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12:00 AM
Oh hey its utc midnight rn
Very cool
@hyper-neutrino It's Arnauld's answer but Jellified :P
@lyxal yep, it's tomorrow
(in UTC)
i can't think of a good way to do this is vyxal immediately
no "repeat until non-unique" built-in
wait the number of bits in X is always <= X. i could probably use this
Ugh, I wanted to work on NMP and friends tonight but I had to go do things :/
@hyper-neutrino uh yes there is
12:03 AM
Q: Sum on a Fenwick Tree

hyper-neutrinoBackground Information: What is a Fenwick Tree? With a normal array, it costs \$O(1)\$ to access and modify an element, but \$O(n)\$ to sum \$n\$ elements. Working with a prefix sum array (an array where the \$i\$th value represents the sum of the first \$i\$ values in the underlying data), acces...

nice, i only lost 20 rep
also you have a typo: doesn"t
It's not a typo
Fully intentional
12:05 AM
@NewMainPosts I was getting worried about you. Wondering if you'd gotten diabetes or something
glad to see you're back
@hyper-neutrino if I use single quotes, it messes up the description hoverboxes on the keyboard
then just say "does not"
@lyxal wrong
We're ignoring the obvious solution
0⁽⌐Ẋ doesn't terminate
How about then?
12:08 AM
this should work for this challenge
but repeat until non-unique is different from repeat until invariant/idempotent
One built-in for non uniqueness coming up
this one will work for this challenge if anyone wants to solve it tho
Just do while non-zero instead
Ugh otherwise good challenges that require taking input from the user in the form of actually typing it in like a command prompt/REPL are so annoying
12:34 AM
CMP: What is a song that is very popular/liked, but you can't stand it?
@cairdcoinheringaahing used to be despacito
but I've made my peace with that song now
@cairdcoinheringaahing is this a subtle rickroll? :)
@cairdcoinheringaahing so now it's either megalovania or death by glamour
@ngn Interestingly, I actually like Never Gonna Give You Up :P
12:48 AM
yeah, it's a great song the first million times you listen to it :)
Okay. I think I've made both New Posts and Sandbox Posts work correctly.
@ngn idk, the million-and-one-th time is pretty solid. take a listen
Ugh, are bugs and now I'm getting captcha'd
Minor bugs so far
@lyxal that gives [0,1,0,1,0,1,0,1,...] when i run it with ⁽⌐ on 0 BTW
probably what you expected, but ^
@hyper-neutrino are you using the latest version?
i meant to send that uh
half an hour ago
too late
because I bug fixed it about half an hour ago
wdym bug fix
that was expected behavior based on how it was documented
1:01 AM
0⁽¬↔ should not be infinite
unless you mean 0⁽¬Ẋ
0⁽¬Ẋ should be infinite
was bugfixed
isn't just but collect
hmm actually yes
wow I've confused myself
good job me
poggers. congrats :P
NSP is looking less likely to fail than...oh hang on
Just noticed a bug
1:09 AM
Fixed. Now to wait 10m to avoid being captcha'd :|
@hyper-neutrino Would you mind moving the conversation from here into Indonesian Gambling Spam?
I'm writing up a MM post about that kind of behaviour, and it'd be helpful to be publically viewable
I can't actually tell if the URL is helpful, so here's the "messages moved" message as well
@cairdcoinheringaahing done; messages start at the top of the room
@hyper-neutrino Thanks!
I just got invited to indonesian Gambing Spam. I don't think I will accept :P
Ah. My apologies :P
unfortunately that is a fate us ROs+mods will have to accept when messages are getting trashed
1:21 AM
Welcome to Indonesia!
oh wow I just accidentally deleted Vyxal. Double clicking to select got a bit ambitious and selected the entire file.
luckily I had my trusty crtl-z at hand
RIP Vyxal :p
Guess we'll all have to use Jelly from now on instead :P
1:30 AM
oh, no, so tragic
@lyxal Obviously, this was done by the same person who's changing your keyboard :P
caird's looking pretty sus
@user Bro, I'm not the imposter I'm a crewmate
(this is amogus speak right? I've never played it)
wow y'all really like riffing on Vyxal. I'm cool with it but just an observation
> amogus speak
^ Eject them now
@lyxal Humans like bullying, it's enjoyable
@lyxal It's the new kid on the block :P
1:33 AM
@user hyper-neutrino has removed caird coinheringaahing from the list of this room's owners
caird was not the impostor
SE has ruined the concept of apples and oranges for me now
I hear "orange" and think "that's not an answer"
@hyper-neutrino This is undemocratic :P
> There are currently 90+ suspended users on Stack Overflow, over 40 on Super User and nearly 150 on Server Fault.
It's fun looking at MM answers from 2009
it is on the contrary quite democratic; 100% of the users who added you to the list of ROs voted on this
1:52 AM
I'm looking for a question that involves a 10x10 grid of '*' but I can't find where it is. Anybody know where it is?
Q: Print a 10 by 10 grid of asterisks

Leaky NunBackground This is a standard textbook example to demonstrate for loops. This is one of the first programs I learnt when I started learning programming ~10 years ago. Task You are to print this exact text: ********** ********** ********** ********** ********** ********** ********** ********** ***...

