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8:00 PM
"Disadvantage on the next attack" would usually mean the first of their next attacks
Protection on Fighter: When a creature you can see attacks a target other than you that is within 5 feet of you, you can use your reaction to impose disadvantage on the attack roll. You must be wielding a shield.
@JohnClifford This is probably stackable btw
He used it on Doru while the party was fighting him; I wasn't sure whether to apply disadvantage to just his first attack or both of them.
might I suggest asking it on mainsite?
Check the mainsite first, it may have been asked before
8:01 PM
Will do.
INT does not represent your intelligence, it is a measure of your ability to spellcast and perform well on INT-related checks.
@Yuuki What does it represent, then?
@MarkWells Your ability to succeed on INT-related checks and aptitude at Wizard-esque spellcasting.
@MarkWells According to WotC, reasoning and memory. Wis = perception and insight.
I would think that if you're more adept at succeeding int-related checks, it's an indication that you're smarter.
8:05 PM
@JohnClifford Nah, it just means you're good at INT-related checks.
@JohnClifford the book says memory ...
@Yuuki "INT-related checks" are a game mechanic, just like INT is. The mechanic doesn't represent other mechanics.
INT can be book smarts, WIS can be street smarts, CHA can be people smarts
8:06 PM
Intelligence, measuring reasoning and memory
But strictly speaking, it's just a bonus that's added to certain rolls
Intelligence measures mental acuity, accuracy of recall,
and the ability to reason.
Intelligence Checks
An Intelligence check comes into play when you need
to draw on logic, education, memory, or deductive reasoning.
I know there are problems with declaring it to simply be "intelligence" but declaring that it represents nothing undermines the playability of the game.
@JohnClifford I cited the RAW there
@MarkWells Yeah, I tend to agree that there is more to it than mechanics. Not sure if Yuuki is being humorous or serious. Has a wry sense of humor. ;)
Also strictly speaking, creatures don't have a physical form or sentience. They're just a collection of numbers and game mechanics.
8:09 PM
Just like people in real life are composed solely on their internet history and cookie data and their Google ad profile.
@MikeQ What do we gain by taking that approach?
@MikeQ Yeah, and strictly speaking, we are a meta collection of neutrinos and sub atomic particles. But is that really helpful?
@KorvinStarmast Quantum theory says yes.
And no.
Who said anything about being helpful
@Rubiksmoose At least we get cookies. (I'll go and get a glass of milk)
8:10 PM
@KorvinStarmast Perks! Suck it AIs.
> "The goblin's attack does 0 damage because the goblin does not exist"
@MikeQ John clifford was asking a question, so a few of us were being helpful, and a few making with the jokes, as I see it.
@MikeQ Schroedinger's goblin agrees
Until we unlock the door and see him with his scimitar
Well, there's a noted problem with people mapping the attributes to RL, particularly with the mental attributes.
Also also I'm trying to demonstrate how the literal approach to game mechanics can result in unproductive conclusions
So that's why I made the jokes I did.
8:11 PM
@MikeQ For which Professor Starmast awards you with 5 stars out of five. :)
@JohnClifford Do you roll separately for each attack? The language would seem to indicate a single attack (determined by roll).
@MikeQ but you only get the stars if you can find the cat
Side note, I suppose STR would be muscle smarts, DEX is quick smarts, and CON is stomach smarts.
@JohnP Yeah, they're separately-rolled attacks.
I ruled that he would impose disadvantage on both since it's not like he's lowering his shield and moving away from his ally when the enemy makes his second attack.
@JohnClifford Most answers I've seen on main would focus on the word "the" in the description, indicating a single instance.
@JohnClifford Unless that first blow knocks the shield aside.
8:13 PM
@JohnClifford I think your ruling makes sense
@JohnP We've historically done 4d6, reroll 1s, drop lowest
Q: Can I change my movement/action in the middle of the turn after an enemy's reaction?

MilivImagine I'm a rogue and I see an opponent 50' away. In my turn I want to use my movement and my Dash bonus action (Cunning Action) to approach it and use my Action to attack. Then, after moving just 10' (or more, I guess it may change the answer), another opponent had readied its action so as a r...

