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3:02 AM
@ΛεγίωνΜάμμαλϠΨΠʹ f(33)?
Less than 100, are any 𝑓(numbers that are not a multiple of 3), not undefined?
@HelkaHomba how do you not see that cuteness
Biblio-brag opportunity: strawpoll.me/10995458
3:06 AM
> Dennis's solution is actually almost identical to mine
@Mego ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Conspiracy theory: Dennis logs all TIO runs and checks them all to see if any of them were actually cops
very cute ಠ_ಠ
3:10 AM
Only 2 other people here read ;_;
@El'endiaStarman Yeah. I'm just dumping message["name"] and yours show up as El
@HelkaHomba which do you consider reading?
@EᴀsᴛᴇʀʟʏIʀᴋ You mean which do I suggest?
3:12 AM
sorry, got confused for a moment
Didn't check Sherlock Holmes since I don't remember which ones I read (and have no ideas which ones are "big").
@EᴀsᴛᴇʀʟʏIʀᴋ Oh, all of them sans Twilight. (though I haven't read it all or all of them, just a feeling)
I haven't read ASOIAF, Twilight or His Darkness?
Don't even know what the last one is.
Reading ASOIAF should be interesting. So far, I've hated every movie/TV series based on a book I had read before. Wonder if it works backwards.
3:15 AM
ASOIAF = Game of Thrones = adult fiction. HDM = The Golden Compass and beyond, which I definitely advise reading
@Dennis A Study in Scarlet, The Sign of the Four, The Hound of the Baskervilles (my fav), The Valley of Fear
Except for the third, none rings a bell.
@Dennis lel
@HelkaHomba oh, i have read those. >_>
@Dennis It's waaay different and more intricate. There's literally hundreds and hundreds of characters
I'll try the first one. Haven't read a book in years...
why not just ASIF? :/
3:23 AM
because ASOIAF looks cooler
can't argue with that
@EᴀsᴛᴇʀʟʏIʀᴋ Except for the fact that you typo'd it. :P
Also looks wrong.
@El'endiaStarman still looks cooler
Public service announcement: Tio! will be offline for a few minutes so I can take a snapshot of the filesystem. Shouldn't take longer than a few minutes.
@Dennis I try really hard :P
3:28 AM
@Dennis That explains a lot
One more impromptu poll: Which Olympic mascots are better?
London 2012:
Rio 2016:
@HelkaHomba Those look like what the Rio athletes will become after the mutations set in
Neither. With a gun to my head, London.
Bah, South America isn't that bad.
Haven't mutated yet.
3:30 AM
@Dennis halp TIO borked
4 mins ago, by Dennis
Public service announcement: Tio! will be offline for a few minutes so I can take a snapshot of the filesystem. Shouldn't take longer than a few minutes.
@Dennis tio down!?!
sorry I just joined this room
@Dennis Green water in pools, body parts washing up on the shore where the triathlon takes place, tap water not being potable, frequent riots, corrupt police and government, skyrocketing unemployment and inflation... Yeah, not that bad.
@Mego green water is really not that bad
3:31 AM
@HelkaHomba tbh the Beijing ones weren't bad. Dunno about London/Rio though.
Skyrocketing unemployment and inflation don't cause mutations those. And I don't know what's the big deal is with tap water not being potable. Step 1. Don't drink it.
@HelkaHomba Huh, I'm the only one who voted for His Dark Materials. I enjoyed those books and still remember a few specific scenes, despite reading them like 10 years ago or something.
@LeakyNun It's not bad health-wise (it just means extra minerals), but from an operations standpoint, that should not happen. The water purification systems are lacking required maintenance. It's not good for publicity.
by the way
A: Pretty Smooth Moves

Leaky NunBrachylog, 21 bytes 100^:4reP'($pe^>P)@w\ Try it online! Takes about 6 seconds here. 100^:4reP'($pe^>P)@w\ 100 100 ^ squared :4 [10000,4] r [4,10000] eP P is an integer in that inte...

