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12:04 AM
Sounds about right. The world is full of hypocrites, myself not excluded, though I try not to be.
I try to minimize my hypocrisy as much as possible
sometimes my reflex just kicks in and start disagreeing at random with people
and the whole thing goes to hell
but sometimes it's for the best I guess
it takes some effort to act the way I'd like to, rather than the way that comes naturally
if I end up in an insane asylum, it will probably be because of this
alright, they took a while to make this
"15/10 for the game. Made me cry so much. ;-;"
I wonder if it would've been better for the game to just be a movie instead
^ note, the quoted text was a comment from Facebook, I did not play the game, as I don't have a PS3
if I had though, I'd probably be getting Red Dead Redemption
being a Rockstar game, I can bet they've put the gameplay first, and story right after
3 hours later…
3:21 AM
Phew. That wasn't terribly difficult to upgrade to Awesomium 1.7.1, and I'm glad I did, the performance is way better, not quite a magnitude better, but close
But font anti-aliasing with a transparent background is gone, at least for now, :*(
3:38 AM
It's so unfortunate when you try to point someone in the right direction and help them to teach themselves problem solving, and they just get upset and give up when you don't solve it for them.
:( yeah
Some people want (/need) it spelled out
This is a difficult industry to be a part of if you cant solve your own problems :P. I think I need to get a bit better at empathizing with those that are still so new.
hah, yup. Perfect example: gamedev.stackexchange.com/a/20178/9366
I donno though, sometimes it's just helpful to laugh
:( now you're making me feel bad for laughing
I have found this website is a good lesson in tolerance, empathy, and patience. I stepped into a lead programmer position thinking that being the "go-to" guy would be the biggest challenge, when it is in fact the people themselves. Everyone takes a different approach. This site actually helps a bit with that
:/ great
3:54 AM
My impression of this site was that it was indeed a site for professionals, seeking professional assistance on odd problems. Stack-overflow itself seems pretty good at it, the game-dev side of the house seems to attract a slightly different audience though :P
Well, everyone wants to grow up to make games right? But when a lot of these programmers get older, and get jobs not making games, a lot of them don't really want to do it in their spare time. I think we get a lot of young enthusiasts here
I agree.
Out of all the comp-sci friends I made in Uni, 2 are actually making games full-time, and of everyone else, I'm the only one that does it for fun
And I'm a little surprised that those 2 are getting by
I'm at a crossroads to choose between the volatility and challenge of the game development industry, or the defense industry.
4:03 AM
The defense industry is a little too comfortable at times I feel, less opportunities to really push yourself and experience new challenges unless its on your own time. The game industry has no choice but to keep up.
Yeah, I'm the wrong person to ask about that. I do get my thrills in my own hobby projects though, not at work
Ah i've had quite a bit of exposure to the game industry, culture and development cycle by this point. Just getting ready to move forward out of graduate school.
any one know JS much ? *cries
I have almost no experience with Javascript, so if its a syntax or JS internal issue I cant help, but if its a general programming problem then perhaps
@Dave Not a tonne, but enough
(and mostly jQuery)
4:16 AM
well i made a fiddle of my BBcode but its totally not working when i have a quote inside a quote. its not a syntax its a logic issue ..
