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2:00 PM
@ByteCommander so, what do you think of the script ?
@JourneymanGeek There are multiple tools that I found that make this possible. But, need to find one that works for CentOS 6.6
@blade19899 you might need to reboot after you reinstall install a kernel patch that lets you patch a kernel without rebooting...
@JourneymanGeek Nope. With modern Linux systeems, you can update your Linux Kernel without rebooting.
@JourneymanGeek After your edit: yeah thats true.
2:18 PM
Ooh! Lots of people in the room today, but not many people actually talking it seems... :D
Just having a amazingly long day ;p
Oh dear, any my flu is starting to get worse again... :(
Time for some tea! ;)
2:34 PM
yes, finally able to get a ubuntu-phone command up ;)
@TheBrownOne still awake?
(or already awake?)
@Mateo Cool! I should get around to install it on my phone...
BTW the GPS bug has a workaround, but at least it'll be solved in the next release!
oh, nice
@Fabby already awake
I forgot that I don't start work until an hour later on Thursdays
2:43 PM
@TheBrownOne :D Nice!
Q: Suspend isn't working anymore after upgrade to xubuntu 15.10

pprSuspend doesn't halt my old computer (DELL Precision T7400) since I updated to xubuntu 15.10. I have a black screen after suspending but the computer is still working (fan, led, ...) I suspect systemd to mess up with pm-suspend. I tried to suspend in different ways: pm-suspend xfce4-session...

That's like an extra hour of week-end on Thursdays... ;-)
But it means less sleep time today :p
@ParanoidPanda That's because you're talking, so the rest of us keep quiet... ;-)
Does Belgian mail offer tracking numbers? I'm beginning to be concerned :p
2:46 PM
Javascript Scopes Q&A starting in 15 minutes, at http://ubuntuonair.com. Speakers: davidcalle, marcustomlinson They're here to answer all…
@TheBrownOne Yes, but that's triple the price...
It's free here :p
It's okay :D
Yeah, but you pay more then 8€ to send something over such long distances...
2:47 PM
I just don't want you to have lost out on it.
@TheBrownOne I'm planning on upgrading my 1TB drive soon when I get that second-hand laptop that was promised to me, so I'll send that one then...
With USPS, all mail gets a tracking number for free regardless of destination
I'm not worried: it was the best of my back-up drives, but I still have another and a NAS around here too!
Alright, as long as you're still covered!
@TheBrownOne and what does the cheapest letter you can send cost?
79ct here
+ 100 g - 350 g 7,38 € or 8,70 € when using PRIOR (which apparently doesn't mean too much) anywhere in the world! @TheBrownOne
2:52 PM
You know, Ubuntu 16.04 is actually really bug in its upgrading process... :D
Though a good old sudo apt-get -f install normally fixes it! :D
And apparently the maximum allowed is 262,40 € for 20-30 Kg...
@ParanoidPanda Please! File tons of bug reports so it's stable by the time I get it!
:P ;-)
@ParanoidPanda: could you do me a favour and send me an email to my new email (forwarding) address?
A sheet of paper is 45c iirc @Fabby
local or international?
Int is probably closer to a dollar. Maybe a little over
2:57 PM
so local in the US (same state?) is cheaper then local here
but international is cheaper here then the US (if you fiddle a little bit)
@Seth Could you send me an e-mail to my new email forwarding address to test it out?
Consider that I working on an interactive non-login bash shell. Which is the best place to define shell variables? ./bashrc or /etc/bash.bashrc?
@AbhishekBhatia You're still on that thing?
Yeah, I left it off after that. Just got back to it.
it doesn't matter (is the answer)
(unless you need a system-wide then you should use /etc/bash.bashrc)
but that doesn't depend on the kind of shell you're using...
OK, I'm off! Back to job hunting!
Is etc/bash.bashrcread each time I start terminal?
3:05 PM
@AbhishekBhatia Yes
But don't touch that.
ok, any reason why?
/etc/ should include configuration files only. This answer(askubuntu.com/a/463479/417607) says "When an interactive shell that is not a login shell is started, bash reads and executes commands from /etc/bash.bashrc". This seems counter-intuitive.
@AbhishekBhatia As a general rule, you want to avoid changing system files. That's what the ~/.bashrcis for.
@AbhishekBhatia Nah, the guy who wrote that is an idiot.
Jokes apart, read the rest of that sentence:
> [...] and ~/.bashrc, if these files exist
Yes, non-login interactive shells will read /etc/bash.bashrc. However, they will also read ~/.bashrc so any changes you want to make should be placed there. Don't change the system-wide files. Both because that can affect other users, and because a mistake there can be much harder to fix and because your changes will be lost if you upgrade bash.
@Fabby any thing at your domain will forward to you
Variables, however, should be set in ~/.profile or ~/.bash_profile, normally. These files are read once when you log in and you don't need to be setting the variables each time you start a shell.
@terdon thanks! that made it clear.
3:12 PM
@AbhishekBhatia ? Did you just realize that the idiot who wrote the answer was me?
yeah :)
I know what I'm talking about! :P
woo, ubuntu news in on fire about the new tablet just now
Q: Taking a change from another user

