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12:05 AM
does anyone know how to query data.SE for really old, low views and low votes questions?
@IvoFlipse: Let me try
date views and votes
seems we need to throw that in a formula and sort on it
what's the date range?
oh wait this one has 'high votes' @KronoS
I'm after low votes
What would be a reasonable upper limit for views/votes?
made changes... just barely getting my hands dirty on this...
change the > 0 to < 1
I know have it less than 2... and views less than 350
12:33 AM
damn I need to stop checking out those questions or they'll get more views :(
Q: Hardware Pen device for presentation

Hi I have a scenario. Hope you could suggest the software and hardware required? I teach maths. I write math equations as i do in a paper/ohp and this should get displayed on the screen. I find hardware 'pen' - writing and pointing device. Tablet pen- I accept my limited knowledge on that. Here...

like this one... I think this maybe the type your looking for
Apparently I have like 241 comments.
I'm going to save the query
12:34 AM
@IvoFlipse: What about this one?
I like that one
I think I'll delete a bunch of those tomorrow
Just made that query up, but something is still bothering me...
Changing the "Score, ViewCount​" part of the ORDER BY clause into a formula and changing the limits specified in the WHERE clause might give better results, but anyhow... Should be sufficient enough to get the oldest cleaned.
Tried Score * ViewCount, but that obviously doesn't work as Score is 0 most of the times. :D
yeah I'm planning on outright deleting anything that get's no attention, no votes, no answers, no views
and preferably has been asked by an inactive user
@MarkSzymanski: I have 487 - but only 2 of them have a score of 5 or higher...I must not be sarcastic enough.....
Only one of mine have a +5 score.
12:39 AM
Yeah, 1.5 years later he probably has already solved the problem or the problem just doesn't exist anymore.
And we can't spend time on fixing such a problem either given we don't know if it (or its user) is still there.
but it remains unanswered
and it's hurting our stats
so if we delete a 1000 bad ones :P
that will really help our stats @IvoFlipse
66k questions
I'm sure we can loose some dead weight
that's for sure...
out of those 12k or so that's unanswered
12:40 AM
If I could delete questions, I would help.
@IvoFlipse: Hmm, just thinking about it, my query doesn't check if they are answered.
you can flag questions that should be deleted @MarkSzymanski
as in without checkmarks or absolutely no answers posted?
Want me to adjust?
12:41 AM
please do
preferably no answers at all @studiohack
and if they have, no upvotes on those answers
@studiohack: It doesn't check answers at all, it just looks for lowest votes/views questions of a long time ago.
I found one that is more than a year old, with no accepted answers. The asker seems to be dead, too.
Flagged it.
makes sense @IvoFlipse
12:42 AM
How could I easily check if they are unanswered, one moment...
low views, very old, no activity and no upvoted material
@TomWij: ah okay...
but watch out, if we all start looking at questions now
the views go up!
They'll get more views ;)
I'll stop looking now :P
I'll just keep browsing the front page to try to find questions to answer and get more rep from :P
good boy ;)
12:45 AM
@IvoFlipse: does this question have any lasting value? confusingly worded, etc
Q: Facebook pop ups

How do you allow Facebook to create pop ups so i can upload a video on my page? It says it wont let me until I disable my pop-up blocker or allow this page to create popups, then try again. Any idea how to do any of those things?

not anymore it does
but preferably no or really only one upvote
yippee! this is fun!
@IvoFlipse: right.
let's start with the real lowest hanging fruit
I had to upvote the champ, because he lost 2 upvotes there :P
would I just go to the questions page and start browsing?
as in, start at the first page @IvoFlipse
no I'd wait for @TomWij or @KronoS to come up with a better query
the first page doesn't have old questions does it?
or sorted for date? :P
12:47 AM
I just saw that "good boy" reply you just left me, @IvoFlipse... >.>
yes you are ;)
merge this dupe's with the original? then delete the dupe?
Q: Screenshot Taking Tools

Possible Duplicate: Screenshot utilities for Windows What are the good screenshot taking tools available (open source and commercial)?

now get back to your rep-hunting!
down boy
12:49 AM
Oh. Yeah.
@IvoFlipse What about this one?
The WHERE clause has been changed to check if it is unanswered.
and it is on @TomWij's list
or newest query
@studiohack: No, that's unanswered. As there are no upvotes or accept marks given...
ahhh! so that's what you mean by ananswered.
kill this one
Q: Virtual PC and DPCs

Mark A JohnsonIn my environment, we're using VPC images for several users. Some users are seeing "Not Responding" messages from their VPC image for long periods of time. When exploring this in ProcessExplorer on the host machine, we see the process "DPCs" (Deferred Procedure Calls) taking up gobs of processor...