Thanks! That was quick
no worries! I just answered it earlier today, lol
i just searched by "asterisks" and sorted by votes
:D I've got a solution in Barrel that I thought I'd post now that everything it needs has been implemented
1:55 AM
Sorting your posts by newest (the default IIRC), it's the second one there :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing shhhhh i only remembered that after i searched
also it's my first answer sorting by newest which makes it even easier to find
but then i need to share the question or remove the answer ID from the link
It's also pretty high up on the Active Questions page :P (10th)
Make that 1st :p
Obviously I didn't look very hard :D
new posts fetched my yuno answer
my userscript may be out of date
Changing the subject: how could I go about getting Barrel into TIO? Do I just need to talk to Dennis or can I PR the TIO repo or is there something else I need to do?
2:02 AM
@LorenDB unfortunately all you can really do for now is ask caird to add it to the update/request list for TIO. dennis hasn't updated TIO in a while and we have no time estimate for when he will return (you can see more about that in the TIO chat room itself)
in talk.tryitonline.net, Jan 26 at 10:06, by caird coinheringaahing
@Nirvana Currently, in order to update a language on TIO, Dennis has to update the version of the language stored and used by TIO (slang term "pull"). As the owner/maintainer, only Dennis has the power to do so. From my understanding, Dennis was working on creating user accounts for TIO so that if you were registered as a language developer, you'd be able to "pull" your language by yourself without having to go through Dennis. I have no idea how far along that idea is though
Dennis, unfortunately, is (as HN said, and can be found in the chat room) not maintaining TIO, however
i wonder if it'd be worth to launch a community initiative to reboot dennis' TIO (or create a new version, maybe like pxeger's ATO or something) to a) take the load totally off of dennis' mind, and b) maintain it across more people for faster changes / updates and less work for each person or w/e
All right @cairdcoinheringaahing, the ball's in your court now
TIO is entirely open source, if someone wants to host it, they can. Additionally, I'm pretty sure Dyalog (Correct me if I'm wrong @Adám) has offered to help pay for the costs of the servers
@LorenDB Do you have a repo link for Barrel?
it's definitely possible. i'm not sure i know how but i could give it a shot at booting it up
my laptop should have enough memory and be able to run more or less permanently (my server is too small i think)
just to like test it out
2:05 AM
If I knew anything about Linux, I'd give it a go :/
@cairdcoinheringaahing Yeah, github.com/LorenDB/barrel
even if i can just pull all of the new requests and updates into a fork and PR that maybe Dennis would be able to update that, if he's still watching the room and feeling well enough to do that
though, that might introduce bugs, and it's better than TIO remains stable, even if outdated
@hyper-neutrino I have a hunch/belief that Dennis is still watching the chat room. If you click on his pfp, the "seen" value is very rarely in minutes, and every time someone notices a major bug (i.e. preventing a language from running, bug in TIO as a whole etc.) it gets fixed pretty quickly
Yeah, I do think (and hope) he still is. I do remember once the whole thing seemed to be freezing/not working and I mentioned it and he fixed it really fast.
2:09 AM
Opening a PR that is able to just be integrated into TIO with a single click (no major bugs, etc.) would probably be the best way to get updates to TIO
the thing is TIO is actually coded properly and not just a shitty flask server you can run with one command like my interpreter
so it actually takes brain cells to figure out how to launch it. you can run my interpreter by just cloning it and doing python3 server.py or smth
@cairdcoinheringaahing I should probably follow Journeyman's suggestion and rework it as a feature-request, but it's past 3am here, so I think I'll do it in the morning :) See y'all o/
2:35 AM
I'm fairly experienced with Linux and have some practice running servers, and know a bit about front end web development. I don't think I have the time to run a TIO clone (or make my own), but I'd 100% be willing to contribute to any efforts to set something up if needed.
up-votes, down-votes, and votes have all been merged into
@RedwolfPrograms laughs in attempt it online
2:58 AM
oh apparently you get synonymizer for free if you synonymize two tags as a mod lol
this is truly 11
3:23 AM
We live in a moderated society
this says a lot about society
J u a n
is this a reference i'm not getting
oh right this meme.
4:25 AM
No one's here.
> Sometimes, there isn't anybody talking in chat. That's perfectly fine. Don't send messages just because the room is quiet. (ppcg.github.io/chatiquette)
unless you did have something else specific you wanted to say
4:52 AM
@user can you take a look into whether this answer is valid?
I don't really understand the challenge too well, nor do I know anything about Haskell, so I can't tell if it's valid
NoLongerBreathedIn says it isn't so i'm not sure
5:09 AM
@hyper-neutrino looks like user has already checked it, we need another Haskeller (Delfador, Leo, Lynn) to verify it
@Razetime i mean i saw user's comment but given it was news to them idk if it's actually at compile time
anyway. i should first try to fully understand the requirements lol
@rak1507 I watched a full 1 hour prolog tutorial yesterday(and wrote code side-by-side) and I still have no idea how to compute factorial
Testing on Godbolt reveals that each function compiles to a plain function, and a constant expression using ! explicitly calls the compiled code for ! (even with optimizations turned on). The code is definitely not computing those at compile time. — Bubbler 33 secs ago
@Bubbler Example_frick
Ah. I see. Thanks for checking :+1:
also yeah people shouldn't be using NAA flags because that went to the VLQ queue and got completed with "looks ok"
5:53 AM
Q: Correct flag usage on invalid submissions

