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12:04 AM
@badp: there was a dos version too
It's too late and I'm procrastinating
@GeorgeEdison not bad, like the concept, maybe try it without the outline
Let's see if I can hit the 10k tomorrow. :) Pretty fast within 4 months, right? :) (cc @Seth)
I bet you will :)
@gertvdijk The universe repo isn't enabled by default?
I don't remember enabling it.
12:19 AM
Not on all installs. At least not when installing using the 'alternate' installer for example.
hmm, interesting.
@Seth You've just hit the 3k!!
Wow, thanks!
12:38 AM
@GeorgeEdison - despite their joshing...less is more on icons. i would keep what you have and take it down to monochrome svg. infinite scale and it can look skeksi no matter what theme you use. Foreground and transparency being the only colors
the gradient does look pretty nice though
I've picked out a color palette for NitroShare and that particular shade of blue (the start and end colors of the gradient) are part of it.
I wasn't downing it. I'm just a monochrome themer
I never color any illustrations I get for school projects.
I like them B&W
I don't mean monochrome in the traditional sense. foreground and transparency so global background is background and you don't have to run about reskinning things. 2-3 colors makes everything simple
Here's an example. A titlebar looks slick with a gradient applied or gradient+some effect to make it glass. When you start goofing around with foreground fanciness it makes it look...well...bad. So, simple.
@GeorgeEdison what do you think?
12:52 AM
@GeorgeEdison I haven't said anything about it yet, but I like it (the original)
I'm not GE, but I like numero uno if it can be mapped to his start and finish colors
There is another color in the palette.
Those are the foreground / background colors.
So I'm thinking the color of the text in the image above would work well in mateo's logo.
It's #baa47c for the curious.
i could have gimp plucked it, but that is a nice diff fg to bg. i'm just all about the transparency to theming (read as anal retentive in some areas)
1:12 AM
Would it be possible to have the same color for the top and bottom in the second one?
The one on the left looks nice.
with the background and a bit of shadow.
see that's more like what i'm talking about...the global background would be wallpaper color in practice
outline color plus fg color plus global background. it's not the transparency approach, but it's so close
yeah, keep the logo simple apply effects behind it
1:27 AM
and here is the transparency approach:
it's just so clean...
nice, that really brings out the arrows.
the glow you added should be handled universally in software. i can concede that the fg/bg/outline is prettier and that drop-shadows/dropglow need not always be white or black. but now i'm rambling. it's just my opinion.
@mateo_salta: Yours is very nice. I like it.
1:30 AM
it also shows my mistakes, would need to line some things up better
stops rambling and assumes point is made
@mateo_salta it was a superfast example. if it were for production the point of the arrow should line up to the bounding lines for the top and bottom of the N
I'm sure it will end when we become familiar, but for the time being it's entertaining
Mateo (err Mathew) is a graphics designer, if I'm not mistaken.
right @mateo_salta?
His work is pretty. I'm not disputing it. I'm making a philosophical observation about how to make it universally work.
I'm not putting words in your mouth ;)
1:42 AM
It's a work in progress, my alignment is all off:
cause I'd rather be putting words in my keyboard
seriously though, tri-color the offset for outline works. bi-color it looks wrong and the point should line up to the top/bottom justified lines instead of the spacer
to be fair, it may uglify the tricolor representation
I'll need to try it to find out. I think I should still center the point of the arrow, and make sure both sides of the arrows are the same size.
@AbrahamVanHelpsing Interesting music
thanks. it makes me smile a little
2:05 AM
Q: Should people be advised to check if a question has already been asked and answered before answering it again?

vasa1Here's a typical example: Hide FIles in Ubuntu 12.04 posted about five hours ago. Here's essentially the same question, IMO, posted on August 12, 2010. Maybe it's unawareness. Maybe it's the "lumpers versus splitters" situation in which some feel that an existing question and answer cover the ne...

