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2:13 AM
@Lnafziger I just saw your revised answer to the "where can I fly my model aircraft?" question, that's a nice answer and might be/is applicable to a couple other questions as well
@CGCampbell Hey, how's it going?
Cool, glad to hear!
I wish Kampf came in here, I really want to be all "derr, yer so awesome" .. he can write up some nice engineering answers
I saw your answer:
A: Is it legal to fly a Quadrocopter/Drone into an Airport? What will happen?

CGCampbellFirst off, it is VERY important to note that you DON'T fly a Drone. RC Model Aircraft are flown by hobbiests, and Drones are flown by the government. It is enumbant on all of us R/C modelers to enforce that at all times, lest the government decide that all R/C hobbiest model aircraft be banned. ...

which is similar
Yeah, he contributes a lot of good quality content for sure!
@@peter-kämpf@aviation.stackexchange.com Have you ever considered joining us in Aviation Chat?
3 hours later…
5:43 AM
@BretCopeland Hotels are indeed cheap in Germany. I got a room in downtown Munich last fall at €80 (~$110) per night. That's roughly what my parents charge for a B&B room in rural Sweden, albeit for a double room. In the town where I live you can get a room in a decent hotel for less than €60/night including breakfast.
1 hour later…
7:12 AM
Does anyone know why when voting to close because "off-topic -> belongs to another SE site" I can select only meta and not any other SE site? (and I cannot put the link to any SE site anywhere)
@Federico I'm not 100% sure, but there was something about it being in beta
@voretaq7 Meh. Webcast archive only available as wmv.
5 hours later…
12:26 PM
@falstro File under US Government
12:47 PM
@voretaq7 yeah, it's unfortunately not limited to them... :)
1:34 PM
Yey, some more rep. ;)
@voretaq7 did you hear the part about the low-energy-alert idea?
2:04 PM
@falstro . . . we already have that. It's called an airspeed indicator! :)
@voretaq7 :) no, they wanted something combined potential and kinetic energy, taking into account engine spool up time and stuff as well
Q: How do I submit a NOTAM?

dvnrrsI (a hypothetical person) am involved in an activity like laser light shows, model rocket launches, fireworks displays, or construction which I think might be important to pilots. How can I submit this information to the FAA so that they can issue a NOTAM?

