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12:01 AM
Ah, it's a new day. Time to go score a couple hundred more rep.
And... there's no "snitch" badge. I guess the only reward for using up all your moderator attention flags in a day is the satisfaction of making the mods do some work to cleanup the old crap. :D
12:50 AM
You two will get over the rep points thing at some stage...
I mean, I lost 72 points today because a question was migrated!
I wasn't all that serious. I have enough now that I don't care so much about the rep points. I just wanna be the first one to get the Legendary badge so I can lord it over @EvanAnderson :D

Once someone beats me to it, I'll stop caring all together.
I'll admit that it helps in interviews.
Shore, but rep-whoring isn't the way to get an interview-aiding profile.
@HopelessN00b I ask questions here. Some people don't.
Yeah, I've noticed that. I find it odd.

Also would strike me as a weakness, if I were an interviewer. Hell, how much easier can it justify spending at work time on here when I can point to an answered question and say "Look at what SF solved for us in less than 3 hours, that the support techs took 40 hours to get back to us with something useless on!"
Yup, I ask questions here. Means I've got resources for solving problems I can't tackle alone. That's a positive thing.
1:00 AM
I interview a lot... and one warning sign is a place where the engineers don't use SF. I've been to places in the past 6 months where people weren't even familiar with the site.
@HopelessN00b: marshal and deputy is the closest ;p
@ewwhite Well, not specifically knowing the SE sites doesn't bug me so much... one of the other Sr. Admins here had no idea what it was, but he works (literally) about 90 hours a week, adding in his consulting business, so meh. He's also the first one to nag all the Jr. guys about Google being our friend, so it's (to me) more about being willing to out and hunt down the knowledge one way or another.
@HopelessN00b I think the field is too broad to know eeeevvvverything
@HopelessN00b well, every dev I know is familiar with StackOverflow.
if engineers aren't stumbling upon SF directly or through Google, they're missing something
@ewwhite Hells yeah. Any SA who hasn't figured that out isn't going to do too well. If you can't figure out something that basic, your troubleshooting can't be so hot.
@HopelessN00b: Its not SF specifically, but knowing what resources would be useful when you realise you're out of your depth is useful
Hell, I'm on SF and i'm not a sysadmin (yet)
1:05 AM
finance was a pretty insular industry, so most trading firm engineers reinvented the wheel and ended up at the same conclusion for some of the common problems.
(and I'm still amused that close to a year on, my question on upstart still helps people ;p)
@JourneymanGeek So there's still hope for you? Run, get out now, while you still can!!! Save yourself, man!
so they have an excuse... but everything else... The site becomes part of the portfolio.
@HopelessN00b: lol. I'm doing a computer forensics and IT management degree
The alternative is LEO, which probably pays as badly, and burns people out within 4-5 years
@ewwhite Yeah, but to a large extent, whereas SO helps you create or find solutions to programming problems that might not be publicly available, most of the stuff here you can find on the net otherwise, by reading all the white papers and the OEM/developer sites (technet, bugzillas, etc)... so I'm not sure it's quite the same. Hell of a time saver, coming here instead of searching through technet, but the knowledge is mostly freely available somewhere.
1:08 AM
Achievement Unlocked! Walk of Faith: Update OpenVPN via secure shell session
@JourneymanGeek Tough call. Cop or SA? I guess I'd go SA too. You can always buy a gun and a shiny piece of metal if you really want 'em. :)
@HopelessN00b: and its more directed to the problem, and sometimes, if you avoid the XY problem, you find better solution
specialized knowledge like, ZFS, VMWare, most Linux projects... the internet is full of things, but it's hard to filter out the noise.
@HopelessN00b: Apparently in a lot of countries, (donno about here), law enforcement cyberforensics involves a lot of child porn
Generally most people survivie 4-5 years before quitting and going private, or just burning out totally it seems
@JourneymanGeek Probably true here too. What better way to get re-elected with your tough on crime platform than by throwing resources at [arresting] a group of people who are universally reviled?

