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12:00 AM
there are 34 questions tagged "unix", most of them have nothing to do with any real unix :)
figures. HP-UX? Is that still around. AIX, maybe?
IBM pushes linux these days, too.
Speaking of IBM...
...is anyone watching that Jeopardy contest with the IBM machine?
Surely there'd be some BSD questions there?
@george I had heard of that ...
hp-ux: 3 questions, AIX has 6
12:02 AM
@jgbelacqua: Yeah, I watched it yesterday.
Solaris sort of counts.
@ajmitch very few, somewhere around 50
@GeorgeEdison how'd the IBM system do this time?
Not bad.
Solaris is doomed, though. Long live Oracleix.
12:03 AM
It made a couple of laughable mistakes, though.
...namely repeating a wrong answer.
@GeorgeEdison oooh. That wasn't in the design spec.
Well, they said it received the question via a text file.
...so no speech recognition.
...which would be required to hear what the last person said.
Computer knows all. Computer does not need to listen to 'noise'. (I.e., anyone else.)
As soon as it masters jeopardy, it will take on corporate management.
Computer knows all, does not need to listen, etc.
OK, got to run. See you all.
1:02 AM
I really shouldn't read slashdot
"Remote Bug Found in Ubuntu Kerberos"
well yeah, it affects pretty much any distro that ships krb5 in that configuration...
1:41 AM
Wow... UserScripts are soooooo confusing...
...especially on Chrome.
4 hours later…
5:36 AM
Congrats @MarcoCeppi @StefanoPalazzo @Oli :D
2 hours later…
7:57 AM
@ajmitch Why "kerberos" made Slashdot and "shadow" didn't, I'll never know.
8:37 AM
@KeesCook I don't really go there for accuracy in journalism :)
3 hours later…
11:45 AM
Q: How can I force X to start in a computer without a monitor?

Javier RiveraI have I computer that have no monitor attached. When I boot it X fails to start because there is no monitor detected. If I boot it with a monitor attached and after X is started I remove the monitor everything works fine. Details and Background: This computer is a kind of hardware consolidatio...

solution 13 from @takkat is full of the win
2 hours later…
1:37 PM
@KaustubhP Thanks
3 hours later…
4:07 PM
Congrats to the elected moderators!
Thanks @torbengb :)
Just managed to get a script to move files over samba working just a little thing but beautiful to behold pastebin.ubuntu.com/567723
sooo hungry
@Allan ~/.gvfs/"videos on media-centre" -> cool, i always thought you need to put the whole path in double quotes
4:25 PM
@htorque so did I. Just need to add a check to see if its mounted and were sweet
any math savvy guys around? what's the preferred way to write a greek small theta: θ or ϑ?
wouldn't mind trying to replicate it in python but I found it difficult to find anything on file management in python any suggestions?
@htorque the first one if you are a mathematician and the second one if you are an artist and both if you are Davinci
@MarcoCeppi @StefanoPalazzo @Oli Congratulations! I voted for you three. :)
thank you @Sid :)
^^ Photography/Nostalgia lovers, have a look.
"Back To The Future" by Irina Werning
That is cool
Q: Cooling a cup of coffee with help of a spoon

fortranHi, during the breakfast with my colleagues a question has popped into my mind: What is the faster method to cool a cup of coffee if your only instrument is a spoon? A qualitative answer would be nice, but if we could find a mathematical model or even better make the experiment (we don't have t...

