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3:02 AM
Creating another ZFS Frankensystem....
Smart Array P410i in Slot 0 (Embedded)    (sn: 50014380233859A0)

   array A (SAS, Unused Space: 131  MB)

      logicaldrive 1 (72.0 GB, RAID 1+0, OK)
      logicaldrive 2 (220.0 GB, RAID 1+0, OK)
      logicaldrive 3 (400.0 GB, RAID 5, OK)

      physicaldrive 1I:1:1 (port 1I:box 1:bay 1, SAS, 300 GB, OK)
      physicaldrive 1I:1:2 (port 1I:box 1:bay 2, SAS, 300 GB, OK)
      physicaldrive 2I:1:5 (port 2I:box 1:bay 5, SAS, 300 GB, OK)
      physicaldrive 2I:1:6 (port 2I:box 1:bay 6, SAS, 300 GB, OK)
It's aliiiive...
@MichaelHampton Or it will be once the lighting bolt hits it.
3:27 AM
Soooo much tuning.
3:46 AM
Q: Enable FIPS mode in Cisco 2911 router

Hariharan SDear Michael, I wish to know how to enable FIPS mode in Cisco 2911 router with Firmware version 15.1(4)M4? Thanks in advance for the reply.

@MichaelHampton This is what you get for not being snarky to the clueless users. :p
@HopelessN00b Oh, I wasn't snarky enough there?
@MichaelHampton Well, the fact that he seems to have addressed it to you would suggest you don't have a reputation for smacking down the n00bs. If you did, you wouldn't get clueless n00bs addressing dumbass questions at you.
4:03 AM
A: Enable FIPS mode in Cisco 2911 router

HopelessN00bThere's no such thing as FIPS mode. ANYWHERE. FIPS stands for Federal Information Processing Standard, and as with most government standards there's more than one, and they are denoted by numerical codes. Follow the Wikipedia link above to read about what FIPS (140-2) actually is, and once you...

