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9:00 PM
hit space to return (?)
Nah, I've got some work I want to do.
Rendering gifs.
It made me do advertisements. D:
I tried to write "bitch" in the chat and it came out "mooh"
9:01 PM
@quartata playing?
I am. :D
Minibits likes it :D
9:09 PM
did new game start for you?
Oh, dunno, left after game ended.
9:24 PM
is news.google.com giving 502 for others?
yes for me
Q: Implement the Enigma Machine

Nathan MerrillThe Enigma machine is a fairly complex cipher machine used by the Germans and others to encrypt their messages. It is your job to implement this machine*. Step 1, Rotation Our enigma machine has 3 slots for rotors, and 5 available rotors for each of these slots. Each rotor has 26 different p...

Q: Why Code Golf & Programming Puzzles is still in beta?

Eduard FlorinescuChecking Code Golf & Programming Puzzles Area51 profile page you can see that the page fulfills the requirements to pass beta? Why is still beta?

@NewMainPosts oooh, here's something I can do to pass the time :)
@Doorknob Maybe get flash instead...
9:27 PM
I realized as I was writing the post that the challenge was a lot more fun to research than implementing will be
each of the steps are trivially easy
I have to wait here at my school for 2 hours because I have an orchestra concert and my house is ~50 minutes away anyway, so that'll be fun to work on :P
@Dennis I just realized it doesn't work; monadic take is only for one level.
@Calvin'sHobbies Works fine for me.
Wow we're up to 8.9/day? Neato
9:33 PM
It hit 9 a few days back
I've been MIA for a few days so I didn't see it :P
I'm curious what percentage of our traffic comes from search engines (as opposed to HNQ)
> 2008 avid users
What's the name for us ~50 very avid chat users?
I'm 13 rep away from that privilege. :P
9:35 PM
no access :(
I'm surprised we are getting 47.4%
Stack Overflow makes up about 75% of the "referring" section
maybe its people searching for challenges they already know exist?
Reddit is another 8.5%
@Calvin'sHobbies The oligarchs?
@Zgarb That should mean everyone on page 1 >:)
9:38 PM
Incidentally, I finally re-re-re-reclaimed my position on row 1. Now I wait for the inevitable getting-passed-by-DigitalTrauma-again. :P
Thanks to the +1er, whoever you were.
Oh hey, another +10 rep! YAYYYY!!!
I'm all the way back on page 6
@El'endiaStarman I'm 400. :c
@VoteToClose Won't take you long, then.
9:40 PM
@Doorknob I was under the impression that the data on the privileged page was not intended to be shared publicly. Was I mistaken?
@Mego It's not like anyone can stop some random 5k user from posting the data online...
@VoteToClose @El'endiaStarman @Zgarb @Mego come play again: curvefever.com/…
There's a separate "mod analytics" page, which is private.
I'm on page 88! =P
9:42 PM
@Calvin'sHobbies I prefer not to install Flash.
@Doorknob what kind of information is there?
Page 3 woot woot. So is VTC.
@NathanMerrill not much that's not on the 5k analytics page, actually
@NathanMerrill Top Secret Stuff™, probably
I mean yeah that
tons of fascinating, mind-blowing stuff
we've got street addresses of every user who's signed up and everything :P
9:43 PM
@El'endiaStarman Grats on your 5k ^^
Thanks! :D
hi peeps!
@Maltysen hey
@NathanMerrill Here's the full votes csv analytics I just downloaded from the stats page
@Doorknob True, though I thought it was at least frowned upon. Good to know that it's not an issue.
9:44 PM
@Doorknob You could just use this instead. =)
Q: Print cos(2π/17) exactly

anatolygOne way to construct a regular heptadecagon starts with drawing a horizontal line of length 1 from the center to a vertex. Then the distance along that line from the center to the second vertex is cos(2π/17). All other vertices are easy to get. The goal of this challenge is to print (or produce ...

