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12:27 AM
What's the difference between votes and 'feedback'?
feedback is when low rep people try to vote
i think
What's the point of feedback if you never get to see it
@hyper-neutrino ... why???
wdym why
What's the point of recording new users attempting to vote? A user with <15 rep probably won't try to vote in the first place.
And if they do, it's almost certainly going to be an upvote instead of a downvote
12:41 AM
well i wouldn't say 69% is "almost certainly"
YT with the unbiased polls again
12:58 AM
@hyper-neutrino I forgot about assoc bonus users
Sandbox posts last active a week ago: Newton Polynomial
because I love using donuts to calculate areas under curves
No, Homer Simpson's rule is that integration is painful.
d'oh! I knew i got it wrong
Ik, look at the edit history
Why do you think it's the right number?
Q: Is it a prefix normal word?

DingusPrefix normal words arise in the context of binary jumbled pattern matching. A binary word \$w\$ consisting of \$0\$s and \$1\$s is said to be prefix normal * if, among all of its substrings, none contains more \$1\$s than the prefix of \$w\$ of the same length does. In other words, if \$w\$ cont...

Because the second derivative just doesn't exist
it just can't be calculated
it definitely isn't option A
because option A totally isn't the correct answer which I totally didn't put
1:22 AM
I warn you now, trigonometric substitution will destroy your mind
not up to that yet
That's why I'm warning you now
@emanresuA But if you survive the experience, you will become enlightened. ^_^
Trig substitution is highly counterintuitive at first, and it often doesn't work, but when it does work it's magic.
it's not that counterintuitive is it? it's just like regular substitution
The counterintuitive part is that you start out integrating an expression that has nothing to do with trig functions.
1:34 AM
fair enough
I mean, it depends, a classic trig sub is something like sqrt(4-x^2) which obviously is related to trig functions being the graph of a circle
It wasn't obvious to me when I first encountered the concept.
Mainly, I think, because differentiating the same function just requires use of the chain rule + power rule.
So it's easy to look at it as "oh, this is a modified polynomial, it should be easy"
And then the way to integrate it it something wildly different
if you didn't know trig sub and you were asked to find the integral of some trig sub questions you'd do it geometrically probably, so while the trig sub method isn't obvious, the connection can be
2:14 AM
@EphraimRuttenberg i wish itd show a picture of the move
3:14 AM
Ooh, just remembered a very poor design choice I made when making Ash
When an array was cast to a number it'd take the sum, which I think is perfectly sensible. But addition didn't vectorize by default. So adding 2 + [1, 2] would give you 5
yeah that's very cursed
3:49 AM
You're so good at reviewing you deleted it with your mind
@RedwolfPrograms i have ideas for some sort of trains to dinoux, idk if they are necessary at all lol
Trains as in tacit-y stuff?
If you're already using stack-based or prfix/postfix, I'd recommend sticking with those
3:59 AM
makes no sense right?
@RedwolfPrograms has anyone tried stack-based + tacit?
Probably not, because that wouldn't really make sense
The whole point of tacit is that it doesn't need variables or a stack to hold the arguments
stack based is a subset of tacit lol
but train-y tacit-y stuff like the functional APL/J/K/Jelly system, that doesn't go well with stack-based like redwolf said
Sort of, although I'd consider postfix to be tacut and stack based a way to implement postfix
Although that's a really pointless distinction
that's... fair enough although i don't like associating stack-based with postfix either LOL
I could see the fancier tacit-like structures being used in a stack based language to compose operators in some way, but it'd be really weird
Like you'd have a chain of links, and each link would take its arguments from the stack
But the links themselves would be tacit (using tacit here to mean APL/J/K style tacit, obviously)
4:05 AM
i will just embed jelly then ˙ᓀ˙
4:46 AM
I have an idea of how you'd merge stack and tacit, but I have no idea if it's actually useful/good for saving bytes
Just have a transformer that collects elements until the end of a chain is reached (what delimits the end of a chain is up to you to determine)
(transformer is just what I call postfix operators)
anyfix had a cursed method of keeping a stack of both values and functions so if you did 1 2 + it would push 1 and 2 and then add them, if you did 1 + 2 it would push 1, push the +, and then when it processed 2 it would find + and use the 1 to push 3, and if you did + 1 2 it would push the + and then 1 and then process 2 and add them
not quite tacit-stack combination like you're suggesting but it reminded me of that
1 hour later…
5:58 AM
@RedwolfPrograms :P that's what happens if you leave GRT for ann your
6:58 AM
CMQ: What do you think does in dinoux??
swap two items
did you guess?
I read that in your docs page a while ago lol
but it makes sense IMO
i knewitlol
@emanresuA because people star anything lol
Heck, they might even star this message that I wrote by hand
" But lyxal...how do you write messages by hand?"
Using modern technology Tm
Admittedly, there's a few flaws
Like not recognising Unicode
But it mostly works (except for the hand cramps ofc)
7:14 AM
Q: Lottery Ticket Problem

AusmaniWrite a program that will accept 5 positive numbers from the user between [0,9] inclusive for a lottery ticket. Implement error checking to ensure the numbers are between the specified range. If any input is outside of the range immediately exit from the program notifying the user there was an in...

