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12:07 AM
Hah lol.
Turns out somebody had knocked my motorbike over while I was on holiday
Either by an asshole, or a really bad thief
12:53 AM
@Dog had mine go down once not all the way, because the kickstand was sinking into the asphault
if people can access your bike, while your on holiday, , , well, hope you can afford the insurance.
@Psycogeek Well it's in an off-road car park but there's no gate or security, so yeah, it can be accessed...
And sadly yes, it does push the insurance costs up
Thing is... cmon... I've not even had it a month
so you havent slid out on a corner when hitting gravel or water yet?
you havent been run into by a car that completely missed seeing you?
and you havent been caught going 110mph down a roat that nobody was on, but a leetel plane up above?
Ahh it is still Worth It.
1:10 AM
@Psycogeek Nope, not yet
I did go through a speed camera at 114mph, but it must have been broken, like most of them are
yea brilliant idea , to have a machine replace humans. then to have that machine end up costing more than humans. We ALL want to pay for that.
then have another round of taxation to put the humans to work, the machine put out of work.
1:27 AM
The answer didn't contain an opinion, which is why I am asking about it. — Argonauts 10 mins ago
I can't figure out what happen to his reputation. I see no reputation adjustments for a deleted question, which I would think, would be displayed no matter who was looking at it (perhaps its only visible to the user)?
weird, loosly looking at it (because it does not all show) he did aquire other rep during that time, that is relative to the rep that shows for that time. So the big rep from that question does seem to be missing ?
Q: ffmpeg works in command line but it doesn't work well in c#

Ahmad Ali MukashatyI want to stream movie via udp so I use this command line and it works well ffmpeg -re -i test.mkv -q 1 -vcodec libx264 -f mpegts udp://network:port but I want to run this command line using c# like this : process = new Process(); process.StartInfo.FileName = "cmd.exe"; process.StartI...

obvious programming question :$ user cross-posted to us after only 30 minutes
VTC :)
I have :-)
apparently it was deleted.
I'll look at the meta question when I get home.
1:40 AM
i linked to the comment instead of the question but yeah.
Q: Removed Question / Answer

ArgonautsA question that I had answered was removed today, and with it I lost 592 reputation. The question is available via cache. I don't agree with the rationale for closing it out, but didn't take too much issue with it as it was still available for viewing. The boilerplate rationale for closing it w...

So you can find it easier :$
Kristen Bell was Kristen Dunst
apparently I think all blood actresses look-alike
Looks like it was mod deleted. And erf. That's why closing HNQs is testy.
He definitely lost a chunk of rep.
@JourneymanGeek stupid question, how much is a Primo online book download? like a good best seller with many pages, and a full story?
Depends. About the same price as a paperback in many cases.
Eh. This is complex.
Did it get bad attention recently or something because, it seems strange, to delete a question like that
@JourneymanGeek thats precisely what i wanted to know, thanks.
1:49 AM
I'm going to undelete, and someone should ask a meta question.
meta.su or meta.se?
I suggested meta.se based on the quotes saying a deleted question shouldn't reverse the reputation earned from those answers
Undeleted. Still on hold. I'll handle a meta.su question and the op's question. I think this involves lots of rep and is an exception.
I think random and I might disagree here.
My only thought. What was the reason of removing it today instead of the past few weeks?
It was asked on July 9th and closed within 12 hours.
Because those past few weeks were given as a chance to make the question back in scope, to collect reopen votes. But since it didn't, and no one came along to do so, it's subject to removal. 60 days is a long time to wait to see if anyone wants to fix a question
I don't disagree but now we got a user who submitted a pretty darn good answer.
2:02 AM
Then don't leave the question closed
that is a different discussion. I also thought it was older then it was, its appears to be just under 45 days or so.
And when under 60 days the reputation is still in flux with it if it gets deleted. After 60 days it gets grandfathered and the reputation stays inflated
I'm not too sure if it's possible to actually gauge the op's intent from the question. Not sure if the answerers should be penalised for that. I was in a very similar situation , and while I was kinda meh about it....
Yes; I should have read the linked answer which you quoted again, could have determined the reason right away :$
You mean using powers to migrate it away to collect reputation elsewhere
2:07 AM
And well, the situation gets made weirder cause I suspect it was a hnq.
@random oh in my case they found a duplicate and merged it.
But that was someone trying to do a hoax and it becoming viral.
I guess I think its questionable to wait so long, to delete a question that is nearly 45 days old, that was clearly getting views. Some of the hurt from removing this question could have prevented by removing it earlier.
Removing it earlier would have netted the same kind of outcry, of not giving the community a chance to fix it to reopen. Either you want a site littered with closed questions or you want all the juicy reputation for answering anything as fast as they come through
Even if I were a mod, I generally wouldn't delete questions unless they're unsalvageable. Old questions will sink into oblivion; really old ones with no upvotes or answers will get deleted on their own.
If you see litter you can either keep on walking by or put your name to it and own putting it finally away into the landfill
I'm not that pedantic about cleanliness and I don't see old, closed questions as intrinsically bad.
2:17 AM
Your reasons are not unreasonable
If the questions were really old (as in 6 months old or more), then I might consider deleting.
Suggested the answer's author improve the question, instead of waiting for a new question to be asked,so they can answer that.
Or fix it yourself I suppose.
This is one reason I'm not exactly a fan of @random's approach. Yes, cleanliness matters, but unless the content is genuinely problematic, I wouldn't just throw it out.
A fair few posts on various metas always go into how much of a crying shame it is they lost reputation on a "really good" answer they added, to a question they admit is a poorly written or scoped, yet they don't touch or propose any edits to make the pair both good and on the level. So long as they got theirs
2:21 AM
What gets highly upvoted sometimes shocks me
Besides, the system already does a good measure of clean-up on its own.
In this case a really good answer got 60+ votes. Its not like they answered it with two sentences and got votes, or quoted a single command, and got 85 votes.
I agree if you answer a bad question you shouldn't get reputation but in this case, votes happened, for whatever reason
@random: It's important to realize that even bad questions can have answers that provide useful information. Don't just go out and delete closed questions just for the sake of cleanliness.
If I were a mod, I'd be more inclined to use the historical lock feature instead.
If a bad question is getting bad answers, I agree, that should be stopped.
Q: Undelete and historically lock question 913055: Troubleshooting a physically damaged (kicked) desktop computer

