that's the assignment operator
no you assign your variables like x <- x * 2
one side must be a valid assignable identifier and the other an expression
What does x <- y do, assignment or function?
12:06 AM
@DLosc that's ambiguous, so it has a 25% chance to do both, 25% to do neither, 25% to return a function, and 25% to assign
Ah, I see. So this is the JavaScript-flavored version of INTERCAL.
Wait, ` works
@DLosc ?
@Ausername Let me introduce you to the Compiler Language With No Pronounceable Acronym (INTERCAL) ^_^
INTERCAL is the language that uses COME FROM rather than goto right?
12:09 AM
I think it might have both
@hyper-neutrino Yes, and also requires a certain amount (but not too many!) of the commands to be prefixed with PLEASE.
And the manual has a 'tonsil' because other manuals have appendices.
Introducing: Generic Review Tool!
Install it, go to codegolf.stackexchange.com/review, and wait for the reviews!
It'll open them in a new tab, and updates every 0:40 by default.
wait, does this delete RSR?
wait nvm
i just don't have RSR installed on windows
12:15 AM
No, but you should probably disable it or bad things will happen
i'm smart
I don't imagine running both at the same time would result in a favorable outcome
probably not :p
anyway i will probably not snipe 100% of reviews just to be nice to y'all :p
or like wait for one review first so i don't reduce the number of available tasks overall
Because GRT doesn't actually reload the page (it just loads the reviews in the background), it results in significantly less overhead so it can handle refreshing much more often than RSR without bugs or being overly rude to SE's servers.
oh nice :P are you going to publish this to stackapps (now or eventually)?
12:17 AM
@hyper-neutrino I love how we're putting bumping our numbers up over the health of the site :P
@hyper-neutrino Probably
@hyper-neutrino I have 3 :P
@Wzl honestly our reviews get cleared so fast anyway :p and if i notice a task has been up for a while without attention i'll just clear it
our site's moderation load is probably pretty small relative to size/activity, comparatively
idk the stats
Can I pin the GRT announcement?
12:19 AM
Thanks :p
CMC: Calculate the last digit of pi. ()
VTC as off-topic /s
@Ausername no base specified, so i will assume base pi: the last digit is 1
@hyper-neutrino Dammit.
@hyper-neutrino nonsense it's 0 (1.000)
or if it's the last integer digit, 3 in base ten
12:22 AM
In base 1 it's 0.
in base 10 it's 4.5, on average :)
@hyper-neutrino It's day 18
hmmmm. maybe i'll extend
I have 1/3 of the answers on there
It makes up a substantial fraction of all my answers.
I mean half are deadfish.
12:30 AM
Are you serious
> Also remember that you can overpunch characters to save space.
i just don't find english compression KCs personally too interesting :P
maybe i should make a golfing language that's specifically to solve KCs that can't be done by smart solutions using charcoal
You mean Bubblegum?
well no like things with a good amount of repetition
liek the song challenge thus far
though beating bubblegum will be difficult
12:37 AM
True dat
Oh wait, GRT only works on CGCC at the moment
I'll delay posting on Stack Apps until I take the time to make it work network wide
lol nice
I'll post it on CGCC meta though
@rak1507 26 bytes when ported to Pip. Not bad.
12:45 AM
New Posts is so fast lol
I heard the ping immediately when I clicked Post your question
Q: Introducing Generic Review Tool

Redwolf ProgramsGeneric Review Tool is a small script designed to detect review tasks on CGCC, and open them in a new tab. It is similar in function to Review Stalker Reloaded, probably the most widely used script for this purpose, but with much simpler functionality. RSR is no longer maintained and has quite a ...

Sandbox posts last active a week ago: Count my sheep [code-golf] [matrix]
1 hour later…
2:20 AM
after spending a good part of two days thinking about how i'd implement TCO properly into a tacit golfing language i've decided the best answer is "don't"
Working on a graph of compose a song.
2:37 AM
(that took a while)
I'm adding this to my latest answer.
Fingers crossed someone does day 18.
@StackMeter @Neil It's day 18!
