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5:07 PM
hello all finished reading transcript
@studiohack hi
how are you @DMA57361
still babysitting your daughter? :P
I'm fine, and sort of; wife's home as well now
life as a parent
5:15 PM
Whoa check this out...
ahhhh! I want that for Firefox!!
or you switch to Chrome like any other sane person
I don't care for Chrome
so no thanks...Google already has enough of my info
lol... I use bing now with my chrome browser
Q: SO Live! Chat Edition. — live updates to your reputation score, while chatting.

badpScreenshot About This userscript, based on SOApi.js, injects itself in all SE sites' chat pages and polls the API for reputation changes every 60 seconds. When your reputation changes, this is announced at the top of the page. SO Live! Chat Edition uses the same notification system chat use...

this one is a good one too
I never get upvotes anyway, so don't need it actually :P
5:21 PM
same here...I will get an accepted answer but not an upvote?! weird....
btw @studiohack nice work on that new badge of questions to delete
new badge of questions to delete?
@studiohack If it's a low rep (< 15) user that's all they can do.
@studiohack s/badge/batch/
@ChrisF: true...
@IvoFlipse: do you want me to find some more questions and put them on meta to delete?
you may, but perhaps it's better to look for a SQL query that's more effective
as Jeff suggested
@DMA57361 had a nice query for finding questions from inactive users
I cleaned up anything older than 12 months
2 hours later…
7:06 PM
hi @nhinkle
you won't believe this
> Processor - 1 x Intel Core i5 2500 / 3.3 GHz - LGA1155 Socket - L3 6 MB
guess what's wrong with this order
Hmm... I'm not sure. What?
I'll leave it to someone to spot it
Unless I'm supposed to remember that you had meant to order a different one or something, I see nothing wrong with it. Looks to me like it matches the specs for a Core i5 2500
indeed the 2500...
which isn't the 2500k
which means I ordered the model that doesn't overclock
ahh. the 2500k has the unlocked multiplier, right?
shoot. that sucks. is it too late to change the order?
7:10 PM
I hope not, supposedly it hasn't been packed yet
and I mailed the company right away
yikes. where you ordering from?
one of the largest webstores in Holland
they've got decent service, it just annoys me that I messed it up
Well I sure hope they can fix it. :(
besides your ordering gaffe, how're things going?
well else I have to order another one and return the wrong one
important meeting tomorrow, trying to get the last results for my powerpoint
are you presenting something soon?
7:14 PM
but interpolations problems gave me a problem this afternoon
well we have a milestone for a project I'm doing
and I want to have the best results possible, so hopefully I'll get a followup
Ah. Well, I sure hope that goes well. Presentations can always be a bit nerve-wracking.
oh there's only 3 other people there, so I'm not worried about presenting things
it's just that the results have to be good enough for them to want to continue and do a followup
what is the project? is it related to your dog paws work, or is it something else?
the dog project is a feasibility study, where the clinic wants to know if they can use the pressure plates to measure dogs in their clinical trials
and the manufacturer of the pressure plates (my previous employer) wants to know if the system is capable of measuring other things, such as dogs
I see. So you're sort of working as the go-between for the two
7:20 PM
so I have to document the limitations of the plate and document some results/statistics I retrieved from the data for the clinic
and I hope the clinic will want to do it's own follow up, so I can do another project without having my old employer involved
Hi! :)
So who are you technically working for then? Is the clinic paying you or the old employer?
while getting a separate project with my old employer
@Nyuszika7H, hello
@IvoFlipse You're there 24/7? :P
7:21 PM
He sleeps every once in a while :P
the old employer is currently paying me
but that's going to stop after next month
hello @nhinkle, @Nyuszika7H
So you're hoping then that the clinic will hire you. Makes sense.
Howdy @studiohack
@IvoFlipse - hello again :P
well hire me as a contractor @nhinkle, so I get multiple projects going
but I'm quite impressed with the results I got so far
now I'm trying to derive the last part
7:22 PM
@studiohack, primary begins in 1 hour!
@IvoFlipse, sounds good. I sure hope they do hire you (well, give you the contract)
me too, else I really have to start getting my hands dirty until I find other projects
and these results will give me something I can show to other potential clients
@nhinkle: yay! excited?
I'm excited to downvote Joe
@studiohack @nhinkle I am... and nervous...
@IvoFlipse: careful haha
7:24 PM
@IvoFlipse same here
@studiohack, I'm ready to get on with this thing, that's for sure. Nobody entered the nomination after 5 days ago
@KronoS: you have no worries
@nhinkle: if it weren't for Joe, we could just move to elections!!
And we wouldn't even have to be bothering with primaries if it weren't for Joe, but oh well
@studiohack, exactly
which i just said :P
but yes....and his comment at the end? my...
@studiohack I may not be "booted" from primaries but this will be a good indicator of who will win though...
7:26 PM
@KronoS: yes it will be...
I'm not really nervous. I figure, if the community decides to elect me, that's great, and I'm happy to serve them. If they don't, then whoever wins will surely be great moderators, and I'll still be happy to give them a hand while doing all the stuff I usually do
if you're behind it means you have to explain others why you deserve it more than those above you :)
nicely said @nhinkle
you all already do, so basically nothing would change
@nhinkle I have the same attitude... but there's stilla nervousness there... Like I don't care if I lose, or win but it's the unknown that gets me