@JohnP But our current campaign has gone old school with 3d6 straight down the line
15 15 14 16 ... keep on rollling John, this is looking good!
Hmm. That would be an interesting thing. If the enemy's attack hits, it knocks the shield aside and any subsequent attacks are rolled as normal, but if it misses the other attacks have disadvantage too until a hit.
8:14 PM
I mean, you could easily interpret it both ways, that's just the general interpretation I've seen on singular articles
Makes Protection more useful as well.
@NautArch do you trade points once done? That is pure old school.
8:15 PM
15 15 14 16 13 woot!
That 6 saved me.
Hahaha stomach smarts
grin I can see a monk in your future
8:16 PM
@KorvinStarmast Oddly, I was looking at shadow monk. I don't think I've ever played a monk, which given my background, is strange.
@KorvinStarmast I don't always make jokes in chat. But when I do, they're awful and nobody laughs.
Drop a good sized score in strength and Step of the WInd makes you a jumping amazing ......
@KorvinStarmast Trade points?
Yes, in the original game you trade int 3"1 for str, etc.
Also in Basic
Or 2:1
8:16 PM
Depends on the stat trade
@KorvinStarmast oh, nope. Just straight down the line stats.
@KorvinStarmast - Do I get to reroll that again?
8:17 PM
15 15 14 16 13 13 Awesine'
@NautArch That isn't actual old school, let me get you the text. BRB
What race and class?
@KorvinStarmast orly? I thought I remembered that original.
But that was a looooong time ago.
Explanation of Abilities:
The first three categories are the prime requisites for each of the three classes,
Fighting-Men, Magic-Users, and Clerics. (See the Bonuses and Penalties to Advancement
due to Abilities table which appears hereafter.)
Strength is the prime requisite for fighters. Clerics can use strength on a 3 for 1
basis in their prime requisite area (wisdom), for purposes of gaining experience
only. Strength will also aid in opening traps and so on.
Intelligence is the prime requisite for magical types. Both fighters and Clerics can
From Men and Magic, page 10. The explanation in Basic was a heck of a lot easier to understand. I'll get that in a sec
If I picked a Fighter, and only had 11 strength, I could use up 3 points of wisdom to raise it to 12
And so on.
I even have an answer on this, I'll get you a linnk
@NautArch here it is
A: Why are Clerics and Druids Wisdom-based?

KorvinStarmastWisdom: Prime Requisite versus Spell Casting Ability The thing that originally made Clerics different was the prime requisite being the Wisdom score. Druids, being a sub-class of Cleric, were along for the ride. TL;DR: originally, to differentiate the (hybrid) Cleric from the (pure)Magic User ...

@NautArch it's at the bottom of my ansswer
I"d recommend using the MOldvay explanation, since it is much clearer.
That system kept the Ability Score Adjustment from OD&D in a slightly different form. The book flat out told you to seek a class where you had a decent prime requisite.

Basic Rules, 1980, Moldvay, p. B6
(Wisdom) A character with a Wisdom score of 13 or better should consider the class of Cleric, since Wisdom is the prime requisite of that class. (My note: Similar advice was given for other prime requisites in that system, to include Dexterity for Thieves and halflings).

