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6:00 AM
That's my rarest badge I think askubuntu.com/help/badges/273/16-04
Hmmm, I've no version badges
Q: How to add SVN commands to Krusader Context Menu?

PazuraI have RabbitVCS addition to nautilus and it works great, but I want to have it on Krusader.

I thought I had 14.04 , but nope
well version tags aren't very meaningful are they? I'm not super excited about that badge
but still :)
I have ... quite useless today.
6:05 AM
that's impressive considering it was a relatively ephemeral release though, right?
that sounds accurate
mostly release tags are put on questions by accident
@Zanna In the old dasy the releases between LTS releases carried a bit more weight... and hi :)
hi :)
more weight? How?
yeah - somehow the excitement before every release has vanished
(it may only be me)
6:11 AM
@Takkat yeah sometimes I take them off... a lot of those tag points I have are on "How do I pronounce Xenial Xerus" which is definitely a version specific question, but totally non-technical
so. what's the duck tape of ubuntu?
I remember we had a special duty force on release days to be able to cope with the flood of questions-
@KazWolfe duck tape?
@Takkat ParanoidPanda says the same thing
@NathanOsman yeah the quick hack fix to everything
6:13 AM
I know this can't be the answer but... systemd?
i was thinking chmod 777
systemd is the duct-tape fix for everything.
or sudo
systemd can make your bed, cure the common cold, and perfect nuclear fission. Or so we're told.
@Zanna Longer support time and greater excitement on release. Plus most users were using them, not clinging to the LTS
6:14 AM
sudo !!
@NathanOsman i can confirm the last one
@andrew.46 Because there were a lot of differences?
Frankly, I'm not entirely happy about systemd
Slow shutdowns, a bit confusing syntax, targets, services, blah,blah
@Serg it does have its annoyances, but it can be useful.
(though services haven't changed since upstart)
It can be useful here and there. I just think systemd isn't the best alternative to traditional init
6:17 AM
it still beats traditional init
and the things that it does well it does really well.
I just hope there will be something better developed. Upstart was really good and a lot of people liked it
^--- feature creep much?
yeah, but systemd has better socket management and it doesn't spawn tons of processes everywhere
I'm back, President Nathan Osman
6:20 AM
I'm not the president!
is @Windows3.1 worshiping @NathanOsman as a god?
Le sigh...
hope not :o
6:21 AM
how to annoy any Ubuntu user:
LFS is an easier and more user-friendly alternative to Debian and derivatives!
give him Ubuntu
just kidding
How to really annoy a true Ubuntu user: tell them Linux Mint is the same as Ubuntu
There's an Arch joke in there somewhere...
6:22 AM
@Windows3.1 the only reason I haven't moved over to Arch is because I really like apt, and AskUbuntu is the best live community to exist..
@KazWolfe You like apt over pacman???
@Zanna Even the wallpaper was different each time.... really different
Arch pkg mgr is bad, yes you are right.
dnf is good tho
I'm not using Ubuntu because I like the package manager, let me tell you that
6:23 AM
@NathanOsman apt makes more sense to me, and it's more natural. Plus I've already learned it.
@Windows3.1 Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.... why?
DPKG is complicated, okay?
@KazWolfe It's slower than a 10-year old Windows Me installation sometimes.
@NathanOsman because of
Package management in general is complicated
6:24 AM
and dependencies of dependencies
and dependencies of dependencies of dependencies
Really, though, Ubuntu is just a nice platform that does what I need quickly, easily, and reliably. If something breaks, go to AskUbuntu.
and dependencies of dependencies of dependencies of dependencies
@Windows3.1 It's not dependency resolution that slows things down...
6:24 AM
and dependencies of dependencies of dependencies of dependencies of dependencies!
I like Arch because Ubuntu occasionally does the weird thing that I can't explain, but I'm staying here because great community and I already know how Ubuntu works inside and out.
so first how do you even set up a darned network?
cant get wifi working without learning C++
user image
Arch goes on performance-driven instances whenever I need the extra 2% of power.
(I thought of that when I saw your "dependencies of dependencies..." message.)
6:25 AM
@NathanOsman YUP!!!!! good one Oss'Man
@KazWolfe exactly my experience. I've tried Arch, Fedora, Mint, and a few others. So far, my top 3 are Ubuntu, Deepin ( which is also Ubuntu derivative) and CentOS ( because stable )
In order to understand recursion you must first learn recursion
also i think we should be approaching Planck Length...
The prereqs for CPSC 357, the class on package management, are CPSC 432, CPSC 357, and glibc2.5 or later.
When did chrome de-bind Backspace from the Back command?
6:27 AM
@KazWolfe what in the world.... if you look at bing.com/images/search?q=recursion&FORM=HDRSC2 the first 2 images are linux!
That change is amazing.
True story - my family's last name wasn't originally spelled the way it is. The name comes from German. Guess how it was spelled...
this is why I love bing
Guys, i need a vote here
@NathanOsman real guess, funny guess, or cruel guess?
