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7:01 PM
22 is irregular damage?
Q: How do I choose a villain in the Waterdeep: Dragon Heist adventure?

BlueMoon93In the first pages of Dragon Heist, you're told to When you run this adventure, you choose its main villain at the outset. Your choice determines the season of the year in which the story takes place, as well as the antagonists in several of the encounters in chapter 4. While multiple pla...

@GcL Having a +9 bonus means they auto-succeed on concentration versus anything within 21 damage, because the DC is 10. Unless they auto-fail the save if they roll a natural 1.
@GcL 21 damage or less, and the concentration check DC will always be 10
Yeah, but why is 21 the limit for a regular damage hit?
@GcL Concentration save DC = half the damage (minimum 10). If the damage is 22+, then the DC is more than 10.
7:06 PM
because half (rounded down) is <= 10
and concentration check takes the higher of 10 and half-damage
@CTWind I could get my Wizard's Dex to 12 to help my AC a bit. Basically a +1 AC (which brings it to 11 :/ since I haven't picked up Mage Armor). But it also seems kinda bleh. Alert may be a better option to help my initiative.
@Ryan My primary is at 20 :) Rolled extremely lucky.
@MikeQ The DC of a concentration check is determining what constitutes regular hits? Seems like a peculiar way of delineating damage into a regular category.
Damage is irregular if its sides and angles aren't all equal, or if it occurs on varying intervals
@JohnP I just got the lifejacket badge.
@GcL "Regular" in this context being synecticy for "the amount of damage a typical creature does in a single hit", which even in the mid-upper CR ranges (10-15) still tends to be around 16-20 damage, which then gets repeated over 2-4 attacks to hit the 60-90DPR target for those CRs.
7:10 PM
Alert's nice. I also do like Squat Nimbleness as a safe choice for a feat if I need a 'half-feat'. dndbeyond.com/feats/squat-nimbleness
@Xirema do you mean "synecdoche"?
@CTWind Oooh. I didn't even notice that one. I saw dwarf and didn't read any small race. Still not sure if that's more useful than Alert for the initiative boost or Resilient (CON) to help with keeping concentration.
Res (Con)'s definitely been nice on my 'lock. Having ~+10 to con saves is great for never having to recast hex.
@DucksGoMooful It's a related word, yes.
@Xirema What does "synecticy" mean?
7:14 PM
It could be a type of fancy cheese
> syn·ec·do·che
a figure of speech in which a part is made to represent the whole or vice versa, as in Cleveland won by six runs (meaning “Cleveland's baseball team”).
Perhaps a mangling of synecdoche?
ninja'd by like 3 seconds :/
@CTWind We use a proficiency die, but my CON is +3 right now. Would go to +4 with resilient.
@GcL It's a different grammar form. First time I heard it was Dan Olsen using it in one of this video essays, though I don't remember which one.
I like the idea of a proficiency die, but I dread trying to put it into practice because I've yet to play with a table and think to myself "yea, all of these people can handle their numbers well."
7:19 PM
@Xirema What did that Dan mean when they said it?
@GcL He was using it the same way I was, where a word or phrase was being used as a symbolic stand-in for a larger, more complicated expression. Almost like a linguistic programming variable.
How do proficiency dice work with half-proficiency, e.g. a bard's Jack of all Trades?
@Xirema So, "shorthand" or "stand-in" ?
@MikeQ I would assume it's 'half rounded up' in that scenario, but that's just a guess.
> So in—there’s a—there’s an expression in English literature where it’s called synecticy (spelling?), I believe. And it’s when you take a part of something and you use that expression to refer to the whole thing. Like ‘The Crown’ to refer to the whole kingdom.Robert Sternberg, discussing a completely unrelated topic
7:23 PM
@Xirema What's the correct spelling of it?
@GcL That's how I keep seeing it get spelled, so I'm presuming it's the correct spelling.
@NautArch It's going site by site, I guess. I just picked it up on a couple different sites.
@Xirema I can't find a definition of it. From that link it looks like he just messed up the word. "So in—there’s a—there’s an expression in English literature where it’s called synecticy (spelling?), I believe. And it’s when you take a part of something and you use that expression to refer to the whole thing. Like ‘The Crown’ to refer to the whole kingdom."
googling "synecticy" gives 34 results, by the way, so I'm gonna say it's referring to synechdoche
7:25 PM
@goodguy5 My words of wisdom are not for all eyes to see. Sometimes they must be hidden for the greater good.
@GcL It's used verbatim in discussions about poetry. I believe Synecticy is the correct spelling, but it has a very niche use.
@GcL That is a synecdoche
@GcL It's synecdoche. "synecticy" is reasonably close as a phonetic spelling, so one can see why people who first encounter it in spoken conversation would spell it like that
@Xirema Spelling it as "synecticy" would be a very "neesh" use
@MikeQ Well, I saw it, so there
7:26 PM
@ACuriousMind Wiki entry for it
@JohnP I linked that one a bit further upstream already!
@ACuriousMind I pronounce that "Syn-Ech-Doche", is that not how it's pronounced?
@ACuriousMind Bah. Ninja'd on my ninja.
@Xirema sineckdakee
@DucksGoMooful Huh. TIL.
7:28 PM
it's weird, for sure
I don't think that fits with the meaning of an ad-hoc variable.
So yeah, odds are pretty good that it's two spellings for the same word.
More like canonical variable.
@Xirema Well, the original Greek pronounciation is of course markedly different, but its modern English pronounciation is close to how one would naively say your "synecticy", especially when speaking quickly.
@Xirema Oh, like "epitome" and "epitohmee"
7:30 PM
in other news, I hit 200 reputation gained today :O so that means I can't get more, right?
@DucksGoMooful Yeah. No more for you ever.
@GcL You mean epitomy? ;)
@DucksGoMooful Not through upvotes. You can still get accepted answers (+15 past limit) or accept other people's answers (+2 past limit) or have downvotes removed (+1 past limit).
ah, interesting. cool
@DucksGoMooful Wooho! Congrats.
@DucksGoMooful And bounties as well.
7:32 PM
@ACuriousMind That's where someone owes your a classic example? for them it's an epit-iou
@MikeQ We roll and round down. Round down is the general norm, no?
Confusion will be my epitome, as I crawl a mispronounced synecdoche
> King Crimson
@DucksGoMooful Did you erase the past 10 seconds of chat messages?
The word I remember mispronouncing the most in my life was Hermione from Harry Potter. And not even in the way that makes sense.

