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12:09 AM
For the record, this is what I think of when people ask for a "responsive" UI. Note that is also to do with Web UIs because that's what this is:
sigh Terminology eh?
also: meh, hats
12:50 AM
@Gajoo @ToddersLegrande @AlexM. @CodeAssassin @Byte56 @Noctrine @EveryoneElse i found something for y'all!!!!


also, did you know Stackexchange is hiring people, uses C#, and uses jQuery too?
and yes
It's usually on the front page there
@Noctrine like my hat?
also, thats where i found the job listing :D
My hat is the reason Todders is boycotting hats.
I do not understand the fascination with hats.
12:56 AM
@JoshPetrie Blue started it
can anyone answer my question? some people know nothing

@PythonInProgress I'm certain it extends beyond that. The earliest I care to know is TF2
@JohnMcDonald true
TF2 hats are amazing
SE even gives out hats certain times of the year
@JohnMcDonald Look at my question? stackoverflow.com/questions/17375556/…
1:00 AM
@PythonInProgress I see nothing starred that seems relevant.
@JoshPetrie hmm?
@PythonInProgress Read the error message.
@JoshPetrie about hats?
i cant
Invoke the program from an actual console window.
its too fast for me to read
1:01 AM
Then you can.
tried that
Then you did it wrong.
no error then
You've likely got different versions of Python in your path versus what the IDE is using.
ill check
1:02 AM
So you can run it from an IDE, and that's fine? And you can launch it from a console session in cmd.exe, and it's fine?
it closes the console
But it's broken if you what, double-click it?
If it closes the console you've done something wrong or horrible.
1:03 AM
How are you launching it from cmd.exe?
Do you type: python myscript.py?
python C:/Users/Ben/Desktop/Programming/DicePGM.py
idk... ill check
and that causes the entire console window to vanish?
probably something horrible
that is not normal behavior.
1:05 AM
your system might be whacked.
i have three different versions of Python installed though, let me go check some stuff................
try: python whatever.py > output.txt
and so on
(try redirecting stderr too)
1:08 AM
Why do we insist on starring dumb things? :|
i got it to work tho
@JoshPetrie :/ I'm not sure a lot of people know what staring is for
@JoshPetrie thank you. for two things: deleting stupid starred posts, and helping me get this to work. the problem was that my default pythonpath went to a usb that wasnt attatched. i just had to reroute it
I vote we change the room topic to "Game Development discussion and other things. Star dumb posts at your own peril."
1:12 AM
"For the wrath of Josh Petrie is terrible."
For the WRATH of the moderators is awe-nspiring
Also, not sure is on-topic or not: gamedev.stackexchange.com/questions/58267/…
El Terrible
@JoshPetrie i think so
its asking if two things are compatible, i think
1:13 AM
I would assert it now has nothing to do with game development.
But I'm not sure I would assert it strongly enough to unilaterally close.
He would get better answers on SO, if any
or on Byte's link
which was?
hey @JoshPetrie you deleted my post
keep almos adarkroom post
1:16 AM
Geez this is never-ending.
@PythonInProgress There are 2 of those
Jun 19 at 18:35, by Almo
beware... time sink ahead. http://adarkroom.doublespeakgames.com/
Stared 6 times
No bulk unstar tools either :|
Put in a ticket to the tools team :P
Thanks Josh.
As Todders was hinting at a few days ago, we've been trying to use "++" (as in +1) to show that we like or agree with someone else's comment. Stars are generally reserved for comments that you think a wide audience would be interested in, because everyone sees the stared items
Yea. Stars should be reserved for things that would be useful for the community, I think. Things like Tetrad's war-of-the-closes link.
1:30 AM
I opted to migrate the SmartTV question to SO, since they had a bunch of them already. Hopefully he'll get an answer.
2:02 AM
@JoshPetrie You could have even edited the question and remove the word "game". I don't think it matters that much, but his question is general.
oh hey jp :)
Anyone can recommend simple and fast JavaScript&HTML5 2D game library? I need something that already has game loop with some hook (onUpdate or whatever) and can work with Sprites. Collision detection of boxes would be nice, but not essential. The smaller the better :)
Asteroids game as bookmarklet: kickassapp.com When you create a bookmark from the button on that page, then you can play asteroids with any page you like. Like this chat. You can destroy the blue posts for example :)
Or kill any user icon :)
2:45 AM
People are using my library to do useful things.