jsfiddle.net/gRaFW/2 worth taking a look
Oh fun, matching. I think you need to do something more complex than a simple replace
Not even sure regex could really do this
oh :(
Umm... :/ yeah... it's a tough problem
Regex (which I now see you're using) doesn't handle matching very well, or... at all
i couldn't find a simple pre-made one out there that wasnt like hundread lines long and hideous to read xD
i can do it in PHP simply but i would rather it done client side
Well... reading your problem further, you probably don't need to replace sets of stuff
4:23 AM
some one who does JS said the solution is not simple either and will be alot of code apparently
If you just replace an opening [quote] with A, and replacing the closing with B
im thinking at this point PHP might be easier
No no, I think this will work
well i thought thats what it did whilst looping :P
No, you're replacing [quote]$1[/quote] with <div class='quote' style='margin-left:10px;margin-top:10px;'>$1</div>
I'm saying: Just replace the tags, PEriod
No $1
4:27 AM
i didnt even know what $1 meant :P
i got the code from the nets
Replace each starting tag, and each ending tag
Oh... well $1 is regex
so change the arrays
search = new Array(
I would use that, with a matching replace array
Note that this will fail if the opens don't match the closes
But so would the other method
jsfiddle.net/gRaFW/4 hmm you mean like this
oh wait this will become a problem
if they forget to close it the entire page will be affected :P
hah, the search looks like it's only doing the first one
But yes, that's what I was trying to communicate
4:31 AM
hmm thats probably bad idea then =/
heh, and now that my brain is running, you could actually stick with the first solution, IF it was looped. It would replace pairs, and pairs only
The funny, and confusing bit, is that it won't be replacing matching pairs, but that doesn't matter, lol
/me completely lost now
hahah, This worked: jsfiddle.net/gRaFW/5
^ Link edited
So.... Kinda silly, and a little tricky to explain, but, I think it's important
lol ! i like how you found a solution without knowing JS alot. yet when i asked on SO the JS guys couldn't give an elegant solution without hundreads of lines of code xD
if you want to reply to my Q i can rep you
Hmm, yeah... The method is reasonably hacky, but for the benefit of matching sets and not breaking the HTML which is pretty funny
5:04 AM
@Dave Answered:
Q: Javascript BBcode function not working

DaveI have a string I want to convert to divs but it doesn't close the div properly. The example string i am using is this: [quote]Quote by: user1 [quote]Quote by: user2 ads[/quote]Test[/quote]Testing 2. This results in: <div class="quote" style="margin-left:10px;margin-top:10px;"> Quote by: ...

ok thank you i have updated my tick :) @JohnMcDonald
... you should probably take time to read and understand why, because it's a little strange
i shall :)
right im off to sleep good night :)
2 hours later…
7:17 AM
Parsing nested tags with regex?
B̲͖̘̹̻ͨͯ͆ͭewarë̶̘́̀ ̻͙̰͋͊ͪͯͯ͒͐ ͣͧͫͅ ͮ́̎̉̚the P̶̏̅̽͆̇̈́Ö̠̩̬̈́͋ͬͮ̉ͬNͣ̎ͣ̐̏Y̅͡ ̩̣̹̲̞̿̔ͮh̢̹͉̪̲͎ȅ̟̘̬͌ͩ͑͂ͧ com̲̰̬͈̩͇͋ͅe̦͉̝͇͐̎̂ͧ͑ͨ̎͘s
7:40 AM
@Jimmy my browser can't even show the characters, what's that?
view in firefox or IE
chrome's unicode implementation is kind of funky
Q: RegEx match open tags except XHTML self-contained tags

JeffI need to match all of these opening tags: <p> <a href="foo"> But not these: <br /> <hr class="foo" /> I came up with this and wanted to make sure I've got it right. I am only capturing the a-z. <([a-z]+) *[^/]*?> I believe it says: Find a less-than, then Find (and capture) a-z one or ...

although for some reason that shows up just fine
8:30 AM
@Jimmy should it look like some text with some other unreadable text as an overlay?
8:44 AM
like the answer to the regex question
4 hours later…
12:22 PM
no one else is here D:
12:40 PM
hey ClassicThunder
hey TreDubZedd
not much
programming a bit
other than that, nothing
1:06 PM
anyone with a good idea how should i call my programming rts with bots?:)
.com is already taken :) so antoher one? :)
@AlexM. @Kikaimaru hey guis
@TheProgramm3r hi
whats up?
1:12 PM
searching for good domain name :)
for what @Kikaimaru
@TheProgramm3r for my game without name
whats it about?
(:P this is like a quiz show)
@TheProgramm3r programming RTS
a real time strategy? about programming?
1:16 PM
@TheProgramm3r yes
that sounds like something you get at KFC
to much of a pear... i mean apple
1:24 PM
too small and too soft
its sad that rossum.com is taken :)
you know R.U.R. :)
@Kikaimaru why?
@TheProgramm3r en.wikipedia.org/wiki/R.U.R. its a book from where word "robot" comes from
1:27 PM
thinkingmachines.com too :(
Ok guys. Last week was a little rough. Let's really try our best to get along this week!
thats from Dune :)
@ToddersLegrande What happened last week?
