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12:01 AM
@jorge -- I wasn't around... what'd I break?
@TheX your firewall question is turning askubuntu into a snarling mass of vitriolic vicious jackals. To quote someone on something else.
I may be overdramatizing a bit.
@jgbelacqua what do you mean?
Well, I'm just surprised at how strongly some people feel one way the other. 'useless'! essential! etc.
ahh right of course...
all I wanted to know was it necessary to have a firewall enabled...
People were having a nice quiet tea time before that question rolled around.
12:18 AM
I didn't mean to start a flame war or anything
well, haven't had any name calling, so we're good
I have gotten a boat load of rep for it though so I am good...
how evil of you. Terribly, terribly evil.
yeah, my highest rated answer on anything is on unix 101 stuff. I'm kind of embarrassed for myself.
how to get rep 101: post an inflammatory question & solicit answers
12:20 AM
hey, I can see Narnia from here! smaller than I expected.
oh, wait. it's a matchbook cover.
@jgbelacqua I think some of those really get a lot of votes, because that is what noobs are asking for, but are not willing to show their lack of knowledge?
@ajmitch ha.
@TheX well, there are actually useful tips and whatnot in most of the threads like that.
so I guess it's not the worst thing ever
but apparently they piss most people off...
as a side effect
someone is wrong on the internet, and all
whoops -- gotta go. bye
OMG Mozilla is releasing a RC for FF4 next Friday!
1:07 AM
FF4? I've been using it for months :P
(The alpha / beta of course.)
@GeorgeEdison i know but I thought it might be turning into vapor ware
I don't blame you... it seems like years since FF3 came out.
No wait. It has been years.
yeah IE has a faster release plan then firefox has currently
Double lol.
[Is that a valid sentence?]
@jgbelacqua so I was thinking about this one, I was going to edit but then I figured I would just run it by you first: askubuntu.com/questions/26104/…
@jgbelacqua I was thinking, put Bruno's answer on the top, since he basically answers the question, and then the rest of the answer
1:16 AM
Can music be trusted?
@JorgeCastro Don't edit it!
I wasn't
I think (if anything) it needs more humor.
I think the humor is fine, just that the answer to the question should be upfront
Too late.
The sneaky George Edison has struck again.
(Actually I didn't do that much to it.)
1:33 AM
@TheX what do you mean? like, can mp3 files be trojans?
@djeikyb no, like can i trust the artist to be honest, and sincere when writing their lyrics...
i think i missed something
@djeikyb nevermind...
Honest and what...?
2:21 AM
1 hour later…
3:36 AM
@JorgeCastro @jorge -- finally back to the computer. I actually considered the same edit, probably just didn't do it because of inertia -- it does make sense to put Bruno on top. It's fine with me if you want.
wow, I threw an extra jorge in there. I wonder if you get two notifications.
The music part of this thread is over my head. I couldn't relate to the rap thing, because I haven't used windows in so long. ;P
anyone have any experience with content management systems?
@TheX nothing to speak of. I think I've installed several/most of the well-known ones, and uninstalled them quickly. Too much work for me.
@jgbelacqua I see...
are you using for a work thing?
that makes no sense. I hope you can parse better than I can compose.
whatcha need a CMS for?
just use good old pen and paper, a rolodex, scotch tape, binders, and a mimeograph machine. That's your CMS.
@jgbelacqua I am a web designer at work...
or at least that is one of my main functions...
so I just like to play with different technologies...
and if I find that they work better then what I have in place now, I will replace them
@ajmitch I have an iPad for all of this just use good old pen and paper, a rolodex, scotch tape, binders, and a mimeograph machine. That's your CMS.
3:49 AM
@TheX I haven't set up a server in quite some time now, but as I remember there are a bunch of them in the repositories, right? So you could just try them out quite easily on virtualbox
ipad makes me think of work. Users : "I can't run anyconnect VPN on my ipad/iphone/apple tool. Your network is broken."
@StefanoPalazzo yeah the server part is easy done that 100's of times
@TheX no, I mean packages for the whole deal, so you don't have to set up anything
Last thing I tried out was joomla. I think the server part is way harder than installing most of these.
@ajmitch lol, I use my iPad for what it was made for, to organize my life, and for an oversized mp3 player/ movie viewer
3:51 AM
try "sudo apt-get install typo3", that's one I'm sure is there
@StefanoPalazzo I am installing LAMP (XAMP)
Did you do sudo apt-get install lamp-server^ ?
@TheX I've written a couple... why?
@jgbelacqua yeah
@GeorgeEdison I am just playing around
@TheX: You should install JetServer.... except it isn't complete yet.
3:54 AM
@GeorgeEdison just wondering what was the gerneral feeling towards them was
@GeorgeEdison never heard of jetserver
Oh, you're in for a treat then.
Probably depends on what you need it for?
[Prepares for sales pitch...]
@GeorgeEdison I thought of a feature for jethttp
3:55 AM
@Stefano: What?
make a big button that says "make python stuff work"
I have PHP integrated already.
I've had a bit of frustration with mod_python
I imagine Python wouldn't be too hard.
@StefanoPalazzo it's surprising how temperamental the software is that runs so much of the internet
3:57 AM
@GeorgeEdison looks promising: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wsgi
@jgbelacqua I though it's just because I'm no good at sysadmin kinds of things
@stefano Well, I'm sure if you do it twenty times you'd be good at it, but it shouldn't be that goofy
hmmm now to remember where I put my files...
weird, when I use @whoever it brings up completely wrong names for autocomplete. '@s' brings up marco and me.
I must be off, see you all later :)
see you
4:00 AM
@StefanoPalazzo cya
I'm a total newbie in linux.. but how do I get Gnome to remember window location and size for the next time I open them?
@dotjosh good question, did you try asking on the site?
4:20 AM
@dotjosh Hmm, I don't know off-hand, unfortunately.
5:07 AM
is there a guide to the interface somewhere? couple days ago i found out the @ thing by your name is actually a link to a bunch of super useful info
just now i found the squished icon in the upper left is an inbox of sorts
apparently i ignored a couple chat requests from i don't know who
anyway, wondering what else i'm missing :D
maybe i should ask on meta
5:35 AM
@djeikyb there's a list.
a list?
ugh, can't find it
one sec
Q: Recent feature changes to Stack Exchange

