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12:03 AM
hey again @Ben
12:28 AM
Q: Why was this question protected?

StackstuckTo be clear, I'm not complaining about this question being protected. But I'm not sure what prompted this question to be protected, given that as far as I know only one answer got into the stuff in the linked comment (and said answer was subsequently deleted)? Is there a canonical behavior for ...

12:44 AM
For anyone familiar with Savage Worlds: does it use American or British/international spellings?
specifically "armor" vs. "armour"
This answer got edited (by someone besides the original answerer) to change American spellings to British ones:
A: Does the Bronze Helmet provide full cover for the head?

ChoTimberwolfSo looking at flamethrowers in SWADE: Flamethrowers propel incendiary liquid or gas to incinerate their targets. They are Heavy Weapons, use the Cone Template (see Area Effect Attacks, page 97), and may be Evaded (page 100). Armour protects normally, but flammable targets may catch fire (see Fire...

@Ben able to hop on Discord now?
Sorry not atm. Gotta do a lot of lead chasing. Got a few potential customers and wanna get in early
@Ben aaah
@V2Blast IIRC in general it uses American English, and their website references mainly US locales. But it's been several years since I played the system.
@C.Ross That's what my googling suggested. Hopefully someone can confirm and revert the edit as needed - and ideally link the relevant meta:
Q: Standardization of English, etc.

KRyanIn a recent (otherwise quite solid) edit of “Will changing an artifact sword to another weapon type impact game balance much?”, @okeefe changed the British spelling “artefact” to the American spelling “artifact.” Searching our meta, I see no rule regarding whether a particular spelling is prefer...

(usually we encounter the opposite problem here...)
1:03 AM
@V2Blast That user has a history of similar edits.
1:16 AM
@V2Blast It was edited by the asker though so I don't know if that provides additional support.
1:26 AM
also, another relevant meta:
Q: Does Standard English overrule game terms?

Hey I Can ChanRole-playing games often concoct their own rules governing in-text presentation of game terms, and these rules sometimes violate the rules of Standard English. For example, in Dungeons and Dragons, Third Edition, and its kin, initial capitalization is used in the term Hit Dice, periods are omitte...

hey there btw @linksassin, how're things going?
@Shalvenay G'day. Not too bad.
OK here
Meanwhile in my quest to ask questions about every single Anima: Beyond Fantasy rules WTF: rpg.stackexchange.com/questions/150110/…
how did they manage to leave out any rules on effect stacking
@Stackstuck ...yeah, that's a bit awkward, probably not a particularly rare omission though
1:36 AM
Like, they even did have a few instances of "this doesn't stack with itself", but also, like....
they don't have any default behaviors.
Let alone whether they did any such thing for psionics.
Or for that matter Ki Techniques.
@Stackstuck Even D&D 5e forgot to include one for stuff besides spells at first :P
This is in the D&D 5e basic rules, but only covers the same spell stacking on the same target: https://www.dndbeyond.com/sources/basic-rules/spellcasting#CombiningMagicalEffects
The DMG only added a broader paragraph on "Combining Game Effects" in errata: http://media.wizards.com/2018/dnd/downloads/DMG-Errata.pdf
1:54 AM
Q: Encounter design and XP thresholds

RagatokkOur DM gave us what seemed to me to be a very hard encounter so I checked out the DMG to see whats up. Note this was the only encounter of the day and we generally have 1-4 encounters per day. We are a group of four level 7 players, and we met three frost giants. The thing is, we crushed them ev...