Kindly make sure I'm not misreading his question, and that it really is moronic... and then throw it a downvote, if you don't mind. :)
You misread his question, and your answer is useless. Of course that's because you don't understand the question. :) "FIPS mode" in this context means restricting the device to FIPS-validated crypto algorithms, and preventing it from using any algorithms that aren't FIPS validated.
@MichaelHampton Ah, gotcha. I think I'll leave the answer up, if for no other reason to highlight the fact that there's such fucking thing as "FIPS mode."
"Oh, hai, I can't find how to enable PCI-DSS mode on my networks. Please be helping to fix. Thanks!"
@HopelessN00b Actually there is. Interestingly, that PDF you linked to actually answers his question on how to enable it.
Of course the real answer there is "Call Cisco"...
Hell, my phone has a FIPS mode...
@HopelessN00b - I've seen nothing shot of a fuckton of devices that have a FIPS mdoe
4:13 AM
fight! fight! fight!
and I have in fact, turned that shit on without realizing just how many encryption standards and other bullshit that it forced down my throat
fucking waste of time is what it is :)
@SpacemanSpiff It's a FIPS-compliance mode, not a FIPS mode. I don't think I'm being too pedantic to expect a question of a professional sysadmin to make the distinction.
what the fuck is the difference dude? who gives a shit?
@HopelessN00b Are you sober again?
4:15 AM
You sound like that PCI auditor who once argued with me that 56-bit encryption was worse than no encryption
7 mins ago, by HopelessN00b
"Oh, hai, I can't find how to enable PCI-DSS mode on my networks. Please be helping to fix. Thanks!"
There is no "PCI-DSS mode".
^^That's the difference.^^
@MichaelHampton But you can make a system or network PCI-DSS compliant.
Aha, here's someone who can settle this!
No shit sherlock, who cares?!
Alas, just like with PCI, compliance != security, fucking waste of time.
4:18 AM
@SpacemanSpiff One way you sound like a gibbering 'tard, the other way you sound like you might actually know what you're doing, and might even understand that you're complying with a standard, instead of entering some different operation mode, like enable/exec.
@HopelessN00b Yes, but there is a FIPS mode, because the crypto subsystem has to be placed in a different mode whereby it restricts the algorithms in use.
> I want to down college website(bcz they give me suspension for i week).I planed to send 500s of POST request at a time from different server to "forgot_password" link. so server will use mail() function to send email. Is this a good method. I dont know advanced method to do ddos bcz i am a script kiddie.any suggestion?
There are all kinds...
@MichaelHampton Oh, shit, you're right. The Cisco documentation even calls it FIPS mode. Jackass Cisco engineers. Guess I can't hold it against that poster, then.
@SpacemanSpiff By-the-by, compliance allows for a measurable standard of security. It's really hard to look at a system and say it's secure without defining what standards you're going to measure it by.
@JeffFerland - I've found that compliance is more about accountability, yes, it may force a baseline of security, but it doesn't stop your DBA from writing his password on a notepad and leaving it on his desk.
I seem to remember a gartner paper that for some businesses compliance was more costly than fines.
4:23 AM
@SpacemanSpiff Yeah, well...
@SpacemanSpiff Yes, but is it more costly than responding to breaches and losing stock value?
Oh come on...
@SpacemanSpiff Compliance is mainly about avoiding the penalties you get for non-compliance, actually.
Right, but if you have to pay 25 people and project managers and all sorts of supporting systems and logging and blah blah blah blah
Oh, holy shit, this would be a really fun game:
4:24 AM
Government fines, big hairy deal. Cost of doing business. PCI-DSS? If I fail that, I can't take credit card payments on my online store.
Still... same thing... all about finger pointing and accountability...
not actually being secure :P
@MichaelHampton Actually, I take that back a little. Looks like the routers don't have FIPS mode, but rather a series of config settings to be FIPS-compliant, and it's actually called "FIPS-approved mode."
Follow the setting instructions provided below to place the module in FIPS approved mode. Operating this router without maintaining the following settings will remove the module from the FIPS approved mode of operation.
@HopelessN00b It is, after all, a different mode of operation.
@MichaelHampton Well, it can be a huge deal if you're bidding on government projects, to be fair. The difference between landing a fat contract and being disqualified.
We're all on the same page here, but the tone of the answer suggested it as a "letter of the law" and is hugely misleading when there are a ton of devices that can be placed into "FIPS Mode" as a part of being compliant. There are still other things to be done of course.
4:36 AM
Because it says mumbai on hop 4, and hop 5 is Google's IP address. By the laws of physics, we can deduce that this bit of Google's network is being hosted by (or physically very close to) the ISP. — Michael Hampton 1 min ago
Some people.
@SpacemanSpiff Yeah, that question really pissed me off for some reason... and still rubs me the wrong way, so I guess I did get a little assholey and letter of the law on him.
Well sure, and the OP is on the lazy side, clearly so I can understand that.
Yeah, I don't regret my NARQ at all.
I'm not the only one super annoyed the VBoxManage has storageattach but no storagedetach right??
@ChrisS You might be the only one here who would publicly admit to using VirtualBox.
4:39 AM
@MichaelHampton I've mentioned it before
it can't be any more frustrating than vcloud director's apis ?:)
@ChrisS I'm not in chat 24x7! (Even though it might seem that way to some of you...)
