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1:26 AM
@Videonauth Following your suggestion I converted my previous duplicate link from a duplicate link in the blue banner above the closed question to a comment. This will show the OP that he should try your duplicate link before trying the other one.
16 hours later…
5:35 PM
Hey mods!
I'm just curious to know why Gopal S's account is temporarily suspended..
In the profile page, the reason is mentioned as "voting irregularities"..
What does that mean?
5:58 PM
Jeff Atwood on April 06, 2009
Are you familiar with the Penalty Box? The penalty box (sometimes called the sin bin, bad box, or bin) is the area in ice hockey, rugby football and some other sports where a player sits to serve the time of a given penalty, for an offense not severe enough to merit outright expulsion from theā€¦
I did read that..
but that article mentions reasons like being abusive, not helping community in return and other similar reasons..
A: "This account is temporarily suspended for voting irregularities."

Mad ScientistThe details of a suspension are private, the moderators involved won't tell you much about it. If the user in question wants to reveal anything himself, he is free to do so. But otherwise the exact details of the suspension will be considered private.

Thanks for the info @Kulfy
@technastic_tc as a general rule, suspensions are private. The idea is that a user may get a suspension for breaking the rules but they are welcome to come back and, as long as they behave, the matter is considered closed.
Therefore, mods won't discuss why a specific user was suspended, we consider that private information.
If the user wants to share the reasons, then great, but no mod will tell other users what a suspended user did wrong.
6:03 PM
ok.. got it!
Especially since the user isn't here (they're suspended) so they can't defend themselves. It doesn't feel right to discuss them behind their backs.
I'll ask about the suspension directly to Gopal once the suspension is lifted.
Eeeek! I am not implying this is what you were doing! Only that mods won't discuss suspensions publicly to protect the user's privacy.
@terdon yeah.. got it..
But the fact that the user can't defend themselves is kinda weird..
@technastic_tc terdon meant that they can't defend them in chat since they're aren't here as of now.
If the user feels suspension wasn't justified, they can appeal.
6:07 PM
@Kulfy yeah.. I'm referring to the fact that they can't defend themselves through any medium.
@technastic_tc What Kulfy said. Of course the user can defend themselves privately to the mods who suspended them, I meant that the user cannot currently use the site, so you and me discussing their suspension is unfair since they cannot come here and defend themselves.
@Kulfy oh.. really? Please share relevant post.
When a user is suspended, what happens is that they will receive an email and inbox message from the mod team. The user can then respond to the email and give any evidence they may have that could demonstrate to the mods that they did not break any rules and this has been a misunderstanding.
@terdon how can they talk to mods? through mail?
6:08 PM
@technastic_tc would you like to try and see for yourself?
They can respond to the suspension email.
So mods use their personal email-addresses for these stuff?
No, there is an interface here on site
A: What can I do to lift or reduce a suspension?

GlorfindelIf I am a new contributor and unfamiliar with how things work on SE, can I appeal against the suspension? First of all, if it's your first offense and a minor one, you will usually be warned but not suspended. So either you have been made aware of the rules already, or common sense would have sug...

We write the text and the Stack Exchange system emails it to the user.
6:09 PM
there is an onsite messaging system for these purposes
As for defense, I have been a mod since 2014, at one point I was a mod on 3 sites. I have never yet seen a user who had a good defense for a suspension. :/ Mods don't suspend users lightly, when we do, we're usually pretty darn sure we're right.
@jokerdino try what? are you talking about me trying to do "voting irregularities"?
@terdon oh..
no, mock suspension so you get first hand experience
@technastic_tc Nah, he's playing with you. He's asking if you would like to be suspended "for science", so you can see how it works #evilMod :P
@jokerdino that sounds scary..
Are mods allowed to do these kinda "science" suspensions?
6:11 PM
@technastic_tc this is what you should answer @jokerdino:
@terdon lol!!!
Seth had some awesome gifs
Heh, I had ordered that one :)
@terdon ok..
@jokerdino ok..
6:12 PM
And yes, we can in theory suspend for science. I know of at least one user who had asked for a suspension because they wanted to stay away from the site for a short time.
@technastic_tc only on science sites
@terdon ok.. can a single mod suspend a user? or do we need multiple mods?
@terdon lol zanna got suspended from chat not long ago
@jokerdino yep, precisely who I was thinking of :)
But any mod who just suspends for fun, without the explicit support of the suspended user, should be reported to SE.
So, if you ask to be suspended for science, then fine. But if the mod just does it as a joke, then that isn't cool.
@technastic_tc one is enough
6:14 PM
@terdon oh..
@jokerdino Ask Ubuntu isn't a science site exactly :P
@jokerdino wait.. when did that happen?
@terdon ok..
@technastic_tc She asked to be suspended. She didn't do anything wrong.
@terdon Since she is already a mod, can she self-suspend?
She wasn't at the time.
oh.. ok.
But yes, mods can self suspend. It's just pointless because we can also self-unsuspend.
6:17 PM
@terdon haha
@Kulfy thanks!
One last thing. Pro tip: if you're ever suspended from Ask Ubuntu, the best way to reduce the suspension is to buy a lot of coffee for @ThomasWard. (not really though. --ThomasWard)
@terdon I don't live in the US such that I can buy coffee for Thomas
Then you'd better not get suspended!
So, you've met Thomas in real life?
Hey @Pythoniscool
Welcome to Ask Ubuntu General Room!
Hey bro. whats up? Thanks. Cool room
6:26 PM
@Pythoniscool You're welcome :)
I'm just curious.. how did you get to know about Ask Ubuntu?
I was installing Ubuntu and the window of installation had an article on it about ask ubuntu
Then I checked it out and it was cool
oh.. cool!
BTW. You know how to encrypt my hard drive in ubuntu?
@technastic_tc No, I'm not in the US either, but I've spent enough time around him to know that he's as addicted to coffee as I am. Possibly more.
@Pythoniscool Nope :(
6:29 PM
Do check the site for Qs relating to this topic..
or if you can't find a good one.. do ask a question :)
Doesn't Ubuntu have some sort of GUI thing for this?
Nov 6 at 14:41, by Thomas Ward
sips coffee and quietly chooses to vaguely reply
@terdon I've never encrypted hard drive.. so I have no clue..
@Kulfy Ah!
I kinda heard that it is important to do because ubuntu is open source and I got curious. I will check it out. Thanks
@terdon I am afraid not
6:30 PM
@terdon ok..
BTW, @Pythoniscool do share your Arch experience with @terdon (since terdon is an Arch Linux user)
@Pythoniscool It does, but apparently it's only while installing: help.ubuntu.com/community/ManualFullSystemEncryption
@technastic_tc There's lot of example chat.stackexchange.com/search?q=coffee&user=10145
in Charcoal HQ, Aug 28 '18 at 15:57, by Thomas Ward
@Kulfy haha
Of curse. It is a pleasure. I actually was curious to see how arch works. Since I am an ubuntu user and I love it I installed ARCH on a VMWare. It was really hard. It has no packages by default. Kinda had to install all packages that I need( Which are installed default in ubuntu). I think Arch is good if you are short on Memory. Right?
"I installed Ubuntu on a VMWare"?
6:34 PM
I mean I installed Arch on A VMWare sorry
BTW @Pythoniscool, do share your Ubuntu story here:
Q: What's your Ubuntu story?