David ColeWhen editing a question, afterwards (if approved) it will display who edited the question. Recently as I have been editing questions - being grammar/spelling police ;-) - I've noticed that (SOME OF) the high reputation users that have been - for a lack of better terms - stealing the change. They ...

hrm, can we find an article that doesn't talk about continuum??
3:17 PM
@Fabby on mobile atm, sorry. Maybe later?
@TheBrownOne OK... It's just that anything I send to it from myself doesn't get forwarded... (not that I don't trust you, I just don't trust anything until I've done it myself, or until 3 other people confirm it...
@Seth Don't worry! Forget about it! ;-)
thenextweb.com/gadgets/2016/02/04/… < yay, thank you ben for not comparing to microsoft :)
very cool ;)
^^^ me wants!
3:23 PM
the new theme looks amazing, I hope the try and style 16.04 a bit like that
yep - if you install unity8 thats how it currently looks like
I have it on the nexus 4 ;)
oh, did you hear - the screen turns in to a mouspad/keyboard when hooked up to a tv
yes - seen the pictures - looks fabulous ... still early days but they have the right idea
that would really be useful on a tablet - just type on that
when the miracast changes are baked in then they'll have a solution that you dont even need that physical hdmi cable
3:28 PM
Hello :)
@terdon yeah, I got confused over the idea of configuration files. I thought they are generally not executable like etc/environment.
@terdon I second that! ;-)
@Fabby :D Hi Fabby ! :)
@Fabby that's strange...
@fossfreedom well, I meant for unity7 just do a bit of updating for the last LTS with it
3:32 PM
@terdon I disagree: .bashrc is to test stuff out in, and if it works, it needs migrating to /etc/bash.bashrc so it's available to all users... (same with ~/bin and /usr/local/bin ...) :P
@cl-netbox Hi!
oh, some people might like this - news.softpedia.com/news/…
@TheBrownOne Me not irrevocably, unconditionally trusting you? Strange? If I weren't, I'd marry you! ;-)
16.04 - will let you move the launcher to the bottom
@Mateo I just want to be able to move it anywhere I want it!
(secondary screen, off-screen, floating on one of my workspaces, ...)
one step at a time ;P
3:35 PM
(In the mean time, I've gotten used to it being on the left, so it'll probably stay there)
I like it there too :)
@Fabby same with me - is it bad anyway at all ? :)
@AbhishekBhatia Strictly speaking, they're sourced, not executed.
@Fabby grrrrr it's only cool when I say it!
@Fabby Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!
@cl-netbox Nah... (sorry for late reply: I was smoking)
@terdon :D :D :D
3:45 PM
(That's why I didn't: I just seconded!)
@terdon Nope: I have 2 users on any machine: a non-admin user and an admin user. Whenever I f up the "normal" user which I use 95% of the time, I still have the other one to log onto...
(and I definitely want my goodies in both users...)
Q: File -> ../../archive/folder/file restore

KivyliusHi i'm new to Linux and I need to use it temporary to set up LetsEncrypt. Once complete, I needed to move the /etc/letsencrypt/live/fullchain.pem file into the root dir but i moved the file incorectly: mv fullchain.pem /fullchain and then it showed up in my root as red fule fullchain so : m...