I read through 3 books before I realized I was flipping the i and the o.

"herr moyne"
sure it's a name, and a weird one, but even still.
@goodguy5 Did anyone know how to pronounce that name before the movie came out?
7:39 PM
Some did, surely. I think it's an actual name
@GcL my friend did, I think. She might have said "herr me own", but I think she said "herr my oh knee".
@goodguy5 "Herr me own" was how I kept messing it up.
> "Hermione was now teaching Krum to say her name properly; he kept calling her ‘Hermy-own’.
> 'Her – my – oh – nee,’ she said, slowly and clearly.
> ‘Herm – own – ninny.’
@DucksGoMooful That book was published before the 1st movie?
@goodguy5 we used it in a tier 1 game, worked fine.
7:42 PM
@GcL no clue, just wanted to quote it
@DucksGoMooful yea, I don't know how I messed it up. brain just reading things wrong
@DucksGoMooful Given how much she's changing her lore, who knows?!
@goodguy5 I think someone told me I was pronouncing it wrong before that book came out.
Goblet of fire was published in 2000. The sorcer's stone movie was already filmed by then.
TBH, I'm pretty sure that exchange exists only because readers complained they didn't know how to pronounce her name. XD
7:44 PM
tier 1 doesn't intrinsically mean anything. You can have 5 veterans play a tier 1 game.

