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12:01 AM
@BlackSpike Roll for Shoes is a very small RPG.
Aha. I've heard the phrase ...
I might use it in my game :) the super-solider and the psychic investigator probably have at least "shoes". the drug-addled scientist and the blood-addicted, sugar-addicted pretend-vampire: Roll for Shoes!
It might be the ambiguity of the "roll for […]" phrase as well.
I tend to free-form a lot ... Roll for {...} appears quite frequently
Sometimes I do like my players, on that. There's a borderline call, and I'll roll a d20 in the open, "Did I bring [x]?" ... i roll a 12 ... I'm "hmmm .. maybe" .. player is "that looks like 'NO'".
16=definitely YES, 7=definitely NO. I hate middling rolls!
heh. That's one of the reasons I like the granularity of resolution in systems like PbtA, Fate, Cthulhu Dark, etc.
Anything that's just a yes/no binary has to have a really good reason for the binary or I'm gonna ignore it.
12:19 AM
Quite the opposite, sometimes. i just need a binary yes/no. granular yes/but, maybe, no/and ... 12-out-of-20 .... no, i think I'll just flip a coin
12:40 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in answer, bad keyword with email in answer, potentially bad keyword in answer (172): How do I handle Arcane Spell Failure? by Lily Caor on rpg.SE (@doppelgreener)
1:03 AM
1:15 AM
@Ben Challenge mode: How quickly can you annoy guests with "elephant in the room" puns
@MikeQ I am currently the reigning champ of this. It's at the point where I will begin telling a story, and halfway through, people will ask if this is "leading up to a punchline"
Because I can apparently not take anything seriously. lol
"Ok guys, we need to address the elephant in the room.." (Turns to elephant lamp) "I apologise for leaving you out of the conversation"
Q: If the Dragon's Breath spell is cast on a familiar, does it use the wizard's DC or familiar's DC?

RyanFromGDSEXGE has a spell that lets anything that breaths spew magical energy from its mouth for 10 rounds called Dragon's Breath (p. 154). Part of it reads: Each creature in that area must make a Dexterity saving throw, taking 3d6 damage of the chosen type on a failed save, or half as much damage on a...

