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12:51 AM
You're welcome
@MarcoCeppi You're weird...
You can thank my Girlfriend for finding that one
1:05 AM
@MarcoCeppi hmmmm be kind rewind
1:35 AM
youtube.com/watch?v=364dzVsBs2o#t=50 I just never get tired of this
Hm, looks like we need more west-coast US people in here! :)
Or late night east coasters (like me)
That works! Btw, how'd you get the thumbnail in your youtube link?
I'm CST, but I don't act my UTC
It's one-boxing - it occurs when you paste a link on one line with no other text
A bunch of links will Onebox in chat - Youtube, is one of them
Ah-ha, okay
1:39 AM
@kees frightening. It looked like it was going to go after the guy with the brick before going into the tomatoes(?)
@jgbelacqua Hah, yeah! I thought the camera guy was gonna run away. (I would have.)
ha... but it cut it off before getting scary/really hilarious
2:00 AM
Q: Do i need to open 25 port to send emails with the php mail function?

user43353I have a Linux web app. Do I need to open port 25 to only send emails using the PHP mail function? If I have to open port 25, how can I disable receiving emails? Edit: I am asking because I understand that sendmail is the message transfer agent on my server.

So many bad, bad answers.
Thankfully it's on SF :)
I wonder if they're losing users.
yeah. I'm kind of depressed every time I go there.
Our problem(?) seems to be that askubuntu has a lot of users that don't come back. We have almost identical 200-10000+ rep users as gamers, but we have 4K more users.
Or maybe we just don't vote and so artificially depress our site rep count.
2:28 AM
@jgbelacqua we just suck...
I think it's the former point
anyone here have a trackpoint/nub thing? the op seems to have disappeared, but i'm really curious if my solution works. askubuntu.com/q/24558/8515
the synclient LockedDrags=1 one, that is
@MarcoCeppi problem is that a lot of questions end up unanswered because there's just not enough feedback from the person who asked it
2:45 AM
@ajmitch I'm so tempted to just delete those
@djeikyb What is a trackpoint? Is that a pad or something else?
found it, I think.
i'ts not a touch pad, it's a stick of sorts
I have one of those on a laptop somewhere, I think. Let me see if it's the same deal.
2:51 AM
like a nub of a joystick, usually in the middle of the keyboard of a laptop
not too common anymore, i don't think.
Interesting -- my work laptop, which is a dell, has such a joystick thing. And a slide-y finger pad. And two different rows of buttons. One of everything.
It's a fairly new Dell latitude. I'll fire it up.
your link is exactly what i'm talking about
sweet, thanks!
no problem -- definitely worth checking out.
well, doesn't work as is, but let me see if I can update the driver
3:07 AM
dang. what driver is it using?
Er, well I've got xserver-xorg-input-synaptics installed, but synclient says drivers are not loaded.
Trying to look at lshw output now.
ah. does grep trackpoint /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d reveal anything interesting?
apparently I have an entry for "Magic Trackpad" . I think 'trackpoint' is the lenova version, but don't know if the driver or manufacturer is the same.
someday I will get paid for my mad skills
3:14 AM
magic trackpad is the mac external touch pad
? well, that's weird.
@TheX very cool.
digging through hwinfo now
@jgbelacqua lol... just a tutorial I followed, no skill required...
@TheX well, 'following directions' is one of those skills some never acquire
lol I suppose so...
Ugh. askubuntu.com/questions/14178/… has some info on what the kernel thinks of my integrated trackpad/stick thing .
3:28 AM
thanks for checking it out @jgbelacqua, i'll see what else i can pick up
3:46 AM
@djeikyb no problem -- I'll see if I can get the drivers loaded eventually, though I've got to do a couple of things before I give it another shot.
@TheX I like the slackware one. they're all unfair and funny though .
@jgbelacqua yes they are a fairly big generalizations... but true...
I mean... google wallpapers for Ubuntu... and you will get hundreds of of scantly clad ladies with the Ubuntu logo tattooed to their breast... or other various body parts