bwDracoQuestion 913055, "I literally kicked my computer. Analysis and to do list for this situation?" (10k only), was deleted by a moderator after being closed as too broad. While the question is certainly too broad, it and its answers received a substantial number of views and upvotes prior to being d...

2:25 AM
You can't go around historically preserving everything because you don't want to be seen as being mean
@random Not everything. Just questions that got lots of hits and have useful answers but wound up getting closed. These questions are rare and do not clutter the site.
Besides, the historical lock message makes it clear that the question is not a good example to follow.
To be honest, I've never really liked this approach to moderation. Cleanliness isn't everything. Closed questions aren't necessarily harmful to the site.
This is an example of the appropriate use of a historical lock:
Q: Weirdest way to produce a stack overflow

masterX244As a programmer you certainly know the error of a stack overflow due to an obvious recursion. But there are certainly many weird and unusual ways to get your favourite language to spit that error out. Objectives: Must cause a stack overflow which is clearly visible on the error output. Not a...

> This question exists because it has historical significance, but it is not considered a good, on-topic question for this site, so please do not use it as evidence that you can ask similar questions here. This question and its answers are frozen and cannot be changed. More info: help center.
I always thought that its better to let the system runs its court, a question is asked and if its closed before an answer is submitted allow it to expire. if an answer is submitted then it remains closed and eventually (I suppose I thought this happened automatically) depending on the amounts of votes it received it would either be purged or kept.
In fact, the ESD question is precisely the sort of question I would historically lock after being closed for a few months.
The Code Golf one was locked on the same day it was closed. No chance to edit for a reopen
@random: Before you delete content, please make sure that it actually contributes nothing to the site. Bad questions can have good answers that don't deserve to be deleted.
2:33 AM
What's your level of nothing?
@random Nothing means no meaningful contribution. It doesn't mean that minor questions with merely OK answers should stay, but it does mean that if there's an answer that can be useful to other readers, it should remain.
Remember our goals here: to build a knowledge base for readers and to provide a reliable venue for high-quality Q&A.
What is meaningful and what is merely upvoted because it was tweeted?
We should not be sacrificing knowledge just to keep the site clean.
This particular question wasn't tweeted though
You realize the top answer to the ESD question was very well written and can be very useful to folks Googling on the internet?
This is precisely why we have historical locks.
2:37 AM
neither was either answer
@random It's a matter of potential usefulness to other readers on the Internet.
It was not concise. It was a long road to tell use no one talks about deep vein thrombosis either
@random That doesn't mean it should be deleted.
I'm sure others will find it to be a good answer.
As somebody who worked in that sector, some of the information stated, is 100% spot on
You may care deeply about conciseness and cleanliness, but you're much pickier than most in this regard.
2:39 AM
I think I even mention that fact.
The vote spread on the answer was +59/-0. If the length or verbosity of the answer was an issue, there would likely have been a few downvotes.
Upvotes are free
Ultimately, it's a matter of content quality. The answer wasn't bad by any means, just that it's a bit wordier than I would like it to be. It doesn't meet any reasonable standard for deletion.
@random: You need to realize that closed questions are not always harmful to the site. This is why we have historical locks.
That's why the question was deleted. Over on Skeptics if you came in with a "This thing happened but I guess it don't. Why?" without laying out the basis for why one would think that, the community would want to fix the question
That is not why we have historical locks
I'm getting tired of arguing with a mod, but I guess we'll have to agree to disagree.
@JourneymanGeek, your thoughts?
2:46 AM
You have to look at the question and answers for overall quality. If the answer is supposedly good, the question deserves to match
I think we need a third opinion here. @Bob, @allquicatic, are you around?
Anyway, I'll be right back as I have some stuff to do.
3:04 AM
@bwDraco or you can help find a compromise. How does one make the question better without changing the intent of it?
That would make most of the people here happier no?