@Ben You need to address the elephant so it can feel acknowledged. Otherwise it might feel irrelephant.
1:28 AM
@MikeQ irr🐘
@trogdor every sweater Mae West ever wore. (By the way, we used to call the life jackets Mae Wests a few decades ago. No any more)
@Ryan Yeah, warlock is a neat class. Lots of customization options
hey there @KorvinStarmast and hey again @Ben
@BlackSpike yeah, it's interesting political theater.
@Ben still busybusy? :)
1:35 AM
Not overly at this point, but I will be leaving soon
hey shal
@KorvinStarmast how've things been? mind if we talk in the back room a bit about spell selection btw?
Yeah, over I go!
1:46 AM
@Ben Did you buy an 🐘 lamp just to make that joke?
@KorvinStarmast evening sirrah.
hey there @linksassin and @JohnP
@linksassin … not yet
@Shalvenay G'day, how's it going?
@Ben Not just to make that joke. An 🐘 lamp is its own reward.
1:47 AM
@linksassin alright here, as for you?
@Shalvenay Much that same. Late start today after a late night of database migration.
@linksassin Oh yay... that's my favourite thing!
been dealing with rude vendor library behavior at $work as of late :P
(aka "how not to handle SIGSEGV")
@BESW This is very true.
In all honesty, my father is the elephant collector. Not intentionally, he just kept getting elephant statues (small ones), and now has about 30 different elephants around the house
@Ben How can you get 30 🐘 statues by accident?
1:53 AM
@linksassin He just kept receiving them as gifts. I think it started out as a "luck" thing (a statue of an elephant with its trunk raised is supposed to be good luck), then after a while people started to assume that he liked elephants. Lol
@Ben I brought my parents back a hand carved baby elephant from India just recently.
He actually has never purchased any elephant-related items ever in his life.
@JohnP Oh lovely!
@JohnP we be talking level up choices in back room ... sorry
@Ben not even a (wait for it) trunk to store them in?
@KorvinStarmast no worries. Just waiting on nit to get back from wherever and see his pings.
@JohnP [rim-shot]
1:57 AM
@Ben my fav char to play for whimsy is a pun based bard.
I'll be honest, I am a little jealous of his collection. There are some rather magnificent ones there
@KorvinStarmast did Mrs mast okay the hex glass?
@JohnP we are advised by Mrs S to revisit this topic in July.
travel ...
I'd be tempted to get r🐘 decor, but that way lies those haole expat bathrooms where Ganesh watches you take a wee.
(@trogdor knows what I'm talking about.)
2:00 AM
@BESW Isn't Ganesh always watching?
Ugh, no, Ganesh isn't a creeper.
Well, not watching.
You know how "cutesy motivational poster on the bathroom door" is a trope in some places?
Around here, there's a particular kind of home with a bathroom stuffed full of expensive tchotchkes from their vacations in Thailand.
@BESW The sort where you open the door and immediately die of suffocation due to Ganesh-Knows-How-Many incense and perfumed wood items they have stashed in there?
That's the extreme version, yes.
2:05 AM
I can say that I have experienced said version.
And of course you can usually tell it's that kind of home before you see the bathroom. There's at least two wooden masks on the wall in the living room and one of the lamps is wood carefully carved to look like somebody found it on the beach.
@BESW Yeah. That one piece of driftwood carefully mounted over the fireplace, on its own special stand
I get the "smile and nod" reflex.
There's a whole community of people here for whom that's normal. And I look to them like I'm part of that community.
Maybe I should write a short horror RPG about it.
2:12 AM
@BESW Would read.
Actually I was talking to a guy that likes to write short stories about Super heroes/meta humans don't want their abilities. Like, they use them to overcome their own mental health issues, etc.
Hm. That makes me think about Sundown's approach to disability with the setting's ability to change your body.
Sort of Like Jessica Jones, except to a more extreme degree
That's what you get when a transhumanist game is written by people with physical and mental disabilities.
yeah, I'm really happy to see so many new games that are both by and for marginalized people.
See also '"The Wave Is Building" – An Interview with DC' by Evan Torner for Analog Game Studios.
2:36 AM
I noly got about halfway through it, but it looks interesting
@BESW I mean, I guess that's one form of "overcoming obstacles"... in this case the obstacle is being unable to pee while being watched
@BESW -- reading that interview...interesting stuff
@BESW hey, mind if I ping you in a Discord PM actually? you might be a good sounding-board for something that's on my brain
I gotta dash... Ciao for now!
later @Ben
@Shalvenay Sure, but I may not be able to respond smartly right away.
2:43 AM
How's everyone doing tonight?
@Ben ttfn
A bit stressed for no good reason
Would you like a good reason? I'm sure we can come up with one for you.
I've worked out the physical characteristics of the tome of star flight; you pretty much need a blast furnace to destroy it
@V2Blast 'sup V?
2:47 AM
@JohnP Not much, just having some pizza + whiskey and coke
relaxing a bit
Cool. I'm playing with the char gen on DnDB
if I could figure out how to get permanent fire resistance on an item I'd love to add it.
@Joshua Keep the tome underwater, so it can't be lit on fire
@JohnP nice. I rarely "theorycraft" characters - I basically only make them when I'm in a campaign and come up with a new concept that fits that game
@V2Blast I only know the very basics of 5e, trying to see the various effects of races, etc.
2:51 AM
ah, cool cool. I've played for about a year and a half
@MikeQ: I could actually do that. It can't be destroyed by water as it is.
@V2Blast I played some 5e when it first came out, but not since the second boy was born, so...3ish years.
@JohnP haha, I see
base game hasn't changed much, just a bunch more subclasses and spells. plus expanding to additional settings (Eberron, Ravnica).
@V2Blast So I gather. I want to get into a group, but not many around here that aren't full.
And by a "bunch", that's maybe twice as many subclasses than in PHB, and a few handfuls of spells. We're not talking 3.X degrees of inflation.
2:58 AM
@JohnP Have I already extended a Discord invite to you? :)
@V2Blast Yeah, but I haven't had much chance to be on it.
@MikeQ yep
@JohnP cool cool.
1 hour later…
4:29 AM
Q: How do I handle a table mixing up the DM and the players' roles too often?

HellSaintSo, after some time I came back to playing live (not online) RPG because a friend of mine, who is used to D&D 3.5, asked me to help him with a 5e table where almost all the players are new to D&D (most have played other systems before though). The thing is: both sides seem to be confusing what i...