or god forbid, having to use Cisco IOS again after 3 years in JunOS land... sigh... fucking ACLs and their retardedness
Also, FreeBSD doesn't have much in the way of virtualization.... QEmu moved away from KMod a long time ago and KVM still hasn't been ported
@MichaelHampton That was in jest, though I can see where it was rather dry
It took me a solid 5 minutes of forum searching (how I do hate forums now that I'm familiar with SE) to find why the command doesn't exist.
@SpacemanSpiff I dunno. We see plenty of lazy posters. Usually I think "free rep," not "must kill asshole!!!!"
4:46 AM
WTF? show hdds but listvminfo - I want to drag that syntax architect into the street and make an example
@ChrisS Oh yeah, you're using FreeBSD for everything. Which means VirtualBox is about your only option.
@MichaelHampton 2 servers, a workstation, and a handful of routers. Not quite everything, but I can see how it seems that way.
You'll have to pry VMware and KVM out of my cold, dead hands.
I liked QEmu and would love KVM to get ported, but I don't have the time to do it myself... so going to have to live with whatever other people with time produce
Maybe that's why my rep moves so slowly, I have a short threshold for people who display little effort... tend to ignore'em
4:57 AM
@SpacemanSpiff Probably. I'm sure I have at least 4 figures in rep from answers that took me 30 seconds to find via Google.
I don't know who the bright spark is who set up a 5 disk RAID5 array using 7200 RPM SATA drives exposed to ESXi by iSCSI with a single 1GbE NIC but it's in the middle of a rebuild (bleh) - it just took literally 45 minutes to roll back a tiny VM to a previous snapshot
@MarkHenderson I wonder if it's the same guy who configured all our stuff moronically. He sure seems to get around a lot.
@HopelessN00b I'm fairly sure this shit is running on an on-board Intel "RAID" as well
And these VM hosts have E5405 2Ghz processors
2007 FTW!
Just been one of those days
Oh. Well, you definitely win... lose... are in a worse spot, then.
Need to squeeze some bucks out for new hardware - even if it's just a refurb unit from eBay with no warranty. It's gotta be better than these...
5:06 AM
@MarkHenderson Mine too, close anyway. At least I'm budgeted to replace them this summer (again)
@ChrisS I'll give em one thing - they do work. But on this disk array I'm struggling to hit 40MB/sec
I wonder if we could justify the upgrade just based on electricity savings
While it ain't no rocket-ship, 40MB, it could be worse
Unlikely unless electricity is expensive down under
@ChrisS True. I have no idea what it's at during this rebuild but it's gotta be almost kb/sec
@ChrisS Yeah this place is 32c/kwh
Here 1W is roughly $2 per year run continuously
I know I'm up late when I see @Chopper3 first enter the room for the day.
I'm nowhere near smart enough to figure out what the actual power costs are for these servers though
No IPMI or integrated PSUs (and only one of them too)
Dell and HP make it easy, they give you the damn readings. Multiply by 32c and you're done
5:12 AM
@MarkHenderson 32c/KWh???? Holy rip-off, Batman.
@MarkHenderson so are some of the AWS servers.
See anything wrong?
@HopelessN00b Yep. But we have no real source of clean power - no hydro projects, limited and expensive solar/wind, so it's all coal. And the price of coal here has skyrocketed in the last 5 years because China have been buying every rock they can get their hands on, so we the consumer get to be royally fucked for it
5:39 AM
ASCII monitoring graphics == awesome
Three processors!!
2 hours later…
7:51 AM
@ewwhite and a very high wait.. it's a CLOUD feature
Did someone say CLOUD?
@voretaq7 that really is a nice pair of smokin hot tits
8:10 AM
@ChrisS it's really not me being up, it's my ipad or some other bit of kit just renewing the opened browser tab
@Chopper3 How goes ?
@chopper3 hi mate
and hi to your aswell iain
@pauska how's it goig ?
@Iain ok, started the radiation but no effects really, but they want to do it over 5 weeks now not 3 - which pissed me off a bit, had to put off our break a fortnight
@ChrisS Congrats on the 50k
@Chopper3 everyday for 5 weeks or more spread out ?
8:13 AM
@Iain every week day, 25 sessions :(
I can see why you're pissed about it extending two more weeks
@pauska at least my wife's doing the driving (about 45-50 mins each way) - edit, and she managed to wangle a new car out of it!
@Chopper3 does she let you sit in the back seat and yell obscene words at people through the window? LIKE A BOSS?
@pauska No, it's a two-seater, that she drives like a racing driver in - so no real rest, I'm just not up for driving myself yet
8:17 AM
but yeah, I'd imagine it's great to not having to drive back after radiation
@Chopper3 what is it ?
@Iain another slk, her third now in fact - oh and I'm finally getting rid of my volvo (not in small part because a young girl was killed on a road near us by one matching mine, and yes I did have to speak to the coppers but they obviously eliminated me right away but it's put a downer on the car)
SLK is nice, Jayne had an MX5 for which was fun on the one day we had summer
@Iain virtually the same car really, not my cup of tea these days but she likes it
@Iain it's this story btw - big thing down here; bournemouthecho.co.uk/news/crime/jade_clark
@Chopper3 driving while dq et al - throw away the key
8:28 AM
@Iain I've not really kept on top of the story tbh, but presumably they interviewed all the local xc90 drivers before they got to him, either way it's put a bit of a downer on it so I'm selling it, about time tbh, bit too big/expensive anyway
xc60 is nice tho
@pauska yeah, I like all the volvos actually
8:47 AM
How can I use a modem ... - cmon get with the 21st Centuary
@Iain: Use the phone line its on to call the ISP and sign up for proper internet? ;p
@JourneymanGeek It's the opening words of a recent question on the site
@Iain wat
use it as a doorstop?
Q: Telephone number check