The problem with the premise of the question is the mistaken believe it's still not an issue, so can if change the question so that mistaken believe isnt there, do the existing answers get invalidated? Can we then change the remaining question to something the answers actually answer or by doing so do we change the intent of the question?
Well, there's a precedent for a major edit to fit answers.
that said, I disagreed with Jeff Atwood on that so...
Regardless, it's getting late and I need to get to bed. Night.
If the asker is able to outline where they got their ill-formed notion that electrostatic discharge is a non-event today, that adds to the question quality without invalidating the answers
As it is it reads like something they thought of while taking a shower on the toilet
Similar-ish discussion on SO: meta.stackoverflow.com/a/286970/2825369
3:13 AM
You take showers while on the toilet @random ?
> We do not delete good content. We do not delete good content.
@Ramhound It's all pipes
guess you save time
Just would need a under carriage jet :-)
@Ramhound its called a bidet.
People spend lots of money I those .
3:15 AM
In japan, they even warm the water stream it seems.
Anyway, edited the question
A: Did we really have to delete this 80-vote community wiki answer after three years?

George StockerThe question should not have been deleted. Say it with me: We do not delete good content. We do not delete good content. There are bad answers on that question (no doubt!) and the question itself is off topic, but that doesn't mean it should be deleted. If it had no good content? Sure. De...

@BenN without looking at the link I just know the phrase "we are all adults here" comes to mind
@random, please read this ^^^^^
3:16 AM
I don't have a strong opinion here, but for what it's worth, Tim Post endorsed that answer
Anyway, that's pretty much it for me today.
@bwDraco we also improve bad content. So, you heard random's reasons, and they're pretty valid. So... fixing the question would be a good start.
Actually, Tim Post's endorsement applies to a slightly different scenario, sorry
@JourneymanGeek Agreed. Then again, good content should never be deleted.
The fact that the question needs improvement does not make the answers bad.
@DanDascalescu The people who delete old upvoted posts know what they're doing, and they know it's frowned upon. They just subscribe to the "If it's off topic, delete it" mentality. It's sort of a wrecking ball approach and often does more harm than good. Short of following them around (please don't), the best we can do is to apply more community pressure to not delete good content. They don't err too much; but they have enough that we're noticing and going behind them and fixing those times when they do egregiously err (like in this case). — George Stocker ♦ Feb 26 '15 at 17:58
@bwDraco I did undelete the question. An important and annoying part of moderation is trying to get a consensus and while you can't make everyone happy, actively trying to work on valid concerns
Even if its from another mod ;) (especially?)
3:18 AM
Great, thanks.
We're all humans here, some discussion and occasional disagree is to be expected :)
I think we're all humans anyway
Question still needs to be improved though. So what can we do, I stated my concerns :$
Settling disagreements is just as important as maintaining the site and weeding out bad content.
I'll leave it at that. The question clearly could use an edit.
Outside of making it like "is ESD still a concern today" even though "..." Is used?
@bwDraco "could use" vs "yeah, edited it."
@Ramhound how? You can edit ;p
3:21 AM
where "..." Is an educated guess at what the author thought prevented ESD
(yeah, I'm encouraging you to use your moderation powers"
@Ramhound yeah, In this case I cheated and tried to fit the question to the answer
Won't be doing it without feedback.
I can do something doesn't meant I should be doing it
@bwDraco All sides are presented on that page
At worst, rollback.
Of course, will have to think about it, might come up with something.
How about "is ESD still a concern today even though PCB design software has ESD compliance testing built into it?"
3:24 AM
Dosen't fit the answers IMO
and the original question seems more end user focused
And omg I regconize that POS software in that screenshot on that page :$
Is the ESD question about it being a concern, or about mitigating it on their own machine?
Nooooo! My past is haunting me
The majority opinion has a +153/-28 vote spread while the opposing opinion had +24/-19. The consensus is quite strongly in favor of keeping content like this.
@JourneymanGeek Post edited further to improve readability.
@random seems like the former
but the latter makes a better question, and still fits the answers
Q: Dealing with low quality, but hot questions