@BESW what's this game?
4:49 AM
Q: Can a rogue use Sneak Attack in a Darkness spell cast by another player?

Thunk GrundlebunionI was having debate with one of my players about a possible upcoming scenario and I would love some input. He is a multi-classed Sorcerer/Warlock and at some point soon hopes to use the darkness/Devil's Sight combo. The party also includes a Ranger/Rogue multi-class and she makes great use of h...

5:01 AM
@Stackstuck Sundown (free preview download) (Kickstarter link with more details). Sundown is a low tech science-fantasy set in a transhumanist frontier. Think cyberpunk goes wild west. It's an episodic, queer game that focuses on otherism, class, and colonialism.
Thank you.
Their Discord channel and Twitter account are linked in the Kickstarter.
5:18 AM
Getting a server slot open would be a pain. Darn.
5:42 AM
...Why is 5e my 'top tag' when I've gotten the vast majority of my rep from Anima, anyway? How does that even get calculated?
What's your mouseover stats?
Asked 12 non-wiki questions with a total score of 48, gave 2 answers score 2 / asked 27 questions score 121.
And I'm pretty sure I'm not going to be finding any questions to answer since i'm the only person to have asked anything in the tag in the last...I don't even know how long.
If it hasn't changed in seven years...
A: What defines a "Top Tag"?

Frédéric HamidiExactly what it says on the tin: the 40 top tags are the 40 first elements in the tag list. That list is ordered by the number of questions decorated with each tag, descending. Also note that the Generalist badge won't be available until all of the 40 top tags decorate 200 questions or more.

Q: Top Tags for Questions

Mark HurdThe main displayed stats for Tags have always been for Answers, with Questions demoted to only be mentioned in tooltips. With the new prominence of the Top Tags in the new-style Profile page, perhaps it can now have a Questions view as well (i.e. without having to look at the tooltips, which are...

...then why is it 5e, again? I have skills and proficiency with total score 4 each.
They're even in front of 5e in the list.
And yeah, I feel you on the dearth of subject material. I'm the only person to ever have asked a question about and
5:56 AM
Sheesh. You have it worse than me.
Are you getting any answers?
Sometimes I answer myself. Sometimes it takes more than a year to get an answer that's not gonna get deleted outright. And if you ask questions about extremely obscure but modern systems... sometimes the creator shows up to answer it.
But honestly I can't blame anybody for that, it's a bizarre and obscure system.
Every other question has at least gotten an answer, even if it was my own.
I think I have like...3 I'm still waiting on any answer on, and a whole lot more I'm waiting on a quality answer on.
@Stackstuck I think your "Top Tag" is the one you are closest to getting a badge for. Which is a combination of number of answers and answer score. That's why 5e is your top tag.
@Stackstuck Honorable mention goes to the tag where the only question other than mine is just asking "what's this game BESW is asking about?"
6:13 AM
@BESW If someone asked a question for every one of your games we would have a lot more questions on obscure tags.
@linksassin I'm pretty sure we've got people who started asking Roll For Shoes questions because they learned about the game from questions on this site.
...I just ran across an old answer where I got downvoted for... saying that 3.5 has conflicting rules and that's okay?
I don't know, and I'm just guessing as to the reason for the downvoting.
It's not a single downvote, I get those semi-regularly and consider them just noise in the system; if you're never getting downvoted it means nobody's reading your posts.
A: Can you take the run action underwater?

BESWIf ruling strictly by the book then it's a matter of what "the book" means for your group. I'd recommend exercising DM adjudication to allow or disallow running as seems appropriate for the specific narrative context. Going by the DMG, applying the effects of difficult terrain is a GM call in al...

