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4:00 PM
@MarcoCeppi I need your help,
@StefanoPalazzo true. My answer was intended to be wordplay on the words: 'these days` :P
My instinct says close as argumentative
@StefanoPalazzo Yeah?
@MarcoCeppi do you agree with "close as subjective && argumentative"?
I wouldn't think twice were it not for the super ninja vote :(
When I have a split feeling on something I just leave a comment saying "This seems subjective and argumentative"
wait for the > 3k's to put one or two votes before slamming down the ninja vote
4:02 PM
i don't have super ninja vote powers -> close (1)
@MarcoCeppi thank you, will do :)
(still learning you see)
@StefanoPalazzo nope, not argumentative. There can be an answer, I feel.
Let it be open a bit.
@KaustubhP an answer that applies to every reader?
Theres no harm to let people blow off some steam (in a good way).
I think so. There wont be a context where fireall isnt necessary, rght?
@KaustubhP That's the question
4:07 PM
@StefanoPalazzo stumped, and clean bowled
I'm sorry, I don't know what that means :D
I know what each of the words mean, individually :)
hehe, it means, I am out of words, or something like, you got me.
Bowled is a method of dismissing a batsman in the sport of cricket. This method of dismissal is covered by Law 30 of the Laws of cricket. A batsman is out bowled if his wicket is put down by a ball delivered by the bowler. It is irrelevant as to whether the ball has touched the bat, glove, or any part of the batsman before going on to put down the wicket, though it may not touch another player or an umpire before doing so. Such rules mean that bowlings are the most obvious of dismissals: almost never requiring an appeal to the umpire; a bowled batsman will usually acknowledge the dismissa...
Hmmmm googly
and that was well before you could do any googling ;D
@Allan yeah, that is better!
4:12 PM
Never managed to get a six but got a few fours before the rain started
you hooked to the WC, @Allan ?
Not really but we lived next to one of Essex County's grounds so it was difficult to miss
@KaustubhP I do believe we might be confusing all the Americans
you're cetainly confusing one of the germans :-)
4:19 PM
Wow, the status updated for Chromify-OSD: chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/…
@Allan +1 :D
@StefanoPalazzo Last week I managed to get stopped by the "zoll" & the "polizei" one after the other :0
@Allan they just wanted to take a look at your "crazy" car with the steering wheel on the wrong side :P
@StefanoPalazzo lol!
@StefanoPalazzo another FW question:
Q: Why is the firewall disabled by default?

6205Why is ufw firewall included in Ubuntu, when it is not enabled and pre-configured by default? Most users don't even know it is there, because no GUI frontend is provided.

I wish I were British, then I could make some great jokes about the war (;
@KaustubhP without having read all of the answers, I feel if a question has been there for a few weeks, and there aren't any close votes, it has been decided upon by the community that the question is alright, so to speak
In other words, the less I do the better (:
4:27 PM
no, i didnt mean to say its wrong, just appreciare the clarity of the question, and answers :P
I see
yeah, tx's answer is awesome
The main difference between that question and the newer one. That one asks a question of "Why is firewall disabled by default" something that can be objectively answered. The other is a question which borders more towards "Do we really need a firewall?" which will differ depending on a person
I say "YOU NEED FIREWALLZ" but I know that other feel differently
my opinion on the question of "do you need a firewall, ever?": I don't know, and neither do you :P
Hum s/\"YOU/\"I/
@StefanoPalazzo the dude asked for answers, opinions go on quora!
4:31 PM
What I meant to say was, it's a bit like asking "does the higgs boson exist" on physics.se
@StefanoPalazzo I hope not adding smileys doesnt convey a sense of hostility.
dont mind if usage conveys sarcasm :P
@KaustubhP in this instance, I got the sarcasm : )
anyway, a great statement that I tweeted:
The attention span of a computer is only as long as its power cord. -torbengb
4:34 PM
@OctavianDamiean Good evening
@MarcoCeppi mate I love that extension :D
Good morning all scotch lovers. Happy Ballantine's Day :)
+1 :)
@OctavianDamiean Glad it's working for you!
@StefanoPalazzo :D
btw, did you comment on the post in my blog?
now the only thing missing is getting asynchronous notifications on answers, comments and the like on stackexchange with a desktop notification option
4:37 PM
@OctavianDamiean You might want StackApplet
Q: Tools for Ask Ubuntu

George EdisonAs some of you know, I have created some tools for Stack Exchange sites (like Ask Ubuntu) on Stack Apps. What tools have been developed for Ask Ubuntu, or are especially useful to Ask Ubuntu users?

