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6:00 PM
@Basil less and less as we're moving to FCoE, and no new ones for say 2-3 years but we have lots of our existing FC switches using ISL yes
@Chopper3 I have a meeting, but I'll be back :) Thanks for sharing!
@Basil I need to cook, back later ok, if you want a chat you know my email right
@HopelessN00b - nice response!
@ChrisS I think better filtering based on tags could really help things out. Right now tag filtering just dims or highlights things. I'd like to see the stream of content change dramatically based on tags. You could distribute "packs" of tags to change the personality of the questions that you see. So ServerFault could cater to the netadmin, DBA, and security crowd in a much more focused way.

Then again, that might be confusing to newcomers. Also tags would have to be very carefully appropriated, which we all know never happens.
Q: Unable to receive email to my internal server from the outside network (I can send email)

Steve0879Here is my firewall config. Is it a firewall setting or rule that's causing this problem? ASA Version 9.1(1) ! hostname ciscoasa enable password kdkfdjdjflkadjdsfj xlate per-session deny tcp any4 any4 xlate per-session deny tcp any4 any6 xlate per-session deny tcp any6 any4 xlate per-session den...

6:10 PM
@ChrisS Bummer :(
Say... do any of you VMWare peeps have any insight into how to estimate expected CPU contention? Or that something where you need to do a benchmark to find out?
I'm not a Cisco person, but isn't what I said logical?
expected CPU contention? You want a host/farm sizing tool?
@JoelESalas Brace yourself. Today is another whey heavy day.
@TheCleaner It's mostly true too. Not the OCD bit, but the using 75TB of data a month to make his bandwidth costs sky-high.
yeah...I think the guy is hoping Amazon will come to his rescue to provide some great Dropbox style solution in the backend without him paying for his own infrastructure.
6:13 PM
@TheCleaner No, I'm trying to figure out what kind of CPU contention I can expect to see on this <sigh> 10 core VM I've been asked to stand up on our existing farm. Hoping there was a way to make an educated guess about it before going through the work of standing it up to find out it's unusable due to CPU contention.
@TheCleaner ...but cloud.
@HopelessN00b I have a tool that could help
@WesleyDavid You know, if you go to your prefs, you can "hide ignored tags" to not see posts with that tag...
Don't trust @ewwhite! Who knows where his tool has been.
@WesleyDavid Since I don't see any other offers, I'll have to trust ewwhite and his tool.
6:15 PM
@WesleyDavid It's definitely been near a bicycle saddle. You should buy a bicycle or two yourself...
I think @ewwhite last used his tool at Brazzers.
@ewwhite Please, do go on.
@HopelessN00b 10 core VM?? Somebody hates you.
@WesleyDavid Better company than my tool's used to.
@freiheit I can putter around on a 25 year old Fuji -- does that count?
6:16 PM
@HopelessN00b This is ESXi.... right?
@freiheit Yeah, someone does hate me. It's God.
The front tire is so bare the sidewall threads are sticking out though.
@ewwhite Yup, ESXi 5.1
@TheCleaner Nope, he's got the right config on that line at least.
@WesleyDavid Well, sure, that counts, but the correct number of bicycles to have is more than you currently have, so you need to get a another one...
6:17 PM
@freiheit The correct number of bicycles to own is buttocks+1?
@WesleyDavid If you can see threads in a tire, it's due for replacement
And okay, I don't own it. I borrow it. Fine, be that way.
@WesleyDavid N+1, where N is how many bicycles you currently have
I just took the mudguards off my bike and fitted new tyres to my summer wheels
@ChrisS - thanks
6:18 PM
@freiheit So apparently bicycle ownership / satisfaction ratios are exactly like sysadmin / server ratios. =/
next week we'll be starting the Tuesday and Thursday evening rides before sunset (just)
@WesleyDavid N+1 where N == current number of bikes
@TheCleaner -Someone can post a better answer to that question but I put 90 seconds into it already. =]
@WesleyDavid Except bicycles last longer than you do. Servers get retired after 3-7 years and are never seen again.
@HopelessN00b do you have a vCenter attached?
@ewwhite Of course!
6:21 PM
vCops is a good package to help you analyze.
but why do you need a 10-core VM?
@ewwhite Bitcoins?