I'm guessing that people who just want a rules-as-written explanation don't like the editorial, and people who just want a common sense ruling don't like the rules-as-written discussion.
Oh hey, I'm also the only person to ask questions about .
6:36 AM
...That game sounds pretty fun, actually. From what limited information I was able to glean from the questions.
InSpectres? Yeah, it's pretty fun!
And the core mechanic around running a small business is solid enough that I'd recommend it as a basis for games with similar concepts.
Basically you've got a small business. You earn points by finishing jobs, and you can put the points into different parts of the business like Research and Credit. Then on your next job you can spend those points to improve your rolls in order to do your job better.
The big tension, then, comes from taking big enough jobs that you make a profit, but not so big that you go bankrupt trying to finish them.
(And if an employee needs to take time off after a stressful job, that comes out of your points too.)
that seems pretty cool :)
6:52 AM
And every time someone mentions a thing the business has, like a fax machine or a company car or whatever, that player rolls their character's own Technology stat and describes details about the thing accordingly.
In one of our games, the company car was a minivan airbrushed with a scene like a heavy metal album cover, and our research library was the stack of heavily annotated old D&D monster manuals in a cardboard box in the back of the van.
We also had a photocopier machine that never broke or ran out of ink, but it made snide comments about whatever you were copying.
@BESW amazing
@V2Blast I think it's a great example of a game that's designed for fun and interesting stories rather than strict "balance." Snide comments don't have any mechanical drawback, nothing but an opportunity for roleplaying funny moments in the office.
When you roll badly and are told to add a drawback to the thing you're describing, that's a good thing for the story, it's not about "balancing" the fact that you got a cool thing.
7:18 AM
I just remembered, one game of InSpectres that I ran with a friend who hadn't played many, if any, non-D&D games before. His eyes practically bugged out of his head when he realized I was using local family and place names in the game.
Like, we weren't playing in a European fantasy land, or TV's Americana, but here.
@BESW How dare you? You are only allowed to use your imagination in the pre-described fantasy world of imagination. Anything else is heresy.
It was great.
Especially since for us, localization means extra "not like anything in books or TV or movies," because the family names are Chargulaf and Taitano and Quichocho; the locations are Yoña and Talofofo and Mongmong.
@BESW Closest I've come to this is using street names and signage as inspiration for NPCs. Theres a street called "Great Ryrie St" near me and guess who was the villain in a one shot I ran? "Ryrie the Great (self-titled)"
We also did a session of Dog Eat Dog set in local reality; we played activists working a native-language-awareness stall in a local festival.
That was really intense because it was re-framing everyday interactions we're all familiar with.
7:30 AM
And our Bubblegumshoe campaign is in a lightly fictionalized version of the town where I went to college; we use Google Maps for our map of it.
@BESW I think I might steal that idea if I ever run a modern setting.
On a totally unrelated note: it's looking less and less like this Starfinder campaign I signed up for is happening...
@linksassin There's this feature where you can make a private instance of Google Maps and share it with your friends so your group can make annotations and notes and things.
@BESW That's cool. I know you can reskin the map as well. Custom colour scheme as such. I used it for my wedding invites.
@BESW :o that is cool
7:59 AM
@V2Blast @linksassin google.com/maps/about/mymaps
For example, this map is annotated with information from the Evil Hat post-zombie-apocalypse setting Morts.
2 hours later…
10:15 AM
Hey everyone
Glad to see Tumbleweed and Reversal badges are being retired.
@kviiri Hey. My first reaction to the removal of Reversal was negative, since I saw it as encouraging answerers to be friendlier, but the new variant of Reversal seems to still be good, and if I'm understanding correctly, its earlier incarnation had issues with implementation/counting.
@vicky_molokh Yeah, the new version of Reversal seems like it's promoting more positive outcomes
@kviiri My only regret about the new reversal is that requires the question to rise into the positives, which I think is too optimistic/strict a requirement.
it's only a badge
10:31 AM
Well of course it's only a badge, but badges are used to show what are the behaviours rewarded by the site owners using fake Internet points.
Like the necromancy badges are used to show that it's OK to necromance old threads.