If you ever issue a NOTAM, make sure it expires... I still get NOTAMs about wind turbines erected in 2012 in my briefings.
@voretaq7 basically, they talked about an alert that would let you know that if you go lower or slower you will touch the ground even if you attempt a go-around.
2:31 PM
@falstro are they on the chart yet?
@voretaq7 sure. They were on the 2013 charts too
@falstro bleh. Find out who issued it and harass them to cancel it :P
I literally get two pages full of wind turbines in my NOTAM briefing whenever I fly. Most of them are already on the chart, some never will because "meh, not everything is depicted on the chart, use your eyes dummy"
@voretaq7 that would be the LBA.
and I'm not going there, I'll rather sift through the pile of wind turbines
Parenting teaches an important game development lesson: they are going to break your shit.
@falstro that's a problem though - you get 2 pages of crap that you skip over and one day you may scan past something that matters..
2:47 PM
@voretaq7 can't you sort on issue date, so you can just skip to 2 weeks ago/last time you checked
@ratchetfreak they come sorted by issue date from DUATS here
but it's still the wall-of-text phenomenon
@voretaq7 Yeah. Luckily they seem to have a template for wind turbines, the moment the raise cranes or something they word it differently
@ratchetfreak they are sorted. I think. It's just that some things are more sorted than others.
uncharted turbines tend to just show up as "Obstacle" NOTAMs here. They do say "Turbine" in it though
and yes, I can't sort them, it's all text
i havent seen any since the fancy-pants digital NOTAM system went live though
2:51 PM
@voretaq7 yeah, they don't show up on the english NOTAMs for some reason. Problem is, neither do the aerobatic stuff (the paradrop do though, maybe because they go higher or something)
the whole NOTAM system is still fucked up
hold on, lemme paste some into a pastebin for ya (yeah, notams used to be open, now you need to log in)
better, yes - but still fucked up
I used to remember my DUATS login but now foreflight does all that shit for me :P
at least you can request NOTAMs within X miles of your intended route
but only in German though, for English you get the entire FIR (Langen FIR is roughly the south-western third of the country)
they've actually removed the old NOTAMs
I have no words
maybe a spy was here and he saw the complaint ;)
2:59 PM
Guess what word means "wind turbine" (one word in German)
@ratchetfreak yeah, you're dutch, that's cheating
that's the NOTAM briefing within 10 natuical miles of my home field
"Whose flight briefings are worse" contest! :-)
3:01 PM
technically I'm belgian
@ratchetfreak Tomato Tomahto ;)
@voretaq7 oh yeah, oh yeah, you want me to print a full briefing, huh? do yah? :)
@falstro heh that's the "abbreviated" briefing!
There's a reason I only look at the weather, TFRs, and navaids I expect to use (then I pick up the phone and make the nice briefing-monkeys tell me about all the other crap)
pastebin.com/wTBS4vz8 that's an area briefing which is probably a more fair comparison
Thanks guys. I get it - the weather thingy in my cockpit works now. Can we retire the NOTAM?.
@voretaq7 why are there D.C. notams in there?
@voretaq7 heh, brilliant
@falstro It's an area briefing for KFRG (Long Island, NY) - why is there a SPECIAL ADVISORY FOR NORTH AFRICA in there?
I think Tripoli is a little out of the AREA of New York, no? :)
@voretaq7 heh, really? how'd i miss that :)
3:08 PM
(I don't wildly object to DC NOTAMs - I could make it to DC on one flight).
@voretaq7 hey, it's a nice place. You might be heading there.
@voretaq7 sure, but then it'd be along your route of flight
the browser plugin for all eligible voters in the US.
3:53 PM
Just to think they used to wear overcoats... forbes.com/sites/matthickey/2013/05/28/…
Fudge. The new Kernel has a broken initramdisk
Old Kernel works, but thank you ati, lets not keep the graphics driver modules around when we install a new kernel
2 hours later…
5:54 PM
@voretaq7 IRS keep their emails on... the clients? dafuq?
@falstro My government is incompetent dude
I've just made peace with that.
6:10 PM
aaah, it's the old pst-on-a-local-drive-because-some-dickwad-thought-hdd-space-is-expensive-and-ema‌​ils-are-unimportant routine
or maybe it's licensing. Do you pay more for extra storage space on exchange? Licensing fees I mean
6:29 PM
@falstro not that I know of
there's per-user licensing fees but that's about it.
@voretaq7 yeah, I remember those
the infamous CALs :)
yeah, Exchange is licensed a little differently now I think (per-mailbox rather than per-seat/per-connection), but the net effect is the same
7:19 PM
One of my life goals is to never again work for a company which uses Exchange.
7:49 PM
@BretCopeland That bad eh?
@falstro being able to use gmail for work is so much nicer. It just seems like most companies which run their own Exchange server are big corporate entities which probably have some dealings with the government.
8:14 PM
:) yeah, Gmail has a tendency make you picky wrt email clients. I have a grandfathered free small business google apps account, and I'll hold on to that as long as I can :)
8:43 PM
Google Apps is awesome.
@BretCopeland I like Exchange, as long as I don't have to manage it.
As an end user Exchange is great: good calendaring & Free/Busy, nice distribution lists, resource scheduling, identity management.....
As an admin? Please saw off my leg and shove freshly-cut and salted lemons up the bloody stump.
@voretaq7 exchange does a lot well compared to the competition. Only the email stuff sucks.
@falstro the part that requires standards and interoperability...
and distribution lists? please. use mailman or something, where there's a decent archive. Or bugzilla. some kind of collaboration tool. anything. just no frickin distribution lists. :)
@falstro Distribution lists are useful tools
8:52 PM
@voretaq7 sure. Problem is, when all management has is a hammer...
they should not be used to replace mailing list software for managing mailing lists, but for "Send this to every member of department X" they're wholly appropriate.
@falstro ...you aim the claw side at their hand.
Time for bed.
tomorrow I go flying, weeee :)
@voretaq7 Doesn't Google Apps do all of that too? Pretty much automagically at that?
@falstro Have a good night!
@Lnafziger yes, but then you can't prove compliance at audit time
If Google Apps would structure itself such that I could pass a compliance audit I'd switch this company to it in a heartbeat
I thought that they came out with some of that. Email discovery services, etc.
Just curious... I know just enough to get in trouble with it, lol.
8:58 PM
@Lnafziger Supposedly yes, I haven't looked into that
@Lnafziger there's also the issue with industrial espionage, I think a lot of companies over here trust Google about as much as their Chinese counterparts.
And if you don't think a company will read your email for personal gain, Microsoft just did ;)
@falstro This would be my other objection to it. I'm also in a regulated industry, so I need to be able to show that we're maintaining confidentiality (and I don't trust Google enough to sign off on that)...
@voretaq7 Which industry?
9:21 PM
@Lnafziger medical devices
Yes, Google Apps for the win for any type of company I would want to work for.
We use gmail, drive/docs, hangouts, and calendar across the company.
9:35 PM
@voretaq7 ALL industries think that they are extremely regulated.
It's like Joel's test. Q: Do you provide quiet working environments? A Of course we do. (it is very quiet when no one is there.)

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