@StefanoPalazzo I originally come from the Spey valley in Scotland where "Proper Whiskey" comes from ;)
@MarcoCeppi dude I love you lol
@Allan really? wow, you must have grown on that stuff :P
@Allan nice!
@KaustubhP Well the hairs on my chest if my granddad is to be believed
4:41 PM
wow, interesting (urban) legends!
Mind you it's obviously done no favours for the hair on my head
"Recently there has been some controversy over attempts to Anglicise the name into Spey Valley."
careful not to upset the locals ;-)
@Allan haha! just wax your head (or whatever they call it), get aviators, black pants, bling, and you are hip!
reinstalls current Natty build
@StefanoPalazzo The locals have more money than sense and that's coming from a local
Whiskey isn't cheap
4:44 PM
the distillers you mean?
I say they deserve every penny :)
More of a Bourbon man myself.
Beer or Rum+Vodka for me!
I planned to finish the first half of K&R tonight, so it's coffee for me ;)
I'm a "teetotaller".
@KaustubhP Did you watch the opening ceremony, mate? It was beautiful!
googles homepage has changed again
4:47 PM
I can see this conversation ending in a pub down the road obviously separate ones
Don't hate me: I don't drink. :)
@Sid hi! couldnt, work :(
@Sid I used to not drink for the longest time
4:49 PM
Morne Morkel and Dale Steyn in Bangalore/Bengaluru.
@Sid awesome! love it when they mingle!
@MarcoCeppi: Cool!:)
theres something about riding a rick in india, its a one way raod to common man's heart!
@StefanoPalazzo not here, yet!
@KaustubhP And pocket!
@StefanoPalazzo Popped up last night for me. Not a fan.
4:50 PM
@MarcoCeppi I like the blue.
@MarcoCeppi an I dont see my name, instead see my username. opens up the hood
Still hasn't pushed out to reader for me, I can't care less about the few more pixels that thing will use
@MarcoCeppi me neither, I'd remove most of the stuff, leaving only the search button, textview and links to "images" and "other"
@Sid there was a rickshaw puller who thanked his lucky stars, because ranatunga was no longer the captain :P
I think it's still too much. One thing that attracted me to Google originally was it's minimal interface
4:52 PM
@StefanoPalazzo www.google.co.in hasn't changed!
they usually roll these things out very slowly, to see how people react @Sid
@KaustubhP Good one!
@MarcoCeppi that is still minimalist for my taste, compared to the other offerings!
they sometimes even change search results drastically, for a small number of people, then gather data
@StefanoPalazzo I'm freaking out right now, turning over cars in the streets and lighting fire to everything
4:53 PM
@Sid hope we win the WC. good for tendulkar if he goes off with a bang!
I'm using www.duckduckgo.com don't have to wait for the adverts
@KaustubhP Yes!
@MarcoCeppi It's just like when they changed their favicon! People were rioting in the street and camping outside their Mountain View HQ for days! No, wait, that's Egypt...
@Allan yeah, I have heard a lot about it.
4:54 PM
can I make chrome open my homepage, instead of the most visited thing, when I open a new tab?
@KaustubhP cant remember where I heard it from originally might have been omg
@Allan too off the mark :(
@StefanoPalazzo about:blank ?
is back on Natty
4:56 PM
@StefanoPalazzo isn't there a plugin for that
Illustrated Privacy Policy of DuckDuckGo:
No idea, I'll have a look
@Sid I know the reason for its popularity, it doesnt track you, but Id rather be tracked and not get lost, so as to say.
Me thinks that Jockey shouldn't display Nvidia drivers as long as they are not compatible
@StefanoPalazzo new tab redirect
5:00 PM
Oh you were about a second quicker than me :)
thanks @Allan, works great
I had it installed to use omgubuntu.co.uk/2011/01/… as a new tab page
I like duckgo's neutrality. they have even advised some extension for browsers.
but the privacy and tracking explanation is awesome!
I've just switched everything to duckduckgo, as an experiment (i was never a fan, ask me in a week)
@StefanoPalazzo the only thing I miss Stefano is the previews but thats no biggie
sounds good, I rarely use those
5:11 PM
reboots into Maverick
is back
6:01 PM
@MarcoCeppi around?
@JorgeCastro Always
im pls
6:24 PM
hey gang
@RolandTaylor ping?
git-bisect is a good way to waste half a day :D
firefox 4 go gold today?
I typed "firefox 4 release date" into duckduckgo, says "no results"
it's true, but not helpful (:
6:29 PM
what do you mean by "go gold"?
as in officially released to the general public
looks like they're at beta 11
 yeah thatis what I thought
someone told me that it did though... I wa slike nooooo can't be
beta 12 will be the last beta before the final release
they were scheduled for "February", like "six to eight weeks" :)
6:32 PM
(which is programmer-talk for leave me alone)
by the way anyone have veto powers so you I can stop you from closing all my questions? :-P
@TheX No idea how serious you are, but in general, if you have any issue with 3+ users' or moderators' actions, raise a concrete issue and make your case, questions can be re-opened
I am not serious at all :P
Also there is the "Reopen" vote
I am just giving you a hard time because I saw that you voted to close one of my questions, I perfectly understand why though
6:38 PM
which one?
the one about the firewall
Q: Is a Firewall really necessary these days?

