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12:00 AM
@Prasad Why you will uninstall LAMP if the problem is in P (php)? That is not logical..
If so, re-install PHP.
I tried reinstalling Apache and PHP and didn't help
@AbrahamVanHelpsing Hush.
I think this either needs upticks or deleted, but I'm not sure which...I'm pretty sure the user in question is being obtuse: askubuntu.com/questions/260397/…
@Seth Huh?
12:05 AM
@AbrahamVanHelpsing hmmm....
@FEichinger Huh??
What are you requesting clarification about?
@Seth I ... don't really get the point, I guess.
Of you quoting that, I mean.
just teasing.
11 mins ago, by AbrahamVanHelpsing
php is evil anyway. use some ruby or python framework
Oh, Hush!
@Prasad - Does it download the actual file? As in: What are the contents of the file?
@Prasad - And, secondly, does a simple HTML file get displayed properly?
12:10 AM
Q: Reply Young Justice Season 2 Episode 17 online hdhq free full video

Clock RequesWatch Young Justice Season 2 Episode 17 S02E17 Online TV Streaming, 2x17 The Hunt s2e17, Watch Young Justice Season 2 Episode 17 S02E17 on Megavideo, Watch Young Justice Season 2 Episode 17 S02E017 Full Videos, Young Justice Season 2 Episode 17 S02E17 Replay, Young Justice Season 2 Episode 17 S02...

what? what is spam flaggable that i haven't seen?
12:15 AM
@Seth same here
5 mins ago, by mateo_salta
@mateo_salta kinda... bright.
I don't like change! D:
hm, should that be red, or orange?
Salmon really.
@FEichinger Change doesn't like us either, that's the way it is. :)
12:18 AM
There is no such thing as Salmon, period.
Feb 13 at 22:26, by mateo_salta
nah, looks more like Bubblegum Crisis Salmon color to me
@FEichinger So true! :D
@FEichinger none of those matches the color.
"Maraschino" kinda does, I think.
Good grief. What kind of color chart is this?
12:21 AM
The reason we call our Bubblecum Crisis Salmon "red" for simplicity's sake.
Stop arguing over it. Call it red, cause it ain't pink.
salmon is certainly a color. i had a boss who wore salmon colored jean shorts and a shrek green polo to work at least once a week
the sad part is that when he did, he sorta looked like shrek
lol, there should be a UX post about this.
Salmon is a color, 'cause it isn't red and its not pink.
@mateo_salta Wanna do the honors? :D:D
so you see how it's kinda shrek-y
12:36 AM
I need this mousepad: rlv.zcache.com/…
Q: How to best Classify color names in a system of colors

mateo_saltaMany times in using general color names in communication, i.e. Red and Green, users are confused when the color is a non-pure form of the color. For Example, in referring to the Red-ish color of the error box on Ask Ubuntu: There is much debate as to what to classify the color as, Here are so...

@mateo_salta +1
you cut out my salmon comments. i'm alternately overjoyed and irritated
@mateo_salta Why am I always involved in such stuff? :(
oh? can you edit bookmarks
12:49 AM

Salmon is a color!

34 mins ago, 7 minutes total – 26 messages, 5 users, 2 stars

Bookmarked 19 secs ago by Seth

i can't. i'm no sql admin for stackexchange (the people that ultimately hold the keys to all the doors)
that's cool

salmon 2

35 mins ago, 7 minutes total – 23 messages, 5 users, 2 stars

Bookmarked 7 secs ago by mateo_salta

how about this?
It's an interesting question, but outside of the scope of this site. — JohnGB 10 secs ago
@mateo_salta heh. either way. i was just getting my knickers in a twist for no good reason
12:51 AM
How is that outside the scope of friggin UX?
maybe too broad.
"How to communicate colours?" is a more creator-sided discussion, but it's definitely a UX discussion.
if the freakin nintendo user interface question is on topic...how is communicating a color off-topic?
Did you get a close vote?
@AbrahamVanHelpsing And what about the coffee bean one?
12:52 AM
That's gonna be a fun meta post, I guess. :P
Who's gonna do the honors?
You pick a good question. One or the other:
"Why were the buttons B A?"
"How do I communicate shades of red more clearly?"
I don't have a UX account yet, I believe, so ... not me.
@FEichinger You need one.
Every SE user needs a UX account.
I don't want one :(
That makes me feel dirty, like having an SO account.
12:54 AM
here some one read up on this, en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Color_term make me an answer about using some standard terms(if interested of course), en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ISCC-NBS_system
@AbrahamVanHelpsing Not the nintendo one for sure.
@AbrahamVanHelpsing Both are great and fully in the scope of UX.
I like using "B A" in an A or B question...I'm so punny.
Q: Blue or red color for counter of new messages?