@ClassicThunder he lost his favourite hat :(
1:30 PM
what about RobotsWithHats.com :)
it is available, i think
yeah but its terrible name :)
@ClassicThunder just a bunch of random crap / tension from what I could tell... nothing in particular :)
@ToddersLegrande yeah
hey Ninja
1:34 PM
sup fellow nerds
im a geek
not a nerd
theres a difference
What is it?
ners have better grades and future?
Am I a nerd or a geek because I watched MLG all weekend?
I did too
Polt so good!
1:35 PM
Such a beast.
Geeks are closer to the Japanese term otaku, whereas nerd has come to be more of a contemporary descriptor of someone who is interested in a particular subset of "nerd culture".
I was rooting for Naniwa though
Really? He always seems to be so bm.
Hence why you never see "geek girls" online.
1:36 PM
did you know that in skype, the smile (nerd) is translated to czech as "idiot"? :)
when I tried to present the subjectivity of mediocrity through this on a forum
someone replied with
so I think that's what a nerd does
But then I liked IdrA so I'm not one to talk :P
I like listening to IdrA talk when he's not bming. Very smart guy
@AlexM. @ToddersLegrande this is what the difference is
Yeah his stream is really good. Learned so much about scouting and timings after I switched to Zerg.
1:39 PM
usually, people call those who are smarter than them 'nerds'
@TheProgramm3r don't spam please
that and @ShotgunNinja gave a perfectly acceptable response that I don't feel like reading your wikihow link
does anyone know a good site to learn Java (not Javascript, although i like jQuery)
@ClassicThunder to be honest... I don't much enjoy watching Zerg play. Terran is the most fun to watch IMO followed by Protoss
1:41 PM
I can understand that. I main Terran but was trying to masters zerg too. Zerg is funner to paly than to watch though.
I main Terran not Zerg :/
I main Protoss... but I am awful. A couple seasons back I got demoted from Gold to Silver and pretty much haven't played since.
what game is this?
Starcraft 2
hey Evan
Tournaments are so much fun to watch though... the level of play they are at is amazing
1:45 PM
ive been listening to this for a bit, if anyone is interested:
that link is broken:
what about

cool :D
2:02 PM
Heh, the guy is Indian, and from Chicago
2:18 PM
@ShotgunNinja well thats sad
@ShotgunNinja now you have to give me better domain name!
Also, @Kikai, what characters do you use to write your name?
機械 followed by what?
丸 as in 'Round, Circle'?
@ShotgunNinja no i use ascii characters K I A M U and R
@Kikaimaru lame
@ShotgunNinja what do you have against ascii?!
@Kikaimaru You have a japanese username, I'd assume it has some sort of meaning.
2:26 PM
@ShotgunNinja yeah it means i am a nerd and i watch too much anime :)
Especially when it's composed of 'Kikai', or "Machine", and 'Maru', or "Circle".
isn't maru that famous fat cat on yt?
@AlexM. It'd make sense, since it represents the concept of roundness.
is it a historical thing?
like every other Naruto character is a -maru, but I can't think of any real people off the top of my head with that suffix
Anime thread?
2:43 PM
Japanese naming thread
would go better if @Kikaimaru just answered the question decently
for someone coming from Japan, Kikaimaru sounds awfully Romanian
I think I said this before
I don't think @Kikaimaru is Japanese.
Like, I know the name is, but I don't think that he hails from Japan.
I always thought he was, I remember his profile saying Japan at the location or sth
3:27 PM
@Jimmy Kokoro
@Jimmy Izumi
I participate in martial arts and when you get to a certain belt you get a Japanese name. It's really awesome =)
We go to Japan yearly so we really get to experience the culture. My teacher is from Okinawa, Japan and he's deeply ingrained in it's culture.
Karate is physically training no doubt - but it also trains the mind and the spirit(discipline). I'd say I get a healthy dose of both when I go to my karate classes lol.
I'd like to visit Japan but the wife has no interest :(
@ToddersLegrande Depending on where you go, you might be super confused :P In some parts of Japan whenever you cross someone(go in front of them) it is considered bad manners not to bow.
I'd probably want to take a crash course on how to behave in Japan before heading over, yeah :)
3:33 PM
I just want to see the cherry blossoms and Shibuya's shopping centers
@AlexM. Sakura is awesome.