@TheX or it's referring to the near-naked CD covers & the monthly ubuntu wallpapers from warty & hoary
who is warty and hoary?
The first two ubuntu releases? :)
3:54 AM
Warty Warthog (4.10) & Hoary Hedgehog (5.04)
yeah I got it
why is chrome being so stupid?
because it's busy uploading your life history to google
damn... again?
where is the python api to create notifications in ubuntu
probably python-notify
4:02 AM
why does luvablehumps979 keep requesting to be my friend?
@ajmitch how come it doesn't work when have i dual screen and the second is full
4:18 AM
@RolandTaylor HOLLA!
I answered your question btw
brb - installing flashgot
wow ff4 starts so fast O.o
I like FF4...
I don't currently have it installed though :(
4:29 AM
aw that sucks
it's getting better
I have kinda had a love affair with google chrome since it came out... FF hasn't been able to win me back...
not even FF4 as much as I like it
I customized mine a bit
it looks awesome
ff4+duckduckgo+fast dial = win
looks cool
well I guess I have to go to bed now :-(
4:32 AM
talk to ya later
cya l8r then
there I gave you a little project to work on @RolandTaylor
@RolandTaylor can you please stop posting wrong links in your answers?
the remastersys thing is from like 3 years ago
@JorgeCastro ...
4:35 AM
* , *
Roland Taylor doesn't come here much anymore for that very reason - he never does anything right.
Dude I'm trying to help you
on that note... I am leaving before things get out of hand...
good night
you're always wondering why you get downvotes and I'm just trying to tell you why
5:20 AM
good morning!
hola @djeikyb!
4 hours later…
9:08 AM
@OctavianDamiean Morning
9:40 AM
@torbengb oh hello (Guten morgen)
2 hours later…
11:14 AM
@OctavianDamiean Servus!
@torbengb so you're from Austria too :)
Just been through Austria by car you seem to have the best petrol prices in Europe at the moment!!
@OctavianDamiean Nope, I'm from Denmark :-D but I'm living in Austria since 2005. With best petrol prices, do you mean highest? It's €1.40 for Diesel now; it was €0.89 when I moved here....!
@Allan the fuel reply was to to you...
@torbengb oh I see. Where do you live in Austria? Vienna?
@OctavianDamiean just north of Vienna, in Korneuburg. I work in Vienna.
11:23 AM
@torbengb ah nice
@Allan Hey your profile text is essentially same as my story :-)
@OctavianDamiean yes, I go by train every day, takes only 20 minutes. Fast and easy, and doesn't cost fuel :)
@torbengb its about 1.50+ in belgium and 1.48-9 in germany but that is motorway prices
@torbengb yea and especially in Vienna the best option is going by train ... the traffic is just extreme there
I'm about 50km south of Budapest near the Danube and if you had told me 10 years ago I would have laughed ;)
yeesh. petrol here in california is €2.60
11:26 AM
@Allan Motorway prices are at least +0.15 anyway. I never refuel on motorways.
@djeikyb yes but for a GALLON, right? that's 4 liters.
oh, bloody hell. i forgot the gallons to litres bit
@djeikyb thought so :)
it is quite expensive yea
I rarely take US people seriously when they moan about gas prices. Nothing personal, just in comparison - you're lucky!
thanks to our nice government it got even more expensive this year haha
11:28 AM
:D I'll quit whining
:D Let's change the topic, this is depressing.
haha, i'd been under the impression that europe's petrol was ridiculous, so i was a bit confused at first
@torbengb do you use Ubuntu at work too?
@OctavianDamiean I wish. But at least I'm lucky because we use WinXP, not Win2k as in my previous place of work, and not Vista either. 7 is OK but XP is the best Windows ever. I've been on Linux for nearly a month at home now :-) Incidentally, this is still bugging me:
Q: New computer hangs on shutdown/reboot, how to troubleshoot?

torbengbSummary: My machine hangs on shutdown/restart: all windows and the menu bar disappear but the desktop wallpaper remains, and it stays like that without disk activity forever (hours). It doesn't even show the shutdown screen (the one with the animated dots) where I could hit ESC and watch the shut...

