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12:00 AM
You could probably have the bot-imitating users be the authors of the bots so that it doesn't require more than N additional users
How do I (or can I) store a program in TIO or I can only store the URL?
That's as much a test of the humans' abilities to pretend to be bots as the bots' abilities to pretend to be humans.
getting rate-limited trying to put up the voting thread, this is going to take at least 8 minutes :c
It wouldn't really work as an official challenge IMO, more of an unofficial sort of thing
@pppery Yeah, which is why I reckon having the bot-imitating users be the authors would be a fairer way of measuring it
@hyper-neutrino This seams unfair, Adam's the only candidate I can vote for :P
12:06 AM
Yay, I built a redstone thing to increment a 4-bit number!
Trying to decide if I should stick with this or make it an 8-bit or even 16-bit word size
Maybe in the future, we will have minecraft as a golfing language, who knows?
are you trying to build a computer from redstone lol
@okie We already have Minecraft submissions on the site :P
It's on another world on the normal server IP if anyone wants to check out my work so far
Wait what
I'm signing the programmers at Stack Exchange, Inc. up for this too :) — Jeff Atwood Apr 26 '11 at 9:52
Back when SE actually paid attention to us :(
I don't even know there is a lang called minecraft
12:11 AM
Also, "1k messages this week. 860 messages last week. 809 messages per week.", I use chat far too much :/
I have 1.1k this week
@cairdcoinheringaahing You have a pretty high signal:noise ratio, though
I have 684 messages per week and I have no idea why
@cairdcoinheringaahing this is discrimination against me and wezl. very bad
@user That's good right? I never got the "signal:noise ratio" thing
@Lyxal Blame Redwolf :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing high signal:noise means signal>noise which is good
12:13 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing Yep
I've talked more in chat this week than caird :o
Can we vote for ourselves?
you are free to vote however you want just like any other user
12:13 AM
Aight time to commit voter fraud
> the candidates are welcome to vote as well, including for (or against) themselves.
okay that's it i'm not checking the results until next week now
the only person who can't vote is me for obvious reasons
Time to downvote myself into oblivion :D
@user hey that's my job
12:14 AM
also be sure to check back at the end of the voting period to make sure serial voting detection doesn't cancel your votes, since all of the posts are by me, and serial voting applies on meta
@Lyxal I'm an immigrant, so I'm taking your job
@hyper-neutrino Clearly you should have a tie-breaking vote then, so that if there's a tie you get to publicly tell everyone who you think should be an RO and who shouldn't ;P
@cairdcoinheringaahing that's what the accept button is for c:
also, Jelly has completely ruined the word chain for me. Every time I hear the word chain I no longer think of metal links but combinations of funny letters
send help
@Lyxal Good, good. Let the Jelly flow through you!
12:16 AM
i think it's usually not a good thing for jelly to be flowing through you rather than blood
(Read that in Palpatine's voice :P)
but i'm no biologist, what would I know
trying to imagine Jelly flowed through me
@hyper-neutrino Blood's thicker than water, but jelly's thicker than blood, so clearly my loyalties should lie with golfing rather than family :P
They don't already?
@RedwolfPrograms Well, my family is currently the reason I'm not homeless, so golfing's a close second :P
0/10, not a rickroll
@hyper-neutrino Good call removing from the nominations before locking it :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing i hope that does make it actually disappear from the featured section cuz i do not want to deal with that again lmao
okay i was gonna wait for NMetaP so i could edit its message down and pin it but it's taking way too long
It's gonna post as soon as you send the message :P
12:26 AM
Voting is now open for TNB Room Owners until UTC midnight on Tuesday, April 20th!
now within the next 30s NMP will post
Q: Vote for your new TNB Room Owners!

hyper-neutrinoThe Nineteenth Byte is getting four new room owners. You've had a week for nominations, and now it's time to vote. In alphabetical order, here are the nominees: Adám chat profile | main profile | meta profile | nomination | vote here Bubbler chat profile | main profile | meta profile | nominatio...

