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2:00 PM
Seriously though, there's a KB Google Hit for that - is a 2012 Cluster?
ahh can't be bothered, too close to easter break
@ewwhite Well as long as each one was set up with best practices, it's probably fine. I wouldn't upgrade unless you've literally hit a wall on performance.
You might be able to squeeze more productive work out of them by moving things around
@Basil I think we have... but I don't know how to tell.
I'm just sad that we don't have an expert in to analyze this.
and that it wasn't obvious in unisphere
@ewwhite Things like not using 7200rpm drives for databases, using the correct queue depth for databases
multipath config
no tuning...
2:02 PM
Are they using regular raids or pools?
I don't fully understand... it's like 100+ SAS disks and another group of 32 nearline
Is a single volume striped across all 100+ sas disks, or across a raid of 12 of them?
they're RAID 10
the 32 are RAID 6 groups
Does each raid 10 group have its own volumes, or are they contributing to a pool that holds volumes?
I want someone to say, "look here in the VNX reporting tool and this will tell you if you're overloaded"
2:04 PM
doesn't really work that way :)
Not even on the storage I actually know (HDS and IBM)
I'm not responsible for this, but I want to make sure we're not doing something stupid either
Raid 10 sounds a little stupid...
I don't even know how to tell
Have you any performance metrics from the storage at all? Like total MB/s or IO/s on specific ports?
Oh storage.
2:05 PM
with read/write ratios?
@Basil yes, we have this fancy reporting tool on demo
across all VNX units
Even after working at a storage company for a year, I'm still like lolwut
@Cole heh
@ewwhite Can you tell me on average whether most of their work is reads?
@Basil in my defense, I was the VMware guy.
It's typical to see 80% read, 20% writes
@Cole I know VMWare enough to be annoying to the VMWare admins.
2:07 PM
@Basil and I know enough about storage to be annoying to the storage guys :)
Oh wait, I am a storage guy here
We have one NetApp FAS2040 lolz POS
2:10 PM
@ewwhite So read ratio- is it 80/20?
@Basil how would I know?
@ewwhite Should be a way to check on that tool
Chrome has auto-updated with bettar spel chek!
I need to install Fedora 18 on my laptop
KDE is flipping the fuck out in 17 for whatever reason
So we figure we can put together a storage appliance with 32TB of raw FusionIO storage and 40GbE/IB for around $100k… this may be a fun year.
2:18 PM
@MikeyB whoa.
@MikeyB I want your job.
brb rebooting
@MikeyB that's actually not too expensive
@MikeyB what are you going to be using it for?
@DennisKaarsemaker That's the idea.
@Cole Destroying NetApp.
2:21 PM
@MikeyB good.
@MikeyB which cards?
Fuck that company.
and how much are you paying per card?
I get sexually assaulted at work and they didn't do shit.
They can eat a dick.
2:22 PM
@MikeyB Nyom
32TB of flash? HOLLA DOLLAR.
32TB wowzers!
@MikeyB Don't suppose you're hiring FNGs there, are ya? :)
@HopelessN00b … all i can expand that to is F? Number Generator.
Fnargle Nargle Garble?
2:35 PM
Jesus, fair play to the kid
@Dan Yeah, read about that yesterday. Lucky git.
Fapping New Guys?
@tombull89 If I'd have had that kind of cash at 17 I'd be dead now - probably after a 2 week bender of hookers and coke before crashing my private jet or something
Well, no, not really.

I don't do drugs. The rest is probably true, though
@Dan I'd wave to the people I didn't get on with/like in school with a massive shit-eating grin on my face.
@tombull89 I'd hire them and then break them mentally
2:47 PM
bbc.com/future/story/20120601-high-speed-pipedreams <-- As a high school drafting project 13 years ago I drew up plans for a ultra-speed train in an underwater tunnel between New York and London. Funny to see that on a 'future predictions' website so many years later.
We're sorry but this site is not accessible from the UK as it is part of our international service and is not funded by the licence fee.
@ChrisS If it helps , when I first learned about electromagnetism I made a train with (mostly) lego which propelled itself. I was astounded that it worked and it seemed to be the future - seems I was not, however, the first to implement this :D
@Dan Electromagnetism is great and all, but it suffers from the same problems as all large electronic fields, they horribly inefficient. I know people have come up with various solutions, but they're all expensive (either in outlay or operation)
@ChrisS Yeah, but it makes up for that by curing cancer as you go
We are starting out DB cutover, we expect this outage to last about a minute. #stackoverflow and #stackexchange will be right back
2:57 PM
we discovered something fun in <redacted> chat and you guys are gonna want it once you figure it out :D
@allquixotic yep, yep we did. :glomp:
@allquixotic Ooh, looks interesting
@Dan thank Oli if you like it ;-)
@OliverSalzburg It's cool :)
3:07 PM
Hey @ChrisS (or anyone else who likes helping shell noobs): I'm trying to avoid a pointless use of cat. I'm wondering whether the following will skip any lines containing the word "Wave", or only lines starting with "Wave"?