within double of jelly \o/
@Dennis Access to clean water is a basic human right. When the water that comes out of your taps will kill you if you drink it, that's not fulfilling that basic right. Having to pay a ton of money for bottled water (thanks to the aforementioned skyrocketing inflation) just so you won't die from trying to get hydrated is a very bad thing.
3:33 AM
@Mego Dennis lives in South America iirc, so it obviously have some good points.
@HelkaHomba I'm not trying to comment on South America as a whole (though it may seem that way because of the message I replied to). I'm commenting on Rio being unfit to host the Olympic Games.
@Sp3000 I was just trying to make the point that the London ones are creepier.
Oh... er... tbh I didn't know what the London/Rio ones looked like until you posted them
@Mego There's a pretty big gap between potable and lethal if ingested.
Tio! is back online.
@Dennis thanks
3:43 AM
@Dennis You should name your next child Tio.
@HelkaHomba next?
Bad idea. Tio means dude in Spanish.
First, next, last. Whatever applies.
The next would be the second.
@Dennis como se dice el hermano de tu padre?
3:45 AM
Uncle is also tio.
Oh yeah
It's like brother in English.
Heh, nobody read Twilight.
@Dennis your turn
(double is already a milestone)
Sigh...why doesn't this site have a design yet?
3:50 AM
@Sp3000 They were cute
@SirCumference A design?
Favicon, background img, logo, etc.
@Dennis Why?
@HelkaHomba Okay, I have a dilemma. I remember starting LotR at age 7. I can sort of remember the end, but I don't remember if I actually read all the way to the end. A lot has happened in 14 years.
And, to my shame, I could not select Sherlock Holmes on that list because I never got around to reading everything
Not even all the novels. Just the first two, I think
@Sherlock9 Shame indeed Sherlock
3:58 AM
As soon as I can think of another username, I should probably change it
I only ticked two series, one of which I'm not even sure if I've read all of it
Couldn't tick Sherlock though cos I've only read some short stories here and there
@LeakyNun If this triggers a nobody outgolfs Dennis' doubled score meme, I'll shoot myself.
@Dennis lol
Hey Alex
4:08 AM
I'm trying to come with a new username
Sherlock9 isn't really descriptive and comes with connotations that I can't live up to
Nah, not Sherlock. *something*9
Why 9?
I am extraordinarily tempted
4:09 AM
I would change my username here, but it would probably confuse everybody too much to be worth it.
Doorknob is a relic of the past.
It's been in the back of my mind for a while now. I'm a Sherlock fan but I shouldn't name myself after the guy
@Sherlock9 Watson9?
The Jackson 9
4:11 AM
I named myself "hailstonenumbers" once. After the Collatz conjecture
Oh yeah, on Steam or something, right?
I named myself Dennis after myself. >_>
4:12 AM
that's meta
Sorry, had to
@HelkaHomba totally this one
@HelkaHomba I like Rio more I think
4:16 AM
@Sherlock9 Ibex9
@Sherlock9 Cloud9
@Dennis In Spanish?
Fun fact of the day: the prime numbers of the form (2^n)-1 where n is composite are the counterexamples of Collatz conjecture
@AlexA. Why in Spanish?
Because the series was immensely popular in the US, so plenty of people read it in English.
@Dennis uncle also iirc
@AlexA. i never got why it was popular
it's pretty dumb
4:20 AM
35 mins ago, by Dennis
Uncle is also tio.
@LeakyNun Should probably be phrased "All prime numbers of the form ... are counterexamples of the Collatz conjecture". "are the examples" doesn't sound right unless you've managed to prove Collatz
He means drop the "the"
Oh, thanks
> are the counterexamples
4:22 AM
Basically, yeah that
@EᴀsᴛᴇʀʟʏIʀᴋ What's an Ibex again?
@Sherlock9 This ^
I think one goat-like creature is enough for now
i honestly wasn't even thinknig about that
And no to "Cloud9"?
Nah, I like to tell puns, but I'd rather not live with one pun for however many months I'll keep that username
4:31 AM
avatar for it:
@Sherlock9 :(
At least one month without moderator intervention
at least 1 month if not less than 5 minutes
Eh, I'll stick with Sherlock9 for now
It's decent and I'm having quite a bit of trouble coming up with a replacement that I like
You sure(lock9)?
And it facilitates puns
Rather than being a pun in and of itself :D
4:35 AM
Oh hang on. I could go with first name, last initial like Alex does
@Sherlock9 make your name 6ʞɔo1ɹǝɥs
Please don't
I thought we were running non-ASCII names out of town?
Some are attempting to.
4:54 AM
Do we not have a "Is this connect 4 game over" challenge?
Don't think so
Sounds like something you would have posted if we did ;)
@EᴀsᴛᴇʀʟʏIʀᴋ I strongly second this
Alternative: Sherlock9goat
but I just mean if there's a winner, not who will win if they play optimally
@Downgoat when will you go into superposition
@HelkaHomba I know what you mean (and I've seen that linked one).
5:06 AM
Do we even have such a challenge for tic tac toe? o.O
@Downgoat There's also the problem that I'll have to answer "What's an ibex?" for months
@orlp too late:
13 hours ago, by Downgoat
user image
"an ibis if it was a goat with two beaks on its head going the wrong way"
@Sherlock9 compromise and be an Ankole-Watusi
That would work so long as the compromise is answering "what is" for an indefinite period of time.
@HelkaHomba ?
13 mins ago, by Helka Homba
Do we even have such a challenge for tic tac toe? o.O
a(n) is the least number coprime to n, n+1, n+2, n+3, n+4 and n+5.
in other words, given positive integer n, find least number coprime to [n,n+5]
5:45 AM
I'm thinking of making a vim answer to a question
is it assumed that the input is already in, and can i assume that the cursor is at the end of input?
help pls
you are to assume that the cursor is at the start @DestructibleWatermelon
well, one more keypress I guess
what is redo command again?
that is not the redo command I meant >:|
5:50 AM
well, it's a bit late now huh?
undo is u
oh wait, it isn't another keypress!
(in case you hadn't noticed, this is my first vim answer)
@DestructibleWatermelon ?
Moving cursor to end
@DestructibleWatermelon how is it not
5:53 AM
A is append
@DestructibleWatermelon and that is not a keypress?
well, it joins the keypress of i and $ together
ok, I've made my program, now to count presses
what character should i use for the enter key? is ␍ good?
@DestructibleWatermelon <cr>
so, when I post it? also what character for escape?
@DestructibleWatermelon <esc>
6:04 AM
kk then
27 keystrokes. is this a poor attempt?
@DestructibleWatermelon what challenge?
Q: Wave-Particle Duality Laterally Programmatically

