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3:00 PM
I am at home, on my fast internet
WITH my desktop
after almost a year, I am so going to pwn some noobs with the awp today
i thought you lived with your parents tho @AlexM.
alpha textures on the cave
finally, I get to see something other than brown in ars ignis
@AlexM. cool :D
Natural Cave is Natural.
or not very natural
3:07 PM
@AlexM. You artist did a good job for a first =)
code? did you look at my class?
@AlexM. The only thing it is missing is some stalagmites and stalactites
@PythonInProgress No.
@CodeAssassin will you?
@CodeAssassin I think he's always done a good job
this is the first time he does anything other than a small object like a minecart
and when he made the minecart, it was his third small object ever
so yeah, officially, this is his fourth 3D model ever
@AlexM. so
what are you going to do today?
3:15 PM
at all?
at all
Hey :)
hey @MikolajMarcisz :D
3:23 PM
Is there a chance that somebody in this chat room has come over a good website selling very high poly character models, medieval, village fantasy? : d
for a tabletop game?
I am currently creating an mmo
idk then :P
I am supposed to create a mock-up, of my game and I might get free college for 3 years
$150k dollars saved + my project might get picked up by CDPROJEKT RED
cool :D
3:26 PM
2 min. trailer with locations showing a very diverse world
the player character is over 30k polygons but there are no monsters/people wandering around, yet
i cant help, but gl
I have been seraching Turbosquid
but nothing :/
3:31 PM
alex to the rescue
I bought the brown caves I kept on showing in Ars Ignis from arteria
as well as a female warrior I've yet to show here
the owner will contact you directly and upload the things for you somewhere
but he's trustworthy
@MikolajMarcisz $150k dollars saved ? your collage costs $150k for 3 years?
im making a new website @AlexM.
sounds good
The Programm3r's Domain
3:35 PM
it's decent for a 13yo :P
when I was your age I was working on a website for gamers, called gamers' castle lol
game direction costs a lot
is this mmo a real idea of yours or are you doing it just for the college?
my real idea, I want to do college in spare time : D
an you're willing to pass it over to cd projekt
who, even if they are the best guys in gamedev today, will change it to their liking
3:43 PM
Not for free, if I would be to direct it out there with a proper cut, this would be awesome
no money could buy ars ignis away from me, ever
my creation is my identity
I'd lose it that way
Im not giving it away!
I want it to get a proper money siringe
dunno mate, but I'm pretty sure you'd only get a bottom row credits entry only
If I were to get 20% cut, having 30 proffesionals to work with.. I'd fall for it
If I direct it...?
money must be your real identity then
3:45 PM
PS. It is an MMO, I am needed there!
Not going to give it away for nothing, not going to leave it behind at all ;)
of course you are, in the best case, a bottom-row programmer :A
but don't mind me, I'm just being a troll again
I will still develop this game
I noticed
Don't feed the trolls...
But still I don't mind :P
I'm just confused how easily you people would give your game which could have your signature on the box, for a bit of cash
3:47 PM
no boxes lol
Mikolaj Marcisz's <game name>
see this happening?
only if you don't give your game away
also WoW comes in a box
your argument is invalid
I see where you are headed..
just find something you won't want to give away, even for money
that's what you want to work on
I want to live my dream to create the greatest game
If you look at Tibia, first graphic mmo
You will know that every player knows who made it, even though they sold the project
3:50 PM
who made Tibia?
sorry, but when it comes to particular persons behind games...
who wants to find me some amazing techno audio
being serious tho
I only know of... that guy from Avernum whose name I forgot AGAIN damnit
and that is his game
and I guess Carmack
and that's about it
anyway, do what you want
Do you know Lord British?
3:52 PM
the guy behind Ultima? of course I know him, he's a freaking NPC too
and a central one at that
but otherwise, I wouldn't have heard of him
He sold it to uncle EA
your point?
If you make a good product, and you are known as the main person behind the game title you will be known...
the thing is, the only moment you'll be having a playable real something
Even if you don't know someones name it doesn't really matter..
3:54 PM
it's when CD Projekt will have already added their name on it
Do you know Sapkowsky?
He created the Witcher universe
but his name must be on the books
not CD Projekt's
3:56 PM
you do what you want, as I said
Still you haven't known that, and almost every article on the game ahs that name
but don't expect CDP to allow you to do something interesting
I am sure you don't have as much experience as their worst programmer, since you mentioned you're not even in college yet
so you'll pretty much lose control of the project
you get the money, yeah
you lose the idea
3:57 PM
Ill also do a parallel kickstarter funding
if the idea is crap, this might get into your advantage
And make sure that I keep my last word ;)
And it is not
if the game becomes ultra-awesome, don't tell your kids you sold it when you could have done it yourself
I got to go : /
was nice talking with you :)
I can imagine a persuasive CDP employee convincing you that you don't need to have the last word
3:58 PM
or worse yet, convince you that you have the last word, and basically lie
I am the most assertive son of a B..... you have ever spoken to :P
dunno man, but devs kinda cower each time a publisher comes by
see you later
you're probably less scary
think well before selling it
if CDP thinks one of your ideas is crap, and you won't drop it, they might just drop you
4:01 PM
hey @AlexM.
look at my profile
my gd.se one
I'll keep on calling you pip anyway
it's better
thats fine
it matches my website tho
oops. I forgot to add the site to my profile
added now
check it out.... only a .webs.com subdomain, but whatever
looks cool, but you need more content
it will come
gonna put the python logo in the heading
@AlexM. should my logo be my hat shaped moon or the python logo?
whichever you like
4:10 PM
i want u to decide :P
the hat
it's not copy-trade-whatever-marked
:P true
it is now (C) Benjamin Ward
trademarked btw @AlexM.
the hat then
it is uploading
k done
it even fits with the background
4:13 PM
make an account on my site?
i want all of the people i refer to as Programm3r's (mostly GD.SE people) to have one
I'd rather you referred to me as alexm
i have 101 rep
someone went and upvoted both of my answers and my question
lol friendly guy I guess
was that u @AlexM.?
4:16 PM
@AlexM. yeah
idk then :D
I'm the least friendly guy on this chat
was thinking you'd know that already
nah, I'm just an asshole
actually, @IcyDefiance is the least friendly
or rather it's very rare someone else and I click and become bff
4:18 PM
i got +63 rep from one question
it was an okay question, that's why
it was an answer
it was an okay answer, that's why
A: How can I mod an item to take experience from a player in Minecraft?