6:28 AM
right in line with when I search "appalachian trial hiker" on bing images and see someone I know
First one or second one ?
Which bars are better ?
@KazWolfe probably funny or cruel. Go for it. You won't be wrong :P
@Serg second
@NathanOsman Stop for a second and think of what you know about me.
@Serg first, the lines are weird to me.
@KazWolfe I know - and you probably have guessed it then.
6:29 AM
@NathanOsman Will I get a flag?
Ok, so we have 1:1 vote . . .anybody else wanna weigh in ?
You have probably guessed it then.
Er, nope.
It's still pronounced the same.
Just spelled differently... :D
then i guessedwrong
6:31 AM
Ossmann ?
Anywho... I'm grateful that my dad performed a legal name change before getting married.
Let's just put it that way.
wait what, that's it?
Think German.
Pronounce it and then spell it out phonetically.
6:32 AM
I don't know how to pronounce your name. I've always though of it as Awesmahn
Let's just say it starts with an "a" and the next letter is repeated.
That is not the cruel version I was thinking of, nor the humerous one.
Who in their right mind would name their son... *shudder*
That's just downright cruel.
How does "t" make the "s" sound?
It's called a joke.
6:35 AM
Hi all :D
Osman = Awesome Man
Are you sure you don't see how a person could get ridiculed or teased with a last name like that?
@NathanOsman I can see exactly how.
@Windows3.1 that works only for @Zanna
@SeverusTux banned :P
6:36 AM
Problem is the way I thought to pronounce your name (Awezmahn) doesn't match up.
/mode #201 +b Windows3.1
/mode #201 +i
Seriously, dead serious, I just love the name Osman :D
/msg chanserv clear #201 USERS
/mode #201 +S
/mode +b !*@
star exclamational point star at star
Seriously , dead serious, App Indicators should be able to have large icons in menu entries.
I demand so
@Windows3.1 ★!★@★
6:39 AM
you mean like *!*@*
@andrew.46 with animals?
@SeverusTux :) how are you?
@Zanna which usage bars do you like ? ( images above ) first or second ?
I am fine thanks :D Today is a holiday for us :D ;D , So happy :) how are you ?
@SeverusTux oh nice! what is the holiday for?
Oh thats not it
6:46 AM
I just found another tech support scammer line
let's fire up dat vm
@Zanna We call it Mahalaya Amavasya
now should i fire up regular ubuntu, windows-looking ubuntu, Windows Server 2012, or Windows Vista/7/8/10?
that second article...
@SeverusTux isn't that the same page as before?
6:49 AM
yes :P
it says here it's considered inauspicious
so @NathanOsman, how should i screw with tech support scammers?
I was considering running a VM and then RDPing into my active session and screwing with them...
I have really wanted to do that with George.
do you just get one day holiday @SeverusTux?
But the stupid telephone laws here prevent me from recording the call.
6:50 AM
don't record
just do it for your own lulz
or proxy the call through me. I'm in the US, and I record the call.
Nah, it's no fun if it isn't recorded to share with friends.
@KazWolfe I'm sure an unannounced listener is essentially the same thing :P
@NathanOsman i can fix that.
@NathanOsman when you get elected as prime minister, repeal them.
I got prime minister and vice president mixed up on article
6:52 AM
"Hey, I was asked by George to come into this call, because he's not too good with computers and I can always help if he doesn't understand something"
idiot me
Omg!... is this all real ?? @NathanOsman Am I chatting with future president of Canada ?
And he uses Ubuntu ! wow cool
@SeverusTux yes :)
@Zanna hehehe
@NathanOsman plus who said i'm listening?
6:53 AM
@edwinksl only 5 people hey, pretty cool!
To answer your question, let's think of what they usually do. It often goes something like this:
1. Go to some easily type-able URL and download a remote desktop-ish app
2. You give them the PIN, they take control of your cursor and keyboard
3. They open command and run "tree C:\" and *while the output is scrolling by*, they type a message that appears at the end of the output saying "xxx number of viruses detected"
4. They then offer their services for a "small" fee to remove the viruses
So... is there any way to mess with them in any of those steps?
@Zanna i see serg is getting it soon too :p
@SeverusTux No, unlikely.
I don't have what it takes to be prime minister.
@edwinksl I'll always be happy to be in company with @Serg :)
SSH lol
6:54 AM
@NathanOsman ohhh yeah.
@NathanOsman yes you do
I don't even have what it takes to be the mayor :P
so @SeverusTux what are you doing with your day off?
@NathanOsman were you born in US or Canada?
I was born about 500m from where I am sitting right now, in fact.
6:56 AM
meh. wish you could be our president. If you win the election I'm moving to Canada
you're talking to someone who routinely screws with these people, @NathanOsman.
(We live close to the hospital.)
@Zanna nothing much. Sleeping, Linuxing :P , planning for studying
only planning
I can give you every way to nuke and screw over people.
6:56 AM
@NathanOsman that's awesome
@KazWolfe So... I assume you've tried the Windows-in-a-VM trick, the Linux-running-a-Windows-theme trick, etc.
@NathanOsman yes and yes.
i want to try the "take remote control while they're in" trick.
@SeverusTux sounds excellent ^_^
