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3:00 PM
@ChrisS running anything not required for DC operation on the DC's should be avoided at all costs, not just DHCP :)
@ChrisS I agree with you there
@ewwhite Yeah... That's in the category of "I think it would work, but I wouldn't bet my name on it let alone my job. =O"
@ChrisS I'm frustrated by the number of people I see trying to build ZFS on FreeBSD architectures.
not that there's anything wrong with FreeBSD, but more that the ZFS seems non-optimal there..
@ewwhite FreeBSD, taking over the world one server at a time.
3:04 PM
pfsense style
@ewwhite My home server runs ZFS just as well as OpenSolaris; except for the iSCSI and SMB integration crap that makes my neck hair stand on end anyway.
I worry more about the super "creative" solutions people are concocting.... Like the above. I can't think of any reason it wouldn't work, but it seems so cobbled together that it probably wont work, if that makes any sense.
I guess, I'm thinking mindshare.. His solution would work, but it's stupid. What problem is he solving?
so many bottlenecks... points of failure.
that's mean
@ChrisS Can't say I've ever seen an issue
3:12 PM
@ChrisS I meant more about the inaccurate info about running DHCP on the DCs being a requirement of DHCP updating the DNS zones, etc
Before his edit there was a lot wrong with that answer, not just DHCP being on a DC which is a minor offense
@MDMarra Oh yeah; that stuff I completely agree with, and it was nice that you explained more than "no, that's wrong". Too bad people don't get rep for insightful comments.
Q: check local user accounts for blank passwords

LogmanI need a tool/script that can help me find local user accounts that do not have passwords across a network. Not all computers will be on the domain, but 90% are (win2003). But I need to audit/check local user accounts, not domain user accounts.

not really asking for help but for doing his work
I think it's a valid question. Zero effort from him though
that's what I meant, well, I'm kind off sick since yesterday, so I'm tierd, sorry for not being more accurate
@Anarko_Bizounours it's a good question, just a lazy one like @JoelESalas said
3:20 PM
@Anarko_Bizounours One line answer FTW!
@ChrisS awesome! ^^
@ChrisS did forget that tool existed! Darn lost a week scripting in PSH2 for that!
@Anarko_Bizounours see, that's why lazy-people questions are sometimes valuable...
(cue counterexample that makes me want to stab someone in the eye)
@voretaq7 there are too many
:D you're right (not about the counter exemple, well maybe too ;)
So, anyone want to come and write up my documentation?
3:26 PM
@Iain that's OK everyone has two eyes...
@Dan sure. $500/hr :)
a documentation about what?
@voretaq7 well, not if they meet your twice B)
@voretaq7 Hmm, no
@Anarko_Bizounours a VDI install - exciting stuff
I am making an haproxy module, part of what it does is generate the config files. There is a lot of config, but it seems like init.pp is "the place" for manifest "data". Anyone have any recommendations for breaking that up?
@Dan O_o as some south french friend would say "Mazette!"
have to cross post - funny.
Q: How can I remove grout and mortar from a drain?

Ovi TislerI accidentally poured some mortar and grout down my bathroom drain when I was cleaning the remains of a bucket of mortar after tiling the kitchen. The drain was plugged up pretty bad so I tried to scrape some of it out with a wire hanger down the overflow, and that got it flowing again, but its s...