I'm very tempted to ask more related questions about various things such as psionics and combat penalties...
Due to a recently acquired hardware problem, though, I can't do the preliminary research necessary to rule out the existence of rules for these things.
@Stackstuck oof :/
@Stackstuck oh, that's unfortunate :(
(sprcifically, I can't read the PDFs on my desktop due to font issues, and I can't read the PDFs on my phone due to the back button suddenly spazzing out recently.)
(and I can't replace or upgrade the phone because they've gone all weird with the new phones of this product line - who the bleep decided curved screens were a good idea?)
Suddenly I realize that the only game I play with stacking bonus rules is Fate, and its rule is just "you can stack free invokes but point invokes are one per aspect per player."
2:03 AM
Honestly, I haven't played 5e in a while either.
Used to, though.
I play cat stacking all the time. There are no rules for cat stacking.
@Rubiksmoose There is, however, often a loser.
I looked up an image of cat stacking and I'm actually a little horrified by it
I couldn't do that to my cats
Your cats are the unregulated extreme sports version of cat stacking.
Why is that?
2:10 AM
There's no rules, no oversight, no safety gear, and somebody's gonna get hurt.
Oh ok yeah
@Rubiksmoose I see I have been missing out on prime entertainment possibilities.
But actually that is just me psycho
I feel like my cat would put up with this much longer than he should.
Even on the trip to the vet, being held down was enough when she got her blood samples taken and stuff
She would probably let me get away with a lot honestly
But he was definitely ready to kill all life on the planet even with The seditive we gave him beforehand
He's honestly scary
2:28 AM
@V2Blast "Even" ???
2:42 AM
And now we wait...
@Ben ehehe, now a better time for Discord?
Sure just waiting for peeps to call back, so I could jump on for a little
@trogdor oh my gosh some of those are legitimately scary lol
Q: Drawing a second weapon as part of an attack?

Jim SeymourConsider a 1st level Rogue who wants to fight with two shortswords using Two-Weapon Fighting (PHB p.195) but does not have the Dual Wielder Feat. Starting off empty-handed, is the following possible? Round 1) Free Interaction: Draw first shortsword Action: Attack with first shortsword Round ...

3:02 AM
@Rubiksmoose No offense, but please stay away from my cat. I didn't know this existing and am now very concerned about it.
@linksassin I don't think you'll have to worry about that. I think there is quite a bit of geographical separation between me and your cats. Also the most I've ever done is a couple TV remotes :)
@Rubiksmoose Glad to hear that the most you've done. Some of those pictures are concerning.
I completely agree
Why do we get chat flags for the non-english sites? How am I meant to know if it is spam?
The whole SE chat network is linked together.
3:15 AM
@linksassin If you aren't sure, you can just leave it :)
You see them because the Stack Exchange chat stuff doesn't differentiate between langauges/sites, chat flags go to anyone with over 10k network rep, regardless of sites they use.
@Ash They've added a "not sure" option to dismiss it now which is useful.
@linksassin yeah that's a nice touch
@Ash For some reason I thought there was a delineation between english and non-english sites. I knew that most of chat was connected.
@linksassin Nope, there's not, other than possibly the SO non-English site chats being on the SO chat server but I don't know for sure if they're there or here.
@linksassin Not to mention disappointing! If you tell me you're cat stacking, I expect to see something like this:
3:18 AM
@linksassin Probably for the same reason why I got locked out for saying some nasty things about an ambiguous and non-existent person, though without context seemed very aimed at someone in chat
@Miniman I'd love to see someone try that with cats :P
@Ben I'm not sure how this relates to that.
Talking about chat flags?
@Ash I'm not sure I would. I'd love to see someone succeed with cats, though.
@Ash I think his just saying that the flags come with absolutely 0 context so you can get banned for things that with context were fine
3:19 AM
@Ben It's more the "probably for the same reason" part that confuses me
@Miniman ah, yes, you are right, that is a very important difference
You would be dead, the cats would destroy you
@Ash Yeah. The lack of context
@Ben ah, okay :)
I know that's something the Bridge used to have trouble with. (But in general the Bridge has gotten a lot less....hm....messy/complex, I guess, due to some very strong efforts by various humans who inhabit the room. )