Like I said, I just always have 1-2 people who are sooooo slooooow at rolling and adding; the thought of giving them more dice is almost offensive to me.
@Xirema funnily enough I was just trying to search for that passage and came across an article confirming that exact theory
@goodguy5 We didn't get to use the higher dice, only the 1d4. As I said, it worked fine, rolling the d4 and the d20 at the same time.
@DucksGoMooful one of the weird aspects of .se is that when you hit 200 rep on a given day you can gamble on receiving more rep and downvote bad posts without losing reputation overall - with the added benefit that if those bad posts are improved, you then have effectively stored reputation that you can access at a later date.
@KorvinStarmast @goodguy5 We use it exclusively. From level 1-20. Rolling that d12...oh yeah baby.
yes I know all of these things. I also roll my damage dice and weapon dice at the same time and I remember my modifiers.

But, like I said, some of my players are less..... efficient.
7:49 PM
@goodguy5 We also love rolling dice :)
@NautArch expertise with two dice or double dice?
@goodguy5 Two dice, of course! MOAR DICE
I'm a bit concerned about the swinginess of proficiency dice at higher levels
e.g. you have a +5 bonus, so you roll the d10 and get a 1
or a 10!
7:53 PM
Right, but the flat bonuses are kinda there to make those rolls more reliable
hence the optional variant
but just the thought of a level 20 (level 16?) rogue with expertise getting 2 12s on top of their roll and abilities is hilarious.
@MikeQ Honestly, it's swingy. But that's why we liked it. Just because your proficient doesn't mean you're always that good. SOmetimes you're better. Sometimes you're worse. For us, it makes it more interesting.
"Give me a stealth roll"
"no, a stealth roll"
"yea, I know"
Hm. What if it went 1d4, 1d4+1, 1d4+2, etc?
...Nah, that's too 2E style. That way lies madness.
what if the die changed with proficiency? start with d4, then d6, then d8, etc
7:56 PM
@G.Moylan that's the variant.
@G.Moylan That's the DMG variant we use.
+2 = 1d4
+6 = 1d12
oh whoosh I totally missed that
too bad D&D beyond doesn't allow you to do that
7:58 PM
@NautArch Do NPCs use proficiency dice in your game?
As weird as this might sound, Proficiency Dice actually skew things towards the mean.
@Xirema Not weird it all. It's our good ol friend, the normal distribution.
@MikeQ They don't.
@MikeQ They don't call it the normal distribution for nothin'.
Well at least, it's the triangular distribution, which is like the diet version of gaussian
8:02 PM
I wish I could reliably remember the names for each distribution type.
Bernoulli Distribution
Uniform Distribution
Binomial Distribution
Normal Distribution
Poisson Distribution
Exponential Distribution
I feel like every time I need to do research on probability distributions, I have to relearn everything.
@goodguy5 Some of those have inverse distributions too
It's simple.

