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2:03 AM
Q: Footmen And Friends #2: Leapfrog

Rewan DemontaySeeing as the pilot episode was a major success, with an outstanding and correct response from one of our viewers. Remember, we show puzzles with kings and pawns only! Those pesky pieces get too much attention-the pawns need some love as well and the kings a chance to engage in combat at last. He...

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3:41 AM
Q: Math tapestry puzzle #3

Player1456Continuation from Math tapestry puzzle #2 Now things are heating up, it looks like this is slowly becoming bigger. I saw my friend Anna working on her tapestry. She asks me, "Do you like it?" -- 77 -- -- 06 -- -- 10 -- 21 -- AA 51 -- 18 BB -- 58 -- HH -- -- JJ -- -- CC -- -- 76 -- -- 12 -- -- 7...

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4:59 AM
Q: Vowelburgers™ Chef’s Special #2

Ébe IsaacInspired by Avi's Vowelburger™ Riddle The success of our first Chef’s Special has inspired our chef to add even more variety to your favourite Vowelburgers™ menu. The chef’s choice of the day consists of a vowel patty, cheese, lettuce, and a special bun. The variety lies in the other bun. $$ % c...

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8:11 AM
Q: How can I find the total number of rabbits if they reproduce at a constant rate?

Chris Steinbeck BellThe problem is as follows: Roger adopts two female rabbits and two male rabbits. Three months later each female rabbit gives birth three female rabbits and three male rabbits. Assuming that if the same happens every three months. How many rabbits maximum would Roger have after a year fr...

8:30 AM
Q: Tutankhamun's body

jafe Across 1. A group of former leftists briefly detained by firm far-rightist (7) 5. Arguments of Delaware motel owner (7) 9. Autoimmune qualities partially being one-sided (7) 10. Archangels not put up after opening of postal packages (7) 11. Adele swayed into taking off top with small cuts (9) 1...

Q: IQ Question asked in an exam

Iresh Dissanayaka I have been trying to figure it out for hours, anyone has an idea? an explanation is appreciated.

2 hours later…
10:07 AM
@jafe Spent awhile thinking about (3,7) footwear and coming up empty. Took a fresh look today and immediately thought of AIR JORDANS. Unfortunately, that doesn't fit the rest of the clue afaict. :-)
Other obvious (3,7) commercial footwear option is, at least in the UK, DOC MARTENS. This also does not appear to fit anything in the rest of the clue.
Also almost certainly useless: NIKE is not only a footwear brand but a kind of missile. But it has four letters.
#BadC4Solutions DOC M = my local general practitioner = "beginner" ; A = "A" ; R TEN = R-10, a bomber plane = "weapon" ; S = "seen" (unindicated initial)
I'm sorry to hear that your GP is a beginner. In these difficult times, some expertise seems like it would be very valuable...
10:23 AM
11:04 AM
Q: Happy Birthday, Don!

Dmitry KamenetskyMy friend Johan de Ruiter has made a nice puzzle for Donald Knuth's Birthday. The numbers indicate how many connections that candle has. Can you solve it? Original link: https://www-cs-faculty.stanford.edu/~knuth/pi_hamilton_maze.png

12:02 PM
Q: Sequence - stop at 90

Prim3numbahYou start with 0 and then proceed as follows: 1, 8, 2, 1, 18, 9, 11, ??, 90 There's no other number after 90 in this sequence. In fact, its even impossible! One of the numbers can be replaced by another number, but this sequence would be even shorter if that was the case, so I made a small exc...

12:40 PM
Q: With different vowels, what am I?

Rand al'Thor With an A, I might be a programming trick. With an E, I'm really not sure. With an I, I'm just a wee babe. With an O, I'm often stopping. With a U, I'm a guy you can meet. What am I?

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2:55 PM
Q: What is the longest sentence using each vowel only once?

eyl327What is the longest sentence that uses each vowel only once? Rules: Any number of consonants can be used. The letters: A, E, I, O, and U appear exactly once. Y is counted as a vowel only when it makes a vowel sound such as in cry, crypt, and scary, but not in words such as yes. Y must appear o...