So much of law enforcement (like, practically all of it) is politics, it just makes me feel sick.
1:11 AM
@HopelessN00b: It does do good
BOSS: We need to get rid of zend!
ME: dpkg -l|grep zend| awk '{ print $2; }'|xargs apt-get -y remove
but really? ONE cp case is probably too many
Enh. Define "CP." A lot of teenagers sexting their significant others get caught up in the CP hysteria too.
oh, thats different
My last attempt at a degree, I almost threw up reading a case transcript
(though I'd note course material had nothing to do with the nervious breakdown that messed that attempt up. )
Not under the law, it not. You've got 16 year olds who were tried as adults, for "producing" and "distributing" child porn that happened to be a picture of their fun bits they sexted to the person primarily responsible for playing with said bits.

Like anything else, you take it to an extreme, and it does nothing but harm.
1:15 AM
Well, the thing is really...
And what a reason to fuck up some teenager's life for... ever.

Like I said, the politics of law enforcement really make me sick to my stomach.
I don't want to be the one who deals with it
and most professionals have issues stomaching it too
/me leaves politics to those stupid enough to want to deal with that crap. I'd rather handle the little things ;p
@JourneymanGeek Some people have the mindset that allows them to deal with the darker side of humanity. I'm not one of them
"Politics is too important to be left to the politicians" and all that, though. :(
I have issues with law enforcement abusing power as well. I'd just lose more hair (than i already have!) worrying about that
@JoelESalas: precisely
1:18 AM
@JoelESalas Well, it's really not that hard to deal with. .45 caliber justice Of course, that's not legal either, so the real issue is dealing with humanity's dark side under the confines of the rules the politicians have laid down, sometimes called "the law."
@HopelessN00b: See, I couldn't pull the trigger either
and hell, I'm supposed to be trained in killing people.
(ok, at a reasonable range, with a rifle, assuming the person is made of plastic... )
Bah, it's easy. <12 lbs of trigger pressure, even on a monstrously heavy piece, and that's that. :D
its physically easy
shooting is more than just that tho
granted you can't miss at the sort of range, but there's a pretty large psycological element to it
Just think of all the people you're saving from the evil acts of the person whose head you're about to convert into the pink mist.

Not that there's anything wrong with not killing people, I guess, but I find "doing the math" makes it a lot easier.
Its still a person
There's wolves, sheepdogs and sheep. We're mostly sheep
while I have a massive respect for the sheepdogs, Its very unlikely that a single sheep can beat a wolf
(of course,a crowd of sheep... maybe)
1:24 AM
Ah, there's your problem. Gotta do the classic detachment thing, at least if you care to get over that. It's not a person, it's a target. It's not a person's head, it's a "skull sized object." It's not someone's life you just blew away, it's an oddly aesthetically appealing pink mist.
@HopelessN00b: Thats the psycological aspect
Yeah. I hear it helps if you're a born sociopath too, but I guess that ship's already sailed for you. :D
Well, chit.

Looks like I mined the review area pretty well for moderator flag-posts. Now how am I gonna get another 350 for that gold snitch badge? :(
1:34 AM
What now? Anyway, that sounds unpleasant. I want it now! :(
I was doing that on SU.
I pretty much stopped flagging anything that isn't obvious spam ;p
We have a lot less of that than you'd think, at least now, anyway. I think a few people beat me to the "mining for mod flags" exercise/

