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3:07 PM
can someone refresh my memory of our vocabulary
, i post an answer. someone else posts an answer in a different thread that tears my answer apart. which of us is the cop?
@undergroundmonorail I'm not sure I have access to do that... :P
@undergroundmonorail I think cops are defending against robbers breaking their code
Think of the robber as a safe cracker maybe
I initially expected it to be cops trying to catch robbers by breaking their code - both ways seem intuitive...
3:09 PM
i'd personally argue that it makes more sense that way because you don't often see robbers intentionally breaking into a place where the cops are
@Lynn If it isn't learning afresh, but just making guesses based on its fixed database of human reactions, you may be able to hit on a pattern it loses to, and then just keep repeating that over and over...
@Calvin'sHobbies i still really want to see a language called "Perl (+1 for -p)"
@undergroundmonorail If you forget again, you can fall back on the tag wiki, which defines the fairly arbitrary way around it is...
@undergroundmonorail it would basically be a language that takes a perl program in input and eval it like "perl -p program", isn't it? Why don't you make it yourself? ^^
@Katenkyo i think it'd be much funnier if it was totally unrelated to perl
3:25 PM
Anyone want to comment on this?
Q: "Aliasing" of Commands with Arguments

VoteToCloseI know that some commands can be aliased through the shell, such as alias mv="cp" But I want to do something similar but with arguments (and yes, I have seen the other question, but my question is slightly different). Something similar to: sshkill() { service sshd restart } alias sshkill="k...

@undergroundmonorail submit it for the next PPCG's language ^^
A: Run another command before running the command the user wants to run

undergroundmonorailSometimes an alias isn't powerful enough to easily do what you want, so here's a way without using them. In some file that is sourced when your shell starts (e.g. .bashrc), add the following function: ls () { echo "Hello world!" command ls } Unlike an alias, a function can recurse. Th...

but don't include the line that starts with command
hang on
i misunderstood the question never mind
I was about to say. :P
Hi again
People keep killing it instead of restarting it. >.<
@SuperJedi224 Hi
3:28 PM
@VoteToClose replace the original command?
@Katenkyo I have no desire to replace killall. >.>
I mean, you could have a script "killall" that would just do this edge case if there's the argument "sshd", else it would run the good old killall
(dumb solution, but at least it works)
That's actually not a bad idea. o-o
Wish it was a bit more elegant, though.
3:29 PM
Far from elegant, but I don't have a shell here, so can't test some things ^^'
Any feedback for this sandbox post? It has been a while and it kinda got forgotten.
I like it. :D
@RikerW some built-in exists for string repeats. should they be included?
I kinda think it is ready, but IDK. I only got like 3 different responses.
@Katenkyo Oh thanks.
I will say no string multiplication at all even integer only.
8 wins-10 ties-2 losses on novice mode
3:33 PM
Anything else?
@SuperJedi224 For what game?
Of course I was using an RNG for the last few rounds
@RikerW Vitsy will be really good at this. :D
something like string:rep(math.floor(n))..string:sub(1,#string*(n-math.floor(n))) could do the stuff in a verbose language
3:35 PM
What is rep?
@VoteToClose Well, I'm glad you do!
@RikerW repeat (i'm using lua)
Like a loop or like string multiplication?
and #string is string:len[gth]()
it repeats the string
3:36 PM
@Katenkyo I am gonna say that no string repitition is allowed at all.
Thanks for the help though.
Anything else?
@RikerW #variable is an alias for variable.len(), I've hadded the [gth] to make it understandable what it was, but it had the opposite effect ^^
Should I tag it ?
@Katenkyo oh, okay. lol
Alright, I have a 9 byte answer.
Q: Program touch-tone instructions for my fingers

Denham CooteThe keypad on my office phone has the following layout: [1] [2] [3] /.@ ABC DEF [4] [5] [6] GHI JKL MNO [7] [8] [9] PQRS TUV WXYZ [*] [0] [#] + _ Task: Write a program that, given an input string, returns a list of instructions that my fingers need to follow in order the ty...