devinbIt appears that there has been no move to create a formalized official repository of recent changes, so for now, we will be keeping track of it ourselves. RSS feed for this question

I find this one useful
other than that, click around
cool, thanks
5:57 AM
@JorgeCastro hola
@KeesCook so I guess a mod can make something CW, you can just flag it
but why CW it?
It seems like it's turned into an opinion piece
"Is it needed" is an opinion, not a fact.
there have been decisions about what to do by default. those are facts. "do I need a firewall?" is a decision for a given user.
@KeesCook right so it seems you want to vote to close, argumentative
Is the the right approach? I don't want to tell people they're wrong exactly, but that there isn't going to be a sane outcome on this.
well, this question has been argued for how many years now?
and how many more in the future?
6:05 AM
heh, that's true.
so, is there really any value in having it here? It's kind of like ...
"Doors, do I really need one?"
Okay, voted to close.
I see 2 others did already too.
the reason I noticed it is because all the comments made it show up in the 10k tools
hah, yeah
usually questions with a ton of comments = red flag of someone's wrong on the internet
6:07 AM
/me still giggles at that xkcdism. that's one of his best coinings.
I did drop a security FAQ link into comments. fwiw
so like if the question was more specific maybe, you have people arguing about "I have a laptop" vs. guys saying that having specific logs is handy (aka. server-thinking folks"
speaking of
hello, good morning!
6 hours later…
12:24 PM
Has anyone here tried to use the line6 sound drivers?
1 hour later…
1:47 PM
@djeikyb The site is designed to be "Documentation through discovery" if you keep using it, you'll learn about more features :)
hi @MarcoCeppi \o/
Hey @karthick87
@MarcoCeppi i have a thumb drive full of datas.But when i open today all of a sudden a window pops up saying "Do you want to format it now" is it possible to get back my datas without formatting??
Maybe, but I can't say for sure
Now when i check partition type it shows as RAW
2:02 PM
hello @karthick87, haven't seen you for some time!
Hi @StefanoPalazzo i am undergoing training in infosys..
oh nice!
are you having fun?
yeah ofcourse :)
very cool
@karthick87 try "sudo apt-get install gddrescue", I've never used it but I hear it's good
Thank you i will try it :)
2 hours later…
3:40 PM
anyone home?
3:57 PM
@TheX yup
hello hello
hello @OctavianDamiean
how is it going @KaustubhP @OctavianDamiean
is totally out of breath
@OctavianDamiean why so?
4:10 PM
@TheX trying to get in shape again
@OctavianDamiean ahh yes of course, that is something I have been meaning to do
I'm in quite a shape. Just not the one my girlfriend wants
@MarcoCeppi lol me too except for it is my wife... removed self incriminating evidenence..
* . *
@TheX lmao!
@MarcoCeppi having fun with lsof, fuser, and more!
@KaustubhP Nice :D
4:22 PM
I seriously refuse to celebrate Christmas ever again
@OctavianDamiean why so?
damn all those nice and tasty cakes and all that
@OctavianDamiean why?
dysfunctional family? (no offence)
I just installed 10.10 on this sucker:
Rugged Ubuntu
4:23 PM
@KaustubhP none taken, I hate my family too
@KaustubhP nope just too much tasty stuff to eat
makes me fat ...
@OctavianDamiean wow, theres a girl in you somewhere :P
@OctavianDamiean Makes me hungry
waiting to come out!
@KaustubhP hehe
@KaustubhP actually there is a girl somewhere but not in me. That girl definitely has an influence on all that
4:25 PM
hehe! i can understand :P
@MarcoCeppi round is a shape!
@Jorge: Any advice?
@JorgeCastro ture
@JorgeCastro I went from this:
to this
In about 3 years. I'm in shape just not the same shape I used to be
4:29 PM
the first pic reminded me of peter pan :P
^---- Online IDE.
Apparently it can compile over 40 languages and show you the output.
Kind of like jsfiddle.net for C++/Python/etc...
@GeorgeEdison very interesting stuff!
@GeorgeEdison awesome!
4:31 PM
@MarcoCeppi yea well I went from a decent six-pack to a one-pack within four years and I haven't noticed ...