hyper-neutrinoRecently, a couple of invalid answers have been flagged as NAA. This is somewhat of a duplicate of this answer on our policy, but I want to mention this because it's important that everyone is using SE's tools correctly (I know, a bit atypical for our site) to make sure things happen as they shou...

2 hours later…
7:32 AM
how does one exec nested for loops
I'm tryig to figure it out
7:48 AM
7:59 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Command MasterConvert version string to pack_format code-golf When making a Minecraft data/resource pack, you need to include a pack.mcmeta file, which specifies information about it. pack.mcmeta contains a description, but it also contains a pack_format number, which tells Minecraft which versions this pack i...

8:16 AM
also, anyone know whem my bounties are coming through
@lyxal said it would take 1-2 working days
2 working days later, it's not there
@StackMeter can you see the bounty notification on the question?
does it mention your answer?
you can see an expiry date on the bounty, right?
8:22 AM
do I need to wait for that expiry date
it will have to be awarded by then.
the bounty is kept on the answer for a maximum amount of time so it can gain more views and possibly, upvotes.
I generally keep mine for 5 days so i don't forget
8:44 AM
Q: Closing as unclear to give way to another post?

l4m2This is closed as unclear by 5 users given no comment reason. In sandbox there's also no more discussion but IO format. The only possiblility I see is to give way another question. Either because hate me or hate the IO or hate my word, it seems a bad idea. What to do? Or is it only solution to st...

CMC: E is banned for the next 16 hours - each E used accures a penatly point. Lowest score wins
9:14 AM
@StackMtr Hllo, how ar you?
Th problm is you can't ping anyon whos usrnam has an in it.
9:41 AM
that's not fully in that cmc's spirit though, now is it
Ok, I'll start actually writing without it.
10:04 AM
@UnrelatedString I would say pings don't count
good call
That sounds fair
@cairdcoinheringaahing if I'm reading this right, it seems the best solution to the problem is them not being suspended :P
I thought this day was most good as most of us will talk in this chat on Fridays
I will find this fun. (Wow this is hard)
10:07 AM
also, if a joint first happens, most paragraphs wins
if that is a joint first, most words wins
@WheatWizard You...
You and I both got 1 now.
Pings don't count.
If not, you can't ping humans with it.
10:12 AM
@Ausername this is right
@WheatWizard you gain a point now
Us will find out how it turns out!
@WheatWizard Stop it!!!
@WheatWizard that is not a right way to play this
@Razetime WHY????
You is unfixing a difficulty!
10:14 AM
@Razetime no
@Razetime That was wrong.
Can us get a RO to pin that msg?
assuming a pEnalty point will lowEr my scorE, I shall win by bEing in a nEgativE score valuE
No, a ungood point plus's your points.
Is e bad or just the capital?
no using it at all, capital or not.
10:17 AM
If you want to laugh say lolololol with as many lols as you want.
you're in ThE NinEtEEnth BytE, it doesn't get more E than this chatroom
So stacky, string and I is at 0. raz and wizard is not.
that is right
ugh what on earth is that grammar
10:20 AM
missing a thing.
so tricky to do.
@Razetime that's 2+2+2+2+2+2+2+2+2+2+2+2+2+2 now
I think I'm at 0. VTC as unclear.
@WheatWizard 5 not 0
@StackMeter by mentioning my username thrice you are at 2+2+2+2+2+2 now
I only said e, not its capital.
10:22 AM
@Razetime us said pings/replies don't count.
not specified in original CMC , hence non negotiable
@WheatWizard No saying it at all.
same for wheat wizard's points
@Razetime it is my call
who said you had a call
10:24 AM
I say it is okay
@Razetime This is not fair. top or bottom things,it is not using.
@WheatWizard I second this vote
It's stack's difficulty, stack's say.
@StackMeter Wdym?
@Ausername it is okay to ping
@Ausername it will not count
I believe the users that believe they don't have access to e are at a rhetorical disadvantage in this discussion.
10:28 AM
Oui but not to contain it, bottom or top.
No idea what that means.
ok now its just gibberish
10:31 AM
a bunch of stuff can still be said.
lmao +2
even under your modified rules
@Razetime Wdym?
@Razetime that's only +1
oh interesting
10:34 AM
only I and @UnrelatedString still last
and I am in front
you do that
How to win: Don't talk
Kinda not hard to do during non activity hours
that is right
but that is a job of our conditionals
10:50 AM
Also, accěnts wêrënt ęxplictly bannéd
Scorě still êquals 0
@StackMeter pogchamp
@lyxal may I point you to this
@StackMeter no
@Ausername this
@StackMeter «∧∴nP½¥Ǐ@ṅŻ>Ż0~≬≥₀↓¹Sɾ«
11:00 AM
@lyxal no
@StackMeter «ƛḊ⁽ø≈ø⊍ƈ↳ɾ†dǐǐ¯ɾq_FȦ\*Ḃ⅛Ǒ@⁽«
Loopholės don't ęxactly covêr cmcs though. Anything goës
In conclusion, it's a kinda boring CMC
@lyxal this will cost a flag @lyxal
Why? Why did you flag that?
Please don't flag things unless there is an actual reason.
11:26 AM
Q: Radio station hopping