Bulls Under Bears Never Pay Expenses.
@Xirema lucky, I feel like I have never learned anything.
8:05 PM
@goodguy5 Aww geez, why didn't I ever think of that?!
Is the ordering important on the distributions?
btw, is normal distribution a subset of binomial distribution?
@DucksGoMooful no
then it should be an acronym instead :P BUBPEN perhaps
don't tell me you've got a better mnemonic.
@goodguy5 I don't think so, at least not theory-wise, but you can have binomial curves that look gaussian, and can be approximated that way if the dataset is large enough
8:06 PM
oh geeze...
There are an upsetting number of options
Well, go on. Mnemonic it for us. ;)
Handy mnemonic for remembering them all is just remember that URL!
8:19 PM
173, by my count
Binomial distribution
Degenerate distribution
The Bernoulli distribution
The Rademacher distribution
The binomial distribution
The beta-binomial distribution
The degenerate distribution
The discrete uniform distribution
The hypergeometric distribution
The Poisson binomial distribution
Fisher's noncentral hypergeometric distribution
Wallenius' noncentral hypergeometric distribution
Poisson distribution
Skellam distribution
The beta negative binomial distribution
The Boltzmann distribution
alright. dy over.
@goodguy5 Ah, the famous "Miscellaneous distributions"
@ACuriousMind hush you, I copied the whole page into a notepad and just deleted everything that didn't say "distribution"
@ACuriousMind It's discoverer, Miscell Aneous, was a brilliant, but very eclectic, person.
Wonder if he's related to Prof. Eigen...
eigen aneous
nope, above me
8:26 PM
eigenvalues, eigenstates...sorry, forgot this is actually the RPG chat :)
Wait a hot darn minute
Proficiency dice doesn't produce a triangular or normal distro
It's more like a plateau, assuming the proficiency die is smaller than a d20
@MikeQ It produces the "will start to resemble a Normal Distribution if you keep adding dice, and can use stuff like the Central Limit Theorem to approximate values by treating it as though it were a Normal Distribution, but technically is not a Normal Distribution" Distribution.
Whatever it's called.
This question very much seems like a duplicate. Am I missing something that shows it isn't?
8:43 PM
Question about editing (edit wars?): If I make an edit to fix some grammar and spelling, it gets approved, and then another user makes a new edit that changes back or otherwise "un-fixes" a lot of my changes, what is the proper protocol?
@DucksGoMooful Do you think that they deliberately reversed the edit or are the time stamps close enough that they may have started to edit the original post and you submitted your edit while they were typing?
Because if it's the latter, I wouldn't think twice about just re-submitting your edit.
From the revision history it seems like they were editing my revision, the edits are spaced 1 min apart according to the "edit approved x mins ago"
@DucksGoMooful The revision history always looks like that
@DucksGoMooful To me it looks more like you were editing at the same time and their edit just overwrote a lot of yours.
It happens unfortunately often.
But for example, the newer revision contains the bolded text that I put in
So wouldn't that mean it would have to be a revision of my edit?
8:48 PM
The edits were <30 seconds apart in submission
So, I'm not sure.
I guess I'll just submit some of my changes as a new edit and see what happens
@DucksGoMooful I think that would be an agreeable option in this case.
Thanks :) Still trying to figure out all the protocols
@DucksGoMooful I got the life jacket badge.
What's that?
8:56 PM
Newly minted badge :)
@KorvinStarmast Same!
You get a lifejacket! You get a lifejacket!
Everyone shall be safe upon the sea!
9:27 PM
@goodguy5 Wow, that's probably bigger than the List of Things Of Rassilon.
9:38 PM
@Ash because I just got 2 badges :P
@Rubiksmoose ahhh this makes more sense lol
@Ben you are super safe
@Ash [pulls the tag on both lifejackets at once]
[starts bobbing about like a balloon]
[muffled chuckling]
is that a new badge or something
I just got one as well
9:48 PM
Yeah, it's new.
ah yes, I see a tremendous number of people were awarded it two hours ago
Jon Ericson on June 18, 2019


Documentation badges

Tumbleweed and Reversal

Julia Silge’s analysis demonstrated that the Tumbleweed badge wasn’t serving its purpose.

Meg Risdal is our Product Manager who led us to make these changes.

Jane Willborn wrote the code.

Nick Craver made sure the Lifejacket and Lifeboat triggers don’t break the site.

Ben Voigt suggested the trigger we used first for Winter Bash hats and now for two new badges.

A bunch of people tested those triggers on our sites and prodded us to keep considering something like these new badges. We also got a bunch of feedback about Reversal and especially Tumbleweed that helped us understand how they worked in practice. We’ve got an amazing community here! …

