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12:00 AM
for 1.0 and all future releases, yes.
but for you, I will print off and sign a copy of whatever we use to teach.
so that might be 1.0, might be 1.1, might be 1.2, who knows. depends on how fast our upstream libraries ship.
Woo, cool.
as much as i dislike using buzzwords, we are an agile writing company.
ew, that left a bad taste in my mouth.
@Oli My app is for sale in the UK now. Not sure if you saw my announcement yesterday or not.
@jrg alacritous
@mateo_salta heh
12:18 AM
@Oli No that's fine.
I was thinking myself that might be one of the exceptions for doing that.
Err, that sounds weird. Could have phrased it better.
12:35 AM
:8840144 If he were Welsh or Irish, he probably wouldn't pronounce the a, though. :P
@FEichinger E: Irrelevant.
1:36 AM
Q: What's this site designed with?

poumtataliaI'm interested in knowing how this site is built? I'm particularly interested in the self moderation system. I's very much like the one on stack overflow, or OpenERP. Is there a CMS, or framework including this functionality as standard? I wanna implement something like that on a forum and that w...

Q: Self moderation

poumtataliaI'm interested in knowing how is the self moderation system implemented for askubuntu. It's very much like the one on stack overflow, or OpenERP. Is there a CMS, or framework including this functionality as standard? I wanna implement something like that on a forum and that would be a great help....

^-- can we get those merged now?
@Oli to the rescue!
2:10 AM
@AmithKK ^^ given your sonic obsession
Just to clarify, this is a no from you then? — Yannis 53 mins ago
It couldn't be clearer... lol.
sarcasm meets facetiousness
/me looks up facetious.. that word.
@CallmeV Ah, yes exactly.
the definition that comes up first in merriam webster isn't the one i've always known the word as. it's like "flippant intentional overstatement of the obvious with added sarcasm" to some people.
2:24 AM
oh I see..
Read the comments under the question, this might just be the result of a recent bug and nothing more. Seth's answer appeared before we found the bug, but I'm afraid it's very likely you wasted your time typing this. — Yannis 1 min ago
i so need to find my windows isos. i want to take apart the quickbooks odbc connector for giggles.
@FEichinger I almost added a comment to the same effect...
oh there's a squirrel... and something shiny... oh. we were talking about ubuntu and se. nm.
@Seth :P
2:27 AM
@Seth I just thought it was appropriate.
@CallmeV I don't understand all that... but have a ★
@seth cool!
@jrg I thought you wrote one though... I was sure it was you..
You edited it anyway.
I wrote the original chat message/PSA.
@Seth easily distracted, like a dog or cat.
2:28 AM
Hence the confusion.
@Seth You should've expected that to also be an Eliah post. He's the only one turning a single line into such a huge post.
LOL. True, but also good. I like in-depth things. :)
I love how even the "Short Version" takes three paragraphs with heavy formatting.
I like them too when I actually read them..
Eliah really is awesome and he covers every single point.. I just don't usually read everything he says, just upvote.
Feb 10 at 21:14, by Seth
<-- We need that tag
I don't read everything, but when I do...
2:33 AM
I like to think we could all just abandon meta and have Eliah answer everything. Would have the same effect.
I almost don't bother to answer a meta question because I know Eliah's answer will come and it's gonna be way better than mine. I feel people accept my answer out of sympathy XD
@Seth You mean like here?
yeah sorta.
Pretty much.
Why are we talking about this again? I'm sure it's uncomfortable if not offensive to some people, not to mention not needed.
@Seth Because you linked to a comment calling an Eliah answer a "waste of time".
Oh.. yeah. I digress.
2:36 AM
An immediate answer is nice, like a band-aid. A huge verbose answer is fine too, like a waiting barrel of battery acid to dissolve future similar questions,
I just found that comment funny...
To think that Eliah gets informed of all the comments on that MSO post right now ... lol
I know... I got like 4 "And that's a no from you?"
@Seth You brought that on yourself :P
Umm.. I don't think so.
3:09 AM
Q: Is Ask Ubuntu an Ubuntu Q&A site for everyone?

geezanansaSome Bee in Bonnet stuff Firstly I would like to define which kind of Ubuntu user I am; (which could be described as an unqualified; unprofessional or amateur user), a home user and am attempting to describe and define my concerns regarding a new user intending to use Ask Ubuntu in order to enab...

