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11:01 AM
@jokerdino: I don't think your main profile determines if it shows you're an op on chat
It does. ;)
Q: Clarification requested about nominees' "statistics" posted on the 2013 Moderator Election page

vasa1On the Nominations page, why is it "meta participation" that is used to describe nominees' participation and not just "site participation" or "Ask Ubuntu participation" or "Stack Exchange participation"? Example: meta participation questions: a / +aa answers: b / +bb helpful flags: ccc

evil ninja edits doing me in
@jokerdino just follow the simple rule of counting to 300 while holding your breath ;)
Usually, I start counting from 290 until 300.
11:20 AM
Don't count in 1000 fractional digits. Please breathe again now!
11:45 AM
Q: ubuntu 12.04 is crashing when i press windows button in my laptop

user128968I have installed ubuntu on my laptop(dell inspiron 1464), when i press Windows button/Win +F1/Windows+F2 button it is showing blue screen. did any one is facing the same issue, can any one help

^-- this is almost funny
in several ways.
- doctor, doctor, my fingers hurts when I bend it
- stop doing it man!
A blue screen in Ubuntu inevitably must be malware.
@Takkat Depends. Maybe he installed KDE and his blue background of the desktop is shown. I won't be surprised if it's that simple anyway.
@Takkat I hear some malware can live inside your graphics card and survive reboots
@BrunoPereira really? that's scary
11:53 AM
@gertvdijk was wondering why your name sounded weird and familiarly normal to pronounce...
@BrunoPereira What's weird about abbreviating a real name?
@gertvdijk I dont normally read them (too many, too much details), just noticed you live a couple of kms from me :)
lol :)
Yeah, well, quite a lot of Dutch people here, relatively speaking in terms of world population.
12:11 PM
New tags are a touchy issue but what about error code (1)? A search using Ask Ubuntu's search box for "error code (1)" came up with 376 hits.
@vasa1 ugh, we tried to kill the error tag before, don't bring it back, please! :)
github.com/discourse/discourse < so waffles (samsaffron) and Jeff Atwood at working together on this thing that's kind of like SO, but not. Interesting.
@vasa1 exit status 1 is the most common one for applications to exit with in case of errors.
12:39 PM
@jrg, @gertvdijk, I've wiped it from my mind :)
1:01 PM
yay! :)
1:33 PM
morning, folks!
Oh man, this is cool. I will use this a lot more. blog.dustinkirkland.com/2013/02/…
Wow. It took about a year and a half to close that web browsers thread
1:53 PM
@jrg That's a nifty little feature, there.
2:07 PM
A: cannot find crti.o: No such file or directory

snowIn the terminal do as sudo cp /usr/lib32/crti.o /usr/bin/ld Then try again.

What? Are you suggesting to overwrite the system file /usr/bin/ld (executable, the GNU linker) with an compiled .o file? — gertvdijk 1 min ago
am I wrong here? I think this will just break it all.
@gertvdijk Just saw that. I am hoping snow just made a typo.
@maggotbrain thanks
2:21 PM
I am doing some housekeeping on my activities and I noticed that I have a few flags that are disputed. In hindsight, they seem like reasonable disputes. Is there a way to retract my flags, or are these permanent?
They are permanent.
You can never take back a flag.
hmm. OK. Thanks. I guess I had an itchy trigger finger on a couple items.
Some of my disputed ones were flags I raised too quickly. Q/As were ninja-edited and the flag couldn't be retracted...
Same here.
But in the beginning I was flagging posts with poor formatting, low quality english, etc. as well.
I've learned not to do that anymore
I was told that moderators should only be notified in case it was something that other user's couldn't.
2:24 PM
Everyone hates the low quality flag.
Or atleast the mods handling those flags.
@gertvdijk that is a very very true statement
So, out of the 11 disputed and 2 declined I think about 10 were just because I didn't know about that.
It's not very trivial coming from the non-SE world. And the flagging dialogue isn't very explanatory on that.
I recall I never flagged anything as very low quality.
I flagged some stuff I considered unsalvagable. To which I was proven wrong, though.
But I like to think my flags got the attention of the people who did manage to salvage it. :D
People always love to contradict you. I like that as a fact.
2:28 PM
Q: Unity lens (ubuntu) not scanning a specific directoy

JparramoWhat can I do to force unity lenses (locate in the background, I suppose) to scan a specific directory? The setting are not excluding the folder, and the rest is working OK. Is there a way to purge Unity/lenses or locate? I wouldn't mind to lose all past searches and start again from null.