TheXshould I install something like gufw?

He didn't vote to close that - if he did, it would have been closed by now. Ninja voting powers decree this to be true.
I was just rocking the boat with my comment to see what the community thinks. I'm not 100% sure about it
@MarcoCeppi @StefanoPalazzo I see...
the community is usually right :)
6:41 PM
@StefanoPalazzo, yes, never agrue with the community.
The community is always right - so long as I agree with them :) RESPECT SUPREME OVERLORDS
what happens if you disagree with them?
Whoa with an image like that I'm hesitant to join the chat :-)
1 min ago, by Marco Ceppi
user image
oh i get it lol
6:43 PM
I was going to ask for help, but "percussive maintenance" is not what I had in mind
But seriously, just kidding.
@torbengb don't worry @MarcoCeppi i a softey as long as you don't piss him off...
Mmmmm Its Hammer time
6:44 PM
cant touch this
I'm not afraid, I'm a viking and you don't know where I'm hiding!
very clever, percussive maintenance (:
anyway, I have an issue with shutdown not working, and I'd like some more ideas what could be wrong.
Q: New computer hangs on shutdown/reboot, how to troubleshoot?

torbengbSummary: My machine hangs on shutdown/restart: all windows and the menu bar disappear but the desktop wallpaper remains, and it stays like that without disk activity forever (hours). It doesn't even show the shutdown screen (the one with the animated dots) where I could hit ESC and watch the shut...

6:45 PM
what baffles me most is that the system freezes immediately...
@torbengb Do you know how to train a dragon torben ;)
I don't need a dragon, I have an axe
@torbengb, if you can, try to remove as much as possible from the question, making it as concise as you possibly can. There seems to be a non-linear correlation between question-length and answers :)
@torbengb is is easier to train them... "keep your friends close, and your enemies even closer"
yeah it has gotten kong, but I was trying to explain all the things ive already tried
kong = long
I will edit and shorten ruthlessly.
6:47 PM
you don't need to remove detail, just make it "look short" if at all possible
@torbengb besides you will get more rep if you break it into multiple questions
@TheX gasp! that would be cheating! ;-) It's all one single problem...
@torbengb cheating??? how dare you suggest I encourage such a thing??
@torbengb nope it isn't ;)
@JorgeCastro hi ^^ (I fixed my link and I'm not upset anymore thanks lol)
6:48 PM
who said anything about cheating?
gaming, perhaps
your resolution is not recognized and set automatically because your monitors EDID can't be read
@TheX i voted to close it
anyone know an addon for firefox that inserts apt:// links?
that happens on some VGA plugged monitors
@RolandTaylor Explain?
6:49 PM
@TheX i just don't think it's answerable
@RolandTaylor there's a javascript bookmark you can add, iirc - hang on
@MarcoCeppi on chromium I can use a bookmarklet/addon to insert apt:// links for askubuntu (I forgot which one)
@StefanoPalazzo thanks ^^
@OctavianDamiean yep, that's what I learned, and that question has been accepted/solved.
@htorque that is fine I was just joking around
@RolandTaylor Oh, checkout this meta post: I think it's in there
6:50 PM
javascript:(function (pkg) {document.getElementById('wmd-input').innerHTML += "[" +pkg +"](packages.ubuntu.com/"; +pkg +") [![Install " +pkg +'](bit.ly/software-small)](http://apt.ubuntu.com/p/'; +pkg +')';})(prompt("Enter the package name to link to it."))
Q: Tools for Ask Ubuntu

