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11:01 PM
It's really hard making a "generate a puzzle" challenge
If you look at our current set of maze generation questions, they are all terrible
@LeakyNun I'm curious, what's the role of 9**9 in your answer?
@LuisMendo it was len(input)**2 but I changed it to 9**9 seeing that 15000 is the length limit
@LeakyNun Too busy to golf this question so I'll leave it to you: see if 1j helps
@Sp3000 I thought complex uses floats
which is why I didn't use it
@LeakyNun I see, thanks. What's that 15000 length limit? I haven't seen it in the OP
11:09 PM
wait, the input limit is 15000, alright
> import random
max = random.randint(15,10000)
input = ''
chars = ['v','<','>','^']
for i in range(0,max): input += chars[random.randint(0,3)]
oops, it was 10000
Floats are fine if the real/imag are integral, right? Or at least I mean you'd run into inputs being too large rather than precision issues
@LeakyNun But that's only an example script for generating test cases. I don't think it applies to the challenge
@LuisMendo Nope. That isn't an example script
> To generate input, you may use the following Python script:
meaning that the input is generated using that script
@LeakyNun It looks to me like it is. You hosuld ask the OP
@LuisMendo asked
11:12 PM
i'm going to blame not being on my usual computer for making a higher number of silly mistakes than usual
Don't worry Mitch, we know how awesome you are :)
s/awesome/silly/ thanks!
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

El'endia StarmanSolve a Solitaire Chess Puzzle code-golf Recently, I was introduced to a puzzle game known as Solitaire Chess. I'll summarize the rules here: The board is a 4x4 checkerboard. All pieces are the same color (no teams) and all pieces can capture any other piece. Every move must be a capture. No ...

@LuisMendo I'm trying to golf off another byte or two, but pyth.herokuapp.com is down :/
11:15 PM
@StevenH. That must mean something :-P
@StevenH. Did you crash it?
@LeakyNun Huh? I thought TIO didn't have Pyth (not that I use it anyway)
@LeakyNun I hope not :P
@LuisMendo It does, but it's usually quite outdated. Leaky asked me to pull it today though.
11:18 PM
@Dennis I think I only thought it didn't exist in TIO because people use the other one (heroku) more often; perhaps for the reason you pointed out
@LeakyNun complex much better :-)
@LuisMendo yep, thanks to Sp3000 assuring me that the input length would be too big before the complex becomes inaccurate floats
Heroku also has a cheat sheet which TIO lacks. Also, it's maintained by isaacg and predates TIO.
@Dennis it's accessible in the repository
News: pyth.herokuapp.com is up again
@LeakyNun If they are double (8 bytes), the limit is 2^53. Seems plenty :-)
meaning no traffic for @Dennis
@LuisMendo sure
11:21 PM
@Leaky What does ^1 do in you code? Python ignorant here
@LuisMendo xor
power is **
@MitchSchwartz damn, ninja'd
@LeakyNun Ah, ok. So it's like modulo 2
@LuisMendo yep
Ah, it's been days since I haven't posted any challenge
but I ran out of ideas
@LeakyNun Hm, that 1j**"<^>".find(c) has given me an idea
11:23 PM
@LuisMendo de nada
@LeakyNun :-D
> [G1Ja] % Push numerical array [-j, 1, j, -1] where j is the imaginary unit
@LuisMendo this?
@LeakyNun Yep. I may be able to use 1j raised to the index too. Let's see if it's shorter
@DestructibleWatermelon i like your new avatar
acuerdate darme creditos jaja @LuisMendo
11:25 PM
@LeakyNun ¡Por supuesto! Además, es una parte importante, y agradable, de esto :-)
@LuisMendo de acuerdo
a veces me gusta pretender que puedo hablar espanol
pero solo es un sueno
@MitchSchwartz Pues parece muy real. Salvo la "ñ" :-P
@LeakyNun 1 byte off \o/
11:33 PM
@LuisMendo I'm competitive again, we're tied
how do you type that on your keyboard out of curiosity
@MitchSchwartz use a spanish keyboard
@LuisMendo MATL.TIO is taking an unnecessarily long time
@MitchSchwartz It's in the keyboard, left of the "L" :-)
@LuisMendo I think you meant right
@LeakyNun MATL is always slow. Is it slower than usual now?
@LeakyNun Oops very true
11:35 PM
ooh does it look like this fentek-ind.com/lkbsusbb.jpg
@MitchSchwartz Exactly. "ç" and all
@LeakyNun About 1 sec. That's normal
@LuisMendo alright
@LeakyNun Half of that time is Octave's symbolic package's fault :-(
Apparently my brain can't pattern match today
11:39 PM
@quartata TIL quartata's brain is made of regex/haskell
Erlang in this case.
or that
No need for the when if I just re-order the definitions
vs f(X)when X<27->[X+64];f([X])->X-64.
Rickroll + logout.
> tl;dr Basically, we combined rickroll with logging people out of their accounts. Except for the Rick Astley part.
11:42 PM
@LeakyNun Haha. We interchanged the approaches
@LuisMendo interchange or exchange?
intercambiar quiere decir exchange
Q: "Interchange" and "exchange"