it actually did
it was inevitable
the absolute madlad did it
That bot has a mind of its own.
Either that or the human that owns it likes to mess with you.
12:28 AM
my disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined
Who made NMP?
Am I the only one who finds it slightly satisfying to connect an external keyboard to my laptop, hit caps lock, and watch the light toggle on both keyboards?
it's completely normal and if you don't find it satisfying then something is wrong with you
So I'm objectively the least chatty out of the 8 nominations
@Lyxal Thank you for that, by the way :)
12:29 AM
@RedwolfPrograms I don't even connect external keyboard to laptop
@Bubbler It's always the quiet ones( who become ROs, I mean)
@user that's okay you now understand chain migration
@user NMP is an RSS feed who was originally added by Doorknob
And, if you go by this week, I'm the chattiest :p
(not overall though)
@hyper-neutrino But Doorknob's being repaired, right? :P
12:34 AM
I just noticed how funny it is that after SE policy change, every(at least most of them) comment toward new user are Welcome to site!
@okie TBH that's nothing to do with the policy change, at least on this site
We've always been friendly :P
@hyper-neutrino Behold my prophecy!
This isn't a terminal nvm
@Wezl hello!
I'm reading the log and suddenly I hear your fridge!
it's everywhere
12:41 AM
fortunately I'm not about to mistake it for that
@hyper-neutrino You didn't have to repost my nomination
but it'll be interesting to see if it has any votes
CMQ: What are you listening to right now? (here's mine)
absolutely nothing
Three links and none of them rickrolls :(
@Lyxal SuperCarlinBrothers doing a Harry Potter quiz
12:44 AM
@user maybe I feel like exploring alternate music tastes today
maybe I kinda unironically like Ruler of Everything
maybe I do like selling sea shells on a sea shore
Imagine listening to stuff
I just type with my ears
CMP: What do you type with? Your ears, feet, hands, ..?
@user fingers and occasionally nose
@user cats ftw
@Lyxal just whatever autoplay's giving me; rn crying for rain
12:46 AM
Mar 28 at 17:32, by ChartZ Belatedly
I don't type :P
:57630413 It looks like whichever organ you typed with was removed.
Gotta love political arguments in YT comments
@RedwolfPrograms Gotta love political arguments in YT comments
@RedwolfPrograms imagine watching things with the potential to get political. Made by memes gang
It was a video about how soda is canned
How that got political I have absolutely no idea
12:51 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing gotta love political arguments in YT comment s
politics really can just pop into anything
Sure can
this is about the comments I see
"I enjoy sleeping" "You know who else enjoys sleeping? Nazis"
@cairdcoinheringaahing I mean, it's not false
12:52 AM
"I breathe from time to time" "Wow, sounds like something a liberal would do"
Honestly, I don't like people who breathe (it's just a political view, don't hate on me)
pro tip: if you don't watch serious videos you wont find serious comments
pro tip: if you don't look at comments, you won't find comments
pro tip: don't get 50 rep or more, you can't comment
@hyper-neutrino what about dreams?
12:55 AM
@Wezl pro tip: if you never sleep, you won't have dreams
pro tip: Go to war, get PTSD, now you won't have dreams, just nightmares
pro tip: the comments here aren't political
You're losing your mojo, Lyxal
Sorry, water on my keyboard
you just got coconut malled
12:58 AM
I'm already regretting who I voted for
pro tip: don't vote
@Lyxal Haha, I made a political comment on that video
@user this is probably the best nightmare you'll have
Sandbox posts last active a week ago: Computer Tree
@OldSandboxPosts Yo
1:01 AM
@Lyxal anyone get the joke?
Sorry, too dense to get it :\
the song that plays in the first part is called "Your Best Nightmare"
2 mins ago, by Lyxal
@user this is probably the best nightmare you'll have
haha funny amiright?
I love how the NMetaP post has double as many stars as HN's
@Lyxal Oh
@RedwolfPrograms Bots > humans
(this post totally not made by a chatbot)
when the one thing that breaks the laptop's fall is something that's not supposed to be on the ground
1:09 AM
@Wezl what isn't supposed to be on the ground?
i completely disagree that cushions aren't supposed to be on the ground
I'd argue rather the opposite
cushions are good on the floor especially up against a wall
well not in this specific place. Also, clothes
(of course naturally you'll make an argument for those too)
@Wezl :thonk: then what is this place?
@Wezl that's where you're wrong kiddo
idea: carpeted shower
1:11 AM
@hyper-neutrino *downvotes*
@Lyxal *downvotes*
you AGREE with carpeted showers?
what in the actual frick
depends on what kind of shower
if it's a laptop shower, there should be cushioning
I'm not sure I understand this conversation.
no, you're not "not sure I understand this conversation".
you're user
get it right
1:15 AM
it's for your good
@Lyxal *downvotes*
@Lyxal No, I'm not 'not "not sure I understand this conversation"'
I'm user
get it right
@user I wasn't saying you were
@Lyxal You were "not saying you were"?
@user no, you were
@Lyxal I was what?
1:17 AM
@user everything and nothing at the same time.
/conversation local understand /me bind apply not
@Wezl You should replace the dot with a space to make it more authentic
@Lyxal Uh, okay. Looks like I'm a god now
2:09 AM
@Lyxal I think, at this point, we have tacit mod approval to threaten your kneecaps whenever you make that joke, thanks to this
Also, I've golfed on my phone so much that when I type #, the first suggestion is "How it works", and the suggestions for "thanks to" are "Jonathan" and "Unrelated"
@cairdcoinheringaahing What languages do you use on the phone?
probably jelly?
I want to talk about the current results of the voting, but Lyxal doesn't want it spoiled for them :/
TNB room owners?
2:16 AM
we could have a chat room to talk about the election like how each mod election gets a room, if y'all want :p
That'd be nice
I like to provide commentary based on a bunch of numbers that don't really mean anything
@cairdcoinheringaahing D:
it's a sad day when the world no longer takes kindly to bad jokes

