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10:00 AM
I can edit the original to 12 if you like
well that only brings up 117 rows
so they'll be gone soon :P
lol, I'll leave it at 6 then
after will I'll turn my fury onto my graphs again
in humans we calculate these intervals
the heel touches the ground
the forefoot touches the ground
then the whole foot has contact
the heel goes off
and the toes go off
yeah, the main "points" in a standard step, essentially
but in dogs.... first of all there's a difference between front and hind paws
the front paws are like: I'm putting my entire paw down and I'm not taking it off until the end!
the hind paws are like: put down, raise heel, raise some toes and push off
the last one gives you some to work with, the first one... meeh :(
10:03 AM
lovely :/
I need reliable moments that occur in every step
I've calculated the moments of maximal pressure under each toe and when the pressure comes off
calculated it as a percentage of the total contact
and made a histogram out of it
green being where the maximums are, red where the's no more pressure
so if I can't find any reliable moments now, I'm going with 25-50-75-85, because that's where something happens in the majority of steps
ah, I see
but I want to mess around a bit and look at things like combining the pressure of two toes (that have similar timings anyway) whether this creates a better interval
yes, see if you can find a hidden pattern in there
but on the other hand, that image I posed earlier is from a phd study, so if I can't crack this nut in three days, I don't have to feel like a loser :P
10:10 AM
lol, fair point :)
and it got a little late last night :P
I had noticed, quite a bit of transcript to catch up on...
oeh did you see Jeff's comment?
> ivo my point is this is work a SQL command can do for you, you just need to tell me what the thresholds are and what's "safe" – Jeff Atwood♦
yeah, just spotted it
I'm going to manually some really old ones anyway
I'm sure they can query my history or the site's history to see what got deleted
and base a query on what they have in common
10:15 AM
perhaps I should fake my data in there and get waffles to find a pattern in there as well :P
otherwise, maybe we tweak until we find a data explorer query that we're 100% confident in, and hand that over?
you still can, because the database uses a dump, not the api
but you'll see if I thought it should be deleted :P
10:17 AM
lol, yes, I've spotted a few dead links...
I really like your tweak to the user activity
ta, as said, hopefully it removes false positives
well the 12m old ones are gone
awesome :)
I wonder if the limit on views should scale with the age of the question...
perhaps, but low views is less important than an inactive user with an unanswered question, as he won't come back to accept it nor will he add info to help us answer it for him
and low views is probably anything under 500 or so
10:31 AM
@IvoFlipse I dunno - none of my question have over 250 :/
I wonder what the distribution of views on questions is
just to base 'low' on
brb - got to entertain daughter for a bit
Teletubbies to the rescue!
nevermind, she's decided to play on the DS instead :/
lol, how old is she?
10:37 AM
almost 5
then she can take care of herself ;P
ha, if only
they have a habit of wanting attention, it's ridiculous ;P
true, only have you watch them play :P
yeah... doesn't work
11:05 AM
@IvoFlipse it's a bit ugly (I don't know how to intervals properly) but question view distribution: data.stackexchange.com/superuser/q/68819
Hmm... I might try a views per day distribution as well...
ok that's terrifying, nearly half of our question get less than 100 views...
if you check the same query for SO you'll see much the same though
well I guess votes per view is worthless as the great questions get far too few votes in relation to their views
indeed - passing traffic doesn't vote
and views per day distribution, although I guess this isn't useful as most questions stop generating views after a short period anyway
heh, this one is quite interesting as well: data.stackexchange.com/superuser/s/791/…
11:45 AM
hey hii
hi @ntechi
@DMA57361 need some fully managed VPS hosting companies name, which can provide cheap VPS
my requirements 256MB ram, 5 GB hard disk
shrug no idea, sorry
I think we should just delete anything with a close reason that's not duplicate that's older than x time
it'd be hard to argue to keep them
11:52 AM
3000 are not duplicates
which equates to 2% of all our questions
luckily they don't count towards the unanswered stat, but still
12:29 PM
howdy folks
hi @Sathya
hey @DMA57361
what's up
meh, stuck at home, daughter's not well
but otherwise not bad
just got back from a job interview
oh right? how'd it go?
12:33 PM
bagged the job
...erm...is bagged a positive term here...?
had a mental blank, thought best to double check :P
hehe :P
nice, what sort of position?
12:36 PM
yeah, bagged as in I cleared the interviews and stuff, they'll be sending the offer letter, will decide based on that
Team Lead @DMA57361
fair enough and nice; internal move or with another company?
Another company @DMA57361
to TCS
I have another interview on Saturday
for a position at Oracle Financial Services
will be going for that, since the job location is closer to home @DMA57361
fair enough
closer compared to your current position and/or the TCS one?
Tata? can you arrange me one of them small cars that aren't allowed to drive here? :P
12:42 PM
you mean the Pokemon car :P
:) hehe
yeah that one
nice for grocery shopping
and uber cheap :P
@DMA57361 both, the TCS is location is in Chennai, Oracle Financial Services is for Bangalore
@IvoFlipse :P why isn't it allowed ?
safety perhaps?
@Sathya fair enough, and good luck!
12:45 PM
not sure about the co2 emmisions
thanks @DMA57361!
is it not allowed or just not sold?
both, because everything that's not allowed is normally sold anyway :P
well yeah, but it could be not sold but still be allowed (because, say, the company just hasn't started selling them here yet), which is why I asked
12:49 PM
no EU regulations don't like that car much
fair enough
but that probably has more to do with car manufacturers than anything else
I mean I'm sure it's safer than a 20y VW
12:50 PM
well I doubt
there was a massive recall of the car, and the recalled & newer cars are fitted with a fire extinguisher :/
luckily the car is so safe, if you get hit, you can't get out!
when it's on fire...
yeah, get smashed or get burnt, lovely
12:58 PM
that reminds me... I need some tyres
if you want idea's population to grow less rapidly that's a great idea @Sathya ;P
just use them as taxi's :P
hehe @IvoFlipse
gah...why do tyres cost so much :(
because... they have to bear all the shit ?
1:05 PM
I know @DMA57361 we had a flat tyre, turned out all the tyres were in bad shape
luckily we got 4 affordable ones
all but one of mine need replacing :( - the 4th was replaced a few months back after failing
meh, it'll have to wait till payday
@DMA57361 :)
which car, btw ?
Ford Fusion
except silver/grey
and with a UK number plate
it's not as big as it might look
1:14 PM
it's a mid between hatchback & SUV, seems like
@IvoFlipse: http://superuser.com/questions/237554/win7-installation-issues

