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12:01 AM
Actually, eval does what I wanted ;)
...alright then
i'm pretty sure eval is an identity operation given numbers
will convert strings that represent numbers to numbers though
I have a list of numbers to concatenate
oh yeah V is great for concatenating integers
btw you do not need the R
Oh wow thx
is one of the nice list builtins that automatically rangifies
12:06 AM
And the one Dennis's answer uses doesn't?
and Ż are two other good ones to keep in mind
D just converts a single integer to a list of decimal digits; he uses R first so it vectorizes over the whole range
I was thinking of something like ;/ but I didn't realise that ; does list stuff...
Idk why I thought it was like that
And this is shorter anywaty
1:15 AM
When you sort by votes then forget and go to the sandbox ಠ_ಠ
lol I literally just realized what :P is supposed to represent
two eyes and an eyepatch, right?
No, it's a Vyxal program that takes one argument and returns an empty string
1:34 AM
@Wezl I think it's two eyes and a mouth with the tongue sticking out
P.^) could be someone with an eyepatch
Or maybe P̣^)
(hint: systems that convert it to an emoji convert it to 😛)
2:11 AM
Yeah that's totally different. How my browser renders it, it's an upside-down face with no mouth or nose and a large hole with the brain sticking out above the eyes
@Wezl either the eyepatch is covering the nose or that's some crazy perspective that's not normally used in emoticons
2:34 AM
@DLosc I don't doubt your credibility and research, but somehow I'm not sure what emotion this is supposed to represent
You gotta turn your head sideways. You kids these days and your right-side-up emojis... /s
2:51 AM
@Wezl is ^ any better for you then?
3:02 AM
(Incidentally, for me, :P is never smiling, it's a flat expression like what I've drawn. Which means 😛 really isn't a good equivalent.)
3:48 AM
yeah same actually
4:07 AM
@emanresuA "somehow" - that was posted when Jelly was 6 months old, and builtins like ; and didn't event exist :P
IIRC that answer got posted shortly after Jelly got the sort builtin :P
1 hour later…
5:23 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing Oh :p Oh well
@cairdcoinheringaahing Wait, it had multiset union but no prepend?
I believe so, yes
yeah wait what
5:48 AM
i cba to dig through the commit history, but I think ; was added surprisingly late
feel free to tell me I'm wrong tho :P
i can be arsed
the commit that added ; was titled "published interpreter"
and i can't view the blame prior to that commit because there were, unsurprisingly, no prior commits
guess Dennis just forgot about it then
what would he have used it for considering F beats ;/
5:52 AM
1; instead of multiset union
the key insight with emanresu's solution or whichever one he ported is starting from 2 so you can prepend 1 instead of actually moving a 1 to the start
Oh right, Dennis' already had a 1 in the list?
@UnrelatedString Ported my Vyxal - this is annoyingly one shorter, makes Vyxal look bad.
1 hour later…
7:19 AM
@NewPosts VTC and VTD pls :/
Also, isn't that just bits and pieces copy pasted from codegolf.stackexchange.com/help/formatting?
Yep. That's a weird one.
Bot trying to build reputation by ripping random content from other questions?
They've got a similar question on Stack Overflow, and I assume posted similar questions on some other communities that got deleted.
7:48 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing i wish i could do that
Is Jelly TC without multiple links and eval?
(@cairdcoinheringaahing @UnrelatedString @anyoneelsewhoknowsjelly) ^
8:06 AM
@emanresuA you forgot hyper
@Wezl thank you
I am confused by gitter. If you go to scipy's gitter page for example there is nothing since september. Is there another place open source projects are discussed these days?
@emanresuA Yes
ais proved that a while back, I'll just find the answer
A: Turing-Complete Language Interpreter

user62131Jelly → "Add minimum to transpose", 5 4 bytes +"Ṃẞ Try it online! (runs only one iteration, to avoid timeouts) A very simple Turing-complete construction: we take a square matrix as a program, and loop forever, identifying the lexicographically smallest row, then increasing each element of th...