I was watching a video on YouTube the other day of this one guy that purposely had "trouble" entering his credit card details The scammer opened his POS application on the user's desktop to manually put in the credit card transaction. Naturally the guy immediately disconnected the remote app and took control of the scammer's payment account.
i want to do that once.
so, really though nathan
6:58 AM
Anyone know haskell programming here ?
i can set up a thing where you route the call through me, the party is announced, and everything works.
It gets better - I watched this other video where the user convinces the scammer to syskey his own PC.
oh that reminds me
You can hear him muttering (with an accent) "dis is no gud - oh, dis is not gud".
i want to replace syskey.exe and cmd.exe with some virus popups.
6:59 AM
or no. tree.exe opens an actual tree.
Double lol. Doooooo eeeeeet.
Or eventvwr.msc opens a magnifying glass or something.
or, how about this?
i pop open my malware collection and let all the fun things run loose.
The things that block Malwarebytes from being installed.
And replace the exe association with its own malware-launcher?
well... so when should i set up this call proxy?
how are you gonna do the voice though?
that's gonna make them suspicious
7:03 AM
@KazWolfe And unintelligible.
so... yeah
> Every one who, by means of any electro-magnetic, acoustic, mechanical or other device, wilfully intercepts a private communication is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding five years.
That's as stupid as it gets.
> Subsection (1) does not apply to (a) a person who has the consent to intercept, express or implied, of the originator of the private communication or of the person intended by the originator thereof to receive it;
> (b) a person who intercepts a private communication in accordance with an authorization or pursuant to section 184.4 or any person who in good faith aids in any way another person who the aiding person believes on reasonable grounds is acting with an authorization or pursuant to section 184.4
It's my telephone.
I can do what I want with it.
ask on Law, but i think sec (a) says if you agree to record, you can.
7:09 AM
@KazWolfe So if we say "this call may be recorded for quality assurance purposes" first, it's okay?
no, you imply that the call is gonna be recorded to yourself.
> a person who has the consent to intercept, express or implied, of the originator of the private communication
if the originator consents to have the call recorded, you can.
you originate the call, you can consent to yourself.
I think. IANAL.
But whenever I get a call, they say "this call may be recorded for quality assurance purposes".
They wouldn't say that if they didn't have to.
true... just say something really quickly but still barely legible.
> It is not illegal to record your own conversations with others, even if you do not have the other party’s consent.
if you're an individual, you have that right. If you're a company, it seems as though you need to explicitly say it.
7:17 AM
@NathanOsman small question: I've placed 75.png into /usr/share/icons. The indicator doesn't find it. What could be a possible reason ?
given this, @NathanOsman, you should be permitted to do it.
i still don't know how you're pulling the voice
or no.
I want to see tech support scammers on...
@KazWolfe there are apps that can alter pitch in near-realtime.
There's already some latency to the caller since they are probably in India.
@NathanOsman so i guess you talk to them in regular, but pitch up for recording?
hmmm. what about a syskey executable that returns the password back to me in plaintext?
@KazWolfe I route the audio for the call through the app... somehow. I can use HSP/HFP over Bluetooth perhaps to get the audio to work the way I want it to.
no i mean they'll get confused/suspicious with the high pitched voice
7:31 AM
Oh... I could do his voice at the normal pitch and then raise it later when I make it into a video?
yeah, probably that's the best idea
I'll see if I can find one of the recordings I can give you a sample of.
tomorrow... i give scammers my converted Ubuntu without wine.
^--- without any voice effects
If you want to hear how it sounds after, it's the first line from this video: youtube.com/watch?v=uv2xKllptQU
how much artificial stress do you put on your vocal cords with that lol
7:37 AM
@KazWolfe Let's just say... enough :)
i thought you just did those voice effects with various audio editing tools
No, what you hear in the video is simply the pitch raised about 30% of an octave.
how high is this compared to your normal voice?
Quite high, I assure you.
Unfortunately, I don't have any recordings of my actual voice handy :(
yeah you can probably just use your george voice unaltered for your side
then overlay the altered voice
7:40 AM
I do a lot of other voices too.
^--- the other two guys in that video are unaltered.
the way i'd do it here is set the recorder up to not capture your mic, but have a transposer/audacity in the background actually doing the recording
when you're done, up the pitch on the recorded file of just your voice, and leave everything else okay.
It may be easier to just speak into two mics - the phone and a mic connected to the PC recording my end of the call.
just use a softphone for this, i'd think
Anyway, bedtime for me.
7:56 AM
Q: Can't change resolution in grub in ubuntu server

