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12:04 AM
@MarkSzymanski It's written in Ruby, there's your problem ;-)
I like ruby...
12:36 AM
@IvoFlipse, I think it belongs - it seems to fit within the FAQ as I interpret it
I think a better question might be "How can I prevent websites from knowing my IP address?", but that may not be what the asker actually wants to know, so I wouldn't change it
Indeed, though it would be nice if one of the answers did answer that
maybe i'll tackle that in a bit
i need to go shower right now though
just got back from a very muddy, very fun frisbee game
but wanted to check in for any answers to my question from earlier, and while i was here, thought i'd check in on chat
very good ;)
for me it's long past bed time
but was trying solve some stupid explorer problem :@
p.s., any ideas?
Q: Prevent Microsoft Word from wrapping tables across columns and pages

nhinkleWhen writing technical documents such as lab reports, it is often preferable for tables not to wrap across columns and page breaks, so that all data from a given table are displayed in one place. In LaTeX, there is a setting to prevent tables from wrapping unless they are simply too long to do ot...

Q: Win + E keyboard shortcut stopped working

Ivo FlipseI've managed to mess up my Win + E shortcut, such that it gives me the following error message: Is there any way to manually restore this shortcut? I'm running Windows 7

12:40 AM
i wish the TA who grades our labs would just let me use LaTeX, but he wants thing done his way :(
All I can think up is using Ctrl+D to add a page break after the text
so the table starts in a new column
I can add a column break easily, but then if a table starts near the top of a column, I'm wasting a bunch of space (and thus paper)
regarding your Win+E shortcut problem, I've seen articles before online about how to change it to open different folders and stuff
you might try finding where those settings are changed, and verify that it's set right
anyhow, it's shower time for me! see ya later
see ya
1 hour later…
1:53 AM
hello @alleverybody
Hello, @studiohack.
hello @MarkSzymanski
How are you?
I'm good, sir. how are you @MarkSzymanski?
I'm doing great, thanks.
1:58 AM
whelps, not much going on...gonna be in and out
Hehe, someone on IRC thinks they will be able to find me, based on only my first and last names XD
There are like a thousand Mark Szymanskis in the world XD
really? even with that unique of a last name @MarkSzymanski?
My last name is the 9th most common surname in Poland :P
And, I know of at least three Mark Szymanskis other than myself.
One of which is my uncle.
2:28 AM
The photos section of my website is done.
2:52 AM
sounds good @MarkSzymanski
Might take a while, I can't get it to paginate the photos >.>
looking -
are you a photographer?
Hehe, no xD
But I like taking photos.
They're all taken with a 4th gen iPod Touch, hence the horrible quality :P
I guess you could call it that.
2:58 AM
no camera?
you have some really good ones!
Nope :P
Just kinda recently got into photography.
Thanks! ^^
consider getting a camera...i like the Canon Powershot SX130 IS
I might. Thanks for the suggestion, I'll check it out ^^
it is really high quality and a very good camera for those who like to take photos and such, it has a lot of modes and effects - very fun to play with! the price on amazon is a good one for this kind of camera...hope that helps @MarkSzymanski
Very cool! Thanks!
3:01 AM
sure. i like the ones of the basketball courts, the airport
the crosswalk is nice also...
Thanks ^^
They were all taken and edited with Camera+
as well as the sofa and the lamp...
nice. never heard of Camera+
it's really nice.
It was actually taken off the App Store for a while.
3:02 AM
can't find it on Bing?
i binged Camera+
oh well.
oh i see, it is an app for mobile phone
Just to let you know, the "Auto" option under the "Scenes" will make ANY photo look better.
It's the effect I always apply first.
3:05 AM
yeah...i use that sometimes on my photos after i get them on my machine..
I tend to be a repetitious photographer, so i end up with a lot of photos of the same thing....
I usually just take one or two.
Very nice!
yeah if you put a lot of effort into one or two, that works too if you take your time and all
One feature of camera+ that I LOVE is the stabilizer feature.
It waits until you're holding the thing perfectly steady before snapping the picture.
3:09 AM
But, that was a killer when I took the snow ones.
the Canon Powershot I mentioned has IS too... (IS = image stabilization)
snow and stuff like the moon is harder with IS
Because I was barefoot and wearing a t-shirt and jeans :P
and that feature is nice on mobile phones
3:10 AM
All the photos except for the ones of the snow were taken at the Little Rock National airport.
The basketball goal ones were taken at a school.
@IvoFlipse: Enjoy... :-)
A: Win + E keyboard shortcut stopped working