7:27 PM
and plus, if the community elects us as mods, it is a high compliment
and I think we can work around the rep restrictions as we saw yesterday :)
@IvoFlipse that is so true...
didn't you see our lynching of those old questions?
Yes, I did. I misread your statement, and was confused. Then made the connection
I'm sad I missed it, too. I would've liked to partake, but sadly, had class all day and was working on a chem lab report all evening.
So by the time I got here, the party was over
you still can @nhinkle
how fluent is your SQL? :P
7:29 PM
Heh. Not very :P
I saw the query on data.SE though, it looked pretty nifty
Also saw the meta post regarding it. Have all the ones posted there been dealt with now?
you can post new ones
or propose some 'rules' for what you think make up bad questions
then someone with some SQL experience can write a query around it
either flag them or put them in an answer on the meta question
then I'll delete them
but Jeff would rather create an automated query if we can reason why we want them gone
I feel like an automated query would be a bit dangerous, since there's the potential to accidentally delete something useful, but then again, if something hasn't been viewed in over a year and has no votes, no harm deleting it probably
I'll ponder additional queries. Seems like the one you've got works pretty well though
Uh oh... I think the internet is doing something funky...
7:33 PM
@KronoS, ?
I think there's a server/router on the network that's causing some massive collisions
Just have two people call to ask if internet is down
but now it's back up... weird
@IvoFlipse, the API is still read-only, right?
i know the page says nominations close in one hour, but it closes at 3 EST, or in 23 minutes!
if i'm not mistaken
7:38 PM
yes it still is @nhinkle
@studiohack I believe your right...
@IvoFlipse, dang. It would be nice to have a simple page which runs the detection query, but filters out the ones which have since been deleted or are already flagged, then lets you flag it from that page.
Like the /review page
given that we have 66k questions, 6k are closed for whatever reason, that leaves 20% of 60k unanswered for some reason. I think 12k questions with an accepted answer is unacceptable. One part of those are CW (and perhaps should be closed), some are abandoned and the rest either have no real answer or still deserve some attention
@SuperKronos We would like to help. What do you need from us?
@KingstonSSDNow #SuperUserBlog (superuser.blogoverflow.com) is wanting to do a blog post of SSD technology and Win7... Wanna help? :)
I thought that I'd throw them a bone...
guess they bit
7:41 PM
I want 2 SSDs to test whether RAID with SSDs is worth the money
Raid 0?
we can propose a query which they could add to the /review page @nhinkle, that would work with the API, so use the current state of questions
@IvoFlipse you? ;P
well not the redundancy version, the striped one, not mirrored
I want to keep them @KronoS ;P
Yeah, thats Raid 0
7:42 PM
but it would be great if you got some loan SSDs
That should be good as long as your bus speed doesn't bottleneck your speed @IvoFlipse.
@KronoS well done getting an SSD company on board
@IvoFlipse, adding something to the review page would be grand
@KingstonSSDNow We want to test whether SSD's really do speed up Windows 7 boot up times and operations... We also wanted to test RAID(1/2)
Are moderators able to accept answers on behalf of users? I seem to recall having seen that happen before
@KingstonSSDNow configuration on two SSD's to see if it's worth the monetary investment
now I'm really nervous....
@nhinkle I think that's crossing a line...
7:48 PM
no that's not possible @nhinkle
@KronoS, I was only thinking it would be appropriate for a few CW questions where there's no accepted answer if there is one high-quality answer which makes sense to be accepted
I wouldn't propose doing that on any other questions
IMO CW answers generally don't have a "one correct answer" but I see what you mean now
True, they often don't
Here's an idea
to help get old, good questions answered
what if questions could be nominated as being old and abandoned but a good idea, then one question per week could have a bounty applied to it, either by a nice user or perhaps by the system if this became an automated or official thing. that would encourage people to give those questions a look, and possibly help get some of those old questions dealt with while encouraging user participation
@nhinkle I like that... there's actually a query for that on the data.stackechange but for SO
@KronoS, link?
7:52 PM
searches by tag though... I'm working on an alt...
if it's a good question it might work @nhinkle, but most of the questions aren't
and it was for programmers not SO
they're like @akira asking for something that utterly impossible
you can run it on any site @KronoS ;)
@IvoFlipse, they would have to be good questions, yes
I don't mind spending 50 rep a week, people would just upvote my answers elsewhere anyway ;)
7:55 PM
which is a small percentage of the 60k questions, but a small percentage of 60,000 can still be a big-ish number
I figure we could make a query as a starting point which looks for questions with 2 or more upvotes, and no upvoted answers, older than say 3 months
if we find that 2 upvotes isn't enough to escape bad questions, we can up that number
from there we can look at them and determine which ones are possible to be answered
and start pushing those
preferably from a user who is still active
that, too
or which are CW perhaps, but not many questions are
and perhaps we need a separate room for it, so we can discuss possible answers
7:57 PM
also, if a question's asker isn't active but it's still a great question, no reason not to get it answered, especially if it might be material for community FAQ
@IvoFlipse, good idea. Perhaps we need a "Witch Hunt" room
Q: Allow mod accept for deleted users