2:52 AM
is there any point in making it a grid rather than just having it be a flat array so the access index is just a single index number?
Nice idea! Will change.c
i was suggesting to turn both into a flat array
i guess it doesn't matter too much, since it's not a golf, but i think it isn't necessary to have a 2D index
Ok, will unchange.
3:20 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

A usernameMake a "proof" generator How to prove that 1 = 2: 1 = 2 2 = 4 -1 = 1 1 = 1 You can just multiply both sides by 0, but that's cheating. This is just bending the rules a little bit. Your challenge: Write a program/function that, when given two integers, outputs a "proof" that the two are equal. Ru...

3:43 AM
i'm glad i took a second look at that edit suggest
looked like a golf edit to me at first
what i am wondering is how redwolf reviewed it 5 minutes before me even though i did it within a minute of the tab opening
which should be max 1:40 delay, shouldn't it? or are the queues themselves just slow lol
@RedwolfPrograms potential bug: GRT opened a new tab for Suggested Edits even though the queue has been empty for a few minutes and it opened to the "this queue has been cleared" page (forgot to check console, sorry. if this happens again i'll remember to see if there's anything)
no console output on the queues page i have pinned itself
4:08 AM
@hyper-neutrino I don't think I can control that if CGCC reports that there's a review task
Might be caching
Also it should be 0:40 not 1:40, right?
Oh wait I'm dumb
Ignore that
@RedwolfPrograms uh, i meant like 40s for the queue + 1m for me to actually review it
ah. yeah this is probably an issue with SE itself now that i think about it
it was refusing to show me a review task even though i could clearly see the suggested edit on the main page :P
I got kind of worried when you said that was happening because there used to be an awful bug that would make it do that every time :p
oh, oof :P
yeah hopefully just SE doing SE things ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
It was because I forgot the review queues with tasks in them get moved to the top, and was relying on them to be in the normal order
So it'd always try to open close votes lol
TIL, tbh :P that sounds annoying though lol
4:33 AM
CMQ: did you fully read this CMQ?
1 hour later…
5:55 AM
TIL you can't switch on Integers in java
very sad.
6:21 AM
wait you can't? does it not compile or give type errors or just not match the cases
also this looks like something you should be using enums for but i'm not sure
@hyper-neutrino it's a simple experiment to learn inheritance properly
@hyper-neutrino it compiles but errors at runtime
huh. errors, not even just doesn't match? strange lol
6:56 AM
why can't all switches be like ruby's
7:11 AM
reloading fixes this easily and this is probably because something on the tab was cached since it automatically opened when i opened chrome after restarting from linux back into windows but uh
@Ausername I only did day 14 because I needed a 4000th answer
7:45 AM
Today I thought it was the high time to make my first review(s) here
But How sad I found every queue cleared :-(
However, That shows how efficient community CGCC is
The queues are rarely full anyway lol
@lyxal but the late answers queue should be filled isn't it
there are a lot of late answers everyday
@Wasif no not really. That's only late answers from new users
8:07 AM
@Ausername howdy
ugh my mouse is playing up, it just clicked my browser's close button for me :-(
Sorry about the homepage, everone had been spelling Emigna wrong.
@Neil I think it just pressed the back button on my phone's Web browser too.
Because it was pressed, and I didn't press it
Maybe your mouse is haunted.
8:12 AM
closing web browser on mobile is not a big disaster
because if you reopen your browser you get the tabs again
but in computer you don't get the tabs :-(
Btw how do you reply to yourself?
@Wasif like this
@Ausername Nvm I figured it out
Huh I ping myself.
@Wasif test
not like that @Ausername
When I reply to myself, I get a notification.
8:17 AM
oh then you're correct
@Ausername It will happen again when I create the [minecraft] tag.
If you post with Deadfish~ do you get a captcha?
I just got, I saw there is a yellow mark on the header
Yes, but my online interpreter just adds a random comment to the bottom of the template, so no captcha.
well what is "Functional Deadfish~"?
any new derivative of Deadfish~ you made @Ausername?
A combination of deadfish~ and functional deadfish
Functional deadfish is a lot more concise than ordinary. It might even be Turing-complete, although it's unlikely as someone would've noticed by now.