Helka HombaWrite a program or function that takes in a nonempty single-line string. The string will either be zero or more spaces followed by one period (a particle), such as . or          ., or the string will be a sequence of one or more alternating forward and back slashes (a wave) that could start with ...

how do you do conditional in vim :o
if a sub doesn't match anything it doesn't do anything
@LeakyNun you don't
6:06 AM
@DestructibleWatermelon oh, regex
go ahead and post it
A: Wave-Particle Duality Laterally Programmatically

Destructible WatermelonVim, 27 keystrokes First vim answer ever, haven't used vim at all really even. A/<esc>:s/\/\//\/\\<cr>:s/\.\// .<cr> How it works: It appends a / at the end of line, subs // for /\, subs ./ for .

6:46 AM
Is anyone on?
@DerpfacePython Yes
Yay! Someone's on!
I'm off :P
@Mego This one is better
6:51 AM
@ASCII-only I need that in my life
@Dennis Could you pull Actually?
@Mego Done.
@Dennis Thanks friendo
I'm probably about to break Actually super-hard
7:13 AM
halp, anyone good at css
@ASCII-only I am the opposite of good at CSS
I just load Bootstrap and hope for the best
@Mego 0/10 bootstrap
@Mego you mean bad?
@ASCII-only Yeah that one :P
@Mego Oh dear. What's going on?
Oh and should I still write docs for Seriously, or just Actually? I'm not sure since I was using commands.txt as a reference, and I don't know where the old Seriously commands.txt went
7:21 AM
@Sherlock9 Old Seriously commands.txt. Write docs for Seriously if you want :P I don't really care either way, though. Actually is so much better than Seriously that I don't really even think about Seriously anymore.
halp where's the best place to ask for CSS help
@Sherlock9 I'm implementing libraries in Actually
@Mego Not seriously, at any rate :D I ask because TIO still has an implementation of Seriously
@Mego Libraries? Import something for extra commands, sort of thing?
@ASCII-only Probably SO
@Sherlock9 It's kind of a dead language at this point. My last commit was 3 months ago.
7:23 AM
for i in input():
    if i=="e":
        raise ValueError
Interpreter for useless machine and me trying to use reply while making a code block
In that case, I'll just write up the Actually docs
@Sherlock9 'R<0xFF aka nbsp> will load the regex library (overwriting the current commands table)
Basically 0xFF will be a command (in the main library) that loads the library named by the value on top of the stack. In other libraries, 0xFF will load the main library.
I'll also be adding command-line options for automatically loading libraries before running the program
@ASCII-only Do you have a GH repo?
I might be able to help.
7:29 AM
@DerpfacePython no
Don't know what to help you with then
You can post the problem on here
@Mego I might need a fifth rst for stack commands and miscellaneous. There are several commands that don't fit in the current four categories.
I think I've got a good challenge
Print "Hello, World!" in multiple languages
Polyglot hello world?
(e.g. English, French, Chinese)
Polyglot with spoken languages!
7:34 AM
hmmm, how many different languages
uh idk if it's possible/the most elegant alternative to replace cursors, i.e. say whatever-resize with a custom cursor, meaning that when you use whatever-resize in css, it uses the custom cursor instead
@DerpfacePython That is the original meaning
scored as length / num.languages
I know, but I thought you mean polyglot as in programming languages.
7:34 AM
@DerpfacePython nope
Why not?
That's probably a stupid question, but eh.
@Sherlock9 Fine by me
@TùxCräftîñg, take the unicode out of name
7:46 AM
I think you can type Tux's name with 8-bit ASCII.
@TuxCrafting also ping me
so i dont see why i should remove my accents
8:02 AM
how do i escape a $ in make
@DerpfacePython There's no such thing as 8-bit ASCII. There's "Extended ASCII", which is a family of 8-bit encodings that are compatible with ASCII.
@Mego Ah.
nobody tell tuxcrafting how to do things until they remove non-ascii
8:16 AM
29 mins ago, by TùxCräftîñg
@TuxCrafting also ping me
Make a game in 4kb?
Throwing ideas out there
or 1kb
@TùxCräftîñg Fair enough
How many penguins are on PPCG?
