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12:03 AM
CCCC: Escort having a drink with every single person (9)
12:30 AM
Q: The Crosswordsearch

greenturtle3141I submitted a wordsearch and a crossword to the New York Times, but for some reason they rejected them! I'm really disappointed, but I'm willing to improve. It sounds like my wordsearch was fine, but my friends are telling me that my crossword looks a bit off. Can you guys tell me what it's mi...

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2:48 AM
Q: Sing me the song of days gone by, sing me the song that made me cry

GalenSing me the song of days gone by, sing me the song that made me cry. The remorse, regret, and pain I'm in, reflects the memories of what has been. Hint 1

3:11 AM
Q: How do I construct a Japanese-style "grid deduction" puzzle?

DeusoviLogic puzzles like Nurikabe, Slitherlink, and Battleships -- the ones we call grid-deduction puzzles -- can be a lot of fun. How do I go about constructing them? What's the best strategy for making these puzzles interesting and still uniquely solvable?

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5:45 AM
@GarethMcCaughan nice surface. I think it's cha+per+one
6:00 AM
Isn't "a" extraneous there? You could clue Cha with just 'drink', no?
you could, but "no extraneous words" doesn't mean "you must use the absolute minimum number of words necessary"
"domestic animal" works just as well as "animal" to clue DOG, say
but I would quibble with "having" there
@Deusovi where do you draw the line then?
perhaps "having" is the connector here? If so, i'd quibble too
There can't be a word that cannot possibly be interpreted as part of the clue's cryptic reading
(yeah, I don't think "having" works as a connector there)
a word that could work but isn't strictly necessary is fine; a word that could not work no matter the interpretation is not fine
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7:25 AM
Q: Pairs and pairs

Rand al'ThorI'm absolutely full of pairs, And that's why I'm important. If my owner's used to describe me, I'd be like just a pair of letters. With the first pair, I'm from a plant or animal. With the second pair, you won't see me at all. With the third pair, you'll hear me instead. With the fourth pair, I'...

7:41 AM
love the Y on that one
8:05 AM
@Deusovi I thought it meant "having the following parts", indicating a charade. cc @JohnDvorak @GarethMcCaughan
That seems a bit questionable to me. And even if that was a workable interpretation, surely the clue would need an "and" there too, before "single person"?
@Deusovi I agree it's questionable, but I didn't write the clue. ;-) Not so sure it'd need "and": "composed of A with B, C" seems reasonable to me.
But there's no comma in the clue.
(And I'm still skeptical of "having" ≈ "composed of", especially with "with".)
The day has come.
@Deusovi I thought that's of no concern. No?
8:18 AM
user image
@Randal'Thor kudos
The general rule, in my experience, is "the clue can add extra punctuation that isn't necessary for the cryptic reading, but can't remove punctuation that is necessary".
@Deusovi Hmm. Maybe so.
@Mithical I think that says תשעה־תשעו.
congrats @Randal'Thor
Congrats rand!!
Now no one upvote anything so it stays nice and exact :P
8:32 AM
Thanks all :-D
Second mod diamond (and 40k) on Tuesday, 100k on Friday. Apparently it's a good week.
Very nice!! :)
@msh210 it does
8:57 AM
Q: Arrangements put you in money

jafe Note: Eleven clues are printer's devilry with thematic answers. Across 1. By the 1980s, his style of music hanged (4) 3. They had the hammer my bricks as the mason was absent (6) 9. According to Europeans (no male among them), it is a syndrome (9) 10. Montreal player exiting tumultous Abu Dhab...

9:11 AM
@Randal'Thor Congrats!
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10:23 AM
@Deusovi But by that token my "Wave a cereal bowl" (BRANDISH) also has to be "Wave a cereal, bowl"
1 hour later…
11:38 AM
Q: Hmm... who can I possibly be?