TomWijWhat does WIN+E do? Because troubleshooting System Internals is sweet... Let's look on an untampered system with Process Monitor to see what exactly happens when we do that. The steps I take: Download and run the program: http://live.sysinternals.com/procmon.exe Accept the EULA, reset the fi...

you live in Arkansas?
why unfortunately?
3:19 AM
Because. I'm orignally from Wisconsin. But I'm living here now, we moved because of my dad's job.
oh you like Wisconsin?
Yes ^^
fun, I've been there
it's very pretty and scenic
I'm from a small town called Pulaski there, about 20m from Green Bay.
don't know where that is?
that's because i don't live there - don't worry about it :P
3:21 AM
hello @KronoS
If you think of Wisconsin looking like a mitten.
hey @studiohack... I'm only here for a few min... about to leave to head home
Green Bay is right in the crook of the thumb... if that makes any sense :P
how's it been?
3:22 AM
@KronoS - been good-how's your weekend?
@MarkSzymanski: makes sense
i think. :P
went four wheelin and shooting with a friend... who actually broke his leg :(
It's a small town, ~1000 people.
today was a big family thing with the in-laws
@KronoS sorry to hear that
@MarkSzymanski yeah, that's not that small haha
3:24 AM
@studiohack @MarkSzymanski I miss anything important?
Well, it's pretty small compared to where I live now. ~6000 people. And this is apparently a small town :P
you edited. :P it is a really small town, i meant that i've seen smaller
@KronoS: Not really.
3:25 AM
i've seen as small as 6
or 50
I've seen as small as 98 :P
or 100
yeah haha
so you live sort of out in the country then
3:26 AM
@KronoS: be sure and check your email for an email from Rebecca Chernoff about the Town Hall thing for nominees
mine was in my spam folder
she sent it earlier today...FYI
@studiohack already got that.... I had my ipod touch with me... I've already responded to it too
@KronoS: that's all it then. i did answer Q&A with @IvoFlipse
oh really?
I'm getting updated right now on meta and SU
and guitars.stackexchange.com :)
@MarkSzymanski: so how did you come to know this much about technology, especially this young?
3:30 AM
I dunno... Just messed around with it for a long time :P
Messed around, read some books on programming, see what works, see what doesn't.
@studiohack it seems like the younger generation almost come "pre-programmed" for tech...
that's a good way to learn and get started on stuff @MarkSzymanski
@KronoS: so true! even then, I am the tech support for those I know. :P
except for occasional the oddballs that stick bologna in the dvd player...
3:31 AM
And, of course. Asking lots of questions ;)
@KronoS xD
@MarkSzymanski i do that alot myself, asking questions
time to go... later fellas
Bye, @KronoS. Take care.
I've been trying to find some questions that I can answer to try to push my self closer to 2000 rep but I can't find any that I know enough about XD
@KronoS: good night!
3:36 AM
I can't wait until I can edit stuff.
that's a scary thought
Hehe XD
Hehe, I'm probably one of the only people on the SE sites that's willing to close his own questions :P
3:55 AM
I do that myself - closing my own questions :P @MarkSzymanski
Well, i'm off to bed. Goodnight @studiohack, everyone.
good night @MarkSzymanski
4:13 AM
anyone want to vote me over 4K?
4:43 AM
2 hours later…
7:06 AM
@studiohack, done :)
7:24 AM
@nhinkle: thanks! :)
@studiohack, want to bump me over 6.3K? :P
hahaha sure let me find something
i have a question ripe for up-voting
Q: Prevent Microsoft Word from wrapping tables across columns and pages

nhinkleWhen writing technical documents such as lab reports, it is often preferable for tables not to wrap across columns and page breaks, so that all data from a given table are displayed in one place. In LaTeX, there is a setting to prevent tables from wrapping unless they are simply too long to do ot...