@NewPosts it'd be cool if this was an original question. But alas, it isn't
Very sad
8:04 AM
@lyxal How'd ya find that?
A: Ignore chat pings found in links

SockHere is a probable solution to your feature-request Instead of completely disabling the stealth-ping feature on chat, the users should have the ability to choose whether or not they want the stealth-ping to affect them or not. This means that all stealth-pings will appear to users (you can see w...

Stealth pings are a bug, not a feature. — Dennis Nov 29 '15 at 19:46
Hm, a new random thing has made it onto the search results for 'lyxal'.
@emanresuA copy and paste text into search bar ez
Also a square bagel???
Idk even what that is
8:28 AM
1 hour later…
9:31 AM
CMC: Richard is raising money for charity. Their current total is $1051, of which he has raised $43. How much more money does he need to raise to reach 5% of the total? Write your answer as a full program or function that takes the values 1051, 43 and .05 as inputs. Please round output up to the next whole dollar.
This sounds like a homework problem
then we should do it quickly!
there might be a deadline :)
@Anush óòf
9:55 AM
CMC: Given x,y coordinates of 3 points (a,b,c) on a 2d plane (assuming they lie on any quadrant), find a point d such that the distance(a,d)=distance(b,d)=distance(c,d).
So basiically, find the center of the circumscribed circle?
@emanresuA yes
10:11 AM
CMQ given two sets of points, one lying on one straight line and another lying on another straight line, can we find the two lines?
depends how many points you've got
10:29 AM
@pxeger let's say 10 in each set
so 20 in total
are you thinking brute force?
it is possible to construct a set of points for which that is impossible
in fact, that's impossible for almost all sets of points
@pxeger impossible in what sense? Clearly you can split the combined set in all possible ways and try to draw two straight lines for each split
that works but is very slow
CMC make sets of 2d points at integer coordinates so that there is a straight line through the points in each set. Each set should have three points and no two straight lines should be parallel.
your code should in theory produce these sets forever
10:45 AM
@Anush well you just choose 20 points that aren't on a line
or do we assume they're already on a line
2 hours later…
12:59 PM
@pxeger yes you should assume that
@lyxal Are tgese screenshots a ploy to get tnb to help you with quizzes?
1:38 PM
if someone has since deleted the comment you're trying to @ reply to, do they get notified or not?
I think it's just a plain @asdf then instead of pointing to that comment
@Neil yes
in fact, I can still see the content of the messages in my SE inbox, even though they were deleted
2 hours later…
3:13 PM
@emanresuA 1. Make userscript to help out 2. Fail 3. ??? 4. Crippling loss
3:41 PM
Apparently, I lost 8 reputation because a user was removed. Wonder how that happened
my guess is that you got 8 reputation from that user and then they were removed so you lost that 8 reputation (:P)
Damn, never thought of that. Thanks, hyper-neutrino, you're being helpful as always! ಠ_ಠ
Oh I'm dumb they probably upvoted and downvoted me
oh wait i thought that was obvious ಠ_ಠ mb
Aug 27 at 22:00, by user
i dum
^ Only obvious if not dum :P
Interesting, searching for dumb and dum return different results, so it looks like chat tries to match whole words instead of only looking at substrings
That might explain why searching for stuff like e doesn't work
Someone really needs to fix chat's search feature :|
4:07 PM
Someone really needs to fix chat---'s search feature--- :|
exhibit A: ^
Now we have Lean, could we have Isabelle soon?
like you mean for lotm or what
Lotm I mean
well you can propose it if you want lol
4:19 PM
Lol because no one would accept it?
And make sure to create lots of sockpuppets to upvote
@Anush Then I guess we wouldn't have Isabelle soon ¯\_(⍨)_/¯
@user I used to love sock puppets! Don't diss them
Sorry, I meant alt accounts
well the whole point in LotM is that people need to approve of it and vote for it so you can propose any language you want (well within reason) but I can't say if it'll be voted for :P i've never heard of it myself
^ You never know, Isabelle may become really popular
4:21 PM
well i also can't say that it won't be voted for :P
Just propose it and let the people decide. CGCC is a participatory democracy, your comrades know best :P
@hyper-neutrino Sure, but you miss 100% of the shots you don't take
ah Isabelle. I've heard good things about Isabelle. i heard that its proof automation capabilities are really good and even better than lean. too bad, I can't find a way to learn about it
You also miss 100% of the shots you do take if you're as bad as me, but that's a different story :P
@user well I did say that Anush could propose it if they want to potentially see it as an LotM :P
interactive theorem provers are so poorly documented, unfortunately
4:23 PM
people can't vote for a post that doesn't exist
@HuỳnhTrầnKhanh Then peer pressure Anush into proposing it for LotM and making you learn!
@hyper-neutrino What, that isn't a mod power? smh
@HuỳnhTrầnKhanh They're pretty niche. Lean's docs aren't terrible though
I hate it so much when something only has binaries for Mac and Linux but not Windows :(
4:32 PM
I love it so much when something only has binaries for open-source kernels and not malware developed in Redmond :)
> Mac
> open-source kernels
It's quite a stretch to call Windows "malware" just because it's not open-source, though. It's a perfectly fine OS
it is installed on my hardware where I don't want it to be
(but yes, I was being facetious)
Aren't there laptops that come with Arch installed? (assuming that's what you want)
4:37 PM
I mean you can just buy laptops without storage builtin
they necessarily don't have Windows pre-installed
That too
No need to buy laptops with Windows preinstalled (although it's probably easier to find such a laptop)
I wonder if you can get HP to remove Windows and charge you less for it. Probably not
4:50 PM
actually if you buy laptops in bulk you can ask the manufacturer to install a custom operating system or provision certain software or whatever... isn't this common practice in large companies?
yeah probably
I don't think that would work very well for just me to buy just one laptop with just arch linux on it lol
5:56 PM
@pxeger Then buy 100 and sell 99 of them :P
6:27 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Wheat WitchPlay RPS with 3 bits of memory king-of-the-hillrestricted-memory This is a rough draft for now, the specifics, presentation and title will probably be adjusted In this game you will be building bots to play rock paper scissors against each other. Of course rock paper scissors is not a very inter...