Actually, unanswered is pretty ambiguous...
@IvoFlipse: What type of unanswered questions does Area 51 (or your stats) base itself on? The one I think about?
12:53 AM
this one is downvoted, but some answers may be the same between OP and dupe...so delete w/o merging?
no accepted answer
Q: What's your preferred hex editor/viewer (any platform)?

Nathaniel Possible Duplicate: Hex Editors for Windows? community wiki I don't do much of it, but... I'm on Windows and use XVI32. Not the prettiest. Edit: see also, Hex Editors for Windows?, What is a good Windows hex editor / viewer? [SO]

preferably ignore questions closed as duplicates
because dupes aren't always a bad thing
no upvotes, but 3 answers on this one...
Q: 4 Browsers on a Single Machine

I have 4 browsers installed on my PC. IE8 Firefox (Default) Safari Opera My problem is that sometimes the other browsers don't work. Is there anyone that could explain why?

12:54 AM
but downvoted dupes (because they suck that is) can go too
okay, will do @IvoFlipse
But would the stats count them in or not?
oh and best to just flag them
because I'm going to try and wrap my work up and go to bed :P
count which in?
after I delete they don't exist anymore
duplicate questions which are unanswered
12:55 AM
at least not in the new queries
I think closed questions are expelled too
because we can't answer them anymore
you might want to ask it on MSO though
right...off-topic/subjective etc
we should probably divide this up @studiohack @IvoFlipse @TomWij
okay @KronoS
like how?
currently getting the easy ones out, by looking at the ones with low votes, -1 or lower
One takes the more recent the other takes latest?
on @TomWij's query?
12:57 AM
@IvoFlipse: Gonna leave the unanswered check as is, multiple Meta.SO questions verify it is not accepted + no upvotes.
btw @IvoFlipse: I only have a set number of inform mod flags...
then create a question on Meta.SU
and how recent do we want to go?
2010 too recent?
and you keep a list of questions that should be deleted
start with 2009
and link to this conversation + the query your using
okay, can I create a post, and you make it CW, so that @KronoS and others can edit and add posts?
12:59 AM
gets ready to work his butt off again for @IvoFlipse
then I can just open all those links and delete them
but you can all add your own answer with questions too if you feel like it
though perhaps better we don't
because it will become harder to keep track of what has been closed :\
Q: Questions for deletion

studiohackQuestions that should be deleted, as per moderator approval.

so create new post for each new question that should be deleted?
@KronoS: Given the current filter limits there are 500 unanswered questions from 2009. Afterwards we'll need to discuss how recent we will go or perhaps increase the filter limits to show more crappy questions.
no, create a list of questions you want delete in one answer
oh, okay...
1:02 AM
something else that would trigger crap is users with only 1 question
I'm assuming we mark as low quality? @IvoFlipse
that qualifies for all the other points off course
yes, but if you run out of flags @KronoS you can use the meta question to list them
we should also write a script that somehow searches a few words from the body with a gmail search... to filter out the spammers.
got it
Q: Experience with Nuance PDF Converter Professional 6 or alternatives?

SliffThis is really a question on behalf of someone who asks me for IT advice. They've been offered a reduced rate purchase of Nuance PDF Converter Professional 6 as they're an Omnipage user, and asked me whether it was any good. That's obviously a somewhat open and subjective question, so more to...