awk '!/Wave/{print $3}' $MTLWWNInputFile | sort -u

edit: god damn markdown
@Basil: to suggest the idiotically obvious....
why not try it?
@MikeyB Oh, you don't know that acronym? FNG == "effing" New Guy.
@JourneymanGeek I did and it is definitely eliminating things that start with Wave
I suppose I'm fairly sure that it will also eliminate lines with Wave in some other part of the line. My question becomes how to only match the first few characters of the line...
@Basil grep -v <regex> <file> | sort | uniq
@HopelessN00b Ahah :)
3:10 PM
Then you know exactly what it will do (because you know exactly what your regex matches)
ooh, looks like one of my favourite combos ;p
@Basil ^
@Basil awk '!/^Wave/{print $3}' $MTLWWNInputFile | sort -u ← only skip lines starting with Wave.
@Basil any occurance of Wave is ignored
Oh man...loving this comment.
I will provide some delicious, useful features that others do not have. My service will attract people greatly & i'm afraid of cost. So, 1GB is enough for now. I will increase space later after doing some business. I want to start with it now. Now I want to serve my 20000 customers only & I will increase my service later. @TheCleaner — Atik 1 min ago
3:11 PM
@voretaq7 sort -u works some places too
@TheCleaner delicious feature all fitting inside 1 GB?! what is he writing it in, assembly?
@Iain sort -u works damn near everywhere. But there's always that one time, on a SCO box....
@allquixotic - he wants to use Amazon's glacier backup service to offer 1GB of backup storage to his "20,000 customers"...with yummy features!
DELETE * FROM tblServers t WHERE t.os LIKE 'SCO';
3:13 PM
@voretaq7 I wasn't sure about *BSD and I CBA finding a Solaris box right now
@TheCleaner that'll work really nice when a customer decides to read from their backup more than once in a blue moon... I'm sure he'll make tons of money after paying for the retrieval fees
@Iain I know FreeBSD supports -u, old solaris may not but new solaris probably does
Then again, he might actually have a business model. Look at Dropbox: make a nice UI on top of Amazon S3 and make an absolute mint.
@allquixotic - I don't see someone that can't use a calculator making a program that would compete with DropBox.
@MikeyB thanks
@Iain And thanks :)
@voretaq7 No thanks to you :P
3:18 PM
@voretaq7 sort -u on Solaris probably changes the system scheduler algorithm
@Basil its OK, while you weren't looking I drilled some holes in your pipe. Enjoy your random data leakage ya mean bastard.
@MikeyB What do you mean? There aren't any alternative scheduler algorithms on Solaris. There's only one: "old, slow, and compatible with assumptions made in 1985".
@allquixotic hostname -s
@MikeyB somehow, I feel like that command would set my hostname to -s.
but I don't have a solaris box to test
@allquixotic You assume correctly.
3:25 PM
@TheCleaner This is exactly why we should be allowed to downvote users, not just posts.
3:38 PM
Mornin gents
@HopelessN00b - I thought if they went negative on their " user points" it could cause the account to be locked/banned?
@TheCleaner how's the new gig?
Interview went ok. I made it through, of course, but I don't think I wowed them either. Considering that the choices were slow & dopey from allergy meds or sniffling all day, I chose dopey.
A: How can i build apache httpd statically?

Dennis Kaarsemaker I need to build an apache httpd server that will be able to run under multiple linux os (RH, SUSE, e.t.c.) No you don't. You have a problem that you're trying to solve by static linking. Static linking is a horrible solution from the previous century and should not be done anymore. Please tr...