@sm4 Just use the standard canvas lib. Handling the game loop and basic 2d stuff is super easy.
@ClassicThunder :D
1 hour later…
4:10 AM
MLG is on tonight :D
4:33 AM
its on now
Yeah that's what I meant
2 hours later…
6:59 AM
hi ... @all
anybody from cocos2d background?
hey :)@JoshPetrie
There's almost nobody active right now. If you have a question, and that question is suitable for the site, you should ask it there.
Hit the red "ask a question" button in the upper-right of gamedev.stackexchange.com -- but be sure to read this first: gamedev.stackexchange.com/help
7:03 AM
haha, sure he will mess :P
ok thanks:) @JoshPetrie
its she :P
3 hours later…
10:02 AM
@DD. what's up?
10:14 AM
thr? @Gajoo
10:27 AM
@DD. I meant I've got some experience with cocos2dx.
10:42 AM
this is my issue can see this dude? stackoverflow.com/questions/17377821/… @Gajoo
hey all
hi @PythonInProgress
Whats happening @DD.?
u know cocos2d? @PythonInProgress
sorry :P
10:45 AM
thats ok np :)
your from? @PythonInProgress
@DD. really? hm
10:53 AM
yup... @PythonInProgress
never met someone from India on here, just Europe and some Romanians, etc
thats cool:)
11:13 AM
any idea on my issue? @Gajoo
i think hes not here anymore @DD.
oh k, on wat platform ur working? @PythonInProgress
@DD. for now, win7 or linux (depends on the computer) with python. Pretty soon im going to be transitioning to Java and Android
11:32 AM
ok even i'm working on android@PythonInProgress
@DD. what are u working on right now?
currently on cocos2d-android game... @PythonInProgress
i mean what is the game about
shooting game
11:34 AM
@DD. touch began not calling?
no:( @Gajoo
it could be caused by many different reasons
when i tap on the surface at any point, touch is working... @Gajoo
so the function is called but you can't see any cannon balls?
whn touched on any part of the game surface fireballs from cannon are getting out, but i should get the fireballs out only when touched on the cannon...
11:42 AM
@DD. ok here is the idea:
cannonRect = CCRectApplyAffineTransform(Cannon.boundingbox() ,Cannon.nodeToWorldTransform());
touchPoint = CCDirector.sharedDirector().convertToGL(CGPoint.ccp(10,60));
if (cannonRect.conatinsPoint(touchPOint))
    add new cannon ball;
    return true;
    return false;
wil this support for cocos2d-android also?
@DD. I'm not sure but I think it should work, or at least there should be something equivalent there
getting some error:( anyways will work on ur logic, anyways thanks gajoo:) @Gajoo
12:00 PM
is anyone else here?
hey alex
i was playing this on the chat :k kickassapp.com
won't load well for me
ah it loaded
you can destory pretty much everything on this page
dat lag
12:08 PM
i destroyed the chat input y accident
its not lagy for me
@AlexM. i did this: 
12:28 PM
@AlexM. u want to destroy everything on this site?
-this was redacted too-
@AlexM. so what are you doing?
nothing at the moment
12:41 PM
1:26 PM
Hey guys!
Q: Random/Procedural vs. Previously Made Level Generation

PythonInProgressI am making a game (called "Glory") that is a top-down explorer game, and am wondering what the advantages/disadvantages of using random/procedural generation vs. pre-made levels are. There seems to be few that i can think of, other than the fact that items may be a problem to distribute in rando...

if anyone could answer that, it would be much appreciated
2:26 PM
@PythonInProgress hi
how did your Java go? :P
What do you think about this E/R-diagram
2:44 PM
@Alvar hey! You misspelled Character, first of all. Also, in your "Fishes" box, you forgot weight + length. Other than that, looks good
@Alvar ok, read a whole lot of docs and tutorials :D
@PythonInProgress naaah, weight and length varies in fishes
it should probably be max length / weight and then make then scale in a good way...
the variable should still be included, since it will be declared
but that's for later.