@jokerdino Very true. I'm learning a lot about patience with other people here. ;-)
Speaking about disputed flags... I just got one more disputed which I completely don't understand.
A: How to disable Grub's menu from showing up after failed boot

ChristophAs I had the same problem and figured out the following solution: Open /etc/default/grub with an editor Add a line with this assignment: GRUB_RECORDFAIL_TIMEOUT=N Set N to the desired timeout in case of a previously failed boot Update Grub: sudo update-grub

^-- I've marked this one as "invalid flag". Was marked as "not an answer". I've improved formatting and I think this is an answer.
@maggotbrain Haha, you just need to be keen about psychology and sociology. :)
@gertvdijk I'll explain that in a moment.
Q: What is a disputed flag?

BrandonIn my flagging summary under the statistics, there is 1 flag listed as being disputed with the footnote † do not affect your flag weight This is the first time I've ever seen a disputed flag in my summary, so I'm just curious, what is a disputed flag? How would you even dispute a flag? Is ...

Ah, better still
@jokerdino No, my dispution got disputed.
@gertvdijk LOL
2:38 PM
No, if you mark something as invalid, it is labeled as disputed.
> Both the original flag and the flag used to mark it as invalid will be listed as "disputed" in the respective user's flagging summary.
@jokerdino yes I understand that :) but my "invalid flag" raised my counter on disputed flags.
@jokerdino I can read that in two ways
Yes, your invalid flag is the one being called disputed as well.
Now that is totally confusing.
Well, you never read that meta.SO post, did you?
Why isn't disputing flags with flags itself considered helpful? Call me crazy, but I think noone understands this.
@jokerdino I did read it. But I am interpreting it differently
2:40 PM
Q: Am I using the "Invalid Flag" flag wrongly?

MattIt seems that each time I've flagged a flag as an "Invalid Flag", it's been disputed. I know that this doesn't affect my flag weight, but that's not why I'm starting this topic; I'm worried that I'm using the feature wrong, and generally confused as to why this is happening The question here ...

Semantically, it makes sense.
@jokerdino that is a better MSO post, thanks :)
You flag it as something, someone else flags it as something else - Both flags exist, neither is agreed upon.
@gertvdijk Well, this one was linked in the previous one.
Yours just overrides the other, thus, semantically - both are disputed, but yours is the one executed.
2:43 PM
Q: When to downvote?

green7Suppose someone asks a question. It has two solutions - one is easier then the other, but the other one has some benefits of its own. For example, there was one question about imagemagick where the solution was either to re-build the package or to download and install the newer version from the ...

@FEichinger jeez. While I do understand it, it still does not make sense to me. Thanks anyway! :)
Why it doesn't feel intuitive is because mods cannot handle separate flags on the same post.
so, they just mark the wrong flag as incorrect, which incorrectly marks your right flag as incorrect too.
3:00 PM
17 Dota 2 invites ... -.-
3:26 PM
askubuntu.com/questions/252004/… <-- @vasa1 duped a question of @LuisAlvarado within 7 minutes. lol.
How did that get past Kickstarter's policies? lol
"The only risk is the power of the Force."
Buuut, 20M actually sounds reasonable.
I mean, getting 2M people to back it with 10 doesn't seem hard to do, if it goes viral.
3:56 PM
@BrunoPereira did you just abuse your mod powers?
@AmithKK I know, its shameful and I am sorry... (-.-)
@BrunoPereira np lol
I just went "Whaaa Did I type that?"
@AmithKK cool, cause I was really not! :)
@gertvdijk yeah got it hehe. Nice catch by vasa1. Gave him a +1
4:05 PM
if you want to redo the last command with sudo without typing it again, use sudo !!
hey @AmithKK
@jokerdino Hey
Do you know how to add debugger stuff in python?
4:20 PM
@jokerdino ?
What kind of debugging?
ah, actually, never mind. i got it :)
@jokerdino Awesome :P
I nominated myself. Now bombard me with questions please! :P
4:27 PM
@jokerdino :P
where was that comment I left for you on chat?
@jokerdino O.o
Good Night
@AmithKK Nights.
4:52 PM
Q: Should there be a common Q&A for how to take delayed screenshots?

vasa1Please look at these two questions: Print Screen key doesn't work if a drop-down menu is active and Taking screenshots in Lubuntu (11.10) [duplicate] Although the first question didn't specify a specific desktop environment, the answer there relates to Unity/GNOME. The second question, even th...