So? If you have two users, it's equally as simple to just add whatever you've tested to the other user's .bashrc. Why add it to /etc/bash.bashrc? It's the same amount of work. And sure, if you know what you're doing, you can edit /etc/bash.bashrc, it's just not a good idea in general.
@terdon OK, how about scaling that up to a server with 10-100-1000 users? Huh? Huh??? ;-)
3:52 PM
@Mateo I liked the link better: takes less space!
:P ;-)
There! Starred the original!
Ya está aquí la #Aquaris M10, la primera tablet convergente @ubuntu #Ubuntu #reinvent https://t.co/JlNcoT80qY
there ;)
@Fabby Yes, when you want something to affect all users, you modify those files. That's what they're there for. That's not the use case for most people here though.
that was the original :)
@terdon thinking of anything that went into .bashrc that never ended up into /etc/bash_bashrc....
Just verified: nope, nothing... But then I'm a stickler for setting as many system-wide preferences as possible and as little user preferences as it's easier to manage a large amount of systems...
@Fabby a better way would be to create something like /etc/bash.mine and then edit /etc/bash.bashrc(or, even better, /etc/skel/.bashrc) to source /etc/bash.mine. That way, when an update overwrites your /etc/bash.bashrc all you need to do is just add the source line and you're back to where you were before.
It's also easier to fix if you break something.
4:05 PM
@terdon Oooh! Good one!
Let me implement that straight away!
@Fabby if that's a proposal, I have to warn you that my taste is expensive :P
Q: Redirecting path to remote mount point

BenI've got an NFS mount pointing at a different server mount -t nfs X.X.X.X:/asteriskstorage /mnt/asteriskstorage I can access /mnt/asteriskstorage and all seems fine What I want to do is redirect the path /var/spool/asterisk/monitor to /mnt/asteriskstorage How do I do that? Thanks

@TheBrownOne :D :D :D I already got that from what you tell us here what you eat and drink! ;-)
@Fabby: If you let me know what it is, I can send you something there from my forwarding address! ;)
@Fabby: My browser crashed so I missed it... :P
4:13 PM
Could you send it again? :D
Send it to anything@hisfirstnamehislastname.tk
I don't know his first name or his last name! :D
@ParanoidPanda Yes, you do!
If you find my network diagram I posted yesterday you would know :P
@Fabby: Ok, sent! :D
4:18 PM
@Fabby: Did you receive anything?
My mailbox is being invaded by panda's!
You're welcome! :D
@ParanoidPanda Are you in US?
Yay, UDP traffic is no longer being filtered!
4:25 PM
@TheBrownOne: No, but the "U" is correct. :P
@TheBrownOne UK
@TheBrownOne pandas are everywhere ! :)
There goes my theory then
Hi @Zacharee1 ! :)
4:29 PM
@TheBrownOne: Which theory? :D
I thought maybe Fabby's email forward was only accepting from the US.
Q: Can we get a tag for the 'at' command for Ubuntu?

BulrushThere doesn't seem to be one and I use both cron (which has a tag) and 'at' at different times. I'm not able to add a tag at this time. Tags just for more common commands would be very helpful. I would be able to help people with 'nedit' but no other editors, or 'alpine' but not other email inte...

@TheBrownOne 2 are working... When I get another one, I'll consider the case closed...
IMHO, this should be reopened... It's on meta anyway and it's funny to read people's experiences...
4:48 PM
If I could cast reopen votes, I would.
I'm still just under 1K away from casting any votes :p
@Fabby VTRO'ed
@TheBrownOne As an abbreviation it is one word, so VTRO'ed :p
If you pronounce it out fully, then it's Voted to ReOpen
I see a @fossfreedom
4:51 PM
I see a mouse, not sure what you're talking about.
If you're going to be sticklers about it, it should be VTROed. There's no call for an apostrophe there.
You can't past-tense an abbreviation!
And, if you could, you would need an apostrophe to represent omission.
@TheBrownOne Sure you can. Ever heard of lasered? :)
@TheBrownOne And no you wouldn't. It's an abbreviation, that's the whole point.
I mean, none of this makes much sense grammatically speaking, but adding an apostrophe even less so.
5:03 PM
@Terdon I have not heard lasered :P
I have heard removed by laser and laser cut.
How about tasered?
These are all acronyms used as verbs. As such, they can be pasttensed.
(and yes, I should be shot for that last word there)
And here are a few examples of lasered from actual books:
Q: Ubuntu-based Distribution Building: SKEL cannot be read by a normal user inside live system

Dominic HayesI'm making a distribution based off of Ubuntu called 'feren OS' but I'm having trouble finding a way to make the folders added into the Folder of the root system read-only inside the Live Session itself and instead, it just remains 'List files only' meaning that the feren OS SKEL changes are maki...

