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11:00 PM
30k registers would be a bit time consuming :p
Half of the questions with it are about optimizing answer score and the other half about optimizing relating to the task
69 then
I'd say four to eight would be fine
@cairdcoinheringaahing Kinda yes, but optimization problem is an important category of problems just like decision problem
16 is generally more convenient
11:00 PM
@RedwolfPrograms use world edit or something
@cairdcoinheringaahing Optimizing answer score should basically be re-tagged to
@Wezl I don't care much about convenience, I'm making a computer in Minecraft :p
@Bubbler Agreed
actually yeah have 8+ general purpose ones and 16 total registers
@RedwolfPrograms convenient meaning aesthetically pleasing to Wezl or whatever else is convenient
I'm going to go with four 8-bit registers for arithmetic, and two more for a single 16-bit pointer somewhere in memory, and another two for the instruction pointer
I'm almost certain that's TC, it'll be slower and more painful but much easier to work with
11:03 PM
@RedwolfPrograms How can painful go along with easy to work with? :P
@Bubbler Painful to use, easier to build and faster to run
ooh can you have dynamically-resizing memory in MC? (Otherwise how do you make it theoretically TC?)
Well, my meta answer hit -4, so I'm going to delete it as it's clearly not popular
@Wezl Potentially if you used a fancy flying machine setup, but I consider JS TC even though my laptop doesn't have infinite RAM :p
@cairdcoinheringaahing Why delete it? Keep it around to show what the community thinks
11:04 PM
I'll probably do about 10 KiB of RAM, that's good enough for anyone
It could be referenced in later meta discussions
@user Because I see no value in keeping answers that unpopular. If someone else does, they're free to post it
@RedwolfPrograms how many MiBs is that if you convert it to Minecraft storage?
Any last feedback on this, and any feedback on this?
@Wezl The way things are stored in MC, there's not really a parallel
11:05 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing But won't it show people what CGCC agrees on (or disagrees on)?
I say leave the answer
like stored on your computer
At the very least, any <10k users will see no opposing views to the current answer, and 10k+ users will see my opinion
If you delete your answer, the next time this is brought, someone will have to write the answer again so people can vote on it
Yeah, opposing answers should live too
11:07 PM
let's start a meta post :P
A meta-meta post?
Q: Delete own downvoted question/answer on Meta?

juergen d On Meta, Downvotes signify disagreement and not necessarily low quality So if an answer or question got downvoted on Meta - should the owner remove it or leave it? And is there a difference for questions and answers?