If you didn't roll well, you could still pursue a higher prime requisite.
@KorvinStarmast - I want to use DMG 1st edition method III.
@John P, let me check, memory foggy
8:23 PM
3d6 6 times for each stat. Pick best one. All done in order.
Method III:
Scores rolled are according to each ability category, in order, STRENGTH,
rolled 6 times for each ability, and the highest score in each category is retained
for that category.
@JohnP I think the one I saw most commonly was Method II, even though method I was also common.
Method II: All scores are recorded and arranged as in Method I. 3d6 are rolled 12
times and the highest 6 scores are retained.
Method IV was just insane. Roll up enough stats for 12 chars. Pick the best set.
None of us ever did that except once, in a killer campaign, where my only ever percentile strength player was rolled up. Ranger with 18(98) str. 16 Con.
@JohnP That DM had me keep track a "morgue" notebook with all of the character cards/sheets for all of the dead PCs. We had nearly a score before the campaign wrapped up, and we who survived were levels 4 and 5
I may still have that notebook somewhere in a box.
@KorvinStarmast All I have left are books. I had a lot of that stuff (Including my 1st BB certificate ever) in a single box, and the USAF lost it in a PCS move. It'll probably show up when I'm 73.
Best I can recall we did something like 10x{3d6} choose 6 in order, which must contain the single lowest-rolled value. I have no idea where my older brother got the idea, but it worked for us.
8:32 PM
For my first ever Magic User, I had to trade some points to get the INt to 16. (I really wanted that extra xp bonus). Our campaign ended with MU at level 9. (I am still in touch with that DM, friends from high school)
@nitsua60 I do promise to add to tha tsummary in ToA chatizens ... but need to wait for later today
So this 3d6 down the line is just masochistic, eh?
@NautArch Not necessarily. Can make for some odd parties tho.
I do remember people begging things of their dice for stat rolls :-0
does darkvision work in complete darkness?
i tried looking it up but theres a ton of conflicting info on it
@NautArch yes, it is pure masochism but can also be fun.
@MageintheBarrel yes
@MageintheBarrel yes
8:44 PM
@KorvinStarmast fun for me :) I rolled an 18 INT and a 16 CON :D Only one stat below 10.
@NautArch Way to beat the odds! Woo Hoo, go for it.
Dang. It is just determined for me to have that 1 on the last roll :p
@KorvinStarmast lied :) I had an 8 and a 9. 8 CHA, 9 STR
But the beefy wizard is beefy.
Our old DM rolled a 3 INT. Highest stat for him I think was 14?
8:50 PM
@NautArch I cast magic missile into the darkness.
I'm trying to see how the latest PF question is not a dupe of the question he refers to...
@JohnP haven't picked magic missile as a spell :) This is him.
@JohnP And just as a bit of history, I deleted the answer they original posed the question in and suggested they ask it
But unfortunately I can't really help with sorting out if it is a dupe or not.
Er that link is 10k rep and above (to see the deleted answer)
@NautArch Farflung. There was a Commissioner Wretched and Professor Farflung in Space Cadets (Heinlein).
But yes, that is a beefy wizard.
@NautArch Mage Armor: the spell tax to be paid for a lower dex. :)
Illusion, evoke, diviniation?
9:05 PM
@KorvinStarmast not even sure it's worth it. AC 10 versus 13. Both are likely to hit.
@MageintheBarrel - Shadow Ninja
Q: Should the party get XP for a monster they never attacked?

PyroTornadoAttempting to keep things vague to avoid possible spoilers for Dragon Heist During the first session, after the barfight, a couple monsters crawl out of the hole in the middle of the tavern, one big scary dude and three bugs. The 'Big Scary Dude' would be worth a ton of XP if killed by the playe...