@PyGamer0 Hyper is slep for the next few hours
What do we need... Icing sugar?
(Contrary to popular belief, moderators do actually sleep)
8:13 AM
:59377508 replying to future
provided it works
It works only if:
- You edit the message after the one you're looking for gets posted
dang it i couldn't guess
- The message you're looking for is in the same room
@emanresuA i know that
@emanresuA and that
8:15 AM
Go try this in the Sandbox
@cairdcoinheringaahing and i got it first try
in Sandbox, 34 secs ago, by PyGamer0
:59377540 o
IIt's worked before
Aug 25 at 5:52, by Jo King
:58978493 Anyone tried to reply to the future yet?
@emanresuA i know that also
Ok, this is officially the worst help center page.
> Code Golf Stack Exchange works really well for technical support and we welcome this, within limits
> n fact, unless your product is brand new, we probably already have some questions about it
> Code Golf Stack Exchange can help support your product but it can't be the only support
> We welcome questions and answers about your product here on Code Golf Stack Exchange
8:24 AM
that's pretty awful
trying discord for the first time. Man it's confusing
what kinds of issues are you having lol
@emanresuA There's an outstanding MSE feature request to remove that from all sites but SO I believe
8:31 AM
Finding it now :P
Q: The "product support" page in the Help Center does not make much sense network-wide

user259867The Help Center page Can I support my product on this site? appears to have been written with Stack Overflow and other technology sites in mind. It does not make much sense in Help Centers of other sites (where it sits top-center among the topics): Can I support my product on this site? We get a...

From 2014
It's almost 4 years later now. Any indication what happened in the meantime? — Mast Jul 26 '18 at 5:30
Tbf, it got slapped with a less than a month ago
@UnrelatedString first of all I just couldn't log in via the web at all. It kept on telling there was a problem and that I should verify my account. When I tried to do that via email it told me that the account already existed!(Of course it did, it's my email address!). When I tried to verify by SMS I got a text message saying the account already existed so I should delete it first
I then started discord from the command line and it worked! Now I am in I have no idea how to find channels that are actually alive. I tried python-general but it seems completely dead
on the other hand I seem to be subscribed to all sorts of weird (off-topic) channels
e.g. ot0-gdudes-pony-farm !
@UnrelatedString did that answer your question? :)
5 hours later…
1:26 PM
Apparently the Google Closure Compiler (GCC) is a thing ಠ_ಠ
2 hours later…
3:20 PM
@user atleast they dont call it gcc
unlike alexa-presentation-language
@PyGamer0 Well, gcc (the compiler) is called GCC, and GCC (the compiler, not the other compiler) is called GCC too, so both are GCC even if one is also gcc
wait gcc is older (gnu c complier) so the other gcc (closure complier) should have another shortform
@user I'm p sure that it's actually called the Closure Compiler, not the Google Closure Compiler lol
but people don't use Closure Compiler anymore right
hmm wait. the project is still maintained
3:39 PM
Oh, I just saw the Scala.js benchmarks using "GCC" to talk about the Closure Compiler. Shame on them then
4:03 PM
@user oh
4:46 PM
BTW y'all, as much as the edit notifications annoy me, please do edit in your Lean answers/challenges into the LOTM post, as it's the best indicator of how "successful" the lotm event is/was
alphabetization would be big-endian, right
since its the first letter that counts the most
or is that only like, analogous
@thejonymyster big-endian is like "normal" base conversion; little-endian is backwards
5:07 PM
right i know which is which
im just saying does that apply to the concept of alphabetization or like
is it wrong to apply that term in that context
5:30 PM
it doesn't really make sense to use it there IMO
5:40 PM
gotcha, ty
6:25 PM
Java 17 is out! It's got some basic pattern matching, sealed classes, and more now (well, it was there in earlier releases, but 17 is an LTS release)
wait java is already up to 17??
damn i feel old
they've switched to a much faster release schedule than versions <= 8
Every six months
(but Java 8 is really old at this point, idk why so many people/places still use it)
6:41 PM
idea for an esolang: just Python, but every time you use the value 1, it is replaced with 2
or similar
That sounds like Python with extra steps
nvm it is
or the same, but where that value 2 is instead chosen randomly once per interpreter invocation
Why would you want something like that, though?
to be deliberately difficult
you could even say, to fuck with your brain
7:06 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

thejonymysterArbitrary Alphabetization [brief exposition on alphabetization for background] Given a non-empty string containing an alphabet in order and a list of words, return the list in alphabetical order according to the string given. Characters not in the string go before the first alphabet character in ...