Q: Write a Semiquine

MegoSuppose you have 2 languages, A and B. A string s is a semiquine in A and B if it satisfies the following conditions: s is a quine in language A. s is a polyglot in A and B. The output of running s as a B program is a different string s', which is a quine in B. The goal of this challenge is t...

there's also one for posts and traffic. exciting stuff...
@Roujo whuzzat?
I see Canada, England, California, New York...
@Calvin'sHobbies what is "Accept votes"
9:46 PM
Wow for one @NewMainPosts wasn't incredibly behind
and why does it have values from 0 to 5?
@Doorknob Street View locations corresponding to an approximation of the coordinates of the IPs reaching the page
"Montreal, Canada" might have been me ^^
number of accepted answers that day?
@Roujo Wat
9:46 PM
Nice, I recognize a landmark from the Houston one ^.^
@Roujo Lol. It's very wrong.
Can I get some input whether people would like to see built-ins banned or allowed here? meta.codegolf.stackexchange.com/a/8330/8478
@VoteToClose It's an art installation =P
@Calvin'sHobbies oh, I was under the impression that these were posts
makes a lot more sense
9:47 PM
@VoteToClose But yeah, it's not very accurate. At all.
@VoteToClose same here.
Question about SE: When reaching 200 rep for the first time, you get +100 rep on all other sites, right?
Different levels of acceptance:
0. Not accepted
1. Least-bad answer
2. Decent answer
3. Helpful answer
4. This answer turned my life around and got me off of drugs and convinced me to ask out that guy/girl, go back to school, and pursue my lifelong dream of being an astronaut/firefighter/air force pilot/air force/penguin/goat
5. This answer was written by Jon Skeet
@Roujo yep
@MartinBüttner I vote for allowing them.
@Mego it inspired the guy to be the entire air force?
9:49 PM
@El'endiaStarman So if I get 200 rep on a site other than PPCG, I get 100 free rep here? =P
@Maltysen Hey, it was a pretty good answer.
@Roujo Nope, it only happens once.
@Maltysen Or girl. Don't be sexist. You PC bro?
@El'endiaStarman I mean if I get my first 200 rep on another site.
I haven't gotten it yet
@MartinBüttner I vote against builtins
@Roujo yes
9:50 PM
@Roujo it doesn't matter where you get it
you'll get the 100 on all sites, including the one you earned 200 on
Huh, well that's pretty cool
@Mego Man, I'm still not a penguin, so apparently I've never seen a 4 answer :(
@MartinBüttner I vote against, bc I think it would be more fun.
@MartinBüttner Well, it's been something like five years since that happened for me...
@MartinBüttner I vote against.
9:51 PM
so do Dennis and I, I guess
hm, 4 challenges in the last 30 minutes... maybe I'll wait until tomorrow with posting it.
Nah, go for it!
@Maltysen reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/219w2o/… (warning: language, anguish, and misery)
I'll forget about it if it's tomorrow.
he's telling all of you to post an answer on my question :)
9:52 PM
Mego: I'd say guy is gender neutral
@MartinBüttner yeah I was surprised at how quickly challenges were being posted all of a sudden too :P
Is the 10/day a running average, or is it a lifetime stat?
On Area 51, I mean
running avg, though I'm not sure the period
Q: Verify the birthnumber

Stewie GriffinA Norwegian Birth Number consists of 11 digits, composed the following way: DDMMYYiiikk DD is the day (from 01-31) MM is the month (from 01-12) YY is the year (from 00-99). It's not differentiated between 1900 and 2000 iii is the "individual number" kk are two control digits iii is determin...

in other news, codegolf.stackexchange.com/q/71475/3808 seems to be prime solving-with-Retina material (assuming it can do basic base-10 arithmetic)
9:53 PM
I wanna go for "no built-ins related to the shape of arrays", which will guard against some things I can't think of, as well as a simple length() function. I don't see the latter being very useful though, so I guess that's fine?
@NathanMerrill I think it's about a week
@NathanMerrill It's ~30 days
it's 2 weeks
@Doorknob hahaha
@MartinBüttner Sounds great
3 very different answers lol
9:54 PM
@MartinBüttner so that's a no? ;)
I played around with SEDE before, and found that 30 days seemed to give the most accurate value
@Mego It's 2 weeks. See hovertext: area51.stackexchange.com/proposals/4570/…
think it counts deleted though
@Doorknob reading right now, but I don't think it's gonna be competitive
Ahh, if it counts deleted and closed then that would explain why my query wasn't giving accurate results
@Doorknob Nice, thank you =)
9:56 PM
... oh hey, back to 9 q/day
@Doorknob yeah, not looking forward to it
@Mego wow.
I'm trying it in vim haha
@Dennis just disallowed it
9:57 PM
I could cheat and use vimscript... or I could calculate values in unary and delete groups of 11. The latter seems way more fun.
@Mego what did I just read?
@MartinBüttner ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Not even length... You chose nothing goes instead. ;)
> Kevin spit on a girl and said "You should get out of those wet clothes". The girl was the Spanish Student Teacher.
Ah, yes. Kevin.
oh yeah I remember seeing that post
10:04 PM
@Doorknob this was a mistake
@Doorknob Just cheat and use vimscript
nah I'll just do it in Ruby or something :P
I think that should work.
Wait, no.
Nope, doesn't.
ugh, I'll just post it
Okay. :P
10:06 PM
@MartinBüttner noo
well, ok
@Mego I just read your Meta SE post on chat flags
user image
just perfect
@quartata Can you give a link? =)
A: Toward a philosophy of Chat