 2021 TNB Room Owner Election

Discussion related to the 2021 RO Election | codegolf.meta.sta...
@RedwolfPrograms it's more I don't want to be constantly thinking/checking the results when I know doing so is for me personally a futile activity of the bad kind
2:31 AM
@Bubbler Jelly mostly
@cairdcoinheringaahing How
Painfully :P
A lot of copy paste and cursing
that sounds like jelly on a computer too
Which tbh, isn't too different from Jelly golfing on a fomoter
Imagine a golfing language without a builtin way to type special characters in ASCII and have them automatically converted as you type them into the online interpreter
2:33 AM
Fucking phone chat, getting me ninja'd :P
What's a fomoter
Typing is hard when lying in bed
@cairdcoinheringaahing imagine getting ninjad on mobile. Made by I don't usually get ninjad
@cairdcoinheringaahing get good. It's ez
2:34 AM
Fomoter sounds like an awesome brand name, but I'm not sure for what
Maybe for a fake-social-media-likes site
Like "faux promoter"
Wait wrong name lol
@RedwolfPrograms that just sounds like an "influencer"
@RedwolfPrograms an influencer that spreads FOMO?
@RedwolfPrograms Sounds like a device that gives you FOMO
I would never shill some corporate product. The value and effectiveness of LG™ brand monitors speaks for itself.
2:36 AM
Fricking ninja
Get good
I'm on mobile too
And I didn't get ninjad
LG™ has monitors which support stunning 4k and even 5k resolutions, and have been ranked the #1 UHD monitor in the world for three consecutive years.
As I demonstrated earlier with NMetaP, I don't need to ninja, because I can see the future :P
I'd never take money from some corporation in exchange for my freedom to express my honest opinions about products, which is why I always make sure to mention how UltraFine™ monitors by LG™ innovatively power your productivity and gaming, and how you can get 10% off with the promo code REDWOLFSUCKS.
Huh, I have answers on all of the CGCC challenges currently on HNQ, that's pretty cool
2:42 AM
anyone know of a working (python) module/interface that works for SEchat?
I wonder what the most answers any single user has had on HNQ at once
i found one a while back but it was last updated 3 years ago and isn't working when i tried it
@hyper-neutrino Like for a chatbot?
I don't have a link rn, but go to my GitHub (same username) and find the OldSandboxPosts repo. The chatbot.py is very easy to use
I do have a link rn!
2:45 AM
thanks :D
3:01 AM
@RedwolfPrograms hey I entered the code you gave and it failed. However, REDWOLFISAMAZING gave me 69% off
3:31 AM
That would be an amazing discount p:
Oh god what happened to that face
3:43 AM
i restarted my chatbot too many times while testing and i'm getting captcha'd lmao
@cairdcoinheringaahing had you ever run into that issue and if so how long should i wait or do i need to do something to stop it
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

tshMinimal number of banknotes to pay a bill code-golf integer sequence Related: Number of coins needed to make change Suppose denominations of banknotes follows Hyperinflation sequence: \$ $1, $2, $5, $10, $20, $50, $100, $200, $500, $1000, $2000, $5000, \cdots \$. Then how many banknotes are requi...