@OctavianDamiean other than a bulging stomach after food, i am the same afte r so many years
never gone above 60 kgs, like ever.
@KaustubhP well I'm also around 65 but just no longer in the shape I'd used to be
which has to change
yeah, shape. i could post mine, and you could post yours, but this might become /b :P
Oh, I don't know what I am in Kgs (Kegs?! :D) but I definitely put on a whole bunch of Lbs
@KaustubhP well no need to I believe ya ;)
@MarcoCeppi kg == kilograms
4:36 PM
@MarcoCeppi I need to hit the gym too
I've been going for the last month, just not everyday
I have a brand new treadmill.... have had it for a year or so... and it still remains like new...
@GeorgeEdison the only thing that makes me sad about this ideone is that the Java template coding style is wrong. I seriously don't understand why people use C style curly braces formatting in Java
I thought for sure is I spent 500 dollars on a piece of equipment I would feel bad if I didn't use it....
@OctavianDamiean C Style - you mean 1TBS K&R style?
Oh, it's Allman - dude, the Allman code style is my favorite
In computer programming, an indent style is a convention governing the indentation of blocks of code to convey the program's structure. This article largely addresses the C programming language and its descendants, but can be (and frequently is) applied to most other programming languages (especially those in the curly bracket family). Indent style is just one aspect of programming style. Indentation is not a requirement of most programming languages. Rather, programmers indent to better convey the structure of their programs to human readers. In particular, indentation is used to show th...
4:42 PM
@MarcoCeppi yea K&R on Java is just not correct
@OctavianDamiean The template I loaded is using Allman
err yea sorry Allman
<3 Allman - it's the best, better than the rest
<3 1TBS
narrows eyes This friendship is over
4:45 PM
I don't know mate ... every time I see such code I feel I have to reformat it :p
wow, that was quite a rabbit hole, was kicked out of the room, took 10 mis to log back in :/
@OctavianDamiean I'm curious - what was your first coding language learned?
@KaustubhP That happens sometimes. The session gets reset in chat
thank god eclispe can auto-indent :)
4:48 PM
@MarcoCeppi actually PHP where Allman is the standard but I'm on Java for over a year now and I love 1TBS
@OctavianDamiean That's so weird. I've learned Java in Allman style.
@MarcoCeppi :o
Indent styles are like Vi v. Emacs or Microsoft v Apple debates
@MarcoCeppi @OctavianDamiean TBS is so much cleaner, and looks compact IMO.
@MarcoCeppi well you're right hehe
4:51 PM
Brackets are important! They deserve their own line :)
@MarcoCeppi They are small, but important cogs, they are silent helpers, and hence must sacrifice their own line!
for sparta!!
Steve Jobs might die :(
yeah, he is ill. lets hope he is getting his iMedicine.
@KaustubhP that was bad... but funny
you would think with all of his innovation and knowldege he would have been the guy to cure cancer... name it iCure or something...
laters guys ... got stuff to do
5:01 PM
@OctavianDamiean bubye!
5:11 PM
...none of this mentions naming conventions though.
I adopted Mircosoft's (yes, I know) convention of InitialLetterCamelCase.
My Ubuntu won't boot. It displays the boot splash screen and doesn't go beyond. What can I do?
what version of UBUNTU, what kind of computer?
ubuntu 10.10, in my laptop which is a core2duo
@thameera what is the make and model?
it's a hp pavilion
it worked fine so far
but stopped working today
5:21 PM
Do you get an error?
nope, just the boot splash.
Can you boot to a text prompt?
mm.. how can i do that?
i've now booted it with a live usb
A: Booting ubuntu desktop into command prompt

JanCYou can edit the kernel parameters in grub to add text as a boot parameter. To do that temporarily (just for the current boot), you can edit the boot menu entry by pressing e (if you don't want the default boot menu entry, first select the one you want). If you don't see the boot menu, you can ...