Where did my comment go?
3:41 AM
someone got hungry and ate it
2 hours later…
5:46 AM
Silence is the lack of audible sound or presence of sounds of very low intensity. By analogy, the word silence can also refer to any absence of communication, including in media other than speech. Silence is also used as total communication, in reference to non verbal communication and spiritual connection. Silence also refers to no sounds uttered by anybody in a room or area. Silence is an important factor in many cultural spectacles, as in rituals. In discourse analysis, speakers use brief absences of speech to mark the boundaries of prosodic units. Silence in speech can be hesitation...
its also an alien race from doctor who
6:09 AM
Although valid question, NAA.
6:35 AM
I screwed up :-D
had too many crashes, reinstalled 12.10 but formatted the wrong disc D:
ah well ;-)
only thing I am going to miss are my tips and tricks I gathered BUT most of them are backupped as answers on AU >:-D
@JourneymanGeek sure is :-D good episodes those are <3
They were
new companion is cool :D :D
rm Desktop/ Documents/ Downloads/ Music/ Pictures/ Templates/ Videos/ -rf
6:41 AM
rm Desktop/ Documents/ Downloads/ Music/ Pictures/ Templates/ Videos/ -rf
She is. Not sure if I like her as much as pond or martha tho
what was it again ...
ln -s {dest} {origin} ?
ha wrong... I ALWAYS mess that up
brb :)
1 reboot later :=)
6:58 AM
it is 'ln -s $origin $dest' ;)
guess you figured it out yourself in between anyway ;)
yeah but this aint the 1st time I did it wrong :D :D
i know that feeling :D
glad nothing went wrong
oh the problems started before that >:)
bbl :)
7:02 AM
alright :)
8:25 AM
anybody here?
@EinsteinsGrandson state your problem if you have any.
i connected an external HDD into Ubuntu but the device is not connected
i have to mount it manually right?
i have Ubuntu 10.4
it's automounted already, so the problem is solved
8:50 AM
3 hours later…
11:26 AM
Q: Enable wifi monitor mode on Samsung Chromebook

user142678I want to buy the Samsung Chromebook and use it with Ubuntu (12.10). I also want to play around with airmon-ng and thus want to use the wifi card in monitor mode. I didn't find any information if the samsung wifi card and the driver support monitor mode. Does anybody know if monitor mode on th...

2 hours later…
1:39 PM
How comes you earn that many badges with so few rep... O.o
too many bounties.
> Offered bounties for 2,100 reputation
they're also all question related badges, so it could be views manipulation
legitimate by link-sharing or otherwise
Link-sharing is a good thing for AU!
I agree that's why I said legitimate or otherwise
2:13 PM
@jokerdino had to push a small fix in the morning. updated the FFE bug too.
/me goes to dinner
@Takkat 2100 rep gone on bounties :+)
and @takkat we had cake y-day at work due to passing the test I told you about :D
2:31 PM
@NathanOsman - Just an FYI, I was looking at the Qt5 for mobiles stuff and the QCA (crypto framework). I'm not sure if it's implemented yet, but it has a C++ method for accessing the local key store in relation to your question on SO about accessing global keystore on Android (QCA depends Qt4 though and the Android functionality probably isn't yet implemented).
3:11 PM
@Mahesh thank you. i checked it
3:55 PM
There so needs to be an Ubuntu respin with wine installed out of the box. It always just installs fine for me, but SO many people seem to be unable to install it
Q: Sell Cc Cvv Good Fresh All Country High Balance

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bad vendor spammer
4:11 PM
It does reek of the same fellow as last time
is there any way to change values in a .dat file?
@AmithKK hexedit?
How do I know which values?
I want to unlock everything in an android game
guess until it works? :)
4:17 PM
Too many vars to mess with
Each level score
Emerald Count
Time for each stage
for every stage
Red Ring collection
Off-topic. closes the question and sweeps it under the mat
@AmithKK there's a java tool for parameter manipulation through instrumenting/reflection, but i can't remember the name. it could tell you where it's being read from specifically
25 seconds and spam bites the dust.
This one is my record.
@jokerdino I know someone with a 1s record
@AmithKK fossfreedom does not count as a measuring stick
4:32 PM
Stand Back!
I'm going to comment on youtube
Spam stopped.
Did I miss something?
you sure missed it sweth >:)
4:41 PM
@AmithKK o7
another day wasted playing guild wars 2 :D
I played python all day
I think I leveled up
Q: Strange crontab-script interaction (bash)

Garrigus CarraigI'm running Ubuntu 12.04 and bash. I've written a pair of shell scripts that allow me to set an alarm which, after ringing, unsets itself. The first, alarmset, allows me to enter a time and modifies the alarm line in the crontab. That line launches the second script, alarmring, which launches a r...