Hello Everyone! Is anyone here familiar with LVS?
no, I've never used it. Sorry.
@Seth: No problem. Thanks for replying
5 hours later…
7:17 AM
@AmithKK Oh honey, have it. It's worthless .__.
@FEichinger It appears so XD
@EliahKagan Trying to get Ubuntu onto it, but I don't think the kernel supports loop devices or something.
@Mochan Onto what? Am I missing some context?
@EliahKagan My tablet :)
Yeah, you are (a lot) I think XD
@AmithKK you should run for Mod. Was it you who was talking about it?
You too, @EliahKagan.
@Mochan Unfortunately I don't think I can make the commitment right now ...but thanks for your support!
@EliahKagan Ah, no problem! It's a big job :)
@Mochan So, what's this about loop devices? Do you have error messages? How are you trying to install, and what happens?
7:24 AM
@EliahKagan Yeah - I'll show you the sad little question I have on android.SE
@Mochan You have errors before the loop device error. [ is used to test conditions (for example, in Ubuntu, see man [. And [[ is not provided by all shells. After running su, what's the output of echo $PATH and type [ [[ bash ?
@EliahKagan wut. I'll get my tablet. One second.
We made this CW within 4 hours: askubuntu.com/questions/251402/…
@EliahKagan OK, I have it.
@EliahKagan Hi!
Not enrolled for Moderator?
7:47 AM
@VRU No, I don't think I'll run; I really cannot make the commitment right now. Thanks for asking though!
@Mochan Were you able to run those commands?
@EliahKagan Oh -- sorry, I'll do that now ^_^'''
Q: Review edit interface is misleading

bcbcI was reviewing an edit here, but even though it turns out the suggested edit was made on the original post, it was compared to a later edit (a nice one by the way). So much so, that the edit being reviewed appeared - to me - to be vandalism. Which I chose as the reason when rejecting it. Howeve...

@EliahKagan I might take a while because I have to figure out where the script in the app is located, sorry.
@Mochan What script? You do not need access to /data/data/com.zpwebsites.linuxonandroid/files/bootscript.sh to run those commands, you just need access to a terminal.
@EliahKagan Oh lol XD I thought I had to run those every time I wanted to start Ubuntu.
7:52 AM
@Mochan Well I don't know Android very well, maybe you do. But the error messages you got -- those were in Android, not Ubuntu, right?
@EliahKagan Yes - android.
Assuming they were in Android, it's the Android system where echo $PATH and type [ [[ bash should be run, since that's the system from which we're trying to get information.
$ su
# echo $PATH
# [ [[ bash
[: not found
The second command should be: type -a [ [[ bash
Ah, OK ^-^
7:55 AM
@EliahKagan :-)
@EliahKagan type: illegal operation -a
@Mochan Advance Happy New Year!!
@VRU Ah... happy February to you too? is that what you mean? XD
@Mochan Try it without the -a: type [ [[ bash
[: not found
[[: not found
bash: not found
@EliahKagan --^
8:06 AM
@Mochan It seems you don't have the [ and [[ commands. Ordinarily that would be fine, because they are bash builtins too. But you don't seem to have bash either. The [ command's functionality is probably provided by busybox, but I don't know what to do for [[. Let's look at the script and see if it says what shell it's meant for.
Please run: head -1 /data/data/com.zpwebsites.linuxonandroid/files/bootscript.sh
What's up with the mods? I have flags open for more than a day now...
8:22 AM
@gertvdijk Yeah that happens to me sometimes. Especially (but not only) for non-trivial custom flags. There might be too much work for moderators these days; that might be why we're having an election. (That does not mean you should stop or even slow down flagging, though. Your flags will be dealt with eventually, probably in the next couple days if not much sooner.)
@Mochan Btw, that head command shows the first line of the boot script you're trying to run.
9:15 AM
What can I do to be able to get an answer on How are key codes mapped to the appropriate action?. Bounty, votes, it has it all...
I mean, this is answerable, right?
@gertvdijk unless deemed "urgent" - we let the low priority flags sit and so get consensus from others if they agree with you.
@fossfreedom How to flag a comment that it should be an answer?
@smartboyhw normally that is not up to you to decide, those cannot be "converted to answers"
@smartboyhw drop the OP a comment asking them to make the comment an answer. If the OP has long gone - write the answer yourself and make it a CW
@fossfreedom okay. is that consensus from 10k+ users?
9:22 AM
yes - those that can see the flag queue ... also, other users can also flag so its a cumulative thing.
e.g. 3 or more flags usually says "we need to do something now"
ah okay, thanks. I might understand more about that soon (close to 10k)
oh, btw, top of the morning to you all younglings
throw in a bit of Irish and Star Wars - always good.
@fossfreedom Irish Jedi is the best Jedi
9:33 AM
ok - back to real work - bbl
10:25 AM
Q: Remove 'don't add these answers' from community wiki question