closed as subjective or delete?
i got 14 left...
1:03 AM
i only have 12
@KronoS: we opened a question on meta (SU) for questions that should be deleted
it's gone @studiohack
I'm enjoying this -
somebody just needs to add some more info to that MSU question ;P
okay, like what?
@IvoFlipse: Editing it atm.
1:04 AM
this question is only for @KronoS, @IvoFlipse etc
? joking lol
@IvoFlipse: let me know when you leave for good, and I'll stop posting links in here
unless you want them going to Meta starting now?
Q: Can not mount disc from cdrecord in sao mode

arsane Possible Duplicate: Can not mount disc from cdrecord in sao mode I tried to burn a livecd iso with my DVD-RW, and it seems it can not burn with cdrecord command in default tao mode. Then I switched to sao mode, it was burned. But it seems I can not get the burned disc mounted. moun...

start now
because nobody will ever be able to read this transcript :P
oh also do we just flag.. or vote to close and flag?
flag is quicker @KronoS
@IvoFlipse: my question is blank
lol wow we got Jeff's attention right away
@studiohack do you want me to flag those you just posted?
I've still a got a few left
no, @IvoFlipse is going to go through and delete later
@KronoS: you can add more to an answer in my question, edit my answer, or just create a new answer - partly why I had Ivo make it CW
@KronoS: which questions are you taking?
1:13 AM
@IvoFlipse: Feel free to adjust further or merge with any parallel edits.
Q: Old unanswered inactive questions with low views/votes

studiohack@IvoFlipse was looking for a query to find old unanswered inactive questions with low views/votes. Because those kind of questions clutter the site and keep the unanswered question ratio high, it is a good idea to keep the site clean from questions like these. It's very unlikely that someone th...

@studiohack the ones you just posted on meta
sounds good enough :)
@TomWij nice job
@IvoFlipse: I'll keep the links to just 5-10 per answer, then it is easier to see progress :-)
And then strikethrough answers that were completed
sure...how do I do strikethrough, I've never figured that out?
not for this purpose, but in general?
1:16 AM
there's a code like <strk> or something like that
@IvoFlipse: We might want to create three lists in a single answer: To be deleted, Not deleted, Deleted
<s> is the code
I striked them through
Q: What HTML tags are allowed on Stack Overflow, Server Fault, and Super User?

Jeff AtwoodThe Stack Overflow site engine, as you know, uses Markdown for questions and answers. Per the Markdown spec, you are allowed to freely intermix HTML and Markdown tags. However, we do not allow all HTML tags, as that would be an XSS paradise. To that end, the Stack Overflow engine allows only the...

Ah, better idea. :-)
Yeah, I know, didn't think of it.
@IvoFlipse: see the last two URLs of the post you just cleaned up on SU Meta
they were not deleted - got covered up by your edit of strikethrough :P
@studiohack: Yeah, saw it, adding them in...
1:20 AM
the more the merrier :P
best not to keep multiple revisions of one answer then ;P
they're gone too now
okay moved on
and there goes my last flag...
I'm going to kill all old off-topic, not a real question and dicussion questions too some day
great job already you guys :)
I'm posting questions instead of flagging @KronoS
thanks @IvoFlipse
1:26 AM
@IvoFlipse you can close/delete my question that I flagged... it's no use to anyone...
I'm done now too... gotta curb my addiction to SU and actually get some homework done
Q: App to video chat between iPod Touch 4 and Android phone?

MattI am looking to do a video chat between an iPod Touch 4 and an Android phone (not sure which version, but less than a year old). Both of these devices have video cameras and microphones, I'm just not sure the easiest way to video chat between the two. Any suggestions?

since I ran out of flag @IvoFlipse can you take care of this
voted to close also @KronoS
oh and let us know when you're gone so that we don't litter your inbox with messages
hehe, I'm still not done yet
no need to crash and burn @KronoS
after 1,5 years there's hardly any rush to get rid of them
@IvoFlipse Multiple revisions should be fine, just check the history every now and then to see if nothing is red there.
1:30 AM
Or well...
can anyone clarify for me
4 revs, 2 users 73%
A small number of answers could work well too, it decreases the change of simultaneous edits.
what this means? on my SU Meta question?
I understand the revs part, and the 2 users part, but what about the 73% part?
Q: Can't open microsoft related web pages (but ping works !)

user64474It seems that I can't open all Microsoft pages (microsoft.com, support.microsoft.com etc) but pinging Microsoft's IP works ( even opening Microsoft pages with the IP's works The hosts file is clean, no signs of bad entries. any help?