Journeyman GeekI've often commented on chat that "HNQs seem to straddle the line between the septic tank and greatness" - well not exactly but various things to that effect. I came across a situation where a fairly terrible question had great, highly voted answers, and was deleted. In the discussion that follo...

3:40 AM
Should "Are computers less susceptible to ESD now?" be changed to "Are modern computers some how less susceptible to ESD now?"
Where is the asker even getting their misinformation? That has to factor into it
And is "some how" the word/words I am actually trying to say :$
Some place they read Windows 10 has spying features on ZDNet :$
Or "Are computers made in the last few years designed to be more electro-static resistant or am I just now thinking about it because I haven't touched the internals of a computer in the last some years?"
No Man's Sky's random name generator at work
RNG fail
Somebody is going to make a website dedicated for stuff like that watch
something like damnNMSrandomnamegenerator.com or something :$
3:52 AM
You can have trickshot-developer-edition.na7.force.com/nmsnames for now
4:14 AM
@Bob hardwarerecs.stackexchange.com/questions/5501/… as per what we were talking on mumble yesterday ;p
4:24 AM
@JourneymanGeek How does 300 sgd compare to the cost of the BeoPlay H8? :P
I'm not sure how many of your requirements they meet...
buuuut I have weird ears, a big head, and I love them
actually, Bluetooth presents a huge problem if you want duplex (simultaneous) audio playback and capture at once
there is no standard Bluetooth protocol that provides good (at least CD quality) stereo audio playback simultaneously with mic capture
HFP provides terrible low-quality playback and mic capture at once; A2DP provides only (good) audio playback
HFP is good enough for a phone call over Skype (which can use HFP if you have the Bluetooth stack running on your computer) but not appropriate for music or gaming
holy cow $500 headphones?
i have a big head and big ears but they are not worth that much $
4:41 AM
@Ramhound Depends on how much $500 is worth to you. I would think that in much of the developed world, if there is a $500 luxury product you really want, saving up for it shouldn't be all that painful. I mean, gamers regularly toss $300-500 at graphics cards and $1000+ on full systems or laptops. Even budget gamers spend $250 on a console.
i suppose
The benefits of having great (and comfortable) audio are significant.
just ant that rich :$ for a speaker only headset
@Ramhound The H8 has a built-in mic, too. But it's basically only useful for phone calls. When using it for high quality audio playback, I have a desktop mic I use for teamspeak.
I use my BeoPlay H8 in two distinct "modes":
(1) With my desktop for gaming, the H8 is connected to an Imperial BART 1 Bluetooth transceiver, which connects to my computer via USB (and exposes itself to Windows as a generic USB sound card -- with audio playback only). Always in A2DP when connected to the desktop.
(2) With my smartphone, the H8 is great for phone calls over cellular or Skype (both HFP mode), and for listening to music while not on the phone (A2DP mode).
The SteelSeries Siberia 800 or 840 is a much cheaper ($330) gaming headset that's tethered to a base station, and provides proper duplex audio for gaming, high quality for both playback and capture...
@allquicatic WAAAAY out of my budget
also, are we playing today?
4:55 AM
@JourneymanGeek Bob said he would be late, so I assume late means we're still playing
<wonders what you guys play?>
ah. @allquicatic local listed price for a siberia 800 is ~500ish, retail
@Ramhound bob, quxcat and I play Sins of a Solar Empire with a Star Wars Mod at the moment
Bob and I have a SR3 game going on on the side.
@allquicatic the razer man o war is roughly around my price range.
that's about 160 USD
That said I have some flexibility on cost, abusing store discounts and all that, just not double my original budget XD
it's a bit of a funny shape but it actually fits me better than the standard oval/circular ones
5:02 AM
(especially since while I have a job next month, its only a 2 month contract and I donno what happens after that)
it's got sides of 30, 40, 40, 60 with diagonals of 70 and 60
my current headphones are oval 50 x 70 mm ;p
@Ramhound heh, + wireless and other fancy things.
I'm essentially replacing a 300 dollar pair of headphones, 2 boxes and a proper mic ... ;p
I think the reason I chose this one, and one of the bigger benefits, is the boom is positioned closer to the mouth than most
I tend to talk quietly, so... threshold activation has a habit of picking up the keyboard before my voice with other headsets
5:23 AM
Quick English question: Is "shipping" (the act of commercially transporting goods) chiefly en-US? I see the word "dispatching" used instead in en-GB.
@bwDraco just talked about it on TS with Bob and JMG, and it seems like they both use shipping too
but you "post" a letter; you "ship" a package
i believe any of the shipping agencies are very good at "dispatching" a package
dispatch also despatch (dî-spàch´) verb, transitive
dispatched, dispatching, dispatches

