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4:00 PM
Q: ESXi5 - 12 Network Interfaces in Windows Guest

D3l_GatoI am building a CCIE lab where I will use GNS3 to map virtual router interfaces to physical NIC interfaces which connect to physical switches. I want to build this in an ESXi5 Guest running Win 7. My ESXi5 host has 3x Sun X1034A cards which I had to write custom drivers for to get working with ES...

@Dan saw that
@Cole Oh going contract will bust something, that's for sure ಠ_ಠ
@WesleyDavid well, it'll be a $20K raise
not counting OT
My current benefits suck anyways lol
Cigna, ew.
@Cole Do you currently have healthcare, 401k match, life/dental/vision insurance, etc?
And would any of that be covered at $newjob?
@MDMarra contract would be medical/dental
I do have 401K with 5% match which I am contributing the full 5% however, looking at my debt - it's smarter for me to take that money and apply it to revolving debt.
4:03 PM
@Dan Does anyone know if 10 is a limit published somewhere?
The BestDoctors gig? Really good healthcare,401K,etc
However, I'll have to take the train to South Station erryday
I'm not sure how "off-topic" that is, though it does seem like "RTFM" response worthy
@Cole Depends. Does your 401k perform better than your interest rate on the debt?
I mean, the commuter rail is right down the street from me.
@MDMarra my debt would make you throw up
If not, the better long-term goal is the 401k while throwing everything extra at the debt
4:03 PM
For vSphere 5:
Gargh, hang on
@Cole So, my 403B was like +17% with some pretty conservative investments over 2012
Proper link
@MDMarra most of my CC's have 20%-23% APRs
Unless you have like a shitload of CC debt, a 401K with the bulk in equities should outperform standard loan rates like car/student/etc
oh, well yah. If a lot is on CC then that's the smart play
Pay that shit off and never carry a balance
It's not a shitload of CC
4:05 PM
@Dan Seems to suggest that the limit isn't 10....
about $7K - which can easily be paid down if I go balls to the wall in 3-4months
@ChrisS Virtual NICs per virtual machine 10
I had to finance about $3500 of my boobvoyage, but currently it's 0% APR
Only reason I did it that way.
And honestly, I didn't really care I just needed to do it.
4:06 PM
@Dan Stupid footnotes... I took that as 10^7
I'd always max 401k regardless of debt though as long as you can pay the minimums and throw extra on top of the high % CCs
Because I couldn't take it anymore, I would have ended up out on disability for severe depression most likely.
@ChrisS That'd be a lot of NICs
@MDMarra I'm struggling pretty bad right now, so that's the problem.
Not only are the gains 10-20% on equities in this market, but it's free money from the employer
4:06 PM
Paycheck to paycheck
yeah that's tough then
Wasn't like that at $oldjob
You make too much for that! What are you spending your dough on?! :)
but then again, blew all the extra money on my ex
You only had one sex change surgery!
4:07 PM
@MDMarra I'm trying to figure out that now.
I'm like fucking hell
@Dan Yeah, wasn't thinking.... Not enough sleep, hungry, and too many things on my mind
@ChrisS Rep theif!
Well, I figured it out the other day, eating out for every deal of the day x 7
yep that's that
So let's say $30/day = $240 a week in just food
4:08 PM
@Dan You post it.
@Cole Dude, coldcuts.
I'm going to lunch!
That's not counting going out with the lady friend
@ChrisS Nah, I wouldn't have bothered to look if you hadn't asked
@Cole Coldcuts!
4:08 PM
@Cole You're eating out every day and only spending $30? You sure about that?
@Tanner fast food dude
@Tanner per day
Also, hasn't done anything for my waist line :/ That 30lbs I lost? Yeah gained like 20 of it back
This week though, I've cooked dinner and packed a lunch
It's easy to spend over $30 a day if you're eating out for all your meals... Or maybe I just eat a lot >_>
Can somebody merge those two questions?
4:09 PM
Do mint.com. Link it to your phone and all credit cards and bank accounts. It will shame you into staying on budget :)
4 days without soda and fast food? = 5lbs lost
@Tanner Yeah, a single meal / drink at a halfway decent, Olive Garden tier restaurant would be $15 a pop with tip easily.