NanneI assume that this question: What web browsers are there for Ubuntu? is supposed to become a list of browsers, one browser per answer. The origional poster added I know about Firefox and Google chrome, you don't need to add them as answers but if I'm right in thinking the question is now ...

11:00 AM
I have no chance in terms of reputation in this election
rep is not the determinant factor in elections...
@AmithKK try
@AbrahamVanHelpsing For the primary phase it is :P
@AmithKK I applied with such an low rep
@AmithKK trying doesn't kill you
6 days to get to 4000 - should be doable...
11:07 AM
@AmithKK for youth's sake please nominate yourself:P
@fossfreedom Go Go Super Rep Finder
All it takes is a couple of bounties and a rep-rocket question or two ;)
@AbrahamVanHelpsing lol
A: What is kernel panic?

AbrahamVanHelpsing1 Question at a time per the FAQ What is kernel panic? When the kernel can't load properly or "freaks out" and fails to boot properly or crashes(see edit credit at the bottom). Why it occurs? Hosed updates, failing hardware, unsupported hardware, failed or missing drive or partition (see edi...

11:21 AM
Yes, or just be lucky because the question is being featured. I got totally overwhelmed by this one after answering. Saw the votes popping up while improving. How does vim steal root owned files?
11:40 AM
My raspi is here
@AmithKK Congrats! But then no Ubuntu foryou
@smartboyhw lol yeah
@AmithKK please go and apply for mod
too long by 1516 characters
@AmithKK Damn it do you have to ?:P
11:43 AM
I'll cut out all the nice jokes
12:07 PM
@AmithKK: eh, the word limit is a PITA
I really want to keelhaul off a interstellar starship the person whose fault it is
12:51 PM
I had about 500 characters left.
@jokerdino About 100 for me I think
@jokerdino not much to say eh ? ;)
hehe, I linked to my previous year's nomination.
that's cheating.
no, it's more like for those interested.
@fossfreedom it doesn't bother you too much, does it?
12:57 PM
me? no - I know you from old...
good then :)
its the wider electorate you need to gain the votes.
Kittens work but SE really like to kill kittens from election posts :(
@fossfreedom I figured if you secured 30+ votes, you have a decent chance.
I hope we have better figures than that this time around.
1:03 PM
@Oli No kittens especially after the character limit :(
@fossfreedom Let's hope so.
Last year's turn out was better compared to other similar sites, if you noticed.
we did? No - not something I had considered looking at.
though it doesn't mean anything.
1:20 PM
I had to shorten mine cause I can't use URL shorteners ;p
and all I did was link to SU, SF (had to kill that link), and another place I mod at
1:31 PM
Q: "Review Low Quality Posts" does not let you say that posts can be improved

Andrea CorbelliniReview Low Quality Posts has just three buttons: Looks Good, Edit, Recommend Deletion. I often see one-liner answers, sometimes link-only answers. Most of the times, such answers can be improved by the author and hopefully turned into great questions. However, what should a reviewer do? Looks ...

2:19 PM
@Mahesh o/
Anyone Reddit? Upvote this please - reddit.com/r/Ubuntu/comments/17xkur/…
3:11 PM
Hello Every one, why firmware-b43-lpphy-installer is not present in apps.ubuntu.com but available in software center? earlier it used to list in apps directory
@jokerdino upboated.
3:35 PM
@Web-E - Yeah, weird that is not there. Maybe it was missed since I thought it was because it was related to proprietary software but I also see there the nvidia ones. If you still want to execute it then go here: apt.ubuntu.com/p/firmware-b43-lpphy-installer
3:50 PM
@AmithKK And I disappear. Have you edited your jokes?
smartboyhw signing off after a day's chat and packaging:P
jokerdino for moderator woo!
I'm doing nominations tommorrow
So many people I want to win...
yesterday, by jrg
Ok folks, if you want to talk about the election, please use this chatroom. Thanks!
4:00 PM
@gertvdijk yeah, yeah. That was all I had to say.
4:21 PM
God put me in Tension.
@hhlp I rejected a wiki tag edit (custom reason explained), but I didn't see the excerpt was an additional edit! sorry...
4:38 PM
ok friends
4:55 PM
Q: Become operator on all channels ircd-hybrid