@Ash There are various rooms across the network that got permanently frozen for repeated poor behavior. I'm very glad our site isn't like that
@linksassin nods THe Bridge used to be more infamous in that sense, but then we were like "okay nope lets fix that". It's still more...liberal in it's application of certain ideas, I guess, but it's not the terribleness it could be.
I'm kinda proud of that.
3:25 AM
@Ash Nice work!
@Ben We collectively worked pretty dang hard, and I am glad, it could have gone in a much differenter direction.
I'm proud that this chat is largely a safe and respectful place. I feel like I could invite just about anyone here and know that they'd feel welcome and safe.
@Rubiksmoose That is definitely something I value about this room, specifically
@Ash That really is great news :D Well done to everyone
@Ash and it didn't just happen accidentally! People worked hard over the years to create a culture where respect is the norm and anybody who is acting out of line gets corrected. And not just by mods or room owners, by the community at large. That is a special thing :)
3:29 AM
@Rubiksmoose yeah, it's so cool to see. Like I barely play stuff, only have 101 rep and I still feel so welcomed here.
This room is good? :P
That can't be right
@trogdor Well one thing it certainly is not is on-topic (glances at cat stacking convo) lol
@trogdor If you think this room is bad, maybe go look on some other forums :P
But we aren't miracle workers right?
Aug 7 '18 at 20:02, by doppelgreener
At least for this chat, going by its history, the most off-topic thing anyone's probably asked in here was a tabletop RPG question.
3:32 AM
@V2Blast One of my favorite quotes
@Ben I don't think I'm going to do that thing
@V2Blast Maybe we should change the room description to Main chat room for "tabletop role-playing games"
@trogdor Lolol
This and discord are the only online social area's I frequent
And even for Discord I'm only in two places
And the second is extremely recent and low activity
Off-topic question. Anyone have any experience with Savage Worlds? We recently reach a new level and I have Power Points to spend.
@trogdor saaaame. I don't even do FB.
3:39 AM
@Ben Correct, it's very off-topic. :P
@Rubiksmoose I'm not usually on that either
I go weeks without opening it at a time, often longer Even
And when I do it's because someone direct messaged me
And then I leave after reading it
I wish the people who did that would contact me other ways honestly
Yeah :-/ Luckily my parents are slowly learning that I don't see/respond to stuff on there.
yeah, I'm glad I don't deal with FB or anything like that
3:42 AM
I use...a large number of social networks.
@Rubiksmoose I have the opposite problem. My parents still leave voicemails when I miss there calls. I ring them back and they say "I left a voicemail"
(My second favourite immigration question was "list all the methods you and your spouse use to contact each other when you are not in the same physical space". We had...a long list for that.)
@Ben hah!
other than my Stackizenry and a couple of Discords, only one of which is large/active, all I am on is like...a forum or two, and even then only sporadically
@Ben If you get Power Boards you can multiply your Power Points.
3:45 AM
@Miniman Well I'm at my third set of 5, so I don't want to overload it
@Ben As long as you don't plug Power Boards into other Power Boards you should be fine.
I use the "Presentation" feature in LibreOffice.
@BESW facepalm
3:52 AM
grins I like that.
@Ben that was painful
I love it
You're welcome XD
...wow, I'm apparently the all-time top asker on Anima: Beyond Fantasy questions. I don't know whether to be proud, bemused, or ashamed. Or none of the above.
@Stackstuck all of the above!
4:06 AM
@Stackstuck By quite a margin too. I don't see why you were surprised :P
I'm a few questions away from having asked half of all Anima questions by volume.
I'm just kind of surprised that all of this low-hanging fruit, in a sense, is still out there
or perhaps at the number of rules holes.
Heretical Geese (free itch.io link) by Yoon Ha Lee & Ursula Whitcher is a two-page tabletop roleplaying game for a cunning Fox (or GM) and wary Geese (or players). Can the Geese achieve moral insights before being assimilated?
Someone in one of my RPG discords is running a game of Lancer sometime during weekends... It seems cool, but unfortunately I already have 3 games (theoretically) on weekends and I'm not sure I can do another
4:51 AM
Does anyone know if there is a reason we don't have a food-and-drink tag?
@linksassin I can say that I do not know.
Q: Are questions entirely about snacks on topic?