@thameera is this after an update?
5:22 PM
I tried to do something with gparted today, but didn't make any changes
the problem came after that
@GeorgeEdison thanks, I'll try that
@GeorgeEdison what if I can boot to a text prompt? what are my options after that?
Can you run startx?
5:38 PM
didn't try yet, i'll see, thanks
6:02 PM
I'm back :)
@OctavianDamiean me too!
wb then :)
theres something about pizza at midnight thats so satsfying!
@KaustubhP that is a great idea!
no more Pizza and the like for me ... only salads
6:04 PM
except for it is mid day for me...
how is it that out of 74.5 gbs of HD space, I have 10 free....
@OctavianDamiean they can be awesome too.. wait.. yo need chat masala for that :)
@KaustubhP well there is nothing better than my special corn salad with balsamic vinegar, finely chopped garlic and styrian pumpkin seed oil with a pinch of salt
I like salad...
with some girlled chicken
and some cheese
and maybe a bit of honey mustard
and some green pepper and cucumber
6:14 PM
@TheX wow, thats no longer a salad :P
that salad would throw an IllegalArgumentException
@OctavianDamiean lmao!
@OctavianDamiean what... I wash the lettuce so there are no bugs
man, this chat gets better and better!
6:19 PM
@TheX exceptions aren't bugs they are features
but I got the word pun tho :p
nothing worse then having a buggy salad though
yea thats true
but then again an unwashed salad should throw an IllegalStateException
well not your salad but your eat method actually
Q: Facebook and Gmail stop working after 10 minutes

JuliaI have problems with facebook and gmail only: It works fine and lets me log in, view the content, read new messages, etc. But after 5-10 minutes it doesn't load at all: This webpage is not available. The webpage at http://www.facebook.com/ might be temporarily down or it may have mov...

I'll have to award my bounty on this in the next hours.
6:27 PM
any one else having ff4 b11 held back?
The top answer is quite good, but it doesn't solve the problem. here's a chance for you to write up some brilliant explanation of the error, general troubleshooting tips and so on.
Protip: middle click on scrollbars.
Thanks @badp, very cool!
@MarcoCeppi Hey so I don't think you should bother with notify-osd and chrome downloads
Much faster than reaching on that (barely visible) thumb
6:29 PM
@MarcoCeppi I'm going to talk to them about just putting the progress in the launcher
@badp can't you middle click anywhere for the same effect?
@TheX that's exactly what I said
I just started using it recently though
@badp you said the scroll bar
I said anywhere
           `   `
@JorgeCastro Okay cool
It was a low priority item. HTML5 is first
6:36 PM
(note only the `#`s mark where middle click works that way, so we're both wrong)
yeah, plus in upstream trunk > extension
@JorgeCastro ?
I'm asking them to just support it natively
7:15 PM
@RolandTaylor yo!
@TheX hey :D what's crackin?
@RolandTaylor ehh you know same stuff different day...
question - is there such a thing as multipolar disorder?
If not, I'm going to come up with the term and diagnose myself with it >:]
7:37 PM
lets google it
Multipolar disorder is a mental disorder which includes a broad range of intense and sometimes violent emotions. Bipolar disorder alternates between two basic polarities, mania and depression. Multipolar disorder is marked by frequently reoccurring episodes of catatonia, melancholia, psychotic depression, mania and hypomania. Like bipolar disorder, multipolar disorder is characterized by intensity and frequency of emotional outbursts and grandiose

Read more: Multipolar Disorder | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/about_5499576_multipolar-disorder.html#ixzz1ELEGhP8L
there goes the Nobel Chaos Prize
you could go with polypolar?
you could call it pp for short
lol maybe :D
I need an excuse for raging unfairly at @JorgeCastro
not really related, but can a computer overheat after a few seconds if there is a serious lack of thermal paste?
7:45 PM
is thermal paste cheap?
praise google shopping
I got mine with the processor so Idk the going rate
@Manux It's pretty cheap
well thanks. Other question if you might. I'm using wubi and I'm starting to lack disk space on my ubuntu partition, is it safe to put some heavy stuff on the windows partition (/host) from say the /usr directory and symlink it there?
@Manux I would strongly recommend not doing that.
I don't think you should be using wubi for such a situation at all
best to just give ubuntu a proper install with it's own partition
7:50 PM
What you could do - as the majority of the large files will be in /home is either create a new home.disk (like another partiion - but will be stored just like current wubi disk) or sym link your home folder into your /host directory
I typically Symlink my Music, Documents, Picture, and Movies from Windows -> Ubuntu
so they're available in both drives, not duplicated, and conserve Wubi disk space
ok I'll try that, thanks!
wubi is good for testing enviroments if you want a more "true" situation than a virtual machine
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