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12:00 AM
It gives you smaller milestones to work toward, which is really good IMO
Yeah but that one's weird :\
It's UTC midnight!
I can vote!
And I didn't repcap :(
Oh, I like this suggestion for 7.5k
Should I start a question where people can suggest more privileges?
12:02 AM
Remind me to upvote this in 20m :p — Redwolf Programs 22 mins ago
@OriginalOriginalOriginalVI I'd suggest framing it as a feature-request on MM, "Can we get X at 7.5k?"
Yay, an upvote!
If you think the gap from 5 to 10 is bad, then you've never experienced 10 to 20. Sure you get the ability to protect questions at 15, but we rarely need to do that around here
They like definitive Yes/No answers
@Lyxal Each 1k after 10 is another delete vote
12:03 AM
CMP: Privilege(s) to get at 7.5k rep?
4 mins ago, by caird coinheringaahing
TBH changing inline tag editing to 7.5k would probably be decent enough
I like the "vote on any synonyms" idea, although maybe it'd be better for 12.5k or 17.5k
@cairdcoinheringaahing for question deletion only. There's barely a chance to use them because we rarely delete questions. In the last 30 days, there's been no delete votes in questions
On a related note, Razetime, Caird, and probably Original should be able to vote in a few hours
Yeah, 7.5k rep may be too early
@RedwolfPrograms I'm an upvote away from doing that, actually
12:05 AM
@Lyxal This was deleted yesterday :P
And for fairness's sake I upvoted half the active page of pretty much every question y'all've answered and I'm probably low on votes again :p
But I do agree that something at 15k (aside from protecting) would be nice
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

rsjaffeChallenge Given an IPv4 address, identify whether it is valid general-use address. Challenge rules Special-use addresses, as defined by the Internet Engineering Task Force, are considered invalid, as are values above 255 in any of the fields. Special-use addresses are listed at https://en.wikipe...