Too harsh an answer?
@MDMarra - different. no more 100% net admin/engineer. Now more like 25% PC Tech, 25% Server/Net admin, 50% IT manager (compliance, procedures, policies, budget, biz stuff). Dealing with learning how to administer our ERP system and learning about FDA part 11 compliance. -- that all said...I love it...I leave at 5pm and don't have to deal with being on call for the most part. Only an 8-5 shop and everything is cloud hosted.
3:43 PM
I also no longer have on-call hours
thanks...did you switch jobs too?
Though sometimes the normal hours can be long, but that's not a big deal
yeah I started last monday
Did you end up moving? I can't remember if it was you looking to relocate or not. What's the new job? Same as you were doing before? Bigger/smaller?
Jumped ship to a consulting company to focus on Microsoft "core I/O" and the System Center stuff
You fuckers and your no on call, I was woken up at 3:30am this morning
3:45 PM
@TheCleaner Nah, same general area, though my commute is 15 minutes to the office instead of 45+
I was just a regular sysadminy guy before. Now I'm a senior architect on the MS team at the new place
@MDMarra - gotcha, very nice. I like the System Center stuff, but it seems like a lot of shops don't utilize it. I loved SCOM but the thing took a long time to truly understand and get right...but once it was, it was rocking.
@Cole suckerrrrrr
@TheCleaner The new licensing is going to make a lot of opportunities for us
@Cole - I was on call for almost 8 years...with a 24x7 shop with 5 global locations...and I was the ONLY network/server admin.
Now if you want any of it, you get all of it. So, there's a great chance to get a foot in at a lot of places that might be handy with SCCM already but want an expert to come in and look at implementing DPM, SCSM, or SCOM for example
@MDMarra - are they going SaaS? That'd be where I would see the benefit for a lot of SMBs, at least for SCOM.
3:48 PM
Nah. They have Intune, which is sort of like SCCM in the cloud
It's not as good at PC management as SCCM, but it has an MDM piece for iOS, android, and RT/Phone8 management
You can actually hook your intune in the azure cloud into your on-premise SCCM site locally to manage your PCs through SCCM and your mobile devices through Intune, all transparently in the SCCM console locally
Yeah...Intune I've seen. I was hoping they would say "want us to monitor and alert you on all your Windows servers without you having to learn SCOM and without paying a 3rd party to do it?"
it's what I've been blathering about for the last few days. It's pretty slick stuff
@TheCleaner Nah, nothing like that
Not yet, anyway
But at least you're entitled to it with the 2012 SC licensing, so you can learn it at your own speed without making an additional purchase if you own any other SC product
@TheCleaner we have 80+ locations globally
Nice...I found this article and I'm hoping it will allow us to get where we want with our Part 11 compliance without going to 3rd party solutions we don't already own. goo.gl/SnyFb
@MDMarra hopefully not for much longer, 2 phone screens this week. One is phone screen to hire.
3:52 PM
@TheCleaner Oh god. Just the table of contents looks like a nightmare haha
Luckily, I don't do anything with communication. We have a Lync/Exchange/SharePoint guy just for that
SharePoint /shivers
:) It'll be fun...or at least a learning experience.
We have 2013 here. The Lync integration is pretty cool and it's been pretty nice to use
I also have absolutely no responsibility for managing or supporting internal stuff so I have no idea how much of a pain it was to get going
@MDMarra who deals with the internal stuff?
@Cole good luck! Anything out of the area? I know you were looking to move
@Cole We have two guys here that split their time between managed services and internal support
3:56 PM
@MDMarra sounds like you hit a gold pot at the current company
@MDMarra thanks - one is for BestDoctors.com and other for Reebok in Canton
Occasionally one of us will be tapped for input or design, but if something breaks, it's not on us for example
Reebok one is phone screen to hire
well good luck
free shoes for everyone
Contract, but it'll allow me to be hourly again, work OT and pay off debt (I'll be contributing to a Roth IRA in the mean time..)
But I do get discounts on clothing and shoes, so there's that.
3:57 PM
@ColdT Yep, now I just need to convince them to take back this iPhone 4 they gave me and transform it into a 5 :)
And free gym access.
Ideally I'd love a FT job with great benefits, but I can't seem to bust out of my current salary range without going contract.
Need a degree and/or certs.

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