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9:00 AM
@Mego Not yet, merge the libraries into master first :P
But still, how do libraries work?


Discussion about golfing in Seriously and its successor, Actua...
^ Oh look, the Seriously room is frozen!
In total no one noticed me. I'm not gonna ping Mego one more time, but still, everyone has their attention at anything except me.
And I prove that for the nth time now.
9:15 AM
ugh why does Ubuntu ask for the network password every time I disconnect while locked
the password is even autofilled :(
@Mego Wait, LegionMammal's isn't as bad?
@ASCII-only I probably haven't noticed their username
It's this: ΛεγίωνΜάμμαλϠΨΠʹ
@TùxCräftîñg wouldnt typedef int Integer; be nicer? Lel
@ReleasingHeliumNuclei i want it to be CPP-only
@TùxCräftîñg CPP-only? How is #define CPP-only?
9:26 AM
CPP = C PreProcessor
@ASCII-only ninja'd me lel
@TùxCräftîñg oh
@TùxCräftîñg CPP normally stands for C++
@TùxCräftîñg why
so i can use it in some other C-like languages
> The program implements an 11-bit ALU in the pre-processor.
give him a fuckin medal
9:33 AM
He won the Best Abuse of CPP medal
@ASCII-only See, I would have never connected that to LegionMammal, because that looks nothing like LegionMammal (given that I don't understand Greek).
9:50 AM
no luv for my vim answer ;_; y u do dis
actually all the answers on there seem under upvoted
most anyway
please updoot the underupdooted answers on this question pleas:
Q: Wave-Particle Duality Laterally Programmatically

Helka HombaWrite a program or function that takes in a nonempty single-line string. The string will either be zero or more spaces followed by one period (a particle), such as . or          ., or the string will be a sequence of one or more alternating forward and back slashes (a wave) that could start with ...

thanks updooting guv
have a updoot
I have palindromic rep!
My internet cut off last night :(
10:00 AM
can someone explain me the utility of the Ω combinator?
not the carets, not the carets D:
ωω is simply stupid
I like how the first thing I used vim for was programming in vim itself
Anyone still interested in 𝑓?
I need 3 upvotes and a downvote to get palindromic rep
10:06 AM
@muddyfish I would happily provide the downvote ;)
@muddyfish GIMME
What is the minimum number of upvotes/downvotes/(bounties/edits?) needed to get a palindromic reputation
wat halp python is stupid
Electricity is out for us, et my battery is at 11%. ;_;
10:09 AM
@muddyfish With more than 1 digit?
@muddyfish 0/0(0/0)
@trichoplax ?
All single digits are palindromes...
I repeat, anyone still interested in 𝑓?
@trichoplax yes with more than 1 digit
10:10 AM
@ΛεγίωνΜάμμαλϠΨΠʹ noone answered, whatcha think?
If you want a palindrome longer than 1 digit, you just need one bounty of 100 to give you 101
@muddyfish 1/0
11 rep
@muddyfish Also you have to consider the -2 from creating downvotes
From a given starting rep
@muddyfish can a reputation be negative?
10:12 AM
@drobilc Reputation can never be non-positive (starts at 1 and never goes below 1)
Oh noes, my battery is at 10%. See you around.
Didn't know that :)
@drobilc no
1 and 101 are the easiest palindromic reputation values to achieve (fresh user and trusted user)
Get an upvote, 11 or 111
You should only take in to account bounties which are available at the time
And don't forget accepted answers
> ΓεξιοηΜαmmαΙ
> GexioiMammaI
I'll just stick with transliteration
(m isn't even a Greek letter)
what is ϠΨΠʹ i don't greek
978 in greek numeral
10:19 AM
Greek numerals is a system of representing numbers using the letters of the Greek alphabet. These alphabetic numerals are also known by names Ionic or Ionian numerals, Milesian numerals, and Alexandrian numerals. In modern Greece, they are still used for ordinal numbers and in situations similar to those in which Roman numerals are still used elsewhere in the West. For ordinary cardinal numbers, however, Greece uses Arabic numerals. == History == The Minoan and Mycenaean civilizations' Linear A and Linear B alphabets used a different system, called Aegean numerals, which included speciali...
@Mego those days
when my rep was 1
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

muddyfishOptimising the Intermagpie-Gap Everybody knows that magpies change how lucky you are. The question is how long it takes for the luckiness to restart. In case you don't know, the number of magpies you see determines if you are going to be lucky or not. After a certain amount of time, known as th...