I'd ideally like to cut out my coffee habit as well, even though its like $2 for a 16oz coffee at work...it's not helping me sleep, either
@Cole Drinking your calories is the worst thing ever.
@WesleyDavid yeah and beer, so much beer.
4:10 PM
@Cole I can't stop drinking caffeine - or I won't be able to sleep from the massive week long headache I know I'll stir up. =|
At least I'm realizing I have a problem and doing something about it
not just whining that I have no money lol
@WesleyDavid yeah it'll trigger a migraine for me
Seriously, start using Mint. It's really good at putting things in perspective.
@Cole Yeah, keep track and you'll figure it out.
@Tanner def need to
Once I get over the 1 week hump of not eating fast food or drinking soda, I'm good. Last time I didn't touch either for 8 months. Surgery fucked me all up
I'm eating my packed lunch now, actually
4:12 PM
@MDMarra packed my lunch PB&J and pretzels
Water from the water thingy
ham+cheese, cream cheese and chive cracker pack, bottle or water, and a bag of rolos
@MDMarra Brownbagging it?
Lunch of champions!
roloooooooos Do you share? =P
Had peanut butter, jelly was $1 and $1 for a loaf of bread
4:12 PM
@WesleyDavid Green insulated bag!
$2 for over a weeks worth of lunches
@WesleyDavid Dude, the grocery store near me had the "mini packs" with like 20 mini rolos in it for .50 each in the discount section
I bought the whole box =x
mmm rolos
I have a question though
@MDMarra I would paypal you to buy me a box. =)
4:13 PM
how do I deal with trying to date while on a strict budget?
I got them all
@Cole set a dating budget :P
@Cole Date to impress people with yourself, not your bankroll?
@Cole make a resturaunt and entertainment section of the budget
Makes sense
4:14 PM
deduct date spending from the appropriate category
Most adult females will understand that you're trying to be responsible, and as long as you're not taking them to the park to sift through dumpsters for dinner, you'll be fine.
so be frugal with it at the beginning on the month if you have no dates lined up incase you get one later
Thing that sucks: girl doesn't have a job atm or car.
@Cole Stop dating those.
You guys have to realize, my dating pool is SUPER small
It comes with so much disclosure
4:15 PM
Yes, you cut out a portion of the population, but the ones that want to be impressed, will leave you for someone that impresses them more. And by "impresses" I mean "buying them expensive trinkets in exchange for blow jobs"
"So hey I'm Cole, and I used to be a girl is that cool? No? Okay."
could you post the exact verbiage from the pdf? I see Max Virtual Nics as 10^7, — D3l_Gato 2 mins ago
However, she just passed her dental assisting certification and it looks like the place she's doing her extern at is going to offer her a job
like ASAP
So......there's that.
@Cole Little miss jealous?
You still cool with her?
4:16 PM
@ewwhite Yeah, that's how I'd read that as well. :)
@WesleyDavid I told her to slow her fucking roll
@WesleyDavid I was like "Look, I think you're still in this lesbian mindset, I don't U-Haul. If that's what you want, you can go U-Haul your ass outta here."
@Cole tee hee
I'm a dude, and you're freaking me the fuck out.
Ain't nobody got time for that.
I've taken her out to dinner twice, in 1+ months
Told her we can go to the MFA on a Wednesday night (it's free)
and that if she wants to take the train to my house on Saturday - she can, and I'll cook her dinner.
whats U-Haul in that context
@MikeyB shame
4:18 PM
don't answer
ok maybe answer
@MDMarra "oh hey I just met you, and this is crazy, let's have invitro and make a baby!"
What does a lesbian bring on a second date?
A U-haul.
4:19 PM
Homie don't play that.
I thought it was...something else
No it's not a sex toy or position
Although I don't know what either of those would look like..
@MDMarra No that's scissoring.
@WesleyDavid embed(youtube-search(['garrison', 'scissoring', 'south park']))
Scissoring, gross.
4:23 PM
@Cole Seems to be so terribly inefficient.
@MikeyB I don't get what it would really do
@Cole About the same as docking, I'd imagine.
It's like dry humping, but sloppy and wet.
ew, docking
Dock a doodle foo!