3:31 PM
love the second comment xD
@lsiunsuex That reminds me... Most people think Cement dries, as in the water evaporates out and that makes it hard... So if you keep cement wet it will not dry. This is very wrong, cement is a chemical reaction catalyzed by water; once it gets wet it will harden (with only a few exceptions, none of which involve water).
@KyleBrandt is there anything on puppet forge
@Iain Puppet forget is just a collection of modules isn't it?
Not really sure how to find examples of this since it could be anything
I really need to get into some of the other SE sites
@ChrisS most people think they can pour anything they want down the drain also - big no no. i don't even like pouring paint into it
3:36 PM
In general I am finding I don't really like the way puppet does modules. It seems to me that modules and the actual data should be separate
Like you know, everything else made for computers :-P
@kyle (true)
@KyleBrandt yes it's a collection of modules
@lsiunsuex I've got loads of containers full of various dangerous fluids that I really really need to shift at some point
I really have no idea where the hell I'm going to take them, though
i've been thinking about this one now for a bit - when i wake up, goto take a shower - as the shower water heats up i drink a cup or 2 of water from the sink tap to wake me up - how can you know if the water has been contaminated some how (thinking the drug they put in the water in batman begins) that early in the morning. if something happened over night that you slept through and have no idea whats in the water this morning
@lsiunsuex Well, unless you run your water for ages, you're still going to be using water that's well within your property boundary. Any kind of contaminant would have to be seriously powerful in tiny quantities to dissolve in that amount of water and have any effect
3:39 PM
@Dan bonfire
@lsiunsuex life is an adventure! (btw the medicine is in the water but became effective when the water is spread as gaz in the movie, just saying ;)
Which, if that's the case, you're now living in a post apocalyptic film scenario, so you're probably better off dead anyhow
@lsiunsuex Haha, like your style. An oil fire in the garden would certainly be a talking point
Oh, I googled it..
At least they know it sucks :-P
I wonder how brake fluid goes up
@Dan just think of all the pretty colors it'll generate - take some HDR photos of that
3:41 PM
@Dan eh? brake fluid?
@Adrian @lsiunsuex is recommending I burn the stored fluids in my garage. I just wondered how brake fluid burns
i mean, don't through the whole bottle in at once. start a fire out of wood / cloth / enemies and slowly add the liquid to it
@lsiunsuex Yeah, I don't think I'm going to be doing that!
I like my garden, and my liberty :D
And my skin and lungs, for that matter
@lsiunsuex that's pretty dangerous, but still curiosity win
@Dan I know you're across the pond and all, but here our Counties have "Hazardous Disposal Information" available, that details places that will take all sorts of stuff. The vast majority are free too.
3:46 PM
@lsiunsuex Yarp.
@ChrisS still burning them in you yard is still fun, well until you have to steal the lung of you neighboor child
@WesleyDavid was just curious how living there was; i've been interested in moving to arizona / nevada for years. how cold winters are? bug situation? (snakes, shit like that)
@joel Do you still want to handle my Anaheim situation?
@ChrisS Yeah, I'll have to look it up
I know where to take oil, but the rest is a bit of mystery.
@Dan find a local plant that makes paper or some shit; they burn everything in their furnaces
3:49 PM
@Anarko_Bizounours The only thing I have that would burn is Oil, and there's a dumping station in town.
@chriss has it been 2 hours?
@ewwhite Let me go check. =]
well, I know that in my town you can dispose of every hazardous product to the same place, so it's much more easy to dispose of them. But don't know how it work were you live