TridusIn gm-techniques there are lots of questions and answers that mention snacks (One example). Those questions are usually broader than just snacks, and I can't find any question that's only about snacks. Would a question solely about snacks be on topic? The question I'm thinking about came about b...

I could hazard a guess, but that's not your question :P
@BESW While entertaining that isn't quite what I meant.
We seem to have over 200 question about food in rpgs but no tag for them.
To the meta-mobile, Robin!
5:57 AM
So at the moment, My PC in Savage Worlds is Hard to hit, Has a fairly high ability to hit, and moderately high damage. My downfall is that I have no buffer against wounds, and have not much skill variation.
I was thinking of taking a skill boost, or potentially the "Command" edge, which leads to basically an "AoE boost" effect, with additional bonuses as you progress
6:57 AM
Q: Should we have a [food-and-drink] tag?

linksassinWe have 212 questions about food within the context of rpgs, but no tag to connect them. A question was just asked where the definition of food and drink will be important to the answers. I was looking for tags for the question and couldn't come up with anything better than the generic spells t...

7:07 AM
@Ben Getting hit in SW is such a pain
Boom, wound penalties and stunlock! :)
It only becomes a potential after you get to 2 or 3 wounds, and have no spirit to un-shake
Home Again by Nell Raban is a magical realist game of reclamation powered by the apocalypse.
Folk Horror, by Nell Raban. A roleplaying game about using oppressors’ superstitions against them.
1 hour later…
8:42 AM
I stumbled upon this.
Garfield patron.
@Ben Not as bad, yeah
2 hours later…
10:17 AM
Q: Should there be more requirements for some privileges than just reputation?

hohenheimAt the moment I have almost 3000 reputation (and even one of the golden badge things). So rpg.stackexchange seems to think that I can handle all kinds of roleplay questions and decide about their quality, as I’m almost at the point where I can cast votes to close and reopen stuff. But is that a...

10:42 AM
Morning all.
How are we all this fine Tuesday?
I'm really liking the concept of Nell Raban's "The Island," but the specifics of the roles need some work for me to consider them playable.
Thinking about joining the DREAMJAM.
@Someone_Evil yeah, it would have been a single question with a single answer. 8^D
10:50 AM
@JohnClifford At work, fantasizing about board games while my boss fantasizes about me working :)
@BESW mmmm.... jam
11:42 AM
For the next couple of weeks I'll be travelling internationally: I'll rarely be around. I can't think of anything you'd need me for rather than other mods, but if something comes up feel free to ping me and don't expect a quick reply.
@nitsua60 Sheep references, obviously!
Be safe, and send us a postcard.
My boss can only fantasise about me working until Friday, and then I'm off to a new job. :D
Oh! Is that good?
I'll still be a programmer but for a bunch more money so yeah. ^_^
Cool, congrats then!
My boss can fantasize me working until Thursday afternoon because Friday's Midsummer eve
12:36 PM
I just made this complaint to my wife and it's one of my favorite complaints I've ever made.
Playing in that game was the worst. Three couples who are so habitually late I feel like they’re a part of some cult religion where one of the main tenants is tardiness.
@Rubiksmoose You would think that, cake-sniffer.
@goodguy5 the only other usage of the word "tardiness" I have heard off before was by Twilight... ^_^
I think I learned the word from the Simpsons. I used to watch them with near-religious zeal.
@BESW It is called transhumance
After all, summer is coming, time to move to the higher pastures.
12:51 PM
I think I learned "tardiness" from my regular school, but now I'm not so sure. Definitely "tardy", and I try to know all of the forms of words I learn.
can someone check this link for me?

at work and it's blocked
When you open a meta about a specific flag that has been rejected, what tags do you use?
@Akixkisu support or discussion, if you think it's a community matter
support and flaggin?
@goodguy5 I unironically love that I just got a notification with only that in it lol
Q: Can Ogre clerics use Purify Food and Drink on humanoid characters?

xznozomiCan Ogre clerics use Purify Food and Drink on humanoid characters to cure them as humanoid creatures are regarded as food in Ogre culture? Similarly, can Ogre clerics use Create Food and Water to summon a halfling teammate?

12:59 PM
@goodguy5 What do you mean by checking the link? It links to phase spider on D&D Beyond
@Sdjz If I were to guess, goodguy probably constructed the link by hand and is making sure it works.
@Rubiksmoose Oh that makes sense, then yes, it works fine @goodguy5
that is exactly what happened. thanks for checking
yea. I typed phase-spider and was worried I had the formatting wrong....

