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4:04 PM
A: comfy, over the ear gaming headphones

allquicaticI have a few alternatives, with different pros and cons. I have extensive first-hand experience with each of these products. SteelSeries Siberia 800 / 840 First, a little history. SteelSeries launched the "H Wireless" headset a couple years ago. It's a wireless headset with a basestation, with ...

Whee, created my first chat bookmark:

Battery monitoring and control on Nexus 5X and Nexus 9

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Argh, so much time, so little time.
Where am I
What day is it
How do I not even know these things
@Dog stop chasing your tail
Dangit I should have bought one of those Seagate external drives with the built in battery
built in battery? nice
4:13 PM
Also should have not forgotten my other USB thingy
Also should have brought my SATA bay thingy
Also shuold have brought my CD drive thingy
DANGIT so many thingies so little thingy
Argh I miss my thingies
@Dog You need a thingy to keep a list of thingies to remember to take with you ...
Kinda sucks when you move house but don't move your thingies with you
why would you not move your stuff??
@DavidPostill I have one of those, I use Google Keep
But I keep forgetting to put thingies into Keep
@djsmiley2k Because I haven't had time to do it yet
still in a state of 'moving' ?
4:16 PM
Hence my thingies are all in different places
Are you talking about the Seagate Innov8, which is completely bus-powered and has an internal battery to supply the extra power for spinning up the drive?
(USB 3.0 or later is required—the drive will not work on USB 2.0 due to power requirements and will signal an error if it is plugged into a USB 2.0 port. Not all USB Type-C connectors support USB 3.0; the port is just a connector that supports USB 3.1 but does not mandate support for SuperSpeed.)
oh that's not so cool D:
@Dog lol. So you need another thingy to remind you to use and update the other thingy which is the list of thingies.
hmm. USB-PD of at least 1.5A@5V is actually required.
yey windows updates
4:27 PM
Dangit the USB thingy isn't working
Serves me right for buying the cheapest USB thingy on Amazon
Dangit, my favourite local computer shop in Edinburgh's closed
Hmm, OK it works, just takes like 5 minutes for the drive to show up :-/
4:45 PM
Can you make conky toggle like a widget
Actually the battery on the Nexus 9 is not fully charged. The full charge capacity seems to be closer to 6380 mAh, more than 95% of original charge capacity. This is excellent given the age of the device.
1 hour ago, by bwDraco
I am able to get detailed battery status through /sys/class/power_supply_bms. Current full charge capacity is 2538 of 2704 mAh (93.9%), computed using charge_full and charge_full_design.
It should be /sys/class/power_supply/bms.
As for my Nexus 5X, when charging is disabled, it seems that the battery still discharges when plugged in, albeit very slowly (according to Ampere). Regardless, being able to keep tabs on the battery and even programmatically disable charging lets me maximize battery service life.
This is because I can tell the phone to stop charging at a certain charge level since full charges are stressful on the battery. While it's not as good as automatically stopping charging at a certain charge level (e.g. 80%), software charging control means I can keep the phone plugged in and manage charging without having to disconnect the charger repeatedly or repeatedly charge and discharge the battery near the target battery level.
Yet another park of root: being able to extend battery service life.
Your thoughts on charge control? I wish more devices exposed these sorts of charge controls so that I can extend battery service life...
!!/wiki Battery management system
A battery management system (BMS) is any electronic system that manages a rechargeable battery (cell or battery pack), such as by protecting the battery from operating outside its Safe Operating Area, monitoring its state, calculating secondary data, reporting that data, controlling its environment, authenticating it and / or balancing it. A battery pack built together with a battery management system with an external communication data bus is a smart battery pack. A smart battery pack must be charged by a smart battery charger. == Functions == === Monitor === A BMS may monitor the stat...
5:06 PM
In Kernel Adiutor, I added a switch custom control to manage this.
but what if it ALREADY stops at 80%?
No it doesn't. Charging normally stops at 4.35V, which is a true full charge.
you've removed the battery from the device and tested it yourself manually?
what if teh battery is actually 4.5V ?
That's what the system is reporting. No, I don't expect the BMS to be lying about voltage.
{"version":1,"control":{"apply":"#!\/system\/bin\/sh\n\nstatus=$1\n\n#$status is either 1 or 0\necho $status > \/sys\/class\/power_supply\/battery\/battery_charging_enabled","enable":"#!\/system\/bin\/sh\n\n#Returns 1 if enabled and 0 if disabled\ncat \/sys\/class\/power_supply\/battery\/battery_charging_enabled","title":"Battery Charging","description":"Disable to stop charging while plugged in (useful for limiting maximum charge level)","id":"switch"}}
Only tested on Nexus 5X with franco.Kernel. May not work on your device.
5:56 PM
ASnnnnnnnnd home
6:22 PM
> Hello My Steam Display Name
Your purchase has been refunded by Steam.

No Man's Sky - Playtime: 2 hours 29 minutes

Purchased: Aug 12, 2016 PDT
Total refund: $59.99 to your PayPal
I could probably get around 20 more hours of fun out of that game even if they don't improve it, so I'll probably re-buy it again once it's at least 50% off during some sale.
$60 for that is ridic
6:37 PM
There's a major reason i don't buy day 1
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7:58 PM
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10:13 PM
@allquicatic lol
1 hour later…
11:23 PM
Ahh nice.
i have found a pokemon in no man's sky...
pokemon go is literally everywhere
lol, how is it working with your grafics card and cpu? optomised, or balking and with the frame rate of a (bad) youtube :-)
its running fine but there is a lot of weird textures and awful pop in
the draw distance is too short and for some reason the graphics options are greyed out
I would wonder if some of peoples problems would be more due to a smaller ammount of video memory to store textures. Or if AMD or Nvidea have more or less issues. because some people are having zero problem, and a lot of people are doing terrible with it.
my issues are gameplay wise
i wish i could stack items in my inventory more easily
i would like a planetary map
i'm terrible at the space combat
11:33 PM
cutting off draw distance, one sure way to make it run easier on the sytems people are (sending the ratings down) complaining about.
its really hard to recharge the shields while in comabt
get the console up and type "Scotty , we need more power" :-)
you have to open the inventory, click on the shields, click on the recharge element...
all while in a dog fight
stick your pokeman in the co-pilot seat, call him P2D2 and direct him to handle the inventory .
hey it worked for luke ?
11:41 PM
@allquicatic Nice. Did it take much convincing, or was it just request => refund?
@JourneymanGeek ?
@Bob the refund
why most ssd sold are 2.5"?
That's a very good question
Probably economies of scale.
11:55 PM
@Braiam Why not? What's the alternative?
I'm looking to buy one, but I'm afraid I will need duct tape
or an adaptor
mSATA and M.2? They're new and many older devices don't support them.
I think he means 3.5 inch
3.5"? You have more empty space inside that provides no benefit and it only reduces the range of devices you can use them in.
11:56 PM
crap someone asked already superuser.com/q/450445/235569
A 2.5" drive with standard SATA connectors really is the sweet spot right now.
It's the one form factor that's supported by pretty much every desktop and laptop outside of NUCs and ultrabooks.
@Bob some nucs
many NUCs do msata/m.2 and 2.5 inchs
Also a caddy costs all of $1...
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