Prim3numbahCan you figure out which person the picture below, most likely, represent? You're going to do some translation into another language(which language it is, you'll definitely notice :))

12:18 PM
@Randal'Thor i'm throwing out some old unfinished stuff, including this one... but i really did make the grid!
@jafe Aww, why throw that out?
couldn't get anywhere with it... i've opened it so many times without making progress that it started feeling like a chore
salvaged a total of 1 clue from the wreck :P
somehow it's so much easier to make a grid based on an interesting wordplay idea than the other way around
Btw, do you use a particular program to put the grid together?
Because I can create clues (sometimes, on a good day) but creating a grid to fit everything into seems like a chore.
12:25 PM
@msh210 Correct!
(I liked having "escort" turn out to mean the exact opposite sort of escort from what the surface suggests.)
prepares for Deus-Gareth fight about cryptic clue correctness
i use excel... i've heard somewhere that sympathy is a good app for creating crossword grids, but haven't tried that yet
i have a template, but writing in the numbers is still manual work
I pretty much only use a mixture of word and excel for all puzzles, but especially for grid based ones. Excel can make things much easier
I personally feel no guilt at all about "having", but I do see why Deusovi doesn't like it.
cha is a variant of chai?
12:28 PM
I'm not sure which one is a variant of which, but I'm pretty sure they're the same etymology.
i know it's chinese for "tea" but i assume there's an english meaning
And yes, it means tea.
So, here's a non-CCCC cryptic clue question. I was doing an old Listener crossword and it had the following clue: Female bandleader (5). I found the official answer to that a little unsatisfactory, not least because I think there's a much better answer to the following near-identical clue: Female band leader (5). So the question is: what are those two answers?
@jafe Aren't there two Chinese words for "tea"? Given that pretty much every other language in the world has a variant of either "tea" or "chai" according to whether they got it from China by land or by sea.
It's the same word but two variant pronunciations.
(One of which yields "tea" etc. and one of which yields "cha" etc.)
we have "tee", but there's no "ch" sound in finnish to begin with so that must have been the only option
12:36 PM
@GarethMcCaughan Really? That's interesting.
Chinese phoneme distinctions are so different from most/all European languages.
Famously the L/R thing.
Well, of course "word" is a peculiar word to use about a Chinese language. See e.g. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Etymology_of_tea
Of course there's a whole Wikipedia page about that :-)
Consequence of a more general theorem.
oh, @Rand, congrats on 100k!
Thanks! :-) For a while I thought you'd be the first to get there, but lockdown has boosted my activity.
12:44 PM
Me? Ha. Even Deusovi is ahead of me.
You two have switched back and forth a few times.
Yeah. (For the avoidance of doubt, the implication in my previous comment that being beaten by Deusovi would be somehow surprising or shameful was only for the purpose of humour.)
There's now 81 10k+ users on the site and 1 100k+ :P
Yeah, all the top bunch deserve to be in the top bunch IMO - nobody's made the top 10 by posting crap.
Sadly a lot of those 81 are no longer active
12:51 PM
Even if I can pine for the days when d'alar'cop, Joe Z, klm123, and Florian F were the top four ;-)
nobody's made the top 10 by posting crap... yet!
Still good to see the sites growing!
@jafe now's when you go "is that a challenge?"
CCCC: Delay a lech's reformation (6)
@Mithical posts 10000 one line ciphers and number sequences
12:53 PM
wth is a lech oh
Yuck, number sequences
@jafe Give me time.
(I have the solution but will not post it -- I don't want to have to set another)
It's spanish for milk apparently :P
lech = lecher, by the way
leche is milk, no?
as in dulce de leche
12:54 PM
Ooooooooh of course
I was thinking of loch or lek. My mind didn't go there.
well, if you're looking for someone who needs reformation...
(I like the surface)
Theres so many things in english where you never think of what the word is actually saying, and then you realise and it makes so much sense
@GarethMcCaughan thanks
@GarethMcCaughan Maybe I'd already skipped past the surface to think of "reformation" as an anagram indicator.
12:57 PM
Seems like this one should be easy, but I can't think of any anagram of "a lech's" that means delay. (Schale is shell in German, Cashel is a place in Ireland, chales is something in Spanish, ...)
Perhaps you just don't know enough words. Or perhaps it isn't an anagram. (I do know which of those is the case but am not telling :-).)
Clearly I don't know enough words. I didn't even know one of the words used in the clue.
I also thought of ddef, but again couldn't find anything that works.
the "female bandleader" has to be a ddef, unless there's something odd going on
There's something odd going on.
1:33 PM
Q: What does Caesar salad do if you leave it in the sun? (----)

Anon What greeting to use with a bee when approaching its lair? (-) What thing do relief sculptor DJs drop, pumping it too? (---) What insect do little old ladies purl all through their hair? (----) To keep the wheels going, now what does the kind engine do? (----) What weapon would grounds...

1:56 PM
Q: Which gun is Alice's best choice?