2:46 PM
oh, that would work
I vote we change the room topic to "Game Development discussion and other things. Star dumb posts at your own peril." - 14h ago by Josh Petrie
@PythonInProgress You are now the sole 13 year old who frequents chat. Make me proud(turned 14 yesterday lol)
1 hour later…
3:59 PM
Looking for career advice: I'm currently working for the company whose games I loved as a child, but not on the consumer (PS3/XBox360/WiiU) section, but on the newly created mobile (Android/iOS) section. These games are not my favorite type of games (casual, social and so on), and I now got an invitation from the top team in the company to join them on their flagship consumer (PS3/XBox360/WiiU) titles. This is my dream come true!However,
(stupid enter key)
However, looking at the industry, things are moving towards mobile gaming, and mobile (Android/iOS) experience is more likely to be more marketable in the future, compared to consumer (PS3/XBox360/WiiU) experience.
@PandaPajama it's up to you, we can't decide for u....
personally I never game on my mobile...
I think internet games with social integration is the future...
I'm worried that by moving to consumer games, I'll be closing my doors in the future, and it would be similar to becoming a corporate COBOL programmer.
so I'd like your advice
of course, I'm not asking you to decide for me
I just want to know the opinion of other people in the industry
4:32 PM
@PandaPajama well don't ask me then since I'm still studying at the University :P (What I think is not relevant in your case since both your options are dooooooomed in my opinion). :P
4:47 PM
appears console gaming won't be killed by mobile gaming. I'd bet anything on that.
mobile and console games appeal to entirely different audiences. I play games on my phone when I can't be home to play "real" games.
they're time burners, not real enjoyment material
now PC gaming could kill console gaming, and I'd love if it did, but if that hasn't already happened it probably won't happen in the future either.
of course all this is just my opinion, based on what I can see as a gaming enthusiast and student programmer.
@PandaPajama the problem is the control and screen size limitations of mobile devices. with a touch screen you won't be able to have 25 keybinds all doing different things (WoW) or be able to control anything precisely and with great speed (most FPS games), and you certainly can't show anything too complex on the screen (even Eufloria needs a tablet; a phone is painful).
5:05 PM
just playing LoL, though I'm not sure why.
Reading site, cleaning house, preparing for a video shoot :\
@IcyDefiance well you don't play the same games on a console as on a pc..
for the most part you can, but you don't because of exclusive deals
5:20 PM
And we know how much consumers love exclusive deals
@IcyDefiance on a pc I play stuff like league of legends, but on a console i play with my friends irl, not the same..
that one's true
even if i could play lol on a console i wouldn't, i need a desk and a chair, not a sofa and a tv..
actually that's my point, not against my point
the argument against me would be you can't fit 3 people on one computer very well
@IcyDefiance well if I had a console and a sofa i wouldnt..
5:34 PM
Thanks for your answers, but my question is a different one. I'm talking about career improvement. Maybe mobile won't displace consumer, but maybe mobile has a brighter future at this point?
hey all
well your career is first dependent on the market, which is why I was talking about that. as far as what companies will want, I can't say. right now I hear everyone wants mobile devs, but who knows if that'll stay that way.
@PandaPajama i dont think so...... many, many people who pay for console games dont have phones, and many peouple wont spend money on mobile games vs. console games
@CodeAssassin I Will :D gl with your 14th year :D
@Byte56 @Noctrine could you two (or just one) look at this? its closed and has TONS of votes, favorites, and answers.
6:07 PM
@PythonInProgress pinging everyone and their mother to say something unimportant is obnoxious. Just an FYI
sorry guys
It's ok. Just cut back on the mass pings please
I had two missed pings from you one about your hat and another about jQuery, neither of witch I cared about.
We had all seen your hat before after all
No need to show us again :P
6:21 PM
Moderator flags if you want us to look at a specific question.
6:43 PM
@Byte56 hello, I just saw your reply but I'm leaving home right now so we'll chat later
@Klaim Sure. Just ping me, or I'm sure anyone else will be willing to chat about it.
yeah. i think about anyone wll talk on here
I won't talk.
No abuse system - just be cool.
6:55 PM
:D hey code
Sup man
@ToddersLegrande Your missing an arm, sir.
It disappeared :(
I have no control
6:56 PM
Thats what I get for copy/pasting
@PythonInProgress You never said what this was
i lost it :P
@PythonInProgress This is why history is useful.
@CodeAssassin cant access it
it deletes itself every 10 mins
@ChristianCareaga I have some special images for Necromonster if you want them
7:06 PM
Lame. Oh well...
ping me!
So... It was pretty important then.
@Byte56 at the time... :P
I don't think it's changed in the meantime.
@Byte56 how can you be so certain?
7:12 PM
Internet Fisticuffs - Round One - FIGHT!