People do weird fucking shit man
Man, bums me out reading some of the awful shit people say against gay marriage.
and a bit guilty, because now I can get married anywhere with all the rights
Pretty much sums up how I feel, semi-NSFW: i.imgur.com/VFshnQ0.gif
4:28 PM
I think I'm going to buy my wife a chromebook, now that they're finally shipping to canada
I'm French...Canadian
the reason it was late was that it's fucking impossible to do business with canadian cell companies
4:29 PM
I hear my last name is pretty common in those parts
PHP script every 3 seconds. As a cron job. I'm an idiot and even I knew to write a service to do that rather than cron. Or a looped script is cool too. serverfault.com/questions/492873/run-php-script-every-3-seconds
But what does one need to do with a PHP script every 3 seconds?
@WesleyDavid nsfw
@tombull89 they're all great bf3 upgrades, the mav's a bit of a waste of time tbh but they're worth getting
@MDMarra yes thanks, not 'home' yet but getting there
hey @MikeyB, you might get a kick out of this. You know how whenever people around here are shooting the shit about storage, I'm functionally useless because I work on a class of gear that's 100x the price of normal storage because it works with mainframes and "never goes down"? Well in the last three months, we singlehandedly discovered three serious firmware bugs. One with Brocade, and two with HDS VSP.
All three of those bugs stopped the migration project, and one of them stopped fucking trains.
phone screen for Reebok at 430 today
4:36 PM
We're seriously considering installing a permanent FC analyzer
What's this about running trains?
@ewwhite That's what I normally do. You know that!
@Basil That is brutal. We have a customer who tends to finds REALLY odd bugs in hardware like that too…
@Basil It'd probably be worth it.
@MikeyB Everything was supported. And audited by the vendors before installtion
@ewwhite Brazzers.
4:38 PM
@MikeyB The brocade failure left not a single trace in the fabric. It was silently dropping frames
@Basil you should start fucking the trains in the first place, so I'd call that a feature :)
@Basil I don't doubt it. FC firmware bugs… jeez… you gotta have serious fucking balls to debug FC firmware
Q: Unable to receive email to my internal server from the outside network I can send email

Steve0879ASA Version 9.1(1) ! hostname ciscoasa enable password kdkfdjdjflkadjdsfj xlate per-session deny tcp any4 any4 xlate per-session deny tcp any4 any6 xlate per-session deny tcp any6 any4 xlate per-session deny tcp any6 any6 xlate per-session deny udp any4 any4 eq domain xlate per-session deny udp a...

bloody hell
@MikeyB the funny part was that our brocade switches were provided by HP, the vendor we're replacing (and migrating from), but dropped frames look like a storage problem (which is HDS). And the servers sensitive enough to log information about it were all AIX (IBM). I was literally sending supportsaves to three different teams doing the same analysis
You know you're doing something horribly wrong in your career if you know how to configure a Finisar frame tracer.
The feeling you get when you think Symantec AV is getting in the way. Again. *headdesk*
4:41 PM
@DennisKaarsemaker When trains stop because of IT issues, it's like Armageddon here.
@Basil I can imagine. I hope you're still shielded from the actual angry customers
@DennisKaarsemaker 2 hours without our mainframe generates about 48 hours of overtime as the operations people try to enter data faster than it's being generated
2 hours in the middle of intermodal peak time (friday afternoon) is like the worst perfect storm in history.
@Basil Silly question, but when you say mainframe, what exactly is it?
@Dan z/enterprise
We have three
@Basil You ever look at asshats who are all like 'My website is down and I'm losing $1M of orders per minute!!! Fix it!' and think 'If you only knew…'
4:44 PM
Two in prod, one hot spare at the DR site
@Basil Looks expensive
@Dan Millions of dollars a year. Lots of them.
and Mint is setup on my phone
Running train?
We tried for years to get off z/os onto SAP, but it's just not feasable
4:45 PM
@Basil Can it run Crysis?
Advice: You dine out a lot. | Yes, I know.
@Dan heh
@Basil Not feasible because you wanted things to work?
@mossy How does train formed
@Basil I see it can run Windows...
"Hello, I am an IBM System z specialist and would be pleased to assist you in finding the right products and solutions to meet your needs. Just click "Start chat" below and let me know how I can help you today."