I guess could always go for the gold editing badge... so if I can edit (and bump) 430 really old threads with minor formatting edits before getting banned...
One from 2011... Only 429 to go. I bet I can find them all from 2009, too, if I really try. :D
Seriously. And I'd do it too, if I wasn't so sure I'd be lynched. All the stuff from that far back is heinous.
space it out? ;p
/me finds about 5 edits an hour goes un-noticed
1:48 AM
There's that "patience" thing again that I turned down last time. :p
you need to invent a better potato peeler!
Write a bit of software that queues edits!
I don't it would be able to keep up - infinite queue times, especially the further back you go.
I mean, lookit this:
Dunno why it's not behaving properly... "what's a good firewall for Vitsa?" shudder
off topic
2:16 AM
Any ideas on how to debug a redirect loop?
@JoelESalas What web server?
@ShaneMadden Apache2
@JoelESalas First thing to figure out is if it's config or if it's application code running in the server that's redirecting.
@ShaneMadden I'm trying to pick through this code but it's got about a billion include statements
@JoelESalas Sounds like PHP?
2:20 AM
@ShaneMadden Yes it is
@JoelESalas Hah. Well yeah, unless Apache has a RewriteRule .. [R] or Redirect, it's not doing it (except for the case of sending /directory to /directory/).
Search the code for anything setting a 30x response code, or Location header?
@ShaneMadden location header, didn't think of that. Thank you
Hi guys. Im setting up a mail server but I cant authenticate via SMTP properly via Thunderbird, but Rouncube can send emails fine.
I wonder what Im missing?
(Im using pam_mysql. saslauthd, and my passwords are hashed)
@Shasteriskt The main site works a lot better for those kinds of questions, since you can provide a lot more detail and a lot more people will see it than the small handful that are in here and actually at the keyboard.
@Shasteriskt Off the bat I'm curious about what the SMTP server responds with on the auth failure (and how that compares to the working auth), its logs and config for SASL, the client's error message and config and whether it has a problem with the auth mechanism used by the server.. it goes on, and doesn't fit well in chat :)
2:39 AM
@ShaneMadden Sorry, Hehe. I posted last week but didnt get any replies. So I thought Id try my luck here XD
Uh, you didn't post it here. If you tried posting it on SO, I can tell you why it didn't get any responses...
@Shasteriskt Seems like you've gathered some extra information since then, though? Edit the question with any new info (and dig into some of the items I mentioned, if you can) - editing it bumps it back up so that people will see it and hopefully be able to help.
@HopelessN00b You are right! It was on SO. Haha.
2:43 AM
I never get tired of hearing that, oddly enough.
@HopelessN00b Oops! I did post it here. (Whats wrong with me?!)
@HopelessN00b I was thinking SU, but it was a different question.
Q: Virtual mailboxes with Postfixadmin + Courier IMAP - Expected mail directories not being generated

ShasterisktI have set-up a mail server with Postfix, and I am currently in the process of creating virtual mailboxes with the help of Postfixadmin. I am using Courier to handle IMAP authentications, and I am having troubles with setting it up properly. I studied the logs and narrowed down the main problem ...

Seems like you've gotten past that if you're having SASL auth issues?
@ShaneMadden Yeah I did
Oh, so you did. My bad.
2:45 AM
Sorry, I did post something but its a different issue. I apologize for my streak of mindlessness.
@ShaneMadden Will do what you suggest. Thanks :)
Just discovered that SASL authentication is NOT happening when I use Roundcube.
@ShaneMadden Found some apache craziness. Ended up nuking the entire install.
posted on August 22, 2012 by Matt Simmons

When I woke up this morning and started thinking about what I had to do today, I realized that I'd never really written about the process of running cables in the server room. Lets fix that! So, step one is to plan what you need to do. I'd be all sarcastic, and say "obviously", but [...]

4:21 AM
I got lost and wandered into the world's creepiest cemetery, where the headstones just had names and star ratings. Freaked me out. When I got home I tried to leave the cemetery a bad review on Yelp, but as my hand hovered over the 'one star' button I felt this distant chill ...
2 hours later…
5:59 AM
Is this where all the cool kids hang out?
6:39 AM
7:11 AM
Q: svn over HTTP proxy

small_jam I'm on laptop (Ubuntu) with a network that use HTTP proxy (only http connections allowed). When I use svn up for url like 'http://.....' everything is cool (google chrome repository works perfect), but right now I need to svn up from server with 'svn://....' and I see connection refused. I've se...

Fscking Stack.

Hey, let's migrate a dead thread from 2008! *grumble*
I am sad
Q: issue when ssh-ing to EC2 instance

user79356I am getting the following error: sudo ssh -i -v ~/.ssh/shopious.pem [email protected] dyld: DYLD_ environment variables being ignored because main executable (/usr/bin/sudo) is setuid or setgid Warning: Identity file -v not accessible: No such file or directory. ssh: Could not resolve host...

What about it makes you sad?

The whole "what's my error" thing, or the "what's my other error" thing or the "what's a `man` page" bit?