RECAP: Tyler: 0 ---- Byte: 3
The degree of my certainty was never conveyed.
Python - spectator
7:14 PM
So, how can I be as certain as I am? It's my default level of certainty when there is no evidence.
Final Comments: Tyler got KO'ed in the first round - no contest. Fans left the arena unhappy and sad that they did not get their money's worth.
Having looked at the recently active questions, there are none that fit the description of the question at hand. So, I'm pretty certain now.
Any more questions?
@ToddersLegrande seems to have regained consciousness. no... we've lost him again. DOCTOR!
7:20 PM
(read starting from before Pip's ":D")
Yeah none of it makes sense
Not sure how I got in internet fisticuffs with Byte
Or how Byte had won three times right off the bat
@ToddersLegrande You never defended yo'self.
Neither of us were willing participants.
7:21 PM
@Byte56 Lies.
@ToddersLegrande Lies
Alright lets recap
I thought you were anti-hats? why would you want to recap?
Minor zing points to Icy.
I asked a question; PIP said true; Code Assassin said Internet Fisticuffs; PIP said :D; Code Assassin said Byte won 3 times already
7:23 PM
@ToddersLegrande Then you woke up.
Oh snap. I forgot to defend myself against... silence.
I have one more joke left in me so please hold
What's really going on here:
7:26 PM
@Byte56 rofl - hold on mine is better =)
lol hmmm
Yeaaaaaaaaaa boi
Most of you are probably too young for Mystery Science Theater 3000
@Byte56 I know what that is...... It's mystery science theater 3000...
7:29 PM
i just figured how to procedurally generate my map!!!! whoohoo!
now i dont have to make it by hand :D
@Byte56 I recently saw a movie of it that was pretty funny. I have a hard time getting into the show though. Not for me.
Oh god
switched the $7 sennheisers I used for my mobile phone to some $20 pioneers
the difference is quite notable, especially on the bass
@CodeAssassin we would have had to have found your first joke funny to truly enjoy that :P
(though its a little funny)
No one else finds this funneh? no? ;-; okey
7:33 PM
I wonder if skullcandy is in the same spot as beats (i.e. overrated and overpriced)
You've used my art without permission.
@Byte56 Sue me.
@Byte56 how's the game coming along?
@iKlsR AoG is on a back burner at the moment while I do some prototyping. So, the prototype is coming along well enough :)
7:44 PM
Livestream time.
@Byte56 I saw. :) Sounds good, it looks rather interesting, the world vs the detail of the characters to someone coming from that background..
You should help Byte56 on art.
Although I tend to be weary of artists because I've been dumped on by like 5 in the past 6 months. Unreliable team members they can be :<
If it smells like shit everywhere you go, check your shoes.
@Byte56 Not everywhere :P Most of them I just let on my team... without thoroughly getting to know their work styles.
Now one of them just couldn't get one SPRITE out until like 2 weeks.
@Byte56 I like this saying and there's another one that goes "Shit attracts flies"
Yes I've looked at myself before but it is hard to actually find someone that actually can do stuff on time. That's why it amazes me when all these other indies go unpaid for so long and get this "rock-star" team of individuals. Most of the time their local and they get to actually see each other face-to-face.
It takes time to find good people, or good luck.
The prototype I'm working on with Seth Battin, another user on this site.
Seems to be going well. We're both learning Unity at the same time.
7:52 PM
Though we're not local to each other.
@Byte56 He must be one of the very few :(
@Byte56 Unity is awesome. Are you liking the "ease-of-use" so far?
It's OK. I'm probably not using in the Unity way. I'm still doing a lot of things in code that I could probably have done with some fancy UI.
Debugging is sometimes a pain. I frequently get the debugger crashing both Unity and Monoedit.
But, it's significantly easier to use than making all my own stuff like with AoG.
@Byte56 ^
@Byte56 Yeah I just relied on printing to the console when it came to debugging in Unity
I like to be able to step through the code and look at variables.
Much faster and flexible.
7:59 PM
I think it's crashed on you enough times to know this but when I was crunching to meet a deadline for a competition and I was working in Unity it had been crashing on me for the past few days then I'd have to re-position everything and it became a pain(luckily my scripts were saved). It did the same thing to me at the deadline of the competition but luckily I knew to save. Just a cautionary tale :/
ah the Minimalist thing @CodeAssassin
@PythonInProgress Yes.
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