Shall I ask him if it'll run Crysis?
4:46 PM
@Tanner What was that about?
@Dan I was tangentially involved in setting up the only windows on Z installation in Quebec, and it went terribly
@MikeyB Mostly because SAP can not upgrade their binaries without a 12 hour downtime
4:46 PM
@Dan I'm testing out an extension somebody made for chat replies
It's buggy
@Tanner Ah yeah, I have that too
@Cole It's going to sound like a gooby meme for the first month. "cole, pls. cole, wat r u doing? cole, stahp!" Fair warning.
@Basil Windows NT 4 RISC?
there we go :P
@Tanner LOL
4:47 PM
oh god
@MikeyB Oh wait, I'm misremembering. It was linux on the mainframe.
well at least I have $2483 in my 401K >.>
So to their credit, HDS ran three engineers into the ground and gave us a firmware release in 2 weeks that fixes the end-of-the-world firmware bug that crashes the VSP.
They still owe us for the second bug we found, but that only causes errors at the time the servers are trying to log into the ports.
Brocade was hilarious, though- we told them that we need a permanent fix because we can't live with this workaround for long, and their "fix" is to change the support matrix so we can't do what we used to do.
Now upper management is considering ripping out all brocade and installing shudder cisco FC.
If that happens, I'll be looking for a job. I really hate cisco.
4:52 PM
I <3 The Comms Room
@Chopper3 You use cisco for FC, right?
I used Cisco for FC at $oldjerb
@Cole How is it these days? Last I used it, they still required reboots for firmware...
4:54 PM
@Basil yar, still do.
So the hosts need to fail over?
@Basil so why not go back to the HP's?
Well there's disruptive and nondisruptive upgrades >.>
@DennisKaarsemaker HP sells cisco and brocade, but those are the only two choices for the equipment
They all tended to be pretty disruptive
4:55 PM
@Cole christ.
@Basil at least in our case.
We're just making the switch from qlogic to brocade
We have Brocade here
so far not found anything as critical as what you have, fortunately
as the last time we had 2h downtime, it cost a few million...
4:58 PM
Ohhh just got forwarded a job for a healthcare company, 40%-50% off LASIK as part of the benefit package
@DennisKaarsemaker Brocade is rock solid, normally
I've used it for years and quietly laughed at friends running other random crap
it's expensive, but it works. Unless you're very unlucky.
In our case, it was the intermixing of a condor2 and the old condor ASICs between the oldest and newest core directors that killed us.
So does the Outlook report as spam thing even fucking work?
Cry some more devops
@WesleyDavid I'll laugh if it turns out that he's not using redundant network RAID
I tried this and it looks dodgy. The registry hack was possible, but when I tested the user account the OS complained that the user was logging on with a temporary profile. In my case it did not rename the User's folder, nor did it create a new folder with the new name. — Guy Thomas 1 hour ago
Step #2 was to rename the profile folder, Windows doesn't do it for you nor will it create the folder, this is why Step #2 is in my directions... It doesn't look dodgy if you follow directions. — Chris S 23 secs ago
This is why I avoid SU. F-ing people who can't follow stupidly simple directions.
5:12 PM
@ChrisS sadface
@ChrisS I rarely go there. It's a good site with a force for good, but I can't be spoon feeding people to that level
Hmm, I must have been to SU before. I have rep there...
Also, maybe it's just me, but if people have relatively low reputation I check to see if they have accounts on other sites, possibly with high reputation there.... I probably unfairly assume people with high rep on any site have a better idea of what they're talking about, but it tends to be right
@ChrisS Yep, ditto, though I mainly use it for catching developers
That too
5:18 PM
@ChrisS that isn't really unique to SU.
@JoelESalas "Report as Spam"?? You mean "Block Sender"? It does work if the filtering/AV software on your Exchange server implements that functionality....
@Zoredache Oh, no; didn't mean to imply that... Just that SU has an abundance of those people.
@ChrisS I think it's fair to say that we're hugely spoiled with our "IT PROFESSIONAL" hitting stick
Yep, and I know it rubs some people the wrong way, but SF has a distinctly higher caliber of posts on the whole because of it.
Woot woot! Go Pandora Stock Go!