@ΛεγίωνΜάμμαλϠΨΠʹ I think you got the number wrong
@LeakyNun ?
Why, you're right
How odd
> Display name may only be changed once every 30 days
10:24 AM
Question: what does "know" mean in "stupidity knows no limit"
@muddyfish Cute idea
@NewSandboxedPosts lol ninja'd
@trichoplax I feel like it would probably be too hard to get a decent amount of well-golfed answers though - possibly a instead?
10:27 AM
I'm not sure it would suit fastest-code unless you're giving very long lists of timestamps, but I think it could be good either way
fastest-code or code-golf would work for finding an optimal solution
@trichoplax I thought of the idea about 2-3 years ago whilst bored in the car and decided to have an argument with a sibling about how lucky we actually were
Alternatively if there's a problem size for which an optimal solution cannot be found, you could make the score the amount of luck achieved over a set of test cases, and make it a code-challenge
but I have a feeling getting the optimal solution might be quite hard - I haven't studied how to answer this sort of question
I quite like code-challenges where the optimal solution is out of reach
My favourites of my own challenges are that type
It would be relatively simple to just create a program that spits out random numbers with an interesting distribution
10:32 AM
define interesting
@LeakyNun Good question. There’s also, like, “he knows no fear”, and stuff
@trichoplax you seem to be knowledgeable
I think it probably originated with statements about people, which makes sense, and then statements about abstract concepts like "stupidity knows no bounds" probably emerged from "his stupidity knows no bounds" via "humanity's stupidity knows no bounds"
@LeakyNun I have knowledge of some things. Other things (golf and programming...) I feel out of my depth here most of the time, but that's nice for learning
@LeakyNun Thank you, by the way :)
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

MegoDense Numbers A dense number is a number that has at least as many prime divisors as non-prime divisors (including 1 and itself as divisors). The first 100 dense numbers are: 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 10, 11, 13, 14, 15, 17, 19, 21, 22, 23, 26, 29, 31, 33, 34, 35, 37, 38, 39, 41, 43, 46, 47, 51, 53, 55, 5...

@trichoplax what about already as in
@Mego just post that already
10:39 AM
@LeakyNun Sorry, I can't parse that sentence
right, thats american
I speak a little american, but I'm easily confused
@LeakyNun Please don't say that, sandbox exists for a reason
It was just an example, I think.
(Of a specific use of the word “already”)
en.wiktionary.org/wiki/already#Adverb #3 claims it’s influenced by Yiddish! Huh.
... oh right
Sorry, joined chat at the wrong time :P
10:43 AM
@Lynn Are you talking about the "already" that was said to me or to Mego?
To Mego
@Dennis In regards to TIO donations, you can set up a paypal.me address for receiving money. That's how I used to do my payments for my contracting business, until I got organized with invoices.
@DestructibleWatermelon take a number
10:47 AM
subtract by itself
thats how many f**ks i give (just kidding)
@LeakyNun If this meant "What about, already? As in...?", then I was thanking you for the compliment (that my thank you was a linked reply to).
user image
I think i just created my new profile picture
profile pic will update soon
10:53 AM
@Mego Yeah, me too, I didn't realize until someone asked if it was LegionMammal
I made a modification of that image
@DestructibleWatermelon pls don't steal my idea ;_;
I realised when I put it into google translate
your idea? ;_; y u do dis
pls see my new profile pic if you are impatient
oh wait i didn't click save ;_;
save clicked ;u;
@DestructibleWatermelon amazing!
@ASCII-only The plain white avatar certainly doesn't help
10:57 AM
how is my profilepic peple
@Mego It's easy to be disguised when you are invisible spy
@Mego But that's his avatar everywhere
your profile pic is still a watermelon
that reminds me
10:59 AM
@DestructibleWatermelon refreshed...
you lied!
It's showing for me
for me too
it's showing in the archive stuffs
11:01 AM
But for you, the watermelon is still refreshing
It's good now!
anyway, the thing I remembered
flashback music plays
Jul 26 at 10:05, by Destructible Watermelon
user image
@TùxCräftîñg Exactly
Good, let the ಠ_ಠ flow through you
11:19 AM
why is chat dying?
time to do another crappy vim answer I think
actually at this question it would be too big with my limited understanding of what vim can do
@DestructibleWatermelon Because most of the Americans are asleep
damn muricans and their natural sleep patterns
This isn't even the least active time of chat :P
which question
:D im awake
and Im american
11:22 AM
Q: Determine dice value from side view