@HotRPGQuestions Yes, if the party contributed to the death of the monster in question in some fashion.
@NautArch At level 1, the difference between AC10 and AC13 represents approximately a 22% improvement in survivability (here defined as "# of rounds until an opponent reduces you to 0 hit points) against the typical attack bonus of a level-appropriate monster. That 22% goes down as you level up and enemy creatures gain higher attack bonuses.
@Xirema I was waiting on this analysis. From you. :p
9:18 PM
@Xirema yup, and my spell choices are limited early. I decided to focus on support and non-combat more and just try and stay smart in positioning to not get hit. And rely on my hp to keep me up.
AC is one of those stats in D&D where it becomes progressively more valuable the more you have of it. Like, 15→16 is much more valuable than 10→11.
Although my last campaign I had 20ac and it was useless. 3 out if the remaining 5 characters had higher ac and I had to change tactics to stay alive.
@NautArch that's impressive
@V2Blast yeah, it was frustrating
Just has to kill first
9:35 PM
Has anyone else noticed that monsters in 5e appear to be doing lots of damage, but have very little HP?
I almost always bump up their HP
I've recently found the opposite. Like, the Orc is a CR 1/2. At level 2, if he hits me, that's half my hp gone, in one hit. And I have the most hp in the party
@Ben if anything, it's the other way around, compared to PCs. enemies are high-HP, low-damage for the most part; comparatively, PCs are high-damage, low-HP
@Ben Probably trying to avoid Damage Sponge status, which tend to make for boring, drawn-out fights.
generally speaking, at least
9:39 PM
And then they have enouh hp to survive one round, if they get hit by everyoneg
So at level 2, a CR 1/2 creature can effectively wipe out 1 PC, depending on the dice
I had a barbarian die to a wolf once because he couldn't roll to hit it
bad rolls happen. His buddy killed the wolf and helped him up, but yeah niether one could deal with a wolf. it was crazy but that's dice
@NautArch Counterpoint: a few sessions ago, our DM had a party of level 9 characters fight a creature that had 400 hit points. It had a relatively low damage output, but the fight took SO LONG TO COMPLETE.
No Strategy, only Dice Spam.
I sometimes find it hard to estimate how much HP we SHOULD be dealing with
I typically adjust on the fly to make things balance out, but rarely do I get it right when I design the encounter
@Xirema yeah, it shouldn't be a war of attrition.
10:08 PM
Did someone mention to me earlier that a Paladin can detect undead passively? Or do they have to actively use Detect Evil and Good?
@JohnClifford Divine Sense, use 1+Chr mod per long rest
Everyone, get in here!
Not quite passivly, but close enough most of the time
After finishing my master thesis I come back here and notice that our two oldest moderators are no longer moderators!
Right, okay.
There might be a Paladin joining my CoS game so I need to have Ireena reveal she's Strahd in disguise before he joins the party, otherwise he'll probably end up discovering that earlier than I'd like.
10:12 PM
Well, he won't know that (s)he is Strahd, just that (s)he is undead
Doesn't Divine Sense tell them where the undead is though?
Oh, I see what you're saying.
They'll probably figure it out, but that's a fair point.
It's actually the textbook example: "You know the type (celestial, fiend, or undead) of any being whose presence you sense, but not its identity (the vampire Count Strahd von Zarovich, for instance)."
Though they might not immediately, because while he was with them as Ireena he had a spawn disguised as him talk to them from the Black Carriage on its way back to the castle.
But if the Paladin suddenly shows up like "Hang on a tick guys, Ireena is undead!" they might put two and two together. XD
Fair enough. But it's still an active feature, I wouldn't expect him to randomly use it in a "safe place" for "no reason". But he might hahaha
hey there @Ben
10:15 PM
He's a pretty savvy player so I'm expecting him to do things like that sometimes just from genre expectations. XD
Though I could maybe have some fun with that as well.
My plan currently is to have the party as it is now (3 people) share a dream sequence where they end up doing Death House in a dream but then after they wake up they have all the same wounds etc. and retain the levels they gained (thus showing that it was actually happening to them) and the cleric will have a letter on her pillow from Strahd promising to turn her into a vampire if she betrays the party and becomes Strahd's spy.
Ireena will be missing, and then I'll join them up with the Paladin and the other new player.
i'm trying to come up with a homebrewed area which is perpetually in complete magic darkness. How would species in there evolve?
what kind of sense would they use?
@MageintheBarrel blindsight?
What's the cause/source of the darkness?
it a forest called the black forest
it's cursed and swallow up all sources of light
i guess magic light should work
Yeah, Blindsight would probably end up being quite common in species there. And then you could have like "blind" residents who only have Darkvision. ;)
10:24 PM
it's basically under the effects of the darkness spell 24/7 365
yeah, Blindsight is the immediate answer
I was just wondering if there might be any kind of magical energies or residual interference that might end up influencing evolution as well.
You may wish to peruse this list of creatures
You could also research what kind of sensing stuff actual species develop in dark abyss regions where light doesn't reach :P
There should be a Discovery Channel or Animal Planet documentary about that hahha
Could I get some opinions on what I'm planning to do with my CoS session? It seemed like a cool idea when I came up with it but I want to make sure I'm not getting carried away with a stupid idea that just seems cool because I thought of it. :P
10:27 PM
@HellSaint Such as star moles
the dark forest is a cursed forest labyrinth, even if you could see nevigating it is utter hell
@G.Moylan Our group hates the Pathfinder spell "Blur". It has a 20% chance to negate the damage of an attack. Because they managed to succeed on their rolls every single time, we got TPK'd. That's dice for you :P
see that fallen tree over there climbing under it might put you in a different place than going around
it's that kind of place
But in the instance I'm talking about, a CR 1/2 creature can effectively take out a level 2 PC in 2 rounds. The PC needs the help of his buddies to kill it.
@Shalvenay Hey :)
@Ben how're things going? now a good time for us to pick up in Discord for that matter?
10:28 PM
Cold haha
Maybe a little later? Got a bit to catch up on this morning
@Ben sure
if you can get through it'd be a treasure hunters dream tho
@JohnClifford I'm not sure I understood your situation though.
How many players there are in total? You said the 3 you have currently will join with "the paladin and others"?
since it's so hard to escape or even get around there's a lot off good stuff
10:30 PM
I currently have three players (cleric, fighter, druid). We have two joining, a Paladin and someone else (I don't know what class she is yet).
@JohnClifford what level are the cleric/fighter/druid, and what level will the other two joining be?
So I'm going to run Death House with the original three in a dream sequence (to get them to 3rd level, since I didn't start them there and they missed DH in their original journey through Barovia) and I'll up them to 4th in Vallaki after they wake up. The Paladin is currently 3rd and will go up to 4th, and I'll make sure the other one joining is there too. That should sync everyone up and make them an appropriate level for the area.
Originally I just said "I fucked up the milestones guys, put yourselves up to 4th level" but this approach seems a bit more fun and less "eh, just give yourselves some stuff".
Q: How does DC work with natural 20?