Zizy ArcherIntroduction You are listening to a car radio. You are pressing seek up/down, moving you to the next frequency some radio station broadcasts on, to avoid all this pointless music and listen to all the ads, or vice versa. But there is a tendency of these broadcasts to have your radio jump to anoth...

What is going on now? Why all that odd symbols? Who wants such a huge chat transcript full of junk? Is it you, @StackM?
I satisfy your constraints. Any complaint?
Ugh.. I had "big", which works.
It is actually not hard to form a long paragraph without that which I shall not say. But I am lazy and do not want to think much, so what I am writing now is all that you shall obtain. Do I obtain minimum points so far? So do I win?
11:37 AM
@user21820 that is right
but conditionals will stop you for now
@StackMeter What conditionals? It is no fun if a solitary slip ruins my wondrous concoctions.
Anyway, I'm off. I saw a flag and took a look. Turns out it was nothing much...
12:29 PM
I think I've written a pretty rad ascii-art challenge today
12:51 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

RazetimeCreate word lightning ascii-art string tree Inspired by a Codingame challenge I tried (and failed at) recently. Given a binary tree of words, say: HELLO / \ WORLD EATING / / \ ARCH IDAHO GUARD / ...

@NewSandboxedPosts haha word energy go brrr (and also zig zag too)
It is also that time of night where my capability to make good decisions is no longer existent. I'm going to sleep
@hyper-neutrino I can't see it now, but if it was a Haskell answer, I think I remember not knowing if it was valid. The author did say it worked at compile time, though
(also I'm not a Haskeller, so even if it was news to me, that doesn't mean anything)
Oh nvm, I didn't see that Bubbler's comment was talking about that
1:11 PM
Ah, okay. Yeah it's been deleted now; I should've asked the room in general rather than pinging you specifically :P
@hyper-neutrino chr(69) and chr(101) got lost from our ASCII list
so no chr(69) or chr(101)
really? this again?
@hyper-neutrino huh - wdym
@StackMeter nvm. people were doing this like a day or two ago since we had a conversation about Redwolf's synesthesia and he doesn't like the color of "E"
i forget if any of that was here or if it was all in Words and Colors
Speaking of Redwolf...
1:26 PM
Knowing there's a bug in my NMP program but not being able to fix it at school is pain
I should've been five minutes late if it meant I could fix it
NMP > school? :p
NMP > everything :p
Although it's now NMP, NMetaP, and NSP
(Combined into New Posts and Sandbox Posts)
It should have worked I think, but it kept giving me an HTTP 418 when I tried to log in
That's the "I'm a teapot" one
I still don't know what's up with that
1:33 PM
that's strange lol
can I get some feedback on this?
idk if it's overcomplicated; i can't tell
1 hour later…
2:40 PM
Q: ✨What IP is this emoji?✨

EliteDaMythI recently came across a tweet on twitter. It said: fun fact: because unicode can use up to 4 bytes of data and an IP address is 4 bytes long, there is an IP out there that can be represented by the poop emoji Your task is to make a program that outputs the IP address corresponding to the the e...

Damn, Journeyman works fast. This got reopened within 30 seconds of my edit O.o
wow :o

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