This explains what they are :)
46 mins ago, by NautArch
You get a lifejacket! You get a lifejacket!
I only just got here
Quick! Pull the tag on your life jacket!
10:04 PM
I got... a meta lifejacket.
that's impressive
@BESW niiiice
Is that a lifejacket that saves itself?
Technically don't all life jackets save themself?
Wait. I get what you're saying haha
It's on a rather belligerent question from the Dark Days of meta a few years ago, so I'm not sure how to feel about that particular badger.
10:16 PM
@BESW realize that you provided a ray of sanity in an otherwise troubled time?
That's all I got.
That's not what the Lifejacket badger is really... about... though.
@BESW greyscale jacket then?
@BESW not completely, but that is a close approximation. I'm not sure it fills what they were trying to achieve with the retired reversal badge, but...
What about just a really stylish jacket without any floatation properties?
Will that do it?
10:26 PM
You are, just the best
hey there @Ben, @JohnP, and @BlackSpike
@NautArch I've never played in AL (as is evident by my character being an aarakocra and not following PHB+1).
So, we had the chase through the Candy Factory!
10:31 PM
@BlackSpike XD how did the candyland adventure go? :D
@Ben how're things going?
also, I assume someone in that chatizen D&D Beyond campaign has a Master Tier subscription? add me and you'll have access to anything released before GoS (I think). Yay for winning that Legendary Bundle in a raffle ;)
Went pretty well! Thanks fro all the ideas!
@BlackSpike cool! any highlights you wish to share here? :)
Didn't manage to squeeze everything in, but we had a fight on a conveyor belt, headed towards a Chocolate Enrober, a chase over a spiral-bladed Candy mixer,
hey there @DucksGoMooful, welcome to the RPG.SE lair :)
10:34 PM
Thanks :)
@BlackSpike as to the fate of our "vampiric" candyman, vs. the party? XD
In Which We Live And Breathe, (early access; links to DTRPG, itch.io, and free text-only version) is a cyberpunk fantasy tabletop roleplaying game by Ashton McAllan. It is modelled after Shadowrun and Blades In The Dark. It explores themes of multilayered existence, finding balance between the head and the heart, and the importance of community in resisting corporate oppression.
(And apparently it doesn't have the awful "personhood is a function of your original parts" weirdness so prevalent in modern cyberpunk games, so that's nice.)
and the party Scientist (on the verge of collapse, after several drug-fueled nights of research), charged through the factory on a hijacked forklift truck, smashing into machinery and scattering Workers
@BlackSpike LOL
The highlight was actually after the factory ... it all built up ... they defeated the"vampire", all jumped on the forklift (including the vamp's prone body), and smashed out of the factory, dripping in candy-canes, blobs of sugar, syrup in places best not mentioned ... and off into the City!
10:38 PM
@BlackSpike LOL
Scientist had jury-rigged the forklift for extra speed
and they head home ... via the Red Light District ...
Well that does sound like reason to celebrate
As it is Xmas, there was a parade. Sexy Santa, Sexy Elves, Sexy-you-name-it ...
@BlackSpike Sexy Christmas trees
10:41 PM
@BlackSpike LOL
at least Santa didn't have to put up with my elves ;)
So, how does a forklift full of Players negotiate a Xmas Parade through Sexy-town? hint: they have psychic powers
because boy, they sure wouldn't put up with Santa and his foolish elf-slaving antics!
@BlackSpike I would have just leaned on the horn
@Ben btw, want to get on Discord? :)
Unfortunately going to be pretty busy today. Only got a half day today
10:43 PM
They prop "vamp" on the front of the truck, in "jesus" pose, and hit the crowd with "We are part of the Parade" psychic attacks. It is now a "thing" that "industrial machinery" is a known kink.
@Ben ah
@BlackSpike oh gosh, to go with the boots and the music?
Sexy forklift truck! Oh yeah /duffman
@BlackSpike but yeah -- I can only imagine the scene if your Santa went after one of my elves....he'd turn up dead in his own bed or something like that, I reckon
My sexy-santa was a bald, over-weight ex-part-time-porn-star, full-time b'stard, trying to eek out enough cash to feed his addictions ... :D
(Dirty, Used and Broken! Like everything in my Manhattan 2082)
oh gosh
10:48 PM
I know this is kinda a dumb question but do light sources give away your location?
Like if I’m in a dark room and trying to sneak would holding a torch give me away?
@MageintheBarrel kinda? What sort of light source?
Or using some sort of magical light spell
Logically speaking it would but in RAW does it?
I'm gonna go with YES. Either a flashlight or a burning brand would say to everyone present: "Here I am!"
We all know raw isn’t very logical
Light spell maybe not ... lights the whole area, maybe the source is not evident ... but you can be seen, on account of the place being well-lit!
10:52 PM
How big is a light spell typically
(Aside: you are in a Dark Room! Anyone know John Robertson's Live Computer Game Show?)
Someone can sneak in broad daylight can’t they
If you have cover
But in a dark room carrying a light source would give you away
Just curious if it’s like that in RAW
I'd think so. If any of my players tried it, i'd look at them askance, and say "-really-?"
Don't know RAW (presume D&D5)
10:55 PM
It'd like if someone cast darkness on themselves and used that to sneak about during the day. It'd give you away, due to the contrast
We did have (sortof) similar situation a while back. Trying to sneak over a river, in a boat. Cast a "Fog Cloud" to obscure our presence. River was over 150' wide. Fog Cloud was 10' diameter.
@Ben The person may be hidden, but the light is not.
Unless it's sneaky light.
They couldn't see out boat ... bit they could see a small cloud of fog slowly crossing the river!
Sneaky light?
> Sneaky Light: Wondrous Item This torch has experienced much in the way of stealth and sneakiness in its lifetime. This light has +4 to stealth
10:59 PM
Q: Does using a light in darkness make a sneaking Rogue obvious to monsters?