EricAlice, Bob and Charles are involved in a deadly three way duel game. Before the game starts, there are three guns available for them to choose: the best, the mediocre and the worst. The exact hit probabilities are not known, but the players know the three guns were randomly chosen from a very lar...

2:43 PM
Q: Friday's Dominosa Problem

Don KirkbyDominosa is a logic puzzle with a similar feel to Sudoku, and I've recently added it to Donimoes, my collection of domino puzzles and games. Given a grid of numbers, you have to lay out the dominoes so they match the numbers, without duplicated or missing dominoes. See Monday's problem for comple...

3:03 PM
@GarethMcCaughan you around?
Slightly. I'm in a work meeting but it's not using 100% of my brain.
It's almost my sabbath and I won't be around to confirm a CCCC solution. Wanna OTS me yours, I'll (probably) confirm it's correct, and then you can do the same for others, so as not inhibit progress?
You did it right afaict and your solution is correct.
Incidentally, I haven't forgotten your sonnet. Just slow in making progress on it.
3:08 PM
No rush. It'll be there until SE closes its unprofitable sites.
@GarethMcCaughan thanks.
You're welcome!
3:29 PM
Q: Logic grid puzzle

dlsI found some logic puzzles on someone's blog from a few years ago, and have been trying to solve them. Here's the link to the page: https://hedgehogcomms.blogspot.com/2015/04/puzzling-over-logic-problems.html Please let me know if you have any suggestions! I have looked at this from different po...

4:03 PM
@msh210 I'm fine with "invisible concatenation indicators": "X Y" → [X]+[Y] is okay by me. (I figure that the concatenation is indicated by juxtaposition of the two clues.) But you can't use only half of a concatenation indicator, without the other part that would be necessary.
4:39 PM
Q: Logic puzzle - need help, please!

dlsI found some logic puzzles on someone's blog from a few years ago, and have been trying to solve them. Here's the link to the page: https://hedgehogcomms.blogspot.com/2015/04/puzzling-over-logic-problems.html The final problem on the page is really, really tough, and I can't figure it out. Any h...

the ddef could be BENNY (a female name, e.g. there's a benny in dr. who... plusbof course bandleader benny goodman
another solution could be an &lit with either F + a bandleader or girl's name + B making a female bandleader...
can't see how a two-word clue could be anything else than a ddef or an &lit, although i haven't solved a listener crossword in my life so there are probably tricks i don't know about :P
5:11 PM
@msh210 @GarethMcCaughan After googling a fair amount of permutations I think the CCCC might be LACHES (see here) referring to a delay in making a legal claim
5:22 PM
1 hour later…
6:35 PM
@hexomino This is correct!
As to the Listener clue and my variation on it, there isn't any specific Listener funny business going on (though Listener crosswords do usually have all sorts of specific funny business). I'll give a clue to the clue: it's a cryptic definition. (Mine is not, though.)
7:09 PM
CCCC: Group of eight go back to party after dinner starts. (6)
8:08 PM
Q: Puzzle - Turn all the lights on

HelloWorld1337A machine has 2020 lights and 1 button. Each button press changes the state of exactly 3 of the lights. That means if the light is currently on, it turns off, and if the light is currently off, it turns on. Before each button press, the user selects which 3 lights will change their state. To beg...

8:55 PM
Q: Doctor and farmer

LkplfyThat's the rule: "A shepherd from Holland has a son doctor at London , the son doctor from London doesn't have a father shepherd from Holland " How is this possible ?

2 hours later…
10:51 PM
Q: Zed's Mystery: Thetis... Vanished into Thin Air!

Omicron ZedMy friend Thetis and I cons— wait, where's Thetis? Hmm, that's funny... she was here a minute ago.... Wait, a note!... Oh dear, it seems things have taken a turn from bad to worse; Thetis is not only missing but she's been abducted! Thetis is asking us to help find her, but to prevent her hijack...

11:15 PM
Q: What is the minimum count of steps required to complete this dominoes maze?

xKobaltHere's a map: How to play Legend: (◾) = Start point ★ = Objective ⚑ = End point Mission: Collect all the objectives and go to the end with the minimum count of steps. How the game works: • The pawn counts its steps that are incremented by the number co...

i wonder if it's got something to do with multiple meanings of "band"... for example, a female who wears a (wedding) band could be BRIDE, although i'm not aware of "lead" having the meaning "wear"

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