but I started worrying about it AFTER I'd already made the edit lol
@Akixkisu , come to mind
There are so many more meta tags than I originally thought....
oh hai, nits. where you travelin to?
1:06 PM
@goodguy5 I usually just guess with the links as well. Replace spaces with dashes and it's usually good to go.
@nitsua60 Get it before it brexits
ring those bells, if you know what I'm sayin
@goodguy5 Thanks!
@goodguy5 That's exactly what I'm'a do =)
Including a day at the National Twelve-Bell Striking Competition, where I will easily be the worst of hundreds--if not thousands!--of ringers.
@GcL Like the elves departing from the Grey Havens, soon the British will leave this world...?
1:14 PM
@Akixkisu I didn't want to start off an edit 'war', but on this recent edit the comma was a good grammatical edit, but the second edit really wasn't necessary. If anything, adding "the" into sentences I try and void. If you can read it out loud and it sounds fine without it, then it's not necessary :)
Holy moly, people: IKEA's selling a hex-patterned glass table for less than a battlemat of the same size.
@nitsua60 that's bonkers!
@nitsua60 do you think they get it?
do they know what they've done?
@NautArch it is an unverified preposition usage about which some people care. Sometimes one does these additional edits out of habit.
1:24 PM
@Akixkisu If it can go one way or the other, then I think it's better not to make the edit. Not sure if one's personal preference is worth editing for.
But the sentence reads perfectly fine without it, so the additional "the" just clutters it in my mind.
@NautArch it doesn't go one way or another, one way is clear - the other is not. But I wouldn't make that as the sole edit it is an addition to a substantial edit.
@Akixkisu This is why I didn't want to start the edit war. I just don't see the need for that edit. I've said my piece, i'll let it go. Just suggesting that when editing, look carefully at the real impact. If it was my own copy, I'd revert it.
I generally agreed with the tag edits on that, but the copy seemed fine to me.
(minus the missing comma, but that also wasn't horrific)
@nitsua60 Unlikely, but I doubt it's going to be better afterwards. Like after the elves discovered orange paint.... all the enclaves look like freakin' construction sites... which is why everyone stays away these days.
yawn good mornong
1:36 PM
i was greeted by an unpleasant surprise in my yard, we got an invader weed (plant transported from another country which can take over a whole neigbornhood if left alone))
@MageintheBarrel oh no!
anyways can someone skim over my homebrew real quick mainly the last part I want to know if it's ready for play testing so I can prsent it to my dm
@NautArch as said it isn't a matter of preference. To care about the grammar used is the preference. It is a syntax error, but one that most people don't notice. The edit adds clarity.
@MageintheBarrel sure. where it be
1:38 PM
@MageintheBarrel racist (kidding)
the forest is black not the people there
@Akixkisu I 100% disagree. But I'm not going to argue about it anymore.
it's called that becuase it's cursed to be perpetually under the darkness spell
@goodguy5 What if they had cherry filling?
the space is twisted too
1:40 PM
@goodguy5 Just a gentle prod, but I'd personally prefer we don't joke about things being racist (for future reference). There too much stuff that is in the world and I feel like making a joke out of it sometimes trivialises that.
that 3.5 movement question is a doozy
the world does revolve around white cisgendered males afterall (i'll leave it at that)
@MageintheBarrel Blindsight 60 is REALLY strong
shorted it?
@goodguy5 massively. Usually blindsight is 10ish, right?
1:41 PM
There was a question addressing similar issues with a homebrew warlock invocation just the other day
@Rubiksmoose What if we're talking about the public's out-sized value on the 100m dash compared to the other running events?
and "advantage in the dark" is equally, if not more strong
hmm, quite a few monsters have a 60' blindsight. down to CR 5, too.
and lower
@NautArch they're monsters, though, and have supposedly developed those traits over several generations
@Yuuki As a former very amateur long distance runner, I'm definitely on board with this lol
1:42 PM
if I remove the ability score and proficency would that balance it out?
gray ooze at 1/2 has 60'
Humanoid ones though?
@JohnClifford only one; Drow Archomancer at 10'
Blindsight is less of a broken thing for creatures that don't have opposable thumbs. :P
what about tremorsense?
1:44 PM
60' still seems excessive though.
@MageintheBarrel any of those extra senses is pretty strong. The abilities are almost exclusively relegated to non-player creatures, and when they do show up for PCs, they're very limited
OR they're 20th-level epic boons
The problem with having Blindsight and Tremorsense is that it's really difficult to render a PC unable to pinpoint the location of anything that causes vibrations.
wouldn't they constantly run into walls
not if you have darkvision
1:46 PM
with tremorsense
which is such a common trait that it's almost trivial
I'd say "perceive its surroundings" would include barriers like walls.
@MageintheBarrel no humanoids have tremorsense
@MageintheBarrel why would they run into walls?
becuase walls don't make virbrations?
1:46 PM
Blindsight would cover any areas Tremorsense didn't.
they do if you make vibrations around them
@MageintheBarrel It does seem most things with tremorsense tend to be associated with being in/part of earth/rock.
the person also has no eyesight
I'm with @JohnClifford that they can "perceive their surroundings" and would be familiar with their lair. Actually blind creatures probably wouldn't be moving around much anyway
@SirCinnamon not how the ability works.
1:47 PM
You'd essentially be completely aware of everything going on around you with few ways to impede that.