George EdisonAs some of you know, I have created some tools for Stack Exchange sites (like Ask Ubuntu) on Stack Apps. What tools have been developed for Ask Ubuntu, or are especially useful to Ask Ubuntu users?

@RolandTaylor welcome back.
Q: How to post links that install software via apt?

lovinglinuxThere are some posts with nice Software Center icons and links to software installation via apt. How to do that?

6:50 PM
@TheX gracias :D
@torbengb oh I see well then
I will make a firefox button for that :P
@torbengb saw something about changing the frame buffer size in bios techonnews.wordpress.com/2009/10/29/… I know its about xbmc just thought I would mention
hmm the last 2 weeks I sat with 1497 rep points, in the last 8 hours I have gotten 100ish...
Seems my milkshake brings all the voters to the yard?
6:55 PM
@RolandTaylor perhaps...
kk I'm off to do some writing/gaming/music ^^
I need to game more
is sad because of Nvidia not releasing updated drivers
@StefanoPalazzo significantly shortened now:
Q: New computer hangs on shutdown/reboot, how to troubleshoot?

torbengbMy system is working perfectly but it freezes during shutdown/reboot/suspend/hibernate: All windows and the menu bar disappear but the desktop wallpaper remains. It doesn't even show the shutdown screen (the one with the animated dots) where I could hit ESC and watch the shutdown console text. Th...

@torbengb nicely done!
7:01 PM
oh boy am I an idiot ... I totally forgot that I can test unity on my netbook ... I have an unused one somewhere lol
@OctavianDamiean too many computers? I only have verrrry old ones.
@torbengb well I have my desktop which is a quite powerful one, an Asus EeePC 900, a Lenovo T60 and a Lenovo T61p
hmm not that I'm thinking about it my T60 has an Intel graphics chip so I could test it on that one too
intel graphics in natty are the way to go right now
well good not perfect but good
is still sad about Nvidia :D
7:16 PM
what's up with nvidia? Is the support going away?
no it's just X is upgraded to 1.10 and they haven't updated their drivers yet
(same with ATI too)
so it's hard to test the development release right now. :-/
ah OK
Wait... didn't Nvidia say that they weren't going to support Wayland?
I don't like the way this is looking...
[pats my poor soon-to-be-useless Nvidia chip...]
closed driver support quite often lags behind X changing ABI yet again
Sigh.... thanks alot Nvidia!
7:27 PM
Use nouveau? :P
your nvidia card isn't useless, it just doesn't work in 11.04 right now
@Jorge: LOL
Whereas my ATI chipset is mostly useless in any release, or so it feels
I don't know if that was supposed to be funny...
...but I got a chuckle out of it.
I don't know why you find it funny
It's unfortunately all too common for there to be a mismatch in what's supported throughout the whole messy stack
7:30 PM
Well, if it doesn't work in 11.04 it is useless as far as I'm concerned.
it will, just right now
er, just not right now
Okay... but I hope it's soon.
11.04 is soon.
'soon' being a number of weeks, but it does impact being able to test large parts of the changes
In the meantime, I believe nouveau is quite capable of running unity, at least on a few cards
it's running fine here on a 6600 gt, go 7600 gt, and nvs 3100m
Is my GeForce 8400M GS supported? :P
7:35 PM
I found a new question for AU!
Oh good!
Err, maybe it'll be a duplicate...
8400? I think that's fairly well supported
I cleverly just didn't upgrade Xorg
I need my twinview
@GeorgeEdison it's from ~2007, it definitely should
7:36 PM
@JorgeCastro yeah, I've been the master of selective upgrading over the years :)
wasn't that a common mobile gpu too?
Me too... sort of.
@JorgeCastro then again, my first ubuntu desktop which ran for a few years was originally sid...
nothing is more fun than dist-upgrade -y
twice or thrice a day :P
@ajmitch yeah me too
7:37 PM
I like being able to have a working system
I still have 10.04 in my VM.
Haven't gotten around to upgrading that yet...
Q: How can I find out which cards are supported by the nouveau driver?