@freiheit 7 year old servers get retired and are never seen again, unless you look in @Jacob's closet-turned-hosting-business.
5 mins ago, by HopelessN00b
@freiheit Yeah, someone does hate me. It's God.
@ChrisS - then it looks as though his object is using an external IP and not the internal IP assignment to NAT through to
@Chopper3 I don't, actually...
6:22 PM
gah...Cisco...I have to learn you again
@ScottPack even then, i hate seeing people size VMs the way they would for physical servers.
@HopelessN00b So God told you to make a 10 core VM? Goddamn God!!!
@ScottPack Bit coin mining is all GPU these days. Hasn't been viable to mine with CPUs for many years now.
@HopelessN00b Whatever. You kids these days.
6:22 PM
Oh and @HopelessN00b - I'm not sure esxtop or other tools will help you with planning...you'd have to have them online to get stats.
@HopelessN00b Can you possibly turn on the dynamically add CPUs and memory options, give it 2 cores and promise to add cores on the fly if it turns out to need more?
@freiheit No, our numbnuts application team, who got it from our numbnuts vendor, who probably pulled the number out of their ass.
@HopelessN00b Because a 12-core physical system with 24GB of RAM doesn't cost enough more than a 4-core one with 1GB of RAM to bother buying the one that's just barely enough for the app...
@freiheit I don't know how to make that sounds like me, though. I'm thinking more like "this is a retarded spec, here's the data for why it won't work, go get me something useable."
6:25 PM
> What are VMs? I don't understand? More than one server on a server? I'm so confused
@freiheit Yeah. Well, it's for Kronos, so I wouldn't be surprised if they actually said that.
@HopelessN00b Is it even a multi-process or multi-threaded app capable of using 9 cores?
@freiheit Well, I think 6 of the cores are for a SQL database, so only 4 are for the application. Still, I'd be surprised if the app is capable of using 4 cores.
<--- first Mt. Dew in almost a year...wow that tasted great.
@TheCleaner Ugh, I'd rather drink crab juice.
6:35 PM
@TheCleaner Why the yearlong abstinence?
@Basil crab juice sounds good, assuming it's fresh...
@Basil - i figured I'd get "that stuff is nasty" etc...but I used to drink it quite a bit and gave it up on purpose, sort of a personal quest to rid myself of sugary drinks. But I allowed myself one today for the heck of it.
I wouldn't do a 10-core vm
@TheCleaner There's not that much sugar in crab juice. I personally use splenda instead.
@TheCleaner Could be worse. Could be Red Bull.
6:37 PM
I'm in shape, do Crossfit daily at lunch, but still wanted to try and help my diet out. But today I was toast after "Deck of Cards" and wanted something to keep me awake this afternoon.
I can't remember the last time I had a Mt.Dew other than from my in-laws. They stock it in their fridge just for my wife and I.... even though we don't normally ever drink it anywhere else.
I don't know what gives you more energy. Red Bull's ingredients, or the acrid taste of drinking liquid terrorist-ballsack-death.
The flavor combo though is odd...Mt. Dew + Blue Diamond Wasabi and soy almonds
@WesleyDavid what am I supposed to know now?
@WesleyDavid @Zypher's busy, and I don't like ugly people so have a ZOT on the house.
@WesleyDavid What am I supposed to be knowing now?
@voretaq7 Cloud.
Still I didn't get my answer. May be it's my fault, not the fault of serverfault :). Here I met some knowledge man like voretaq7. It's ok. I'm gonna find via another way. — user166647 3 hours ago
@voretaq7 Hey, maybe I happen to LIKE lifting three times my bodyweight using exercises that vaguely resemble powerlifting and using posture that imitates an osteoporosis patient with scoliosis.
@WesleyDavid ZOMG! Can't.... Resist.... Reverse... Psychology.... Must... Answer....
@ChrisS =D
@WesleyDavid Why isn't that oneboxed?
6:47 PM
@ScottPack Because @voretaq7 is an evil fascist kitten stomper.
@ScottPack [Ugly people swinging on bars](http://....)
@WesleyDavid True statement.
@ScottPack Pictures only onebox if you past only the URL (and optionally a ":####" reply reference). Anything else and it doesn't onebox
I don't stomp.
I spray with bleach.
@WesleyDavid They sorta look like a messed up engine
6:50 PM
@ChrisS That is also a true statement. I was also not asking a technical question.
@ScottPack because animated oneboxes kill puppies (and sometimes kittens)
So the corollary joke to the Lesbian U-haul one is:

Q: What does a gay man bring on a second date?
A: What's a second date?

Confirm or deny @voretaq7, @TomOConnor, et al?
Although being straight these days doesn't help that much in spite of broadening the dating pool a bit. -.-
It seems that being bisexual is quite the advantage for combatting loneliness. My few acquaintances that identify as pansexual... I would define their existence as 'chaotic neutral' at best. =)
And where's @Cole anyway?
@ScottPack Sorry, dainbread this week
7:06 PM
Haha, a "feature". That's cute. — Basil 8 secs ago
RHEL DOESN'T INTRODUCE INCOMPATIBLE CHANGES, EH??? joejulian.name/blog/glusterfs-bit-by-ext4-structure-change
That stuff again ?
@MikeyB happens sometimes
@Hennes @WesleyDavid asked what a gay man brings on a second date.
7:12 PM
@Hennes We like our lube in The Comms Room.
And the boy scouts taught me to always be prepared.
so that, and a shipping pallet of condoms.
7:24 PM
How do you fit a few ladies into that tub to see a wresting match?
@ewwhite Well, looks like I have to. Probably just long enough to have it fall on its face and implode from CPU contention.
@ChrisS And here I thought it was your northern humorless nature.
@ScottPack I have a sense of humor, I keep it locked in my safe at home.
7:54 PM
@HopelessN00b for reals? why do they need 10 cores?
@ChrisS Right next to your old girlfriends and that drifter?
Either their app is that shitty (and it's Kronos, so that's a possibility), their support personnel are that incompetent (and it's Kronos so, that's a possibility), or our application team is that lame-brained (and it's us, so that's a possibility).