UX-GeekI'm trying to implement an inbox for users and there is an indicator in the site that shows you how many new messages you have. When I use blue for notifications it nicely fits in the site, and red is OK. From a UX point of view, is it a good practice to show new messages in blue or we should s...

Is a a mod around?
@Seth I love how the accepted answer gives no clue whatsoever about which answers lead to which colours.
12:57 AM
@FEichinger IKR. The second answer has the most upvotes.
UX - answering your questions with questions.
Sooo ... I'm now gonna do my first time installing ubuntu server to an actual machine, rather than a VM.
My last resort in getting that PC to work. The one with the no-drivers-for-windows-anymore network card.
dinner calls.
trying to get step one of MOM on html/django done this weekend. the menu/overlay system. the map system and isometric browser for battle are already available via api from three.js
Spam user if a mod drops in.
^^ I wish that existed on facebook
1 hour later…
2:23 AM
@Abraham: In regards to your question earlier, I always add .pyc at a minimum to .gitignore .
It gets a bit tricky when it comes to settings.py though.
...since those are installation-dependent.
So what I usually do is create another file named base_settings.py and store all installation independent settings in there. Then at the top of settings.py I do this:
from base_settings import *
Then I add all installation dependent settings after that line. I can also override settings that way as well.
(This is all from memory, so I might have missed something. Hopefully you get the general idea, though.)
2:49 AM
Screw my network.
I really need to get a new switch here ...
i should start lying and say i'm 20.
people keep freaking out because of my age, it's starting to get annoying.
@jrg You're making me feel old, for chrissake!
you're mature for your age james
why even mention your age. it shouldn't matter
i like cat gifs, i found a awesome gif of some pink princess flipping a table and i will tell terrible jokes with anyone who will listen.
@bcbc because I still haven't figured out a good way of answering the question "What do you do for a living"
3:00 AM
maybe "I'm a student"?
then there is the follow up: Where do you go to college?
"Oh, I'm still in high school".
(i'm bitter, perplexed, and pretty mad about some reactions to that lately, in case you're wondering. :P)
on the other hand, it's a nice litmus test.
if they make a big deal out of it, then i probably don't want to have anything to do with them.
if they just shrug, say "thats cool" and then carry on from where we were, thats better.
I just wouldn't answer personal questions to anybody
some people (especially online) can be ... jerks
I meant: to just anybody
oh, not online.
online i have that in my profile for various things, its a public fact, not a discussion starter. Except here, where I come and rant about it to the regulars. :P
in-person at work though, even though it's a fairly small company, people are still finding that out.
it's been almost 2 years.
it's a hoot. :P
people ask you what you do for a living at work? ;)
are you familiar with ycombinator?
3:09 AM
ok, so the basic idea is ycombinator is a place where you can go, pitch your company, get feedback, maybe walk away with some money in return for a chunk of the company.
i work for a ycombinator-like place, as a quarter of their IT department. as such, i run into a lot of people, both those who work for the same people as I do, and those who are pitching their company.
sounds like interesting work
it's weird, thats for sure.
how do you juggle school, work and more importantly, askubuntu ?
school: Hands-on accounting, project management, etc is the name of the game right now. work: it's work. fun. askubuntu: idle here, fight the other mods for the right to take care of the flags, etc.
3:18 AM
@snow What GTK theme are you using?
3:48 AM
I guess I have bad timing :)
4:14 AM
@RolandiXor Hello :)
Let me show something creepy :D
4:38 AM
Even quotes of fortune are hilarious!
4:55 AM
Q: EXCLUSIV Ronda Rousey vs Liz Carmouche LIVE UFC 157: Rousey vs Carmouche streaming

Malkis AbonsUFC 157: Rousey vs Carmouche Live Stream, UFC 157: Rousey vs Carmouche Live Free Streaming, UFC 157: Rousey vs Carmouche Live Free Online, UFC 157: Rousey vs Carmouche Live Online Have fun while watching thisUFC 157: Rousey vs Carmouche your pc or television. Support UFC 157: Rousey vs Carmouche...