Maybe your standards are just too high. :D
All of the above and the fact that they say
> How is this possible? I am not sure what I changed, but before it was working using the same exact command.
and that they completely failed to read the error message and they don't get hos SE works
> I have scourged all over SF without any luck
when putting the last line of their 'gist' gives serverfault.com/search?q=Permission+denied+%28publickey%29.
7:29 AM

Honestly, most of the Linux stuff on here really depresses me. Especially as a Windows admin now, and having learned Linux the hard way, back in the day, before the web made finding anything so incredibly easy, it's just like... c'mon, when did Linux become the platform for everyone who can't figure out how to use a search engine? And why am I a Windows admin instead of letting Linux systems do my job for me? :(
8:17 AM
@HopelessN00b if the Not an Answer is from the OP and should/could be added to the original question then please do so
Oh, did I miss one of those? Sorry, I've generally been doing that.
Ah well, I just used up the last of the day's mod flags, so we won't need to worry about that for another 14 hours or so... guess I should go off and be productive or useful about now anyway.
@HopelessN00b like sleeping ?
Yeah, might not be a bad idea... I'll try that and see how it goes.
9:09 AM
9:36 AM
@StackExchange Oh man, I hate reading online reviews
morning all :)
10:21 AM
10:39 AM
If only every user's first questions were this good:
Q: haproxy: retain existing sessions under high load, serve '503' to new arrivals

Sjoerd LawendeTrying to do what it says in the title: retain existing sessions under high load, and serve 503-message to newly arrived visitors. Problem: it works, but the sessions don't last beyond about 90 seconds. Current results have me wondering if there's a time-out setting I'm missing. Purpose I'm...

10:59 AM
@Ladadadada if everyone followed that methodology, this place would be a* rated
11:17 AM
seattlepi.com/news/article/… - this is kinda ridiculous - how is it the fault of the gamer that the casino / vendor of the cards didn't shuffle the cards properly?
and, if you have so much (the casino) riding on the fact that the cards are properly shuffled, wouldn't you shuffle them anyways before starting a new set of decks?
1 hour later…
12:28 PM
Q: Migrate linux dhcp to active directory

RichardI need to migrate/convert a dhcp server from linux to active directory. It's currently running fine on a sles9 box. There are 136 subnets defined and about 1200 fixed-address reservations. It would be nice if the existing dhcpd.conf could be scripted...

12:38 PM
136 subnets wow
12:51 PM
@ColdT impressive or not ?
@Drew No offense, but the answer to every question on here isn't going to be "somethingsomethingfirewallsomething," yet you've mentioned a firewall in every answer you've made so far here, where that doesn't really apply, including to a question from last year. Please put some effort into making useful contributions, rather than throwing out something about a firewall and hoping it applies. — HopelessN00b 8 hours ago
@ChrisS ?
1:06 PM
Priceless... "The answer to every question on here isn't going to be 'something something firewall something'"
oh, well, that's true, but you only try what's obvious to you ;)
@ChrisS lol guess one can only try!
"When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail"
@ChrisS Sounds like it needs more IOPS
plank must be happy to hear this metaphor
that remind me of a french song 'Si j'avais un marteau', the song spoke about a man speculating on the fact he got a hammer, some exemple 'If I had a hammer, I would build the day, I would build the night, with my brother, my sister, my father and mother'...
Love the french ^^
1:11 PM
wow, the live chat agent I'm talking to just referred me to a serverfault.com question/answer
I'm at a site and need to install a Windows 2008 server... (VMWare) The location is on a single T1 and the only media available is 2008R2... no service pack. Should I install and live with Windows updates all day, or try to obtain the 2008R2 SP1 media?
and of course that question is not relevant at all to my problem
@ewwhite updates are going to kill the T1 line :s
@ewwhite It only takes 1.4 hours over a T1
@ChrisS The DVD?
1:17 PM
2008R2 SP1, just the service pack
I agree
if you can get the media with sp1, grab it even on T1
Probably not within driving distance of a decent Internet connection??
@ChrisS Actually, they share space with the company that got the lightning strike. I just put their 15-megabit wireless connection back online.
sooo, there's an option
I'll get the right media.
1:19 PM
media with sp1 all the way, otherwise you will sit their like a donkey staring for ages while it install sp1
A donkey?
Time to spring for a 64GB SD card for your phone so you can tote every version of Windows around with you. Also, making a WinPE RAM Disk for UFD is pretty easy and lets you boot WinPE from your phone, then install Windows from the same.
I've got a few strange looks from people while doing that.... They've been watching too many TV shows and think my phone is H@x0r 1337.
what phone do you_ have? WP7?
HTC Wildfire S, Android 2.3.4
windows PE with an android O_o, nice, didn't think about that
The phone doesn't know what it's doing, other than passing the SD card through as a USB disk.
2:02 PM
Q: Is there a tool to browse a VMWare VMFS datastore hard drive on a PC?