CMP2: Privileges at 15k rep?
Maybe edits that don't bump?
12:06 AM
That would be cool
They might say it's too complicated, though
Choosing to make an edit bumping or non-bumping would be so good
I'd easily rack up 1000s of edits, just improving older questions
Yeah, 15k or 20k for that would be the coolest thing ever
I think they should remove repcap as a rep milestone
No way :P
They should do the opposite, if anything
Or increase it to maybe 300
12:07 AM
The repcap should lower the more rep you have, then it gets harder and harder to get more rep :p
@cairdcoinheringaahing Why?
Yeah, otherwise people like Jon Skeet would have hit 1m years ago
@RedwolfPrograms Eventually, you can only get 1 rep each day
@OriginalOriginalOriginalVI That would be epic
@cairdcoinheringaahing Jon Skeet hit infinity the moment he made an account, he just chose to present his rep as being smaller than it really was so as not to discourage us :P
12:09 AM
Maybe the repcap should just increase by a little bit for every question/answer in the day, that way it still prevents 1000 rep in a day from one post, but doesn't hurt you for posting lots and lots of quality stuff
Maybe start it at 100 or 200, then increase it by something like 100 for every new question and 40 for every new answer
remove the rep cap entirely so i can stop feeling bad for never hitting it
@OriginalOriginalOriginalVI I have repcapped 36 times (according to SE). If I didn't cap on those days, I'd have around 3k more (32940 total), and that's only 36 times. Dennis and Martin (and a few others) have done it over 150 times. In fact, Dennis would have 244,930 (+40k) if there was no repcap
The cap "hurts" higher rep users more, and it's supposed to
yes I'd get an extra 200
very useful
this is irony
without repcap, I'd get a repcap
I would have 5.2k more apparently. I think outgoing bounties aren't accounted for tho.
I'd get 123 less
12:18 AM
Some numbers for the 4 Legendary users. Dennis: +44k. Martin: +58k. Calvin: +24k. Arnauld: +8k
As if Dennis or Martin needed an extra 50k :P
I have 312 uncapped and currently 391
@UnrelatedString imgflip.com/i/54s1qc
stupid link not oneboxing
it is called oneboxing innit?
I lost around 21 rep
For anyone who "lost" rep due to it, SEDE updates every Sunday, so any rep you've gained since the 4th hasn't been tracked :P
it is called oneboxing and I think it only oneboxes if it is an actual media file
that link seems to be a link to a webpage displaying the image plus other imgur details / features
12:21 AM
@Lyxal didn't even screencap the actual query result smh
honestly kind of surprised i gained 123 rep in three days
...especially considering it's been multiples of 10 all month
According to your rep page, you've only gained 30 since Sunday :P
that makes more sense
I never said the query was perfect :P I found it on MM
i do note that the query doesn't account for downvotes cast
Or bounties offered
12:24 AM
that too
Or voting correction (maybe? don't know how that's handled internally)
good question
I'd have 9288 if it weren't for the repcap
Looks like the RO nominations page has calmed down somewhat :P
Seems like caird and Bubbler are basically guaranteed spots, Adám will probably get one, then either Lyxal or I will probably get the fourth
12:31 AM
Also, why did "I don't change my username/pfp" become a pro/con?
Assuming there are no new nominations for a while
Wasif, Adam, Original and Bubbler all say something along the lines of "I won't change my username and avatar in the near future.", why?
Easier to recognize ROs, I guess
In case you want to ping them about something requiring their attention
I included it for half a joke, though I do think it's a slight pro in the sense of ^
ROs get italic names :P
12:34 AM
and less chaos, something like that
And can be found here, they aren't exactly the "blending in" kinda role
Suppose so
Ngl, part of the reason I didn't change to Lil Chart Z was that I thought people would recognise "caird" in the election more so than "Lil Chart Z"
like you don't need to ask yourself "who's that random guy named ChartZ who popped out of nowhere" :P
That's why I kept the Patch pfp, so I wasn't "completely new" :P
Still considering becoming Browncat Programs for a few months
hehe updated my about me
I mean, I was expecting just about all of the nominations to come in within a day or two, lol. It's a 1-week period because that's what they did last time and also in case someone's randomly offline for a few days I don't want to just exclude them because of unlucky timing.
12:50 AM
A few questions regarding the New Posts userscript:
1. Should newer answers be prepended to the list instead of added to the end?
2. Should there be an option to load new posts from an amount of time before the page was loaded?
@RedwolfPrograms yes, fits in with SE's style better
3. Would it be fine if tags for questions were just formatted as [code-golf] [math] with links?
12:51 AM
@RedwolfPrograms I think New Posts works best as a "what just happened?" tool. The Recently Active page works for anything longer ago
@RedwolfPrograms Personally, I'd prefer the SE tag formatting, but Imm fine with any readable/usable style
What should be default time be for the discard after setting?
5 minutes
15 mins
That's the time frame used with chat notifications
On mine I've got it disabled completely by default, but I'll probably go with 15m
It's super easy to change anyway
@cairdcoinheringaahing Do you still have problems with the other userscript preventing Question Reception from working?