Told 'em to ask again and specify virtual server specs. When that comes back unchanged, I think the best course of action will be to stand it up anyway, show off how crappy performance is, and then rebuild it into two separate servers with 1 or 2 cores each.
@WesleyDavid you rang
@WesleyDavid pansexual? What's that?
@KennyRasschaert gender and/or parts are irrelevant
Liking people for who they are, not their parts :)
8:03 PM
@KennyRasschaert The suffix "pan" means "all." So, someone who will sekz anyone/anything.
hmm, sounds like it takes away a lot of complexity
@HopelessN00b Bushes, goats, barrels of lube
Sure does, my lady friend is "pansexual"
@JoelESalas Sexy looking holes in bushes, cars with the gas cap off, pipes of all sorts...
@Cole placing it in quotes only makes it more ambiguous, somehow
8:05 PM
@Cole Everyone's pansexual, there's no such biological thing as sexes/genders
@JoelESalas We're all just meat looking to bump into other meat with specific meatparts!
I just like boobs
Everyone's genitals look weird.
Stop saying things I want to star!
@KennyRasschaert Stop starring things I want to say!
@Cole Speak for yourself. My genitals do not look weird.
8:07 PM
@HopelessN00b maybe to you.
I know mine do
@HopelessN00b Pics or it didn't happen?
@voretaq7 You won't even send up pics of your lizard or you making muscles poses. You're one to talk, teaser.
@WesleyDavid I don't do "muscle poses"
@HopelessN00b Some cultures don't participate in foreskin mutilation, so it's pretty much always going to look weird to somebody.
@voretaq7 When I get home. They told me if I whip my penis out at work one more time, they're gonna call the cops on me. And one more conviction qualifies me as a serial sex offender, so I can't have that happening.
8:09 PM
I'm not that gay.
@HopelessN00b Nominee, Best quote starred out of context, 2013
@voretaq7 I don't think that was out of context at all. <_<
@Tanner Actually, speaking of that... well, nevermind, wait for the picture.
@Cole Nominee, Best quote starred out of context, 2013
@WesleyDavid wait until this conversation is gone but that's still on the star wall :-)
This entire conversation is far stranger when it's in context...
@Tanner Western Europe calling in!
8:10 PM
@voretaq7 which one?
Oh genitals
I like how as soon as there's a convo in here about genitals, people are like - Where's Cole?
@Cole Oh genitals, what am I going to do with you?
@KennyRasschaert silly genitals
@Cole Buy a cat. Name it Genitals.
Cya guys, gonna play a game of Dominion with my SO
Someone's user name is: twatsa
8:13 PM
And then there was this one time at bandcamp
and mix myself a third pina colada
@Cole What the hell were you just searching...
@WesleyDavid that should probably be my username - twat sys admin
@WesleyDavid I shoved a pussy up a flute. (How you ask? Well first we hat do do a "Will It Blend?" episode with the cat, and then the camp cafeteria lady started yelling....)
@voretaq7 And then I shoved a lunch lady up a flute? How you asks? Well first we had to do another "Will it Blend?" episode...
8:15 PM
I am now up to three phone screens this week
ok I gotta jet
Later d00ds
every time i come in here you guys are talkin about dicks
@mossy Hush. This chat is entirely work related!
@Tanner Yes, we're all secretly posing as sysadmins to cover our real gigs as escorts.
Because nothing prepares you to be a slut like clearing ITIL tickets.
@mossy This is IT, isn't everyone gay?
There's a girl I work with that is starting to become... distracting.
8:27 PM
@mossy Girl? In IT? WAT.
I can see the future.. and i see.... HR.
I love VMWare's idea of a bugfix - I'm having trouble installing multi-site SSO, and SSO 5.1 keeps crashing during the installer. In their release notes, they state that this specific crash is "fixed" in 5.1b. So I download and use 5.1b. Their idea of a "fix" is instead of unwieldy unhanded exceptions, you get a slightly informative message and a stack dump. Grrrr.
@MarkHenderson SSO - ugh
@HopelessN00b I have many Kronos systems.
1 or 2 vCPU
@Tanner It sure is! I work for dicks, after all.
@ewwhite Thanks, that's what I figured it should be. But someone above me is on a big kick about getting best practices and vendor recommendations... which we promptly discard about half the time, so, well, paperwork. Get the spec, follow the spec, find out they decided to throw out the spec, go back to the drawing board. Repeat.
@HopelessN00b Why would timeclock software need 10-cores... but I guess I don't understand your setup.
8:35 PM