7:24 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

don brightInteger points on Hyperspheres Given two non-negative integers \$r\$ and \$d\$, write a program that will output the number of integer points that lie on all hyperspheres of dimension \$d\$ or lower with radius \$r\$ or lower. For example, given \$r = 5, d = 2\$, the program would do something li...

I don't use it... Google Drive is good enough for me for archives and I store 100% of my code in my computer as simple fies, and my IDE has somewhat of a "git commit". I do have git just in case. — Shambhav Gautam May 1 at 5:11
:o This person (or should I say git?) uses Google Drive as a replacement for git
"I do have git just in case" ?!
git isn't a backup system!
2 hours later…
9:26 PM
there is an absolutely disturbing number of people who simply refuse to use version control
by which i mean at least two
there's a friend-of-a-friend who intermittently develops some kind of game where he just posts zip files with version numbers in a discord channel which is also used for some kind of primitive bug reporting
9:39 PM
Wait really? Did you suggest using git+Github?
10:01 PM
i can't even remember why he refused to
and i think he even collaborates on it with some other people who... i don't even know what they do
i don't think it's some kind of synchronous method like atom teletype
i think they literally just take the version he publishes, mess with it, then email the result back
and here i thought my dev practices were cursed
10:34 PM
@user well if they were, you'd need a time machine to actually tell me the answer, because I posted those after i submitted the quiz
I probably can't even solve the rest of the quiz let alone build a time machine :P
@UnrelatedString Anything but Floobits
Apr 4 at 21:35, by Original Original Original VI
It gets even worse when you're trying to edit something with someone else at the same time, so you upload your repository to Floobits and then you need to pull from GitHub and Floobits every time you do something and then push to both places each time and when you have a merge you find the latest version in both places and copy it to a separate folder and manually edit in the changes and then commit and then realize it doesn't work and then you throw the laptop out the window and follow it down
@user stoopid, those were the last questions in each quiz, meaning there was no rest of the quiz. Now go build that time machine
10:50 PM
oh no
@lyxal If I'm stoopid, how do you expect me to build a time machine?
Checkmate :P
I'm back! Unfortunately, past lyxal was a weirdo who, for some reason, just could not comprehend someone popping into existence and immediately trying to take his laptop away from him smh
Kept screaming stuff like "wtf are you doing here," "No, not my beloved plates!," and "2+2=4, not 5, you idiot"
Do people not get visits from time travelers too often in Australia?
@user not that I know of
11:12 PM
Well I'll just blame your overreaction on that then ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Long story short, I was unable to help you because past you refused to give me the password to your laptop so I could enter in the answers and then called the police on me
You do still owe me a $10 cancellation fee and a $3 inconvenience fee
@user cancellation?
Your past self cancelled our agreement
Do you accept kromer?
11:19 PM
@AaroneousMiller help me explain kromer transmission
I love how this CreepyCodeCollection repository includes a link to CGCC and Anarchy Golf
11:35 PM
Q: Create the edge of a square near the rays with CSS

Bah SohI'm not good at CSS, but I think this problem is a little challenging even for some people with more experience. I imagined a geometric figure, a square, but with the edge a little different from the usual one, I thought about the presence of edges near the rays. Maybe if you think like that it c...

@user 0/10 – no APLs or golfing languages.
11:52 PM
Those are implicit in the CGCC link
Besides, I thought you'd be happy that APL was mentioned as a "creepy" language :P

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