4:59 PM
> May the Force be equal to mass times acceleration
@AmithKK LOL
It's from reddit, tumblr and stuff
It's from a cool skit
It's a law of physics too iirc.
yeah, F=ma :P
F=Mdv/dt + Vdm/dt
Newton's second law.
Who is newton? Oh wait... Thats me! (jk)
5:03 PM
rebooting 4 times added 10 minutes to my battery life remaining >:D
@Rinzwind I think you broke the law of thermodynamics
better fill a bug report
@CallmeV I saw that before. ROFL'd :P
it is getting worse
I went from 1:09 to 1:25 just now >:-D
oh wait
1:04 again
5:08 PM
I'm at 1:56
I'm bored.
I wish I ever made it to 1:50 but I am using a 6-cell atm.
@Seth I got bored too so I put a thermal baselayer on underneath my jeans and t-shirt. Now I'm bored and warm.
Hard to beat moderating in merino wool.
@Oli Go answer questions on MSO. That's not boring.
I'm trying to answer one on SU right now.
I'd rather pull my own teeth out than spend any time on the circus that is MSO.
Why is that?
5:12 PM
Because MSO
@jokerdino You're the guy with 1k over there...
Doesn't count.
I'll take it if you don't want it :P
@Seth Because it's full of people complaining that their questions weren't duplicate, or that their edits are always getting refused. They're not real problems like the proper sites. It's all too meta.
When performing edits, don't misspell tags @Suhaib ... they even auto-complete for you. ref: askubuntu.com/posts/101411/revisions
5:14 PM
@CallmeV embarrassed
@Oli Well yes. There is a lot of that.
Marshal is actually more of a challenge than you think though.
today someone wanted me to install win 7 on a notebook.... 25 euro per hour... took me 3 hours cuz he did not have an installation media and/or drivers :X
I am p'd off I did not ask for 50 euro an hour :X
o/ @NathanOsman - I'm not sure if my previous actually pinged you, but it's in the log somewhere
@Rinzwind I just had to install Vista on a 7 computer.. and I don't even get paid!
5:18 PM
@Seth I refuse to do that...
lol. I'll get to that point someday..
oh and I re-installed my own system too this morning... took me less than 30 minutes getting it all up and running.
@Rinzwind Driverguide.com scanner ftw
@Rinzwind Ubuntu?
yes 12.10 nuked 13.04... it was getting too buggy
5:19 PM
sp? ^^
oh and I used my system to get his drivers... even the wired needed a driver :X
@NathanOsman Gtalk please?
@Oli reminds me of chutney
5:20 PM
@AmithKK Sure.
@Rinzwind :)
In Unity-tweak-tool news, Whee. Got a FFe approval. Time to lobby a sponsor. :)
now for some rice + sate + japanese egg
@Rinzwind I used to keep a USB Lan adapter around for that purpose
@jokerdino yays :P
5:22 PM
@CallmeV good one. but I am so addicted to Ubuntu's setup :-X :-X
@AmithKK 30k diff file. want to see?
Anyone on Kubuntu?
@Seth I'm thinking about heading that way on my next LTS install since Qt is moving towards the standard for Ubu
@Oli Did you use --no-install-recommends?
@jokerdino I love diff. 2 weeks ago a co-worker wanted to know how it works... so I told him " diff file1 file2". Hour later he comes back: it does not work. get a list of both programs with EVERY line it in... seems he compared 2 files with the same name from 2 systems but those files where actually different (and not copies) :D Now he does not trust diff ....
5:25 PM
@Seth Don't know why that edited but, no, I've got the whole lot
:8846138 Can you run /usr/bin/kwrite for me? Please.
At PPA versions
I don't have kwrite
It comes with the whole lot iirc
Okay I'm running it now.
dr who time bbl
5:27 PM
It should just open Kwrite.. I guess which kwrite would have been better..
@Rinzwind lol.
Good Night
@Seth What are you trying to find out? Rather than sending me a bodge of commands - let me know where you want to get and I can use some brain power to work it out ;)
Why don't you use kate? that is standard.
5:29 PM
@Oli I was just trying to figure out where it's binary is stored.
vim. i win.
@jokerdino Yes you do.
@jokerdino No sir, you totally lose. Vim is evil.
But George.. wait a minute.
5:30 PM
Should have pinned the announcement.
yesterday, by George Edison
Announcement: I have decided to finally retire the name "George Edison" from use on Stack Exchange. As of tomorrow, I will be changing my username everywhere to "Nathan Osman", which is my real name.
Ah, I missed the PSA
Uh.. yeah.
We tried to stop him..
And we utterly failed D:
5:32 PM
Anyway... what were you saying about Vim?
Nothing. Vim and Emacs are too complex.
People found offense in your message and have flagged it.
@jokerdino Which one? :P
@jokerdino Wait, wut?
@Seth Just checked - you'll only get kwrite if you install kubuntu-full (or it directly as I just have). It's not in the default manifest. But yes, once installed, it's in /usr/bin/
@Oli Okay thanks. I'll just come right out next time ;)
5:37 PM
Oh, and for next time, I'll show you a little trick.
1. Head to this page.
2. Enter the name of the executable under "Search the contents of packages".
3. Click the package name.
4. Scroll to the bottom and click "list of files".
5. Then you will be able to see what's in the package.
Ah nice.
First entry:
I was looking for that earlier.
there are dpkg commands for that too
^--- this
5:39 PM
i think you can use where command or something
@jokerdino You mean which :)
whereis vim
@NathanOsman i get confused all the time :P
which whereis ;)
I ended up doing sudo apt-get install kwrite && which kwrite and then sudo apt-get purge kwrite
i appreciate your dedication.
5:41 PM
Inefficient I know, but it works.
apt-file list works too. i generally like apt-file, but it's not always around
@NathanOsman Requires it to be installed, though, no?
@FEichinger The which command? Yes.
My first method outlined above will work regardless.
@NathanOsman Not which, the binary you're looking for.
@FEichinger Yeah, that's what I meant.
The package containing the binary you are searching for must be installed.
5:43 PM
@Seth And from this, I figured Seth didn't really want that. :P
dpkg -L requires the package to be installed as well. apt-file does not
@FEichinger Exactly.
@CallmeV apt-file requires you download the packages database
Swings and roundabouts
Yes it does, but it's one of my first things to install. So yeah...just too convenient not to have
5:47 PM
quick question, are we encouraging users to repost old posts marked for closing?
Q: How can I change the selected item colour gtk3 theme's nautilus.css script?

