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8:00 PM
Well, what're we're doing is improving the knowledge resource for everyone, right?
Not rep whoring? :)
hey I moved it to release-management
Naw Innocent look
since I have people who do cycle stuff looking at that tag
@JorgeCastro Good call, wasn't sure if that tag applied or not
8:02 PM
that's where all the "when is it out?" and "why is there 2 betas this time around?" kind of stuff can go
there's 2 betas this time round?
...nevermind, I'll ask again later. The top starred message is good enough for me.
ohh, I thought it was "two different betas, one fancy and one standard"
not "beta 1 and then beta 2"
why'd people care about that?
@badp People can be very weird
well I was just using that as an example of things we could put in
oh boo, no formatting
oh, it's just slow
8:11 PM
What the tag actually rendered?!
That's the first time - in a long time - that I've seen tags actually render in chat.
is it magic?
I remember we used to have [status-tags] not sure where they went
I don't even know how you link those tags in chat :)
Tags in chat: [tag:ubuntu-desktop]
8:12 PM
like ?
New rule: If you get caught using the tag after today...you're gonna be in trouble
@MarcoCeppi it's not possible to use it
@RolandTaylor Have you tried :P
you are magic
@MarcoCeppi what about ? We debated whether to keep it in here the other day
8:16 PM
I think server is still okay - for now. It just implies NO GUI SOLUTIONS
I'm in favour of keeping it
was just a horrible idea and I'm so sorry for suggesting it
We'll lynch you for it later
We had really good intentions when it started
Q: How to tag the Ubuntu editions and derivatives

moberley[ The previous revision of this question didn't get much response and was incomplete because it did not include the derivatives, at least one of which also has editions. I have revised it to hopefully be more complete and I have switched it to a community wiki. ] Note: If you have a suggested se...

But we were young and reckless back then
I cringe everytime someone bumps one of our old CW questions
it's like "man, I don't know what we were thinking"
8:19 PM
@JorgeCastro blame the alcohol
oh that reminds me
is getting too meta
I hate to think of how many beers I'd owe you if I ever get back to UDS :)
I'm going to go tidy up and propose to kill it unless someone cares strongly
@JorgeCastro Could someone suggest a wiki for it
Oh, or that :P
only one that needs help
8:24 PM
Unity is awesome!
@MarcoCeppi yes
@JorgeCastro ?
no that's a new tag
there's gotta be a place
oh duh, design
@JorgeCastro belated congrats on passing 10k
From perldoc:
> "Even if you are one in a million, that leaves 5,000 people just like you, and if only 1 in a thousand use perl, that's still 5 perl programmers just like you. "
> "Every one of those 5 people have already asked your question, twice."
8:27 PM
facepalm that's still too many programmers
It's from this page.
cool does a DDoS attack
8:41 PM
it will be ready in 6-8 weeks...
9:40 PM
is it just me that see's the gnome foot on the bottom panel?
massive amount of comments on OMGU as usual and no one noticed!!!?
it probably just uses the distributor logo thing like the old panel
I thought Unity replaced the gnome panel or am I wrong I haven't been paying attention much recently to much other things going on at the moment including ask.
it does
but themes have an icon called "distributor logo"
so if you have a theme that doesn't mess with it and unity now supports themes then it would just up there
you can (probably) install the fedora gnome theme and have their logo on there
Does that mean that my favourite old theme from 10.04/10.10 will still work?
I assume you might be getting bored with these type questions by now but at least I'm not trolling it if it works it works if it looks cool even better (I can just about handle compiz)
9:59 PM
well your gtk theme will
I don't mind questions!
I use a combo of Equinox Ambient, Faenza, Awn and a 9 Ubuntu font really good looking and flexible combination. Ubuntu gave me a passion for tweaking that was ruthlessly suppressed by windows all these years.
10:34 PM
@jgbelacqua around?
11:08 PM
@MarcoCeppi congrats
I'm really busy on the Code Golf site... :P
^------ I made a theme for it.
`@GeorgeEdison Nice!! Unfortunately the whole Code Gold thing goes over my head
It does?
ah interesting
check this out
11:20 PM
It's just a game where you try to write the smallest piece of code.
@GeorgeEdison Yeah, I'm not very good at it
Me neither.
I'm mostly busy there writing a script for them.
(And that's where the theme comes in...)
Q: Code Golf UserScript to help in navigating the site [v0.31 now available]

George EdisonCurrent version: The current version of the script is 0.31. I was inspired by this Meta post to write a UserScript that would automatically tally up the size of code blocks and display the count underneath. The advantage provided by the script is that it brings uniformity in regards to line-...

I got a comment on the theme:
> "I can report that your experimental theme works on my Mac with Firefox. And, thankfully, I can report that turning it off works too. Yikes! "
[twiddles thumbs...]

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