TheProgramm3rYou could look in the game code to find the code for enchanting. Since that takes away experience, it should tell you how, although it may be in levels. Also, you could look in the code for the anvil. In those, you should find variables for experience. You could probably subtract from those varia...

4 upvotes and an accept
lots of probablys that Byte forgot to edit out tho
I wish more people would ask more questions about architecture and diagrams
4:21 PM
vanilla code snips
bbiab gotta eat
4:41 PM
im back
wo0t i got a new badge: autobiographer :D
@AlexM. @IcyDefiance hey two meanest people in chat
@TheProgramm3r on the topic of your website, have you learned any HTML/CSS yet?
@IcyDefiance a bit
@IcyDefiance Like my new name btw?
mm, I have a shared hosting plan I'm paying for already, and I'm willing to share it, since I don't need anywhere near the bandwidth available. you'd have to code from scratch, though, or use Wordpress, and a domain would cost about $10/year.
would be a lot faster, more flexible, more professional looking. just a lot more work.
i has no monies online :P
i need to go buy one of those walmart credit cards
@IcyDefiance that would be amazing once i get my money onto a credit card
well you could also have a subdomain of icydev.net for free, but that kills half the professional look by itself.
4:54 PM
very cool tho
i gotta go, see u later
5:09 PM
i hear people who program professionally spend so MUCH time on the program planning phase, all before writing any lines of code.
team programs atlast
this is true?
I'm not a pro yet, but from all the pros I've talked to both on the internet and in person, it seems true.
I think it makes sense. programs turn into a horrible, ugly beast if you start without a great plan.
when you're talking about enterprise applications, the tiniest problems get increased by several degrees of magnitude, and making even trivial changes requires all the proper paperwork and tests and whatever else.
how MUCH is much? it shouldnt be longer then 20% of development time (at least i've never seen anyone spending more time on it usefuly)
gui upgrade :)
5:25 PM
my professors claimed they spend more time on planning than programming. I didn't get any specific ratio, though, and I got the impression that it can vary a lot depending on the project
well one of my profs is a contractor for companies looking to upgrade from COBOL age systems, and he spends nearly all of his time just on paperwork and maintenance, and just a few hours a week on actually upgrading things, but that's probably not the norm.
1 hour later…
6:35 PM
I spend a while planning
I guess pretty much everyone here knows of my documentations and diagrams
personally, I usually plan the exact scope of my project, and the steps it'll take to get there, then the structure of the code comes naturally
changed my avatar to something that I think fits my overall temper a bit more
@AlexM. You letting pip get to you? :(
who said anything about pip :P
I can only assume
Based on his rude comment towards you and icy earlier in the day
6:44 PM
it wasn't that rude
mine are usually more rude lol
but tiara's face isn't exactly avatar material for me
damn, I need to get rid of this hat
hey, I take great pride in not being nice. it was a compliment.
@IcyDefiance lets play rude commentary.
can I start?
I am good at this game.
no. go away.
@IcyDefiance Good you started. Do you have a GF? Is she mean too?
@IcyDefiance #fatality
6:48 PM
Or the equivalent.
no gf. the state of my life right now means I haven't known many people smart enough to be around for more than a couple hours without being real pissed off. and if I did meet someone I could stand, I wouldn't be able to ask her out anyway.
no worries mate
you'll probably meet a girl who'll ask you out herself
there's got to be a #maninthefamily afterall
do I win the game?
what game?
8 mins ago, by Code Assassin
@IcyDefiance lets play rude commentary.
6:57 PM
look at it load in 2 seconds
@IcyDefiance I win
I need to eat less
I'm getting fat
and my body is also asking for food more often than before
7:20 PM
I'm officially on the summer holiday
unofficially, I still have to go to an exam in a week and a bit
2 gigs of smooth jazz, in several minutes
this is the life
7:41 PM
@Kikaimaru Nice
8:37 PM
@AlexM. hm. what did i do?