I hope to learn much about Ubuntu so that I can move all my family's computers to it.
11:31 AM
i'm always shocked when i hear businesses are still running win2k
Need to get the WAF (wife acceptance factor), and the media center pc with tuners will be a problem.
@djeikyb yeah it wasn't fun. Like getting a mouse without a scroll wheel :)
is promote-slave-to-master.sh a good naming practice, or promoteMasterToSlave.sh ?
of course, when i did tech support a couple years ago i got the occasional customer angrily demanding nt4 support ;p
@torbengb hi! got your machine yet?
@djeikyb wow. When I was working at MS (many years ago) the inside joke was "did you try reinstalling windows?"
11:33 AM
eheh..sure it was only a joke?
@KaustubhP Hi! Yes I did, using it now. Much better than the old one, way nice, Only having trouble with suspend and reboot (see above) but otherwise happy.
@djeikyb Well back in those days many things could break. there's a reason they invented System Restore.... (which I'm missing when I mess/experiment with Ubuntu??
@torbengb Have you tried turning it off and on again? :P
@KaustubhP The attention span of a computer is only as long as its power cord
bravo! well said!
not my quote, but source unknown
11:36 AM
@torbengb have you tried running shutdown -h now at a virtual console?
ie, ctrl-alt-f1
log in, and run the command
@djeikyb yep. Weird thing is that any which way I try to shutdown/reboot/suspend/hibernate, it immediately freezes, even before switching from the desktop background image to the shutdown screen.
So I'm stuck at the background image. That's when the power cord (button) comes into play.
right, you mentioned the background pic, which is why i was suggesting skipping the gui and going straight to the virtual console
the other thing i might recommend is manually killing all the processes until you get to the gettys
Let me try that! I'll be back in 2 minutes :-D
@djeikyb gettys?
ps auxw|grep getty
@torbengb WAF I will have to remember that one, mine still uses vista 32bit on a 64bit machine even if it crashes every day because she likes it.
11:40 AM
how do I kill the processes?
they're the processes that spawn the six virtual consoles
sudo pkill nameofprocess
Wait .. she LIKES vista?
afk - baby crying
check ps to see if it died
if not, pkill -9 nameofprocess
or just crowbar it all with pkill -9 from the get-go
i would start with killing X and gdm, and work your way from there
@torbengb with regards to screen resolution. Do you use a VGA to DVI adapter by any chance?
oh boy Eclipse just crashed ... gnaarrrr
@torbengb oh right, the point of manually killing the processes first is to see if it is really some stupid process that is hanging the system
personally, i think it more likely an acpi problem like everyone else is saying, but this will either work or further confirm it is acpi's fault
vim has never crashed on me :D
11:53 AM
@djeikyb yea well you're right I could go with vim but it is a bit hard to develop for Android using vim
well not hard but requires tons of additional typing
only teasing. i've only done the least bit of novice coding, but i can easily see the value of a full ide
sometimes I think it does that on purpose just to piss me off
that is so great ... importing a compliance level 1.6 project into your compliance 1.6 workspace draws an error which says Android requires .class compatibility set to 5.0. Please fix project properties.
this is amazing
I'm loving it
@djeikyb yes that is exactly what I was thinking!
lol, have fun with that one
i've got to be gone
cheers, all
12:00 PM
So I'm thinking about buying this chair. And the shop has a link to the designers website ← completely hilarious :D
This might just push me over the edge :)
12:26 PM
@StefanoPalazzo what?
ah, link
I hate hardware.
brilliant, right? :-)
@Oli that's too bad, I was going to ask you some hardware questions
I celebrated my moderatorship with a fancy new Nvidia GTX 580, fought with the drivers until it worked, loaded up a game... Which ran beautifully for all of 10 seconds.... and then the whole PC shut off. Looks like my PSU has finally had enough of me adding new bits and bobs to it
It'd be okay if good PSUs were cheap but now I've "had" to spend another £120 on a shiny new PSU
so, @Oli can you give me a hint on processors?
I'm debating the i5-750 vs. the xeon X3440 (2.56ghz, ht) vs the i7 870, and the phenom X6 is also on my mind
as always with hardware, they're getting more expensive by small increments, I'm wondering where the sweet spot is
@StefanoPalazzo personally I'd go with the i7
12:37 PM
it's 90€ more expensive than the i5, do you think it's worth it? (I'd also buy 16 gb of ram to satisfy my OCD [cores * 2])
↑ not entirely serious ;-)
@StefanoPalazzo What about the sandybridge ones? I know they're new (and some are prone to faults) but they really fly
@Oli I'd love to, I could even get the most expensive one - but there just aren't any motherboards (literally, my preferred shop says "no products in this category")
@StefanoPalazzo I think they withdrew a whole load - it might take a few weeks for replacements
sandy bridge would mean I save about 70€ on a graphics card, some motherboards that were available earlier had dual-dvi outputs
Even so, I'm not sure I'd use the onboard graphics over a discrete card
(says the person that's just spent £500 upgrading his graphics)
12:42 PM
Well, I run the x4500 graphics chip in this laptop with my big old monitor, it works brilliantly at 1920x1440
so, I figure two 1920x1080 displays with a newer intel graphics chip would work very well
does it have dual outputs?
the laptop doesn't
hey, just as we were talking they've added a few sandy bridge mainboard, says "available in march", and the product description is broken html, but that's good enough for me :)
1:37 PM
उसका क्या होगा?
i think google translate fails on this one - i don't mean the actor :D
Amitābha (Sanskrit: अमिताभ, Amitābha (wordstem), ) is a celestial buddha described in the scriptures of the Mahāyāna school of Buddhism. Amitābha is the principal buddha in the Pure Land sect, a branch of Buddhism practiced mainly in East Asia, while in Vajrayana Amitābha is known for his longevity attribute and the aggregate of distinguishing (recognition) and the deep awareness of individualities. According to these scriptures, Amitābha possesses infinite merits resulting from good deeds over countless past lives as a bodhisattva named Dharmakāra. "Amitābha" is translatable as "Infin...
oops, wrong lang
उसका क्या होगा?
1:40 PM
AFAIK it's like saying "Grüß Gott!"
Guys, can you answer this one?
Q: Steam on Ubuntu