8:23 AM
oh then it would reduce tons of bytes
why did you not add it it to the language list?
It is hard to find it for people
What language list?
esolangs.org language list
I'll have to create a page for it first...
8:45 AM
@Wasif usually this means a lot of work
@Razetime yeah I know
which is why tons of languages aren't on esolangs wiki
9:15 AM
Oh well I added it...
@Ausername what is it named as?
10:04 AM
Bye, going to overthrow the redwolf hivemind!
Why is Lyxal in over half the bookmarked conversations here?
10:26 AM
Because I did the bookmarking
How do you bookmark?
I do actually have a conversation I want to boookmark.
Room info -> bookmark conversation -> select messages
I can't find the button - screenshot plz?
CMC: There are a bunch of posts here that are terribly golfed, help them!
Oh, there, thanks!
11:18 AM
Announcement: A new podcast series, The Array Cast, has launched with its first episode, Why We Like Array Languages. Expect an episode every 2 weeks.
Note that a lot of golfing languages are actually array languages.
12:14 PM
@Adám so does that mean you will be discussing such golfing languages?
1 hour later…
1:26 PM
@lyxal Possibly.
2:10 PM
@ngn do you have a working link for your APL implementation? What happened to gitlab.com/n9n/apl?
2:30 PM
@Ausername I imagine they think the same of us - "There are so many inefficient and hard-to-understand posts on CGCC, we need to civilize those poor people!"
@Razetime Ooh, those let you check if stuff is in a range or list!
Kotlin's are pretty nice too
I hear Java's going to add some basic pattern-matching to its own switch, so I'm looking forward to that
@user that sounds great, and I suppose scala will follow
@Razetime Follow? Scala's pattern matching's pretty nice already
It can't check if something's in a range/collection like Ruby and Kotlin can (well, it can, but it's not baked into the syntax), but it's not a huge deal
@pxeger i killed that project. adam's fork can serve as backup if it's of any historical interest.
2:47 PM
so I left my browser and computer on overnight to download something
@Adám huh, I'd never thought about that but I guess Jelly is an array language? (J is too, right? in which case that'd make sense)
I've always just classified Jelly as "tacit" and not considered anything past that
@user lol scala already has it
i see
@Adám thanks!
@ngn That's a shame. You could have left it archived somewhere, though :(
well, it was announced in advance that the project was going to be nuked, so a bunch of people forked it
@Razetime Yeah, extractors are very cool. Guards are helpful too
@pxeger i didn't want to give the impression that i'm recommending apl
3:00 PM
@ngn ok (?)
@ngn You don't like APL anymore?
@user i like the original notation
The original APL or math notation?
@hyper-neutrino apl.wiki/Jelly
ooh, nice
3:05 PM
@user well, both. the executable notation (apl) evolved from iverson's notation for teaching maths.
but some of the later extensions made by dyalog were crap (e.g. .net namespaces)
Adám is biting his lip right now, I can feel it
many problems of apl are deliberately not addressed, and probably never will be, because dyalog are abusing their monopoly, unwilling to fix anything
under the guise of "backwards compatibility"
@pxeger unlikely. i've been saying this for ages.
@ngn Oh, was your APL similar to Dyalog?
Ah, I found Adám's fork, it's a shame it's an archive :(
@user in what sense? most squiggles did the same or similar things. of course i had fewer than them. mine was considerably slower (js..) but could run in a browser.
3:25 PM
I mean, why didn't you like it? Did it have the same issues you think Dyalog has?
@user no, i just discovered k and fell in love with it - a modern, functional array language, like a cleaned up version of apl that has been purified through many iterations of redesign and rewriting, under great pressure for simplification and improving performance
Oh, interesting
but don't expect me to promote it like adam does with dyalog apl
k is hard to get into when it's advertised as something so great and then k9 segfaults when you look at it the wrong way and it's not even that fast
@rak1507 afaik, k9 isn't out yet
3:38 PM
is k9 not shakti?
and it's the least k-like k :)
@rak1507 it is
or is that different
well there are binaries on the website
@rak1507 yes, for language geeks like us
so are those binaries not k9?