The spammer SAT on that.
Wait, so was it you or @jokerdino?
(just curious)
Ah OK :)
We don't compete.
5:03 AM
Oh I know. He just popped into the room right as you deleted it ;)
@Seth no not me :)
\o/ almost completed!
Sometimes I just don't know how to start editing ;)
Q: Not Sure if it's Ubuntu,or my Wifi or probably both?

user135064I'm using an Acer Aspire One Net Book and I have Windows 7 Ultimate and Ubuntu dual booted. ((Processor: 1.66 Ghz)) ((1 GB Ram)) ((Intel Atom)) ((64 bit)) I noticed that in Ubuntu, web sites don't display well ((All Browsers,including the ones not found in the software centre)).While Windows 7 d...

5:10 AM
((Lol)) What's ((with)) the (((())))
what's with all the spanish?
((Jittery)) Or at least that's how ((it)) feels ((to m))e.
Q: Cuál versión (32 o 64 bits) de ubuntu instalar con este procesador?

Hugo Sánchez LandaverdeEnglish: Hello to all! This is the first time I have a question here. I'm going to partition my hard drive and install Ubuntu 12.04 with my Windows 7, the detail is that I have this processor: AMD Athlon II P360 2.30 GHz dual core processor, and I have doubts if I must install the 64-bit version ...

5:11 AM
What version of Ubuntu should I use with this processor?
The free one.
P --> ( P ) | P P | epsilon
use all the versions!
well, I gtg
cya tomorrow folks :D
5:17 AM
And remember, eat your greens.
Jokerdino is green.
All flags belong to me :D
Do the math.
A: Can Ubuntu repair windows 7 that won't boot?

lucysanI always check out this website before downloading registry software for pc/mac - www.microsoftapple.com - My personal favourite is smart pc fixer because it's just incredibly simple to use and does exactly what it's name suggests. A good mac alternative is detox my mac for similar reasons.

Anything wrong with that?
let me take a look but I think quite a lot
is that spam?
5:22 AM
Almost, if not yes.
Not a spam, but definitely not an answer!
he has the same link in his profile >:)
just delete it IMO.
@jokerdino There's your ticket.
yeah, all of you farm your flags.
5:23 AM
definately spam ;p
Those new blue boxes are driving me crazy
@jokerdino: yeah, only cause it makes your life easier ;p
@JourneymanGeek :P
OK, you can delete it now :P
how's it like not having to flag stuff any more? ;p
5:25 AM
@JourneymanGeek sometimes good. ;)
i cant goof up anymore, which sucks a little
that's the same issue I had when I was first able to do edits on my own ;p
You deleted him???
destroyed. bam
did you check out the website lol. he was just promoting it
5:26 AM
@jokerdino Suspension for promotion.
/me entirely approves of this ;p
well, actually he has a point there
Suspension is too much work.
Uh, bad excuse.
lol spammers shouldn't be excused. they are too evil.
5:28 AM
No big deal, but when you're dealing with a real person...
@Seth real person would make it obvious that he is real. dont worry
Oh I'm not worried.
I mean, if you search for "My personal favourite is smart pc fixer because it's just incredibly simple to use and does exactly what it's name suggests. A good mac alternative is" you would know
They are spamming the web since the start of this month. Budding spammers.
Because you didn't actually ask a real question in the beginning. You edited it in after people asked what your question was. Plus, it looks like a dupe to me. — Seth 2 mins ago
What about it?
Interesting that you got there without me linking anyone.
5:34 AM
Emphasized the wrong spot again?
I mean, I thought if I posted the q in here but I didn't
@jokerdino I don't understand.
@Seth that was perfect. >:)
Well, yeah. I didn't think that through well enough..
could have worded it better.
it's a wiki. shows itself out.
5:37 AM
I meant the picture to the right.
Oh, didn't see it.
not enough flags. boring.
well I'm off to bed.
@jokerdino Don't get me wrong. I'm not going to get all offended. If he wants to think that fine. shrug. It just shows all the more the irony and uselessness of his question/rant.
Eh, I dont have much of an opinion regarding his rant.
He is just trying to push his thought on everyone. that religions are less useful than other stuff.
5:43 AM
Just making sure you understand what I was trying to say... :)
Well, he is the villain. Not you :)
Who are you talking about?!
Q: Why do religion SE sites have more Q&A than many practically useful SE sites?