3 hours later…
5:25 PM
@GarethMcCaughan That's a good way to put it. I've seen, in other rooms as well as here, an occasional tendency for people to ramble on in a way that makes me think "why are you even posting that?", but I haven't been able to articulate properly what the issue is, or raise it in a well-mannered way. Thank you for doing so.
@hexomino I like this format better. Let the nature of a puzzle speak for itself, instead of stylising it with a fancy name. No offence to whoever created the Vowelburger theme - it's a funny thing to do if you want a story around your puzzle - but that person didn't invent the idea of "puzzle to find a word where you can put all different vowels in the middle", so it doesn't seem fair for everyone to always put their trademark on such puzzles.
(I may be partly influenced, here, by certain trends in mathematical papers. Wherein a researcher who discovered an idea is far too fast to put their own name on it and then expect it always to be named after them. Sometimes even if the idea wasn't theirs and they just rediscovered an old idea.)
@Randal'Thor My comment was tongue-in-cheek, really. It's difficult to get that to come across in text.
@hexomino I thought your "under a rock" thing was tongue-in-cheek, but wanted to say this anyway, not specifically directed at you.
Someone else accused the new puzzles of "boringifying" the Vowelburger theme.
@Randal'Thor Ah, I missed that. I would not be critical of anyone presenting a puzzle in their way.
5:48 PM
Q: Penta-decker Vowelburger™

eyl327Inspired by Avi's Vowelburger™ Riddle Vowelburgers™ is proud to announce the first ever Penta-decker Vowelburger™. This means six consonant buns sandwiching five vowel patties as shown: Here is the menu's description of their first burger: $ \begin{gather} % custom template - reuse if you ...

6:04 PM
+1 for the solve, but mainly because I just got your closing remark! — Stiv 8 hours ago
OK, I've spent far too many minutes struggling with this.
I give up. I don't get it.
what do the clues have in common?
(took me like 10 minutes as well)
I was looking at the clues of 17 down and 24 across, but couldn't see a connection.
all clues start with A, so if it's first in a series then #17 would have all clues starting with Q and #24 with X
6:23 PM
I did think of letter correspondences for 17 and 24, but didn't notice the clues all start with A!
6:39 PM
@jafe New challenge: make a crossword where all the answers start with A.
Or whatever letter you fancy.
But there's lots of words that begin and end with A.
Area, arena, aorta, alfalfa, angina, Agrippina, antenna, archaebacteria, ...
@Randal'Thor Better yet: where all the letters to be filled in are A.
Now I know what those initials stand for.
Ma Saaa Haa 210.
@msh210 That... will be a challenge
Oh hello Sid! Long time no see.
@Sid composing the fill will be easy. Cluing will be the hard part. :-)
6:54 PM
@Randal'Thor Hey ya! Yeah, been a while since I was regularly around in these parts. :)
Recently reappeared without right side (3)
@Randal'Thor Hahaha.
all answers starting with A sounds doable :)
fill the top/left with words like katakana and maharaja
(oops, those don't start with a)
Katakana and maharaja don't start with A ;-)
i think it'd work
7:04 PM
Slap archaebacteria across the middle as the longest clue.
7:25 PM
Q: The disappearance of Beastly Gerbil

Beastly GerbilThis is an usual call in. As a private detective you have been asked to investigate several odd cases, but this you're still convinced this one is taking the mick. You only accepted this case as it was so peculiar. You have recently been called in to investigate the disappearance of a "Beastly Ge...

4 hours later…
11:35 PM
Q: How can I make a valid conclusion about a set of statements which are in tandem?

Chris Steinbeck BellThe problem is as follows: If there are no government subsidies for agriculture, then there are government controls on agriculture. If there are government controls on agriculture, then there is no agricultural depression. There is depression or agricultural overproduction. It is a fact...


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