8:18 AM
@DerpfacePython Mego, TuxCrafting and downrep_nation.
Oh yeah
Ummm should I join the PCKC?
Any game that could be represented without graphics would probably work
Penguin Cool Kids Club?
Pop-con: game in 4kb or less
I could probs make that game out of one I'm already making
8:20 AM
very syntax coloring much beautiful wow
@DerpfacePython NaGaCreMo?
Game includes graphics too!
(National Game Creation Month.)
Ummm I was thinking js4k but with every language... but OK.
@TùxCräftîñg What language is it?
x86 assembly
8:22 AM
lemme check the bytecount on my non-golfed game
Is there a dupe on this challenge?
size:2,641 bytes (4 KB on disk)
Probably be closed as offtopic though
@DestructibleWatermelon Got it already!
But how would it be off-topic?
It's a pop-con, and kindof(?) a code-golf thing.
No clear winning objective
8:24 AM
not obvious what counts as a game
I think if you could define a game lots of people would end up feeling it's not correct
"Think of a number between 1 and 10"
"The winner is the person who thought of the biggest number"
@muddyfish The last two sentences sound like a KoTH waiting to happen.
I think the winner might even be a 1 byte entry
8:32 AM
@Sherlock9 Moment of truth!
@Mego Seriously? (geddit?)
It's actually the moment of truth
Aww carp it's already going wrong
Aww what? You aren't actually serious, right?
wham! double pun 'splosion!
@Mego Build failure!
8:36 AM
@DerpfacePython I was making those puns before you even joined PPCG. Get on my level, son. :P
@Mego Aww, give me my moment in the spotlight...
But you gotta love that double pun 'splosion...
Clearly you must not be a true programmer. True programmers despite light of any kind, except for our monitors. We hide in our caves and write code by the light of the LCDs.
That's a great name for a new language... Spotdark.
But seriously... is your language called "Actually"? or "Seriously"?
Crap I can't stop... thanks a lot @Mego.
@DerpfacePython Both.
Seriously is the name of the language. It has two major versions right now (v1 and v2). v1 is just called Seriously. v2 is called Actually. Yes, it's confusing. Yes, that's intentional.
8:40 AM
Whoa... how did you get Seriously on pypi?
    Integer i = 0;
    While i < 10 Do
        Print("%d\n", ++i);
    Return 0;
CPP abuse ftw
(this is C)
#define Begin {
#define Then ){
#define Do )){
#define End }

#define Return return
#define If if(
#define Else } else {
#define While while((
#define Until while(!(

#define Byte unsigned char
#define SByte signed char
#define Character char
#define Short short
#define Integer int
#define Float float
#define Real double
#define Signed signed
#define Unsigned unsigned
#define Ptr *

#define Echo puts
#define Print printf
#define Program int main(int Argcount, char **Args)
@DerpfacePython It's actually really easy. All you have to do is make an account and create the package on PyPI.
despise=/= despite
8:45 AM
@Mego dont forget the configuration
a lot of configuration
@Mego Learning how to first. :P
it's true, though
@zyabin101 No, that is space on disk including name, file location etc., we don't count that in challenges, we use bytes per char
Huh, two down votes... I wonder why :P
Q: Blunt the Images

βετѧ ΛєҫαγIntroduction Sharp edges are frankly, just plain dangerous so, given a PNG as input, blur the image using the method described below and blunt those damned sharp edges. Method To get the RGB value of each pixel, use the following equation: Where is the sum of the red values of each of the ...

Q: Evaluate an expression of ternary operators

LynnConsider a grammar over the alphabet {0, 1, ?, :} defined by the production rule S → 0 | 1 | S ? S : S Given a string generated from S, parse it as an expression where ?: is right-associative (in other words, a?b:c?d:e?f:g means a?b:(c?d:(e?f:g))) and evaluate it with the following semantic...

@βετѧΛєҫαγ Have an upvote to balance it out
@Mego Haha thanks :)
Oh deer lord your username
8:55 AM
It makes my eyes bleed
@Sherlock9 I got libraries working! Enjoy writing even more documentation for each library! :P

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