IvanI would like my VMWare ESXi 5 server to have a USB-attached HDD datastore which I'd be able to detach, attach to my laptop and browse files on it. As far as I understand, the hard drive is to be formatted in VMFS. How can I browse such on a Linux or a Windows PC?

how does one come up with the most insane Q?!
Q: DVR capture card with 4 BNC ports

catalinHi I have a capture card and only things I can read from it is: 10104 on the board and 'Techwell TW6802" on the main chip I can't find a working driver anywhere. I can accept any sollution, tried win7 but the board is made for win2000/xp, tried ubuntu doesn't work. I'm on Windows XP now. Please h...

are these kind of question allowed? the guy can't find a particular driver
those cards can be a real pain to find drivers for - we had a few till we moved to a proper self contained samsung dvr
the drivers are never generic and usually come from Tawain
2:17 PM
@lsiunsuex we use samsung dvr, pretty good i'd say
2:30 PM
@ColdT Tell them to contact the manufacturer.
@lsiunsuex I setup a system similar to what he's describing.. I found drivers first then found out what cards were supported and got one of those cards. Made the whole project simple compared to what I've read about other people going through.
Whoops. That's weird...
Misstyped try.kilnhg.com as try.kiln.com and it came up with an OWA site.
2:47 PM
@Basil is this any good as a form of measurement? technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc742157%28v=ws.10%29.aspx
3:13 PM
@ColdT Might be, but I'd make sure you understand all the variables before you make decisions based on data from it
@ChrisS will try it ty
Anyone know offhand how to do a packet dump on a BNT switch?
@ChrisS contact the manufacturer? But whys? The interwebs will surely save me from my laziness!
@voretaq7 Yeah... When that suggestion got totally ignored I just about Deep 6'd the Question.
So many people pissing me off this morning... so little ammo.
3:28 PM
already nervous about my flight and i don't leave till the 4th
FU imagination...
need to find photos of half naked women on mandalay bay beach to take my mind off of it
Your flight?
Why and where?
vegas for vacation
You're worried about flying? You're more likely to be injured walking down the sidewalk than on a plane.
Vegas. Vacation. what are you nervous about?
the 4 and half hour flight from NY
3:33 PM
Aside from the TSA potentially hassling you.
Yeah...4 and a half hours of sitting on your ass...what's the nervous part?
last time we went (for our wedding) it was turbulant the entire time; i guess its common going from east to west
Yeah... Freedom Search/Groping.... You paid for it in your ticket price, might as well enjoy it.
Not really. (turbulance)
just cause i'm a little bitch and have a control issue
But if it weren't safe you'd have planes falling from the sky all the time.
3:34 PM
Turbulence isn't terribly common; though it depends on the pilot. Usually they fly around crap like that.
worst fucking morning
Depends on weather and such. Ask @voretaq7 for info.
have spoken to @voretaq7 about flying
11 mins ago, by Chris S
So many people pissing me off this morning... so little ammo.
Really, either drug yourself or not worry about it, there's nothing you can do once you're up there.
3:35 PM
i know its safe. either way, having a dentist friend write me a script for zanax or some shit to calm me
@BartSilverstrim @lsiunsuex the worst part is dealing with commercial airlines and the Theatrical Stupidity Administration
@ChrisS I tripped and fell getting onto the train (graceful right?). Sat down, realized the knee of my pants was ripped. Train expresses to Philly. Have to get off and take a local train home, change and take a local train back
I spent like 2 hours on trains this morning and now I have a pair of $70 banana republic cutoff khaki shorts
as for the TSA - they don't bother me - you wanna see this master piece naked, go ahead. lets just not destroy my laptop going through the scanner, ok ?
Oh well, at least I'm not weird looking like @ScottPack, amirite?
@lsiunsuex they infuriate me because they are less than useless
3:37 PM
BR's my favorite place to get work clothes. There's one ~10 minutes from my work, I'd just go buy something new instead of 2 hours dinking around.
@MDMarra Douchenozzle
they distract from doing things that would actually improve security and safety
@MDMarra Why bother changing?
@BartSilverstrim Because, unlike you knobs at SE, I need to look professional at work
3:38 PM
@BartSilverstrim Some employers are rather anal about dress code.
Thar be a pirate nun!