Marco CeppiI'm looking at different Nvidia cards and would like to know which are supported by the nouveau driver - is there a list of these available?

So I got bored the other day, bought another album through the music store. I was pleasantly surprised at how fast things went, remembering what it was like in the early days of it :)
@GeorgeEdison I'm still running lucid on my work desktop & my laptop here
@ajmitch yeah it's pretty near instant now
@ajmitch I just bought a track yesterday
7:40 PM
metal? :)
yeah, megadeth
I didn't have their grammy nominated track
@MarcoCeppi hah, from looking at the tag it's amazing no one has asked that yet
I didn't have A Matter of Life and Death by Iron Maiden, so it needed to be bought
@MarcoCeppi of course that answer depends on what you mean by "supported"
since there are varying levels of functionality
@ajmitch I like that one better than their new one
@ajmitch you've helped me decide the next hour of music, heh
@JorgeCastro their new one starts getting good in about the 5th track or so :)
@ajmitch Updated my question
7:46 PM
@MarcoCeppi yeah, someone posted while I was typing out an answer :)
so I'll skip that one
I've been surprised at the answers that I've posted recently that have got 10 votes or more
@ajmitch I was the same way
my first 100 rep was like, impossible to get
then a brutal path to 1k
With high quality, comes high rep
then after that it started to pile on
who'd have thought people would care about changing default shell, or the ubuntu revision so much?
I think at some point you just start to subconciously write better answers, I don't feel like my answers were any better or worse than before
7:50 PM
yeah, some of my biggest rep earners were seemingly simple things that people want to know but never asked
At this rate, I may even hit 2k rep this year :)
for example:
A: What is the difference between upstream and downstream when referring to who to go to as a developer?

Jorge CastroThink of it as a great river, with the people who write the software as the source of the river. They would be the upstream, futher downstream would be your distribution, and at the end of the river would be the user. Ubuntu is in the middle of the river. Upstream would be the software that Ubun...

This is my highest rep-bringer
A: Whats the meaning of 10.04 and 9.10?

Marco CeppiUbuntu follows a regular release cycle. The version numbers are in the format YY.MM (10.04: April, 2010). Every two years they release an "LTS" version which is Long Term Support meaning it will be officially supported for two more years. Last LTS was 8.04 Now it's 10.04 the second release of th...

7:51 PM
this one answer I have by far has the most votes out of all the ones I've done
such simple things
even though it's really simple
just like "chrome vs. chromium"
This was also one of the first questions I ever answered
I'm not complaining
A: When installing I'm given the option of encrypting my home folder -- what does this do?

Marco CeppiSimply Encrypting your home folder doesn't actually make your computer more secure - it simply makes all the files and folders in your home folder more secure from unauthorized viewing. Your computer is still "vulnerable" in a security standpoint - but it becomes very difficult for your conten...

7:52 PM
".10 are usually considered a "look to the next major release" where they try out several new features to receive feedback from community. That feedback is compiled into the next YY.04 release."
actually, you can edit that, that's not true
we don't look at .04 vs. .10 to decide when to land things
No, it tends to be more long term than that, building up to an LTS
however you can say that the non-LTS releases kind of culminate into an LTS release
like a major cycle in addition to the little baby cycles
They've tended to be every 2 years, though that's not set in stone
I think I have a better description somewhere
Timing of an LTS depends a lot on upstream projects
7:55 PM
there's a nice graph
It's sad to think that dapper will be EOL this year :)
there, between those 2 you should be fine editing.
I'm also not sure if the syncing from debian testing will be done for the next LTS
@ajmitch that's hidden trick #2345, editing all your old crap to make more sense, give it kind of 2nd life to get votes
I have a feeling that it may be decided closer to the time
Of course, don't take anything I say as being true ;)
7:59 PM
@MarcoCeppi totally steal that chart! I bet you get a bunch more votes
Doin' it!!!
@MarcoCeppi you need to get more rep! :)

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