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1:55 AM
@qbi he said vbox, so he doesn't intend to boot from the usb. just run a portable version of virtualbox or some such so you're not off-base with truecrypt. on the other hand, i would rather just run it live-usb native with luks, but you answered what the OP asked.
Someone hook me on jabber pl0x xD
yeah sure. username -- jokerdino
Q: Allow for more than 2 links for <10 rep

Benjamin DainesLinks are helpful, I can't be as helpful as I could if I were allowed to post more than 2 links.

jabber.org, right?
2:00 AM
hey all!
I need help with setting class path variable in Ubuntu
Q: How do I set CLASSPATH variable for Tomcat in 12.10?

Little ChildPreviously, I have set the JAVA_HOME path using the terminal with the following command: export JAVA_HOME="/usr/lib/jvm/java-7-openjdk-i386" >> ~/.bashrc Now, I want to set the CLASSPATH environment variable to include the servlet-api.jar. Basically, what I am trying to achieve is tha...

10:00 on the dot, love it :)
@jokerdino aight
in a little bit
@RolandiXor can you help me with that question ?
@LittleChild unfortunately not (any more). It's been ages since I used Tomcat.
2:06 AM
More than tomcat, it is about HOW I can set the classpath :)
the command to be entered in the terminal :)
I know lol, but IIRC there is some complicated mess with Tomcat and that.
i just found another reason to prefer python ;)
Oh wait,
I just looked at your question in detail.
uh hmm.. so you are saying it would be a better idea to enter the classpath manually ? :)
Teaches me to read completely.
2:07 AM
it's essentially the same as the current command you have. Just run export CLASSPATH="/usr/path/to/your/classpath" >> ~/.bashrc
@RolandiXor In Ubuntu, various classpaths are separated by colon : or semi colon ;
like I want it to be .;/usr/path/blah/blah
I'm no Java expert - and I hardly use environment variables unless I HAVE to lol. I might be of little use here off hand.
2:10 AM
oh ok
Try this: export CLASSPATH="/usr/path/to/your/classpath"; "/other/path/to/your/classpath" >> ~/.bashrc
ok :)
I tried echo $CLASSPATH
you know, someone said something to me recently about having an untrusted ld search path being the problem instead of a software issue. setting classpath to include ./ seems really just like that, so i'm sitting this one out
and got a blank line as output
2:12 AM
does this mean that it was blank / null ?
it may mean you need to log out/in
no no
I tried it yesterday
before I even came to this room
it means it uses the defaults and update-alternatives puts it in the right place for you afaik, but that's speculation not testing
2:14 AM
@AbrahamVanHelpsing I was told that I should not set classpaths permanently using export as it may upset some applications
rather I should do it with a temporary classpath = blah blah everytime I want to
generally speaking that's right, but i just said something about sitting this one out. i just tried to offer a little clarity on the why you got an empty list for classpath out of the box
oh ok :)
The directory structure is confusing
things are so very scattered here and there
java wants a really rigid structure on folders and people try to solve it with dropping in softlinks everywhere. i'm on the fence about that one. i'm just talking at this point though, not trying to solve anything
@Seth did that make the blog?
@AbrahamVanHelpsing I don't think so. Wanna submit it?
2:19 AM
not really, i was just saying. it sounds like something that made the blog
ah. It's starred in Root Access
It started in Root Access :D
is @jokerdino submitting a lot?
Mostly @FEichinger I think.