Dan Dascalescu Mi Yodeya = Q&A for those who base their lives on Jewish law and tradition. 6.9k questions Biblical Hermeneutics = Q&A for professors, theologians, and those interested in exegetical analysis of biblical texts. 1k questions Christianity = Q&A for committed Christians, experts in Chri...

No comments would be made by me on this.
You dont have to. :)
5:58 AM
@jokerdino: thanks, answered ;p
without mentioning my religion once ;p
(granted, there's no hinduism.se yet)
It's in the commit stage. Checkout
yeah, I think I did
6:05 AM
Well, I imagine how's life for moderators of those sites.
@IgnitE Nice and good.
actually, probably not too bad
/me thinks judaism.se is a brilliant idea
I meant in the busy way :P
their religious rules are probably the most complex of any I've heard of
6:19 AM
Q: Why grp:lctrl_lshift_toggle still keeps right keys as switch triggers?

RogachI ran the following command in my terminal: setxkbmap -layout us,ru -option "grp:lctrl_lshift_toggle,ctrl:nocaps" but for some reason, the effect is the same if I specified "grp:ctrl_shift_toggle" - both Left-Shift+Left-Ctrl and Right-Shift+Right-Ctrl change my layout. How can I fix it?

7:09 AM
8:00 AM
@Nic: I think he was just using that as an example. Nobody in their right mind would nominate themselves. — George Edison Aug 2 '10 at 17:44
1 hour later…
9:03 AM
9:18 AM
morning peeps
1 hour later…
10:24 AM
@jrg the twitter RSS is no more. the interrupter stopped posting tweets in here. D:
And I am out for the day. Cya y'all in the night.
Q: Installing Roundcube Web Server, gave date and time error while checking PHP configuration

RisheeInstalling Roundcube Web Server, gave date and time error while checking PHP configuration. I am trying to configure the webamil using roundcube. Below is the details. pop / smtp service is working fine on my mail server. Able to send and receive mails through the mail client perfectly fine. Us...

Hello Guys can any one help on the above question???
@Eliah Kagan @Seth @fossfreedom Hello Guys... it's a bit priority for me... can any of you help me on this pleaseee... Thanks in advance.
1 hour later…
12:01 PM
@jokerdino Fix it
@jokerdino @Mahesh WARN: Build Failed
12:20 PM
Q: How should questions involving pre-release or test kernel versions be regarded?

vasa1The FAQ indicates that "issues with the next version of Ubuntu" aren't on topic. Should or should not a similar policy be adopted towards questions about pre-release and test kernels? For example, 12.10 currently has 3.5.0-25-generic but this question is (partly) about "How to install kernel 3.8...

anyone here?
Need help to format a usb from NTFS to FAT32 (so I can install Mint). And I only have windows as system available...
any ideas?
that usually does the trick for me
12:39 PM
Q: Ubuntu package download

Emil Janssoni am trying to get familiar with the Ubuntu package page. My Mac mini is currently offline since i dont get my network to work and i have read on forums that i need some packages. build-essential, linux-headers, linux-source, etc I installed Ubuntu 12.10 with a USB stick and it seems almost n...

The question is unclear. What is OP trying to do?
12:59 PM
@AmithKK eh i dont think i can D:
@AmithKK was it the last one?
@AmithKK i dont think we can do anything about it. see raring succeeded but quantal failed.
1:24 PM
Ubuntu not installing via usb flash drive
says CD ROM something something
@mojo706 did you change BIOS to boot from USB?
yes yes everything is ok till it says its reading from CD-ROM which doesn't contain a disk
it should not even know of a CDROM when you boot it from USB :/
thats what I was thinking
How did you make your USB?
1:42 PM
@jokerdino yay!
@amithkk hey, use Travis-CI. :-)
@jrg happy with a broken interrupter? :D
Yes, kinda.
@Takkat LiLi
no one noticed it is broken. meaning no one cared.
@mojo706 never used it - so I have no idea what could have gone wrong. Do oyu use Lili's virtualization feature?
1:50 PM
Q: How can we remove ruby 1.9.3p0 from ubuntu?

Omer Rajai have installed ruby1.9.3p0 and I can not remove it. When I execute the command sudo apt-get remove ruby1.9.3p0 it says teh package wasnt found so not removed. What should i do?

Q: I can not remove Ruby1.9.3p0 from ubuntu. What is the process?

Omer RajaI have installed ruby 1.9.3p0 and on executing the command ruby -v it shows the version 1.9.3p0 installed. When i try to remove it by command sudo apt-get remove ruby1.9.3p0 it says package not found so not removed. What should I do?