yeah, and the behaviour they're trying to encourage in this case is answers which make questions look better
Well, in the old reversal case, it didn't really work.
Yeah, as I typed, I did see that it had problems of implementation.
Snarky answers to bad questions often net more points than actually useful answers to ok questions, and that too is a problem
@kviiri That's one I haven't considered. Though OTOH, snark seems like a good reason to pull a flag.
1 hour later…
11:47 AM
@vicky_molokh in our brave new stack exchange future, yeah
but historically
Flags are a new thing?
there's an attitude which doesn't change that quickly
flagging for something as "mild" as being snarky, yes
SE's whole "hey, let's try and be friendly to each other" is a pretty new thing
12:12 PM
@BESW huh, that's a well presented answer. I don't get the down vote. I up voted it since it makes sense.
@KorvinStarmast keep in mind that answer is +5/-4. I expect it's people disagreeing because they think the rules are not actually ambiguous
Thanks. I think people just get snippy about the idea that their system of choice doesn't have Great Universal Rules For Everything. Especially if it's a system like GURPS or d20 which advertises itself that way.
@V2Blast sorry to here that.
@Carcer yeah, I'm taking a really literalistic, pig-headed read on the rules there, because I'm giving multiple perspectives and bloody-minded is definitely a common way to read the 3.5 rules.
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword with email in answer, email in answer, pattern-matching email in answer (260): How do spells that require an ability check vs. the caster's spell save DC work? by Hellen Alexender on rpg.SE (@doppelgreener)
12:19 PM
@Carcer When I find an answer that makes sense, or has a particular approach that I feel is good, I don't care if it is a one point answer where the accepted answer has 70. I'll up vote it.
@Carcer While I can certainly play the hair splitting and rules parsing game, and I have on a number of occasions on this stack, it's not how I prefer to approach the game or the hobby. Seen too many rules disputes that were IRL at the table (versus arguing back and forth on the internet which is its own game) ruin RL fun.
@KorvinStarmast wasn't trying to argue you shouldn't, only meaning to point out it wasn't just one passing downvote
@Carcer I am able to view answer scores. :-)
I am very good at telling people things they already know, please respect my skills
@Carcer We bow in awe at your mad skills ... 8^D
Getting a sensible answer on a 3.5e question that includes the "what makes narrative sense" approach is IMO refreshing to read.
what is "bloody-minded"?
12:24 PM
Might be a brain aneurism? j/k
my uncle almost died of one of those
@goodguy5 bloody-mindedness is basically extreme stubborness
or being deliberately uncooperative
is primarily british usage.
ah, classic britishisms
@Carcer It was +3/-4 this morning.
12:44 PM
Morning all :)
morning reeboks
@Carcer No, you're confused, his name is roblox
@Carcer How did you find out about the secret new company-sponsored moderators SE initiative?
hahahaha! Perfect
Soon to come: DoppleMeanGreener
Anyways, these custom-made reeboks feel great on my hooves!
Anyways, how's everyone doing today?
12:58 PM
@Rubiksmoose Another pony! Finally!
@Derpy rubiks is a moose, not a pony
@Derpy [puts Reeboks hat over antlers] hello fellow pony!
@Carcer an unicorn is a pony with an horn. A moose is clearly a pony with two horns.
@Derpy and two hooves per foot
so a moose is basically just a double-unicorn
@Derpy can't fault that logic!
1:02 PM
(5 guys is a regional burger joint)
@goodguy5 they have spread out all over the country ... and yes, I like them.
You'd think with all the burgers they sell they'd have run out of their 5 guys by now
@KorvinStarmast well, the US, yes, but I don't think they have much of a footprint elsewhere.
there are some 5 Guys in the UK
1:21 PM
I find the uniform quality of chain restaurants convenient, but the internet has made finding local places pretty convenient as well.
Hey I worked in fast food, and I found the uniforms to be distinctly low-quality.
I worked at a particularly fast sandwich shop and I had to buy my own t-shirts to wear on the job
they were also terrible quality. We were also required to purchase and wear a hat
I think there are laws against that sort of thing now
i mean... maybe not universally but at least in some places
The one nice thing about it was they just pro-rated our first check for whatever we purchased, but that first check subsequently kinda sucked
1:41 PM
an employer that forces you to buy equipment from them in order to do your job is absolute scum
@Carcer Didn't Dante reserve the 4th circle of his hell for those corporate types?
all those eerily quick sandwich shops are franchised, so it wouldn't surprise me to find out that just our owner was doing that. Guy was a real tool