Well, everyone just wants to molest my language :(
US English != European English
5:08 PM
Ah, but this is the same on both sides of the pond!
It just happens to be one of my pet peeves. I hate it when people use the apostrophe to form the plural of acronyms. Things like IP's instead of IPs. In a similar vein, if you're going to verbify (yes, that's actually a word) an acronym and conjugate it, it has no business obtaining an apostrophe in the process.
@TheBrownOne Hey, I won't molest your language if you don't molest mine! :P
@terdon We call those "butchers' apostrophes" :P
Yup :)
You can go to a butcher's shop and buy 12 lamb chop's
@TheBrownOne Damn, I was just about to make a joke about going a butchering.
I don't like to verbify acronyms. I just don't generally like acronyms.
5:12 PM
Not too fond of them myself, to be honest.
@TheBrownOne and you into tech too :p
Crutches for the linguistically challenged.
@Seth There are no acronyms in tech! Those are techronyms and completely different, savvy?
Even with technology I tend to not use acronyms.
I don't usually say PC, I say computer.
5:15 PM
@TheBrownOne Really? Do you refer to your universal serial bus port?
That one I do use :P.
I mean, I'm no huge fan of acronyms but some are useful. For one thing, if you wan't to actually say GNU out loud, you'd have to expand it recursively and would get yourself into an infinite loop, thereby frying your brain.
I use the ones that would take an inordinate amount of time to type.
The --scan-archives option in ClamAV is talking about compressed archives right?
And of course recurvise ones like GNU :P
5:16 PM
I too don't like acronyms, but they come in handy.
@TheBrownOne Heh. Sounds like the Terry Pratchet dwarves' song.
I really wish my new job was more demanding... I wrote a semester's worth of tests in a week... Now I'm not sure what to do for the rest of the semester...
We don't have next year's curriculum in yet.
@ParanoidPanda As far as my test goes, yes it does scan compressed archives.
5:23 PM
@TheBrownOne You teach high school English, right?
@Terdon No, I got a promotion.
I write tests now.
that sounds boring.
And there goes Seth being tactful again :P
@TheBrownOne you could offer to write tests for their IT/programming programs :p
5:24 PM
Oh it is. It is very boring.
@terdon haha, I guess? That was a totally legit reaction xD
@Seth It was indeed. Full marks on the joke detector, I see you've gotten it fixed :P
I write tests for the English, Math, and Science departments using the new Mastery Connect system for online testing/automatic grading.
Nobody else understood how to work the darn thing, so they made a new position for and offered quite a bit more than what I was paid as a teacher.
@terdon only partially :p
5:27 PM
@kos I think you need to re-eval your statement on that meta question
uh oh, Thomas comes in with a point :p
@kos namely, a search for 'at' in the site won't help since that's infinitely frequently used in the english language and can't be used to determine tag feasibility
@TheBrownOne Well, there's an upside then, at least.
So, I wrote all of the tests early. I'm only updating the system with them every couple of days to make it look like I'm working more than I did.
@Seth and high irritability, and the wrath of Hell itself behind me
5:28 PM
@ThomasW. Agreed, I think might be a good idea.
Had a bad day yesterday, that evil filled over to today
@terdon point.missed == true
read the meta page
Again, I'm not sure how many questions would have needed it (and weren't tagged with it because the tag never existed) / how many questions will benefit from it, but I think the two ponts above (mine and @Dan 's) should be taken into consideration. What do you think? — kos 18 mins ago
@ThomasW. Oh. Damn.
that's @kos's idea
5:29 PM
I don't mind creating a tag for at, but where will it stop?
I agree with We don't need a tag for every software or utility tool, but a tag for at does have one advantage. If you trying to search for something related to the at tool, it is really hard as it just a common word. For example, searching for at on askubuntu returns 36k results. — Dan 45 mins ago
Ah, yes, you were the one arguing against it.
It's like that whole "off-topic compass" thing.
@Dan I think that, while the opinion is valid, if you search for 'at', the word 'at' is a keyword used super frequently in the English language. It doesn't immediately mean all the questions are about the at software. — Thomas W. 7 mins ago
@kos considered and -1'd by me - we need to determine how many questions are actually asked about the at command - if there are only 10 it doesn't need a tag, but if there are 10000, then maybe. The search posed by Dan earlier is a keyword search so there's thousands of extra items caught because 'at' is a frequent word in the English language, therefore that search is invalid. — Thomas W. 6 mins ago
@Seth @terdon if there are a significant number of questions, then yes we should probably have an attag. Without questions, the tag is useless
@ThomasW. His point was a tag for at would enable searching for at questions, which currently doesn't work because English, not that there were a million at questions.
5:30 PM
so, the first point is to determine how many questions about at exist
@ThomasW. That's precisely his point.
eh then I misread
i go back to what I said in my comment to @kos
this is attempting to fix something before there's an issue with it
That "at" is particularly hard to search for and having a tag for it might help that.
and given the number of users who mistag everything and are lazy, how often are people going to use the tag/
if we only have one at question, the tag isn't useful
that is true
5:31 PM
@ThomasW. That's exactly Dan's point... Searching for questions / answers about at is impossible because the search returns every post containing the "at" preposition.
@Seth so my analysis is thus: We have one at question. 99% of our userbase is lazy and unlikely to actually try and use the correct tags on questions
However the point is more the question that would have needed it / that could benefit from it in the future.
what's the likelihood that the tag gets use in the future, if we only have one question
We should have an insight into that.
Searching for atd might be a good proxy: askubuntu.com/search?q=atd