iaminsensibleTo keep it short, the D&D Dungeon Master's Screen has certain Difficulty Levels with the respective DC. The issue is that there are two Difficulty Levels namely Very Hard and Nearly Impossible whose DC is greater than 20. My question is; If you are trying to, for example, lockpick a very high-di...

Ok. Just a reminder: Death House is... Deadly :P the last encounter is SPOILER actually a CR 5 monster END OF SPOILER and many other encounters are hard.
I'm also playing with the idea of having the Tarokka reading Eva did be a fake because she knows Strahd is disguised and with the party, because otherwise not only is the Sunsword in her camp but Strahd knows this (and the locations of the other items, and that Parriwimple is his enemy).
Yeah, I know the last encounter is a doozy. I'll adjust if they're struggling with it.
10:37 PM
@JohnClifford Btw, what happened to actual Ireena?
I'm under the impression you just mentioned it but I read too quickly haha
Though now that I'm going down the Ireena-is-Strahd route I also have to think of a reason she was encouraging them to go get the Sunsword (though she did convince them to go to Vallaki first, which helps).

@HellSaint What I have right now is that after they left Ireena to go bury the Burgomaster, Strahd went to the mansion, charmed Ireena into letting him in, put her to sleep and hid her somewhere in the castle, then took her place to learn more about the party.
Basically he's decided to get some entertainment out of them before he carries out his whole turn-ireena-undead plan. Don't have it all planned out yet and not entirely sure it'll work narratively, but it'll make a cool twist.
@JohnClifford Do you mind a criticism? :P
Not at all, that's why I'm here outlining my idea. :P
Criticise away!
Turning Ireena into a vampire is originally one of (if not THE) most important goals of Strahd. Obviously it is your character and your adventure :P but the fact that he had access to her so early and did not turn her yet is awkward to me.
I did consider that, but then if he knows about the party and he knows where Ireena is and he knows that Ismark plans to move her, why would he not just intercept that anyway?
10:43 PM
trying to come up with a playable race that lives there
I'm happy to revise the entire plan if it doesn't make sense, I'm just throwing things out.
whoops copied the raw
I'm not sure about the "he knows Ismark plans to move her", and I'm not saying the original story is perfectly written hahaha
Variant: Black Forest Resident
The black forest is a labyrinth which swallows all light. Black Forest residents are Kitsune born there. They are more adept at surviving in difficult enviroments than other Kitsune and have evolved very differently. They cannot transform and stay perpetually in their hybrid form. They also have colorless skin and hair with red or orange eyes.