Still some of my neighboors burn them in their yard (the police came often to fine them though, but they still do it)
Right y'all, it's home time!
3:52 PM
holy crap what a day
@ewwhite you still there?
@Dan I have various containers with hazmat labels on them. My neighbors think I'm a terrorist.
@Basil Yep, I am.
@voretaq7 you don't have a beard do you?
@ewwhite I saw your earlier messages but I've been upgrading fabric switch firmware all morning. If they can't do replication properly, they won't get taken seriously by any big shops. That said, even big shops have unreplicated storage- one of our two core prod boxes is unreplicated (for pre-prod), and all of our remote locations have unreplicated storage.
@Basil Replication works, but they glossed over it.
3:55 PM
@ewwhite Right, and unless they're stumbling over themselves trying to tell you how it works, how well it works, and how many other clients are using it to great effect, they're not pitching it properly
that said, storage replication isn't the only choice these days with virtualization
but it's still the most common choice
Nexenta can do asynchronous with compressed and deduplicated streams. But it's snapshot -> copy.
that's the same as netapp
@lsiunsuex Winters are magnificent. I should say that I love hot weather, and even the last week's 115 F days didn't bother me, so I"m a bit unusual in that regard.
they need to think about 3 site solutions where one box is in sync, or a metro-cluster knockoff
Bugs aren't a big deal really, at least not in the metro phoenix area. It's really more on a neighborhood-by-neighborhood basis.
Some streets will have a problem with scorpions, termites, or centipedes. Others won't.
3:57 PM
@WesleyDavid i love the heat also - which is why i would move - hate NY winters
unless they can provide a recovery point as close as your WAN can manage, they're not doing it right.
Snakes are all over so you have to be careful. Just be aware around water sources and shady places.
@Basil they didn't have good answers for that. So, should replication be a big deal in storage solutions? It sounds good in theory, but what do people actually DO with it?
that said, there's only 3 vendors who can do it right when it comes to replication on storage that I've heard of
@WesleyDavid love my country not shit like that here xD
3:58 PM
It's dry heat. You'll hear people whine "But when its 115 it really doesn't matter" - that's total bullshit. 115 at single digit humidity is wonderful. 98F at 90% humidity is hard to deal with.
@WesleyDavid amazonia style right?
@ewwhite that comes down again to the whole enterprise versus mid-market question. What people do is reduce their insurance policy costs by testing recovery at a remote site, having a defined and executed recovery time and point
@Anarko_Bizounours Yes, Arizona is like a mini Australia. Lots of things that can bite, sting, slash, and kill you in very uncomfortable ways.
@Anarko_Bizounours Humidity is ebil.
always see the douchebags on Pawn Stars wearing coats in what would appear to be winter. 50-60 is still shorts weather here
@Basil But how useful is that replicated crash-consistent VMWare datastore?
4:00 PM
@lsiunsuex I wonder if they have battletoads?
but i guess that depends on your tolerances
@lsiunsuex I've been acclimatized to it now so that the 80s seems a bit cool.
@ewwhite for us, very. Crash consistent means recoverable. And that's why we can't use 3par, netapp, or anyone else for our prod
@Dan Depends on which type of brake fluid. DOT 3, 4, and 5 are very different beasties. I have no idea how they'd correlate to whatever labelling is used in the UK either.
If we were willing to live with a 5 minute recovery point, we'd be able to script snapshots for replication
4:01 PM
i'm sure - same here i guess. 32f isn't terribly cold but we'll have family from Italy come in for christmas and their freezing
@Basil which means an established DR site and infrastructure.
but nobody except the big three does guaranteed in-order delivery
so should small businesses have that?
@ewwhite yes, but if you're talking about the enterprise space, they have that
@ewwhite They should have whatever they can afford, but they obviously can't always afford a real hot-site
Small businesses have a different set of priorities than what I've been talking about this whole time
so when your $40k Dell Equallogic unit touts its replication abilities, what do they expect people to do with them?
4:02 PM
but you specified that you wanted the enterprise point of view
@ewwhite Buy another one, put it in a rented colo, and replicate it.
@WesleyDavid burn this stats with fire!!!!
@Basil Definitely possible... And the DR procedure would include reassigning IP addresses, etc?
@Anarko_Bizounours I used to...
@WesleyDavid My oven is a dry heat too.
@voretaq7 Still better than New Orleans.
@voretaq7 I sympathize
4:06 PM
@ewwhite I touched the ZFS/iSCSI question.
@voretaq7 Oh?
@WesleyDavid lies. In naw'lins people shoe their boobies.
@voretaq7 Hopefully in a platonic area.
@WesleyDavid nope. In its most sensitive bits.
@ewwhite depends- I know it from a storage perspective, but you'd need to sit down and architect it based on the goals
4:07 PM
A: ZFS over iSCSI high-availability solution

voretaq7It's not a direct answer to your question, but a more traditional architecture for this sort of thing would be to use HAST and CARP to take care of the storage redundancy. A basic outline (see the linked documentation for better details): Machine A ("Master") Configure the HAST daemon &am...