(seriously driving me nuts. i wish my TA would let me just write my stinkin' lab reports in LaTeX)
6300 haha
Not that it's any different whatsoever from 6295, but it's a nice roundish number
7:25 AM
yup...good night!
6400 will be nice. then it's a square (times 100 of course)
yes, it is. and it should now be above a nice roundish number :P
upvoted your first answer.
anyways, gotta log off! good night @nhinkle
hopefully the vote bot won't detect my votes and remove. :P
@studiohack, hopefully it won't detect mine either ;)
goodnight, sleep well
8:23 AM
morning all, just a brief hello before I'm off to class
oooo, new "meta participation" info added to the election page
1 hour later…
9:32 AM
@studiohack Same here, and it appeared like there were no mails until I checked there. :-)
@TomWij, how would I set my filter in Sysinternals?
@IvoFlipse: Well, I filter away the activity I'm not interested about first, so let's say searchindexer.exe is busy.
So I right click searchindexer.exe and it allows me to include / exclude / highlight that there.
Then I repeat for svchost.exe and some other programs that are filling the log with events I don't care about.
The event I'm looking for would be from explorer.exe as shutting down explorer.exe doesn't allow you to press WIN + E.
So I could go to the Filter window (through the menus) and include a filter that includes explorer.exe as Process Name.
But I wasn't sure so I filtered away instead...
anyway that key: DeletegateExecute wasn't there
It should be, something might've deleted it.
(Please note that that should be in the right side of the Registry Editor window)
Side note: If you're ever interested in detailed stack information in one of the SysInternals Tools or WPT, you need to configure symbols (step 9).
That key is the parameter passed to (or opened by, as it's handling the hotkey internal) explorer.exe; by changing what it refers to you could change the WIN + E hotkey I think.
9:47 AM
that key is under shell\open
but not opennewwindow
and do I need to reboot?
It should be under opennnewwindow too, rebooting wasn't required here.
it works :)
10:03 AM
howdy @IvoFlipse @TomWij
hi @Sathya
how was the trip home?
trip was good @IvoFlipse wasn't to home tho
ah where to then
you seem to travel a lot :P
been travelling a lot past few weekends @IvoFlipse that's likely to stop though
went to Goa @IvoFlipse
10:19 AM
you went to me? ;P
Goa (; ) is India's smallest state by area and the fourth smallest by population. Located in South West India in the region known as the Konkan, it is bounded by the state of Maharashtra to the north, and by Karnataka to the east and south, while the Arabian Sea forms its western coast. Goa is India's richest state with a GDP per capita two and a half times that of the country as a whole. Panaji is the state's capital, while Vasco da Gama is the largest city. The historic city of Margao still exhibits the cultural influence of the Portuguese, who first landed in the early 16th century a...
@IvoFlipse :P
though my home town was just 8hrs from there..
that seems comfortable :)
had a nice time :) though my morning flight was delayed by about 1.5 hrs
how's the mobile internet in India?
@IvoFlipse rather poor
3G is right now available only on Govt-based service provider
and today, one of the largest private service providers launched the 3G services
10:25 AM
so Govt-only or they subsidize it?
and the tariffs are utter Bend-over-and-get-shafted types
just how you like em? ;P
@IvoFlipse Govt only, spotty coverage, non existent Cust service, but at places where it's available they are pretty good.
@IvoFlipse :( I'll stick to EDGE for the time being
ah well as long as you can log in to SU to keep up permanent login eh?
@IvoFlipse yep
I've got a job interview tomorrow, wondering how it'll go
10:29 AM
interesting, what kind of job?
I guess they don't advertise on SO?
@IvoFlipse nope
@IvoFlipse the skill set is same, PL/SQL dev, I'll know more details tomorrow
also approached by one of Oracle's Subsidiaries that's intriguing me too
oeh you would be working for the devil!
nice :D
@IvoFlipse :D sent my CV to them, let's see if they respond. Their requirements match my current skill set &(previous) experiences very well - Coding, Analysis, Client Interaction
I thought you were simply outsourced to the US, but apparently not exactly
@IvoFlipse not quite, I was implementing a new Insurance Solution in Austin, TX
10:43 AM
so how do you get a job like that?
recruitment sites @IvoFlipse like monster.com ( as of now the only place where I've filed my resume)
I do have on Stack Overflow Careers but it's not filed
@IvoFlipse ^^ ;) monster.com is free :P plus it's localized to India, not many Indian sites use Stack Overflow CVs
@IvoFlipse not even a single PL/SQL listing there :\
though I could get used to another DBMS
I find T-SQL.... weird
I'm sure you can manage to squeeze yourself into a listing ;P
I asked a fairy and the next day my CV was online :O
@IvoFlipse nice
> $19 for 1 year
not bad
10:49 AM
aint it :)
the companies surely DONT pay 19$ :P
There have been:

0 search hits on your CV
13 public views of your CV
0 email inquiries to you from employers
0 email responses from you to employe
> Your CV is unfiled, which means it is not searchable by employers.
I hate writing stuff like Personal Statements :|
I don't have any relevant experience to land a job through that place anyway
> I am a student; enroll me in a complimentary free one year membership.
nice spots @TomWij all those -5 posts :P
Hi! :)
Help me, please! Windows Firewall consantly turns itself on. I have another firewall and it reports its state to Windows, so I don't understand why. (Win7 x64, ESET Smart Security)
11:05 AM
using two at a time, is a really bad idea as far as I know
@IvoFlipse I know.
@Nyuszika7H try making Windows ignore any existing firewall programs
I disabled the Windows Firewall service, let's see if it works.
11:30 AM
How can I associate my multimedia buttons on the keyboard with VLC?
you jinxed my VLC
you made Glee crash by mentioning that
I'd ask it as a question too
just for future reference :)
@IvoFlipse Thanks! :)
I simply copy pasted your question in Google
added superuser (didn't find anything on our site, but did get this)
and removed the first part
@IvoFlipse Do I have to set anything? Nothing changed, Windows Media Center opens on pressing the play button :(
I'd ask it on SU, since I'm a bit busy atm ;)
11:40 AM
@IvoFlipse I'm using VLC 1.1.5, maybe that's the problem? MK2MP says it supports VLC 1.0.1.
hello again all
@DMA57361 Hi there!
hi @DMA57361 :)
no, it would be 1.0.1 and up
well my workshop tomorrow got cancelled, so at least I have another day to prepare :P
does the cancellation have any reasons behind to be concerned about?
oh the workshop was something different, quite important though :\
it was hosted by the gov. organization that hands out most of the grants
for helping companies write better grant proposals
11:46 AM
ah, I see
so the meeting I have on wednesday still stands
Q: How do I associate my keyboard's media keys with VLC?

Nyuszika7HI've got an ASUS X5DAF series notebook with Windows 7 Home Premium x64. I'm using VLC, and want to use media keys with it. I've tried MK2MP. Unfortunately, it didn't fix my problem, and crashed after restarting VLC. Run time error 31 at line 559 Now, I can't even start it. Any ideas?

I'd suggest adding a little bit more information on what it was your trying to do
the title mentions it
@IvoFlipse for example?
but it would be better to explain it in your question too
hmm on second thought, I guess there's not much to add, other than what buttons you have and what you want them to do
11:58 AM
edited it
awesome :)
I was looking for a picture of your media keys
but didn't find a great one sadly :(

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