1:00 AM
Sandbox posts last active a week ago: Irreducible Rube Goldberg Sort (WIP)
What's our policy on command-line flags for convenience purposes (for example, a flag that treats inputs as strings to make it so that users don't have to wrap input in "s)? Do I have to include it in the header of my answer?
I think it's that stuff that affects how you run the program is ignored (like how you input to the actual interpreter), it's stuff that affects the program itself (like modifying the output) that has to be in the header
@RedwolfPrograms turns out the flag I tried to create to do what I put in the example doesn't work anyway
The irony
I mean theoretically the program would be receiving the same input either way, regardless of whether or not the user needs to put it in quotes. As long as they don't abuse the input rules to use the flag to strip quotes off an input it wouldn't need to be in the header IMO.
This question is because python doesn't like leading 0s on numbers
frick you python for doing this to me
1:10 AM
Python had octal like that too?
and it still errors
So they kept hexadecimal but ditched octal :/
It'd be 0o now right?
That's how a lot of langs do it now I think
Oh yeah 0o works
I had an idea at one point to use 0z for base 36
1:21 AM
Actually J allows arbitrary base, including over 36, though the digit values are limited to 0..9a..z (0 to 35)
I've come full-circle! Seriously outgolfed my own first post on PPCG: Match strings whose length is a fourth power
Was about to upvote that and realized I already did :p
oops, hehe.
I think somebody did that a week or two ago, because I saw an up-upvote. Later it presumably got re-upvoted
on Factorial I believe
1:40 AM
@RedwolfPrograms Yeah, Reception just doesn't show for me
I think you can set the priority level for them, maybe try rearranging them so that Reception is prioritized?
It doesn't mess with the DOM much so if it runs first it shouldn't mess anything up for the other one
I'm currently on mobile rn, but I'll give it a shot when I get to my compter
If that doesn't work just link me to the other userscript if possible and I can try to work around it
1:45 AM
gaah time zones
In a few hours the tag scores will update and you (and a few other people) will be able to vote on the synonym for
Also I'm cooking some food and it has a really weird plastic-y smell and I'm worried I left some sort of packaging on it by mistake :/
ooo what fodo?
@RedwolfPrograms might wanna check
rats, I sent a message and ruined my dramatic entrance
It's in a pan in front of my face but I can't see anything weird about it
1:48 AM
@Razetime remember this comment?
I did it
@Razetime ;)
I want to make an Ash keyboard but CrOS doesn't support custom keyboards :(
CMC: What contributes most to an answer's upvotes?
that's my experience
1:52 AM
(length, language, FGITW, creativity)
my top 5 voted answers are either scratch golfs or non-golf keg
@Wezl two main things: FGITW and rarity
mostly I just wanna complain about my simple answers being upvoted and my best answers not :P
aka how rare is it to find an answer on the question
and how rare is it to find an answer in that language
1:54 AM
@Wezl use a novelty language to answer a medium difficulty answer (read: takes top golfing languages more than 3 bytes) and watch the upvotes come in
@Lyxal i don't get the scratch upvoting tbh
@Wezl Is it in Haskell, J, JS or Python? If not, is the language related to the question in a funny way?
but blocks go brrrrr
@Razetime idk either but it works
@Lyxal done, and I'm still mildly irritated (read: the upvote came in)
1:57 AM
@Wezl One factor is definitely a ton of MathJax
A bit of a "shock" factor works well too: for example, a large byte count (don't open link on mobile)
@Wezl now I'm mildly irritated at and pretty thankful to someone
@Wezl wdym?
@Wezl having graphics also helps too
it's all about the story your answer tells
also the more you upvote the harder it is to catch up
if people perceive you've put effort into the answer/they can see it wasn't just a mindless two-button mash, they will probably be more likely to upvote
given that it stands out from the crowd
2:02 AM
I just realized I've given away more than 18000 rep
*In upvotes
Only like 2k in bounties probably
wait have i only cast 29 upvotes this month
votes total i suppose
CMC total votes
doesn't look like i've downvoted this month so yeah
@RedwolfPrograms only 18k? pathetic. I've given out 71.8k
@Wezl 7186
according to that page, 5822
2:03 AM
there's a reason I topped the voting leaderboard last year
barely ahead of dennis
I've managed to place 6th on the voting page
I've only ever cast 27 downvotes
like 2
you have to take advantage of the full spectrum: upvote everything, bounty things you like, don't upvote bad things, downvote it if it's abuse of the rules, and flag it if it's not sed
CMQ: According to code golf statistics, how many people who view your answers are actually subscribed upvote? (repost of a previous cmq)(calculated as (rep / views) * 100)
2:07 AM
So the total votes include upvotes, downvotes, close votes, reopen votes, etc
@Lyxal 3.26%
@Lyxal are we using people reached as views or is there an actual views stat
people reached
@Lyxal Wouldn't it be * 10, since every upvote is 10 rep?
@RedwolfPrograms no, rep/10
2:18 AM
Yeah rep/10 or (rep/views)*10
I get 0.21%
0.33% for me then
Q: Outsmart the boffins at New Scientist [string rotation]