"There is a right (or at least documented/supported) way to do this" :-P
for us, we have to be able to start specific applications on the DR site
@voretaq7 Why are so many people trying to roll-their-own ZFS on Linux and FreeBSD?
@Basil and you have a defined recovery time? E.g. Must be able to run applications X, Y and Z within 3 hours?
@ewwhite yes, each application in scope has a recovery point and recovery time objective defined by the business.
the mainframe is half an hour recovery time, and 6 second recovery point
the AIX farm is 2 hour recovery time, 6 second recovery point
the NAS is 12 hour time, 30 minute point
the windows servers aren't replicated
not many of them, at least
4:11 PM
the vmware farm is at the same level as the AIX farm, forgot to mention
makes sense
@ewwhite Why wouldn't they? ZFS is a fine storage platform.
@Mami Aside from home networks being off-topic (SuperUser is for hope stuff) there is no possible way to answer this question with the information you have given. Asking "Why is login slow?" is like calling your doctor and saying "Why does my arm hurt?" - it could be idiopathic pain, or you could have got your arm caught in a combine wheat thresher. There's no way to know & we won't guess. You are the one with access to the system, so you must perform some kind of troubleshooting and provide enough information to help other people come to a diagnosis. — voretaq7 1 min ago
@voretaq7 Oh, I like ZFS... but see people moving away from the Solaris-derived versions... Nexenta, Illumos
@MDMarra ^ Too harsh?
@ewwhite FreeBSD is good about pulling in the ZFS revisions
4:14 PM
@basil, so everything else they said was okay. It's their hardware, standard parts, they run burn-in... LSI, Intel, STEC (for SSD's)
and if you've got a FreeBSD environment like I do there's no reason to bring in Illumos, so unless you're going to spend for Nexenta....
@ewwhite Local storage isn't hard :) Their big problem is that they're competing with the "roll it yourself" folks who have already decided not to go the enterprise route.
"Doctor! It hurts when I touch myself here!"
Doctor: "Don't touch yourself there, then."
they might be able to charge a premium for service, like red hat, but fundamentally, their hardware is a commodity
@basil they added AFP (why?), and add their tuning, added call-home and designed their JBOD enclosures... manufactured by the same provider that supplies NetApp and Sun enclosures.
4:15 PM
@ewwhite "AFP"?
"Doctor! It hurts when I touch myself here! And here! And here too! And there! And here!"
Doctor: "Your hand is broken."
@Basil Maybe for Mac-based media companies...
@Basil Aggravation File Protocol. You've never heard of it? :-)
alcatel-lucent equipment is a piece of "£$"£$! never ever again! ahh
@voretaq7 haha
4:17 PM
@ColdT HEY! Don't be discriminating. It's also a piece of €
@Basil It's commodity HW, but they don't give the customer a choice... they sell it as a self-supported appliance
@ewwhite No, I meant that I've never heard of AFP
@Basil it's CIFS for Macintosh
Or "Appletalk"
@ewwhite Aww :(
at least they told you, though
Three minutes later...
4:19 PM
rejection hurts!
"The manager wants to bring you in for an in person interview this Friday. The email bellow was send to you buy mistake. Please let me know if you are available. "
I applied to that job in March or April..
@ewwhite maybe the guy before you turned it down between 3 minutes
4:21 PM
Naw, they were calling last week. But that's a bad sign. Automated system sending all sorts of rejection letters to people.
heh, youll have your work cut out for you when you start
@voretaq7 nope
Can anyone make sense of this?
Q: VirtualBox UDP with MAC and PC as hosts

user1613148Basically what I am trying to accomplish is having Server2008 (guest) run on my Win7(host) with another Win7 (guest) as well as a WinXP(guest) on a mac book pro(host)... I was pointed in the UDP Tunnel section but I just do not understand their command line. This is how my network is layed out ...