Linus OdenringI have a problem with my ircd-hybrid server. I can only make myself operator in the status tab but not when I join channels. There is my operator tag in ircd.conf: operator { /* name: the name of the oper */ name = "operator"; /* user: the user@host required for this operator. CID...

5:28 PM
Q: How to stop apt from uninstalling the packages while updating

Fr34KI using apt in terminal to install an update. When i used apt-get -f install it showed 0 upgraded, 7 newly installed, 428 to remove and 3 not upgraded. 4 not fully installed or removed. Need to get 5691kB of archives. After this operation, 451MB disk space will be freed. Do you want to continue ...

6:05 PM
Hmm anyone seen this before?
Interesting. Are you sure you've posted all of your lsusb output? The find command does list a USB device that I don't see in your lsusb output. If it really isn't there... then that baffles me. Please provide the output of cat /sys/devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:1a.0/usb1/1-1/1-1.4/1-1.4:1.0/modalias for now. — gertvdijk 44 secs ago
@gertvdijk well, just now...
hehe. wish I can get two answers accepted... :)
BTW you'll have 10k before the day is over ;)
@Seth no... completely rep capped
only accepts can give it to me
oh. awwwww :(
6:08 PM
last 4 answers today: 10+8+3+5 (!) but doesn't give anything if bloody rep is capped.
@gertvdijk actually, when I get my votes back, your cap will be over ;)
yeah well... I'm not afraid of not reaching it very soon anyway. it's just about when
I sat on 2950 for a long time.
6:53 PM
Shamelessly advertising a question here. A 200 bounty wasn't enough, or what?
Q: How are key codes mapped to the appropriate action?

Gerhard BurgerAfter figuring out how to change the mapping of scan codes to key codes using udev, see this question, I was wondering how those key codes (or events if you will) are mapped to the appropriate action. So, for example, if you press volume up on your keyboard, a scan code is sent which will then ...

7:11 PM
Is this an answer? I don't think so. askubuntu.com/a/251711/88802
1 hour later…
8:15 PM
hmm.. I never worked with wubi, but "alongside windows" and "wubi" don't go together, or do they? askubuntu.com/questions/251466/no-bootloader-since-install
@guntbert read the comment. :)
I can't +1 the comment anymore... out of votes :(
8:33 PM
Q: Install HP deskjet wireless printer F 4580

user128818Trying to install HP deskjet printer F4580.

^-- that's the complete post. 7 words. WTF.
@gertvdijk, I did it in your name :-)
8:57 PM
Microsoft is porting Office to Linux?
@GeorgeEdison yeah, read that some hours ago. I was like W.T.F. I think it's a joke of some sort. Also colleagues said: can't be true - no market for this on Linux desktops.
or just a plain misunderstanding about Android/Linux
It's like, first announcing Skype for Linux to die, then announcing MS Office for Linux... WHAT?
I totally understand Office on Android.
Q: Lock folder when running cron

graphicsmanI am setting up my first cron on a Ubuntu Desktop system. I was curious to know if there is a way to lock a folder before a cron is ran and how to set it up? I am following this article. I am just trying to make sure I don't damage any files when moving them from and to the cron folder because...