bobobobo Possible Duplicate: Moderators accepting answers on user’s behalf after a certain time period Sometimes there's a question with an unaccepted answer that was asked by a currently inactive user. After a certain amount of time, the "community" should be able to accept an answer on...

Q: Moderators accepting answers on user's behalf after a certain time period

Chris McCallI think it would be cool if a question would eventually open up to moderators to accept answers on the user's behalf, once a time period has passed. The asking user would get the rep score for the accept. I know I've seen questions successfully answered with lots of upvotes and no accepted answe...

> Remember that it is (answer accepted) OR (at least one answer with a positive score) --> @Rebecca

 Witch Hunt

Room for discussion of finding old unanswered questions, promo...
simply upvoting answers that are actually worth it would do it
8:00 PM
I would delete bad and/or abandoned questions that don't qualify
@IvoFlipse, just upvoting an answer doesn't bump it up in the questions list, so it would still never get seen
yes, but off course we shouldn't upvote for the sake of marking it as answered
but if there are no answers and it's old enough, put it in the meta question to have it 'reviewed'
Oh I see what you mean.
Should we have a new meta question for old questions worth keeping (as opposed to the current one for deleting), or just put them in the same place?
Or perhaps just mention them in the chat room and let users choose which ones they want to "sponsor" with a bounty
t - 56 minutes until the nominations are closed
Also editing the question to improve it/make it more relevant to the current time frame would bump them up, which might help get them some attention
8:06 PM
rather not put them in the same place, as I would probably delete them by accident :P
8:30 PM
turns out I was wrong, primary is in 30 minutes
@studiohack as opposed to?
Hey @RebeccaChernoff didn't see you come in...
Do you have an update at all for the community hall chat?
My update is that SF's Town Hall was much easier to schedule. (;
Does anybody know if you can post multiple websites in your profile on twitter?
@RebeccaChernoff gotta love the fact that we are all over the place :)
8:36 PM
Well, so is SF. It just managed to work out.
@RebeccaChernoff if it helps at all... I can get up super early on Sat...
Also, @Kronos, is it just me or did you give me a time outside of the 48 hour window I'm shooting for?
@RebeccaChernoff, I thought you asked for 24 hours? Anyhow, I too am pretty flexible
You wanted the 29th? right?
well 29th to 30th...
I'm fine with waking up at ungodly hours, but just prefer them not to be too insane
8:40 PM
@nhinkle same here...
I'm shooting for 9pm 1/29 - 9pm 1/31 UTC. Which is 4pm in EST.
funny, we have all the nominees in this room for long stretches of time every day, it's just a couple of them who aren't and off course all the interested users
oh... then I did... I was mistaken then @RebeccaChernoff sorry...
I'm not around much of the 30th (Sunday) morning - from like 6 AM EST to 4 PM EST
I'm also still missing 2 responses.
8:42 PM
you got mine, right @RebeccaChernoff?
who @RebeccaChernoff?
@RebeccaChernoff, I heard from some folks that your email went into their spam boxes
The 29th and 30th won't work for me... However on the 31st early I can... like 3 to 9am... then I start running into classes... I'm free after 6 however on the 31st...
Maybe I'lljust re-email you...
might try sending them a second time just to make sure they got them
@studiohack, yup got yours. @IvoFlipse I'll check.
8:46 PM
sent an updated schedule to @RebeccaChernoff -
@nhinkle this happened to me...found it though.
@RebeccaChernoff i just sent an updated one as well
@IvoFlipse, joe and linker
well I wouldn't worry about Joe
@RebeccaChernoff joe may not make it to through the weekend....
anybody who vote on him should get suspended
ah well, Linker deserves a change off course, though I think his chances are slim/non-existent
8:50 PM
@IvoFlipse he has been trying to prove himself on the site with activity...
given who's also running, there is zero chance he's going to get elected
looks at updated schedules
7 mins.....
So if I'm looking at things right, the "best fit" is Monday the 31st at 3pm UTC (9am eastern) with 7 saying yes and 2 saying no to that timeslot.
8:56 PM
If anyone can't make it, let me or someone who is going to make it to the Town Hall Chat know, and we'll specifically state that User XYZ couldn't make it (sleep or homework, or other obligations) so that the user doesn't look bad/negative...as per ChrisF's answer on MSU
A: 2011 Moderator Elections - Town Hall Chat