Q: The Lucas-nacci Numbers

TimmyDBackground Most everyone is familiar with the Fibonacci numbers F(n): 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21 ... These are formed by the recursion function F(n) = F(n-1) + F(n-2) with F(0)=0 and F(1)=1. A000045 A closely related sequence is the Lucas numbers L(m): 2, 1, 3, 4, 7, 11, 18, 29 ... ...

3:41 PM
Woah, thanks @NewMainPosts.
Wow, NMP combobreaker.
You cut @VoteToClose off mid phrase.
@mınxomaτ what?
@RikerW is more for challenges like the one about Lucas-nacci numbers you can see above
@Mod help?
A: Convert from binary to negabinary

Samuel DuclosScheme (define (f n) (- 0 (string->number (string-append "#b" (number->string n)))))

Not an answer.
Maybe mod-hammer delete?
3:44 PM
I can't so thanks.
I did flag it as not an answer though.
I just realised how dumb I was...
In some of my codegolf, I could have taken input by argument, but I used io.read() instead...
It is okay.
Also, some languages can take input from ans.
At least I have an explanation. :c
Yeah, but it could have saved some byte ^^'
And you are still the shortest @VoteToClose.
3:49 PM
But just wait for jelly.... :(
Jelly doesn't like strings, though.
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ halp with jolf answer to my own question?
@VoteToClose true....... o-)
Dude in a boat? O.o
Q: Decimal Multiplication of Strings

RikerWGiven 2 inputs, a string and a decimal number, output the string multiplied by that number. The catch is that the number can be a float or an integer. You should output the string floor(n) time and then the first floor((n-floor(n))*len(string)) letters again. Other notes: The input will not ...

3:51 PM
@VoteToClose Yeah, happy dude in a boat. THink of it a as very very happy face.
@VoteToClose it still like them better than C ^^
@MartinBüttner does your answer to my question use string multiplication?
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ jolf help pls.
@VoteToClose you are now the first answerer.
@Downgoat does your answer to my question use string multiplication?
@Downgoat thanks.
@Optimizer Don't remind me of my hatred for the broncos. They shouldn't have won...
@RikerW i dont think that super bowl has anything to do with broncos, or even football
@Optimizer lol
@VTC lol
How did you accidentally do DoNG from VTC?
4:08 PM
I realized after posting my comment that my idea with stack duplication was really, really dumb.
@VoteToClose in response to your now deleted comment:
> IDT so, sorry. I think it is a fair workaround, but until I can come up with better wording for the question, no.
Welp, I hate the multiline markdown rule.
Get rekt by markdown.
BTW, does @VTC ping you?
4:13 PM
But yeah, no, my stack duplication was dumb.
@RikerW Nupe.
That is annoying, cause I like typing only 3 letters.
I could make a bot called VTC. xD
Just leave it in the background, I'd still get pings from it.
I have one named Captain Obvious, but he has only 1 rep.
A: Find the Factorial

Captain ObviousPython, 26 bytes y=lambda x:x==0or x*y(x-1) Recursive solution.

That was just now, and only because he needs rep.
Plus it is now the shortest python answer.
4:21 PM
@RikerW That gives True for x==0, not 1.
@ThomasKwa Not for me...
wait, what do you mean?
Wap, whap, whaaaaa
Dreams crushed.
4:43 PM
Lambda syntax shaves off 18 bytes. o-o
This is horrifying.
Holy mother of Cheeze-Its, that was a lot of people leaving the room.
GC'd to oblivion
5:07 PM
I love the programming moments when you accidentally solve all your problems.
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

quartataChallenge about advacado Inspired by this. No avocados were harmed in the making of this challenge. Hello I have challenge I need help juic an avocado so I need program to tell me how long to juic avocad for Through rigorous scientific experiment on ASCII art avocados such as this one: ##...