Michael SternThe brainiacs at New Scientist tweeted this morning that "The word STABLE has the neat property that you can cycle the first letter to the end to make a new word: TABLES. And you can do it again to make ABLEST." [https://twitter.com/newscientist/status/1379751396271124480] This is of course corre...

rep / views = 0.4533%
3:03 AM
Gah, I can’t vote on thr tag because I don’t have a score of 5 for enocde!
You also seem unable to spell
Okay I once again have 69% battery
And Caird didn't ruin my funny number joke today
Haha funny number battery percentage
I wrote a 69 byte answer today, thought you might want to know:P
@Lyxal Er, that’s just how it’s spelled in the US :P
@OriginalOriginalOriginalVI ah of course
My mistake
And now I'm out of votes again
Very good
3:34 AM
Y'all should be able to vote now, I think
wait I can just directly Approve the suggested synonym from another page, lol
@RedwolfPrograms Hasn’t updated for me yet :(
Oh looks like it's been approved now
Hopefully it gives the badge when it's approved by a mod, I guess we'll find out in the next few minutes :p
yeah, I found the page to approve it directly. it let me vote despite having 0 encoding answers and the vote wasn't binding
also it does give the badge :P
Okay that's good, thanks :P
3:48 AM
I'll let someone else suggest
Yay, I got it! One of the rarest on the site I think
There's a button labeled "Approve" so I assumed it grants the badge since it's not like I create the synonym myself, just validate the existing suggestion, but just to make sure I didn't troll you out of a badge, I validated another synonym that should've gone through but never got votes and it did grant the badge lol
so we're looking to synonymise with ?
And the tag needs to be created first?
3:51 AM
I need one more upvote for decode, but I’m on my phone and can’t golf :(
Wait is that a tag
I thought we were synonymizing it with
@RedwolfPrograms decode is, decoding isn't
lol I don't have 5 score
i think encoding and decoding can be reasonably tagged together, but i'm not too certain
also why would we create a tag to synonymize another one into it if it doesn't exist already xd
wait nvm it did not occur to me that you can't edit tag names because that doesn't make any sense.
How do you golf in jelly and scratch on mobile?
@RedwolfPrograms Isn’t that what we’re doing?
Jelly is easy
Just copy paste
Scratch is the hard part
It requires patience and determination
(ut reference ftw)
4:02 AM
@OriginalOriginalOriginalVI I think so, yeah.
Ever since they made scratch html 5, you can do the drag and drop on mobile
Copy paste is hard:/
Not from a code page/list of atoms when there's only one character
It says failed cos of reverse synonym encoding of encode
@Lyxal oh nice
@OriginalOriginalOriginalVI you would have been able to do it when it was still flash if you used a mobile browser that supported flash
4:04 AM
I wish they'd update morse code to add better Unicode support.
@OriginalOriginalOriginalVI if you find copy-pasting to be difficult, you'll love The Key, streamlining the copy-pasting process with a portable and efficient device designed just for programmers like you! (this is a reference to a joke by SE itself, don't flag this as spam)
Who would flag a mod for spam lol
Flagging ad spam :p
I've been flagged before recently :P (probably a misclick but still)
The queues are always so empty :/
4:06 AM
@hyper-neutrino "accidentally flagged recently"
@hyper-neutrino i cant connect a keyboard to my phone
Wait, you can VTD at 10k?!
How tf did you not know this
I thought it was 20k
4:07 AM
Max votes
Vtd questions at 10
Vtd answers at 20
Oh, that makes sense
Also Brug is a funny mispelling
I'm keeping that
oh, I didn't actually know you could VTD questions earlier than answers
4:08 AM
@RedwolfPrograms intentional too
and uh here's a page that might need a userscript to fix it: codegolf.stackexchange.com/tools/new-answers-old-questions
it is horrendous
if that's your first reaction to the page then yes we know
These look worse than those hidden pages that haven't been updated since 2011
4:30 AM
Anyone else drinking tea right now?
You drink a lot of tea
Nah it's only my second cup today
Because if anyone else is, we could have a TeaNB party
It's too hot to drink tea over here
Hmm, it needs a bit more saturation
Wait sounds can't be grayscale
I dunno it just needs to be a more colorful sound
4:41 AM
But it does sound similar does it not?
I hear it, yeah
That's my fridge
Now you have proof that SE got their noises from me
How do you mess up formatting this bad
4:54 AM
I've never seen autocorrect screw up a link i copy-pasted until today
good job swiftkey
1 hour later…
6:02 AM
@Lyxal therefore you can influence them to care about this site
@Razetime if only it were that easy
7:05 AM
@user41805 trying to repeat a macro n times here: tio.run/##K/v/P9/…
1 hour later…
8:27 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

ophactBattery charging tracker If there are any better titles please post them in the comments code-golf If any more tags might be appropriate, please post them in the comments The task here is to create a program which can output a battery's percentage at all times. It will be given input in the for...