Black Forest Energy
Due to prolonged exporsure to the dark energy of the Black Forest you have a thin layer of energy covering your skin. You have an AC of 13+Your Dexterity modifier that acts as natural armour.
my point is that this is kinda a major point of the original Strahd and it's awkward for me that he did not turn her :P
10:44 PM
@Ben Ben, when you get to tier 3, they are bags of HP.
Yeah, I get your point.
Trying to think of a logical reason he wouldn't have.
@KorvinStarmast Tier 3?
Other than that, Strahd is resourceful, but mostly he is just testing out the party and causing chaos. He could just let the party get the artifacts in order for them to be an actual challenge - he knows that he could simply kill everyone right now without anything hard.
@MageintheBarrel So this is a variant for a homebrew race? (unless I missed a race being published). Hard to say without full context and then you should probably be asking it on main
That's a point.
10:46 PM
@Ben Levels 11 to 16
it's a variant for a homebrew race
Hmm. Is there any way Ireena could have warded Strahd off and escaped the mansion to go do her own thing somewhere he can't find her at the moment? Then I could just say he impersonated her because she wasn't there any more and he could kind of slip in to her role while he tries to figure out where she's gone.
Maybe rescued by van Richten?
I like that. I would throw van Richten at it.
10:48 PM
@Someone_Evil Oh right. I've never heard that phrase used in that sense before
Excellent. I think that seals up all the holes I can think of at the moment.
Now I just need to figure out my other problem. ^_^
@MageintheBarrel We need more details on that, or is it all? For example, what attributes do they get, if any? I also don't see why albinism would lead to advantage in heavy darkness :P but sunlight sensitivity is a thing (see Drows as an example)
if you've already read up to conceal form refresh since i changed it
@MageintheBarrel I think I have the full version
Essentially, AC = 13+Dex, blindsight 60ft and albinism, right?
also albinism is an affect of spending all their time in perputual darkness
the base race has conceal form
10:51 PM
One thing I was wondering: how does Strahd disguise himself? I've seen references to his disguises and someone mentioning that he could even impersonate someone like Ireena, but he doesn't have any spells that do that in his list and the book doesn't mention what disguise methods he uses.
so they are good at fighting the the dark but bad at fighting in the light
i'll have to chance the name
@MageintheBarrel This is yours? I would highly recommend using the same formatting as PHB for racial features (specifically the "Languages." headers) as I'm having a really hard time parsing that race
Also fairly sure you meant "pranksters" rather than "panksters". ;)
I'm not seeing the base race. I might have missed the message (?)
I'm only seeing the Variant one
@HellSaint "Warning wall of text:"
10:53 PM
oh ok
+1 for ahri fanarts
At Home in Darkness
Your skin and hair have no pigment and are pure white, as a result it's hard to concentrate when you are in direct sunlight, you have a disadvatage to attack rolls in direct sunlight. Since you are used to fighting the the darkness you an advatage in heavy darkness.
i credited them in the last page
Yeah I noticed :P
I'm also assuming the average Barovian would be somewhat alarmed at the sight of a Tiefling wandering around.
Okay, so, the lack of attribute score increases is a hard drawback for the race, especially at lower levels.
o thought variants usually don't get an ability score increase
i thought abut giving them a +2 dex
10:57 PM
@MageintheBarrel by "heavy darkness" do you mean "total darkness"?
Unless I missed something, the Kitsune race itself does not have an ability score
the sub races zenko and yako have different ability scores
Usually what happens is the base race has a +2 ASI and the subrace has a +1
all kitsune are either a zenko a yako or one of those combined with being a dark forest resident
You might remove the +1 from the subrace, but since the base race has none originally, your variant probably should have at least a +1 in something
Oh, ok
10:59 PM
there's no just plain kitsune
The variant is not an extra subrace, gotcha
dark forest residents are decendants of those zenko and yako who were banished there
You should clarify which parts are replaced by the variant
the base kitsune abilities are shared by the zenko and yako
how should i go about clarifying that?
the black forest residents cannot transform
Saying something like; "the X, Y, Z features are replaced by the following: ..."
11:04 PM
As it is written currently, it seems quite strong for a spellcasting class such as Sorcerer or Warlock. The Bonus AC essentially replaces Mage Armor, so it has a value of a 1st level spell slot and 1 Spell Known, which is good. It gets a +2 in Charisma by choosing Yako, which is the only thing these classes want. And since it is a spellcasting class, most of the time it will not be making attack rolls[...]
thus the disadvantage at attack rolls will not matter that much (more for the warlock since eldritch blast is their major DPS but anyway, it can cast Darkness and get constant advantage on that then)
i.e., from a combat point of view, it seems a good/OP choice.
wait do variants not replace the whole race?
Tieflings for example only get 1 feature replaced.