Adrian HosuWhen I first got my ubuntu server setup i noticed that the resolution was 640 x 480 in grub and my screen is 1080p. I followed this tutorial How to set the resolution in text consoles (troubleshoot when any vga=… fails) by user jasonwryan and i edited /etc/default/grub and i added and edited the ...

o/ @Ferrybig
@KazWolfe o/
unrelated note and shameless plug...
Q: What should WolfBot do for us?

Kaz WolfeRight now, I'm busy making a chatbot for AskUbuntu known as WolfBot (you can play with it over in the testing room. However, I've hit a roadblock with development inasmuch as I can't decide what to do with it anymore. Therefore, I thought it to be appropriate to turn to the all-knowing community...

please, i need ideas.
8:17 AM
@Windows3.1, can you please mark your post as a Community Wiki?
@KazWolfe have it upvote user Rinzwind
and to expand on that! have it downvote user Oli
@Rinzwind i wish i could, because I'd get like 3000 rep real fast.
oh to make it less suspicious: create 10000 accounts now, wait a few months and then upvote >:)
> This account should only ever have a couple answers on it, such to gain chat privileges on the network. Otherwise, this bot will never take an action on the main site.
8:24 AM
@Rinzwind ah, classic sleeper sockpuppets
@Serg easy answer: then why does it exist?
the command in the question works for me. can someone else try it too? askubuntu.com/questions/382461/…
@MarkKirby you want to close it as no-repro?
@MarkKirby congrats on 10k!
@edwinksl That was my vote, the command works fine and without the OP for feedback, what can we do?
@MarkKirby yeah ok i just wanted someone else to make sure it does work before CVing it
@edwinksl Thanks :) I did not even notice, now I am going to read all the deleted posts I wanted to see :)
8:35 AM
@MarkKirby Congrats on this big 10K :)
@andrew.46 Ta :) Feels a bit like a birthday with these comments :)
Hmmm.... should be some cake.....
Welcome to the 10k club, Mark!
It's a pleasure to have you
Wow @MarkKirby congratulations! ^_^
Cheers guys,
8:40 AM
Whohoo! Well done Mark!
@terdon TY
@Rinzwind your favorite topic :p (although it looks way too broad) askubuntu.com/questions/831485/…
I've reviewed 1000 CVs o.0
@Zanna yay gold badge!
yeah... hasn't arrived yet but... how did that happen? I can only do 20 a day, and I didn't always do that many... how did all that time pass???
8:52 AM
@Zanna in case you were looking for good python resources, i like the recommendations in sopython.com/wiki/What_tutorial_should_I_read%3F
thanks :D
9:25 AM
@Zanna gratz
9:39 AM
@Rinzwind :)
@MarkKirby What's going on here?
@edwinksl you have 2 of these already I see
Three in fact
@karel Lack of information IMO, some network detail would help, if you can answer it as is I will change my vote. Should of left a comment really.
Compare it to this same question askubuntu.com/questions/482457/…
10:01 AM
@MarkKirby That will do. I don't want to answer it however. I just wanted to see a comment.
@karel Should of left one in the first place really, just over looked it in review :)
10:41 AM
it's a dupe and thus should be closed askubuntu.com/questions/373143/…
@Anwar Hi o/
@Arronical o/
10:59 AM
@AhmedAl-attar \o

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