3. To put to death summarily.
lol, sometimes packages look like they were delivered on a golden platter, sometimes they look like they were DropShipped :-)
@allquicatic: Perhaps I should join in?
Not into multiplayer online gaming, though...
I love this community but I also feel like I'm missing the "special sauce" to truly be a valued contributor...
I guess I should focus on improving myself and not merely trying to show off.
My problematic upbringing, lack of a job, and (currently) extensive family obligations are holding me back 🙁
Hopefully, I'll get to spread my wings soon...
The absurd heat here in NYC is not helping, either.
Anyway, good night.
(that should be an eagle—you need Unicode 9.0 support to see it)
6:17 AM
Man, I'm feeling really unwell...
6:34 AM
eat some skittles , barf the rainbow.
You don't even get skittles here...
Looks like a Gen Y kid developed Zookeeper. This is an actual command lmao ruok: server responds with “imok” 😂 https://t.co/hAIt97c287
how is every one here
7:00 AM
Fine, hbu?
7:41 AM
Actually, not so fine... The pain is killing me...
8:16 AM
@bwDraco never used dispatching before.
@Rahul2001 what sort of pain?
4 hours later…
12:06 PM
@Bob ping?
@JourneymanGeek Pong?
Give me one ping only.
12:23 PM
@Hennes one ping
@JourneymanGeek I have some really serious fever (103.5 F), and body ache...
39.5C is not fun. :(
that's quite high for a fever
12:29 PM
Call your doctor if:

Your temperature is 103 F (39.4 C) or higher
You've had a fever for more than three days

In addition, seek immediate medical attention if any of these signs or symptoms accompanies a fever:

Severe headache
Severe throat swelling
Unusual skin rash, especially if the rash rapidly worsens
Unusual sensitivity to bright light
Stiff neck and pain when you bend your head forward
Mental confusion
Persistent vomiting
Difficulty breathing or chest pain
Extreme listlessness or irritability
@Rahul2001 I would be off to ER ...
I've had two of the high fever symptoms
@DavidPostill viral, according to my doctor... Told me to wait for a day
wait, you haven't visited the doctor yet?
May be dengue
@jokerdino have
yeah, dengue causes body ache IIRC.
Treatment consists of pain medications and fluids
Treatment includes fluids and pain-relievers. Severe cases require hospital care.
12:32 PM
I think joint pain too but I am not sure.
Symptoms of Dengue Fever

Symptoms, which usually begin four to six days after infection and last for up to 10 days, may include