technastic_tcAsk Ubuntu is 10 years young now! And the community is always growing. It's time to celebrate, isn't it? We came to Ask Ubuntu to ask questions about Ubuntu because many of us were noobs at using it, or at least I was. But the question which many of us don't ask ourselves is "What's your Ubuntu s...

Arch is good if you want to tweak the system to be exactly as you want it. It is not good if you want things that "just work" out of the box.
@terdon what about Manjaro? I've heard that it's pretty customisable..
Ok. When I started learning Python and developing I realized windows is trash. Then I installed Ubuntu a month ago with dual-boot(Windows). After a week I completely removed windows and Became an Ubuntu user.(Ubuntu was better anyway. Since we didn't have windows support in Iran)
Manjaro is based on Arch
6:37 PM
I haven't tried Manjaro. But it's basically Arch, so I'm sure it is very customizable.
@terdon Agree
@Pythoniscool Please share your story by answering this post: meta.askubuntu.com/q/19335/1103140
Ok. Just a sec.
@Kulfy ok..
@Pythoniscool take your time :)
@technastic_tc Done I posted it
Oh damn. I said my country
6:40 PM
@Pythoniscool that's ok.
If you feel it's private, you can delete your message I guess
I guess you can't since the time limit for deleting the message is probably done.
Nah. Most people feel offended by the name of my country. I didn't want to annoy people
@Pythoniscool Nothing like that will happen in Ask Ubuntu community :)
@Pythoniscool Errr??? One of our mod is Iranian.
LOL Who?
I actually never saw someone Iranian on Ubuntu community
Everyone uses Windows here since it is free
@Pythoniscool there are some people if I'm not wrong.
@Pythoniscool Windows is free?
Yeah. Due to sanctions we can not have windows so we get it cracked and use it free
@terdon except if I set you in the suspension.
you'll get torched hard and it stays that way
I mean we can but we can not activate it so we crack it
@ThomasWard ?
6:46 PM
@Pythoniscool ok..
@Pythoniscool not everything is relevant to you
@ThomasWard mmmmm.... freshly roasted beans.....mmmmm
26 mins ago, by terdon
One last thing. Pro tip: if you're ever suspended from Ask Ubuntu, the best way to reduce the suspension is to buy a lot of coffee for @ThomasWard.
@Pythoniscool He was replying to terdon's message
@ThomasWard let's be kind to new user :)
@ThomasWard Ok sorry
BTW Can we uninstall pre-installed games on ubuntu? I mean possible or like windows they are compulsory?
6:50 PM
@Pythoniscool I guess you can. Are you talking about the games like Chess, etc.?
Yess. There are 4 games pre-installed on my device and are super annoying to me.
sudo apt-get autoremove<game>
You need to find out the package names and then you can uninstall them..
Just remove, not autoremove
can we use purge?
Nah. I have to go to the files and find their package name.
Anyway nice talk guys. Thank you all bye
6:53 PM
@Pythoniscool Bye!
@technastic_tc you could, yes.
7:35 PM
Q: Feature Preview: Table Support

Ham VockeNo waffling, right to the point: What? When? Where? Table support 2020-11-23 Meta Stack Exchange & DBA Meta More table support week of 2020-11-30 DBA Stack Exchange Even more table support week of 2020-12-07 Network-wide launch (if no major issues found) That's right. It's finally...

7:59 PM
@Pythoniscool you can run this to uninstall the games: sudo apt purge gnome-mines gnome-mahjongg gnome-sudoku aisleriot
You could also uninstall them using GNOME Software.
3 hours later…
10:29 PM
@Kulfy that's a great feature!

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