Damir OgleznevHow can I use modem on my linux system to check, if some phone number is busy, or not? I mean, I want it to call some number, and if it is busy, return error, and hangup and return OK if it is not. Thanks!

Battlefield 4 - frickin' wow!
8:53 AM
god it's painful to use iLO2 when you're used to iLO4..
@pauska textcons is textcons, that's all I need :)
you install your servers via a serial port?..
and do remote maintenance via a serial modem?
it's cool tho, happy to hear that someone stays back in 1970
@Chopper3 looks so good...but I wish they would have done a frostbyte-powered 2142 sequal. I know 3 was out two years ago but it still feels too "soon" for 4.
@pauska he has loads of faxen why not ?
@tombull89 I'm still putting in >1hr/day on BF3 right now, so I know what you mean, it's going to mean a big upgrade isn't it :)
8:58 AM
I'm kind of surprised that BF4 is arriving so soon
you'd think EA would want to rape their customers some more with "optional" DLC's
Saying that I have got back into Battlefield recently, although I'll have both Tomb Raider and Bioshock Infinite waiting for me when I get home.
@pauska there's been a lot for BF3 though - I can see why they're doing this now, it's not out until November or so, just in time for the next NVidia card to be available and the haswell chips to be out too
@tombull89 Bioshock's AMAZING
@Chopper3 I was playing on a server earier this week, doing CTF which was okay. Then the server swapped to Gun Master which I really enjoyed (came in top 3) and then Air Superority which lasted all of 5 minutes and i SUCKED at.
@pauska no, my servers are kickstarted. I (well, my tools) only use the ilo xmlrpc api for that to get server info. No manual action.
I use the textcons for troubleshooting issues where network and/or ssh are problematic
Mod needed on serverfault.com/questions/491734/… sockpuppet+spam
@DennisKaarsemaker It's gone.
9:10 AM
and it's gone :)
@DennisKaarsemaker I was just dealing with that
Thanks guys. Time for some cycling now :)
@Iain while you're there, kill this guy. He's just asked a question and is likely to answer it himself going on an SO answe serverfault.com/users/165729/carl-venccent
@tombull89 already advised to go to SU and closed.
Haha, his spam on SO got upvoted
9:18 AM
@Dan the op to the question he answers is suspended on SU :P
it's funny how kotaku undress EA/Maxis after every single press release they give out
@pauska I'm hating EA, but SimCity is quite good fun
Yeah, if it worked it'd be great
it's impossible to build a great city
buying sewage/water/power from other cities doesn't work
and you can't fit it all in one (good) city.. all you end up with is a region with identical cities
@pauska Agreed, I was amazed at how quickly I'd filled literally every bit of the map I could
@tombull89 Airsup is a mess, there's no tactics to be used, it's just random - I've never been top 5 in gun master, there's one gun, about the 6th/7th that I really struggle with, there's an achievement I'm missing out on because of that in fact, bloody annoying - I do like the odd achievements, I killed a sniper with a repair tool the other day to get one in fact
10:13 AM
We are beginning our DB maintenance on the #StackExchange network, we'll update again just before our planned outage blip
10:35 AM
@Chopper3 I can't wait to get the MAV and the EOD bot, as well as the mortar. I want the mortar to take out snipers, although the other day I got the same guy, in the same spot, twice in a game with the kinfe. So. Satisfying.
is this new?
10:52 AM
posted on March 27, 2013 by Wesley David