5:03 PM
hi guys!
hello hello
@Sid long time no see :)
Pre-cool the spoon first (in the freezer, or in your kitchen thermos of liquid nitrogen :) and put it in the cup. Periodically repeat the process with new spoons. Use a silver spoon (some of us were born with one in our mouths.)
oh boy I wish Nvidia would release new Xorg 1.10 compatible drivers ...
@OctavianDamiean me too
5:14 PM
hmm is anyone up to apply and speed it up a bit? lol nvnews.net/vbulletin/…
the only requirement that I met is bull shitting (the last one "BS")
@KaustubhP Hi! :) I'll be disappearing again: World Cup is here! :)
@KaustubhP: I was a few meters away from Dale Steyn, AB de Villiers, Wayne Parnell, and Robin Peterson a few days ago! :) It was fun!
india won :D
@Sid :O
@KaustubhP India spun! :)
shame i couldnt watch it because of work
5:22 PM
I want an India vs. South Africa final, with India winning it. And I want Ireland to pull an upset or two. :)
lol, i didnt even know ireland was playing!
Posted by Jeff Atwood on February 16th, 2011

I’ve been a longtime fan of Rich Skrenta, who you might know as the author of the world’s first computer virus. He’s also on our board of advisors, and he founded a search startup — blekko.com. Blekko’s claim to fame is that it attempts to meld human curation with traditional Google-style search algorithms. It’s what they call slashtags.

As originally announced on meta, the Stack Overflow community has agreed to help curate the programming side of blekko hashtags. So far that includes: …