oh, cool.
2:21 AM
@jrg i haven't touched it :P
Me either. No Tumblr for me.
ok, that's awesome.
someone submitted a PR on my blog.
fixing typos and stuff.
oh. on the "not touching" thing:
I felt compelled to show you this :)
@jrg Sounds like me...
@Lucio ROTFL
@Lucio I love it, but they should fix the window != windows typo before it goes meme
it's not me :(
@Prasad so sorry
@Prasad That's what I thought...
Another from Root Access
2:25 AM
still, it's a fitting ignore then
@Seth I'm kinda bombarding it, yeh.
Thanks :D ...i may change my name..there are lots of PRASADs out there :D
@AbrahamVanHelpsing ahhaaaaaaaa
@FEichinger someones has too...
@FEichinger excellent.
@Lucio Rolling On The Floor Laughing.
2:26 AM
@Lucio Actually, it's already there.
while you're at it if roflcopter isn't already there you may as well put them in as different degrees of the same thing
@Seth Very difficult for me :D
The SU mods are really weird...
flag handling wise...
@Seth you are right, but without the T, add it in the same lin there as the second option :S
2:27 AM
@Seth Nice and weird.
SU mods are always weird.
@jokerdino Oh yeah, they're awesome nice... but they reject my good flags...
I think it's because they are all of legal drinking age.
Oh, @jokerdino and @RolandiXor: don't ever mess with casperone on a friday night.
@Sathya was my first experience of a SU mod. Blame him.
bad joke falls flat
@jrg ... @BrunoPereira?
2:29 AM
@Seth The SU mods.
@AbrahamVanHelpsing I talked to Sathya... he was nice :)
Security mods are nice too.
@jrg Ah got it.
@jrg Haha. I get him.
@jrg yep.
2:29 AM
@Seth yes. he is. it was a blame sathya joke
All the mods I've talked to were nice for that matter..
there's a long story behind my comment there. :P
@AbrahamVanHelpsing I know :P
@Seth just wait until we have a reason to get mad.
then we aren't nice cute cuddly creatures.
@jrg who is he?
2:30 AM
@RolandiXor SO mod
@RolandiXor SO/MSO mod
although i'm not sure why you'd want to cuddle with @RolandiXor anyway, he gets pretty prickly. He's part porcupine.
I don't really go there so no problem.
@RolandiXor SO/MSO mod.
2:31 AM
SO mods are the best of kinds.
they are awesome.
they get jaded fast though.
If you get in my belly its warm in here.
awkward moment
it's a conditioning thing. even the nicest person becomes perma-snark eventually
2:31 AM
Apparently, printing brochure without a duplex-capable printer at 3.30 am is ... not a good thing to do.
Especially when it's 30 sheets of brochure.
@RolandiXor you're a mod.. can't talk like that anymore. Free hand circles, waffles and unicorns, but no bellies.
@Seth Interesting. They dont poke that much if I post something on meta.
Everyone likes @jokerdino :P
2:33 AM
I wiiish :P
@Seth They should close as "exact duplicate" of.. I will think in that later and change it when I come up later..
surprised he still has his head, he works for Jeff Atwood still.
working on discourse I was told.
@Seth lol
2:35 AM
anyway, i'm out. talk to you later all.
@jrg cya
I can say anything I like :)
@jrg CYa
BTW, beware of mutant lettuce: meta.askubuntu.com/a/6196/1992
2:36 AM
no votes for that.
@jrg cya :)
@Lucio I don't understand.
@jrg a day later it caught another junk build <-- saved him
@RolandiXor That meta turned into a pile of metaphors ...
@FEichinger (:
2:37 AM
@AbrahamVanHelpsing yes, yes it did.
The day I can't be me, and a mod, I'd step down.
@Seth How many times they find a duplicated question? 51, 52 or 53!
@Lucio All the time... And the funny thing is, most other dupes get upvotes anyways :/
@Seth See? MSO is evil.
A little bit.
Q: Can we change the shade of blue on the new popups?