9:13 PM
How would Office on Linux even work?
I mean, everything Microsoft relies on their messed-up compatibility layer.
Maybe it will run in Mono :P
That would be an epic example of irony.
I have exactly 10k.
9:36 PM
It's a little too quiet here...
celebrating my first 1000 :-)
@guntbert congrats and welcome "established user" \o/
@guntbert yey!
^--- all start VTC!
@Takkat, @gertvdijk thx \o/
It's even worse if these votes evaporate and we have to re-vote later again
9:43 PM
Anybody an idea why (oh why) they did write down all this: askubuntu.com/questions/251767/… - configuring a non-existent harddrive 40 times, running the live CD iso from a DOS floppy... sigh
askubuntu.com/questions/251725/… <-- How... what ... whyyyyy?!
@GeorgeEdison It will probably just be a web-app for their cloud office-360 offering
Don't they already have something like that?
Yes. My guess is "office on linux" will just be a webkit browser that caches those apps with an MS logo on top.
Then they can make a launcher and call it official.
9:48 PM
Seems likely.
It'd get bashed into oblivion, though.
@FEichinger That's perfectly possible on Thinkpads. OP is just unlucky to not have a Thinkpad, but a regular Lenovo, consumer grade notebook.
@gertvdijk Yes, but the very concept makes no sense at all.
@FEichinger It does!
> Higher charge voltages boost capacity but lowers cycle life and compromises safety.
9:50 PM
Oh wouldn't it be ironic if MS released a webkit based app to be cross-platform (as opposed to an IE instance)
I bet it's a thing that prevents constant charging/overheating, while plugged in and using the laptop. Maybe have him charge it while off?
@FEichinger There's a canonical Q&A about this very topic. Can't find it...
@mateo_salta Or it slows down the charging process and doesn't top off the battery. Remember the difference in the "speed chargers" and the 8 hour chargers for RC cars?
@gertvdijk That refers to charge per cell, though, not relative to actual capacity.
@FEichinger Well, if you don't charge your battery till 100% then it isn't loaded with a high voltage -> prolonged battery life span.
This Lenovo Windows app just tells the embedded controller to stop charging at 80%. in other words, limit the voltage to a lower value.
9:55 PM
@gertvdijk Fair enough.
I've had a Thinkpad and I really liked the ability to set this. Now I have a HP with a battery just locked at a lower voltage - no option to change this - all in hardware.
Comes with a "after three year still 80% capacity" warranty. In fact, it's just the same battery as the regular ones, (weight, # cells), but the capacity is specced at 80%. It just says "stop charging" at a lower limit.
Q: How can I use the new "kernel signed" packages to keep UEFI enabled and use Ubuntu along side other UEFI compliant operating systems?

AbrahamVanHelpsingIt's awesome that signed kernels are available now. I love it. We need a canonical answer on how to install Ubuntu with the signed kernels along-side other UEFI compliant systems. I'll bounty this after it gets a good answer. Check my accept rate...OOPS, it's about 100% ;)

^^ I think it needed to be asked
@Takkat @GeorgeEdison do you have information on android?
Android? What kind of information?
Q: Dual SIM without One of SIM

Enes KurayI have a Motorola Atrix phone. This phone has only one SIM reader. Can we create a virtual SIM reader to show a second SIM? If this is possible, how can I do it?

what do you think ?
10:00 PM
oh wait its not here
but i can ask it to my friends
@EnesKuray: unlikely. there's devices that let you switch sim cards on a single slot system
it isnt for you
<-- no idea - Android is on my kid's tablets only, me keeps hands off
points at channel title
its less an android and more a generic phone issue
10:01 PM
but i saw virtual devices work
to show any device
@JourneymanGeek am not i rigth ?
not without totally breaking the sim card system
then I could clone any simcard into nothing at all and make phone calls
can i copy all of a sim to virtual device
Theoretically you could do anything on a rooted phone, but you'ld be talking about a non-malicious rootkit for ARM linux
@AbrahamVanHelpsing "Check my accept rate" <-- accept rates are gone!
@gertvdijk Read the rest of the line
10:04 PM
@gertvdijk That's what the "OOPS" is for, I guess.
@AbrahamVanHelpsing my phone is rooted and unlocked
i can everything
yeah, well, you got a ⇤ (backspace) button.
That's why the wink is there at the end...and the personality that makes me type that is the same reason I won't run for moderator
I really think that "Check my accept rate...OOPS, it's about 100% ;)" should not belong in questions.
10:05 PM
Then edit it out. I won't roll it back
The whole "I will bounty it" doesn't belong in a question, for that matter.
Fair enough. I was trying to inspire a good answer not a "it says uefi dupe it to the other one that doesn't rely on kernel-signed"
@AbrahamVanHelpsing Add it as a comment, bold if needed. ;)
@AbrahamVanHelpsing: I've done the same thing before on SU, one moment
superuser.com/posts/342107/revisions see the last revision ;p
It works pretty well if you put 'I want this, these requirements being met will result in a bountry of Y'
Cool, so edit a notice in to the existing UEFI question with a good and detailed answer?
I'll do it however people want, but that's an answer that needs to be on site
Someone with mod-powers tell me what to do on this one @mods
10:20 PM
no no
edit in the requirements to get the bounty
check the question in question and see if that's what you meant
works better IMO
it's fine. i'll do it however, it's just a datapoint that needs to be available
that looked like a userscript.
10:29 PM
its me
i'm just fast :P
and i always do that.
Q: Shouldn't audio and video players be discussed and listed separately?