@KaustubhP: Minnows: Ireland, Netherlands, Canada, and Kenya.
Minnows? is that a team owned and ran by Microsoft?
@MarcoCeppi i know, but i'm afraid this will start a flame war like intel vs. amd :D
5:25 PM
@TheX: Yes!
@Sid no in all seriousness I have never heard of that country, do they have a wikipedia page?
@Sid coool!
@TheX: In cricket, weak teams are called minnows.
i know about netherlands
5:27 PM
they wewr in the last cup, kenya is a regular too.
I guess that would be the same as a underdog then?
@TheX yes
@TheX Yes.
cool I am getting multi-cultured :-D thanks guys
@MarcoCeppi wow either I'm dumb, tired or both cause I don't get a single word on that blog post
5:29 PM
khlav kalash?
@OctavianDamiean I don't really either. I just went to the site, signed up, and said "eh"
Minnow is a general term used to refer to small freshwater and saltwater fish, especially those used as bait fish or for fishing bait. More specifically, it refers to small freshwater fish of the carp family. True minnows Smaller fish in the subfamily Leuciscinae are considered to be "true" minnows: * Bluntnose minnows, fish in the genus Pimephales * Cardinal minnows, fish in the genus Tanichthys * Cheat Minnow Pararhinichthys bowersi * Cutlips minnows, fish in the genus Exoglossum * Desert minnows, fish in the genus Dionda * Eurasian minnows, fish in the genus Phoxinus * Loach Minnow...
Since @DoR hasn't been in the room for a while
@MarcoCeppi lol
5:31 PM
@MarcoCeppi Where are those faces from? Even DoR posts them regularly!
Here's something fun. Do a search for "imgur" and "DoR" as the user: chat.stackexchange.com/search?q=imgur&user=158&room=201
↑ this is copied from a message by badp
You will not be disappointed
seems DoR spends way too much time on 4chan :P
Yeah, basically :P He does have pretty good timing with those things though
5:33 PM
@MarcoCeppi +1 :)
I'm learning vim! :) I've always been an emacs fan.
you know I kept getting an error when trying to open Jockey on Natty ... now that the bug was fixed and i was able to start Jockey I was so happy that I have installed the Nvidia driver just to remember that it will uninstall Xorg if I do ... of course I was to stupid to remember before installing it
then I was like
alright, gud night people!
@KaustubhP Scary dreams! :)
^^ Yuck!
5:36 PM
This is what happens when the troll doesn't show up for a few weeks - everyone else trolls to make up for it :P
@MarcoCeppi: What's up with notify-osd?
I'm glad you asked! I just filed out the agreement to the NPAPI usage and Developer Agreement so hopefully today or tomorrow it'll be available in the Chrome Store
Actually just got an email - it'll be live in 30 minutes
I need to finish Chromify-OSD.com
'sup people
is there a way to have an image floated to the left of a paragraph using AU's markdown?
or centered? that would work also
@MarcoCeppi Kewl! :)
5:49 PM
Nope - you can try the <center></center> HTML tag
W00t! :)
@MarcoCeppi installed! Not sure what it does but I read launchpad so it is ok :D
<center> is ignored
While it has been semi-tested I did some crazy things to make it work with any/all architectures. PLEASE LET ME KNOW OF BUGS. New version is actually due out shortly with improved performance
just like align=".." in img tag
5:52 PM
@MarcoCeppi: I installed it, but still the user count is zero!
@Chipaca I think you're SOL - you can try dropping the Align tag in an img HTML block
I think IMG is still supported
@MarcoCeppi AWESOME!!!!!
That's okay, I'm not worried about the counts or anything
very very nice
Ok to blog it?
Just so long as it works - can anyone confirm that it's working for them?
@JorgeCastro Please do! - but do place a caveat that there is likely bugs. Please report them and I will fix ASAP
5:55 PM
I kind of did a thing where I could bundle both the amd64 and i386 NPAPI from George in one package. I did some basic testing but not complete
So if someone on 64 bit and 32bit can confirm it's working that would be swell
installing now.
ping me a bunch pls
@JorgeCastro RAWR!
ah bummer
do I need to restart?
5:57 PM
* restarting to test, also
Let me start a fresh VM
ok try now pls
@JorgeCastro I hope this works
it does!!!!1111
Are you 64bit?
5:57 PM
me also plz! :)
@Chipaca No. :P
Okay, specs - let me know! :)
oh, wait, now I see your face way bigger
I am 64 bit
5:58 PM
not sure if this is a feature
works here but not on irc cloud
would someone ping me please?
Is IRC Cloud HTML5?
5:58 PM
@OctavianDamiean sure
it should work, investigating
@Octavian restarted?
Not sure if it's meant to or not, but by installing the way I did (link below, method of installation was edited into answer), the only notifications I recieve are those that don't seem to be HTML. http://askubuntu.com/questions/25811/chrome-desktop-notifications-use-notify-osd At this test page, http://www.phpguru.org/html5-webkit-desktop-notifications-example it only displays notifications from the first button (Notify me!) not the second (Notify me! (HTML)). Also, it doesn't work with any web applications that use desktop notifications, like imo.im.
Wishlist / New
5:59 PM
@Chipaca if you mean chrome then yes
the bug link notified me for some reason
@JorgeCastro I replied to you with the link
oh ok
send me a twitter DM please.
I'm working on a settings page that you can choose to override HTML5 notifications with Chromify-OSD
@MarcoCeppi I sent you an irccloud account didn't I?
6:02 PM
@JorgeCastro You did!
But HTML Webkit notifications are disabled in this release
so it's not going to work for twitter or IRCCloud
If I jump onto IRC Cloud can you ping me on it?
oh ok I didn't know you disabled that
I'm in the #ubuntu room
"twitter" being seesmic web for me
ugh too crowded
is it possible to ping yourself? I have never tried that. :)
Yeah, it was causing a lot of problems because of unreliable parsing. So the settings page will help to fix that
6:04 PM
join me in #ubuntu-community-team
@OctavianDamiean test
no it isn't
@Octavian are you getting the standard browser notifications?
@OctavianDamiean Have you enabled desktop notifications?
oh me idiot ...
I appear to be a master idler in here :)
6:05 PM
thanks guys ... seems like I'm really tired
@KeesCook you do it so well
@OctavianDamiean Can you see me now?
works like a charm
@ajmitch so much skill! a carefully left open browser tab! :)
@KeesCook isn't that how it should be?
6:07 PM
absolutely :)
@MarcoCeppi add a link to the chrome app store description on where to file bugs, I just linked it internally and I'm sure you'll get a bunch of feedback
It's really small and on the bottom right
