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12:01 AM
Oooh I use that a lot but never thought about the phrasing or connotation, I’ll try to use something else
I guess in nearly all cases ‘Final answer’ or even just ‘the answer is’ can replace it
5 hours later…
4:47 AM
Q: Consecutive numbers which use all digits a different number of times

Bernardo Recamán SantosAre there arbitrarily long sets of consecutive numbers such that when writing the set down, every single digit is used a different number of times?

5:12 AM
@GarethMcCaughan right
@GarethMcCaughan right
@BeastlyGerbil yeah, I think so
And thanks for considering switching. I didn't intend that you have to. But the less I (and presumably some others) see of that phrase, the more comfortable we'll be, so I appreciate it
5:48 AM
Q: SpIit [music] into [music-theory] and [music-fans]

Scratch---CatSpIit music into music-theory and music-fans, since there are already two sites for general music-theory and general music-fans. Example: The following rebus (the question has been deleted) belongs to music-theory: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O O O O O O O O O O... While the one below (cl...

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7:03 AM
@msh210 :-( Never thought of it that way. Probably because I read more maths than history. I've edited my latest (Tapa) answer to just "Solution" instead of "Final solution"; will try to remember that.
3 hours later…
10:28 AM
Q: Have you heard Gokigen Naname?

athin Here is a regular Gokigen Naname a.k.a Slalom a.k.a Slant puzzle. An online (mobile-friendly) version is available here. Rules: Put a slash (diagonal line) on each cell. Each number in a circle denotes the number of slashes touching it. The slashes should not form a loop...

11:13 AM
Q: Shingoki: Choices

jafeThis is a Shingoki puzzle. The goal is to make a single loop in the grid which satisfies the following rules.1 The line passes through dots and numbers in the grid, vertically and horizontally, making 90-degree turns only. The line cannot cross itself or branch off in multiple directions. The l...

11:36 AM
Q: Just some simple calculation to return this pattern

xKobaltHere is a table, inside there are simple operations to perform, but there are also particular numbers that don't have the same logic. So how difficult will it be to find the last number and the pattern to solve this one? Hope you'll enjoy this!

12:32 PM
@Randal'Thor thanks. I really didn't intend this to be a big deal. Don't go editing posts, IMO.
12:44 PM
Q: Can you name the Product Code™?

eyl327Given the product codes of 10 fruits and vegetables in the chart below, can you figure out the product code of Broccoli? $ \begin{gather} % custom template - reuse if you may \def\S#1#2{\Space{#1}{19px}{#2px}}\def\P#1{\V{#1em}}\def\V#1{\S{#1}{9}} \def\T{\color{black}{\textbf{Fruit / Vegetable}}}...

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2:14 PM
Q: Find the optimal strategy for this dice game

BoltKeyYou are playing a game: You have $6$ standard 6-sided dice that are all rolled at the start of the game. The sum of dice values is your score. Each turn, you can take any dice and reroll them. The goal of the game is to get score of $30$ in fewest turns possible. What is the optimal strategy to...

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3:45 PM
Q: Sharing of answers in online puzzle/treasure hunt games?

RabeehI'm planning to organize a Online treasure hunt game for the students of my institution. The idea is very simple. You register and login. You start at Level 1. You'll be given a question/clue/image and you have to input the right answer to move on to the next level. You can only get to the curre...

2 hours later…
5:38 PM
Q: Supposedly easy visual puzzle

Patrick SpaldingMy friend sent me a picture of this recently (unverified source) on social media. He says its from a practice job aptitude assessment. I think the pattern is very obvious.... but according to him the answer I gave him is wrong.

6:01 PM
Q: Think Deeply About It

hexomino Find me in water, I'm mostly grey. At the Spanish South I am red. Coming down from the sky, I'm a lizard, And notably worn on the head. I am a star with rays that are straight. Near a crystal river lies my key. On reflection, my style is emo. A Caesar directed me. What am I? P...

6:23 PM
Q: It's just a matter of time

Damiano Tripoli JuniorClues: People gather because of me, but they're never happy eventually. My name has five letters. My favourite number is four. If you are reading this, you haven't got the honor to meet me yet. The most feared and hated side of two opposites. The title might also help you. Who am I?

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7:23 PM
shoul I visit PSE tomorrow?
how can you not?
7:42 PM
just uh
I heard felmnt (definitely not melfnt in disguise) would be coming for a visit
who knows?
7:55 PM
Q: They are coming

MithicalI've just found this solemn poem, entitled "They are coming." Unfortunately, the name of the author has been lost. However, I am confident that the poem contains enough information to identify them. Can you help? They are coming. (author unknown) I am so powerful, but I am frail. M...

That shouldn't be so hard, but it was fun to write.
8:10 PM
@Mithical Did you mean to post that on Literature? :-P
I did not. ;)
2 hours later…
10:32 PM
Should I encode my name in a puzzle for you guys?
Q: Predicting the future?

Minh TranI was browsing my email one morning when I got this curious email: Date: February 17, 2020 Subject: Want to see the future? Hello, I am a clairvoyant who can predict the future. I have made a fortune from my talent and now I want to share it to you. However, this knowledge is not f...

11:09 PM
@Mithical you should start writing horror movies, that had me looking over my shoulder :P
11:19 PM
the gerbil has arrived!
And the gerbil must now depart too as hes needing sleep :)
uh anyway I realized that every wikipedia article fits into one of these: overleaf.com/download/project/5eab55eaacd6ff0001660bfc/build/…
well most of them anyway
edit: link is now dead :(

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