user694733Write program or function which will take left and right value of dice as integers (1-6) and return value on top. Dice layout: +---+ | 1 | +---+---+---+---+ | 2 | 3 | 5 | 4 | +---+---+---+---+ | 6 | +---+ ,^. <´ 5 `> <-- Top value |`._,´| .6 | 4, <-- Side values `.|,´ So...

you just need 6 regexes
seems a bit boring
If only someone were interested in 𝑓...
@ΛεγίωνΜάμμαλϠΨΠʹ ?
11:33 AM
ƒ is a cool letter
11 hours ago, by ΛεγίωνΜάμμαλϠΨΠʹ
CMC: I am thinking of a partial function 𝑓: ℕ → ℝ. You are to determine this function through asking me for values of 𝑓(𝑛) for individual 𝑛.
@ΛεγίωνΜάμμαλϠΨΠʹ Maybe there's a lesson here about not making puzzles too hard. :P
@El'endiaStarman idk, last night a few discoveries were made...
@ΛεγίωνΜάμμαλϠΨΠʹ idk, i wasn't here last night
@ASCII-only read the logs
11:35 AM
Puzzling have MathJax
@ΛεγίωνΜάμμαλϠΨΠʹ can you gist/pastebin defined values for n=1-100/1k and 1m-(1m+100/1k)? (/ meaning or)
@ΛεγίωνΜάμμαλϠΨΠʹ You're not somehow using some index of functions Mathematica might have, right?
11:53 AM
ok wat
i have created a spaceship in a variation of Langton Ant
Poll: is "f**k" less offensive than "fuck"?
@LeakyNun Barely
@MarsUltor then what's the point
There's a sliding scale of how much people care about the word being used - we probably just don't get many people of the "really caring" type
(as in, enough to complain about it vocally)
is there somewhere when we can ask for help on a solution to a challenge we can't quite get right? A topic on meta maybe? (I mean except from this chat where I guess it's ok to ask for help)
12:06 PM
@LeakyNun IDK, it shows that you're trying to be less offensive/that you are aware that it is offensive?
@Dada It's probably better to ask on Stack Overflow in that case
@Dada I think this is the best place to be honest, though it sort of depends what sort of help you need
this place has the world's most skilful people on a useless talent: to shorten codes at all cost
I doubt that.
anagol has some amazingly skilled Japanese golfers
I can tell you that english swearwords in general are used in almost every conversation here in Germany. Business or not.
12:11 PM
@Lynn one Dennis is worth 100 anagolfers
Plus english music isn't censored at all around here.
@ASCII-only maybe... But I was thinking on code very related to a challenge : for instance about last challeng of Lynn, my solution isn't working yet, but I can't see why, so posting it somewhere related to PPCG seems to make more sence than asking on SO. Not to mention the fact that for codegold challenges, SO people might not be as helpfull as PPCG people
@mınxomaτ Sir, would you like a fucking salad?
that was a massive culture shock for me when I went overseas
Hmm comparing Dennis with someone from anagol probably isn't a fair comparison
12:12 PM
@Dada SO is meant to be for broken code
@ASCII-only Yea, it makes sense.. thanks
@Dada Also, I'd think chat would be the best place for advice on how to golf a certain piece of code, pretty sure the only advice posts have been the "Tips for golfing in <language>" posts
@Lynn Cool challenge, I honestly did expect my haskell answer to be way longer. But haskell gurus like you can still probably make it shorter=)
@ASCII-only ok, thanks again!
@Quill Uncensored English music on the radio? :D
@flawr Thank you! Honestly, I have no clue how to tackle this in most languages. Which is why I posted it
12:22 PM
It is such a seemingly simple, but still quite interesting challenge, I like that a lot=)
fyi there are a lot of non-japanese golfers on anagol, e.g. teebee is german, llhuii is chinese, leonid is korean
Some quick tips, though: again, (!!0) is head and I think you can write fst.span((<2).length) or so
@Lynn Thanks, I just noticed head but I keep forgetting about span!
Hm, unfortunately fst.span(((<2).length) has the same length as dropWhile((>1).length)
@Lynn Maybe you also want to add to your challenge!
@flawr Doesn’t the former have a ( too many?
@Lynn oh=)
@Lynn Ah, it should have been snd.span((>1).length) anyway
12:38 PM
Err, oops, yes
Since f always decreases the length of the input string if it’s > 1, you can just do
g s=iterate f(reverse s)!!length s
Question: what is to "-1" as "first" is to "1"?
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Luis MendoAll in all it's just, uh, another trick in code golf code-golf ascii-art string The purpose of this challenge is to produce an ASCII version of the cover of this great album by the rock band Pink Floyd. The brick junctions are made of characters _ and |. Bricks have width 7 and height 2 charac...