@Marco if you can get back to me ASAP about hosting, I'd appreciate it :)
@Gui who do you host with?
5:15 PM
@FarhanKarim \o
any recommended books for learning linux for beginners?
@FarhanKarim What kind of use of Linux? Command line, GUI, development, etc. And Ubuntu/Debian specific or more Linux/UNIX in general?
hard to tell where to get started unless you're telling what you want to accomplish by using it
The whole package :D
Wow, Joshua has a custom 404 page.
5:30 PM
@maggotbrain you may want to remove your comment here: askubuntu.com/questions/251978/…
@FarhanKarim Good grief. That's a lot. Take a few years off or start working in a company with Linux experts all around :) What's your current background? Windows? Do you have a certain practical project/goal you can accomplish by using Linux (and then learn by doing)?
I would start by reading Ubuntu Unleashed
it has a lot of good book recommendations in it as well.
is it available on torrent ;D
Hm, I don't know.
@FarhanKarim I don't think that's appropriate to ask as that infringes on copyright to some extent. :)
It's not free for sure.
My library had it.
5:35 PM
Ok @gertvdijk
And The answer for your question is that yes i have a windows background and i just want to learn linux for fun and because i like trying new stuff
@Seth What. The. Hell. If this is about 13.04 then it will contain a lot of mistakes as it's not released yet.
> Ubuntu 12.10 and 13.04
@Seth yes... it claims to cover software not yet even in beta
Ah. ok cool. Done. Thanks for the heads up @gertvdijk. Still seems like an odd suggestion to put a .o file in /usr/bin :-/ c'est la vie
5:40 PM
Ubuntu has releases so often they try to work ahead @gertvdijk
They work with what they have now, and update later.
i think 13.10 must be the OS for smartphones
They don't have a 13.10 :)
@maggotbrain yeah.. as I commented, I don't see how that solves the issue.
Q: Unable to download software

Kandice SmithI am not able to download any software. I have Obuntu version 11.0 and I keep getting the error message "There seems to be a programming error in aptdaemon, the software that allows you to install/remove software and to perform other package management related tasks." What should I try? Also, ...

13.04* sorry
5:43 PM
On an unrelated note: geekosystem.com/moth-teaches-robot-to-smell <-- This looks quite awesome.
@Seth lol i had a list of mispelled ubuntus
@Seth FYI. Ubuntu translated into ubbidubbi language would be ubububuntubu
@jokerdino yeah, @mateo_salta and I had a conversation about that.
@maggotbrain lol
On a funny note:
So I just started this little tumble log. http://u.sbhat.me/Ulff7f #stackexchange
Q: How to search FAQ?

John RamboSo many of my questions are answered by going through the FAQs under Questions (not the FAQ you should read when you first start using AskUbuntu). There is a lot there. How do I search that FAQ? I checked the advance search tips, but couldn't find what I was looking for. I could do it with whate...

6:04 PM
Q: How can I display a notification on the login screen?

ændrükIn some circumstances it would be valuable for me to be presented with a short, text notification prior to logging in, so that I have the option to decide not to log in after seeing the message. Is there a way to display a message on the login screen?

^-- how is this answerable?
Good question...
I'm not sure it is exactly..
I mean, he is not developing. And he's not running the applications generating the notifications yet
My question in the comments made it worse: "I want a general answer"
As it stands now, I think this is NARQ... for a Q of a 15k user that feels weird.
yeah... I mean obviously you can show notifications on lightDM, I get one about my Wifi connecting every boot.
@gertvdijk It is a weird question by a 15k user
6:41 PM
@FEichinger so you got 14 upvotes and an answer on your question, I got mine closed as TL and tagged with the dreaded
I find that funny
That's MSO for you.
16 upvotes now, btw.
I guess so.
@FEichinger Nice! Now you can downvote ;)
Which I totally need and want to on a site I barely use.
@FEichinger yeah, you totally need that.
I got a list for you :P
6:44 PM
ooh I can downvote now too!
(I asked another question)
@RolandiXor hosting for what? I have multiple hosts...
Oh wow, look at this:
Q: an error message i get on the desktop

user129061E: Encountered a section with no Package: header E: Problem with MergeList /var/lib/apt/lists/security.ubuntu.com_ubuntu_dists_precise-security_restricted_binary-i386_Packages E: The package lists or status file could not be parsed or opened. E: _cache->open() failed, please report. I have t...

One close vote and it gets a banner :/
Funny, I don't see the banner.
@FEichinger really? Screenshot?
Must be because you don't have 3k rep...
Do you see the banner here:
Q: Installing Java into VM

PrasannaI am running Ubuntu using Oracle VM Virtual Box Manager. How should I install java 7 using my virtual machine?