5:33 PM
and then we only get 52 questions
I know I've answered a few at questions here.
@ThomasW. But atd != at, it misses all of the "real" "at"s.
@kos and i pose my original question: how many questions about at exist, and is there a substantial need for a tag given the answer to that
if your only argument is "it makes searching easier in the future" that's not a valid reason, IMO
if it makes searching easier and we can show the tag would get actual use, that's different
hands @ThomasW. a pot full of coffee
I don't understand why educational establishments don't have any place where students could sleep. On one hand everybody is screaming "We value education", but then again nobody cares whether or not those getting education are actually healthy, actually able to perform. Beats me !
5:36 PM
@Seth make that an IV drip - after my mental implosion last night, i'm riding the waves of fury from that from here to /dev/hell and back
<- grumbling about how to grasp how many past questions about at are there.
@Serg Education in the US is broken. The higher ups don't really care about education, just making money. The lower people that do care don't have any power.
Anyone want to improve upon my answer or is it ok? :)
@ThomasW. maybe we should be giving you chamomile tea, a hot water bottle, and sending you to bed instead?
@kos and if only fifty questions over five years could benefit from that, then what's the likelihood it gets use in the future?
5:38 PM
@ParanoidPanda I'm assuming the asterisk means it is the default option? You might want to clarify that.
@ThomasW. Fifty is (probably) at the very least less than a half, since I guess most would refer to is as at. Searching for atd doesn't include at, so (theoretically, standing by the trend) I'd expect at the very least 100 questions actually about at.
okay, now +1 panda :)
@Seth: Ok, clarified that! :)
@kos fifty since 2011
and 100 since 2011
i don't see that as a frequently-asked item, nor do I see the benefit of a tag in those cases
Probably even considerably more than 100, as per my previous reasoning.
However not sure yet, and thinking of a way to get a reliable figure. Just thought that it should be considered.
5:41 PM
anyone notice that in the new x-files fox was using a nexus 5 ;)
Also thinking about it again, wouldn't 100 be enough for a tag?
I suppose it would be enough.
(still grumbling about how to grasp a figure.)
@kos 3d print it? Then you can grab it.
@ParanoidPanda you're missing a verb "Does ClamAV viruses that affect Linux as well?"
@Seth Not occurring to me right now, did I mess with the meaning of "grasp"?
@kos no, just a lame pun :)
5:47 PM
Is there any reason not to have a tag? If it's not used we can always get rid of it. If it is only used for 3 questions, then that's already three questions with better tags. I don't really see a downside here.
(Where's Braiam when you need him?)
You can use grasp as in understand with your mind or physically grab*/*touch*/*take hold of. Really lame pun ;)
@Seth You're a punny man.
weird formatting there..
In any case, if even those of us here, who are more familiar with the site and its workings than most, are having trouble finding questions about at, that seems like a very good indication that the tag is needed.
@TheBrownOne yes I am :p
5:49 PM
resists urge to post a hulk bashing Loki gif
@terdon you make good points.
@terdon hahahahaa
@Seth Got it :) I like silly puns, they just don't work well with non-native speakers. :)
@terdon bwhahahahha. that made me smile :)
@kos yeah, sorry about that :)
One of these days I'll get around to making an animated gif of the Hulk thumping Thor with "Puny Mod" under it :)
5:52 PM
Np, I just won't understand them at times. :)
Anyway back to the tag I'm trying some crazy query on SEDE.
@terdon you should totally do that xD
@Serg: Oh, thanks! I missed out more than just a verb! :D
It's either me, or the keyboard now... I think it's a mixture! :D
@ParanoidPanda yeah, it's kind of the same for me - I miss words here and there, in combination with constantly tired fingers
6:08 PM
Well, I did say it correctly, in my head, just missed a few words out in the real world somehow but thought I said them... :P
Why do I get so many "tests" in the review queue?
user image
@terdon --^
@Seth Sweet! I'm am so stealing that!
(assuming you don't mind, of course)
@terdon haha, of course not.
6:35 PM
@terdon Not frying your brain! Just causing a stack overflow... ;-)
6:58 PM
this is fun:
7:11 PM
@ThomasW. Ok, my estimate of questions about at / atd is ~14... This query looks legit enough, 23 results and 7 out the first 10 could legitimately be tagged with it. So yeah I'll rest my case about the number, but still I'm not sure it would hurt to have it. I completely endorse your reasoning at a theoretical level, but in this case the command even ships with Ubuntu. I don't know.
Let's see how people will vote on the question and on your answer, it's the best metric. (I still didn't downvote your answer, but if I decide that tag will be useful enough I will :P)
7:24 PM
o/ @Mateo
it's a sick day today - had it really bad yesterday on my day off - recovering today
feel better. I'm on a mini-vacation. 3 off because we were over labor, then three on, then three off b/c it was scheduled that way.
that doublefine ad video is HILARIOUS
7:27 PM
i chuckled heartily when they put john romero in the no pile. i wonder how many people got that joke.
@kos add your reasoning as a comment, then, for the metric. Either to the question as a comment, or as a comment to my answer (it may be seen faster as a comment on the question itself)
kojima was in that stack too ;)
Given that there's only ~14 questions, (~23 total rows), that supports my theoretical viewpoint though, as more factual-support rather than theoretical support.
@Mateo - you seem to be in to the Ubuphone stuff. This is interesting for things not scopes that you want to work on the U phone and Android native
7:43 PM
well, basically all ive been doing is scopes and webapps ;)
I know. I just thought you might know someone that would find it useful.
would be neat to write apps that worked for both
People need to read...
8:33 PM
@TheBrownOne books, or something before they reply?
Q: netsnmp sending traps on ping failure