SethRecently the error and notification popups have been changed. Some are red: And some are blue(ish): I think the red (salmon?) one is perfect, but the blue is awful bright. It really hurts my eyes when it pops up. Could we change it to a blue that's not quite so bright? Maybe somet...

I don't like the blue popups :/
2:41 AM
ew, metro blue.
ew blue
I actually like the blue :(
ew that it's a popup. people like them because they put the data right next to the user input, but i really like a "hey you" column on the left. clear your inbox first type of thing
@Seth so, you want... shades of grey?
Sheesh, don't corrupt the children!
2:47 AM
@Seth vertical centering was a really valid point, but only because the left-right centering is so close to squaring it off - the best ui solution imo
> When has a period not been covered in red?
Well, random is not being random this time.
@Seth so far for naming the red on UX we have firebrick, Crail, or possibly light reddish brown (moderate?).
oh, at dinner guys.
I'll reply afterwards.
Quick, let's flood @Seth's inbox.
later @Seth
2:56 AM
I am seriously unable to use my gorram printer ...
On the off chance that I do manage to get the pages in order ... They're back-to-front of the booklet.
Easier to half-fix the document than the printer. Just saying
@jrg we.. we are? #okaythen
LOL this is next to go up on #gemsfromstackexchange
3:23 AM
@FEichinger something that doesn't blow my eyes out...
I mean, the salmon works.
@mateo_salta Crail... lives in the water like a Salmon..
I'm glad it didn't get closed anyway.
I see you
methinks jacob black used to be jason bourne
any 1 up for a game of SC1
@AbrahamVanHelpsing he did.
And who is glassghost?
3:26 AM
I am me
idk :/
I see, did we talk before @glass?
someone using a non-obvious gravatar?
@GlassGhost Ah, then it's weird you called me.
3:26 AM
my gravatar is Master Chief from the 1 and only Halo 1
oh its my first time in 1 of these rooms
@GlassGhost It's "Jacob" (grammar police).
@Seth lol
I have been thinking of my next username.
I might change it to Bieber Fever.
@seth do i haz reeson to be scared of grammer nazis?
3:28 AM
I am one.
@GlassGhost I am not a nazi, I am the police... BIG difference.
I am only scared of Bella, lol.
your grav looks like @Sathya 's o_o
@GlassGhost no not really ;)
@RolandiXor yeah.
3:29 AM
Blame @Sathya!
I realise that non-chat regulars have no idea what chat regulars talk about sometimes, and misinterpret all kinds of things.
Different forums have different standards
I'm afraid so.
@JacobBlack yes
Not standards, just misinterpretation, lol.
3:30 AM
I have no standards, only absolutes.
@JacobBlack You should be Long John Silver next :P
@Seth I like to eat that.
One forum in their general chat anything went, except porn harder than softcore.
It's a fast food chain if you don't know.
@JacobBlack Yeah I know. They have branches in Singapore?
3:31 AM
@Seth yes
BTW did your grave get bluer?
@Seth Yes. I see you have been stalking me, lol.
@Seth no
Where are you from @seth?
But I was banned on gosugamers.net the 1 and only time I posted, because my first post was a suggestion for a cheap(inexpensive) headset using the new de facto trrs connectors
I'm a big fan of the new trrs jack plug
3:32 AM
@JacobBlack West side of Washington state in the US
@Seth I see. I guess you have not gone to university?
@JacobBlack No
@jokerdino Yeah, did not want to ask his exact age, lol.
@JacobBlack no
What does this horizontal rule mean?
3:34 AM
@JacobBlack No.
@GlassGhost yes
@Seth So what do you want to be when you grow up?
@JacobBlack idk yet :/
Haha, I got a star!
Is that so funny?
3:35 AM
@JacobBlack no
not really...
Seth I notice you got 1k per week, How much time did it take you to do that?
@GlassGhost 1k per month rather.
Didn't take long once I tried...
I don't know much about Ubuntu actually..
@Seth yes?
not much to know
thats why every1 likes it
insert cd
3:37 AM
@jokerdino eh?
oh snap
@RolandiXor flaggy for ya.
How do these people get the wrong site???
2gb Win7 restore partition
restore file*
If I got 1k per week I'd have approx. 16k... I wish :/
3:41 AM
@Seth you are on track. dont worry
@seth my question was elapsed time
@seth how much time do you think you put in
@jokerdino :)
@GlassGhost Too much really.
As soon as I get fantic I'm taking a break.
just closely watch Jorge's bounties and get them all.
3:42 AM
usually the update answer things are nice.
I was thinking about a UTT Unity for 12.10...
@Seth nice.
13.04 actually.
it will be in repo \o/
Well, I thought Mahesh might want to do it...
just sayin.
naw. affiliation is tricky.
@jokerdino what repo?
3:45 AM
I don't understand.
@GlassGhost ubuntu
@Seth better if someone else recommends it.
Hey @seth I think I look a bit like you when I was your age. Basically, we both look like Bieber, lol.
@jokerdino You work on ubuntu?
@GlassGhost actually no
@JacobBlack You gonna have a real pic someday?
3:46 AM
@Seth he had one
@Seth Yes, if we ever email, I might tell you more about my life...
@RolandiXor lol
@prolly not
Haha, why is everyone starring me today?
3:48 AM
Is what I say interesting or funny?
@JacobBlack no you were just the 1st person i saw do anything(you joined the channel), like I said earlier I've never been in one of these chat rooms.
@GlassGhost protip: hit the up arrow to edit your last message(s) upto 2 minutes old
@sathya ty
sorry, had to go AFK
@GlassGhost welcome
3:58 AM
Does anyone here use windows?
@GlassGhost Yes, they are besides the door.
lol @seth
@seth What do you use for gaming? or do you play any games?
@GlassGhost My moto: I am not a gamer.

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