man python's async is really painful to deal with sometimes lol
i finally just finished setting up a forwarding thing between discord and stack exchange chat and it took a while cuz discord has everything as async and the chatbot seems to run in a different thread so i can't even use asyncio.get_event_loop() or smth like that lol
4:12 AM
Do you know that post haircut feeling where you feel so much lighter? That's what I'm feeling right now and it is poggers
The only post haircut feeling I get is "this shirt is itchy"
4:23 AM
That's why you shower right after
In summer haircut is a huge problem because while cutting hair I am wrapped in a big apron and get continuous itching along with heat
No air conditioning?
@Wasif ah, see right now where I am, it's autumn, meaning it's no longer 40 degrees celcius
Can't wait for heat pumps to become mainstream. Four times more efficient than electrical heating during the winter, and air conditioning in the summer with no extra stuff to install.
There are even systems that use geothermal heat for the condenser/evaporator (the outdoor one), giving you consistent efficiency regardless of the outside temperature
4:35 AM
@Lyxal you live in the south hemisphere?
Lyxal lives in Australia
It should be spring now here, but spring feels like summer
I'm one of those upside down people
consequently, it is 2 in the afternoon
where i am
me: *turns on wireless earphones*
wireless earphones: no.
me: why?
wireless earphones: recharge headset.
5:07 AM
Am my internet dead or new post bot literally hanging?
the latter
NMP is known for slowness
both meta and main
gonna count the delay of bot
11min currently
Q: Determine Circles

okieGiving n(any amount) of points (x,y). What's the minimum amount of circles required to cross every point given? Task Your program will get n (you can have n as part of input or use EOF instead) points (x,y). x and y will be integer of range -10000~10000, while n, if you need it, will be integer t...

there we go
see, it's just slow
5:24 AM
@Lyxal Thanks for reminding me to recharge my headset
@Bubbler no worries.
if you don't mind me asking, what brand is yours?
5:54 AM
@okie iirc, it only checks every half hour, and relays all new posts that have arrived in that period.
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Isaac CHamming Distance Lookup Extravaganza Note: I was originally just going to post this, but I was having trouble coming up with a good scoring strategy. I'd like to make sure that the instructions are clear and scoring strategy is fair and works. Thanks! Note: This question is a WIP, and some par...

6:23 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

A usernameImplement Minceraft code-golf restricted-source The game Minecraft has a 1 in 10000 chance of showing "Minceraft" on the title screen. Read this all carefully. Your challenge Your challenge is to make a program that takes no input and, 1 out of 10000 times, returns "Minceraft" and the rest of the...

7:06 AM
I have sandboxed a challenge again, feedback pls
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

BubblerGenerate the half-step of Fibonacci code-golf sequence fibonacci Implement the 1-indexed sequence A054049, which starts like this: 1, 2, 3, 6, 13, 5, 9, 377, 21, 11, 89, 14, 8, 233, 16, 987, 18, 2584, 20, 6765, 55, 23, 28657, 25, 75025, 27, 196418, 29, 514229, 31, 1346269, 33, 3524578, ... This ...

A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

WasifThe mighty king's genocide Suppose, there was a king. After winning a big war, he make all his soldiers stand up in a circle. And then he ordered first soldier to kill the second one, and then third soldier to kill fourth one, and so on. And he repeated the process until there was 2 soldiers. In ...

8:07 AM
Wow, lots of sandbox challenges
8:28 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

WasifParticipant number code-golf, math A math Olympiad will be held, and participants are being registered. The highest number of participants is 100. Each participant is given an ID number. It is given in a sequence like \$100, 97, 94, 91, 88, ...., 1\$, and when the first sequence is over, then \$9...

8:41 AM
Q: The meeker number sequence

WasifThe Meeker numbers are a 7 digit number in form of \$abcdefg\$, where \$a×b=10c+d\$ and \$d×e=10f+g\$. As an example \$6742612\$ is a meeker number, here \$6×7=10×4+2\$ and \$2×6=10×1+2\$, so it is a meeker number. Additionally, a Meeker number does not have any leading zeros (so \$a \ne 0\$) The...