cipricusAsking about video players or audio players separately would already involve the risk of getting a lot of duplicate answers, but a question asking one about all "media" players had made it all useless in my opinion, especially by the fact that the thing is impossible to improve and keep up to da...

I have a bit of a cramped workspace:
did you intend to disclose your email address or most of it?
I have a netbook-sized screen on the left and a mini USB monitor on the right.
@AbrahamVanHelpsing It's okay.
10:34 PM
@AbrahamVanHelpsing I think that one's been public for quite a while.
@GeorgeEdison okay. and so you have displaylink working?
I've got an RDP session to my Ubuntu box on the right.
@AbrahamVanHelpsing I'm using Windows 8 on this machine.
That's why one desktop looks like Windows and the other like KDE.
:/ I want to muck around with getting a set of displaylink hardware working so people can be sure they can buy one that works. It's not high on my list of priorities though.
Yeah, that would be nice.
I mean it is possible to get it working - it just involves disabling a bunch of stuff and messing around with a bunch of config files.
I heard that it works better on Fedora.
I have a moral division on using fedora...not going to talk about it
Same with wireless N and hostapd support. I'ld like to get it working on one USB card. It's something that needs to happen. Buy this and it works should exist for lots of things.
10:38 PM
I have Wireless N working in Ubuntu on all of my machines.
With master mode?
Master mode isn't supported on most hardware anyway.
That's the detail that needs addressing
And the hardware it is supported on works fine on Ubuntu.
For example, this machine (the netbook) has a Realtek adapter (IIRC) that supports master mode.
It works in Windows. It works in Ubuntu.
My other machine has an Intel adapter. It doesn't work in Windows. It doesn't work in Ubuntu.
I heard otherwise...like the USB ath9k driver alfa card required a patch inside the last six months. USB/externally connectable is key.
10:40 PM
Both of my wireless chips are internal.
Yeah. My Intel wireless N works fine unless I want injection. What I'm getting at is that there needs to be buyable snap-on hardware instead of trying to piece-meal it.
Let me find out what chip I have in this machine. It works great as long as you grab and compile the kernel module directly from Realtek.
If it were external you could answer this: askubuntu.com/questions/139123/…
So it's a Realtek RTL8188CE apparently.
My other machine has one of "those Intel cards".
Okay, running Qt Creator at a resolution of 800x480 nearly makes it unusable.
running anything but pong or pitfall at that resolution makes it unusable
10:45 PM
You certainly can.
The question is whether it will be usable or not.
I was going to complete that thought, but @AbrahamVanHelpsing said it better.
I wish the RDP protocol could act as a transport for OpenGL calls - then gaming across an RDP session might be a possibility.
talk to onlive. they have an android client
This would be a bit different since it's a local network.
...and therefore there would be a lot more bandwidth available.
I take your point. I was just saying that someone wrote a protocol to figure it out or just figured out how to get it working. Bribe their developers with beer.
10:51 PM
@LuisAlvarado: Ping!
It's a dupe
My problem is that I just installed Ubuntu 12.10 via Wubi, since I have Windows XP and I decided not to partition the drive.

It seemed to install fine, then restart the PC and I had to choose between the two operating systems.

I chose Ubuntu but I arrived at grub rescue.
Just a note...google translate performed entirely too well.
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