Canonical makes my life hard ... I'm in the middle of improving my Java skills and studying for the Oracle certified exams and then I discover developer.ubuntu.com . Now I want to learn Python but I have no time for it :p
oh cool
Just installed chromify-osd...somebody ping me!
6:10 PM
@MarcoCeppi I missed that
@DoR ping
@DoR You're back!
@JorgeCastro Yeah, small :(
I guess I have to restart Chrome brb.
now i need twitter to start using this for PMs
@DoR Yeah, you do
@MarcoCeppi can you remove the instruction on the launchpad page?
they're confusing people
6:11 PM
I'm in the process of doing that
can I get a ping?
@StefanoPalazzo hi
@StefanoPalazzo ping
whoops, doesn't work
@StefanoPalazzo have you restarted chrome and enabled the desktop notifications?
6:13 PM
maybe because I have some remains of the old extension somewhere?
@StefanoPalazzo If you like it, you shoulda put a ping on it.
Now I've restarted chrome
@StefanoPalazzo Good.
still doesn't work :\
@JorgeCastro I've updated LaunchPad and the Plugins page
6:14 PM
@StefanoPalazzo ping ping
@StefanoPalazzo what arch are you using?
it's chrome 10 on i386
Interesting. Anyone on i386 got it working yet?
I was able to test it on an i386 VM - but not on an actual machine yet
could it be some crud left from previous experiments, like "mv bla.so" kinds of things?
@StefanoPalazzo Do an rm -rf ~/.mozilla/plugins
6:16 PM
using on my lapy I386 if you want to ping Marco
@Allan ping
I don't have that directory
@Allan I hope you restarted Chrome
@StefanoPalazzo In chrome://extensions have you removed the old extension?
yes works like a charm Marco congratulations
/opt/google/chrome/npchromifyosd.so ← is that one supposed to be there?
6:17 PM
@StefanoPalazzo Oh - @StefanoPalazzo You need to remove the package you installed from the archive
sudo apt-get remove chromify-osd
That should clean up everything
After that you'll need to restart Chrome again
this is why I waited instead of apting. :)
@JorgeCastro Feel free to also publish my email: [email protected] for people with questions until I figure out a good framework to use for the site
Don't worry, you'll be in good shape by the time omgubuntu gets to it. :D
Hum, good point - I should probably let them know in a day or so
6:20 PM
man Scribes is awesome :)
Can I get a ping?
@DoR I wonder what DoR stands for
@DoR Welcome back. We missed you.
It works!
6:23 PM
51 mins ago, by Marco Ceppi
Here's something fun. Do a search for "imgur" and "DoR" as the user: http://chat.stackexchange.com/search?q=imgur&user=158&room=201
BTW Congrats to @MarcoCeppi @StefanoPalazzo and @Oli on being elected.
thank you
@MarcoCeppi someone told me gmail doesn't work either
yeah, there's a bug report for it already
May be HTML related
Not sure if it's because of the html notification thing, but it still shows up as one of the ugly notifications when someone emails or chats in gmail.
Undecided / New
6:28 PM
sry, I've done everything I could think of - please ping me again
it doesn't work with some random example page I found
Awesome timing too because after 5PM EST I will have a free programming night. Going to try and get these sorted out tonight
@StefanoPalazzo Sorry :(
@MarcoCeppi no worries, I'm sure I've just messed something up; I'll look at it later
I'm going to add a switch to the plugin that will console.log("HTML Notification Ignored"); to help people tell when there is an error - or when it's just HTML notification.
Yeah IRC Cloud isn't using HTML - it's just they're over writing my over written webkitNotifications with their own.
Oh my word
Does anyone know what the difference between Release and Milestone is on Launchpad?
6:39 PM
I just found out that I have enough money to buy a computer
today's a good day (:
@StefanoPalazzo Nice! I just bought a scooter yesterday
Oh that's brilliant @MarcoCeppi
Yeah, it should be here monday
what sort?
@MarcoCeppi milestones are generally things like alpha, beta, RC releases
I can't wait until the whether get's better, when I can get back on two wheels again. you made a good choice :)
Thanks! I had another 150 CC scooter about a year ago I bought used
and used to commute to work on it - but it was stolen during a snow storm from my then apartments parking lot
since then I've stuck with 4 wheels
@fluteflute Thanks!
ugh that's tough :\
@StefanoPalazzo *weather
Anybody know if there's a big difference between the i5-760 and the i7-870?
6:44 PM
[i have no idea what i'm talking about]
@DoR right, my spelling checker didn't pick up the semantics
@htorque they're desktop cpus ;-)
It's still a month or so away, but I guess I'll have to decide between the i7 (vs the i5) and dual 24" monitors (vs a single one)
@Stefano I've got a i7 on my notebook, and can't tell the difference with the core 2 duo i had before
@stefano so i guess my bottleneck is not the CPU :)
that sounds encouraging, thanks
6:47 PM
@StefanoPalazzo Solid state disks?
I guess I'll be fine then (just a bit over-excited)
yeah, SSD made more difference than core2duo -> i7
mind you, there are core2duos and core2duos
mine was a 9700 somethingorother
i was planning on an ssd
so big cache, manly instruction set
(some c2d don't have some of the nicer instructions)
If I really run out of money, I can always use the ssd from my notebook and buy a cheap-o 320gb hard drive, since I'm going use it less anyway
6:48 PM
wikipedia to the rescue
silly chromium
The Core 2 brand refers to Intel's x86/x86-64 microprocessors (with eighth-generation microarchitecture, named Core) targeted at the consumer and business markets (except servers) above Pentium Dual-Core. The Core 2 Duo branch covered dual-core CPUs for both desktop and notebook computers, Core 2 Quad - quad-core CPUs for both desktop and notebook computers, and Core 2 Extreme - dual-core and quad-core CPUs for both desktop and notebook computers. Desktop processors Dual-Core Desktop processors Core 2 Duo "Allendale", "Conroe" (65 nm) *All models support: MMX, SSE, SSE2, SSE3, SSSE3, En...
i guess the i5 doesn't have hyper-threading
well maybe there are going to be sandy-bridge motherboards available again when I'm ready to buy
I understand ;-)
difficult... ~80€ difference
computer hardware is such a stupid market
monitors and memory are ridiculously cheap, and cpus cost a fortune just for some acronym like VT or AES-NI..
@StefanoPalazzo wait for openbenchmarking.org to launch :D
nice, I hadn't heard of that
7:01 PM
I think it's going to be good when it launches. How good is yet to be seen though :P
Do we have a question on the site yet, like "How can I make chrome's desktop notifications use notify-osd?"?
@StefanoPalazzo Yes we do
Q: Chrome desktop notifications use notify-osd?