I think we need a meta-meta-meta post about whether ornot we should start a meta-meta post :P
Even ones at 0/-4? I understand the benefit of keeping opposing opinions easily accessible, but if they're that unpopular, then any <10k user will just see "no opposing view" which indicates the same thing
@Bubbler yup, and those questions go on mother meta
11:08 PM
@cairdcoinheringaahing The fact that "they are that unpopular" should still live IMO
I suppose if you really want it, then those who can can cast a vote to undelete it
I maintain that an unpopular opinion and no dissenting opinion convey the same site consensus, so I won't be undeleting it
So different question: when blog?
11:15 PM
Let's go ahead and post a meta question to collect potential topics
10 hours ago, by caird coinheringaahing
I think we'd need to start a "brainstorming" thread first, where people can post blog ideas as answers
As soon as you write it :P
I'll write one up
@cairdcoinheringaahing When "brainstorming" thread?
One Q: How regularly should we post to the blog?
2 weeks?
11:16 PM
I say one or two weeks is good
Two might be better to keep interest, but one is nice because I'm impatient :p
2 weeks
wait, we have a subreddit? lol this is my first time ever hearing about this lol. if enough people are interested i'll remake one cuz it seems like the old one is entirely ded
Yep, seems like 2 is the best option
We don't really need a subreddit, do we?
i don't personally think so
11:19 PM
It'd be nice to "snap up" r/cgcc in case we want it in the future
Even if it'll be dead until then
Yeah, that's a good idea
r/cgcc is taken
By who?
no idea
there is one member
i could message the mod kindly requesting them to hand over the subreddit ID so we can have it :P
Truly a bruh moment
11:20 PM
What's a good "minimum" length for a blog post?
And it only allows trusted members to post there too
500 words? 1000?
@cairdcoinheringaahing 5 paragraphs?
Too short
never mind no way to take it from them
it is owned by u/9ballrider who is suspended
11:21 PM
The context is "The topic should be something they can write at least X amount about"
@hyper-neutrino oof
r/cgse, r/cgccse, and r/codegolfse are open
r/cgccse is good
I guess so, but it's an ugly color :/
I think 1000 words is good for the blog
@RedwolfPrograms I don't think we need one
11:24 PM
Maybe we could do r/cgcccodegolf for maximum ATM machine
:o my reddit premium didn't actually expire!
Btw I'm putting my bounty on good answers to old questions on hold for a while
@RedwolfPrograms What is a good color? r/cgccs?
@hyper-neutrino what reddit name are you?
That's a nice shade of green yeah
wait, what do you mean by color
11:26 PM
I have synesthesia and see words and letters as colors :p
oh right i think you mentioned this before and i just have terrible memory :P
@Wezl If you want that without the curse subliminal advertising smear marks I'll make it
@Wezl No, we must advance the hivemind!
@Lyxal u/hyperneutrino15 because u/hyper-neutrino was taken by some idiot who uninstalled his 2fa app and wasn't able to get back into the account ever again
11:30 PM
or rather my 2FA just randomly stopped working for both sites i used it on for some reason
i think it may have been due to DST
@hyper-neutrino So it was you?
Aw, you ruined my joke by making it the truth and therefore not a joke :(
Which is more useful: AND, OR, NOR, or NAND?
11:31 PM
i think NAND can build all of the others
You can do anything with NAND (and NOR)
NAND because it's longest
Wow, three ninjas!
wow all these ninjas
11:32 PM
meta ninja
5 ninjas?!
@user did you do that on purpose >:/
@Wezl Yes :P
The others were legit though
NAND and NOR are equally easy to implement, I guess I'll go with NOR
@RedwolfPrograms but nand is longer
@user yeah because "everything" is longer
:57641609 was that a casualty to Lyxal?
11:36 PM
More or less
Who let all these ninjas in the room?
Oh nice, I forgot that you can implement decrement trivially with increment and NOT
I can barely move an inch without almost being killed by a ninja star
@Lyxal Do you get summoned anytime someone says your username?
That's nothing :P
11:37 PM
@user no I just check this a lot
someone make a userscript that warns you early if you say "is"
DJ used to be able to be summoned by bringing up brainflak or V
@Wezl Already did but I'm not sharing it :p
@Wezl NO, please no
Dennis with Jelly, and Martin with Regex :P
11:38 PM
It also warns me if other people do so I can go ahead and ignore Lyxal
This is so sad
brainflak, V, Vim, Jelly, Regex, Retina! I summon thee, DJ, Dennis, and Martin! Rise and golf again!
@cairdcoinheringaahing Not working :\
@Wezl 'someone make a userscript that warns you early if you say "' is not '"', it's '...'
@RedwolfPrograms so that's why I've felt ignored sometimes! :p
Wait, I think I can condense the entirety of my computer's instruction set into eight commands
As long as I allow writing directly to the instruction pointer for jumps
How should the I/O work?
I've got two different ideas for it:
1. The input and output is just written to a block of memory before and after running the program
2. There are input and output instructions
11:41 PM
I/O is deprecated. It will be superseded by FP in the next release
okay i grabbed r/cgccse; not going to make a meta post and please nobody do, i don't intend for this to really be used cuz i don't think we actually need one, i just wanted to grab a link in case we wanted it later on so we wouldn't get sniped again
The IO typeclass?
noone knows when the next release is
@hyper-neutrino modmail time!
Q: What should we write about on our blog?

caird coinheringaahingWe're currently waiting on a solid consensus on how to host a blog, but while we wait, we should collect ideas for what blog posts should discuss. Suggest your ideas here. Below, submit one topic per answer. Each answer should also contain the list of users (potentially just one) who are willing ...

11:46 PM
i just got a button saying "0 new answers to this question"... thanks se?
I like these ideas
All of these are awesome ideas, I think we'll have a year's worth of good material in no time
Just need to make sure people actually see these blog posts.
I really hope we don't run out of momentum like LotM
CMP how often do you use the keyboard shortcuts to navigate SE
Like Ctrl+Tab?
11:49 PM
@hyper-neutrino never
do not even know what they are
I just disabled them today because they were annoying
wait a sec are there shortcuts other than browser shortcuts?
11:49 PM
in settings > preferences you can turn on keyboard shortcuts
We could also do blog posts around things like AoC
Well, my phone just buzzed for a full minute thanks to all those blog suggestions :P
You're welcome :)
It will be buzzing for maybe a bit longer
11:51 PM
for example G opens navigation; G-H is go home, G-M is go main / meta (if you're on meta / main), G-Q is questions, etc
Think I might put it on silent so I can sleep tonight :P
U selects the first post / the question you have open, J and K are down and up
toggling meta actually seems kind of nice to have
@hyper-neutrino better hope my cat's not secretly watching, but I'll try it
aaaaand. the "what to write on blog" post has already been auto-flagged by community for having too many answers
11:58 PM
We've got 3 months of good suggestions already, I say we start the blog soon :p

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