TimI was wondering if interchange and exchange are equivalent and can be used interchangeably or exchangeably (okay this is an example already)? What are the differences between their prefixes, inter- and ex-? It is common for XML to be used in interchanging data over the Internet.

@LuisMendo relevant post
Leaky Nun habla ud. espanol?
@LeakyNun Yes, I meant "exchange". But actually I can reduce more bytes putting back modulo 11 like in your answer
@RohanJhunjhunwala Sí lo habla :-)
@RohanJhunjhunwala si
@Luis Mendo y @Leaky Nun Son uds. de Mexico o Espana o aprenden espanol con una escuela?
11:47 PM
@RohanJhunjhunwala aprendo espanol por mi mismo, @LuisMendo es de Espana
@Leaky Nun buenisimo!
@LuisMendo What is the difference between i and j?
@Neil I meant it rhetorically :(
@LuisMendo buenisimo vs optimo?
I created a project.
> tl;dr Basically, we combined rickroll with logging people out of their accounts. Except for the Rick Astley part.
bit.ly + log out of gmail and github and all that
11:51 PM
@uoɥʇʎPʎzɐɹC what would it take to make your name back to in ascii?
@LeakyNun huh?
Even @ConorO'Brien converted
Just typing "CrazyPython" or textmechanic.co's reverse generator
He changed back his name?
@uoɥʇʎPʎzɐɹC no, I mean your name here
@LeakyNun what do you mean?
11:53 PM
@uoɥʇʎPʎzɐɹC would you convert your name back to ascii?
no. never.
I have no profile pic, so this is my replacement.
why you have no profile pic
tells the person "oh, this person's got flair"
1. anonymity
2. dunno what to put on it
@uoɥʇʎPʎzɐɹC No actually, it just tells us that you like boxes
@CrazyPython I can't ping you
11:55 PM
@RohanJhunjhunwala start with @C
Technically, I uploaded a transparent version of my existing pic
Actually you have to start with a u
@RohanJhunjhunwala Start with u
why the fuck do I always get ninja'd?
why the fuck do I always get ninja'd?
oh damn
@LeakyNun bad internet?
@ASCII-only slow reaction
11:56 PM
can someone please notice my project?
typos, the bane of my existence
1 unique visitor. nobody has clicked
rickroll + logout = ultimate troll tool
Why would anyone willing click it? It's malicious code
@quartata that link doesn't log you out
that one is instructions for how to use it
I mean the actual link.
11:59 PM
@quartata you wrap it in another link shortener to make it seem completely normal
it does not work
@RohanJhunjhunwala not with GitHub, yet.
but it does work with gmail, tried.

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