@ChrisS It's certainly the main draw for me.
I did my time on the help hell desk. I have no desire to go back.
5:30 PM
A: HP P4000 / Lefthand : how to do a manual failover

BasilI googled around, and found something that indicates powering down a node might be a bad idea: In a two node P4000 cluster, you will need a FOM for automatic failover. If no FOM is present then if one node loses connectivity, the other node also goes offline as well and you will have to ...

@Basil I'll bet $10 they never tested failover when it was installed.
@ChrisS Clearly, because their system, as installed, doesn't have failover
Fucking lefthand.
I've not used them before... I've only talked with one person who had, and he liked them, but I didn't get to talk to him in much detail.
I can't make up my mind about network engineering. On one hand, I doubt that a separate site will actually bring in enough people to ask/answer questions and add to the value on the Internet. OTOH, I am tempted to support it, because all those 51rep users are saying they want it, and it would really hurt me if it opened, and nobody came to the site.
@Zoredache Ultimately it would be nice if enough deep network engineers hung out on ServerFault to keep it all under one roof, but in reality, network engineers are as much sysadmins as DBAs are sysadmins.
Heavy netadmins are a special, scary group.
And I'd like their little niche of SE to be successful, but still I wish more experts hung around here instead of splintering off. I'm 80% in disagreement with the existence of U&L
And AskUbuntu
5:39 PM
@Zoredache I'm in the same boat. I think it's complete 100% overlap with SF, and would "steal" users more than attracting anyone new... But maybe I'm wrong, maybe there are thousands of users/visitors who would not use SF, but would networking.SE.
@WesleyDavid Right, but I am just not convinced that if a stackexchange site existed, that they would show up for it. I am not sure there are enough of them.
@Zoredache Yeah, me too.
@WesleyDavid The DBA's site's stats are paltry compared to SF; IT Sec is even worse.
I still like the hierarchical site idea; but even I feel awkward kicking that dead horse over and over...
I'm most frustrated by the fragmentation of communities and knowledge. I could answer some Networking, DB, and IT Sec questions... But I'm not going to try to keep up with 4 different websites. I waste enough time keeping up with 1 site.
@ChrisS Yeah, their stats are awfully low, but the community and culture isn't served very well by SF. Security practitioners are as much sysadmins as programmers.SE are. DBAs... maybe about 20% overlap? They're their own breed and need their own space.
Fucking PowerShell, man. So fucking cool.
5:44 PM
But yeah, what next? PowerShell.SE? ZFS.SE?
@WesleyDavid Server Fault is not for System Administrators only though. The FAQ specifically does not say "System Administrator". It says "IT Professional", which DBAs, Security, Network Engineers, etc all are. Heck Programmers even fit that if they have permission and the base knowledge to understand the answer.
But fucking Excel man, not so cool.
@ChrisS True, true. I forget that. I think the complete homogeny of everything all into one community tends to keep away the crem de la crem though.
140 of the user commits for network engineering came from one guy's blog post. Not sure how that factors in...
5:47 PM
lotusnotes.SE will contain only one question. Q: "Why does Lotus suck so much?" A: "Because jeopgfkqeovq34jfq0943jvnadfjjawvQ$FAwerv3q4f9a0ewjva3$FA#(a3240f9a3j54ga(%A(394a‌​34"
Things like AskUbuntu, Ask Differerent, and a large part of U&L should be all on SuperUser.
@WesleyDavid I generally agree. And simply ignoring tags or whatnot doesn't seem to be enough.
@WesleyDavid no, you don't want AU on SU, too many clueless noobs
AU is used more as a forum for getting help than a Q&A site
@allquixotic No, there will be also be a canonical "How do I migrate to x" Q&A.
I also tend to think Webmasters should be Serverfault. I think that would cause a pitchfork revolt from the Webmaster group though, so...
5:48 PM
@DennisKaarsemaker That's most of what SU is too....
Heck, bicycles.SE should probably be rolled into ServerFault too. =P
@WesleyDavid My only issue with that is that many (most?) people on Webmasters aren't asking in a professional capacity.
@ChrisS ...ahhh, see there's a great differentiator. Not so much "is it server stuff?" as it is "is it professional stuff?" So yeah, maybe that should be all SuperUser.