@GcL Fourth is avarice AND prodigality. Nope, those go all the way down to 8th Circle - Fraud.
Because Fraud it is.
1:58 PM
yeah in retrospect that should have been my sign to just leave, but I was 20/21 and really needed a job
the other signs should have been when the owner made us come in even though there was 22 inches of snow on the ground, and when you had to find your own replacement when you were sick. if you couldn't find one, you had to come in
@G.Moylan I don't blame people stuck in awful jobs for needing awful jobs to get by
it's very easy for people to say "if it's so bad you should just quit" when that's not really a realistic option for lots of people
@G.Moylan Finding your own replacement is not uncommon in entry level shift jobs, unfortunately.
yeah I see all these posts online about "life is too short! just quit your crap job and start doing what you love, everything will work out" and almost everyone writing them is either extremely wealthy or has been very lucky. If I could quit my current job and just do whatever I felt like, I would. But that is so far away from being an option
@JohnP food service though. They made us come in and sneeze on peoples sandwiches.
@G.Moylan I didn't say it was right :) And yeah, that's gross.
hopefully with the prevalence of job automation we'll start seeing a cultural shift from working to live to working as an option, but that's a suuuper long way off from reality
2:09 PM
@KorvinStarmast yeah I'm really excited! Warlocks always been my favorite class in games and think itll be a much better fit for me then Wizard which is something I've never played in any game
@G.Moylan it'll be a necessary change but a really, really painful one, I think
@Rubiksmoose I'm not sure about "what bonuses will a PC get" is clear on the tarrasque wrestle to death question.
I'm looking at that rather interesting adamantium golem creation question. I think it is entirely possible.
Even if they go that route, that's a weird question. Breaking it down, it's just about grappling and creature size categories.
@NautArch It kind of seems like that is what they want though no?
And the answer is pretty easy: you get no bonuses and you can't grapple it to death
Or am I missing something?
2:22 PM
More, there aren't really rules for wrestling inside dnd-5e (outside grappling) and certainly not for strangling. It would be DM adjudication, but here are the rules for suffocating so your DM could use this to determine how long it would take.
ok that was a bit odd.
@JohnP what was?
@Someone_Evil Haha the classic 15 minutes of strangling
okay exaggeration - 6 minutes
@Someone_Evil seems like a Strength(athletics) contest would handle this
@Someone_Evil Newish user posted a question, I vtc as a dupe and they immediately deleted it.
2:33 PM
@Rubiksmoose Maybe? :D They haven't responded to any questions yet, but hopefully they will. It is funny that it's two pyros talking about grappling a tarrasque.
@Rubiksmoose - got a question - My warbow redux is on hold, and I really like the adaptation that is in the answer. Do I delete and repost with the answer as the basis? Or post a new question? What procedure should we follow, and should I ask on meta since this is a new tag/process?
@G.Moylan Yes, there are tools a DM can use, but there little/nothing saying "this is how to strangle someone" (in game rules, obviously)
Ah, I see. Never mind.
@SirCinnamon The CON score of the tarrasque is gonna make that hard. And it's gonna destroy you while it's grappled (if it's even grappled). That thing doesn't have to move to destroy.
@JohnP I was 3/4 through an answer too :(
2:35 PM
@NautArch If you're able to grapple the tarrasque in the first place you've got something going for you
@Rubiksmoose oops. Well, undupe it, post answser, dupe close it and I'll upvote your answer. :p
@JohnP I'd say take it to meta.
@SirCinnamon You've got a tarrasque right next to you that's going to absolutely obliterate you :) Usually being in melee range of it is exactly where you don't want to be :)
@JohnP :P OP thinks it is a dupe so that is good enough.
Uh oh, I upset people over at SO.Meta again.
2:41 PM
@JohnP I'd say take it to Meta.
> StAcK oVeRfLoW dOeSn'T hAvE a ToXiCiTy PrObLeM, yOu'Re ToO nEw To UnDeRsTaNd!1!1!
@Xirema Ridiculous. Sharing information should have a responsibility attached. Ignoring that is absurd.
Jesus, the elitism in that 3rd comment
@Rubiksmoose Done, although I'm not entirely happy with the wording.
Does 5th Edition D&D have rules for Forest Fires, or do I need to derive my own before my next session on Monday?
2:47 PM
@Xirema You're on your own. Half the forests in D&D are magical anyway, so who's to say if they'll burn
@Xirema Is this something in LmOP?
@Xirema d20srd.org/srd/wilderness.htm#forestFiresCr6 that's 3.5, I'm looking for updated.
Q: Homebrew review procedure clarification