"auch .. formatting hurts eyes" .. well, your brain prevented you from more pain by not letting the title through .. :)
man I often feel like hitting the delete button outright when I see such questions
but that would hurt our international viewers a bit :P
aren't the diff colours different ?
yeah, I'd spotted that
1:20 PM
they're working on changing them
am I missing something ? I thought that edit thingy was for SO only ?
I think they were looking at them as part of the new edit scheme on SO
1:36 PM
I thought interpolation would give me more data points
not add a bunch of zeros at the end :S
well, presumably it should have done?
you all spell "tire" weird...
no, I just spelt it British™
I just spelled it the way @DMA57361 spelled it, he's British after all
though after seeing Little Britain... I'm not sure if that means anything
crazy brits... ;)
1:39 PM
we spell it Right™
you Americans are crazy :P
@Sathya we're not crazy... just lazy :)
hehe @KronoS
it's looking good @KronoS, that blog post. But I think I'm going to add some more humorous answers as well
Wow @IvoFlipse you've been busy! with the deletions...
:) Go ahead @IvoFlipse
Q: Crypsetup (Unix) is not reading my device...

R.UI have a Unix based question. Intro:Trying to create local image which is coded by the cryptsetup tool. Here are my steps: abcdef# dd if=/dev/zero of=image.img bs=512M count=1 1+0 records in 1+0 records out 536870912 bytes (537 MB) copied, 6.39732 s, 83.9 MB/s abcdef# cryptsetup luksFormat ima...