5:23 PM
scientifically proven avocad juic
@mınxomaτ Aye, those are wonderful. :P
Remind me never to attempt to draw ASCII art avocados again. They look like baking gloves.
Aside from avocado jokes any other feedback
Was that spam question really the start of that meme?
@RikerW no
5:38 PM
@quartata Yes, offer 2 liters of avocado juice to the shortest answer not in jelly.
@quartata Google gave me health food sites, not meme sites.
Sep 22 '15 at 3:19, by Alex A.
@PhiNotPi hello i have quetions how does juice an avocado i have try for thirtee minut and no juic
predates the question by 2 weeks
So who started it?
Okay, he makes sense.
5:41 PM
You don't get to say ninja'd when somebody else does the ninja'ing.
LIES okay...
Kids these days lacking all forms of ninja etiquette :P
If anyone here can ascii art I'd appreciate it if you could draw me a couple better looking avocads
I really can't ascii art
Try picascii or similar.
And chat.se does not like running while I set up archlinux....
@Geobits So you are such a geezer you predate ninjing? Cooooooool...
@NewSandboxedPosts I expect a crazy awesome Retina answer
5:43 PM
@RikerW Predate it? No, but back in my day we didn't jump in on other ninjas ;)
So you are a geezer though.
> ninjing
I play one on the internet at least.
@quintopia I expect a crazy awesome Snails answer.
Is that a word?
5:44 PM
@Geobits lol
But you have a minibits?
I do.
So you must be a geezer.
(there was probably a fallacy in there somewhere)
How old? (the wee one)
@RikerW probably ;)
@quintopia Nine
5:46 PM
@RikerW sweeping generalization
@quartata HUSHHHHHHH
Windows explorer not responding after trying to rename one little folder on my phone. Way to go win10...
You can only blame yourself for having a Windows Phone.
@Geobits I vaguely remember being nine. Good year.
@Geobits Its a samsung, the computer is windows
5:47 PM
@Calvin'sHobbies It needs to check whether it's a Microsoft-approved folder name.
@Calvin'sHobbies Oooooh, I read that wrong. Strange then. What in the world did you try renaming it to?
there was a comma in the new name
Microsoft has been known to make strange design decisions. Did you know Office products still only have one collective edit history?
Oh, good catch by the OS then. Commas are shifty; I wouldn't want them in my file names either.
5:49 PM
I already have commas in plenty of folder names, Beatles, The
@Geobits I have a cat gif named .catcat.gif on my desktop.
Sure, but no reason to add more commas. They're sneaky little things, and hard to see sometimes.
They're called Comma Chameleons for a reason.
@quintopia What does that mean? If I do undo in Word and have Excel open, does it undo changes in Excel?
Looking at that timestamp, this avocado thing started on my birthday last year woot!
I got a hot question on HNQ? Cool..
@Sherlock9 \o/
5:52 PM
I am a great fan of coincidences
sherlock is really nice
Especially since they happen so often
Aw, thanks Optimizer
Is there a way to get a length-1 vector (not a scalar) in APL?
lol I realized I still have Quill's ಠ_ಠ script... :P
5:54 PM
@ThomasKwa Use , on a number.
@Zgarb Thanks.
@Geobits not commeleons?
@Calvin'sHobbies I was going for the music reference :(
> A previous version of this article said it was "not clear why WhatsApp settled on the oddly specific number." A number of readers have since noted that 256 is one of the most important numbers in computing, since it refers to the number of variations that can be represented by eight switches that have two positions - eight bits, or a byte. This has now been changed.
l m a o
I haven't been on here in a long time.
5:58 PM
@anOKsquirrel 'morning ^^
Hello squirrel that's okay.
@anOKsquirrel Hello squirrel. That's OK.
Wow. So we're having printer issuues, and I need to print a simple B&W 12-page PDF. Library's closed, so I figured I'd check a local printing shop. Only $1.20 to print, but it won't be ready for two days. Any suggestions?

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