@Takkat I didn't understand
@mojo706 Lili claim to be able to run Ubuntu in a VM provided by them.
provided where?
1:58 PM
with the software?
<-- is never sick of rebooting
@Takkat the difference is I want to install it :(
Hm - people say the best method is using unetbootin
That too gives me an error :(
what are the minimum specs for 12.04?
2:12 PM
Thanks it meets the minimum requirements
@Takkat prolly using qemu
quemu makes sense... :)
@JourneymanGeek that worked... :P
@Alvar: It basically almost always does ;p
3:00 PM
doesn't useradd creates a home directory for a user under /home?
@Peachy No, maybe you're thinking of adduser
i see
it says: When invoked without the -D option, the useradd command creates a new
user account using the values specified on the command line plus the
default values from the system.
useradd -D
3:51 PM
@jrg nice
@jokerdino That was a 503
@AmithKK it's fixed now.
@AmithKK *nice
@jokerdino gtalk please.. (for the wiki)
@jokerdino You can edit my messages :P
@AmithKK i am on irc.
@AmithKK easier if you do it. :P
give me a minute. i'll be on gtalk
@jokerdino pinged you
It's just not covered in bacon...
Dec 24 '12 at 2:02, by AbrahamVanHelpsing
user image
For that it would have to be running on a Macbook.
o/ @AbrahamVanHelpsing
o/ @lazyPower
how ya been?
4:33 PM
mezzo mezzo
thinking about a nexus 10 as my next tech expenditure, but i'm taking apart the android kindle app to see if i can rewrite it in "not java" before i buy anything
seems legit, I'm enjoying my 7. Its been rock solid
cool. played with the ubu-touch thing at all yet? it seems interesting, but until there are more apps if it can't dual boot android (there are indications that it can) - it might be more of a fancy paperweight than a usable device
^^ That's not derogatory
Good Night
4:45 PM
blast from the past i started playing with a little recently.
Nah, Its in enthusiast mode right now. I'm not developing for touch yet so i have no need to get in on the preview
Cool. I sort of wanted to know if the browser on ubu-phone supported webgl canvas. Three.js has non-gl abstraction though so no biggie.
ruby 2.0 dropped today
orly? that's neat i guess.
anyone have a list of "these are the changes that are going to break your code" article yet?
5:03 PM
that moment when my code compiles :D
2 hours later…
6:54 PM
how come rbenv doesnt "see" this version?
7:07 PM
7:40 PM
@Seth: why did you roll back the title from English to German?
@Takkat Oops. Forgot to check the title.
Buzz was much later than me, and with his edit he rolled bak mine... sigh
7:45 PM
But someone approved BuZZ edit...
There. Fixed it.
@Takkat LOL
lets lol a bit :)
I did wonder why he was doing that...
should have looked a little closer.
7:57 PM
@Seth I bet he started editing when I was almost done. Then it got approved. Sometimes the system is suboptimal.
AH! I get in trouble on SO for not flagging a link only answer... Then a mod declines my flag on SU :S
lol again.--
@Takkat That's why I was laughing
What a mess these revisions are.... :)
Q: Washed out colours with screencast software but not screenshot on Ubuntu (all versions)

Matthew BrownI have experimented with screencast software on Ubuntu over a number of LTS versions and using pretty much every software I can get my hands on. I have used VLC, RecordMyDesktop and some others the names of which escape me. I tried this when Ubuntu shipped with GNome and now with Unity as well. T...

8:50 PM
9:02 PM
@mateo: Thanks for fixing the logo - I've merged your branch.
2 hours later…
10:42 PM
A: USB encrypted VM with Ubuntu

qbiThe virtual machine lives inside a large file. So depending from your goals it might be sufficient to encrypt this file. You can use TrueCrypt. This software is available as a portable app and can be used with all major operating systems. So first prepare Virtualbox and install Ubuntu. Now encry...

Can anyone have an eye on this answer.
I just realised that there might be a problem when booting USB before unencrypting.
11:08 PM
Q: Answering based an another answer

iBelieveIn this answer, the person describes a method using multiple steps in the shell, including setting a variable. I was thinking it would be useful to show a shell script that takes a parameter, instead of using the variable and a command that probably would have to be copied and pasted each time be...

11:35 PM
11:52 PM
@lazypower YAY 2.0!

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