@LeakyNun I don't think there is any, as our everyday language pretty much only handles natural numbers.
@flawr then what is to "-1" as "1st" is to "1"?
@LeakyNun How is this different to your last question?
12:51 PM
@flawr because "nth" is to "n" as "1st" is to "1", but no word is to "n" as "first" is to "1"
Ah now I see what you mean
In germand I'd say roughly "the minus first", but it is rather contrived outside of a math/CS context, and I don't know whether it makes sense in english=)
@flawr how do you say that in german?
"das/der/die minus erste"
@Lynn Yaaaay, thanks!!
12:58 PM
I looked up the very same thing recently (“minus first”).
I've never heard negative ordinal numbers, but I would say negative first (or minus)
@Lynn Are you native?
Apparently the minus first law of thermodynamics is a thing.
@BusinessCat Are you native?
Yes, from Canada
12:58 PM
I am back, with electricity and a charged phone.
@Lynn, you are pink now? o O
@flawr I would say 'the one before the zeroth'
Guess today's doodle sport :3
@zyabin101 What is to "-1" as "first" is to "1"? In Russian?
1:02 PM
@LeakyNun idk
I thought you are native Russian
I am native Russian, just don't know what is the ordinal of "-1".
@Lynn I just learned about until which again makes it shorter!
In Dutch I would definitely say “min eerste”
@Lynn same as German
(in Cantonese ordinal is not formed by changing the word so we have no problem)
1:03 PM
Ah yes, “everybody forgets about until”, as xnor put it recently. ^v^
Cantonese nearly has no inflexion
Because until is completely redundant in most circumstances
It is a pretty strange function…
Aww, no answer to the doodle sport guess... :3
@BusinessCat I was just looking for a fixed point function, as I found myself using that qutie often
1:07 PM
It's heavy athletics ^^
In what language?
@Lynn Haha¹
My GolfScript answer on this anagol question times out and I have no idea why. ;w;
@Lynn which?
@Lynn Convert to Ruby et see if the Ruby code times out.
If it doesn't, you'll have to go with Ruby.
If it does, post a on Code Review.
(Note 1: Explicitly marking it a joke, note 2: you can choose any mainstream lang instead.)
@Lynn 1) Which anagol problem, 2) Are you pink now? o_O
1:20 PM
1) Ah k :) 2) Why exactly? 'w'
@Lynn Oh it's a Vicsek fractal :D
@ASCII-only Thanks, I couldn’t find its name
1:31 PM
@Lynn I only know because someone here did a Sierpinski chaos game, which encouraged me to learn JS canvas
@zyabin101 I was tired of the spring green/cyan. So I hue shifted my avatar!
I want to try make a golf server. :3
@Lynn your gif hasn't been updated
@zyabin101 just use shinh's
1:40 PM
@muddyfish They have to keep the original gif.
and hue-shifting the gif will render weird
Ok, a pallet swap then
@Lynn 10/10 best profile description
Okay, I picked a more purple-y secondary color. This looks neat!
1:50 PM