ChrisFThe only danger with this is that it could look bad for a candidate if the timing meant they couldn't attend - if it was in the middle of their work day for example.

Just finished updating my website, went live with the changes 2 minutes ago! And now I need to go do microbio homework. @RebeccaChernoff, I suppose that will work, but I will only be able to stay at max for 1 hour, as I have class later that morning
Hrm, I have that as the start of your availability. Wonder what I did wrong, heh.
@nhinkle: so you are in the PST time zone? which means that the Town Hall will be 6 AM for you?
Ah, right, you just said "no" to 1am - 9am, so I marked everything else as "yes" hehehe.
subscribed @nhinkle ;)
9:00 PM
and they're open!
to those who are downvoted by me (points @David) don't take it personally, it simply means I think you're not ready yet :)
blimey... busy in here at the moment :) hey all
hi @DMA57361 :)
@DMA57361 hey!
9:02 PM
lotta votes already in for the primaries being open for one minute! :P
hello @DMA57361
funny, the sorting is random every time you reload
it does say random ordering in the info box
TOP 10 move to the election phase... and @DMA57361 is right about the random thing @IvoFlipse
and the notification bar is back up!
Joe's at -9....
@KronoS: and Sathya is at +9
or +8
9:07 PM
done +1 on a bunch (e.g. everyone I talk to on here!) and -1 on one person (not on chat!)... will read others through later and decide...
11 @studiohack
didn't expect TomWij to get a few minuses :S
@KronoS the guy is going up faster then I can blink haha
@Wil same here
as much as @Sathya goes up... Joe goes down @studiohack
which was my point lol
9:09 PM
I just can't seem to break that 2 barrier lol
I downvoted Joe, even since putting himself up, he hasn't really done anything on the site... superuser.com/users/3630/joe?tab=activity
@KronoS: why do you have - votes?
that's sad...
>OK . I LOVE SUPER USER ...:) - from Joe's post - changed from the fact that he was moving to Yahoo Answers
@studiohack all it means is that some people don't think I'm ready... I am pretty new to the site...
How long have you been around? @KronoS
there are a whole bunch of users with the same amount of votes - gonna be hard there...
@studiohack five months
9:13 PM
@studiohack just remember this is only to determine the top 10, then it's a clean slate for the real election
true. we only have to kick out one user @DMA57361
I wonder how it's going on SO...
ah.. it's not ... starts an hour after ours it seems
Whoa look at you @studiohack and @nhinkle starting to break from the crowd
Good afternoon, everyone.
that's only because some users like us, wait for your supports to show up @KronoS
@MarkSzymanski - voted in the primary yet?
9:15 PM
@studiohack: Yes, I did :)
I don't get why that Joe guy signed up.
+8 for @KronoS
@KronoS: you have a point.
I removed it...it wasn't a fair comment
14 @studiohack
btw guys, if you click on the vote numbers, you can see updated votes w/o refreshing the page
and @KronoS: I've been a member of the site for longer than you have, but don't have as much rep, which generally means that you know more than me in this area...
@studiohack that or I'm more addicted :P
@KronoS: maybe you are more addicted hahahaha
9:23 PM
aight fellas... I really need to be doing homework now...
@studiohack, yes I'm in PST, so it'll be a bit early
thanks @IvoFlipse
now I go vote :D
Well @IvoFlipse, I think your concerns about Joe have been dealt with
I didn't have concerns, it was just annoying
True. It would've been nice to move right on to the election, but oh well
9:45 PM
-24 and falling ....
Just out of curiosity, does anyone think that this question is too short?
Q: Is there any way to get the size of a remote file without downloading it?