LoveMeSomeCodeOk, I was kindof surprised that this hadn't been asked here before, but maybe it's too technical for this site. You guys decide. I've heard lots of different stories about setting up Wine on Ubuntu, WineTricks, PlayOnLinux etc., but never a 'This is the best way to do it for Steam and Steam game...

@badp it's a good question, can you push it over?
@StefanoPalazzo I don't think so, because it's on topic for Gaming as well.
I'm just checking if it's been asked here
1:42 PM
That's what I'm hoping too.
i successfully played cs:s via steam/wine a couple of years ago, but wine and steam move forward way too quickly to make this experience an answer :(
there is a nice answer from Marco, but it's from august last year
I'd answer it on gaming, but I've no idea if it still works
Q: How can I run Steam?

ShubhWhat is the best method to run Steam (http://store.steampowered.com/) on Ubuntu?

Q: Italic text in Steam under Wine

febsRunning steam using wine. Works perfectly except for a small error: All my text is italic for some reason. I'm using the latest wine release 1.3.12 and Ubuntu 10.10 Thought I'd try here first, if this would be more appropriate in a more wine oriented discussion I'll be happy to move it.

this one from feb. 2nd indicates that it just work with wine
you know what, I'll answer it
go ahead and quote the answer, or answer it originally :)
1:45 PM
@badp It's a duplicate on our site
Oh look - there's a scroll bar over there
/me is caught up in conversation now
Scroll bars make for the most amazing conversations.
My word, three upvotes in as many minutes
gaming is busy :-)
2:03 PM
Few questions means each gets a lot of attention!
2:26 PM
I <3 gaming
I wish I had time to game more to ask questions
I wonder why the User count isn't incrementing on the Plugins page
I have GA setup on the page and it's gotten 516 hits since yesterday afternoon
May be we all use chromium ;-)
someone forget to tell me it was monday?
someone highlight me please, testing chromify-osd on winders...
@TheX It's not going to work.
@TheX FIY: It was Monday, yesterday
2:39 PM
nope it doesn't work... lol
Yeah, could have told you that :P
@StefanoPalazzo are you sure? I just now sat at my desk and I have been here for about 1hr 15mins
You get a gold star if you can get notify-osd running on "winders" ;-)
@StefanoPalazzo I wouldn't even know where to begin...
@TheX sorry I can't parse that
2:41 PM
@StefanoPalazzo I am sorry too...
hey anyone know how Watson did yesterday?
not that I could have watched it, but - wow - was that ever an advertisement for IBM
I've no idea how it did
It's such a dumb idea
Where was that article I read about it
they were advertising the potential benefits of the machine to medicine, but as fas as I know there already are really good automated DDX systems.
IBM builds a super computer that knows everything, programmers ask it if there is a god, it's response: "there is now"
2:45 PM
I think it would make a heck of a gaming machine...?
Clinical decision support system (CDSS or CDS) is an interactive decision support system (DSS) Computer Software, which is designed to assist physicians and other health professionals with decision making tasks, as determining diagnosis of patient data. A working definition has been proposed by Dr. Robert Hayward of the Centre for Health Evidence; "Clinical Decision Support systems link health observations with health knowledge to influence health choices by clinicians for improved health care". This definition has the advantage of simplifying Clinical Decision Support to a functional conc...
@TheX it wouldn't :)
@StefanoPalazzo why not?
because the software would never take advantage of the Hardware I gues