MegoThe flagging system is kind of terrible Just my two cents' worth. Note that I'm coming from mainly chatting on SE; MSE and SO chats are probably different because there are drastically less moderators. When a chat flag is raised in a SE chatroom, hordes of 10k users and moderators come to check...

who was it who had the se chat browser extension with vi keys?
I just wanted to share the image
10:07 PM
@quartata Thanks ^^
@quintopia You mean Vimium?
I use cVim for Chromium, pentadactyl for Firefox
someone here wrote an extension specifically for chat
@quartata <3
@MartinBüttner does the input have to include commas or can it be like [1 [5 6] [1]]
it can be the latter
"Input may be taken in any convenient list or string format that supports non-rectangular arrays (with nested arrays of different depths), as long as the actual information isn't preprocessed."
I worked really hard on that image :P
@Mego It's perfect
You're the new Will
Answer all Meta SE questions with Spongebob GIFs and you'll have 10k rep in no time
10:12 PM
Q: Determine the depth of an array

Martin BüttnerA simple challenge for your Monday evening (well, or Tuesday morning in the other half of the world...) You're given as input a nested, potentially ragged array of positive integers: [1, [[2, 3, [[4], 5], 6, [7, 8]], 9, [10, [[[11]]]], 12, 13], 14] Your task is to determine its depth, which i...

Interesting discussion. re: Spite flags, can you at least see who flagged the messages to see patterns? Or is it really just drive-by-flagging?
@MartinBüttner can I use a length builtin if I'm not using it directly on the input?
@MartinBüttner I'm disappointed in your Retina aligned answer, I had 34 bytes :D
@randomra nice, post it then :P
@anOKsquirrel nope
@MartinBüttner D: okay
10:14 PM
@Roujo I can see who flagged a post if it's in this chatroom
@MartinBüttner It didn't feel special so I decided not to
but if no one will for a day, I will
Only moderators of the parent site a chatroom is on can see flaggers
@Doorknob Ah, that's good then. Thanks for the info. ^^
10:15 PM
That's for 10k flags. For mod flags, any mod can see the flagger.
I think $#1$* could save you quite some bytes too
the new trick I just learned from you :)
yes, I considered that, but then got distracted by the semiquine challenge
Chat-golf-challenge: Output the first 10 terms of your user ID numbered OEIS sequence. e.g. my ppcg user is is 26997 so I'd need to output the first 10 terms of oeis.org/A26997
in The 2nd Monitor, 40 secs ago, by quartata
I'm getting so many messages on the 19th Byte's starboard so much that it's starting to leak over to the 2nd Monitor
10:17 PM
@Quill now it's starting to leak back
Mine is kinda dumb: oeis.org/A045941
that moment you realized that you have mdk3 from aircrack-ng installed natively and it's a school laptop O.O
@quartata reverse leaking
@Calvin'sHobbies Didn't you have this in the Sandbox at one time?
Also here's my OEIS sequence:
@Doorknob Well it's only 10 terms, so you can hardcode (but that's probly not golfy)
@quartata I've mentioned the idea before
10:18 PM
....yeah, no thanks
@El'endiaStarman haha
@El'endiaStarman hahaha
"1 1 1 1 2 2 3 4 5 6"
@Geobits nice
Well I could try and output my OEIS sequence but I think it would be shorter just to compress the string
10:19 PM
@Geobits you are winning so far
Having single digit numbers only helps ;)
Even non-hardcoded, my sequence is just sqrt(3/2)^n.
Yeah, thats not so bad
Mine doesn't seem too bad oeis.org/A049411
Shoco won't even compress mine lol
10:22 PM
@Mego Shoco can't compress numbers
Q: Find the square root, BUT

DopappWrite a square root function that takes an input, positive or negative, and calculate it's square root, correct up to six decimal places (then truncate after the sixth decimal place). But, you cannot use ANY built in power related functions. This means nothing like (but not limited to): Math.pow...