Mark SzymanskiIs it at all possible to get the size of a remote file without downloading it? The file is over HTTP, not (S)FTP.

perhaps just explain why on earth you want to know that
Ah, ok.
where the file is located (on what kind of place/os/machine/service)
9:55 PM
That's like the most important part.
and your own yes :P
client and server
I don't know the server's OS.
well you know where the file is, what can we do on the server side to help you :)
ah nothing
well those are all tidbits that help you make a better question ;)
Yep :P
add that in, then someone can show you for your specific case how it works
9:57 PM
Q: Is there any way to get the size of a remote file without downloading it?

Mark SzymanskiIs it at all possible to get the size of a remote file without downloading it? The file is over HTTP, not (S)FTP. I want to know this because I want to download something while connected with a limited 3G wireless plan and I don't want to use all my bandwidth in one pop. I have no access to the s...

@IvoFlipse: Better? Any other suggestions?
It'd be awesome if I got some command-line answer so I could make a script for it :3
10:15 PM
It's better now :)
Cool, thanks @IvoFlipse. ^^
10:28 PM
oh my -6 votes for me...
I wouldn't worry. You're still in the top 10 ;)
@ChrisF true... but I do wish I could know why... Just so that I can better myself...
@KronoS: Same here, have cleaned my nomination a bit to hope it still goes up...
@TomWij I have NO idea why you were getting downvotes
@KronoS: Well, the first line included some extra names, because I see the Captcha robot every now and then for example, decided to remove it before the next phase when I had the time today because it makes it less serious. Reading through the nomination again I also found some things that might kind of sound wrong...
Example: "Given that I love correcting human errors" is now rewritten "Given that I love helping people by correcting human exceptions".
But well, given that it's at zero and that the top 10 are selected it can still go either way...
And there's still a lot of time left, given that only 1 hour of the 4 days has passed.
10:36 PM
@KronoS, some users think you need either a certain amount of rep and amount of time on the site to really 'appreciate' or get to know how the community works
which has absolutely nothing to do with your actual contributions
@IvoFlipse I can see that...
but simply because you're too fresh, you're disqualified in their eyes
and they haven't seen you doing a lot of closing and such yet, but you didn't have the tools for a long time so you have a good excuse
furthermore, it's a binary choice: if I upvoted everyone, there wouldn't be much distinction
so it wouldn't be personal, but just to show that some are more suitable than others
@IvoFlipse I see.... makes sense too...
11:21 PM
@SuperKronos Sounds good. We can donate the SSD's as long as you let us know when the article is posted so we can let people know. Thanks.
:) I'm getting some SSD's !
donate :O
holy crap
I suggest you make a meta question, to ask what users want you to test
Now I don't care AT ALL about elections!!!! I'm gonna stick to the blog
that will get us some serious traffic!
@IvoFlipse will do... later today
11:23 PM
There are an unusual number of requests coming from this IP address.
Bummer... :-(
hehe, you can withdraw @KronoS ;)
messing with the api @TomWij?
or data.SE?
@IvoFlipse lol... no I'll stick to the end... never quit something in my life... won't stop now... besides if I do get mod it'll help with the blog
btw @TomWij doing anything tomorrow afternoon?
@IvoFlipse: No, got twice the same person on /election so I decided to refresh a few times to see if it is random enough; seems to be a bad idea to do that right after some answering/editing on the site.
@IvoFlipse Exam in the morning, next exam is Friday.
auch, nvm then
11:26 PM
Well, same course, have read through the whole thing this weekend, learned exercises this whole day. (Linear Algebra)
Only have to learn proofs towards Friday...
But I dunno if it is reasonable to only spend one day on them because they are kinda hard.
So I don't know what you plan, but yeah, auch, gotta learn some proofs tomorrow too to have a chance to pass.
I have to visit my old employer tomorrow and then go for dinner with a friend in Beveren
I'm sorry, got to be for another time... :-(
indeed, ah well no worries :)
@KronoS perhaps an interesting read/format for handling some questions regarding SSDs: arstechnica.com/ask-ars/2011/01/…

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