@ewwhite Because the product recommendation sheet they sent us said so.
@HopelessN00b Just ask for clarification.
(This was that one I was in here a while ago bitching about because they had an obvious errata saying the specs were for client systems, when they were really for the server system(s).)
@ewwhite Yup. This will be the third time I've asked for clarification/politely told them they're giving me the wrong spec.
Freaking worthless tech support.
Speaking of worthless tech support....
@ewwhite Tell me about it. This particular cluster started out on ESXi 3.5, then to 4.1 then to 5.0. I'm getting used to the web interface (still not a huge fan yet), but sso, my god what a waste of infrastructure for a small deployment
@MarkHenderson I'm still working between THREE interfaces for my clusters... vCloud, Web and old-school vsphere client.
8:40 PM
There's this "Class Climate" (scantron) software that we're rolling out (replacing the in-class scantron "how much did you hate that teacher?" forms with an online thing). Turns out, for the moodle integration, they have to do the install themselves via some WebEx remoted in thing, and can't just give us a zip file.
Moodle plugins consist of unzipping something and sticking it in the right directory.
Also, our actual production moodle setup consists of 4 moodle frontend servers (and 2 DB backend servers)
@freiheit Perhaps it has a really obscure/stupid configuration phase.
I manage it all by building RPMs for the software itself and puppetizing everything else
@ewwhite And I know how you feel about vCloud
@freiheit . . . Whut/
@Zoredache Typically moodle plugins do have a little web-based config under the admin screen that writes stuff into the mdl_config and/or mdl_config_plugin DB tables
8:43 PM
@freiheit My assumption is their software is such horrible shit that it has to be customized for each workstation's GUID, and they don't want you to see the guy open notepad.exe and enter the magic smoke into a text file in c:\
Based on the windows-heavy docs (where they show windows file manager screenshots), I fully expect to set up the WebEx session thingy, give the tech a root shell on my dev Linux server and be met with deep confusion and/or shocked silence
@freiheit Does WebEx work on Linux? I almost never use Webex.
@voretaq7 That sounds about right, with the added complication that I'm running moodle on Linux (it's PHP so it can go either way) so I'll somehow end up with a file named c:\\scantron\\config.ini somewhere...
@MarkHenderson it's pretty bad
@Zoredache I was planning on doing the WebEx from a Mac workstation...
8:46 PM
@voretaq7 Either that or they charge for the service and want to hold onto that revenue stream, rather than have anyone with a pulse do it and not pay them.
I mean, it's not like we have any GUI stuff on the servers themselves...
@freiheit That's going to be awesome.
@Zoredache Apparently there is Linux support, so maybe I could do that...
VOTE PROPOSED - @HopelessN00b name change to SurlyNoob
(there's even Solaris, HP-UX and AIX WebEx support. awesome)
8:49 PM
I'm trying to install Bind 9.9 on Windows Server 2008 There's your problem. — HopelessN00b 14 mins ago
@freiheit Ah, I had assumed you were running Linux on your desktop.
@Zoredache I actually have a Linux desktop and an OSX laptop with tunneled synergy to share the keyboard/mouse from the linux desktop to the Mac...
@TheCleaner Yeah. I'm a crotchety old man in young...er man skin.
@HopelessN00b You're wearing a robe made of foreskins?
I love it though...keeps the spice here on SF. Everyone is so serious in the Q/A area.
8:52 PM
To be fair, though, I have seen a lot of exactly that where one of our vendors charges $4500 to set up their little app server that's all Windows wizards and a few config lines in Notepad. The only reason they don't tell us how is because they'd lose out on tens of thousands of dollars a year for what takes no effort.
@TheCleaner . . . you know mods do have the power to change names :-)
@TheCleaner Well, also... come on... you're trying to install BIND on Windows? How is that possibly a remotely good idea? "Hey, I'm trying to install SCCM 2012 on Gentoo, and it won't start!" :/
@freiheit install an obscure Windows Manager to really freak them out.
@Zoredache I was hoping to give them a shell, and nothing else.
@HopelessN00b You going to replace Old Man Gardeniers or something?
8:55 PM
[[email protected] /var/www/moodleB] # _
Oh, can you customize the shell at all? Maybe make it display the below when it opens up?

Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7601]
Copyright (c) 2009 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
@freiheit - long ago, in an IT land far far away...we used to change the Win95/98 registry to change the shell from Explorer to FileManager. Reboot and the user's computer looked like Win 3.11. Even IT folks would get pissed trying to navigate to fix it.
@Tanner Not what I'm shooting for, but it's starting to look that way, innit?
@HopelessN00b emerge install microsoft-sccm-2012 fails? Here, let me see your keyboard…
@TheCleaner Windows 95 still included progman.exe. Why didn't you set it to the program manager?
9:02 PM
@TheCleaner I have the feeling that they're expecting Windows Explorer and will be vastly more confused by a unix shell than any possible variation on a GUI file browser...
@Zoredache It did too, man that takes me back. My old man used progman in '95
@MikeyB Oh, I see the problem, my caps lock was on. I'll turn it off and run that command again.
Q: I need to be able to "sniff" wich IP used the bandwidth

menardmamIn a company of 15 computers, mac and PC, one or more computer take all the "web" juice. So then, no one can access there web pages and do simples thing like browse and email. So i need a managed switch to be able to get DATA on each port and know who take all the bandwidth of the 30MB/s modem li...

^ wat?
@RobM I luuuuurv web juice!!
awww she's married.
9:08 PM
@ewwhite who doesn't?
@RobM BANG. Headshot.
@ewwhite J00S!
@RobM "I need to monitor tha bandwidths, please to halp me decide what to buy for doing this easy."
in a company of 15 users with a managed switch it shouldn't exactly be hard to see which port is caning the arse off its connection to the web juice router
in a company with 15 users it's going to be one jerk torrenting or with the entire A to Z of computer viruses installed
9:11 PM
@Zoredache - sorry...meant progman I guess...been that long...
but yeah...that's the right interface...progman
@RobM Really, in a 15-user company, if you can't figure that out without a managed switch or the like, you're doing something very wrong.
yeah. I can't imagine being a sysadmin in that envionment. What would you do all day
@RobM I'd just unplug the one with the most blinkenlight activity
@RobM video games and porn?
9:13 PM
no I'm alright for both thanks @freheit but back to the topic on hand
Anyone here got interns? How's the quality of your average intern these days?
@voretaq7 We do. and one is fucking weird.
hold on let me find the skype message.
On 3/20/13, at 12:03 PM, *Intern* wrote:
> If the aliens try to probe you, don't fight it. It's much more painless if you just let it happen ... you barely even notice it.
It was as weird, and random as you can imagine.
@mossy it was meant for someone else
@mossy Would I be able to pawn off "Standardize software packages on office workstations" on an intern?
or am I hoping for too much?
9:20 PM
you could pawn that off on me.
@mossy do you really want to work for a tiny company in the medical industry? Michigan might be preferable to our madness...
(really, I stay here for the money, the flex time, and the occasional "Wow this is really interesting" research moments)
Muskegon is terrible. Most of the women are obese, and the Interns try and probe you.
Chris knows.
@RobM In my experience you spend all most of your 12 hour day applying yet another bandaid to a bunch of legacy systems running on Windows NT 3.5/Windows 95, trying to squeeze any extra bit of performance you can out of your 8 year old servers (with P4 inside!), telling some idiot how to send an email for the 18th time that week, and resisting the urge to make it feel better with a big pile of heroin.
9:22 PM
Can't stand interns...ask them to do something even remotely easy..."sure"....walk away and come back an hour later and they are on social media or youtube. Ask why and the response is usually "I wasn't really sure what you needed done...can you explain it again."
Muskegon is terrible, as is most of the west coast there
@HopelessN00b fair enough...
@voretaq7 - what part of the med industry are you in? I just started with a MDM startup.
@TheCleaner medical devices - the shitty end of the stick :P
(actually it's not so bad - the FDA and ISO-13485 stuff gives me leverage to force good working practices)
same here... :) working on part 11 compliance soon...just got 510k approvals done...getting ready to start shipping product
9:28 PM
Alright. you guys take care. I'm goin home
Can you write the way it should be with the additional server block :)? — Blackhawk1xx 7 mins ago
Just not worth it.
another 'do my work for me' type huh.
@MichaelHampton He seems to be begging for you to tell him your contracting rate and T&C.
9:43 PM
posted on March 27, 2013 by SysAdmin1138

This is inspired from last night's LOPSA DC meeting. The topic was IPv6 and we had a round-table. One of the big questions brought up was, "What's making me go IPv6?" The stock answer to that is, "IPv4 addresses are...

I know we just saw this question earlier today... why can't I see it? (Even in tools -> deleted posts)
Q: "No network adapters were detected" error EXSI 5.1 installation in Acer APE961

krishna puliparthiI am receiving the "No network adapters were detected" error when installing the VMware ESXI 5.1 in Linux Acer server (Model APE961). Processor :- AMD Athlon(tm) Processor LE-1640 Model APE961 Can anyone please help me to resolve this problem? BR// Krishna

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