wow that was kinda a pain to edit
2:11 PM
time for class... I'll be one soon enough :P
hehe, see you in a bit then :)
2:27 PM
we need to figure out what stats are common to unanswered questions
like are there a lot of CW questions (which should be closed per the updated FAQ)
or if there's anything else that identifies them pretty reliably
abandoned questions?
that's one, but I'm just trying to find an explanation as to why they are unanswered
ah, I see, wider scope
yes or too many CW questions from the old days
that didn't 'need' an answer
2:51 PM
new market @Sathya?
@IvoFlipse Android Market
yes, but what's new about it?
that's old ;P
then I'm old :P
was updating loads of apps today :p
2:56 PM
yes you are, but not as old as @DMA57361 ;P
lol, oh thanks :P
26 and a 5 year old daughter, wow
now I feel old
she's not 5 yet :P
she's 5 only 7 days after I'm 27 thou
which is in what? 8 days?
3:00 PM
more like 4 months :P
do you know what that image means
erm... 24hr delivery? at a guess
and guess on what product :D
is to CPU shaped by any chance?
3:05 PM
@IvoFlipse FAIL.
why @Sathya?
Ohhh :\
misread it again
so i5 SB ships in > 24 hrs then ?
so I'm placing an order right now
just picking my memory
why would I want triple channel memory?
3*2 is more expensive than 2*4 gb :S
heh, that's a pain
3:08 PM
and you'd want triple channel if that's what the mobo and CPU expect, surely?
I don't think you have to use it
@Sathya you make a pick ;P
no you (normally?) don't, but you might get a little extra performance if you do?
giving that I manage to let Python run out of memory on 6Gb
@DMA57361 hardly makes any difference
I think I'd prefer more gbs over faster
3:10 PM
@Sathya f/e, I did say might :)
@DMA57361 yeah
I'll get the 2*4 el cheapo's, so I can either upgrade them later or at least expand on it
Why I'm against putting email address/password in to social media sites... a director of a company I sued (and won) added me on linked in :S
I think I was just too late for getting it tomorrow
and I'm not home anyway, but I hope to get it on Thursday
gratz @IvoFlipse
3:17 PM
though they're going to deliver it to my parents, because last time they couldn't find my frigging door :@
@IvoFlipse heh
this sounds...familiar:
Q: What's the best way to present an e-mail address on my website without being attacked by spammers?

CiweeWhat's the best way to present an e-mail address on my website without being attacked by spammers? The approach foo at fooland dot com is not exactly what I'm looking for. I need to present it in a way that is comprehensible for normal people. EDIT The displaying e-mails are dynamic

@Sathya :) Looks like he has left that company anyway from his profile... not really sure how it works, just got an email saying do you know this person and do I want to add him... I clicked no!
@Wil ah
Also got @ChrisF from this site, which I am confused about as I haven't emailed him once, or had any contact outside of this site
3:22 PM
@Wil 2nd/3rd degree
@Sathya Wanted to write ... "Lawrence is completely untrustworthy, lying bastard. I don't recommend ever doing business with him, or any company he works for..." but thought I better just click don't know instead :S
3rd degree for ChrisF
@Wil hmm I think it's better you left it and clicked on ignore
@Sathya :)
3:56 PM
@Sathya ones the popularity of that question wears down, we should delete a bunch of answers that aren't really answers at all
I heard my name being mentioned....
yes, you're connect to some idiot on Linkedin :P
@ChrisF by @Wil about LinkedIn
i-d-ten-t :p
@IvoFlipse I'm connected to many idiots - myself included - which one in particular ;)
@IvoFlipse :P
@ChrisF I just got an email saying "Do you know xxx, Chris Forman, or xxx?"
Didn't recognise the name, but recognised the picture from your profile!
4:00 PM
That'll be me then.
We are only 3rd connection or whatever, and we have never emailed each other, so I have no idea how on earth it has done that :S
So it didn't say why it thought we might know each other.
Other people you may know
Chris Forman , Software Developer and Architect
Facebook does that too - most annoying, you've no way of knowing whether the connection is valid - especially if you can't see most of the other person's profile info.
it's 3rd degree connection @Wil
4:02 PM
just came in an email and your name was first :S just find it a bit feaky/weird when we have never talked to each other outside of this site...
you <-> someone <-> probably some goober <-> destination's connections <-> destination
@Sathya no, got an email asking if I want to add him and if I know him :s through third connections, I have thousands of people, never had an email like this befre and don't understand why it would choose him when we have never been in contact :S
I posted a question about that on WA:
Q: Can I get a "network graph" of my LinkedIn connections?

ChrisFI've just got back in touch with an old friend via LinkedIn. Prior to accepting the connection I saw that he was already a 3rd degree connection of mine and some of the connections were unexpected. So when I first clicked on his profile I saw: you | V John Smith P...