JohnnyPPlaying D&D 5E we ran into a problem concerning our Rogue. With normal vision he seemed useless in scouting caves ahead. Trying to fix this by using Lamps and candles strikes me as problematic as this must influence his stealth checks (in a negative) or the Monsters perception (in a positive way)...

Q: How far away can you see light?

Mag RoaderDarkness is dark. Torches and the Light spell provide bright light for 20 feet, and then dim light for another 20 feet. A dwarf (with 60 foot Darkvision) standing next to a lit torch could see for 20 feet as if in bright light, 20 feet beyond that as if in dim light, and then, due to Darkvision...

(another aside: the Genetically-Engineered Super-Soldier grabbed a HUGE block of candy on the way out ... and is sculpting it into a Xmas present for the local Voodoo cult that they "own")
> Guard 1: "Should we do anything about that incoming fog cloud?"
Guard 2: "We've been ordered to keep out burglars. They didn't tell us anything about clouds."
Guard 1: "Okay mister fog cloud, you are free to pass. Enjoy your stay."
Guard 2: "And if you see anything suspicious, make sure to report it."
@MikeQ heh! Pratchett: Didint you stop the witch? She said she was a simple apple-seller. And you believed her? Well yes. You dont' argue with Witches!
(the players know that I'm not-at-all-a-pretend-pretentious-artist, so Mrs Super-Soldier has a side-line in Sculpture, and leverages it via Rule-of-Cool :D )
@KorvinStarmast decided to drop Wizard for Warlock. My background, race, and story still work that way. I know I enjoy Warlock in AL too.
@BlackSpike What system was this candy factory adventure?
11:06 PM
Fates Worse Than Death, by Vajra Enterprise. It's cyber/gutterpunk
Really fun setting. Clunky system :)
Manhattan 2080 is run by Street-gangs.
Most people stay home and watch the corporate-funded VR.
Central park got nuked and is now home to Mutant Monsters
no guns! parts of the constitution have been "temporarily suspended"
My players are a faction of the "Bleeder" gang (Special power: taste someone's blood: have psychic power over them!)
@BlackSpike well, at least that's consistent with Manhattan 2019 for the most part (given NYC's insane laws re: both guns and knives)
I'd be willing to admit to no guns in Manhattan 2080 :P but what about Burlington, VT 2080?
No idea on that, @Shalvenay. In FWTD, there are big Scanner on the Bridges. national Guard look very dimly on people trying to sneak guns/gun-parts ...
Luckily may players are cool with some campaign-conceits. "You don't leave the island" being one.
They've built a small arsenal of maybe 10 pistols, 5 small assault rifles. but daren't use them in public for fear of the Black Helicopters ...
A NPC mini-gang (actually undertakers) got there hands on a mini-gun, and a few SMGs, went wild with them (hearse with minigun!), so I showed the players the Black 'Copters.
So we've got rules for slings, and catapults (Bart Simpson, not castle-siege!), crossbows and tomahawks.
11:22 PM
@BlackSpike I take it the gravity knife law got tossed sometime between now and 2080, at least?
The who now?
Oh, like a switch-blade, with no spring?
"Gravity knife" sounds like some futuristic guillotine
Q: Does the monk's Step of the Wind feature activate the benefit of the Mobile feat?