Looks better than the grey
2:04 PM
silence will fall when the question is asked
damn son where'd ya find this
I found it in the box over there <points>
Hey, I'm looking for a theme: I've got a list, and people can reverse a portion of the list. I've thought of pancakes (flipping a stack of pancakes), but it doesn't quite work
Jigsaw pieces? Something that isn't symmetrical
nah, its a 1D list.
2:17 PM
I know. I was thinking like a row of them
also, in case it helps, the values are binary/boolean, and the goal is to get as many consecutive values as possible
Maybe just coins
I've thought of scheduling, but I can't think of a case where you completely reverse blocks in your schedule
oooh, coins
A stack of — yeah, gold and silver coins
that could work
2:27 PM
I have 10% again. See you around.
Oh, thin and thick pancakes would work too
Thin pancakes are better than thick ones. They become crêpes then
A stack of really small pancakes and really big coins. Solved.
I don't get how anyone could eat a stack of pancakes?
I was actually considering blueberry vs chocolate pancakes
2:34 PM
"Stack" usually just means 3 or 4. I don't think I could eat a stack overflow of pancakes...
but it really doesn't make sense that the value of pancakes goes up based on the number of sequential pancakes of the same type
When I have pancakes, I only have 3/4
@quartata You mean a flapjack overflow?
2:49 PM
@El'endiaStarman Conor's name is chopped off too. It's really weird
@quartata That is weird. Are you using the code without modification of the parser class?
This is all I'm doing with the result:
for id, message in p.messages.items():
  print(message["content"], file=msg, end="\x00")
  print(message["name"], file=users, end="\x00")
It's really not a big deal, I just found it kind of weird.
Hmm. Lemme do a little testing.
>>> text = ur.urlopen("http://chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/240/2016/8/15/0-24").read().decode('utf-8')
>>> len(text)
>>> p = parser()
>>> p.feed(text)
>>> set(m['name'] for k,m in p.messages.items())
{'GamrCorps', 'flawr', 'Mitch Schwartz', 'Dada', 'Downgoat', 'micro buster', 'TessellatingHeckler', 'muddyfish', 'Ourous', 'zyabin101', 'Helka Homba', 'Business Cat', 'mınxomaτ', 'Nathan Merrill', 'DerpfacePython', 'Sherlock9', "El'endia Starman", 'Destructible Watermelon', 'Alex A.', 'orlp', 'Releasing Helium Nuclei', 'New Main Posts', "Conor O'Brien", 'TùxCräftîñg', 'drobilc', 'N
@quartata: Both my and Conor's names appear in full. ^
Maybe it has something to do with the writing-to-file part?
Printing to STDOUT is the same
Also Legion's name looks horrible in a terminal
It looks like moss is spreading over all the other names
Anyways, since there's only two people here I know with single quotes in their names I'll just do a substitute
@quartata chcp 65001?

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