@MartinBüttner can I assume that there will not be negative numbers in the array you give me?
ok thanks
10:23 PM
"You're given as input a nested, potentially ragged array of positive integers:"
I cannot read apparently.
Positive including 0?
pos means > 0
10:26 PM
(hough im no marin)
Ugh. Been trying to install tensorflow for an hour now, and getting nowhere.
m ke doesn' work!
m neiher!
Disregard my previous message. It seems to be working now >_>
10:30 PM
@NewMainPosts I feel like this is a dupe of something
@MartinBüttner Is getting length really not allowed? Surely looping over he array is allowed (I see people using things like map) and in some langs you have to check that the index is within the length
hm, that's a good point
@Dennis how trivial does your answer become if I allow length? :P
mine becomes 6 bytes
I mean I guess you could try/catch index errors but sill..
10:41 PM
Today is the first day of my entire life that I have more sick time than vacation time.
so I don't know if this is actually novel, but I just found a GolfScript quine that I've never seen before and is one byte shorter than the standard quine:
A: Golf you a quine for great good!

Martin BüttnerGolfScript, 8 bytes So I always thought the shortest GolfScript quine was 9 bytes: {'.~'}.~ Where the trailing linefeed is necessary because GolfScript prints a trailing linefeed by default. But I just found an 8-byte quine, which works exactly around that linefeed restriction: ":n`":n` ...

@MichaelT Music and Japanese were in the loop before we set the new criteria. Aviation hit "eligibility" on October 19th. All 3 had delayed graduations, the former because of the whole design thing and the latter due to the pileup of graduations from implementing design independent. We just ran Code Golf through the eligibility check though, and it passed, and probably should've passed a while ago. So we're looking into why it hasn't been flagged yet. — Grace Note ♦ 14 mins ago
PPCG hasn't graduated because of a bug
@MartinBüttner I'll give you 50 points if it is. That's amazing if no one has found it before.
10:43 PM
O_o O_o O_o
Well nevermind
@Rainbolt Delay due to shock.
10:44 PM
Now I'm just mad
@ThomasKwa how do I prove that? :P
@AlexA. see above
@Dennis @AlexA. Will wan o know ^^^^
@MartinBüttner Does anarchygolf have gs?
10:44 PM
Shit, that means I need to get 10k rep so I still have mod tools.
@ThomasKwa yes
@ThomasKwa Yes.
does it have a reliable quine challenge?
(my t and y keys are honestly broken)
@ThomasKwa size 2
I'm not counting that :P
10:45 PM
@Calvin'sHobbies nice try.
> my t and y
> t y
How did you type them?
now what are "\"#$'" and ".p"\n.p?
@anOKsquirrel he are! I'm pasing hem in!
@ThomasKwa formatting fail?
@Calvin'sHobbies ohh. Sorry.
@ThomasKwa the latter works with a trailing linefeed which also brings it to 8 bytes
(in fact, without the linefeed, and with _ instead of . it works in CJam... at found that at some point... twice...)
10:48 PM
@quartata So what was this? :/ v
7.9 questions a day means you all are getting close. I'm guessing (at this rate) you'll get an election later in the year and a design sometime later. Not much else to say, really. — Jon Ericson ♦ Jan 15 at 4:11
@ThomasKwa do you mind if I add that to the answer for completeness?
so are we graduating?
@Calvin'sHobbies I have no idea.
I literally just saw that comment because Norma posted it in Charcoal HQ
@Zgarb: re: office edit history. I don't know about that, but if you have two separate Excel docs open, edit one, then edit the second, then switch back to the first and ctrl+z, it'll switch you back to the second and remove the last edit on it.
10:50 PM
@Maltysen I guess...?
It means we've passed the requirements
> So we're looking into why it hasn't been flagged yet.
Could be a bug. Could be someones out to get us...
I'm glad to see that graduation trolling is alive as ever.
in Charcoal HQ, 10 mins ago, by Live Forever
Maybe it was flagged, but robo-reviewers messed things up as usual.
@Calvin'sHobbies Code Review? dun dun dun…
@quintopia That sounds... inconvenient.
10:54 PM
@Geobits This is only a partial joke
@ThomasKwa Editing it in now because I'm going to bed. If you want to post it yourself, feel free to rollback (and link to this message) in case anyone thinks your vandalising it. :P
@Zgarb sounds like a bug to me, but there must be some reason this is still the case even in the latest versions
@GraceNote Could you please update PPCG with any updates asap? Our chat just got quite excited after your comment. — Calvin's Hobbies 21 secs ago
@ThomasKwa the former seems to be abusing some Ruby feature, and might be specific to the interpreter used on anarchy
@GraceNote Hello!

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