I can only assume
Based on his rude comment towards you and icy earlier in the day
let's see what's changed in RuneScape in the past ~year
@TheProgramm3r that should be directed towards me
since I said those things
ok. hey @ToddersLegrande what did i do?

@AlexM. You letting pip get to you? :(
4 hours ago, by TheProgramm3r
@AlexM. @IcyDefiance hey two meanest people in chat
This just looks like you are trying to antagonize them
Just don't
@ToddersLegrande they both said they were
8:39 PM
I don't care
If you want them to be nice to you, be nice to them
it's okay, I did not like that avatar anyway
As soon as you are mean back it looks like you are asking for it and have no right to complain
8:39 PM
entered my password wrongly too many times, I now have to wait 5 minutes
sophisticated french voice le fu~
le is spanish for the
@ToddersLegrande you can either still call me pip (thats fine) or call me Programm3r
"hey" is japanese for buck cake
8:41 PM
yes, totally
im sure :P
i like the new avvie Alex
@ToddersLegrande i have 101 rep now :D
i got 63 from that answer
(that you gave me...)
8:44 PM
whats up btw?
Watching MLG
Major League Gaming
8:45 PM
Specifically I'm watching the Starcraft 2 portion
computer or irl gaming?
this is a great song
and I usually can't stand this stuff
8:45 PM
thats my favorite one
I much prefer watching and playing SC2
Personal preference? I find LoL boring to play and watch
i love lol :P
I prefer playing Dota over LoL but I still think watching SC2 > Watching Dota even
8:47 PM
but only either playing or friends usually
runescape is so much cheaper than everquest 1
i dont like runescape and have never played everquest
Haven't really played Runescape since "classic"
This is the most recent email address you registered to your account.

It may be different to your login email.

You have 5 attempts remaining.
8:49 PM
what game?
breakout xtreme
Recovery Successful!
This password is the same as your current one. Please choose a different, new password.
8:52 PM
make it something you remember this time :D
it's the only one I did not try
@AlexM. I've had that happen to me far too many times
since I meant to change my password to this password, it must be something I always remember
I can only assume typos the first few times I tried it
last logged in 182 days ago
where the hell am I
8:55 PM
I'll go to Varrock
that's home when I'm f2ping
always on the lowest details <3
I was working on sending a text to my wife asking if she fed the cats. I get a word suggestion on my phone after every word I type. After typing "Did you feed the" I was suggested: 1) hungry; 2) poor; 3) trolls
8:57 PM
I had a good laugh
lol :D
@AlexM. same with me and Lol
and i still only get 14-30 frames

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