7:24 PM
CMQ: If I tried to resolve a merge conflict in git but did it wrong, how do I reset the resolution and fix the conflict again?
found the CMA: git checkout -m
delete everything and start from scratch
or that
I don't want to have to re-fix all the other merge conflicts
there are several merge conflicts
I have already fixed most of them
@pxeger Python v x is just that, but replaces the value of x-1 with x
I just want to un-"fix" this latest one
So Python 4 is just Python 3 that replaces every 3 with 4
8:15 PM
After much kajoggling with git, Whython is now updated to use Python 3.10! It will be on ATO... at some point...
@user ooh, that's some nice stuff
Unfortunately, no Gradle support yet :(
@pxeger Go back to a previous commit, copy the files over to a new computer, destroy your first computer, destroy GitHub, start a new repository on your new computer, and never commit to it :P
8:34 PM
@pxeger Spam ctrl-z
9:22 PM
@lyxal I kinda want to make this, but as a website, and for Vyxal.
9:53 PM
@emanresuA I have the &tab=active (or similar) version as a bookmark
Wish it was set per-question
And then you could just set a default in your profile settings
Y'know...since y'all were disucssing :p earlier, I've noticed recently that I spend so much time here and use :p so often, I have to make an effort not to stick my tonue out at people as a way of acknowledging their jokes
do you stick out your tongue whenever you send a :p?
You don't? :p
@emanresuA Congrats on 16k!
10:18 PM
hey wait...I just realized that figuring out where a shortened link goes is incredibly easy
I never thought about the fact it's just a 301 to the URL
10:29 PM
@RedwolfPrograms Oh lol, thanks for the bounty
@RedwolfPrograms Yeah - when looking at old popcons 'cos I'm bored, I want the top-voted answers; when looking at the rest of the site, I want the newest stuff
(Aside from answer-chaining, where oldest is slightly better than active)
For answer chaining, a newest sort order would be nice
@RedwolfPrograms Not since lyxal started his limb harvesting :q
Keep your friends close, but your limbs closer.
TIL you can zoom YT captions with + and -
10:46 PM
@RedwolfPrograms Agreed.
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

EphraimRuttenbergCheck this Scrabble Board's Validity Background Scrabble is a word game in which players collaboratively build a board consisting of letter tiles that spell words. Each word must be connected to another word, and players gain points based on the letters they use and where they are placed. Words c...

Active mostly works, but can screw up a bit if edits are made
lol...I see that sometimes with JS on those sorts of questions
But 17...
if people could give my sandbox post (the one above) a read and leave feedback id appreciate that :)
10:54 PM
I think the rules regarding how you get the dictionary need work, they're a bit unobservable right now
I'd just say that answers should take a dictionary as input, the same way they'd take any other input
Also, what about something like:

> The board is assumed to be contiguous
ok thanks. that was one of the concerns i had and your suggestion makes sense
technically according to wespa rules discontinuous boards are allowed
10:56 PM
I think an interesting cahllenge on its own would be checking if a given board is contiquous, if we don't already have something like that
yeah i added the assumption that the board is contiguous because i wanted this challenge to be about checking validity in both columns and rows and i think adding in the extra rule to check would take away from that too much
yeah, I think it can be stated more simply (take in dictionary + board -> output decision) without worrying about parsing/whatever
other than that it looks good, nice challenge
thanks :D
ill leave it for a couple days and then post it if i dont get any more feedback
wespa.org/wesparulesv4.pdf section 3.13.1 d): 'A player is free to refrain from challenging an illegal word placement.' lol, this literally means someone can play a diagonal word/discontinuous/whatever and as long as your opponent is cool with it, it's fine
that is pretty interesting, but technically all this means is that illegal boards can arise in games without consequence. the rule itself still acknowledges that these cases are illegal
11:05 PM
yeah not saying your challenge should be changed or anything just thought it was interesting
Yeah, sort of like saying killing someone's technically legal if nobody catches you :p
wonder if anyone has ever played a diagonal word
@RedwolfPrograms more like killing someone is legal if the person being killed has agreed to it
Yeah, but there's actually specific laws against that
What the heck is that spelling
or how people can get away with certain crimes if the victim doesnt press charges
yeah, it's actually more like that
11:08 PM
theres an interesting example of stuff like this in chess, where magnus carlsen lost a game due to reflexively making a move instead of challenging an opponent's illegal move
lol, nice
@EphraimRuttenberg that reminds me of this:
Oh hey, YT recommended that to us both I see
A while ago, yes
ha! thats wonderful
a calculated risk
11:16 PM
I've now exchanged like 20 emails with a scammer on all of the weird tech issues I'm pretending to have, and it's so fun seeing their response
"It's giving me a 501 error what is that?", "How do I submit it?", "What is my email address?", "What if I don't live in any particular country, how do I fill out the address?"
11:41 PM
Can you put the transcripts into a gist or something?

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