Sudden, high fever
Severe headaches
Pain behind the eyes
Severe joint and muscle pain
Skin rash, which appears two to five days after the onset of fever
Mild bleeding (such a nose bleed, bleeding gums, or easy bruising)
@jokerdino Joint pain is in the list ...
@DavidPostill I said I wasn't sure
@jokerdino Just confirming it for you :)
oh wait
I thought you were calling me out.
@DavidPostill "if you've had fever for now than three days, contact your doctor" it's been only one day...
12:36 PM
@Rahul2001 that is not AND
@Rahul2001 Watch your temp though - if it keeps rising ....
it will peak at some point and then plateau
I think it's reduced
Anyways, gtg, my mom's calling me...
@Rahul2001 Cold showers may help, or a bath with ice ...
People running high fevers.. don't do that.
12:41 PM
@jokerdino I didn't mean a freezing bath - ice to keep the water cool.
@DavidPostill I've been taking cold baths the whole day
1 hour later…
2:07 PM
annnnnnnnd at work again
2:22 PM
no man's sky is epic
some spam for your flag count superuser.com/questions/1113437/…
2:31 PM
Oh @Bob, something I forgot to mention the other day - that TA value on LTE cells only gets updated on cell switch, so if you connect to one transmitter at 50m then move 5km away but still on the same transmitter, it'll still show your distance as 1
And another one superuser.com/a/1113438/337631 by the same luser
@JourneymanGeek Can you please nuke superuser.com/users/629836/user629836 (posting multiple spam questions/answers) - he seems to be on a spree ...
yay free flags
@jokerdino :)
I was wondering when the Olympic spammers would start ..
2:46 PM
@Dog Ahhhh crap.
So I should toggle flight mode before reading off that value.
@DavidPostill BOOM
if this keeps up I need to see if the smoke detector folks have this spammer and if not add them to their lists
@Bob Or switch bands
Oooh speaking of, my USB thing arrived
USB thing?
2:53 PM
Shit forgot to get my other USB thing from Aberdeen yesterday
I decided to yank an 8TB drive out of my server's backup array to use with my laptop while my desktop and server was in storage.
Why the oO's ?
Basically just going to be living off a laptop + external drive for a few weeks, and the 1TB SSD isn't quite enough for a months' worth of TV and shit
2:57 PM
@Dog could do what I do and burn after reading delete after watching
He may be a hoarder ;p Typical techie trait
*hides his Droid Razr Maxx HD*
@allquicatic On my desk: broken-ish S2, working S4, working G4, S7, a couple Huawei phones...
most of my old PC hardware got thrown out :(
other than a pile of old laptops ;p
but I don't hoard media any more
3:17 PM
been here 1.5 hrs
only just sat down
you managed to flash your phone then @cat
errr how do i lineout something? :D
Produces strikeout
It only works if there are spaces either side
@allquicatic Yes
@Bob I broke a box by throwing a Nokia 3310 at it the other day
It bounced off the edge. Box broke, not the phone.
3:22 PM
You can't strikeout part of a very---long---word
my brother once 'converted a try' with a 3310 as the ball ;D
Also an LG u8360 or something, a broken ... something... a broken Sony Ericsson something, a Nokia 3210, 3310, and 9210...
Oh and an E51 and E71
My oldest are two Nokiaa E65s lying around
@djsmiley2k Yeah
hm. there's a couple older but I forget the model
3:24 PM
Meant driving 3 hours in the dark yesterday, but got it sorted at home
not entirely sure where they are
Mash keys and connect USB cable in some awkward combination => Download mode => Flash random firmware you found => Re-root => Connect ADB => Figure out wtf the DPI changing app did => Undo => Reboot again
Drive for half an hour => Realise reflashing reset your volume hack changes => Stop by side of the road to edit some system config files on the phone...
Happens every time -_-
so I'm at work strictly for 'production start up'
so why do they have me doing crap like clearing out the store room D:
3:42 PM
Found some ways to better control the battery on my Nexus 5X (with franco.Kernel installed); can't do the same with my Nexus 9.
I am able to get detailed battery status through /sys/class/power_supply_bms. Current full charge capacity is 2538 of 2704 mAh (93.9%), computed using charge_full and charge_full_design.
Jan 28 at 16:49, by bwDraco
Welp, just ordered my Nexus 5X.
Had the phone for 7-1/2 months so this is okay, not great.
The best part, however, is that I am able to programmatically enable or disable charging by echoing 1 or 0 to /sys/class/power_supply/battery/battery_charging_enabled.
10-12% loss of capacity per year is normal but it's still more than I'd like.
Can you do something about it? :/
That's why I'd like to programmatically disable charging at less than 100% but keep it plugged in.
I found this functionality on my device while mucking around as root looking for appropriate controls.
i'd expect the battery controller to be doing that anyway
I am still able to check the current (not full charge or design) capacity on my Nexus 9 at /sys/class/power_supply/battery/charge_counter.
The counter hovers at around 6210 mAh when fully charged, about 92.7% of the 6700 mAh specified full charge capacity; this is good for a device that's more than a year old (bigger batteries are charged and discharged slower, which reduces stress).
May 27 '15 at 22:40, by DragonLord
Just got my Nexus 9, along with the official keyboard folio to go with it.
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