Yeah, let's just roll all the sites into 2 or 3 really big ones. We can call them quora1.stackexchange.com, quora2.stackexchange.com, and quora3.stackexchange.com. "Now kids, pay attention! If your last name starts with A through G, go to quora1. If your last name starts with H through O, go to quora2. If your last name starts with P through Z, go to quora3."
But then the homogeny of topics all into one site, especially one site that doesn't have a good means of splitting up topics like sub-forums on a more forum oriented site, really seems to drag the content down to the lowest common denominator.
5:50 PM
@WesleyDavid I see WebMasters like U&L, it's topics are 100% over lap with existing sites; but you can't lump all of them into one site.
@Basil yep, nexus 5k's and 7k's
@ChrisS I wonder what the best primary cause of a split should be. Topicality or traffic for a certain topic?
Because security.se doesn't have a ton of traffic, but the topicality is way different than SF. And yet AskUbuntu has a ton of traffic, but the topicality is very similar to SU.
@WesleyDavid I'm not sure, but I think their current solution of "whatever definition can get 500 people to click a button on a51" is more community destroyer than long term advertising revenue builder.
And topicality would be determined, not just by subject matter, but also by "profesisonal capacity"
@WesleyDavid Right, but Sec.SE overlaps SF and IT Theory (maybe CS.SE??) - It's a combination of two other sites.
5:53 PM
@Chopper3 Are those the FC only switches, or the newfangled converged switches?
@WesleyDavid But not all sites care about professional capacity, most don't actually.
Oh heck, the network.SE proposal is headed by Jeremy Stretch? Nice. Okay, if he's the primary motivator of it, then that's interesting.
@ChrisS Yeah, I was focusing more on ServerFault in my thoughts. As in, what should be brought back into ServerFault, and what should be parceled out elsewhere.
@Basil they're DCE ethernet switches ONLY actually, no native FC, for native FC we use Cisco MDS switches but where we can we use 5/7's for FCoE, so yes they're converged
@WesleyDavid His Cisco lab has been offline for like a year or more hasn't it??
@Chopper3 How do you find the MDS?
I've heard mixed... well, ok, bad reviews of cisco FC
5:55 PM
@ChrisS Hmm, I dunno. It was about one year ago from today that I was looking at getting some time on it, but not after that.
@WesleyDavid I very much doubt anything will ever be re-consolidated...
@ChrisS Yeah =(
@Basil love 'em, when I'm not ill configuring them is probably my favourite and best tech skill
@Basil they're very fast/capable but a swine to configure until you get the hang
@TheCleaner Looks like that guy found a calculator. Or someone with access to a calculator.
Still I didn't get my answer. May be it's my fault, not the fault of serverfault :). Here I met some knowledge man like voretaq7. It's ok. I'm gonna find via another way. — user166647 2 hours ago
@Chopper3 How do they handle stuff like firmware loading? Are there ever disruptive upgrades?
5:56 PM
@ChrisS it kind of works like our patent system then ;) A is obvious; B is obvious; A+B...?! Whoa, that's totally novel! Here, have a certificate.
@voretaq7 is knowledge man.
@Basil basically you get a 'default all off' kind of thing in that you have to build up a stack of very structured layers before anything will talk but at least if you do that it's secure and per design, other manufacturers start the other way around, all open, you can then secure it but I know which I prefer
@WesleyDavid Beginning of Sept 2012; so only ~7 months.
@Basil not on the ones I buy no, management outage during upgrades on the cheaper ones so counters will be off but no outages afaik
@Chopper3 What about stuff like managing zoning? Is there a scriptable CLI?
5:58 PM
@ChrisS I considered how I could do something similar with my spare rackspace. Then I realized, I need to make money and stop giving my time and services away. =P
@Basil totally yeah, in fact that's it's strong point, but the learning curve is quite steep, especially if you've done no FC before, but if you know the basics you'd probably enjoy the enforced structure
@WesleyDavid I've got a couple pieces of equipment too... Though the same thing exactly
@Chopper3 Do you ever need to use ISLs?
@Basil I actually include the build script with new designs in fact, so that the grunts can literally just wire things up as needed and then just c'n'p the script in

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