@Sathya That's because I haven't added him... but it doesn't explain the email...
@Wil it's like I know you, you know @IvoFlipse so I might know @IvoFlipse
4:04 PM
people can add you if they see you
and they have to say how they are connected to you
I fully understand that, but still, out of thousands of people, never had an email before and it chooses him :S just seems strange... or am I looking to deep in to this and it is just random then!?
The problem is if we make the connection we'll never know who me Allister and Mark have as a common connection.
It's because you're a spy @wil... You are linked to everyone... And no one at the same time
Well, @ChrisF, I have added you! if you don't want to add me, I don't mind!
@KronoS :P not this again!...
I will accept.
4:12 PM
If anyone else is on Linkedin and wants to add me - linkedin.com/in/williamhilsum
hi peoples
hey @David
Hi @DMA57361 how ya doin?
@Wil I keep meaning to sign up, one of my friends nagged me a while back, but have never been bothered as yet
@David yeah, ok thanks, you?
good, good
hungry.... very very hungry
4:17 PM
hi @Diago
@David lol, well you know the best cure for that
did you see our little lynch party?
No! What could it possibly be @DMA57361. No matter how many times I eat food, I always get hungry again.
4:19 PM
@David hmmm, fair enough, not so much a cure as a preventative...
hey @Diago
Howdy @Sathya. How was your Christmas and NY?
was good, thanks @Diago. ow about yourself ?
@Sathya Reasonably nice thanks. My late christmas present also arrived last week :)
4:28 PM
@Diago awesome. Better late than never!
@Sathya Yep. The MacBook now has 8GB of RAM. My Parallels VM has a 6.1 Windows Experience Score.
@Diago that's better than mine o_0
Lolz. It's better then any desktop or laptop I have ever owned
I am running OSX and Windows at the same time with no slowdown whatsoever.
holy crap @Diago
I just ordered my sandy bridge processor
we shall see what that does for my Windows ES
I am NEVER getting a desktop for personal use again. Hell, I am getting rid of every single PC in my house, and I am almost there.
4:35 PM
if you don't need them...
@Diago Lol, I am in mixed minds - I bought a very powerful laptop a few years ago and never took it out the house.... so I said I would just buy a desktop from now on (cheaper for more powerful)... but I haven't got around to buying/building one!... need to though :S
As they die they are replaced with Mac's
@Diago yuck :P lol
if you can afford it @Diago ;)
hey guys...
4:37 PM
@Wil I have to admit that a desktop has always been my second machine. However since moving to Mac I hardly ever touched my desktop, so it got removed and stripped about 7 months ago. The wife is planning to do the same.
> Nominations close in 4 hours.
I wish I could afford a decent Mac. Dual boot to Windows for work and WP7 related development & gaming (not that I do that much pc gaming these days) & I'd have the Mac to investigate iPad/iPod/iPhone development.
are you nervous @Sathya? :P
thinking no way! since @Sathya is a shoo in
@Diago I know the feeling - I have purchased second/third machines in the past for certain purposes, then found syncing is too hard and end up just using one machine for everything... even when it isn't the best choice/most powerful...
@KronoS He has no reason to be
4:40 PM
:) I am not @KronoS @Diago
hello @ColinPickard
@ChrisF I have to say, mine is turning out to be worth every cent of the hit I took on buying them. Even WPF works in my VM without issues
@Wil Been there, done that, over it.
with a quad core and 8 gb of ram, you don't necessarily need a native OS
later folks, off to catch Clarkson's Italian Job
have fun @Sathya
@Diago Anyway, can't really say yuck / bad... especially if you put Windows on the macs! :) - I have to say as much as I don't think Apple stuff is good value for money / that special... they certainly look/feel nice!
4:42 PM
@Diago I want a lap top for myself & I have been looking at Macs, but I went over a speed bump too quickly the other night and cracked the sump - I'm now facing a bill of nearly £500 to get it repaired. So that's any sort of laptop of the agenda for a few months.
@IvoFlipse did you make changes to the blog post (I'm not seeing any but knew you were going to edit)
auch @ChrisF
@ChrisF Ouch. Painful
no, haven't made any yet @KronoS
@ChrisF sump?
4:43 PM
am still working on my data processing
@Wil I hated them to. Until I got one.
@IvoFlipse lame... I think the Super User blog is more important that your bread winning activities ;)
@Wil On the car. The sump plug/bolt hit the speed bump and got knocked out of the sump breaking a bit off. There was a bang and a trail of oil....
@Diago I'll take your word on that, but I won't be doing it any time soon! :P
if I would be earning bread with that it would be @KronoS ;P
4:44 PM
@ChrisF ahh ok - I never even heard of a sump before (but just Googled it!) :S ... try writing a letter to the council... If you were going at (or less) than the speed limit and it happened, they may take responsibility, I know people who have complained on similar issues and got pay out cheques.
@Wil I had a similar problem with a pot hole (broke the suspension) a couple of years ago. The council refused to pay out then, so I don't hold out much hope. I will ring them though - thanks for the reminder.
@ChrisF Refuse to take no for an answer! If it isn't too far away, take a picture... and if they say no, ring one of those tv lawyer companies... nothing to loose by trying! and it can get you a new laptop! lol :P
This looks almost... extra terrestrial
@DMA57361 you there?
@KronoS yeah

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