The Java dupe shows the banner for me, yeh.
6:50 PM
that kind of banner?
OK good.
So I guess because you don't have enough rep to see close votes you don't see the banner either...
@FEichinger It's too late for me to tell you anything.
All the timestamps get removed after a day.
I don't need anything, I just find it hilarious every single time.
6:54 PM
OK, yeah, it kind of is.
Community is totally abusing its moderator privileges!
just in case you're curious.
I added the blur because I was going to add it to my MSO question.
\o @RolandiXor
@Seth o/
@Gui for your blog
Are you using Ondina?
@RolandiXor yeah
get me on gtalk
I'm at work - I'll fill you in
6:58 PM
@Seth you can just link to it.
@jrg link to what?
@Seth the screenshot you posted.
I'm not sure I understand, but OK.
Q: I broke Sudo after an upgrade from 9 to 12.04.1

kevingreenCurrently sudo will prompt for a password, but absolutely nothing happens after that. No errors of any kind. I've checked the sudoers file, it passed the visudo syntax check, here's the setup: # # This file MUST be edited with the 'visudo' command as root. # # Please consider adding local cont...

cross posted on serverfault...
It has a bounty.
7:10 PM
lol Marco is always away when you need him :P
@RolandiXor the blender proposal is taking its time going through commit...
@Seth it's because to be quite frank, the community is a being a little dry/snobbish or something
In what way?
@FEichinger is this a tie? vad-systems.de/logo.png
7:17 PM
it looks like a tie.
Oh, no, actually it's more-or-less supposed to be a bunny.
Oh, interesting.
i guess i can see that.
so why didn't you buy hassenfeffer-development.com ?
Because no.
7:18 PM
or else I will. And you will be at my mercy in 5 years.
... No, I won't, but you can buy it. :P
good grief. How many domains have bought you @jrg?
lets see... my personal domain, my business domain, githubleaks, and i owned ipicco.me for about a year.
oh my.
I don't think you buy domains, IMO domains buy you!
Which is why I don't own one.
Everyone should have at least one domain.
7:22 PM
Everyone needs a permanent internet home.
I don't have 10 bucks a year to spend on it anyway.
someday soon though
I have a wordpress domain :)
@Seth well I have notified a lot of them but they just ignored it
7:26 PM
which seems to be the problem with a lot of the open source community - the "not made here" and "you're not one of us" mentality
I'm interested in how blender works, but not en ought to commit.
@Alvar cross posted? link?
@RolandiXor hmm... seems true.
8:18 PM
oh dear god...
they've invaded my mind!
dies because of them
there's no saving you!
@Seth indeed not: i took a test to determine how brony i am... and i scored 97%
is not able to be saved.
@TheLordofTime is there an official test?
no, but i'm averaging 20 different tests...
most of which i scored 100% on o.o
so as i said, I AM NOT ABLE TO BE SAVED!
8:22 PM
@Seth: what's worse is someone edited my wikipedia page and put a "I am a brony!' userbox on it, and I didn't remove it o.o
this is evidence that all things are ending!
i'm actually quite scared now... o.o
@TheLordofTime You have a Wikipedia page o_O
wikipedia user page
not a page on myself
I just used the pony maker :) made a pony avatar.
pulls out the ceremonial blade
8:24 PM
you used that pony maker
i used a different one...
obtains the image
semi huge...
different pony maker :P
evil alicorn warlord
uh oh. I am convinced. @TheLordofTime CANNOT we saved :O
On the other hand, I am starting to think MSO is a nice place...
is that a bad sign?
@Seth you only just realized this?
for the most part..
@TheLordofTime which pony maker is that?
you obviously aren't online enough then
@mateo_salta pony creator by DeviantArt member GeneralZoi
THIS LINK WILL BE PURGED: generalzoi.deviantart.com/art/…
8:28 PM
@TheLordofTime I stay away from the dreaded book of faces if that's what you mean.
Someone Spanish native here? askubuntu.com/a/252124/88802
just noticed that myself.
@mateo_salta did you open the link?
@TheLordofTime This really is turning into a RPG XD
8:30 PM
@TheLordofTime I found It.
E: SUCCESS! [KERNEL PANIC] An error returned as "Success". Core dumped.
and now i'm beyond help
@TheLordofTime Is that coming from your brain?
picks @TheLordofTime up off the floor
guess his kernel did panic...
8:33 PM
Sorry, Is not worked..! — JohnConnorFX 1 min ago
@Seth actually its derived from a windows error message that was publicized in an issue of maximum pc magazine
but put into Linux with a kernel twist.
oh yeah. I kinda remember something like that.
E: PONIES! [Kernel Panic] Invalid reference $PONIES at memory address 0x0666DEAD 0xBEEFCAFE. Core dumped.
as you so quaintly put, @Seth, I cannot be saved.
although i have the sanity to not convert all my online profiles into ponies. :P
8:41 PM
(although a good 33% of them are already converted)
8:56 PM
For someone who haven't seen it already:
A: <kbd> elements are way intrusive

ManishearthFelt sorry for the poor broken{*} castle, felt that it MUST be fixed as a tribute to the history of meta. Take THAT, Jin!! *Today I realised that non-breaking spaces can break stuff as well O-0                             &n...

Those castles are awesome piece of work :)
Wow @Aditya

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