@MDMarra Thought you worked at a school in PA.
Not any more, but I had to look professional there too
business casual
So no tie, but dress pants, button down, etc
@MDMarra So short-shorts, high heels, tube top, and fishnets?
3:39 PM
Yeah, you know how I do
@MDMarra sneakers, jeans without holes, and a T-shirt that says "There's no place like" ?
I get to wear polos in the summer. =] But it's still button-downs in the winter =[
@MDMarra Never understood the practicality of that dress code for working on IT.
from reddit :)
3:39 PM
@MDMarra Chicago place wants to talk to you!
@voretaq7 buffalo is actually pretty easy to get through, so was LV 2 years ago - and i don't remember orlando FL being much of a pain either
@BartSilverstrim What if a customer sees you?
@ewwhite Oh really
crowded at orlando, but not a pain
@lsiunsuex Orlando sucks
3:40 PM
@BartSilverstrim Customers see you walking around
@voretaq7 At a school?
not because of the TSA (they really stopped giving half a fuck down there), but because of Disney.
@MDMarra They're expanding the search to other parts of the country due to heavy growth
@BartSilverstrim We have an open work area and cross paths with clients in the hallways ,etc
Whoopty doo.
3:40 PM
@BartSilverstrim a student then!
@ewwhite The job still requires relocation, right?
i remember it being f'ing huge - its own highway exit and i had to take a tram to get to the terminal
@MDMarra Where do you work at (field/etc.) now?
@BartSilverstrim We didn't say that we care... The person who signs the paycheck cares.
dum maus...
3:41 PM
@MDMarra gulp... yeah. Just if you're ever interested. Good to keep in touch.
So you have to compete with people who dress in paper and scrubs?
@ewwhite Yeah, I'd certainly consider it, but relocating isn't at the top of my list of things to do in the near future
@BartSilverstrim Haha no, it's all Drs with foreign degrees getting certified in the US
yep yep
@MDMarra Gee, sounds like...fun...
So they're all in suits, etc, since they're here to get visas for them and their families, get certified, etc
I don't deal with them, I just keep the servers running
3:42 PM
Doctor's I've had to deal with have trouble remembering my face because they can't see through their noses.
I've never actually talked to a client before
But I pass them in the hallways, elevators, etc all the time.
So we need to look nice, since it costs them a metric shitload to go through our certification process
We're sort of like the prometric of pearson vue testing centers of foreign doctors, except we do a lot more than just administer tests. and there's hands-on tests as well as paper ones
Perhaps "nice" is relative. I didn't wear t-shirts, but I don't see a need to wear something worth the cost of a motorcycle unless I get paid six figures.
Well, in my case "nice" is business casual haha
Although here I can wear T-shirts, I suppose.
The school would have preferred button-ups and dockers or something like that with the occasional tie.
And my outfits usually tops out at like $200, which isnt bad when you factor in shoes, belt, etc.
3:45 PM
I usually wore a polo shirt.
I wasn't going to haul equipment around schools where kids wipe boogers on chairs in a $200 outfit while making half industry pay.
Yeah, I don't have to haul equipment
We did.
In the event that we have some wiring or something scheduled, we do get to wear jeans
That's why I didn't really make sense of business casual dress code.
99% of my work is done from my desk
3:47 PM
They eventually passed a pay cap too...happened just as I left.
<3 RDP and DRAC
Pay cap with rumor of 0% pay increase coming.
pay cap as in you were hourly?
Pay cap as in salary caps.
@BartSilverstrim @MDMarra Pay cap as in "Gee why can't we get/retain good talent?"
3:52 PM
I heard they actually passed a vote on it in the board meeting that all non-teachers (they're already capped by the step system) were getting caps on potential salary and wages.
@BartSilverstrim somehow I don't think this applies to the superintendent and other "key positions"
@voretaq7 Does it ever?
I don't know, actually, how high up the ladder it went.
Administrators weren't in support staff contracts or teacher contracts...
But then again, neither was my position.
But it's an insult added to injury to have sub-standard pay, then be told they were capping it when your retirement relies on your highest payment point in your career.
@ChrisS ...not in my experience
If I could ever GET the board minutes I might find out.
Apparently I can't get them until next month at the earliest.

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