@TheX it's basically a whole bunch of blade servers, so imagine you bought a small server, like a quad core xeon thing for around 800 dollars (not a good gaming machine, no graphics acceleration). And then imagine you had five thousand of them, with really fast network interconnects.
I guess it wouldn't be very efficient and my light bill would be outrageous...
one could imagine that there exists a person that has played tetris on a large supercomputer
:P (gotta go, see you later)
3:43 PM
@TheX your question is churning like crazy!
Dang! 7 answers
Yup, and that psusi guy is kinda going against the flow. At first I thought he is correct, but then there are a few more people contesting him.
that question need to be stefano-ed ;)
sorry what?
I don't follow this conversation at all ;-)
are you talking about the firewall question @KaustubhP?
Sorry I just came back, I'll read it :)
3:50 PM
@TheX let the cats among the pigeons. well, small cat in some piegeons.
do you think it should be protected?
I am sorry, what do you mean by protectd?
@StefanoPalazzo I don't see anything that would lead to it needing to be protected
@MarcoCeppi Right, I shall read it before I say stuff :)
@KaustubhP 15k/mod ability, prevent a question from being answerable for anon/10 rep or below users
3:52 PM
@KaustubhP protected means that only users with 10 rep can add new answers
@StefanoPalazzo all the people who have answered arer above 15 any way, so its kinda pointless.
Somethings terribly wrong with that question :P I mean, there are a bunch of factual mistakes
And it's meant to stop things like "Me too!" or "Thanks" from low level rep users
@StefanoPalazzo is CDSS something similar to MYCIN?
MYCIN was an early expert system developed over five or six years in the early 1970s at Stanford University. It was written in Lisp as the doctoral dissertation of Edward Shortliffe under the direction of Bruce Buchanan, Stanley N. Cohen and others. It arose in the laboratory that had created the earlier Dendral expert system, but emphasized the use of judgmental rules that had elements of uncertainty (known as certainty factors) associated with them. This expert system was designed to identify bacteria causing severe infections, such as bacteremia and meningitis, and to recommend antibioti...
Similar, yes.
3:55 PM
@StefanoPalazzo True. I ended up more confused. And all my concepts have gone for a toss.
one thing's for sure: if it works, it's doomed :D
but a cdss doesn't need any "AI", necessarily (I've written one that just follows very basic boolean rules)
The big problem with this question is the word "firewall", it's not well defined in this instance (ufw vs. iptables vs. "no opened ports", what is a firewall?)
honesty, I just wanted to extend the humour from the chatroom to the forum :P
The comment says "wrong answer". No idea so as to why.
downvote me, if I am wrong or out of line, no problemo!
Is this correct? That absence of firewall is safe?
A: Is a Firewall really necessary these days?

psusiBy definition a firewall blocks communication that otherwise would be allowed. A desktop Ubuntu machine has no services installed by default that will accept connections, so there is nothing for a firewall to block access to. Therefore, it is completely useless. The reason a firewall is consid...

I don't think you're "wrong", just that the problem is much more complicated than it appears. So, no you're as right as the question allows you to be, but both you and psusi are "wrong" if you take an "evidence based analysis" point of view
@KaustubhP It can be (the word "can" is exactly the problem)

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