@voretaq7: thx for hints rgd serverfault.com/questions/419679/… / I generally agree: better use something proven .. but there are upsides with the proposed stuff - if it could be made working reliably
is a fucking tag? Really?
4:26 PM
@MDMarra Of course. Makes total sense.
time to head home
bye guys
@oberstet Like I said, what your talking about can definitely be done - I've just never seen a configuration like it. My experience with iSCSI is that it's not quite as reliable as SANs (switch failures, errant idiots unplugging cables), so not knowing how it would work in practice I'd be wary of implementing it without going through lots of testing
@ewwhite why you flags things? I'm standing right here :P
Yeah yeah... Sorry.
@voretaq7 Because pinging you in chat doesn't count towards Marshall
I don't want the next person applying that company to see that :)
4:28 PM
@MDMarra chat flags don't count anyway :P
Ohh, didnt realize it was a chat flag
@voretaq7: I have seen ZFS mirror/raidz over SAN LUNs (which likely had redundancy already/anyway) .. but you say: the thing unusual is to have that with an iSCSI based SAN?
@oberstet Also, iSCSI doesn't handle well when you're streaming lots of IO to it. Might be worth considering SAS
iSCSI has no flow control, so can and will drop packets, which leads to out-of-order delivery on scsi commands. This will cause weird failures and latency that are no fault of the disk
@Basil: how do you "remote" SAS over Ethernet? is that possible? even when: that then requires a switched Ethernet only, cannot cross routers. Doesnt iSCSI use TCP and hence has flow-control?
@Basil yeah that's the other funky bit - Fiber SANs do much better with large volumes of I/O
4:33 PM
@Basil, @voretaq7: do I get you right that you would only try that architecture on a Fibre Chn SAN, but not on an iSCSI one?
@oberstet tcp doesn't cut it for SCSI. You need FCoE if you want the kind of flow control that SCSI needs.
@oberstet TCP's flow control is to drop packets without informing the sender when they get full. That is supposed to be handled by the underlying protocol, but in SCSI's case, it doesn't handle it.
This means a read or a write might just get dropped and not resent for seconds, while all the other ones in the burst were done in, whatever, 6 ms
it's not a problem if your bandwidth is greater than the maximum performance of the disks, though
@oberstet If you had a FC SAN, you wouldn't need ZFS. All the RAID etc is handled by the storage controllers, probably more efficiently and at a higher performance than a server can do it
@MDMarra It isn't anymore.
@Basil @oberstet Yeah that's the rub -- if you've got FC storage you're probably using a SAN that can do its own replication and failover.
@Basil: I trust ZFS a lot more than any SAN RAID and especially HW RAID controllers. And in any case, having a "big" SAN storage center doesn't fit with my main motivation: being able to use wimpy nodes that will fail, but are cheap and can scale out.
@oberstet You can probably make it work with iSCSI, but I wouldn't trust it without stress testing (and like @Basil mentioned I'd include huge IO / link saturation to see what happens to performance. Database servers can be IO heavy and you don't want an unpleasant surprise...)
@oberstet then you're going to have to live with the performance limitations of iSCSI. Unless you can find some way of using FC or FCoE to do the underlying disk IO.
4:40 PM
@oberstet your trust is sorely misplaced. I would trust an enterprise SAN vendor's RAID implementation (HW RAID 1, 10, or 6) over ZFS -- these guys have been doing the RAID thing for a LONG time, and they have to get it right: Storage isn't allowed to fail :)
@voretaq7 it's not for everyone, though.
It relies on being willing to pay 3000$ for a hard drive
@voretaq7: look at Amazon EBS. they have the smartest guys and unlimited money and can't make EBS work flawlessly and with consistent performance.
Not that ZFS ZPool/RaidZ is unreliable - quite the opposite actually I've never heard of a failure in production - but there's no reason not to trust (e.g.) EMC to get storage right
@oberstet They're using home-baked tech. I manage a petabyte of storage for a railroad, and our uptime is measured in decades.
but I have no restrictions on how much money I can pay per GB to get the uptime
Amazon does. they need to resell their storage competitively
@oberstet True, but people use EBS because Amazon has gotten the right balance of "mostly reliable and dirt fucking cheap" for them :-) Honestly if you implement the ZFS design you're talking about or the HAST+CARP design I mentioned you'll still probably do better than EBS (provided you test the hell out of it before you deploy it)
4:44 PM
@Basil "The last time our storage had an outage, people said a peanut farmer would never get elected!"
@Basil, @voretaq7: Ok, lets put it like this: however you look at EMC/HDS based stuff (maybe the most reliable in the world, maybe not): it is absolutely expensive stuff. And it does not run on a bunch of wimpy PC servers. And that is what I am targeting ...
My concern with your ZFS design isn't so much "Will it work" -- of course it will, it's (relatively) standard ZFS features -- It's "How will it handle when things break?"

You don't want to be an Amazon where you have a switch fry or a node blow up and all of a sudden your environment goes all catawampus
@oberstet yup - which puts you in the territory of "use a proven solution" or "prove a new (possibly better) solution" :-)
With EBS, people often layer SW RAID on top of LUNs .. to "improve" performance (haha) or for additional "security" (maybe). "prove a new solution": I agree. Instead of babbling I should do that. Ha. Will be a heck lot of work ..
@oberstet Start by writing (on paper) your test cases :)
@voretaq7: Having unlimited budget comes nifty - only had that when working for a telco .. at that time they ran on Oracle RAC, HP Superdome and HDS. Don't even ask for the price tags. We don't have unlimited budget.
4:55 PM
another bites the dust :)
@Iain oh was on that list?
@voretaq7 apparently not - but I'll put it on the handled list if you want
@Iain nah let's just pretend it never existed and save ourselves the embarrassment
5:13 PM
@voretaq7 That happened to google a while ago too
Q: Buying out service provider

Mark HendersonI don't really know if Server Fault is the idea place to be posting this, but I'm more interested in people's opinions than anything else. We currently outsource a datacenter to a 3rd party who, for the last 5 years, has provided us impeccible service at a really good price. In the last 12 month...