JohnPI've got two homebrew questions going currently, for a magic artifact level item in Pathfinder. Original question Followup question [On Hold] I really like the modifications done by @william porter in his answer, so I would like clarification on what steps should be taken. The two options are...

@Xirema think that deserve some nice flagging....
@NautArch Yeah. Our Artificer started a fire right before they entered the Cragmaw Hideout, and no one bothered to put it out before they left the scene.
@Derpy To be honest, I'm not sure it crosses the threshold where I'd start flagging comments, I just find it really funny because it's such a perfect, completely un-self-aware manifestation of the problematic attitudes on SO.
2:50 PM
@Xirema Like a campfire?
Or like a "set some bushes on fire" fire?
@Yuuki No, she set the nearby thicket on fire to kill off the last goblin that was bleeding out without wanting to waste time on a few more turns of combat.
Yep, that'll do it. Although instead of a forest fire, might I suggest a combat encounter?
Perhaps with a giant talking magical bear with a hat?
@Yuuki bear owlbear
@G.Moylan werebear?
@MarkWells Where!?
2:54 PM
Smokey the Bear would be most honestly represented in D&D as an Owlbear, change my mind.
@Xirema as long as he's wearing a hat (and maybe pants), we're good
@Xirema Why not a nice little encounter with the dryads of the trees?
@Xirema I'm always a fan of "actions have consequences", but fire is do darn prevalent as a damage tool that you do need to be careful about when/if you're going to have it have outside effects. Forest fires do generally put themselves out over time with problems mostly arising when they cross into settlements. Is this near a settlement?
@Xirema Set fire using what method (/what spell)?
@Someone_Evil The Firebolt cantrip, targeting the bushes themselves (AC12, she actually missed the first attempt).
> A flammable object hit by this spell ignites if it isn't being worn or carried.
2:59 PM
@Xirema I initially thought "druid in bear form" but as 100% of forest fires in my games have been started by druids, it seems hypocritical of Smokey to put the onus on "only you". Or you could check the weather report before casting call lightning, bear.
So yeah, Smokey the Owlbear it is.
I somewhat ignored the "worn or carried" part in the name of Rule of Cool when I had my wife's Fire Bolt cast set Doru on fire when they let him out of the undercroft.
I mean, a vampire is a flammable object, right? XD
weee my Warlock on Hero Forge. Thinking Ill order it
@Xirema Smokey's a werebear. When they go on their lawful good rampages, they approach wanderers in the forest and inform them of fire safety tips.
3:09 PM
They also set up soup kitchens for homeless adventurers and surreptitiously turn over nat 1 dice.
@Ryan FYI, I did a heroforge, but got the STL file and sent it to ImpactMiniatures for printing.
supposedly they've got better quality in their plastic.
I did get a steel heroforge before which was nice, but it lost a lot of detail.
Got the ImpactMiniature back and it's really nice. One of my employees is currently painting it :)
@JohnClifford TBH, I'm not sure why they include rules like that for most fire spells that can ignite objects. I kind of understand for Firebolt, since that would make the cantrip a lot more powerful, but for properly leveled spells it's a strange restriction.
Yeah, it's kind of funny that you couldn't, say, ignite an NPC's cardigan until they take it off and lay it down somewhere.
@Xirema asked a mod to keep an eye on the tone of the comments. We will see if that helps in any way.
On a related notice, it is always nice to see how a generic question that provides a specific case sample will always and inevitably answered like you were just asking about the specific case, ignoring the more general one in the process.
3:25 PM
@NautArch interesting and good to know. I'm thinking I might just do the cheapest plastic for $20 and not worry about ever trying to paint it TBH. Or I'll keep using the one miniature I have and bring a print out of that to just show the table what the character looks like in my head
Because I mean... you were clearly just asking why that specific post was deleted, right?
@Ryan Just sayin' it'll be cheaper and better detailed from the reviews I"ve seen to go with Impact. I haven't ordered a heroforge plastic to compare, though. Also,Impact prints on a blue rather than the white/grey. Doesn't make a difference if painting, but FYI.
@Ryan be happy you aren't taking place in some Warhammer tournament then :P Painting the miniatures with correct colors for that specific battle is often a requirement there :P
@Derpy I mean, no, not really. That was just the example that pushed me to make a post about it.
3:37 PM
@Xirema I call that an optimization ;)
@BlackSpike then this one may be usefull
*to the tens
OK, thanks guys. Now back to figuring out Scrolling in Pop-ups #tangentBunny
3:55 PM
6500 views, 11 answers in 2 days on fitness. Yeah, that one hit the HNQ. That's a years worth of activity for most questions.
calculus, bleh
When I was making my monk for 5e, I had a somewhat 'duh' realization. Action economy is a huge deal, and making sure you've got a bonus action that you can use seems really important in building a 'max' optimized character.
yea, I see that now that I've said it
@NautArch I'm trying to build a monk. Did you take any rogue/warlock along with it? Or just straight up monk?

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