If you want to retrieve a file located at a HTTP URL and you’ve got a *nix variant for an OS, you’ve got some great options. Namely wget and curl. If you’re on a Windows machine, you have some rather frustrating and limited options. Side note: I try to take every platform that I work with at face value and work with its native tools. I do not like using cygwin on Windows mach

11:02 AM
Congratulations - you've answered a 2.5 year question with one of the worst, least decipherable answers I've seen on ServerFault. It doesn't answer the question in the slightest or add anything useful whatsoever. — Dan 40 secs ago
I'm being too mean, aren't I?
a bit
the downvotes from us should be enough
and perhaps "This does not answer the question" in a more politely manner :)
I felt guilty and changed it
Damnit, why does everyone want Adobe Creative Suite
@Dan Because it's EXPENSIVE. And EXPENSIVE measn GOOD...right?
11:20 AM
@Chopper3 feeling better then?
11:30 AM
12:39 PM
@pauska Will be overturned shortly
The supreme court already ruled on this like 20+ years ago
That shit pisses me off
That's the thing, States can pass crazy laws individually but they'll get slapped down pretty quickly.
I doubt it even makes it to the supreme court
Sometimes, I'm glad I'm in MA
Basically the anti-abortion groups put three bills out at the same time, knowing they'd likely get struck down, hoping that one sticks
12:51 PM
Got my first after hours call, at 3:30AM
I'm first on call till June
Because a tape wouldn't eject. I fucking hate tapes.