1 hour later…
9:46 AM
@Lyxal Finally, a link that's not a rickroll.
@hyper-neutrino Yep, had that issue plenty. The time it takes to get up from your computer and drink a glass of water is usually enough
Q: Repeating terms of a given sentence

AatmajProgram Write a program to display repeating terms of a given sentence. Explanation The program must output the repeating terms of two or more letters from the given input(input is a sentence seperated be spaces without any punctuation except the full-stop indicating the end.) For example, if inp...

10:34 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

A usernameA large number of stamps code-golf I have a large number of stamps of several different values. It's really annoying when I can't make a total exactly, so please write me some code to help me with this. Your challenge Your challenge is to make a function or program that takes an arbitrary number ...

1 hour later…
11:38 AM
@Ausername it surprises me too
I am tired of these rickrolls...
@Lyxal Wait, what if you added a userscript that turns every single link into a rickroll?
@Ausername that is a very good idea
12:16 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

StackMeterRandom Number Generator Return a random number, between your language's minimum and maximum values. That's it. This is less of a code-golf challenge and more of a popularity-contest, but I need an objective scoring criterion and this encourages ingenuity - go wild to save bytes! Since this is a c...

12:50 PM
Morning @RedwolfPrograms!
Planning on actually working on Ash today
Irony is that it's an hour away from midnight here
@RedwolfPrograms good. This is appeasing.
I need to go to school now, I'll be back in probably half an hour (guessing you'll be asleep by then). o/
Correct o/
1:13 PM
good morning
it's 2pm
also did you see the news
I posted a question
on the sandbox
1:26 PM
Any updates on the blog?
"The idea sort of just stopped" some irony there
There doesn't appear to be any disagreement with having one, just how we should do it
Looks like hosting it as multiple meta questions has a bit more support than the other ideas
But the interest numbers aren't exactly high, the question's been seen 71 times
We could always do a first post as a sort of test, and if nobody cares there's no harm done
1:30 PM
I think we'd need to start a "brainstorming" thread first, where people can post blog ideas as answers
We might want to wait until after the RO election. 3 posts prevents any meta posts from becoming "hot", which generally leads to more interest in the post
Wait, editing the description and wiki of a tag proposes two different edits?
I just changed one word in the wiki part of it because it sounded nicer :|
As in the excerpt vs the wiki?
Can we get some reject votes on this?
I just approved that :/
1:34 PM
It's fine, it's supposed to trigger 2 different reviews, in case someone edits one and not the other
I don't think we should approve edits that don't change anything meaningful at all
Yeah, I just changed that word because I figured I was already editing the excerpt so I might as well make one little change to the wiki
Ugh, I went to edit it to fix the formatting (mathjax etc.) and I can't edit it while there's a pending edit
Well, a determined person could sabotage the entire wiki by changing the words one by one
Same reason as why SE won't allow non-bumping minor edits
@pxeger Personally, I don't mind one-off minor edits, as I assume good faith. If I notice a user making multiple minor edits, I'll start rejecting after the second or third
I figure that most minor edits will be some low rep user who spotted a typo or two, or slightly reworded it, which is perfectly fine when done in isolation
1:39 PM
Maybe such minor edits could be limited to 1 per 24hr per post or something
Ugh zoom is garbage...it crashes so often on Chrome OS, and it automatically focuses itself whenever someone starts screen sharing
The only redeeming thing about it is that the meeting password has 69 in it
Q for <10k users: when I (or another high rep user) edits a deleted post, it bumps the question. If you click on the "modified 34 secs ago" link, where does it take you?
For example, where does this take you?
1:44 PM
it just goes to the sandbox page, like when you go to a link with an out-of-date hash
@RedwolfPrograms lol
also I hit 171 rep pog
this is it
the day I become relevant
the day I actually start progressing to becoming a trusted user and reaching comma levels
You'll hit 1k before you know it, then you'll hit 8k, then you'll decide to try and make a golfing language, and then you will spend months and months working on a project, and then you'll think it'll never be finished, and then you'll hit 10k, but you're still busy, and I don't know what happens after that
@StackMeter Give it like a week and you'll be a diamond mod :P
lol I'd have to be nominated for that and also my tiny brain knows only Python
@cairdcoinheringaahing To the question instead of the deleted post
1:52 PM
@StackMeter Nah, for mod elections, you nominate yourself
well I nominate myself purely because I can make people feel above average
Motivational speakers are always appreciated.

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