There was virtually no feedback in the sandbox, so feedback here would be most welcome.
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Benjamin WangText in aLtErNaTiNg cApS Sometimes, we want to convey sarcasm in a text message or in a YouTube/Reddit comment. To this end, "alternating caps" is often used. Your task, should you wish to accept it, is to write code that turns the input text into its "alternating caps" version. Input: A string...

Never mind, I was sorted by votes and on an old page
8:48 AM
Can we un-synonym-ise (it's currently the same as )? There are many questions relating to manipulating IP addresses which for which would be appropriate (and many of them are tagged as such), but its current synonym status means it can only appropriately be used for questions that require actually connecting to the
9:01 AM
@Bubbler do all the answers in the thread support till 2^128?
vim has a line limit way before that but idk if any of the answers there really work to that memory limit
9:19 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing your caird again? I thought you'll be oppS or something...
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

mathMultiplicative Persistence #2 We had a challenge on Multiplicative Persistence here. As a recap, to get a multiplicative persistence of a number, do these steps: Multiply all the digits of a number (in base \$10\$) Repeat until you have a single digit left More here on Numberphile: Numberphile "...

1 hour later…
10:27 AM
@math lol "backets reamyappenzell" would've been a better choice
@ophact I like somehow dude coinheringaahing better I think
10:45 AM
If you add two spaces you can get:
microseismical Gigue Aggry
Cozed- alignAbandonee
tessaraglot slurb accessible
Jamshedpur triboluminescent abray
Prier lurerAileen
tessaraglot slurb accessible is my favorite.
@Ausername I fid it quite amazing how most of the generated phrases contain actual words
I particularly like Sixty0!Reign
11:39 AM
@pxeger I don't think you can un-synonymize tags
You could probably create a new one with a better name
@RedwolfPrograms I've suggested as a synonym of , I think "decoding" can be reasonably understood as part of "encoding"
1 hour later…
1:03 PM
How do you do that? It tells me "Failed to propose synonym:

Reverse synonym encoding already proposed on the tag encode"
1:18 PM
@OriginalOriginalOriginalVI ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I went to here and typed in "decode"
Oh, I'm an idiot, I typed in encoding for the decode tag
How does Jelly's string compression work?
@RedwolfPrograms Didn't work, here's the Roomba userscript
@RedwolfPrograms Detailed here
Essentially, it treats each character in between and » as a "digit" in bijective base-250 (based on the code page indices), then decompresses that integer via the process above
Can you see if there are any errors in the console when you try to run both at once?
> Uncaught (in promise) Error: Layout has changed; tell Redwolf to fix it
at eval (userscript.html?name=Question%20Reception.user.js&id=10300d15-3020-4ba5-bc87-890532711ff0:42)
1:27 PM
Haha I forgot about those
Huh, highlight.js doesn't support APL
Find line 39 and delete || text_container[0].children.length != 3
That should fix it
(Of question reception, not the roomba one)
Yep, that's fixed it, thanks!
Now I have even more random information about questions at my disposal! :P
You can also make custom configurations for Question Reception that show different information, here's some examples if anyone's interested
@RedwolfPrograms Did New Posts pick up the new off-topic post for you?
1:39 PM
Huh, it didn't for me
Check the console for errors
> Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 ()
That's normal, since I stole a 404 page :p
It might be a bug, are you on 0.2 or 0.3?
1:41 PM
Huh, I don't know then.
Weird. Probably just a one-off, I'll let you know if it happens again
Did you get an answer a second ago?
No, but I did get an actual error message:
> Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read property 'length' of undefined
at WebSocket.ws.onmessage
> Hi, you must be looking at your console wondering what the heck this message means. It means you should be happy that this message is being logged otherwise something very wrong happened
That's not my error message, oddly
Maybe you used up the quota for the API
Oh, fun :P
I also got one more error:
> Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 400 (Bad Request)
1:46 PM
Go to https://api.stackexchange.com/2.2/questions/18556?site=codegolf and see what it returns
> {"error_id":502,"error_message":"too many requests from this IP, more requests available in 13132 seconds","error_name":"throttle_violation"}
Yep, quota :/
That's 3.5 hours :/
Must be another userscript using the unofficial 300 request quota as well, I'll have to register mine on Stack Apps I guess
BTW how did you find out the site id for Meta?
1:49 PM
Network tab of console on the home page
Got it registered, I'll update it
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