Jeez, talk about over engineering
@Dan why do you say?
blah, my school is really sucking :/
Oh fucking fantastic
USN rollback on one of our DCs
@ewwhite Well, I don't think securing your resources based on subnet is a great way to go, and I dont' understand why it needs to sit directly on all 3 networks
1:05 PM
one module will not be offered in either the next term, or the term after. They are saying they will try to push it up one term. The other module is only offered the term after next
so my graduation might be pushed back up to 8 months
So, I'm having a word with my parents then getting back in touch with that recruiter
@JourneymanGeek ugh that's some huge suckage
I do fucking want that degree, but I am not putting my life totally on hold for it.
@JourneymanGeek how old are you again?
My mind is going in my old age...
@JourneymanGeek oh you're older than me lol
1:08 PM
@JourneymanGeek Just kill yourself for a couple years... 's what I'm doing
@ChrisS: At my age? and no official job experience?
yeah, sounds like I'd wanna
@ChrisS how old are you?
@JourneymanGeek I'm older than you.
@Cole 31
XD age matters little
especially if you took the scenic route
I feel young
Thanks guys
1:11 PM
@ChrisS: I've been stuck in school for years tho
@Cole 23 here :P and Jacob's 18...ish?
@tombull89 hush you
Jacob's got a head start tho
I've had such a rocky road to being an IT guy, I probably should have gotten 5-6 years under my belt by now if I had not had all this shit happening
Then again, I wouldn't have such a wierd set of skills if I had
Yeah he has a huge headstart
I didn't even get into computers really until I was 18-19 - went to school when I was 20.
1:14 PM
I have 5+ years now.
I've always been into computers
Got my first IT job 9 months into school
I was an athlete lol
just started off as a user, then started mucking with hardware, then started using linux cause of a friend...
I really think the next thing I'd like to learn is working on proper server stuff
but that's not something that I can right now ;p
I hate computers.
1:17 PM
@mossy yup
@mossy: Computers are fine. People on the other hand... ;p
Computers are very simple. As long as they don't catch fire, or stop working, you can relax.
People stop working a lot, but thats normal
sometimes they catch fire.
@JourneymanGeek because I set them on fire
naw, spontaniously
setting people on fire is impolite
@JourneymanGeek aww :(
I'm such a child
user image
1:22 PM
@TheCleaner LOL
Girl I'm seeing finally calmed the fuck down
Still have not responded the email from my boss about that project, either
@Basil !!!!!
@Cole !!!!!
@Basil get's a !, @Cole gets a !, everyone gets a !!!!!!!!!!!.
1:28 PM
@tombull89 !!!
I laughed way too hard at that, btw
Hey @ewwhite, I got a ping in my notifications I never saw until today about vmax versus vnx?
@Cole Oprah's "BEEEESSSS" gif is one of my favourites.
@tombull89 YES
@Iain One upped
@ChrisS Braggart.
1:31 PM
I really want a Herman Miller chair for at home - but I'm not spending $1000+
Or whatever the fuck it costs
@Cole: wait for the next dot com bust, and pick one up cheap ;p
@JourneymanGeek keep checking Craigslist
@Basil I prefer "braggadocio"
I need a new desk too
Ikea trip soon
@Cole You can get new ones for $500-800 - Used go on Craigslist for $200-400 around here.
1:35 PM
That's a C though
I'm a small guy :/
Its easier to get shoes
its a PITA finding 12EEs here!
@JourneymanGeek my feet are 8.5-9.
that's fairly normal sized
Yeah, but I'm 5'2 1/2
big hands too
Noticed this morning however, my goatee is finally starting to connect to my soul patch area.
@Basil Wellll.... yes. We don't have any storage experts.
1:48 PM
Microsoft is doing the second shot offer if anyone is looking to take a MS cert exam: microsoft.com/learning/en/us/second-shot.aspx#fbid=xb3tS6tqIAQ
@ewwhite What was your question about? Essentially, the VNX is a midrange box with no mainframe connectivity, decent scalability, but never more than two controllers. The VMAX is a massive mainframe compatable plex with a scalable number of "controllers" in a mesh with true shared cache that can scale productively way past anything in the mid-range world.
Like when you add the last disk that a VNX will support, the theoretical underlying disk benchmarks or performance you'd get from that disk will be less than one you added somewhere in the middle. The VMAX keeps scaling as you add hardware, so long as you keep the ratio of processors and cache the same
@Basil Client is on VNX 5300. We now have some reporting that shows how much we're misusing it.
@ewwhite I have several of those... they're a hell of a lot cheaper than the smallest VMAX you can buy.
@Cole What's the big deal with those chairs, by the way?
1:51 PM
@ewwhite What's the problem?
@HopelessN00b they're awesome. I do have one now at work, my back never aches from sitting in it or my butt
@Basil it's always over 100% utilization
(from the storage processor perspective)
@ewwhite That means they're driving the hardware. I approve of getting your money's worth, but it can mean performance issues.
Boss asked if I read his email about that project he wants me to take over -erggg
@Basil We have 10 of these... 5500's and 5300's... and no tuning have ever been done. We're using some software loaned to use by EMC to analyze... prior to which, we had no insight into what the SAN was doing.
1:55 PM
"A weak event was created and it lives on the wrong object, there is a very high chance this will fail, please review and make changes on your code to prevent the issue at MS.Internal.FailoverClusters.Framework...." wth..!
@Basil so I don't know if this is bad, really bad, or time to upgrade.
@ColdT C'mon, that's fairly obvious. Clearly an event was created, but it's living on the wrong object. You should fix that
@Dan I'd like you to predict which event that is and which object its referring to! lol
@ColdT [Insert mom joke]

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