user3260912Is there an easy way to send a SNMP trap on a event, i.e. one of my IP cameras goes down. The IP cameras do not have any ability to have a SNMP agent installed, but I have a script that checks if the camera is up while pulling images: if [ ! -s /dev/shm/GetCams/Xwebc3-temp.jpeg ]; then UACam...

@Zacharee1 Both.
I'm reading a good book right now.
Ashley Bell by Dean Koontz. Everyone should check it out.
I have enough to read :P
This person formatted their question with HTML tags:
Q: update-manager frozen or stuck

user247861I am working with: core-2.0-amd64:core-2.0-noarch:core-3.0-amd64:core-3.0-noarch:core-3.1-amd64:core-3.1-noarch:core-3.2-amd64:core-3.2-noarch:core-4.0-amd64:core-4.0-noarch:core-4.1-amd64:core-4.1-noarch:security-4.0-amd64:security-4.0-noarch:security-4.1-amd64:security-4.1-noarch Distributo...

Pain to edit
8:44 PM
Why would anyone even think that's okay?
well, some don't know about the markdown thing...
people don't care, they just want answers..
Because they confuse markdown with markup :p
some do try to formate it without the formatting. Those people care a little.
So I can see if the text moved from my bed :p
8:50 PM
Lazy bum.
I'm done with reviews for the day. I need more rep.
\o all

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