@studiohack this is actually a dupe
@studiohack Changed the question for 73%
1:31 AM
@TomWij: 73% what?
you changed 73% of the question?
Dunno, characters.
@TomWij owns 73% of your soul now @studiohack
@KronoS: I know facepalm I should have known it was related to your latest SU Blog post...
wasn;t thinking
@KronoS Jeff's question wasn't meant to close every question as a dupe
@TomWij: that's sad...not gonna happen
1:32 AM
ya that only shows how much people really read the blog :(
@IvoFlipse I know but this one is pretty related
I knew before hand about your blog post, but didn't make the connection - sorry
WHY so many of these virtal questions?!!!
Q: How virtual is virtualization?

Vilx-While reading different materials on different subjects every now and then I come back upon the question: How virtual really is virtualization? With "virtualization" I mean things like Virtual PC and VMWare, which allow you to run an guest OS. In particular, what I don't understand is: Does the...

esp since all the answers are the same @IvoFlipse
the above ^ question is related to sandboxing of virtual solutions
1:34 AM
The thing that's weird to me...
5 answers in 5 minutes. :-S
@TomWij ya I though the same thing
Ah, nvm, migrated from SO, doh...
aight I really am leaving now lol...
talk at you guys later
night @KronoS! thanks for the help!
1:36 AM
no porb ;)
I corrected mine @KronoS. ;P haha
after others have seen the scalps we collected @studiohack, you can repurpose answers that have been 'processed'
@IvoFlipse - clarify?
I don't know what you mean by 'scalps' and repurposing?
oh scalps! :P
scalps as in all the deleted questions
delete them or what?
1:44 AM
yes you can delete the text and put in new questions
no need to use any fancy formatting
and any comments, if you doubt for instance
leave them at the question
ah, okay...make sense. and yes, I know about scalping humans :P
I'll spot them there
oh, as a comment?
on the question?
yes, but only when you really doubt
so most of the time, don't bother
which would you rather i do: doubt and comment or doubt and link?
1:45 AM
but if you leave them in the 'answer' on MSU, and we delete it, it's gone!
or doubt and skip?
no, always link
but if you doubt, you may comment
but I wouldn't worry
okay, thanks for all the clarification @IvoFlipse
they are abandoned
hi @instanceofTom :)
thank goodness for Lazarus!
1:50 AM
well now I'm going to get ready for bed
so good luck
and don't burn yourself down :)
good night @IvoFlipse - good talking with you today
@CmdrGuard: hello
new to Super User?
Yes. But not to stackexchange.
I have a few posts at stackoverflow
I have never done chat over there. And frankly, I thought I needed more reputation over here to be able to chat.
no, but if you have less than a certain amount, you get kicked out of the room after 4 hours...
not exactly sure what rep level exactly...
1:56 AM
well then I shall preemptively kick myself out
I just wanted to see the interface
it's all good @CmdrGuard
and I must say, it is quite impressive
it is nice...
Anyways, thanks for the chit chat. Hope to run into you later studiohack
have a good one @CmdrGuard
1 hour later…
@Sathya what is this exactly... the community FAQ's and top answers all in one site?
@Sathya: who is the author?
@KronoS: voted to close ;)
@studiohack thanks
no idea @KronoS @studiohack found on Hacker News comment thread about @GregHewill's SO Top questions eBook
3 hours later…
6:04 AM
finally got the Sportsmanship badge!
3 hours later…
8:49 AM
morning all
I see we started on the clean out while I was asleep
@studiohack nice job
9:53 AM
Stuck at home today, so I've tweaked the "abandoned" query a bit - data.stackexchange.com/superuser/s/842 - don't know how many will be left because @studiohack may have raised all the Q's on meta already :P
don't count on it
no, there are a lot :/
I'll probably add some to meta at some point
though the time frame is a perhaps a bit too 'fresh'
what's the cut off date?
my query?
9:57 AM
last activity on the question and by the owner is at least 6 months ago
ah that the owner visited the site
that's a nice twist
I suggest you add that to the meta question :)
yeah, thought it'd help reduce the potential for false positive matches
at least those users are dead to us, because they probably will never come back
have you tried tweaking it to something like 12 months?
can't edit it :S
9:59 AM
I just copy pasted it for now and edited the 6 to 12
try clone

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