Sake is awesome
@ToddersLegrande Wine?
I prefer it cold honestly though :|
not a huge fan of sake, but I enjoy some nice Japanese plum wines
3:35 PM
@Jimmy Todders is a hard core drinker he drinks wine aged 200 years +
lol hardly
that's either really quality or really sour
I'm a bigger fan of gin
@ToddersLegrande oh snap watch out
do people drink gin
I've only had it with, well, tonic. but mixed in general
3:36 PM
@CodeAssassin hey man!
I only drink beer when at home
@Jimmy I can drink it straight but I prefer a splash of lime juice. Gin and tonic is also good though
and when I can find them in stores, those flavored Bacardi Breezers
Though, to be fair, I don't drink the cheapest gin I can find.
@TheProgramm3r Hi.
who drinks vodka?
3:40 PM
whats up today? (im too lazy to check your blog :P)
@TheProgramm3r Nothing.
@CodeAssassin only in cocktails
@CodeAssassin k
@TheProgramm3r :D (LOL) I'm reading a business law book.
3:40 PM
here in Romania we have what is called "tuica", which is some sort of vodka made of plums
never liked it
@CodeAssassin very cool
Any cheese lovers here?
Smoked Gouda?
:D yes
3:41 PM
@CodeAssassin me again
i never get it tho
@AlexM. Omg
Camembert and brie
I had this 5 - cheese pizza. Brie is awesome.
I usually get Quattro Formaggis when I want pizzas
here they normally contain gorgonzola among more classical cheeses like mozarella
I've yet to find a quattro formaggi with brie or camembert on it
some restaurants also use traditional Romanian cheeses on QF
3:43 PM
mozarella is one of the best cheeses (IMO) even tho it is common :P
@AlexM. Never heard of Quattro Formaggi.
it's as common a name as margherita/marguerita
quattro formaggi has four cheese types on it
margherita has only cheese and tomato sauce
it's usually the cheapest you can find
@CodeAssassin that looks good :D
3:46 PM
I have eaten this before - and I prefer cheese :<
@CodeAssassin you call that a pizza?
@AlexM. yours is acceptable enough :D
@Gajoo a dish made typically of flattened bread dough spread with a savory mixture usually including tomatoes and cheese and often other toppings and baked
It qualifies.
3:47 PM
@CodeAssassin fair enough
@ShotgunNinja Holycrap the crust.
@ShotgunNinja wtf is that crust made of?
Pizza Hut does that cheese-filled crust
@TheProgramm3r CORNFLAKES
3:48 PM
and then they ask 3259787238958792378962978269872788762987268827 dollars for it
@AlexM. There is no decimal point!
@AlexM. I love that crust
Pizza Hut > Dominoes
I'm sorry but I like their pizza's better :<
the only better pizza is a non-chain restaurant near me
called CoCo's
3:51 PM
I think there is something wrong my my connection, I'm downloading with 630KBps
it shouldn't go that high!
it should, or it shouldn't?
@CodeAssassin there isn't
I was happy till now, if only it went up to 200KBps
@AlexM. How many people actually buy that pizza.... o.o
3:53 PM
time to make this cave inhabitable
@AlexM. awfully dark in there
yeah I know <3
@AlexM. Tawcheesssss
@CodeAssassin rich people I guess
all of them
3:55 PM
@ToddersLegrande Veggiieeeeeee
okay, please stop posting pizzas everyone
@CodeAssassin Philly Cheese Steak
@AlexM. NO
@AlexM. NO
3:55 PM
@CodeAssassin :P
@AlexM. I'm going to be fasting soon so feel free to get revenge.
why are you fasting?
You know what's surprisingly good?
parmigiano-reggiano + honey
+ pecans
@TheProgramm3r I'm Muslim and we fast during a certain month for a certain time.
Going to go make myself oatmeal brb
3:56 PM
@CodeAssassin thats scary........
:P jk
I could benefit from fasting
me 2 a bit
I could benefit from pizza
me 2 a bit
me 3 a bit
3:58 PM
me 4 a bit
cheese and honey together is delicious.
me 5 a bit
pizza is awesome.
@CodeAssassin sed

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