^^ Whut? :P
mornin' gents.
Okay. Here goes my morning plate of crow:
This Active Directory shit is the Utter and Complete Bomb.
Good times, right?
I love AD. All you fools with your puppet can suck it, GPO is boss.
@MDMarra Well, GPO probably doesn't work so well with Linux.
Right, I was making a windows management to linux management comparison
5:16 PM
@Adrian Well, not for free...
@MDMarra Meh. I have LDAP-centralized authentication already - I see no need to pay Microsoft a license fee and buy 2 more servers just to use AD in my otherwise all-unix environment :-)
Not a cross-platform one
@MDMarra Ah, ok. That said, Likewise Open seems to have some serious good shit going on too.
@Adrian what did you use for your integration? SFU NIS or pam-ldap?
@voretaq7 Going to be using NIS to import into AD and then force our Devs to have the in-house app update straight into AD via LDAP hooks
My new Padawan is cool with the Windows AD stuff from her courses in tech school, just a matter of getting her an opportunity to shine. She's good, but she's not very confident.
5:19 PM
@Adrian what are you using AD for in your mostly-Linux shop?
@Adrian mrr? AD can scan NIS these days?
I knew it could act as a NIS server, didn't know it could be a client
@MDMarra Most A&A. Our apps can all do LDAP, and we have a bunch of Windows servers, so we might as well use it.
ahh I see
@voretaq7 That's what the big orange book says. There's some NIS import scripts in there to suck the data in.
Didn't realize you had a bunch of windows servers
5:21 PM
@MDMarra We're up to 3 now. We're likely to split them up by departments which will get us up to 8. That being 1/3rd of our total server count here.
@Adrian cool. Suck it in and then point your NIS clients at AD then (until you can get around to switching over to pam-ldap)
26 mins ago, by Iain
another bites the dust :)
and another
@voretaq7 Yep. Boss is even starting to get interested in this project too since it will take care of our unencrypted password problem which would likely block our EHR certification this spring.
Or at least that's what it sounds like he's saying
@Iain yeah I'm beating up now.
I'm sorry to everyone losing rep as I delete the "Why does $x cost money?!?" questions
@voretaq7 if it's been around for >6 months then they don't
5:25 PM
oh noes... you guys are digging up a bunch of ridiculous questions
@ewwhite heh if you see some truly awful ones that slipped through my "this is shit, make it go away" filter feel free to VTC or flag
I left a few Azure questions because they had MS employee responses and I didn't feel like evaluating them on their merits :P
@voretaq7 when we're done with then there is this to crowdsource review - data.stackexchange.com/serverfault/query/72948/…
I have the list in markdown ready to put on meta
@Iain yeah a lot of those we probably want to pass through in chat first (at a quick glance ports is one that may have some funkyness and need to be split into TCP/UDP versus [tag:$OS-ports]
@voretaq7 it's more a case of for example port and ports being used for the same thing and if so which is best then get the other synonymed to it
(we should probably ask for a new data explorer extract too - that one is stale and still has and separated.
5:33 PM
@voretaq7 I'm sure I read somewhere @Zypher saying that it'll be live in the near future
@Iain yeah but there are a few where they should be synonyms but there's corruption in one (or both) that needs to be cleaned up
@voretaq7 and http/https is a false positive
@Iain (Alternate answer: "near future" like meta.stackexchange.com?)
Was my edit to this question rejected? serverfault.com/questions/62940/…
@OliverSalzburg yes - because the question is ancient :-)
5:39 PM
@OliverSalzburg Looks like you submitted 3 separate suggested edits.
@voretaq7 Well, I just found it through Google and felt like it could use some cleanup :D
@jscott Yeah, but the edit to the question was rejected :(
@voretaq7 Is that not welcome on SF?
@OliverSalzburg Generally it's fine, but I'm biased against floating 3-year-old questions to the front of the activity page
@voretaq7 So you never edit those even by yourself?
I know the formatting isn't fantastic, but is the question really unclear as it is? (e.g. I put through your edits to the answer & made the comment because they illustrated how to use the referenced tools - which is important and was missing from the original answer)
@voretaq7 Oh no, the question is fine, I guess. Personally, I especially like to clean up our old questions so they can serve as examples to new users.
But I understand. Thanks for letting me know :)
5:43 PM
@OliverSalzburg not unless they're egregiously bad or have offensive grammar (or if they're on our bad tags list and I'm in there for other reasons)
@OliverSalzburg If you see really awful ones with munged formatting (like no code blocks or something) or 5-page signatures by all means send the edit through - those I usually approve :-)
@voretaq7 Ok, cool :)
@OliverSalzburg Also I freely admit edit approval from me is a like a pachinko machine - what I reject on monday I might approve on wednesday depending on how cranky I feel :)
@voretaq7 Yeah, I can relate :D
So, having read Kyle's linky to the Puppet blog, to be able to use Puppet effecitively, I need to go learn Ruby, YAML, and JSON. Yeah, like I'll have time to go do that anytime soon.
My problem with puppet is it's blowful at managing the filesystem.
My problem with radmind is it's blowful at managing configuration files.

I'm fucked, aren't I?

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