@ngn to provide free testing, sort of :)
@rak1507 they are an early not-yet-released version of k9 (at least last time i looked)
3:41 PM
ahh ok got it
3:52 PM
btw, unrelated: i got my old PE account back, yay!
oh, nice!
you'll probably flag some sort of automated cheat detection when you start submitting the new solutions on your new account lol
@rak1507 that's exactly what happened :) i created a new account and started submitting my surviving backed up solutions too quickly, i got flagged and delisted, then complained to the PE team, and they asked me for evidence that i had indeed owned the old account
oh, so then they managed to give you the old account back?
@rak1507 yep
i had to provide convincing evidence that i am ngn :)
@rak1507 realised I said 'new account' here, I meant the old account
4:03 PM
@rak1507 doesn't matter, i have only one now, and i can see we are friends with you there :)
yeah, I can see all the problems you've solved which is cool
side note: even though 300 questions is a lot, it's crazy that it's still 'only' 40% of the site, there's so much
more will be coming up but at a slow rate to avoid trouble
yeah don't want to get flagged again
@rak1507 when i reached 300 there were much fewer problems, so it must have been a greater %
yeah, there are nearly 800 problems now
4:11 PM
@rak1507 hello!
does CJam have a github page?
there's docs here: github.com/Sp3000/CJam
you can download the code from sourceforge though
^^ unofficial
the SF page has a wiki too
4:36 PM
do all functions in APL have two arities?
@hyper-neutrino No
i'm reading about trains and i can't seem to find anything about arity/adicity requirements for forks/atops even though for example ⍺ (f g h) ⍵ requires f and h to be dyadic
@hyper-neutrino all apl functions are ambivalent, i.e. can be applied either monadically or dyadically. tradfns can also be niladic medadic
@hyper-neutrino f and h will be applied the same way as you apply the whole fork (monadically/dyadically). g is always applied dyadically.
@Adám you've changed the way you pronounce your name?
oh, okay, thanks
@ngn No.
4:43 PM
@Adám i think i heard stress on the first syllable. ok, never mind.
@ngn You did. That's how I pronounce my name in English.
It's just that people tend to hear my name from others more than from me…
4:58 PM
@ngn nice to know
5:50 PM
@RedwolfPrograms Does it also check meta?
No, not yet
I'll add support for other sites and their metas in 1.1
But I promised to release this when I got proofreader :p
I guess I'm checking meta manually until then, like a chump :P
@hyper-neutrino SE shows different review tasks to different users, it's very weird
wack ಠ_ಠ
> This question does not appear to be about $Topic within the scope defined in the [meta-help].
our meta close reason still uses our old site name
Isn't that only in the 10k+ tools?
can 10k+ users see this? i thought this was mod-only
oh lol
well i'm on a different page (the page to manage/edit them)
I don't have the "edit" button like in your SS, but that's almost definitely mod-only :P
> I am closing this question because it turns out this isn't something we can do.
tempted to just override it by saying CGCC instead of using $Topic
doubt our site name will ever change and if so someone can just change it again if they find out
Honestly, do it :P
apparently either nobody's found out or nobody's cared to point it out until now :p
5:59 PM
@hyper-neutrino Our current close reason on Main kinda does too:
> This question does not appear to be about programming puzzles or code golf within the scope defined in the help center.
> This question does not appear to be about Programming Puzzles & Code Golf Stack Exchange or the software that powers the Stack Exchange network within the scope defined in the help center.
the latter part of that looks more for general meta
does anyone have a list of magic links
IDK how i should be linking network in ^^^
@hyper-neutrino link
@hyper-neutrino network [network](http://stackexchange.com/sites)
oh no magic link. :c
alright fixed, + main close reason
although the main default close reason doesn't matter
6:16 PM
@Adám I've only listened to the first 10 minutes or so, but I gotta say that it's incredible the way you guys basically describe what I like so much about Jelly, while talking about APL/J/k
Obviously it makes sense given the "ancestry" there, but your point about the expressiveness of APL is exactly what I think with Jelly
6:40 PM
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