It'd basically be kind of like...you know how they show Daredevil's "sight" in the show?
@JohnClifford I was on board with that show until they did that
unlike most enemies with tremorsense
@goodguy5 Please take it as a friendly request :)
@G.Moylan very Matrix 3 of them
You weren't a fan of that, @G.Moylan?
1:48 PM
@Rubiksmoose Here we see the violence inherent in the system!
I mean it's long been canonical that Daredevil's superpower is essentially that he's a blind guy who can see. My friends and I have had a running joke about that for years. :P
@JohnClifford I liked the show itself I just thought how they portrayed his senses as actually being supernatural kinda dumb.
what if they could only hear touch and taste no sense of smell or sight
@goodguy5 But I haven't even started to han out the swords yet!
@MageintheBarrel If they're in magical darkness, why haven't they evolved devll's sight?
why blindsight/tremorsense over that?
1:49 PM
there's devils sight?
@MageintheBarrel as a character that would still be a huge hindrance to a party
Is Devil's Sight not just 60' Darkvision?
IIRC, blindsight doesn't penetrate magical darkness.
Devil's sight is a warlock invocation
pierces magical darkness
@Rubiksmoose Strange women layin in ponds, distributing swords, is no basis for a system of government.
1:50 PM
I don't see how you could evolve that though, I'd imagine being able to sense through other means would be much more likely to evolve
@Yuuki It does (because it isnt really sight)
i thought it was just true sight blindsight tremorsense and darksight
Wait, how does magical darkness impede Blindsight when the whole point is that it's surroundings perception without requiring vision?
@JohnClifford Magic.
@DucksGoMooful I mean, if the darkness is in them, then that's enough reason to gain devil's sight, but under another name.
1:51 PM
If you can't see the darkness it shouldn't matter how magical it is. :P
<jazz hands>
(I'm only reading the back half of this conversation so you can feel free to ignore me if I missed something already said :P)
either way granting these abilities as baseline to a PC is hugely strong
@MageintheBarrel Hot take: you're making a homebrew race, so there's nothing stopping you from homebrewing what kind of vision it has.
Yeah, being able to always know where everything is around you is pretty OP.
1:51 PM
and again, the "advantage in darkness" is huge.
If the existing vision mechanics don't do what you need, make up your own.
it a curse that swallows all light all forms of sight that rely on eyes don't work it
@JohnClifford lukewarm take; possibly downright tepid
what kind of sense do you suggest?
Wait, aren't you using a homebrew class as well?
1:53 PM
Tepid take, then. ;)
@goodguy5 do you approach this topic with... tepid-ation?
i can only think of senses in terms of blindsense
Any character addition that lets you see through magical darkness has hefty balance implications
@G.Moylan more like a ... tepido
Oh man I am totally homebrewing a class that gets extra power and advantage from making puns while using actions.
1:54 PM
@JohnClifford That's called a Bard
What about orangesense, the ability to detect the presence of the color orange?
that sounds dumb
Oh man I am totally homebrewing a class that gets extra power and advantage from making puns while using actions that doesn't screw everything in a 50 mile radius.
@JohnClifford wouldn't that rely heavily on the player's ability to be funny, though?
@MageintheBarrel Orange is a color, not a sound.
1:55 PM
@G.Moylan Luckily my group is on fire with the puns and lateral thinking humour, generally.
Although I suppose it is certainly a loud color.
@JohnClifford please edit the curse out
@Yuuki No it's a fruit
1:55 PM
@G.Moylan this chat is logged
@JohnClifford Devil's Sight permits sight through magical darkness where darkvision doesn't.
Edited, apologies.
np np I've been caught on that a couple times myself
Whoa, jumping the gun a bit there on that chat flag, people.
Oh yeah, forgot about Dashing Swordsman.
1:56 PM
what if it's short range tremprsense
@Yuuki yeah I clicked it before he replied
I'm used to being in uncensored chats and we Scots tend to use cussing as punctuation, so I'm not used to having to pay attention to it. I'll try to be more aware.
@G.Moylan Maybe wait at least a minute before chat flagging since verified flags result in a minute-long chat ban.
And escalates in duration from there.
Eh, that's fine. The worst thing that will happen is that you won't have to put up with me for a while. :P
@Yuuki I did not know that, I simply wanted to get help in case there were issues
1:58 PM
theres a rare dagger that gives you blindsight for 30 ft in waterdeep
And it's rare.
@MageintheBarrel RARE dagger
you guys said it was only legendary
also aren't there ways to sneak past tremorsense tho
Well...not making things vibrate would be the obvious one.

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