JohnIs there a way to make Chrome/Chromium's notifications use notify-osd instead of the ugly boxes it uses by default?

thought so ;)
it needs editing
I'll do it?
7:04 PM
Already did it
I commented on it.
Installs nicely too.
...though I haven't tried using it yet.
Does it install nicely on a clean system?
Yeah, only problem is you need to restart Chrome to get it working
I didn't restart chrome
@fluteflute Did you have old Chrome version installed?
What category did you register it under?
7:07 PM
At the moment Appearance
@MarcoCeppi Not on this partition.... but I do sync my chrome profile so it may be something to do with that
Ah, cool.
Not sure which one really fits - opinions?
Maybe multimedia... or developer tools.
I thought Social and Communication
Or Productivity
or Fun
7:08 PM
Ya, that would probably true.
Argh! Chrome scrolls wildly every time something is added here... anyone else notice that?
@GeorgeEdison It happens occasionally... you need a refresh of the page
social & communication sounds good to me
I think Appearance is best
@GeorgeEdison I've only seen that when the window isn't maximised
← small screen ;)
It's maximized, though.
7:10 PM
but it's not just adding bling but also functionality, right?
@GeorgeEdison and it's not only chrome/chromium - happens with opera too
Oh, I see.
I refreshed the page... still happening. Sounds like a bug.
7:30 PM
oh, we crossed 8k questions!
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