Microraptor13The Mobile feat (PHB, p. 168) says: When you use the Dash action, difficult terrain doesn't cost you extra movement on that turn The monk's Step of the Wind feature says: You can spend 1 ki point to take the Disengage or Dash action as a bonus action on your turn... Due to the wording...

the cops are reduced to "just another gang", underfunded, over-worked, Dirty, Used and Broken, so they don't really care about what kinda Blade you're carrying ...
@BlackSpike well, a bit more than that...people get busted under it for walking around NYC with run-of-the-mill utility pocketknives on them
the original "gravity knives" were indeed like spring-less switchblades, issued to paratroopers so they could cut themselves free from snarls of paracord one-handed-ly
11:26 PM
ugh. You can carry m16s, but not camping knives?
it's a NYC peculiarity, really
although knife carry laws are actually mildly messed up in many places in the USA
I got "busted" for a camping knife once. here in UK
literally at a camp-site
here, have a US federal district judge on the NYC gravity knife law's issues: courtlistener.com/recap/gov.uscourts.nysd.433708/…
(ok, maybe there might have been some possibly-illicit smokable substances in the vicinity)
But they made me turn out my pockets, and the two things they picked up on were the pocket-knife that literally said "Camper" along the side, and the pack of pills (luckily the female cop recognised them as my gf's contraceptives)
and also a few, generally conservative, lawprofs on the issues with local and state knife laws in the US in light of the current state of Second Amendment law over here: repository.law.umich.edu/cgi/…
11:31 PM
@BlackSpike small white pills... dangerous weaponry... yup. you're definitely a criminal
"Me and my gf are living out of a tent for the weekend "
"yeah, but what's with the BLADE and the PILLS?!?!"
"I refer the honourable gentleman to the answer I gave some moments ago"
Gotta love how the English can be incredibly condescending without actually being rude haha
@Ben [Great British Baking Show marathon intensifies]
Our parliament has rules over what words can be used. You are not allowed to call someone a "liar". "Economical with the truth", "varying the facts to to fit the situation" ...
11:39 PM
@BlackSpike yeah, it's part of why the sessions are so daft
@MikeQ XD
directly insulting someone is not allowed so you just have to waffle around it to say the same thing
Also, the parliamentary benches are still two-sword-lengths apart.
we do have a thing about being polite. Not in the same way as Canada, but ... if someone bumps into you, you apologise ...
11:42 PM
the codified rituals of the corridors of power are a thing to behold! Watch Parliament TV , its fascintaing
hey again @JohnP, how're things going?
@BlackSpike our government has assumed the similar tactics after assimilating a group of hosts, naming their crash site after the plane they came in on, and assumed a position of power based on the practices of what they assumed as "government".
Nov 28 '18 at 3:21, by Ben
@KorvinStarmast It was named after the plane that crashed there, carrying a strain of intelligent fungus called "politicia"
@Shalvenay not bad. Wishing I had a witness, just mock rolled a char at 18 18 17 14 14 9
@JohnP nice!
11:45 PM
@JohnP were you able to get to the transcript I linked a while ago, btw?
But I think the group uses 27 pt buy (if I get in). Still, that would make a heck of a monk.
That'd make a heck of a anything!
@BlackSpike 4d6 reroll all 1's can be very forgiving.
I did watch a player roll 18,18,16,16,15,12 once. 4d6 drop lowest
@BlackSpike nice.
11:49 PM
We tend to use point-buy these days. no room for random highs'n'lows
@Shalvenay yeah, read it once. Still need to reread all of them
Although I did have a really good game (Deadlands) where I had the lowest of the low stats. My only feasible ability was Animal Handling (horse-whisperer kinda thing) ... and we met ... considering this was Wild West ... NO HORSES!
@BlackSpike [roll for horses]
@Ben Nat 1
(we were POW in an Internment camp)
Aug 10 '17 at 14:11, by Ben
GM: [rolls d0]
11:56 PM
@JohnP ah :) no worries
The GM gave me the option to re-roll. I'm glad I didn't
1) It was really fun to play. A change from "uber-hero"
2) "Carl" has gone down in local history. Despite his many and obvious failings, he was part of the successful break-out from Camp Omega.
Why is "roll for horses" pinging something in my brain..?
@Ben Cowboy version of Roll For Shoes?
Oh, where's that from?
@BESW I feel like that's it haha

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