shantanuSee in the image, selected item "build" colour is black as background colour. How can i change the selected item colour gtk3 theme's nautilus.css script Which section colour need to modify: /* desktop mode */ .nautilus-desktop.nautilus-canvas-item { color: @bg_color; text-shadow: 1 1 ...

ah, eliah saw that, and posted
hi @EliahKagan
cool, that answers that.
@fossfreedom the newest version of unity-tweak-tool is now in raring archive. you can update answers if you are satisfied with it. :)
Did he already answer the Unity question?
I thought you wanted to wait until Raring was out...
6:03 PM
he wanted to update answers.
i dont care as long as we get more advertisement :P
OK.. I was going to answer this once Raring came out.
you can probably get started on it if fossfreedom hasn't yet
1 hour later…
7:18 PM
I just realized this is a thing:
Klingon Language & Usage

Proposed Q&A site for teachers, linguists, and learners at all levels wanting to discuss the finer and coarser points of the Klingon language.

Currently in definition.

Oh. My. Word.
@Seth My thoughts, exactly.
/cc @jrg
7:56 PM
Q: Setup .wine folder in a live CD/USB users home dir?

LF4I'm trying to create an xubuntu live cd/USB that will include wine and some costume configurations. /etc/skel/ is where I've been reading people are placing the directories for custom files but I wanted the default user to have a ~/.wine folder with a few customization that I am making. My big q...

8:24 PM
Q: Installing MySQL complete?

codeartistHow I can install mysql in ubuntu 12.04(gnome 3). So that I will have my mysql installation in /usr/bin/mysql It's library and header files in /usr/lib/mysql and /usr/include/mysql respectively. Last time I tried sudo apt-get install mysql-server mysql-client mysql-common The mysql has been ins...

8:46 PM
While we're at it...
@Seth R?
Resolve. Vote to resolve.
Thanks for cleaning the comments up.
9:04 PM
@Seth don't you think the OP might be induced to accept?
@guntbert Yeah, I forgot it was asked rather recently... I saw "March 30" and thought it was old.
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