they don't get any bonuses from the subraces or base race
In that case it's the opposite: underpowered :P
I would rather get +2/+1/+1 ASI from half-elves any day over the bonus AC and tremorsense haha
unless the whole adventure is inside this forest - in which case any other race is quite useless since they are blind
how would i make it balanced
11:09 PM
If you would like readers to understand this, you need to specify it. The character creation in PHB has very few "general rules that just happen" and tend to spell things out. Your homebrew should do the same or it will be unclear/ambiguous/confusing/(wrong).
@MageintheBarrel That's the million dollar question
updated it saying what replaced
what about blindsight
over tremorsense
@MageintheBarrel First, how much of the adventure will be inside the forest?
probably none
Ok, so, essentially, it can be freely compared to usual races
in an usual setting
11:12 PM
i would take the Drow as a guideline, since both share what essentially is Sunlight Sensitivity
we have a variant human an assimar me and an undecided
Using the baseline I just sent (the google doc link), I would give a +2 to the variant race as it is. Adding +2 ASI makes it +4. But instead of going full-primary I would give +1/+1, making it a not-too-strong choice for classes that rely on only one attribute (spellcasters in general)
e.g. instead of +2 cha or +2 wis, +1 Cha and +1 Dex or something like that
Then I would probably some extra proficiencies that will not make combat better but still be helpful to adventuring, such as perception or deception
This would be more in line with that is expected from an usual race - a few combat-focused features, attributes and a few out-of-combat features
how about survival and investigation
If you give both it's okay. Both are quite... weak, so I would like two of them to consider the race :P (compared to, e.g., Perception which is the most useful skill in the game by far)
rpg.stackexchange.com/q/127783/43856 - you can read more on balancing races here. Not linking that only because my answer is the accepted one! :P
survival and perception?
11:23 PM
@MageintheBarrel I would go with Perception alone or Survival and something else (I thought deception first because foxes/kitsunes are known to be quite mischievous and tricky)
trying to trick a monster would be kinda pointless tho
fair enough. Stealth then, maybe?
i thought perception would be good
the black forest is a den of monsters you never know when something will jump out at you
change it up wanna take a looksee
does stealth even work on stuff with blind or tremorsense
stealth against tremorsense is essentially walking softly and not being noticed
stealth is not only about visibility, it's about hiding your presence as a whole.
About Perception, as I said, if you are giving perception, give only perception. It's the strongest skill in the game that you can offer proficiency in, you don't need to give it and something else.
perception and no other proficency or perception and nothing else period?
11:36 PM
@HellSaint but what about carrying a big stick
@MageintheBarrel no other proficiency :P
okay than just perception
@V2Blast I... am confused? hahaha
Big stick ideology, big stick diplomacy, or big stick policy refers to U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt’s foreign policy: "speak softly and carry a big stick, you will go far." Roosevelt described his style of foreign policy as "the exercise of intelligent forethought and of decisive action sufficiently far in advance of any likely crisis."The idea is negotiating peacefully but also having strength in case things go wrong. Simultaneously threatening with the "big stick", or the military, ties in heavily with the idea of Realpolitik, which implies a pursuit of political power that resembles...
Btw didn't the election end yet?
11:37 PM
@HellSaint Our election? yes, we elected V2 and Rubiksmoose
@HellSaint Which one, the RPG.SE election? Yeah, it's why my name is blue now :P
Oh, it's blue here.
Q: 2019 Community Moderator Election Results

Jon EricsonRole-playing Games's fourth moderator election has come to a close, the votes have been tallied and the two new moderators are: They'll be joining the existing crew shortly—please thank them for volunteering, and share your assistance and advice with them as they learn the ropes! Also, plea...

I was like "wait why doesn't V2 have the diamond beside his name?"
@V2Blast I like the idea that the colour is the only consequence of the election
11:40 PM
@Someone_Evil it's why I ran
(not meant in the "I don't want you and Rubiks to do anything" sense, to be clear)
@V2Blast Blue is my favorite color ... and I also know which kind of swallow he was asking about. ;)
heres what i have now
### Variant: Black Forest Resident
The black forest is a labyrinth which swallows all light. Black Forest residents are Kitsune born there. They are more adept at surviving in difficult enviroments than other Kitsune and have evolved very differently. They cannot transform and stay perpetually in their hybrid form. They also have colorless skin and hair with red or orange eyes.

#### Black Forest Energy (Replaces Conceal Form)
Due to prolonged exporsure to the dark energy of the Black Forest you have a thin layer of energy covering your skin. You have an AC of 13+Your
@KorvinStarmast Should we have put this on the nominee questionnaire?

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